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Full text of "The Roman missal for the use of the laity : containing the Masses appointed to be said throughout the year"

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THltO"(;GIIOlTT r-rHE YE..AR. 

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f,Ú,kd A. PIIMijJu'" /Iv P. A-""'//lO: firm,." A- {'!' 
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37 Duke Stl'\"t"t. <.;rosy!' 


.V7l'R ()]J) U,CTJ[o:r

( T appear
o inform ruch of the. Laity a
are unac<-\uainted v.lth the ufe of th
 l\ltffal t that 
the Pray
rs and portions of Scripture, of which the 
MAs'ì, or Liturgy of the Catholic Church, is compafed, 
are in p
rt unalttrahly the fam.e, and partly differen: 
every day. The fixed and in\ ariable parts are con.. 
tained in what is called the OR DINAR Y OF THE MAS
from pages xv, to xlviii. incluúvely; and the changeable 
or proper parts, (viz. the IN T ROI TS, COL L ÄCTS
and POST COMMUNIONS), form the fubfequent cORtents 
of the book. The PROPER PREFACES. nat being iQ 
frequentl)" fubject to change, follow each other in regu. 
lar fucceffion in the 0 R !J 1 N A E Y . 
The EccIefiafiical Ye3r, \vith refpett. to the Sundays 
and Moveable Feafh. commences with the FIRST 
SUNDA'I of ADVENT, and dofes with the LAST after 
PENTE.COST; and with regard to the Festivals of the 
Saints, from the Featt of St, AND R E. w. the. 30th of 
November, to the Eve of the fame Feftival the year 
followiDg, inc1ufively. In order therefore to find OU
the PR.OI'FR MASS of the day, look for that day of the 
month in the Calendar, oppoíìtc to which may be fee
a reference to the page wherein it is contained; and if 
a Double f110uld fall OOl Sunday, then the Mafs there- 
Ðf takes place of the Mafs of the Sunday, except it be a 
Sunday of the FI RST CLASS, viz. th
 fidt Sunday of 
\\"HIT, and TRINITY SUNDAYS; and the Sundays of 
the SECOND CLASS, whichcal1notbe fllperfeded, except 
by Doubles of the FlitS'!" CLASS, are the ii iii. and iv. 
QUJNQuACEslMA,asalfothe ii. iii. and iv. ofLENT-. 
It muil huwever be remarked, that the Carpels for Sun- 
days thus fuptrfeded by Doubles are never omitted, but 
arf" recit
d (inste<\d of St, JOHN'S GOSP&L) at the E!'D 
iìf l\1^. $ i allQ 
Ho that a Commenloration c.Jf the Sun.. 

day, by its propfr COLLECT t SECR.ET, and POST- 
COM!\ftJ N ION, is alW3}IS made itnmediately after the Col.. 
JeD, &.c. of the Fdìival. 
But as it fometimes happens that a Double is trans- 
ferred to a future vacant day, on account of the Oélave 
of fome fdlival of higher rank intervening, the diffi- 
culty'of finding fuch tranferrt:d fefiival may be eafily 
relnoved by confulting the Laity's Diroctory, publifhed 
annual1y, as a guide to the morning, as well as the even- 
ing fervice of the Church. 

s references 
re frequently made to the COlo11mon . of 
SaInts, con1.menclng at p. 459, from the Proper, begIn- 
ning with p. 521, and continuing in regu1ar progreffio1.1 
through the feveral months to the end of the EccIefiafii- 
cal Y car: the leader will find the l\faffes in the former 
defignatcd by nun1erical 1ette.{s, from No. I. to XXI. 
indufive1y; it is therefore to be obferved, that on what- 
ever day of the month these nUll'lerical references ap- 
pear in the General Index, it denotes that the Mafs 
thereof, having no peculiar proper parts aßìgned it, is 
taken entirely from the Comnloll Mafs referred to, but 
fuduld an exception occur it is Hated in a par
re made by the addition of a 
that are proper to the feall of the day. When therefore 
 word COLLECT, with an' &c. annexed thereto, 
ars in the Rubrics, it denotes that its Secret and 
FoHcommunion ale al[o comprehended. 
The EpirLles, LefIons, and Gofpels, are extraB:ed from 
the received approved Catholic Verfion of the Holy 
Scriptures, by the Englifh Colleges of Rhemes and 
Douay, as revifed by the Right Rev. and Ven. Dr. 
Richald Challoner. of learned and pious menlory. 


p. A poftl
, m. 1\1artvr, tHm. !\1:artyrs, p. Pope, abp. 
Archbifhop, bp. Bifhop, pro Priefi: c. Confessor, D. 
Doétor, ab. Abbot, v. Virgin, w \\Tidow, B. Blcffed, 
d. Doub1e) sd. Semidoubl
 d. I. ct. Double of the 
cla[s, d. 1 I. d. Double of the [econd clafs, gr. d Greater 
Double. The Holy-days of obliO'atio
 in t:API- 
T ALS, acd tbe days of particular devotion In It"l"J. 

( üi ) 
The C.ALENDAR, or CENER.åL INDEX to the 
Immoveable Feasts. 

. CTRCUi\1.ClSION of our Lord, d. II. ct. 88 
2 Octave-day of St. Stephen, d. 533 
3 of St. John, d. as on his F ea
t 8"1 
4 Octave-day of Holy Innocents, d. as on ibid. 82 
5 of St. Thon1as, d. 534 
6 EPIPfI Al\Y of onr Lord, d. I. el. 89 
J 1 Commem. of St. I-Iygine, by the Collect, In s 
firmitatem, &c. 462 
J 3 The Octave-day of the Epiphany, d. 69S 
JI. Sunday after Epiphany, Feast of the most 
holy Name of Jesus, d. II. ct. 9 
J4 St. Hilary, bpi conf. sd. 534 
15 St. Paul the first llermit, d. 535 
16 St. l\farcellus, p. ffi. sel. · 53
J 7 St. Anthony, ab. 
Iass XV.4l' p. 4'1. (Gospel 
in 1\lass XIV.) 49 Q 
J 8 St. Peter's Chair at Rome, gr. d. 537 
19 St. \V olstan, bp. of \V orcester, c. de 539 
20 SSe Fabian and Sebastian, mm. d. 540 
21 St Agnes, v. nl. first Feast, d. 541 
22 SSe Vincent, &c. Olm. sd. ib. 
23 St. Raymund of Penna fort, c. sd. 542 
24 St. Tiol0thy, bpi In. siL ib. 
25 'rhe Conversion uf St. Paul, a p. gr. d. 543 

6 St Polycärp, bpi n1. sd. 545 
27 St. John Chrysostolll,. bpi c. sel. 54 6 
28 St. Agnes, a second tune ib. 
<29 St. Fran
is de Sé.ll
s, bp c. (1. 547 
3 Q St. l\1artlna, v. m sd. l\I ass X\TI. 49 J 
3 1 St. P
ter Nolascus, c. d. 547 
UARY, XXVlll or XXIX Days. 
I St. IgnatIus, bpi m. sel. 547 
2 PurijicatiolL of B. ,'"- l\lary, d. II. cl. 54

'1 St. Blase, bp. m. )'lass II. . 
4 St. Andrf'\v Corsini, bp. c. d. 
.s St. Agath(
, v. m. d. 
6 St. Dorothv, v. m l\fass XVII. 
7 St. Romllald. aD. d. 
fass xv.. 

 St. John of 
Iatha, c. d 
9 St. A pollonia, v. m. 
Iass XVL 
JeSt. Scolastic3, v. d. 
14 St. Valentine, pre m. 
s 5 SSe Faustin and Jovita, rom. 
rass IX. 
] 8 St. Simeon, bp. m. 
fass I. 
22 St. Peter's Chair at Antioch, gr. d. 
24 or 25 Sl .l'Jatthias, ape d. 11. ct. 
!\IARCf-I, XXXI Days. 
:J St. D ..\'id, bp. c. d. 
las8 X.. 481 
'2 St Chad, bp. of Lichfield, c. d. 558 
4 St Casilnir J c. .'}d. 5,S9 
'1 St rrhomas of Aqnin, c. D. d. ib. 
8 St. Fe1ix, bp. c. ti. 
Im;s XX. 499 
9 St Fr'ances, w. d. 
J 0 The forty l\'fartyrs, sd. ib. 
J t St. John of God, <.
. d. 561 
 St Gregory, p. c. and D. d. ib. 

 7 St. Patrick, ap Patron of Ireland. bp. c. sd. 5 62 
J 9 St. Joseph" c. d. 11 cl. ib. 

3 St. Cuthbert, bp. of l
indisfarnet c. d. 5 6 3 

 I St. Benedict, ab d "^lass XV.... 491 
2S 1\NNUNC[AT. ofB. V. 1\f.:\RY, d. II. cl. 564 
A PR IL, XXX I)a) s. 
2 St. Franc!!\ of Paula, c d. 565 
3 St. Richard, bp, of Chichester. c. d. 566 
4 St. lsidore, bp. c d. l\Iass XLI. 48.s 
5 St. Vincent Ferrerius. c. d. 566 
II 'St, Leo, p. c. d 567 
J 3 St. Hermenegild, m. sd. ib. 
I4 S8. Tiburtius, &c. mm. 5 68 
'7 St. Anicete, p. nl. ib. 

 I St. Anselm, abp. c. d. 
Iass XlI. 48 S 

-49 f1 
49 1 
55 6 
55 6 
4 61 
537 . 

J\fAot\ Y and JUNE. 
:J. % SSe Soter and Caius, bps. nlm. 
22 Sf. Georgt, m. patron of England, 
24 St. Fidelis, m. d. 
25 St. lII(l'l'Jf
elist, d. II. ci. 
26 S5. Cletus, &c. bps. D1ffi. sd. 
28 St. Vitalis, m. !\lass V. 
29 St. Peter, m. d. , 
30 'fhe Octave-day of St. George, d. 

J SSe Philip and Jallzcs, apse d. I. cl. 573 
2 St. Athanasi us, bp. c. d. 57.s 
3 l'inding of tile H. Cross, d. II. cl. 576 
4 St.l\lonica, w. d. 579 
5 St. Catherine of Sienna, v. d. 5 80 
6 St. John before the Latin Gate, gr. d. ib. 
., St. Stanishlus, bp. ffi. d. 581 
8 Apparition of St. 1\lichae1, see September 29. 665 
, St. Gregory Nazianzen, bp. D. d. 5
10 St. Antonanus, bp. c. scl. ... 'lb. 
J I St. Pius V. p. c. sd. 58z 
J 2 SSe NerelJs, &c. mm. sd. · ib. 
14 St. Boniface, 01. 583 
J 6 St. Ubaldns, bp. c. sd. 
t 7 St. Paschal Babylon, c. d. 584 
18 St. Venantius, m. d. ib. 
19 81. Dunstan, abp. of Canterbury, d. ib. 
20 St. Bernardine, c. sd. 5 8 5 
2 I St. Peter Ce1estine, pope, c. d. ib. 
:1 5 St. Aldhelm, bp. of 8alisbury, c. d. ib. 

6 St. Augustin, ap. of Eng. bp. c. d. II. ci. 5 86 
27 St. Philip Nerius, c. d. SR7 
3 0 St. felix, p. m. l\fass I. 461 
3 1 St. Petronilla, v. 
Ia.;s XX, 499 
JUNE, XXX Days. 
2 Octave-day of St. ,A.ugnstin, d. 
3 St. 
Iagrlalen of Pazzi, v. sd
6 St. Norbert..bp. c. d. 
8 5t. \Villiam, abp. oj' York, c. d. 
A 3 


5 6 9 
d. I. ,I. 570 
47 0 
51 fJ 

5 8 7 
5 88 



9 SSe Primus, &c. mm. 
'ó St. l\1argaret, Q. of Scots, w. sd. 
II St.. Bal''IlabllS
 ape g1". d. 
12 Sr. John a Facundo c. d. 
13 St. Anthony of Padua, c. d. 
J 4 St. Basi1 the Grf"at, hp. c. ann D. d. 
15 SS. v-itL
, '1odt'MUS, &c. mm. 
)8 S8 Mark and Marcetlian, mm. 
19 St. Juliana d
 F'a1coneris ll v. d. 
20 St. SiJveriu
. p. ffi. 
22 St.. Alban, proto-m. of England, gr. d. 
23 Vigil of St. John the Baptist 
24 Nútivity Q{ Sf. Joll1l Baptist, d. 1. ,1. 
2.s St. \Villiam, Abbot of York 
26 5S John and Paul, mm. 
27 St. Leo, p. c. sd. 
28 Vig;il of S8. Peter and Paul 
29 SS. PETER and PAUL, apse ll. 1. cl. 
3 0 (
ommenl. orst. Paul, ape d. 
I Octave-day of St. J. Baptist, d. same as in 60:1 
2 The Visitation of the B. V. J.\lary, gr. d. 610 
\Vithin the Octave of SSe Peter and Paul 611 
6 Octave day of SS Peter and PauJ, d. 612 
7 rrranslation of St. Thomas, m. gr. d. 6 13 
8 St. Eliza beth, Q. \-v. sd. 61 
rhe 7 Brethren and SS. Rufina, &c. mm. sll. ib. 
J I St. Pius, p. ffi. l\lass I. Statu it. 0 4 61 
12 St. John Gualbert, ab cl. 61 5 
13 St. Anaclete Mass II. p. 464, (Gospel, 14
ke 4 6 3 
14 St. Bonaventure, bp. c. and D. d. 616 
J 5 'j'ranslation of St. Swithin, bp, c. ib. 
16 B. V. l\Iary of Mount Carrn
l, gr. a. 61 7 
J j St. Osmund, bp. of Salisbury, c. d. ib 
J 8 St. Camill us de Lel1is, c. (I. 618 
J 9 St. Vincent a Paulo, c. d. 61 9 
20 St. Jerom Enlilian, c. d. ib. 

I St. flenry) emp. c. $d. '

5 38 
5 8 9 
59 1 
59 3 
597 . 
60 4 
60 9 

. vii 
22 St. 1\lary l\lagdalen, d. 622 
23 St. Apol1inaris, bp.. ID. d. 623 
24 St. A lexius, c. sd. 625 
25 St. James, ap. d. II. cI. 626 
26 St. Anr,e, !\Iother of the B. \T. l\Iary, cr. d. 62 1 
27 St. Pantaleon, ffi. 
Iass IV. 468 
28 SSe Nazarius, Celsus, &c. mm. $d. 6a8 
29 St. l\lartha_ v. sd. 629 
30 SSe Abdon and Sennen, rom. 630 
31 St. Ignatius, c. d. 63 1 
J St. Peter's Chains, gr. d. 63 I 
2 St. Stephen, p. 01. 63 Z 
3 The finding of St. Stephen, l\Iass as his Feast 7 8 
4 St. Dominic, c. d. 63 Z 
5 B. V. 
I. ad Nives, gr. d. \r otive :\Iass, 5 0 7 
6 The "fransfiguration of our Lord, g7'. d. b33 
7 St. Cajetan, c. d. 63 S 
S SSe Cyriacus, Largus, &:c. mm. sd. ib. 
9 Vigil of St. La\vrence 637 
10 St. LClllJrenCt. m. d.lI. cl. íb. 
II SSe rriburtius and Susanna, mm. 639 
J 2 St. Clare, v. d. :àlass XIX. 49 8 
13 SSe Hi ppolite and Cassian, min. 639 
14 Vigil of the Assumption 64 0 
1 5 ASSU
IPTION of ß. V. ß1. d. I. cl. 64 1 
Sunde wi
hin the Oct. St. J<? _t\CHl"I, c. gr. d. 643 
16 St. IIyaclnth, c. d. J\lass XII (. . 48
) 7 of St. Lawrence, d. 644 
18 Commem. of8t. Agapete, m. 645 
20 St. Bernard, ab. l\lass Å V. * p. 49 r, (e
Lessøn, vide St. Greg. :Kaz. l\Iay 9.) 45 8 
.2 J St. Jane Frances, \v. d. 645 

2 of the Assumption, d. 646 
'23 St. Philip Benitius, c. d. 647 

4 St. Bu'rlltolomew, ape d. II. cl. ib.. 
25 St. l.4ewis, king, c. sd. 648 

6 St. Zephyrio. i)' m. 6Si1 

viii SEPTE!\fBER and OCT(JBLf{: 
'J7 St. Joseph Calasanctio
, c. d. 65- 

8 St., bp. c. D. d. 65 1 
:J9 Decol1ation of St John Baptist, d. 652 
30 St. Rose of Lima, v. d. 6 5 
jl St. Aidan, b . of Lindisf. à. 
fass X.. Statuit 482 
1ßER, XXX Days. 
I St. Ravmund Nonnatus, c. d. 654 
. St. Stephen, king, c. sd. ib. 

 St. Laur. Justinian, bp. c. 
fass x.- 482 
8 Nativity ofB. V. lJlar}/, d. II. cl. 529 
On Sunday ,
titnin the Octave is k
pt t11C 
Feast of the IIOL Y NA
IE of B. V. 1\1. gr. d.655 
9 Commem. of St. Gor
oniust m. 6 
10 St- Nic. of .rolentine, c. 1\tass X [V'. 489 
J I Comm. of SSe Protus and Ilyacinth, mn1. 656 
1:4 rrhe Exaltation of the Holy (
ross, gr. d. 657 
J 5 Octave-day of the B. V. Mary's Nativ. d. 658 
J 6 S5. Cornelius and Cyprian, DllTh 659 
J 7' The Stigmas of St. Francis, d. i b. 

8 St. Joseph a Cupertino, c. d. 660 
J 9' SS Januarius, &c. nlm. 
lass IX. 479 
20 SSe Et1
tachius, &c. mm. d. 660 
21 St. l.Itltthcll', ape and evang. d. II. cl. 661 
22 St. Thon13s of"il1al1ova, bp. c. d. 662 
23 St. Linus, p. ß1. sd. 663 
24 B. V. 
fary of Mercy, gr. ll. ib. 
26 SSe Cyprian and Justina, mm. ib. 
27 SSe Cosmas and Damian, rom. sd. 664- 
28 St. \,: enceslaus, duke, m. sd. ib. 
29 Dedi.catiol' l!f St. :Aficltael, d. 11. cl. 665 
30 St. Jerom, pre c. D. d. 66] 
Oeo-rOBER, XXXI Days. 
On the first Sunday is kept the 
Feast of the Rosary of B. V. IVl. gr. d, 667 
J St. Remigius, bp. c. Mass X. =11& . 481 
2 'fhe holy i\n
els Guardians, d. 668 
3 St. Thomas, bp. of lIereford, c. ti. 669 
St. Ii'rallcis, c. d. ib 

OC1'OllER 3nd NO\.L:\tBER. ix 

 bt. PlaciJus, &c. nun. fJ70 
6 St. Bruno, c. d. ib. 
7 St. ì\Tark, p. c. 67 1 
8 St. Brigit, w. d. ib. 
9' SSe Dionysius, H.li6ti
, &c. . mm. _ . 6 1 '], 
10 St. Pauhnus, abp. of York, !\Iass X. . 4 ð 2 
11 51. Francis Borgia, c. sd. 673 
I] St. Wilfrid, abp. of Yark, d. 674- 
13 St. Edward, king and c. d. 11. cl. ib. 
14 St. Ca\istus, p. ffi. sd. ib. 
J 5 St. Teresa, v. d. 6 - 5 
J 7 St. l-Iedwlges, '\v.' sd. ib. 
] 8 St. Luke, evang. d. II. el. 61 6 
19 St. Peter of Alcantara. c. d. 6,7 
20 Octave-day of St. Edward, d. as onlhe Feast 674 
21 SSe Ursula, &c. vv. mOl. gr. d. 677 
22 St. John Cantius, c. d. 67 d 
25 St. John of Beverley. abp. ofY ork, c. 679 
26 St. Evaristus, p. n1. 
Iass I. 4Y,} 
'27 Vigil of SSe Simon and Jude, apse 680 
28 SSe Simon and Jude, apse d. II. cl. 681 
29 Venerable Bede, c. d. 6
31 Vigil of .A,11 Saints ib. 
J ALL SAINrrS, d, II. ct. 6 3 4 

 Comlnem, of an the Faithful departed, d. 68 7 
3 St. 'Vinefrid, VOl. d. 688 
4 St. Charles. bp, c. d. ib. 
8 '{'he Octave-day of All Saints, d. 68 9 
9 Dedication of our Saviour.s Church, d. ib. 
) 0 St. ,A,ndrew Avelline, c. sd. 69 0 
II St. 
tartin, bp. c. d. ib. 
J z St. l\lartin, p. Ill. sd. 69 1 
13 St. Didacus, c. sd. 69 2 
14 ]'ranslation of St. Ercon\\'ald, bpi c. d. ib. 
15 St. Gertrude, v. and abbess, d. 693 
J 6 St. Edu1und J abp. of Canterbury) c. d. ib. 

17 St. Hugo, bp. of Lincoln,c. d. 693 
J 8 Dedic. of the churches of SSe Peter, &c. d. 5 0 4 
J 9 St. Elizabeth, w. d. 694 
20 St. Edmund Idng, m. gr. à. ib. 
2 I Presentation of the B. V. 1\i. gr. d. 695 

2 St. Cecily, v. m. d. ib. 
2 j St. Clement, p. m. sd. ib. 
2.... St. John of the Cross, c. d. 697 
25 St. Catharine, v. m. d. ib. 
26 St. Fe1ix Valois, c. d. 69 8 
27 St. Gregory 'ïhaumaturgus, bp. c. d. ib. 
29 Vigil ot St. Andrew, In. 5'Z 1 
3 0 St. Andrew, ape d. II. cl. 5 2 4 
2 - St. Bibiana, v. n1. sd. 5 2 5 
3 St. Francis Xavier, c. d. 5 26 
4 St. Peter Ch rysologus, bp. c. d. ib. 
5 St. Berinus, bp. c. d. l\fass X.- 4 8 2 
6 St. Nicholas, up. c. d. 5 2 7 
7 St, Ambrose, bp. c. D. d. 528 
8' Conception oj' B. V. llIarg d. II. cl. . .S29 
JeSt. IVlelchiades, p. m. MàSS I. 4 61 
II St. Damasus, p c. sd 53 1 
J 3 St. Lucy, v. m d. ib. 
J 5 Octave-day of the Conception, d. 5 2 9 
16 St. Eus
bius, bp. m sd. l\lass II. 4 6 4 

I St. Thomas, ape d. II. cl 53
25 '-rhe NA'l'IV rry of our Lord, d. I. cl. ']'l 
:! 6 St. Step/len, 1 st In. d. II. c I. 'J 8 
27 St. John, .lp. evang. d. II. cl. 81 
28 11ol!! Innr cellts, d. 11. ct, 82 
29 St. Thomas C!fCu.ntel'bury, bp. m. d. II. cl. 85 
3 0 Sunday within the Octave of Nativity 86 
j 1 St. Silvester, p. c. d. 533 

ERRATUM in P. 593. 
FQr XV 1. T6arJ XV. SSe Vitus J Modestus, n1m. 

[ xi ] 

fo $uch 
Iasses, (-{ yrons, &c. as could not be itlCludeà 
in tile Calendar or Generalln{lex. 
Votive 1.1[({ssc.

Iass of the Blessed Trinity p.699 
- of the (-Ioly Ghost - - 7 00 
-- of the B V. l\1. from Advent to Christolas 5 C 9 
- of the B. V.'ì\I. fron1 Xm
s to Candlemas 5 10 
-- of the ß. V. 
1. from Can{Uernas to AGv. 50] 
- for the Bridegroom and Bride 7 0 4 
- for the Sick -. 7 0S 
- in the"-fime of\Var ill 
j\làss('s jòr tIle Dead, 
On the day of a person.s cleath or bu rial ç I 0 
On the 3d, 7th, ani{ 30th day after decease 5 ,6 
lass of the Dead 5'7 
Conlnlon !\fass of the Dead 5.l S 
Occasional Collects, Secrets, and Postcommu- 
niol1s, for days that are not doubles 7 1 3 
1è D
n, to be sung in time of public thanks- 
g1VJng . 701 
Paraphrase or tran
'ation of 'Ie DCll'll
 7 0 ] 
Psalm xix. E.1'uudiat, for the King 718 
The penitential Psalm .J,Iiserere :2 79 
()rdinary of the l\Iass . xV' 
Pange lingua · · · 27 S 
Tbe 1\Tagnificat - - .. 279 
V. 0 faithfni Cross, with the fIymn foHo\\ring it 295 
,r exilla R
gis 297 
Viétimæ Pascha1e · 330 
 and Prayers following ditto 359 
Adeste fidp.les .. - · 7 I 8. 
Veni Creator.. 7 I 
Ven! Sancte Spiritus .. "'! 376 
auda sion.. 39
N UlIJC dimitti
 .. · . 551 

[ xii ] 

A T AllLE q,r jJ[Ol'lable FE

- t 
Yeal Sept ua- ..1411- I I SUn. I sf SUIl I 
(!f U'l1 fScsima nt;
dnes Enster- JJ7tit- i'!lrcr í!l t. 
Lord SlIlIdu.!J dU.I/' SUlIJ/lJli8/l1llIaJli Pwl Jdl'oltj 
-- -- 
 --, - - -......--! 
ISIC feb J31:\Tar 7 l t\pr 22 1 Junel0 24 !)t..-e 21. 
f 8 I I Fe b 'I 0 I Fe b 2 ï ' A P r J 4 :J u n e 2 .z 5 0 e
 1 l 
1812 J:Ul 26 1 Feb 12 .I\rar 2
1'IaYI7 27 
I S I 3 I
eb 14 
lar 3 
\pr I 
!J\1ne 6 , 24 
()V 28, 
181 4 Feb 6 Feb 23 L-\.pr 1 0 l\IaY
9 t 25 Nov 27: 
( 81 5 Jan '22 Feb 8 
la1' 26 :\Ia.y 1 4 / 2
 Oec 31 
1 8 I 6 F l' b 1 I Fe b '2 8 A p r 14.J u 11 e 2 
 5 0 
c I t 
181 7 F
b 2 Feb 19 Ap1' 6j)'IaY25' 26 Nov 301 
lSlgJan ISFeb 4
1, 81 9 Feb 7 Feb 24 1A Pl" Ilt:\laY3o l 2S 
1820 Jan 3 0 Fcb 16 '\Hr 2.)laY21 27 Dee 3 1 
2IFebI8:\lar Î.-\pr22JunCIO 24 ()ec 2 1 f 
1822Feb 3Feb2cApr 7'Ii.l)'2h 26 Dt.c 1 
182 3 Jan 26 f'eb 12 \Jar 30 
laY18 27 
ov 30 1 
18 2 4 Feb 15 
Iar 3 l\p1' 18 June 6 24 
ov 28, 
182 5 Jan 3 0 Feb 16 Apr 3 
IaY22 26 NOV2 7 ' 1 
1826 Jan 22 Feb 8 
rllr 26 \faYl4 28 fJec 31 
182 7 Feb 1 I Fcb 28 Apr 15 June 3 25 Dee 2 1 
 Feb 3 Feb 20 ,\ pr 6!l\IaY25 26 
ov 3 0 
182 9 Fcb I5 :\lar 4 .\pr 19!June 7 24 
ov 29 
 30 Feb 7 Feb 24 :\p1' 1 II.\JaY3 0 2 5 
ov 7.8 
18 3 1 Jan 30treh 16 3 
IaY22 26 
ov 2ï 
18 3 2 Feb 1 '1 1 'lar 7 .\pr '22 Junel0 24 Dee 2 
18 33 I
'eb 3 Fcb 20 .\pr 7 :\laY26 26 Dee I 
18]4Jan 26 1 "Feb J2 1 'lar30 
IaYI8 27 
.83\ Feb 15 
lar 4 Apr )9 Jl1
le 7 1 24 
13 3 6 ran 31 t Feb 17 1 .-\pr 3 \1:1)'22 
OV 271 
,, 18 37jan 2 2 Feb ð 
Iar 261\faYI4j 28 Dee 3 \ 
. ""I 

( xiii ) 

.At sprinkling the Holy Water, bçfore SOLEMlf 

IAss on Sundays, tile following ANTHEMS are 

Anth. T HO U wilt 
sprinkle me. 
o l"ord! with hyssop, 
and I shall be cleansed: 
thou wilt wash me, and 
I shall be made \vhiter. 
than sno\v. 
l')s. Have mercy on me, 
o God, according to thY' 
great mercy. 
V. Glory be to the 
Father, &c. 
Allt. Asperges me, Ant!!. 'I'hou wilt sprin- 
&c. kle me, &c. .J 
The Priest, being returned to the Foot of the .A.llltr, 
V. Osten de .... nobis, V. Shew us, 0 Lord. 
Domine, misericordiam thy mercy. 
R. Et sa1 utare tuum 
da nobis. 
V. Dom i ne, exaudi 
orationen1 meam. 
R. Et clamor meus ad 
ie veniat. 
V. Dominus vobis.. 

Ant. A Sperges me, 
DOlnine, hys- 
sopo, et mundabor: la- 
vabis me, et su per nivem 
deal babol". 

Ps. l\Iiserere mei, De- 
1-1S, secl1ndum magnam 
misericordiam tuam. 
V. Gloria Patri, &c. 


R. Et CUln spiritu tuo. 

R. A.nd grant us thy 
V. 0 Lord. hear my 
R. And 1et my cry 
come unto thee. 
V. !\lay the Lord be 
v;ith you. 
R. And with thy spi. 


The Pra
1jer, Exaudi, as in the next page. 

( Xl V ) 

Frðm EASTER to WHrr SUNDL\ Y, inl'}lI.
inste(td of the jÒl
egoing ANT. Asperges, &c. the 
jòllowing is sung. and Alleluias a7'e {Ldded to the 
V. Ostcnde nobis, and its R. Et salutare, f'i:c. 
V IDt aq\1am egredi- I Saw water flowing 
entem de ten1plo a from the right side 
latere dextro, Alleluia: of ,the temple, L
et onlnes ad quos perve. and all to whom that 
nit aqua ista, salvi fdcti water came, ","'ere saved, 
sunt et dicei)t, 

Ilel. and they shall S3\',- Allel. 
Ps. Confitetl1ini 00- Ps. Praise the Lord, 
minot' quonia[n hO:1l1S: because he is good: be- 
quoniam in sæclliuln cause his nH-'rcy en<hueth 
misericordia eju
. (
Ioria. tor ever. Glory, &c. 
1'1le jJ rl /l'L'1', Exandi. 

 I EAJ{ us, 0 boly LÒlll, Alnlighty Father, eter- 
-L... Hal (;od ! a\ìÙ vouchsafe to send thy holy nngel 
froTh h
aYen, to 
nard, ('herish, protect, visit and 
defend all that are assell1bleJ in this place: through 
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

A PÎ'cpal'at01"!J P'/'a]jer bejore ltI({ss. 
P ROSTRA'fE in !\pirit at the foot of thy holy 
aJtéir, I adore lhcf', 0 A I mighty God! and fi I'ln. 
ly belÌe,'e that the l\1as
, at \\'hich I aln going Lo as. 
iist, is the sacrifice of the bod}' and blood ofthy Son, 
Christ Jesus. 0 I grant that I n}öy 
ssjst tliereat wi1:h 
the attention, reli)pect, and a\,\7e due to such augnst 
Inysteries: and that by the 111crits of the Vjctim 
there offered for Inp, 1 myself illay becolne an 
reeahle sacrifice to thee, \\ho livest and reif.!.!1é'
with the san1e Son and I--Ioly Gho.3t, oue God, 
world \vithout end. J\men. 

( xv ) 
of the j}Ifl

Tile }
l'Ít7st ú,f tile 
E'()ot l!f the AI, (LT, tJcgilllling, saith. 
IN NOIHlne Patris, + et I N the Name of the 
Filii, (>t Spiritus Sanc- Fathèr, and of the 
tie AlDen. Son, and of the Hoty 
Ghost. Amen. 
Ant. Introibo ad altare .Antlt. I \\'iU go unto 
Dei. the a1tîr of God, 
R. Ad Deum, qui læ.. R. 'fa God, \vho re
tificat juventutecn meam. joiceth my youth. 
Psalm xl i. 
J UDICA. me, Deus" et J UDGE me, 0 God, 
discerne causam Ine- and distinguish my 
am de gente non sancta: cause from the nation 
ab homine iuiquo et do.. that is nt It holy: from the 
1050 erue Inc. unj list and deceitful man 
ùf-'l i vef me. 
R. Since thou, 0 God, 
art I11Y strength. why 
t thou reject
d (ue? ... 
aad ,vhv do I go sorro\v- 
fl1 whilst the enemyaf. 
flicteth me ? 
P. Send forth thy 
light and thy truth: they 
have conducted me and 
brought me unto .the ho- 
ly \Iount, and into thy 
H. A nd I win go unto 
the aha,' of God: to 
God who rejoict::th my 

R. Qnia . tu es
fortitudo mea quare 111e 
Tepu I isti? et quare tristis 
incedo rium affiigit nle 
inimlCl1S ? 

P Emitte ]ucem tuam 
et veritatem tl1dffi: ii\sa 
me dedu\.erunt, et ad. 
duxeruIJt in :\tontflm 
sanctu (n fu \1111, et in 'ra... 
ot::nacu Ii.! tll..1. 
R. Et introibo ad al. 
tare Del ad Oeun1 qui 
lætifi(',ll juventutem IIle... 

![vi T H K OR DIN i\ R. Y 
P. Confitebor tibi in ci- P. I \vil1 praise thee 
thara, Deus, Deus me. on the harp, 0 God, my 
us: quare tristis es, ani. God; \\
hy art thou SOf. 
ma mea? et quate con- rowfuJ, 0 n1Y soul? and 
turbas me? why <lost thou disturb 
R. Hope in God, for 
him will r still praise; 
he is my God, and the 
Savionr I look for. 
P. G10ry be to the Fa- 
ther, and to, &c. 
R. As it "vas in the 
beginning, is now, and 
ever shall be,' world \vith. 
out encl. Amen. 
P. ] wil1 go unto the 
al t
 r of God. 
R. 'fo God \\'ho re- 
joiceth my youth. 
P. I\Jay onr hp]p be 
in the name of the Lord. 

R. Spera in Dea, quo. 
niam Cirlhuc confitebor 
i]li: sa1ntare vultus mei, 
et Dells melts. 
P. Gloria Patri, et Fi. 
1io, ét Spiritui Sancto. 
R. Sicut erat in prin- 
cipio, et nunc, t:'t sem- 
per, et in sæcula sæeu- 
Jorurn. Amen. 
P. Introibo ad altare 
R, Ad Deum qui læti- 
fieat juventutern meam. 
P. Adjutoriuln nos- 
trnm in nomine Do- 
ft. Qui fecit (relum et 
P. Confiteor Deo om. 
nipotenti, &c. 
R. Misereatur tui om.. 
nipotens Dens, et dimi
Bis pecc3tis h11S, perdu. 
cat te ad vitam æternam. 
P. Amen. 
R. Confiteor Deo am. 
nipotenti beatæ 1\lariæ 
semper Virgini, bFato 
Michaeti Archangt1o, 
beato Joanni Baptistæ, 
sanctis A postolis Petro 

R. Who made heaven 
and earth. 
P. I ('onfess' to AI. 
mighty-God, &c. 
R.l\Jav Aln1ighty God 
be merciful to thee, and, 
forgiving thee thy sins, 
bring thee to everlasting 
life. P. A rren. 
R. I confess to A I. 
mighty God, to bles.. 
sed l\Iary, evpr il Vir.. 
gin, to blessed l\1ichae\ 
the 1\ rchange\, to hlf'
John Baptist, the hoJy tù 



el Paulo, omnibus sanc- 
tis, et tibi Pater, quia 
peccavi ni mis cogtta- 
tione, verbo et opt're, 
Dlea culpa, Inea culpa, 
mea n1êlxinla culpa. 
ldeo precor bf>ataol 
riam semrer Virgiuem, 
beatum Nlichap
angelum, beatnnl Joan- 
neIn ßaptistanl, són.ctos 
A postolos Petru rn et 
Pa.uluIn, 01nncs
t:t te, Pater, orare pro 
me ad DOlninum Oeum 

l isereatu r vestri 
 Deus, et di. 
missis peccatis vestris, 
per<lucat \'os ad vitaln 
æternaOl. R. AIl1C'O. 
It Indu1gentiao1, abso- 
1 u tion
m, et ren1issio- 
nem pcccatoru In Host ro- 
Turn, tribuit nobis omni.. 
potens et m isen cC}rs Do- 
minus. R. ..A.. (nen. 
P. Deus, tu conversus 
vivificabis nos. 

R. Et plebs tua l
bitl1r in tee 
P. Ostende nobis, 
, misericordian) 
R. Et sa1utare tUUI11 
da nobis. 

Apostles Peter and Pau1, 
to all the saint
, and to 
yon, Father, that 1 have 
sinnt'd exceedingly in 
thought, word, and 
deed, thro' my fault, 
thro' n1Y fault, thro' my 
most grievous fau1t. 
Therefore I beseech 
blesseò l\lan', ever a vir. 
gin, hlessed 
Iichnel the 
Archangel, blessed John 
Baptist, the holy Apos- 
tles Peter and Pan I, and 
all the saints, and you, 
o Fath
r, to pray to the 
Lord ou r God tor nle. 
]ay Almighty God 
be lPtrci fu I 
llto. you, 
and, forgiving vou your 
sins, bring ) ou Jo life 
everlasting. R. A men. 
1ay the .Alnlighty 
and most n1ercifnl Lqrd 

r<lnt liS pardon, absolu- 
tiOlì, and ren1Ìssioll of 
our sIns. R. Amen. 

P. 0 GQd, thou l:eing 
Ìl1rnt>d to\vanls llS, \\'ilt 
enli\'en us. 
R. And thy people 
\vi \I rt'joÎce in thee. 
he\v U
t 0 Lprd, 
thy ßlt'rcy. 

H. And gr
lnt us thy 




P. DOnline, cxaudi 
oratio!1em mean]. 
R. Et clamor meus ad 
te veniat. 
P. Dominus robis. 
R. Et cu m spiritu tuo. 

P. 0 Lord, hear my 
pra ycr, 
R i\nd 1et my cry 
corne llnto thee. 
P. rfht: Lord be \vith 
R. And \vith thy spirit. 

2'Tlte Priest, gOing up to the AlLa'l', sags, 

Anfer a nob\
mus, DOlll1ne, jniq t:itates 
no\o:tr,lS. nt êhl Sancta 
Sanclorum pl1ris mt
nHìf Ine,ltibns introlre: 
per Christu
n Don1inum 
nostrunl. .l\Il1en. 

1\1ke away from us 
our inlC}nities, \\'e be- 
seech thee, 0 Lord, that 
we ma\' be \vorthy to en- 
ter \\ ith pure n1i o ,-Is in- 
to the l}o
y of I-IoIies : 
tluo' Christ our Lord. 

lVlicn C(}}/IC up to the Alal', bOlDing down, he sO!J,r;, 

Gramns te, Donline, 
per .merita sanctoru n1 
tUOfll m q uoru In reli- 
quiæ hiC 
t o:l1ni- 
urn sanl'tt'lrl1m, ut i,}j.ul- 
gere dig!
eris oInnia pee. 
cata ll1ea. Amen. 

\Ve beseech thee, 0 
Lord, by the merits of 
thy saints, \\'hose n.}ics 
are hpre, and of all the 
saint", th

t thnu ,vouldst 
 to forgive file 
all illY SlUS. Anlen. 

liere, at solemn 1\Iasses, tlw Priest, ([ffler having 
blessrd the ince lse llnd Jumed the altar b!J tlip sig,n if 
the Cro
s, wittz tlzejÒltOlCillg lfords, 1\'layest thou be 
b]essed by hi mt in \\ hos
 honour thou shalt be 
bu rn t), turns to the book, and rcads tlte I NTROI T, 
'li'iliclt being every day di{ferud, 'must be sought jÒJ: 
in it,ç prop('r placc. -'"-!Iter ic/tich, I(yrie eleison.and 
Christe cleiion arc allc'l'izCltel!J sung in tlte e!;oÍ1

P. Kyrie eleison, R. Kyrie eIeÏson, 
on Lord IW1't m('r(
l1 upon 'Us. 
R. Chrisle eleison. P. Christe eleison. 
eleison. Chrislllal'c merc!} upon us. 
P Kyrie t'l"-'ison. R. Kyrie eleison. 
eleison. Lord lzaì.7C JrlcrC!} upon 'lis. 
G l..ORlA in e"{celsis ( 
 l,ORY be to God 
Deo, et in terra .... 011 high, and on 
pax hominihus bonæ vo- earth, pèace to men of 
] u ntatis. Laudaulus te; good 'Vi H. \Ve praise 
benedicimus te; adora- thee; we bless thee; \ve 
D1US te; g\orifican1us tee adore tÌ1{'e; \\'e glorify 
 aginlus tibi prop- thee. \Ve give thee 
tcr magnam glorian1 thanks for thy great 
tuam, Domine Deus, glory, 0 I
ord God_ 
Rex cæle'\ti
, DellS Pa- heavenly l{ing, God the 
ter omnipotens, Dotniae Father Almighty, ø 
Fili unigeniteJesliChriste: LOTil Jesus Christ, the 
Domine Opus, f\gnlls only begotten Son. 0 
Dei, Filius Patris, qlli Lord God, I4amb of 
tollis \-,eccata Innndi, mi- God, Son of the Father, 
sprere nobis. Qui tollis who tak.est a\vay the sini 
peccata l11undi, suscipe of the \\'or\d, have mercv 
dt"'IHt'cationen1 no
traln. on us. \Vho takeSl away 
'Ii scdes ad dt'xteram the sins of the world, 
Patris, rt1Ü:("rere nobis. receive our prayers. \Vho 
Quonian1 tu soll1s sanc- sittest at the right hand of 
tus. l'u sol \1S Domi.. the Father, have Inercy 
nns. Tn salus altissimus, on us. For thou only 
JeslI Christe, cun) Sanc- art holy. Thou only art 
to Spiritl1, in gloria Dt-'i the I...onL r-rhol1 on
'I}atris. Amen, 0 Jes
ls Chr:
t, togother 
with the IIoly Ghol\t, 
art most high in t111-O glory 
of Gt)ll the ['athrr. 

P. Kyrie 
R. Christe 

P. l{yrie 



Turning to-a.:ards the peopl
, the Priest salutes lhem, 
P. Dominus vobiscum. P. The Lord be with 

. Et cum spiritu tUO. R. And with thy 

 ..1fter the COL LECT (l1'/Ûch 'Ina!) Le .foZlnd in its 
proper place) the jòllolciug is the second Col1ect 
jl'01ìl Candlemas d.ay to Passion Sunday, aud.trOJJl 
tke III. Sunday qfter Pentecost tilll\dvent
on Doubles or 'lcitliin Octaves;) tlte tllil'd is at the 
choice q{ the P1'icsl, and '}}UI.1J be j(lllnd anlOJl{!.:5t 
tlit: Ç)ccasional Pr,ayers towllrds {he end '!f' the. book. 
II. COLLECrr. A cunctioi. Prtsen"e U
, 0 
Lord, we beseech thee, froln all dange. s of body 
and $oul: an4 by the intercession of glorious and 
þlessed )'iary, the ever Virgin l\'1other of God, of 
 blessed apostles Peter and Pan 1, of blessed N. 
and of all the Saints, grant us in thy mercy health 
.and peace; that all adversities and errors being 
removed, thy Church may serve t
ee with a pur
a.nd undisturberl qevotion. 
.:from Low..Sunda,', inclusi-oc1!l, till tIle Ascension, 
instead of tlie jòl'egoillg is said the COLLECT 
de nO
1 as in tIle fr ot i'oe Jt,Iass SAL '-E jòr 
" '
e ß. V'. 
4.ftcr tù.c Cc :lect or Col1ects, the Ep 1 STLE is 1'ead. 
At tile c. d 'lo/iere()f' the .A.'isist...i.ìl!s (dMÜl't'1', Deo 
; then jòltu,i
 tlte GRADU A L U1' tlie Tn ACT, 
all q( 'l{/âch. may be seen in their proper places. 
The Pr(l!l('r
fur.da cor meum, blj'ore the Gospel. 
C LEANSE lny heart and my lips, 0 Almifhty 
-., (
()J, v:ho didst cleanse the lips of the pro.. 
phet Isaiah with a burning coal: and vOllt:hsafe
J .)u
h thy þracious 

rcy, so to pl!rity n1e

TOlay worthi1y attend to thy hoJy Gospel. l'hro. 
Christ our Loru. Anlen. 

Iay the Lord be in my heart, and on my lips, 
that I may ,,'orthily and in a bt:'coming nlanner 
attend to his holy Gospel. Anlen. 
P. Dominus vobis- I). 'fhe Lord be \vith 
cnm. R. Et Cll m spiritu you. H. And '" ith thy 
tuo. spi ri t. 
P. Sequentia (vel i01. P. rrhe continuation 
tiurnJ sancti Evangdii (or the bt'gÌnn-1ug) of the 
secundum, &c. holy Gospel according 
to, &c. 
R. Glory be to thee. 
o Lord. 

R. Gloria libi, Do- 

The Gospe11l2GY be seen in its proper place. 
At tlte end qf the Gospel, tlte .dssi:;tants anSlfer, 
R. Laus tibi, Christel R. Praise be to thee, 
o Christ. · 
Then the!! ,'ill}/ teitll. the. Priest, in a Lou; 1:oice,. 
1\Iay our sins be blotted out by the \\'ords of the 

C REDO in unun1. I Bpli
ve in one God, 
Deurn Patrem omni the Føther Allnighty, 
potentt'nl, factorem cæli !\ of ht'3ven and 
et ten-re. visibi'illnl om. ea
.th, and of all things 
niuln et HIVISlbiliunl. visibie and invisible. 
Et in unum I)onlÌ- i\nd 
n one l/ord Jesus 
nl J
sunl Chri
tuln, Christ, ttle oi.h Legot. 
fïlJunl Oei lIlIlgenitunJ, ten Son of God, and 
c>t e
 Pi.tre natum ante born of th(' Fat!'t:'f De.. 
æ('ula. Vennl tore all ages. God úf 
 Lumen ,Ie Lu. God; {.ight of Ll
.-pine; [Jell n1 vpru (1\ de true GoJ of true (;od; 
O \'era ; gcnitunl non b..:gotten not Inade) 1.:<.;11- 



factum; consubstantia- 
lem Patri, per qu.ern 
on1oia t
lcta snnt. Qui 
propter nos h0111iQ.t-s, et 
er no
tran1 salutell1 
t ò'e cæli'5, Et 
incar'1atns, est de SpiTi- 
tu Sanclo, PX .l\laria Vi [- 

ine : ET [-101\10 
Fl\C rus Esrr *. Cru- 
cifixus etia!TI pro nobis 
sub PoutlO P'laTo, p
8US et sepultus est Et 
feslirrexit te, tia die se- 
cundu rn Scriptllras. Et 
aßct'nrlil H1 cæ\um, sedet 
aJl dextpra m Patris. Et 
iteram ventllrus est cum 
glt>na judicare vivo
mortnos: cujus regni non 
cd\: finis. 

Et in Sp
ritl1m Sanc- 
tum, Don1Ïnum et vivi. 
ficantcn1. qui ex Patre 
Filioque procedit: qui 
CUOl Patre et Filio sin1ul 
adoratu r, et co.lg\orifica- 
tllf; qui 10Clltl!S est per 
. Et UHc:lffi 
sanctélIu Cathniicam et 
A postolic
.lIn Ecdèsiarn. 
Confilcor unUU1 ßapti

substantia] to the Fa- 
ther, bv \vhom all things 
re nl
de. Who for 
us men, and for our...'\al.. 
vation, caIne dov.rn froln 
n and becaIne in- 
carnate by the holy 
Ghost of the Virgin 
]Vlarv: A 
o ,vAs 

l.ADE \1 A K *. I-le was 
cruci í1ed also for uo;, 
u f. 
fered under Pontit's Pi. 
late, -and ",'as buried. 
And the third cIa\' he rose 
again according to the 
Scriptures. And ascend. 
ed into hpaven, sitteth 
at the right hand of the 
Father and hp is to 
come again \.vith glory 
to judge both the Jiving 
and the dead, of \vhose 
kingdom there shall be 
no end. 
And .. in the IIo]y 
G host, the Lord and 
giver of 1 iff>, \\.'ho pro. 
ceedt'th froIn I he Father 
and the Son: who, to- 
gether with' the Father 
and the Son is adored 
and glori fied ; w 110 
spoke by the prophets. 
A nd one holy Catholic 
and apostolic Church. 

.. At these words the assistants kneel down to adore God 
for the ineffable mystery of the incarnation.. 

OF THE MASS. xxiii 
ma in ren11ssionem pee- 1 confe
s one baptism for 
cätorurn. Et 
xpecto re- the renlission of sins. 
Sllrrectiønem murtun. And I t'xppct the resur- 
rum, et vitam venturi rection of thf: dead, and 
sæculi. the life of the world to 
Amen. comf'. A 01en. 
P.Ooo1inusvobiscum. P. The Lonl be with 
R. Et CU01 spiritu you. Il. And \\YÎth thy 
tuo. spirit.-. 
Oremus. Let u.s pray. 
Here follows tIle OFFER'rORY, which 1Jllt!J be 
seen in its proper place. 
OBLAT ION 0/- ll,e I-IosT. 
Suseipe, Sancte Pa- Accept, 0 holy Fa- 
ter, omnipotens æterne tner. <<11 mi6hty and eter- 
Deus, hanc immacula- nal God, this unspotted 
taln Hostiam, quanl eho I)ost, which I thy uo- 
indignlls t
tn1ulus tuus \vorthy servant offer un- 
offero tibi Dco meo vi.. to thee, my living and 
vo et vero, pro innume.. true God, for my innn. 
rabilibus peceatis, offen- merable sins, offences, 
sionibus et negligcntiis and negligences, mId 
meis, et pro on1nibus for all here present; as 
circumstantibus; sed et also for all faithful 
pro omnibl1
 fiJelibus Christians, both living 
Christiauis, vivis atque an.J dead; that it may 
defnnctis; ut mihi et avail both me and them 
illis proficiat all salutenl unto lite everlasting. 
in vitam æternanl. Alnen. 
A nlen. 
1rhcn tILe 1
1'ic:st puts the Trine and TVaier into (l,e 
Chalice, lte sa..lJs, 
Deus qni hl1manæ sub. 0 God
 \vho in crcat- 
stantÏæ dignitatem mira- ing human nature, hast 
biliter condidi,)ti, et mi. ",'onderfnlly dignified it, 
rabiiius reformasti, da and slill more 

nobis per hu.ius L'\<]l1æ foUy reformed it, grant 
et Vioi 1\'1 ysteriu m, ejns that by the mvstery of 
divinitatis esse consorte
, this Water and Wine, we 
qui hu manitatis l\ostræ may be made partakers 
fieri rlignatus est parti- of his divi'1e natnre, who 
ceps, Jesus Christus Fi- vouchsafed to becorne 
lius tuns Donlinns no
- part
\ker of OUf human 
ter: qui tec.nlTI vivit et nature, namel..lJ, Jesus 
regnat in unitate Sr
ritus Christ aUf Lord thy Son, 
sancti Deu
; per omnia, who with thee, in the 
sæcula sæculorllm. unity of, &c. 
All1en. .l\men. 
O:feriOll1S tibi, Do- \Ve offer unto thee, 0 
mine, Calic
nl salutaris, Lord, the Chalice of Sal- 
tllam deprc>cantcs de.. vatian, beseeching thy 
111eiìtianl, tit in conspectll clenlency, that it may 
inæ l\iajestatis tuæ, dscend before thy divine 
pro nostra et totius mUIl- l\Iajesty, as a sweet 0- 
di · salute cn m adore dour, for our salvation, 
suavitatis ascerhlat. and for that of the whole 
Anlen. world. .A.lllen. 

lVl1en the Prie.
t bows bifore tlte Altar, lie says. 

In spirittl humi!itatis, 
... et in anilno contrito sns- 
ripiamur a te, Domine, 
et.sic fiat sacrificium nos. 
tfilIn in con!"' pectu tuo 
hodie, nt pLlceat tibi, 
Don1Îne Deus. 

Accept ug, 0 Lord, Î'il 
the spirit of humility, 
and contrition of heart, 
and grant, that the sacri- 
fice \vhich we offer this 
day in thy sight) n1ay be 
pleasing to thee, 0 Lord 

Tf7len he blesses the Bread and JVine, he sa
Veni, sanctificator, Come, 0 ahnighty 
omnipotens æterne De?s, and. eternal G'od, th.fl 
et be
edi<;; ho
 sacnfi. sancufier, and bless talG, 

OF THE 1.1,\ S
. XXV 
cium tno sancto nOllllUl sacr:fice, prepared for the 
11ræpar3tnm. glory of thy holy nalne. 

III rc. in solemn ïHaJst's, he blesst).'
 the' Incense, saying, 
Per intt'r<..essÌoneln i\lay thp Lord, by the 
beati l\1;chélf"i is archall- intercession of the bless. 
ge\i stantis a dt>xtris AI. ed l\Iichael the an,h. 
taris Incensi, et onulium angel standing at the 
electorum suon) 01, in- right hand of' lhe Altar 
cenSlJ fil istnd dignetu r of Incense, anci of an his 
 bpnedict'rp, ('t elect, vouchsafe to bless 
in odorenl slJavilatis ê!C. this incense, and receive 
cipere. Per Chri5tuln it as an odou r of s\\'eet.. 
Don1Ïnu m nostrll nl.- Of-SS. 1'hro: .L-\men. 
At incensing lhf R7'ead and T-f'ine, he sags, 
Tnct'nsum istuJ a te :i\Iay this Inc.ense 
benedictum, ascf'ndat ad which thou hast blest
te DOl11ine, et C, LOfll, asrend to thee, 
super nos nl:ser
cordla and may thy nlercy de- 
tua. scend upon us. 
A/ incensing the Altul', he s{J!Js; Ps. cxi. 
. Dirigatur, Domine, Let nlY prayer, .0 
f)ratio n1ea sicut incen- Lord, ascend, like În- 
sum, in conspectll tno: cense in thy sight: and 
e1evatio manl1um mea- the up of n1Y 
rUIn sacrificinll1 vespt:=r- hands be as an e\'elling 
tinnm. }J one , Domine, sacrifice. Place, 0 Lord
custodiam ori n1eo, et a guard on my mouth, 
tiutn circun1stantiæ la,- and a gate of prudence 
biis Ineis, ut non decli- before my lips, that my 
11et ('or n1eam in verba heart may not \\'andt'r 
Inali(æ. ad excusandas after words of Inatice, to 
?&tiones in peccatis. stek eXCl1ses in SHl
iving the Cen.r;cr to t'le Deacon, he says, 
1t1ay the Lord enkindle \vithin \1S the fift of his 
1nd the flame of everlasting charity. 

xxvi TH!:: OR.DIN An. y 
IVashing his IIands lw sa.ys, Ps xxv. 6. 
Lavabo intPr inno.. I will "vash Iny handg 
centes n1anus Ineas: et Clillong the innocent: and 
circuf!1dabo altare luurn, \viII encompass thy altar, 
Donllne. 0 Lord. 
t!t audiam vocenl That I may hear the 
 et enarrem uni. voice of praise: and pu b- 
ver:i;r\ mirabilia tua. lish all thy marvellous 
Domine, dilexi deeo- Lord, I have loved the 
n1 domns tuæ, et locum beauty of thy house, and 
habitationis g!oriæ tuæ. the place of the habita.. 
tion of thy glory. 
Destroy not my soul 
lith the i nl piolls; and 
rny life '''Ith n1
n of 
blood v millds. 
In \vhose hands are ini.. 
q n i ties: thcir righ t- ha nd 
is filled \vith bribes. 

Ne perdc!<; cnm impiis 
aniü1alO Il1e
inl; t>t curn 
viris sanguinuln \7ilanl 
In f}uorun1 Dlanibus 
iniq Lli
ates snat: dextera 
eOrllIn repleta est ß1U- 
Ego auteln i!1 Înno- 
Cf'llil3 mea IngreSSt1s 
sun.. redilne file, et mi. 
serere mel. 
Pes mens ste
it in <Ii. 
recto: in ecclesiis bene. 
dic.arn te Domine. 

But I have V\'alked in 
my innocence: reòeem 
nle, and have mercy on 
:1\1 y feet have stood in 
the right path: in the as- 
seo11'ly I váll bless thee, 
o I.lord. 
Gloria P
tri, t t Filia, Glory be to the Father, 
&c. &c. 
Bowing bçfore the middle qf the Altar, he sa!ls, 
.Sllsci PP, sancta Trini. Receive, 0 holy Tri- 
, hanc oblationem nity, this oblation which 
qllam tibi offf;rimus ob we tuake to thee, in me. 
memoriam Passionis, Re.. mory of the Passion, Re.. 
sl1rrectionis, et f\ scensio.. surrection, ancl Ascension 
nÏos Jesu Christi Domini of our Lord Jesus Christ, 
nostIi; et in honorcm and in honour of the 


OF 1'HP; MAS5. 
Iariæ sen1per b1essel1 l\Iaryever a vir- 
Virginis, et bpà\i Joaonis J!in, the bles..:ed John 
tæ, et 
anct( )rum llaptist, tht' holy Apostles 
Aposto10Ium Pt'tri et Peter and Paul, and of 
P..tuli, et istoruln, et Offi- all the S
tints; that it 
niulll Sanctorurn, ut iBis may be available to their 
vroficiat ad hO'jOH
ln, honour and our sal. 
nobis autenl ad salutelTI: vation: and n1ay they 
et illi pro nobis intercé- "ouchsafe to intercede 
òere dignentur in cæli
, for us in heaven, \\'hose 
quorum nle[110narn agl- Ineo1ory \ve celebrate on 
JUU8 in terris. Per elln- earth. 
"\hro' the same 
den1 Christuol ÐOlninum Christ our Lord 
nostru m. A Olen. 
1'hen turning lti1JlseY" towards the I.Jeopl e , he sags," 
Orate Fratrt's, ut me. Brethren, pray that n1Y 
tun ac vestrl1ffi sacrifici- sacrifice and YOl1T& Inay 
11m acceptabile fiat apud be acceptable to God the 
Dellm Palrenl 0111nÌt"O- Father .l\lmighty. 
tenteln. · 
R. Suscipint Dominus 

1crificiu 111 de n1:1nibus 
, ad \audem et glori- 
aln nOlninis sui, ad utilÎ- 
tatf'lll quoque n05trl1n1, 
totiusque tccll'siæ suæ 

anctæ. . 
41 t er 1'eading the SECRET, u.lti.:.h may be seen in 
its proper place, tile s
conù Secret jj'om Calld\e.. till I)assion Sunday, and frO(ll the Ill. 
Suodi,y after Pentecost unlil Ad\'eí1t, (e.rL'ept on 
Doubles, and \vithin Gctavt"8) is thcJ()lioa'illg. 
11. SECRGT. Grac
s)y hear us. 0 God out 
Sa\ iou r : that by virtue of this sacr
melh; thou 
IDa, est detend us fronl aU enemies, of both soul 
and body: grant us grace in this lite, aild glory if I 
the next. 
l-"T{lm I.Jo\v Sunday, exclusi-ccl!Jt till llle L\scensicn.. 
C 2 .. 

R. l\Tay t11e Lord 
ceive the sacrifice from 
thy hands, to the praise 
and glory of his name
and to our bf'nefir, and tú 
that of his hol} Church. 


x"\viiì PllIF ACE
instead (if" tlte .,forr:/{oillg is said tIle SECHET, 
1\lay, () Lord, &c. as in tlte Votive .illass Sl\LVE 
fiJl' the ß. V. 
· P. Per omnia sreen ta P. World without end. 
ßæculorum. R. Alnen. R. Amen. 
1/le Pref
P. Donlinnsvobiscum. L P. The T"ord be \vith 
E., Et cum spiritu tuo. you. R. And \\'ith thy 
P. Sl1rSnffi corda. R. spirit. P, Lift up your 
Ilabf>ITIus ad Dominum. he.uts. R. \\T e have 
J). (]ratlas aga,llu" Do liftt'd thern up to the 
mino Deo nostro. R. Lord. P. Let us give 
Dignu n1 et justum est. thanks to our Lord God. 
R. It is m
et and j l1

tivals and ot/ter Dags that 
lia1 i e none. prop
r, (Iud ill l\lassesj()r the Dead. 
N. B. rplÛs lllark '*' rc;(ers to tile subsequent part of 
the proper Prefaces. 
rpdignum etjustl1lTl I Ti
trulY meetandjnst. 
est, æquum (-'t sal:J- fight and avaIlable 
tare; nos ubi semper, et to salvatlo:l, that we 
ubiqne gratiasa
.:er(1, Do- should always? and in all 
mine sancle, Pater om.. places, give thanks to 
nipotPl1s, æterne Deus. thee, 0 holy Lord, Fa.. 
· Per Christum Domi.. ther AlmightYt eternal 
num nostnHn : per quem God. * Thro. Christ 
majestatem loam laudant our Lord: by \\'hom the 
3ng-e1i. adorant dOlnina- an
els praisf> thy Majesty. 
tioncs, tremunt potest
.. the don1inátions aùore it
, c.æli cre\Of1.1f1que vir. the pn\vers tremble be- 
tutes, 3C beala feraphim, fore it, the heav
ns, the 
soci3. f'xultatione conce- heavenly virtues, vnd 
lebrant. Cum quibl1s et ble
sed seraphinl, \vltb 
nostras voces, ut admitti common jubilet' glorify 
jubeas deprcc
Hnui.J sup- it. 'rogether "Jith whom 
ptici eODJesslone di- we beseech thpe, that \\'e 
cEntes: may be ad mitt
d to join 
?u r h umble VOices, say- 

. xxiX" 

antus, sanctus, sane- Holy, ho1)', bo1y, TJord 
tns, Don1inus i)eus Sa.. Goel of Sabaoth. Hea- 
baoth. Pleni sunt cæli Yen anJ earth are fuB of 
et terra gloria toa. 1-10- thy glory. IJosanna in 
sanna in exce1sis. Be- the highest. Blessed is he 
nedÍ<.:tus qui venit in no- that comes in the name 
mine D01l1ini, Hosanna of the Lord, I-Iosanna in 
in e:xce1sis. the highest. 
011 '"rRIN ITY SUNDA Y, and 01" t:1){'1:'/ of hfr Sunday 
in the Year tltat has no proper Preface. 
*' Qui CLJln unigenito .. \V ho, togcther \\lith 
Filio tuo et Spiritu Sanc- thy only begoHf>n Son, 
to lIDUS es Deus, nous es and the I-I n ly GhOCoìt, art 
Dominus: non in unius one (
()d, and one IJorrl : 

i\1611\aritate Pfrsonæ, not in a sin
ularit.Y of 
sed in unius 'rrinilat
 Person, but ill a 'l'rinily 
,-Q.1Jod euirn ofsubstaplt-'. };or 'A'hat 
tie tua .gloria, revdëH
t.e I \ve believe- of thy r,1orY9 
Ie, crednuu
, hoc de r 1- 
lS thou hast reV{'ê:' let.!; the 
lio tuo, hoc de Spiritll 
arne \ye bf'ì of thy 
Sancto, sine differt..ntia Son, (HHI of tIle IJo!y 
rliscretionis sentinH1s. Ut G host, without any <lit:.. 
in confe..sioné Vl-ræ sem. ft>renc
 or dist i I1Ct 
on. So 
piternæque Deitë;ais, t:t that, in the <:onfession of 
In Pcrsonis proprietas, et the true apd eternal De.. 
in essentia Unilas, el in it)', we adore a distinc- 

laje8tate adoretur æqua. tion in the Persous, an 
litas. Quam laudanl an. unity in the essence, and 
geli atque archangdi, an t:{]ua1ity in the l\la- 
cherubim quoque ac se. jesty. \VI10111 the angels 
raphim, qui non cessant and archangels, the che. 
clamare quotidie, una fubim also and sera- 
voce dicentes, sanctl1s, phin1 praise, and cease 
kc. ' not dai Iy to Cf} ut with 
one voice, saying, I-Ioly, 
.DA Y tilt the Epiphany: on Corp
Christl; on J on OUf l..ord's 'rranS

N. B. Prefaces thus marked tare conclzuted i1l, the 
same malllkr {l,'; tlus. 
· Quia per Ìncarnatl '11: Since bv the m\'s.. 
Verbi mysterillm, nova tpry of the Word made ... 
s nostræ oeuns lux flesh, a ne\v ray 'of thy 
tuæ c\aritatis infulsit: ut glory has apptared to the 
dUln visibiliter, Del1ffi eyes of our souls' that 
cognoscinHls, per hune ,
hile Wt.' - behold God 
in invisibilium an10renl visibly, v\'e may be car. 
rapiarnnr. t Et id(:>o lied by hi III to the love 
("UUl angelis et archan- of things iuvisible. t And 
gel is. CIIlB thronis et therefore wiLh the angels 
donlinationihus, cnnlqnc and archangels, with tha 
onlni - nlilitia cæk
tis thrones"and òomination
exercitus, hymnu In glo- and with all the heavenly 
Fiæ tuæ caninl11s, sine host, we sing an ever- 
fine dicentes, Sant:tus) r lasting hynln to thy glo- 
&c. ry, saying, Holy, &c. 
, On the Epiphany aijd during itç Octave. 
* Quia CUIn uni
 :J: Because \\,hen thy 
tuus' in Sl1 bstantia nos- only begotten Son ap- 
tra:. monaliratis apparuit, peared in the s'T1 bstance 
nova nos imn10rtalitatis of our mortal flesh, he 
gnæ, luce reparavit. # Et repaired us by the nc,v 
ideo, &c light of his ilnnlortality. 
t And therefore, &c. 
In TAE NT till Passion Sunday. 

 Qui corporali jeju... it Who by this bodi1y 
nio vícia conJprimis, fast e
tingl1ishe8t our 
Inentem e
ev2s, \yirtutem vices t elevatest ollr under. 
1argi.ris et prreulia. ;II< Per standi 'gs, be
to\\'est on 
Çhristnm, &c. us virtue aud its H
.. .fhro', &c. 
1\'faundy TiHHsday lind Feasts 
f the floly Crcs
". (1ni 
ail1t<:'nl hllnl:!I1l * \Vho hast appo1
gt:neris in ligna Cn1cis thalth
alvation ùf rll;'lH 

PREFACE:,. xxxi 
constituistì: ut unde kind 
shoulù be \vrought 
Inors oriebatuf, inde vita on the \\'nod of the cross: 
resurgerel: t't qui in lig- that froln v
;hence death 
no vinceb
lt, in ligl,o came, thence life might 
quoque viucerelur. *})cr arise 
 and t
at he who 
hristum, &c. overcan\e by the trec, 
might also by the tree be 
.. r } ' ) ' & 
o\"ercome. HO, c. 
From HOL Y SA T U R DAY tiLL tlte Asc
V ERE digntlm et jus. 1 1' is truly nle
t and 
tUI11 t>st, æ(}IJUnl et just, right and avail- 

a1Htare, te ql1ideln, Do- able to salvation,.. to 
lllin(Þ, olnni telnpore, sed prë:1Íse thef', 0 Lord, at all 
[in hoc potissinlum nocte tanes, but ('hi
Hr on this 
.el (he, ve1] in hoc glo. [night or daYJI or at this 
riosius prædic(Jre, CUll) tlIne] \' hen Christ Ollr 
Pascha nostrun1 immola-,over \\ as s,H:rificeJ 
tus est Christus. I pse tor tiS. For he is the true 
enim vcr us est .\gnl1s, Lain Ù 
\'ho hath t
(jl1i ahstu
it peccata Inun- away the Si!lS of the 
die Qui [norteln nostranl \\'o1'1d. 'Yho by dying 
moriendo destruxit, et h:lS de
tl oyeli ou r death
vitan) resurgendo repara- a

cl by risin
l has 
vit. t Et ideo, &c. r
storell us to Ii fee t And 
t ht'retore, 
Ft'om ASCENSION DA y tit'l \Vhitsun-Eve. 
Pf!r Cltristunl DOOli- ... rl'hro' {:hrist our 
nnm nostrl1m. Qui post Lord. \Vho after his re.. 
surreclionem SHanl orn- surrel'lion appeared 
nibus discipuhs suis Ina- open
y to all his disciples, 
ni (l:3tUS 
 pparuit, et i psis anti in their presence as- 
cernentibus est elevalus cencled into heaven, to 
in cælum
 ut nos divini. Inakc us partake13 of his 
tl3 sure trihueret t's
e Jivine nature. t Anà 
participes. t Et ide
, &c. therefore) &c. 

x"\xii PREFACE
From \\T'HITSUN-EvE till Trinity-Sunday; and in 
\T otive 1\1asses (If tlte Hol} Ghost. 
*' Per Chr:stum Don1i.. '*' Thro' Christ our 
n u m nostru m. QLJ i ascen. Lord. \Vho ascending 
dens S'.1 rer omnes cælos, a hove a\l the hea\rens, 
sedensCjuP ad dexteram and sitting at thy fight 
tnam, pronliss\HTI Spiri- hand, didst send down 
turn sanctum (hodierna the promised holy Spirit 
dip] in filios adortionis [this day] upon thechil.. 
effudit Qua vropter pro. drea ofadoþtion. Where.. 
fusls gaudiis totus in orbe fore the \vhole wnr1d dis- 
terrarUffi mundlls exul. plays its excess of joy j 
tat: sel..l et supernæ vir.. the heavenly virtues also, 
tntes atque ange1icæ po.. and 
1.1I the angelic PO\\7_ 
. testates, hymnl1nl gloriæ er
, sing in concert an 
tuæ coucinunt, sine fine ev(
rlasting hymn to thy 
dicentes, Sanctus, &c. glory, saying, I-loly, &c. 
On J
ESTl V A LS qf the B, V 
1An y (tile Purificalion 
e.fceplcd) on which is said the Preface of Christ- 
*' Et te in N. neatæ 
l\1ariæ semper Virginis 
colaudarc, benedicere, t.t 
prædicare. QÎìæ et l1ni 
genitu m tuum Sancti Spi- 
ritus obumbratiollP con- 
cepit, et 'Tirginitatis glo- 
ria permanente lurnen 
æternunl rlll'udo effudit, 
Jesun1 Christum DC'mi- 
nun1 nostruill. * Per 
quem, &c. 

· That we should 
praise, bless, and glorify 
thee on the 1\. of the 
blessed l\lary, t:'ver a Vir. 
gin. \V ho by the over. 
shadowing of the Holy 
G hOl)t eoncei\'ed thy on- 
ly bf>gottt'n Son, and the 
glory of her vjrginity still 
remaining, brought forth 
the eternal light of the 
v.'orld, Jesus Christ our 
l/ord. *By whom, &c. 
On the FESTIVALS orille ApOSTLES. 
V ERE digounl et jus- lrr is truly Inept and 
: turn est, æq U uill et just, r:6llt and a\ ail- 

-rIll CANON OF THE P.IASS. :\.''\xÏi 

sa1utare, te Domine sup- . 
I)lìciter exorare, ut gre- 
gem tuum Pastor æterne 
110n deseras, sed per bea. 
tos apostolos tuos conti- 
IH..a protectione Cl1sto- 
dias. Ut iisdem rectori.. 
bus - gu bernetur, f1,l10S 
operis t'1i vicarios eidem 
contulisti præesse pas- 
tOfes. :tt Et ideo, &c. 

able to sah'ation, hum- 
bly to beseech thee that 
thou,O Lord, our eternal 
Shepherd, \\ onld:it not 
tke thy flock, but 
keep it under thy conti- 
nual protf>ction by thy 
blessed apostles. That 
it 111ay be governed by 
those \vhorn thou hast 
appointed its vlrars and 
p3stors. · .A nd. &c. 


T E igitl1T clementissi- 
me Pater, per Jesun1 
Christum Filium tuum 
Dominum nostrum, Sllp- 
plices rog
mu.s, ac peU- 
IlH1S', uti accepta habeas 
flt benedicas hæc dona, 
l1æc nnlnera, hæc sancta 
sacrificÎa iHibata, im. 
primis, ftuæ tibi otferinlus 
pro 'F.cclesia tua sancta 
catho\ica; qU3m paci.. 
ficare, custodi re, ad Ü... 
nare, et rcgere digneris 
túto orhe tprr
rum. una 
rum fanìalo tuo 'Papa 
. et .AntistIle 
T.ostro N. et llege nostro 
N. rt oIl1nibus Orthodox- 
is, atque (Oatholicre (.t 
A postolil'a Fidei Culto. 

W E hUfi1b1y pray 
and bt'seech thee. 
therefore, ß10st merciful 
Father, thro' Jesus Christ 
thy Son, our Lord, that 
thou \vouldst 
to accept anå bless these 
, th
se Presents,these 
llo}y unspotted Sacrifices, 
\\;hich in the 6.rc;;t place 
"'e Offt'f thee íor thy 
hot) Catholic Church, to 
,,,hich vouchsafe to grant 
peace; as also to pre... 
serve. unite, and govep
it thr.onghhut the \-,"orld, 
toge1hl r \yuh thy sef\'ant 

. Ot'r Pope, N, our 
Bishop, and N. Ot 1 f King, 
as also an Ort
1o.iOX be- 
lievers anti professors 0 
the catholi.: and al'Qf;tolir 



1\, Domine, B
 mindful, 0 Lord, of 
fanHl10ruin filo1u!arllffi- thy servants, men aud 
que tnarum N. tt N. won1en, N. and N. 
He pr(!yJ sileutly tV'f' tho$e lie intends tv p1'(l.Yf()1
Et o[unium CirCl1tll- And of all here pre. 
stantinm, quofuln tib1 spnt, \vhose Faith and 
f),,!es cognita est, el nota Devotion is kno\vn Úllto 
{levotio, pro quibus tibi thee, for whol11 \\-e offer. 
offerirnus, vel qui tibi or \\'ho offer up to thee 
off"erunt hòc sacr;ficiu In this sacrifice of praisf> for 
]andis, pro se, suisque the:11st>ives, their ÜlInilies. 
omnibus, pro redclnt>- and fr;ends, for the re- 
tione anilnaruffi suarUffi, den1ption of their soul
pe salntis, et inca. for the health and salva- 
lum:tttiSi Sl1æ, tib.ique tion they hope for, and 
redduot vota sua æteri.1O for which they no\v pay 
DCQ, vivo et vero. their \'OWS to thee, the 
eterìla1, living, and true 
and hO
iouring in the 
first place, the memory 
of the ever glorious \Tirgi!l 
IVI ary, 
lother of our 
Lord and God Jesùs 
Christ; as also ot the 
blessed Apostles anrl 
.1\Iart\" rs, Peter and Pau). 
AtH.lre\V, JaIn s, John. 
, JamCJ
, Philip. 
Barthololnev\, r\1,Hthe\v. 
Silnon and Thadtus., 
Linus, Cletus, ClelDt>nt. 
X\,stus, \0. nf
, Cy- 
pïian, La"
7renc:e, Chryso., 
1us, John and.' Paul 

memorianl vent'rantes, 
imrrirnis glorinsæ s
per Virginis l\Iariæ, Ge- 
nitricis Dei et Domini 
tn Jes!"1 Christi, sefl et 
beaton, rn Apostolofu ITl 
ac l\'lartyrum tl10rn m, 
Petri et Pauli, t\nclreæ, 
Jacobi, Joanllis, Thomæ, 
Jacobi, Philippi, ßartho- 
Jomæi, ftlatthæi, SiiTIO- 
t rrhadæi, f..lini, 
Clpti. Clt'me! IllS, X \ sti, 
Cornelit, Crpriani
l"entli, Chr\'so
ol1i, Jo.. 
annis et Pauli , Cosrnæ 

et D3nliani, et olnnilUl1 Co
mas and Damian, and 
Sanc-tonun tunrUln ; (11;0- of all th
\' Saints; by 
nlJn n
eritis prcci bu
q Be \\ hose mt.rits and prayers, 
concedas, rt in olnnihus grant that we may be 
protectionis tuæ n1uuåa- a!\\'ays d
fended by the 
1n\1r auxilio. Per eun. help of thy protection. 
dem Christuo1 UOluinufll 'rhro' the sante Chrí
nostrunl. f\rnen. our Lord. Anlen. 
::'preadi ng!tis Ha.nds ot-i;r tile OLlation, lie .IlI)'S, 
IillTlc i/2,tur obla- n
e the'J'efu1'e be... 
ervit ulis nostræ, seecÌl thee, 0 Lord, gra- 
sell et cunctæ t
unil;æ ciOUfJly to accept this OD- 
ttlæ, f]uæSl1B1US DOnltne, lation of our servitude, 
11t placat1is (
\s; as also of thy \vhole fa- 
diesqlle nostros in tua mily; -dispose our rlays 
pace disponas, atq l1e (1 b in thy peace, pr
æterna damnatione nos us fi'oGJ 
ternal d

ripi, et in E
orllm tn. tiOH, anò rank us. in 
Oflun jubeas gn-g
 nu- the nnnlber of thine 
n1erari. Per Christulll T:I ect. Tlno' Christ Ður 
DOlninu111 nostrurn. Lord. Anleu. 
Quam oblationenl1 tn 
Deas in on1Dibus, f}uæ- 
, benedictam, ad. 
scri ptanl, ralam, ratÎ 0- 
iem, acceptabilem- 
que facere digneris; lit 
nobis Corpu
 et Sa ngnis 
fiat del('ctis
inli Filii tui 
I)ofníni no
tri Jesu 
C ' ' . 
Qui pI idie... qnanl pat

r, aCCt:plt pauenl In 
Sa!1ctas ac. vCi1crab:les 
manus Sl1,
S. ct {'levatis 
occu1is in cælnm, td te 
Deu;n I'atrem SUUlll 0111.. 

\Vhich oblation do 
thou, U God, vouchsafe 
in al1 respects, to bless, 
approve, ratify and ac- 
cepl; that it Inay be 111ade 
for us the body and blood 
of thy nlo
t beloved Son 
Jesus Christ our Lord. 

\Vho the day b{'fo
he sutfered, took bre3d 
into his holy and vene.. 
fable hands, and", ith his 
eyes lifted up to\\'alùs 
l,cavel1, gÍ\ iog thanks to 

xxxviii THE CANON OF TIIE..1.1ASS: 
, omni bene.. 
dictinoe cælesti et gratia 
fFpleaJTIur. Per eUndClTI 
Christunl I)on1in m no- 

trlln1. i\men. 

thy Son at this altar, may 
be filled with every hea- 
Vt'oJ y grace and blessing. 
Thro' the same Christ 
our Lord. Amen. 

l\lemento etiaol, Do- Be 111indful, 0 l.ord, 
, famlllorunl fanlu- of thv servants N. an(i N. 
Jarl1nlque tuarum N. et who Jar
 gone be ore us, 
N. qui nos præcesserunt ,,,ith the sign of Faith, 
c.n. G1 signo Fidei, e
 dor- and rest in the sleep of 
mlunt In samoo paClS. peace. 
lIere pari lcular mention is silent(lI made of such of 
tile Dèfld liS are to be p'royed Jor. 
I psis, DonlÎne, et on1- rro these, 0 Lord, and 
nibus in Ch!'isto quies- to all that sleep in Christ, 
Ct1ntÍ bus, 10Ct1 m refi'ige- p.rLlIH, ,ve béseech thee, 
rii, lucis et prlc!s, ut in. a p1ace of refreshment, 
dnlgeas deprecarnur: per light, and peace: thro' 
eUlhlem Christu In 00- the san1e Christ our l..ord. 
minum nostrun1. Atllen. Alnen. 
IIel'e, s: riking his Brellst, tlle p'J'iest says, 
Nobis <]110CJUC pecca.. Also to l1S sinners, thy 
toribus filluutis tllis de servants, confiding in the 
n1l1Jtitudine miseratio. multitude of thy mercies, 
Ilum tuarl1ffi sperantibus vouchsafe to grant some 
partem a1iquam e.t so.. part and fellowship \vith 
cietatern donar
 digneris, thy holy apostles and 
cnm tuis sanctis aposto1is martyrs; "vith John, Ste- 
et mart}'ri bus 
 cu in J 0- ph en, l\latthias, Barna. 
3nn<>, StephaDO, 
lat- bas, Ignatius, Alexander, 
thia, ßarnaba, Ignatio, l\Iarceliine, Peter, Ft'li.. 
Alexandro, l\'larcellino, citas, Perpetua, "Agatha, 
Petro, Felicitate, Per- Lucy, l\gnes, C
pf'tua, Agatha, Lucia, An(1stasia, and \vilh aU 
nete, Cæcilia, Anas. thy saints: into \yhose 

tasia, et omnihus sanctis company \ve beseech 
tUIS: intra quoruo1 nos thcG to admit \1S, 110t in 
cOllsortiull1, non æ
tima- consid
ration of OllC flle... 
tor Ineriti, sed veniæ, rit, hut of thy 0\\'0 gra- 
C]uæSl1n111S largitor ad... tUltOl!S p
HdoI1. rrhro
mitte. Per Christum Do. Christ our I
nlinnm oostrO[11. 
Per quem hæc on1... 
nia, Donline" 'sen1per 
ùona crea:" 
anrt i fi- 
cas, vivifi<.:as, benedicis, 

t præstas nob.ï.s, Per 
IpSl1 111, et <:u n1 IpSO, et 
in ipso, est t ibi Dco Pa tri 
ol11nipotenti; in unitate 
Spiritus Sancti, omnis 
llonor et gloria. 

P. Pt:'r omnia sæc111a 
eæculorum. R. Anlen. 

æ('ept:6 salutarihllS 
moniti, t>l d vina 
institlltione fOrIllati, au- 
demus dicere: 

By \\'h001, 0 Lorif. 
thou clast ah\!a)'s ere- 

HP, sanctif}'
 and give us all 
these good things. By 
hin), a::d \'\'ith hiln, 
and in him, is to thee, 
Gorl the Föther A Ilnigh- 
tv, in tilt-" unity of the 
Ilolv Ghost, all honour 
and -'glory. 
P. For ever and ever. 
R. Amen. 

Let liS pray. 
B Ei',g i.lstructed by 
thy saving prect'pts, 
alld foilo\Vin
 ttlY dIvine 
dirpctÍolls, we preSlIn1e 
to say: 
Pater noster, qui es in Our Fatht--r) \vho art 
cæ1is, SLtnct fi<.:ctUf no- in heaven, hallo\\'ed be 
men tuum: adveniat th} narne: thy kingdom 
n>gnun1 toun): hat vo- co he : thy will he done 
 lua Sa.:ut in creto, 0.1 earth
 as it is in hea.. 
(t H. t'na p
Hlem llOS. ven, give us this ddY our 
tram quotidiaOllll) da daily Dfè'l,i; élnd forgive 
nohis hudit:-; et. dilnitte us our lres(J
sst-'S9 as v:e 
 d, bita nostra, 
i- f()rgi,,'e then) that trespass 
cut et no
 dihÜttirullS é1g.l1'lst us. And It"ad us 
dtbitoribus nostrjs: et ne nut into temptation: 

nos inoucas in tentatio- R. But deliver u, from 
nen1: R. Sed libera nos evil. P. An1en. 
a ma1o. P. Alnen. 
Libera nos, quæSUJ1111S, De11ver ltS, \ve beseech 
Don1ine, ab orn-llibHs thee, 0 Lord, froln all 
malis, præteritis, præ- evils past, present, and to 
sentibus et futuris: et in come: and by the in. 
tercedente beata et glo-. tercession of the blessed 
riosa sen1per Virgine [)ei and ever glorious \'irgin 
Genitrice l\laria, cum. Ivlary Mother of (;od, 
beatis apostolis tuis Petro and of the holy alJostles 
et Paulo, atque Andrea, Peter and Paul, and of 
et omnibus sanctis, da Alidrew, and of all the 
propitius pacetTI in die- saints, nlerciful1y grant 
bus nostris: ut ope mi.. peace in onr days: that 
sericordiæ ture adjnti, et thro' the assistance of thy 
a peccato sirnus spmper mercy, we nlay be al. 
liberi, et ab omnia per.. wa}s free from sin, and 
turbatione securi. Per secure froln all disturb. 
eundem Don1inu m nos. ance. Thro' the same 
truln Jesum Christum Fi. Jesus Christ, thv Son ol1
linm tuum, qui tecum Lord
 who \\'ith thee and 
vivit et regnat, in unitate the IIoIy Ghost liveth 
Spiritus Sancti f Deus. and reignetn, God. 
P. Per omnia sæcula . P. World without end. 
sæculorum. R. Amen. R. Amen. 
P. Pax DOlnini sit P :rvlay the peace of 

emper vobiscum. the Lord be always with 
R. Et cum s iritu tuo. R. And with thy spirit. 

Brcaking tile Host, ll.e puts a Particle thercf!f into the 
Chlllicß, sU!Jing, 
]ay thIs mixture, and consecra- 
tion of the boùy 
nd blood of our Lord jeslJ& 
Christ, be to us that receive it effectual to eternal 
life. Aruen. 
'lJhcr& bt)lving. and Ilis Breast) lie sa<ul/s, 

Agnus Dei, qui toll is Larnb of God, who 
l)eccata mundi, t::\kest 3y.ray the sins of 
*' miserere nobis. the world, .. have o1ercy 
· miserere nobis, upon us, .. have mercy 
iii' dona nobis pacem. upon us, · gi\'e U
 lJeace. - 
In Jlasses (01' the DEAD lie sa!}s tli:ice, Give them 
rest; "llnd lastly, '* Give then1 eternal rest. 
The jÒl101Cillg Pl'a!Jer is also omitted. 
Domine Jesu Christe, l.Jord Jesus Christ, \vho 
'Jui dixisti apústolis tuis, saidst to thy apostles, I 
pacem relinquo vob
s, leave you peace, I give 
paceln mealn do VObiS, - you Iny peace, regard 
ne respicias peccata mea, not my sins, but the 
sed fideo.1 Ecc\esiæ ture; faith ot thy Church; and 
ean1que secunòum vo- grant her that peac.e and 
luntatem tuam pacifi.. unity which is agree
care et coadunare digne- to thy will: \\'ho livest 
ris: ql1i vivis et regnas and reignest for ever alld 
Deus, par onlnia sæcula ever. Alnen. 
sæCll torllm, A men. 
DomU1e Jesu Christe, Lord Jesus Christ, Son 
Fili Dei vivi, qui 
x vo. of the living God, \vho, 
luntate 'Patris, co-ope- according to the \vill of 
rante Spiritl1 Sancto, per thy Father, ha
t by thy 
mortem tuam o1undum death, duo' theco-opera- 
vivificasti, lihera Ine per tion of the Holy Ghost, 
hocsacro-sanctum corpns given lite to the world. 
et sanc:uinem tuum ab deliver me by this thy 
s iniquitati bus most sacred body and 
, et universis rnalis: blood froln an my ini- 
et tàc me tuis, sen1per quiues, and from all 
inhærere o1andati:;, et a evtls; and make lne al- 
te nunquall1 separari per- ways adhere to thy com- 
mittas: qui cun1 eorten1 n1andmeuts, and never 
Deo Patre et Spintu slliffer me to be sf'p
Sancto vivis et regna
 fron1 tht:e: who 1\\'C:it 

IU rn 0 

æcula sæculo- and reignest witt} God 
Amen. the Father in the unity 
of; &co A men. of 
, Perceptio corpåris tui, Let not the partici pa- 
DOllline Jesu C lriste, tion of thy body, 0 Lord 
,quod ego indlp,nus s
. Je5us Christ, vvh!ch I, 
mere præsumí', non r01- - thO" unworthv, preSUIne 
hi proveniat :n judiciulll to receive, turn to my 
et cond
nlnutiont::In; sed judglnent and condenl- 
pro tua piet
lle prosit nation; but. thro' thy 
mihi ad tutainentum l1ìerc)', Inay it be a 
mentis et corlJoris, et ad guard éìnd rem
dv, both 

lam rercipiendam: Df sou1 and bod\ : \, ho 
!qui v
vis et ff>g:1as curn \vith (;0\.1 the Father, in 
Deo Patre, jn unitëte the unity of tht' I-Ioiy 
Spiritus Sancti Deus per Ghost, liv
:::.t and ft':gtlf'st- 
omnia sæcula sreculo- (;oJ 'for evt=f 
d eVt r. 
rum. A ßlen. A men. 
Tl"kinb" the Host in Ilis Hands, he sa!/.
Panem cæl
stern ac-' I ".' ill take the bread of 
ciþii.1 m, et nornen Do- ht'élVf'n, and caB upon 
mini invocat.o. the n
ltne of our Lord
Striking his ßre(lst, in Ifumilii!J lind Devol iùn, lze 
Sll!JS thrice, 
J?omine, non sum dig- Lord, I am not \\'orthy 
:nus ut iutrLs 
l1b tt:ctUlll that thou shouldst 
meum; sed tantnffi ,qic und,"i" nlY roof; say but 
yerbo, et sanabitllf an\- - the word, and nlY soul 
ma mea. shall b
R.eceivirtg rfoe;",'ntl!J 'J.)!.
 lJ{l1 a ts (If the Host.. /ie says. 
Corpus Domini no....tri r,-!ay the body of our 
Jesu Cbristi custodiat Lord Jesu
 Christ pre
lloimam mfam in vitanl serve IllY sou 1 to life 

. Amen. t'verlasti Ubo .L.1:11nt>n. 
TlJ kin; tJu' Çlt..ÛÙ.- c; i:.c S.LJS, 
Quid retribuam DOß1i.. \Vhat fLturn sll[Jl 1 

 . . r 

no pro omnibus quæ re.. nlake the Lorrl for all he 
tribuit l]1t!1l? (aiicenl ha.... givt- n to Ole? (",ill 
salutc.Lris acci pictm, t't no- take tlie Cltalice of sal- 
D1cn DOlnini invocabo. \'ation, étud can upon 
 iq\ ocabo ) Do- the name of the 1.0 rd. 
nli nu n1 
 et ab IniInlcis Pra'ising ( \\ Ii' call upon 
meis salvl1s ero. the Lor.l. and sha'l be 

aved hOln m) e .eJnies. 
Receiving the Blood (1' Oilr 
a-CiVZl}" lie say,ç;, 
SanguIs ))OlnlnJ nostri 1'he blood ,)f onr Lord 
Jt'su Christi cuslodiat ]psus Christ preserve my 
aqimalll nleam in vitam soul to evt:rlasting lif
æternam. .\ BIen. -1\ mpn. 
T'akillg thefirJt .Abluti,JIl, lie Sf/)'S, 
Q1.10d Dre sunlpsilnus, (;rall., IJord, that "'hat 
Domine, pura mellt
 ca- \ve have takt-'o \\lith OUf 
pian1t:s, et de Inl1ner
 n'lollth, \\ e filaY receive 
temporali, fiat nob:s re- \\Tith a pure mind, that 
nlediuill semprternufil. of a térnpnral gift it may 
bécome to us all 
remed}. ' 
'.Taking tlte second Al'hdion, lie sa.:lp;, 
Corrus tuunl T)oo1inp, 1\1ay thy body, 0 Lord, 
quod sunlp,i, et sanguis whit:h 1 have rpl:eived, 
ql}em potdvi, adhæreat Rnd thy blood \vhich 1 
r' bus meis; et præ
ta, have drank, cleave to my 
 in me non relllaneat bowe;s; and grant, that 
sc\'If'rum nlacll\a, quenl no stain of sin n}ay 
pura et sancta retecerllot ft->nlain in me, \"ho have 
sacréunenta. Qui vivis been f(
d with this pure 
et It'
ilas in sæCl la sæ- and holr sacrament. '\
cui oru IT1. .c\ [Hen. I ivcst and reigllest, &c. 
7ïlcn Ill' '1'ctUl'flS to tlie Book, llnd l'{
l(l.o; the C eM M 11- 
, 111tic/l ml!!llL SEcn in it...; pro, Cr rlClcê. 
Dominus vobiscl1 Ill. rrhe Lor...l te w.;.th } ou. 
!{. Et cunl spiritu tuo. R. Ar
d \vith thy spj

g pr

liv TH
From, Candlen1as- clay till Passion Sunòay, andfr(J1n 
tile Ill. Sunday 19ter Pentecost until Ad..ent, (ex. 
cept un Doubles and witllin Octa\'es) ajter the 
p,'oper POSTCOMMUNION, tllefollolcing is the 
]1. POS'['COl\-1. (iUundet) lVlay the oblation 
of this divine sacrament, \\'e beset'ch thee, 0 IJord, 
both cleanse and defend us: and by the in tt'ro:ssion 
of the blEssed l\lary the Virgin. 
lother of God, of 
the blesserl apostles Peter and Paul, of blessed N. 
and of aU the saints, free us fronl all sin, and deliver 
11S from all adversity. 
Il'om Low Sunday e.l'clusi"lely, till tile Ascension, in- 
stead q!' t goi'J7l!, is sailL th.e P. Co MM. Sll nlptjs, 
&c. a,l) in lh
.l'u"ive .1Ut:tss SALVE.f()r tILe B. V. 1\1. 
After the Postea 111 munion is addeo the Prayer, 
( Et jll1/1'lllos. ) 
D EFEND aho, OIJord, from all aclversity, thy 
servant 1\. OUf Pope, N. our Bishop, George 
our King, Charlotte our Queen
 and the royal is. 
sue, together with the p
oplt: and army committed 
to bis care: grant veace in our days, and banish 
all wickcdnes
 from thy Church: thro', &c. 
I)onlÍuus vobiscuin. The Lord he v;ith yon, 
R. Et CUll) spiritu tuo. R. And with th) spirit. 
Itc missa est, (vel) Be- Go, you are disn1i"sed, 
nedicamus Domino. (or) L
t us bless theLord. 
R. Deo gratias. R. Thanks be to God. 
In lllassesfor the -l)ead. 
P. Requiescant in pace. P. !\lay they rest in 
R. A nH
n. peace. R. Amen. 
BU'll'ing b,: òre tile Altar, tlte ]J'ricst says, 
Placeat tibi sancta Let the performance 
Trinitas, obsequium ser- ofn1Y hon1age be pleasing 
vitutis meæ; et præsta, to thee, 0 holy 'rrinity : 
ut sacrificill m quod oc- and 
rant that the sacri. 
culis ttJæ J\lajestatis in.. fice which ], tho' un\\'or. 
dignus obluti, tibi sit ae- thy, have offered np in 
 ri1ihique, et the si
ht of thy l\Jaje3ty, 

omnibus pro quiþus illud may be acceptable to 
obtu ti, sit te n1iserante, thee, and th 1'0' thy lI1ercy 
prop,tiabil P. Per Ch ris- be a propitiation for me, 
turn Dominun1 nostruln. and all those for whom it 
Amen has been offered. Thro'. 
Turning himself' tow(lrd
 the Pearle, he gives thcm,ltÍ$ 
BlessÙlg, s'iying, 
l\Iay Almighty God, the Father, Son, and Holy 
Ghost, bless you. l\men. 
P. Dominus vobiscum. P. OUf Lord be with 
R. Et cum spiritu tuo. you. R. 
" nd with thY 
P. Initiuffi sancti Evange- spirit. P. The beginning 
Iii secunduln Joannem. of the Gospel according 
R. Gloria tibi, Domine. to St. John. R. GlorY 
be to thee, 0 Lord. 
IN the beginning was 
the \\' ord, and the 
\V o"d 'N3S with God, and 
God ,,'as the \V ord: J:he 
same "'as in the begin. 
nine with God. All things 
\\'ere Inade by him, and 
vlithout him was made 
nothing that 'vas made: 
in h
m was life, and the 
life was the light of filcn : 
and the light shineth in 
darkness,and the darkne
did not comprehend it. . 
There \vas a man went 
from God, whose name 
was John. This man 
came for a witness, to 
e:ive testimony of the 
light, that an men might 
believe \hro' bim. He 
Vias not the light, but 

IN principio erat Ver- 
bum, et Verbum erat 
apud Deum; et Deus 
erat Verbunl : hoc erat in 
principia apurl Deum. 
Omnia per ipsnffi facta 
sunt, f't sine ipso factum 
est nihi1, quod factum 
est: in ipso vita erat, 
et vita erat lux hominum: 
et lux in tenebris lucet, et 
tenebræ earn non cOin. 

Fuit ho
o missl1s a 
Deo, clli nomen erat Jo. 
annes. Hie. venit in tes- 
timonium, tit testimoni- 
um perhiberet de lumi- 
ne, ut ornues crederent 
per illum. Non erat il.le 
lUK; sed ut tesúmoniun1 

perhiberet de lurrline. came to give testimony 
Erat lux vera qnæ i1Jumi. of the light. He \\'as the 
Dat onln
m hominem true light which enliJ!ht- 
ntem in hune 
l1n- eneth every man that 
dum. cometh into this world. 
In mundo erat, et tIe was in the '
mUl1dus per ipsun1 factus and the world vvas n1ade 
est, et nlunùus elJln non by hi ill, and the ,,'orId 
cognovit. In propria kne

 hiln not. tIe came 
venit, et sui eum non re- unto his own, and his 
ceperunt. Quotq uot åu- own received him Qot. 
tern receiJerunt eum, de. _ But as nlany as received 
dit els (lotestatt'nl fi I ios hi m, to theln he gave 
Dei fieri: his f( ui ere- po
'er to becollle the 
dunt in norr1Ïne ejus, qui sons of God: to' those 
x sanguinibus, ne- that believe in his name
 f:'X voluntate 
arnis, who are born, not of 
negue ex voluntate viri; blood, nor of the \trill of 
sed ex Dea nati sunt; Et the flt'sh, nor of the \vill 
VERBUM CARO FACTUM of man, but of God: 
. EST, et habitavit in no- And THE WORD WAS 
bis; et vidinll1s gloriam IvIADE FLESH, élnd d\v
ejus, glorizlm quasi uni- an10ng us; and we sa\v 
geniti a Pal fe, plenum his g)OfY, as it were the 
gratiæ et ventatis. glory of the only begot- 
ten of the Father, full of 
grace and truth. 
R Deo grati':ìs. H. rI'h:ìnks be to God . 
olt-'nl n 1\1' ass, the fol1o'vY ing 'V E HSIC L E sand 
RESPOi\:SES are sun
 C<)r the King. 
V. DonlÍ.:f", salvurn filc Regem nostruH1 Georgiuln. 
R Et t'xaudi nos in die <1 ua i I\vocaven !11LJS tee 
V. Gloria }Jatri, et Vi ' 10 , et Spiritui Sancto. 
R. Sicut erat in principia, &c. 
Jfr. (Quæsumus.) 
W F beseech thee, 0 1\ Imi
ht}' God, that thy 
servant, George our I{ing, \vho thro. tby 

mercy hath undertaken the 
o\'ernment of these 
real ms, may also receive an increase of all virtues, 
wherewith being adornpd, he. may avoid everyenor- 
mity of sin, [vanq nish his enemi
s,] and being ren- 
dered acceptable in thy sight, IDa}', together with 
Charlotte our Queen, and the royal issue, come at 
length to tht>e, \vho art the way, the truth, and the 
life. rrhro'_ 
Trhih;t the Priest (bifore the Benediction) is taking 
thf' B. Sacrament out qf tile Tabernacle, tIle fat.. 
lowing Elynln is geflcrall!J sung: 
O Salutaris hostia! 0 Saving Host! that 
Quæ cæli pandis h( aven'ts gate 
ostium: Laidst open at so dear a 
Bella premunt hostilia: rate: 
Intestine wars invade our 
Be thou our strength, 
suppnrt, and rf'st. 
2. "1"0 God the Fath-er, 
and the Son, 
And lloJ}' Spirit, Three 

 in One, 
Qui vÌtan1 sine termino, Be endlf's
 praise: may 
HE above, · 
\Vith life eternal cro\yn 
our love. 
At the Benediction. 
T Antum 
rgo Sacra.. T o this mysterious 
n1entum, table no\v, 
Y. eneremur cernui : Our knees, our hearts, 
and sense \ve bow: 
Et ant
ql1um documen- Let ancient rites resign 
turn their place 

O\.o cedat ritui ; To nobler elements of 

Da robur, fer auxi1iuol. 

2 l!ni trinoque Do. 
Sit senlpiterna gloria: 

Nobis donet in patriae 

xlviii .1.., THE !!ENEnlCTJON. 
Præstet fides snpplenlen- And faith for an defects 
turn, supply. 
Sensuum defectui. \Vhil!;t sense is lost in 
To God the Father 
born of none, 
To Christ his co-et
Salus, honor, virtus, quo. And Hoty Ghost, whose 
que. equal rays 
Sit et benedictio; Fron1 both proceed, be 
eq ual praise: 
One honour,jubilee, and 
fa In e, 
t'or e\'er bless his glorious 
. name. An1en. 
v. rrhou hast given 
them bread from heaven, 
Alleluia. ' 
R. OInne delectam(->n- R. Replenished \\lith 
'tu rn in se habentenl, AI- \vhate\'er is delicious, 
leluia. A lIel uia. 

Genitol i, genit que 

Lauset jubitatio: 

ProcedenÜ ab utroque, 

Compar sitlaudatio. 
V. Panem de cre'o. 
præstitisti eis, Alleluia. 


D EUS, qui nobis, sub 
sacramento n1ira- 
bili passion is tuæ memo- 
ria[n re1iqnisti: tribue 
q uæst)\In us, ita nos cor- 
poris et sat: 6uinis tui
12cra mystena veneran 
ut redemptionis tui fruc- 

un1 in nobis j ugiter 
ientlamus. Qui. 

O God, \vho in this 
wonderful sacra- 
ment, hast left us a per. 
petual memorial of thy 
passion:. grant us, we 
beseech thee, so to re- 
verence the sacred mys.. 
terics of thy bod:y 
blood, as in Ollr sou 

be always sensible of the 
redemption thou hast 
purchased for l
S. \V bo. 

For tile SUJl{la!Js an{l ilIo'"ceable l(

T HS Chl:fCh employs the fOUf weeks that precec1e 
Chrijbnas in preparing the faithful for that great fo... 
1en1nity i hence the beginning of the eccleCiafiical year is 
called Advent, from the Latin word Adventlls, which figni- 
fies the coming, viz. of J efus Chrií1:. Our firfl pftrents, foollt 
after their fall, were comforted with the prediction of this 
great event, when God aíTured thctn that the time would 
come when "the feed of the woman fhould cru(h the 
" head of the ferpent." This promife was renewed to 
Abraham, confirmed to Ifaac, determined to the tribe of 
Juda, fixed in the houfe of David i and lafilYt the tilne 
of its perfeB: accomplifhment 'vas exactly calculated by 
t he prophet Daniel. 
I.'" ...-" 

 f/I =is I.




 i ' 

 _ L-

- ..
 . '\
 ,. ""'::Æ4J

" . 

 ',..." -='.=..... q fI, 
. ::.A;,' ..'," ---, Tf t ' 1f
"\ I 

. -:=.., /

. .
. :

" I 
fi;ì '<:, - Ü 

'" .- 
 1 - 
 '., I I 
 A. . - , 

 \ I'
 'f I 
 v ' 


1'\' r " -F f'j 
 -' " 

.' 4 --l'.,
' '
...!ìJ".' .":r. 
'_\::?! '
\ .1 I I -: '\.., .. .: " .. --:- "':>>;--
 .... \.,<
'. It,' W '
 ,', - ...- -- -= .-' 
.I" \'-__ 
. ... 


I ,>" - ' 
... """"
 _ '
_. ......,r.; 
,.æ - - , ' . = _ , 
I t. 
:, '" ;',:; . ',
;;. ,:.
j{... I r '
'''' '
. -..- - . 


" r::tS..' '" 
'_ oo""';?l _ -_

r..- '}ró)' 

' I 
' " a.. h . '#i- 
:- - --",', 

, :. · 

 l . 
I , t -= , 
 - 1ft" " 
\ ' ! .\ 
-': ..:,'..-!;! __ .:".1; ".lii 
!\" . .. ,"'ì r '0 -,.. . i 
.. t 
>-i' .'_ 

, ?


 - - 
 . .. 

 - . 
, _
.... - - - __ - -:-
 .--:.-:: "'7 , 
INTROrl'. Ps. xxiv. 
O tnee have I raised A [) te levari anim!'ln 

 1 U,P nlY soul: 0 my. mcam: lJells 'll1eUJ, 
(JOG, \n thee I trust, It:t In te c07
fido, non crubes. 
tn t:> not be rut tQ shame: cam: 1lcquc irriicl1.rtt 1T


neither let my enen1Ïes illimiri mci: fc(!nim un;. 
scoff at me: for none t't'r$i, qui te e,rpectanf, 
shall be disappoint
d, non corYll'ndt'lltur. PSI 
\"ho \'rait for thee... ])s. "Vias lUllS, Domine, de- 
S he\v to 111e, 0 I 
oHI, th y 1110nstra uti/Ii: et sfm;,l as 
l\'ays: and teach DJe thy tuas edoce lne. 
IT. Glory, &c. ". Gloria ]>atri, 
To thcp, &c. to Ps. Ad te, ge. to Ps. 

 1 nd I hus tile I ntroit is a!lJ)oys l'cpeafed. 
Gloria in excelsis is oilÛltcd jì'01Jt this Sunday till 
Christmas, and (rom Septuagesin1a until Eas- 
ter, ullle,-;s on douhle
, "S'c. 
COLI.Je E..rcila, quæs.-Exert, ,,?e beseech thee
o Lord, thy pO\\Ter, and COIne: that by thy protec- 
. tion \\7e ñ1ay be freed from the imminent dangprs of 
our sins, and be saver! by thy mercy, who livcth 
 reigneth, &c. Il. Amen. 
l"rvlIllltis da!} to Christlnas.{:ve, lifter the Col1ect if 
the dll.'l, the lu'o tiJllulcing Collects are said. 
if. CO]JI.lI
crr. ])eus qui -0 God, \\'ilo wast 
ased that thy \V ord, when the angel delivered hi5 
ules s age, should take flesh in the \\'omb of the bles- 
sed Viq
in l\Iary: give ear to our humble petitions; 
and grant
 that we y;ho believe her to be truly the 
l\Iother of (;od, 1l1ay be helped by her prayers. 
HI. C()LI..EC'l'. l
ccl. tuæ.-
lercifl1lly hear, 
\l'e be
eech thee. 0 Lord, the prayers of thy Church, 
that all oppositions and errors being removecl, she 
may serve thee with a secure and \u1disturbed cleva. 
- tion. 1'hro', &c. Anlen. 
(h, instead W-t1w lllst Collect, (Eccl. tUF,) thefol/ow.. 
ing ma!l be said. 
COLLEC r ('. DêUS omniu.m.---O God, the pastor 
and governor of all the faithful, look down in thy 
lnerey on thy servant N. whom thou hast appointe\.! 
J}astor over thy Church: and grant, we beseech 
thee, that, both by word and example, he Inay edify 

IN AnVENT. 5 [ 
all those that are under his charge, and, with the 
flock intrusted to him, arrive, at length, at eternal 
happiness. Thro'. 
EPIS'l'LE. Rom. xiii. t I. I-t..-Rrethrc'l : Know 
that it is no\v the hour fur us to rise from steep. For 
now our salvation is nearer than ",hen ,vc be[ieved. 
'fhe night is past, and the day is at hand: }\",t us 
therefore cast off the ,vorks of darknt::ss, and put on 
the armour of Jight. Let us \valk honestly, as ill the 
day: not in rioting and drunkenness: not in 
. chambering and impurities: not in contention and 
envy: but put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ. 
GRAD. Ps. xxiv.=-None, () Lord, Ylho \vait 
for thee, shall be disappointed. V. Thy \\'ays, 0 
Lord, Inake known to n1e, and thy paths do thou 
teach. n1e. Alleluia, A llell1ia. 
Jr: She\v us, 0 Lord, ,r. O$tende nobis, ])0. 
thy nlercy, and grant us mille, misericordiam lualll, 
thy salvation. Alleluia. et salutare tUUlll da nùbis. 
ptl+. L
i. 2 5. 
hat J;me ': 
Jesus said to his disciples 
 There shaH be sIgns In the 
sun, and in the moon, and in tÝ1e stars: and upon 
the earth distress of nations, by rea:;on of the confu- 
sion of the roaring of the sea and of the ,'rave:.;, n\en 
withering away for fear, and expectation of "'hat 
shall come npon the whole world. For the po\vers 
of the heavens shall be moved: and then they shall 
see the Son of l\tlan coming in a cloud with great 
power and majesty. But when these things begia 
to come to pass, look up, and lift up your heads: 
because your redemption is at hand. And he spoke 
to then1 a similitude: See the fig-tree and aU the 
trees: when they now shoot forth their fruit, you 
know the Sl1 mmer i'.; nigh: so likewise \\-'hen you see 
these things come to pass, kno\v that the kingJoln 
of God is at hand. Am(:u, I say to YOll, this gene- 
nHion shall not pass a\\'ar, till all things be fulnlled. 

IIeaven and eartb shaH pa
s a\vay: but my worù 
shall not pass away. CREDO. 
OF:FElrrORY. Ps. xxiv.- To thee have I raised 
IIp my soul; 0 mx God, in thee I put my trust, let 
DIe not be put to shame: neither let my enemies 
scoff at me: for none shall be disappointed who 
\\'ait for thee. 
SECRET. Grant, 0 Lord, that these sacred 
mysteries may cleanse us by their powerful virtue, 
and bring us \vith greater purity to him, ,,,ho '\1as 
the author and institutor of them. rrhro\ 
II" SECRET. Strengthen, \ve beseech thee, 0 
Lord, In OUf souls, the mysteries of the true filÎth : 
that \'\'e who confess him, that was conceived of a 
\Tirgin, to be true God, and true man, may, by 
the po\ver of his saving resurrection, deserve to 
COOle to eternal joys. 'rhro' the same, &c. 
III. SECRET. Protect us, 0 Lord, ,,,hile we 
assist at thy sacred l11ysteries, that being employed 
ill acts of religion, \\ e 111ay serve thee both in body 
anü Dlinrl rrhro 9 . 
Instead cif tilt> last, 'may be said tltefollolCing. 
SECRE'f. Be appeased, 0 Lord, with the offer. 
ing we have lnade, and cease not to protect thy 
servant N. \vhorn thou hast been pleased to appoint 
j>astor over thy Church. Thro'. 
COl\IlVl. 1.)1. Ixxxiv.- The Lord will give his kind 
blessing, and our land shall yield its fruit. 
P. CO:\1
J. Suscipiawus.-J:..1ay we receive, 0 
Lord, thy mercy in the Inidst of thy temple, that 
"rirh due hOniJlIr we may prepare for the approach- 
ing solemnity of oLlr reparation. '-rhro\ 
II. P COl\IM. Gratiam tuaJ1l.-Pour forth, we 
bt:seech thee, 0 Lord, thy grace into our hearts, 
tLat Wt-', who, by the message of an angel, have 
kliO\Vn the incarnation of thy Son, the Christ, may 
by his passion 3nd cross, come to the glory of his 
resurrection. Thro\ 

111. P. COl\I:\I. Quæsumus.- \V e beseech thee, 
o Almighty God, not to leave exposed \0 the dan- 
gers of hu m?n life, those whom thou hast permitted 
to partakp. of those divine myst
ries. Thro.. 
InstPlld or the last, 1llay be said tIle .foll u1tJ ing. 
P. COì\I:\f l\I'lv the participation of this divine 
sacramt>nt protect us. we beseech thee, 0 Lord: 
and a ''',lays prOC 1l ft- safety and deft'nce to thy servant 
N. whom thou hast '
p,.ojnted Pastor over thy 
Church, totyether \\'ith tht- flock committed to his 
charge. 'fluo. . 
,In!ilelLa f)1 Itt, missa est, is said, Benedicamus Do- 
mIno: 'ii'hick 'rule is alu:a!Js to be observed wilen the 
GJoria in excelsis is omitted. 
On the 'It'cek da!Js in Advent, the lIIflss of the.fore- 
going Sn nda.,-" is said, u nlrss t1wre bt' a proper 1\1 ass 
for tlte day, but tlte Alleluias anti V.Jollu'lCillg tIle - 
Gradual (ire omitted. 

IN1.'ROIT. Is. xxx. 
P Eople of Sion, be. POpulus Sion, ecce.Do- 
hold the I
ord will lninus veniet ad sal- 
come to save the Gen- 7Jl1ndas Gentes: et lJ.udi. 
tiles: and the Lord \vi 11 ta17ljàciet Dominus glori. 
make the glory of his llm vocis suæ in lætitia 
voice heard to the joy of cordis vcsl1-i. Ps. 79. Qui 
your hearts. l>s. 79- rtgis lsrnel iutcllde: qui 
rrhou who fulest Israel, deducis 'velut Ol'el1l, Jo- 
hearken: thou who lead. scph. V. Gloria. 
est Joseph like a sheep. 
V. Glory. 
COLLEC'r., E,rci.ta, _pomine.-Stir up, 0 J
our hearts to prepare the ,,'ays of thy only begotten 
Son: that by Ius coming we may be enabled to serve 
thee with pure minds, \Vho liveth. 
r the II. and III. Collects, see tlwfirst Sunday, 
page 50. 

EPIS'rLE. llum,. xv. 4. 13. Bretltrcn: \Vhat 
things soever have been wrote, were written for our 
instruction, that by patience and the comfort of the 
scriptures \ve might have hope. Now the God of 
patience and cOlnfört grant you to be of one n1ind 
one towards another, according to Jesus Christ j 
that with one mind and with one mouth you may 
glorify God and the 'Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
\Vhcrefore receive o'ne another, as Christ also hath 
received you to the honour of God. For I say that 
Jesus was minister of the circumcision for the truth 
ofGòd, to confirm the promises made to the Fatht"rs. 
But that the Gentiles are to ghnify God for his mer.. 
cy, as it is \vriUen: ... rrherefore I will confess to 
thee, 0 Lord, among the Gentiles, and will sing to 
thy name." And again: the same prophet saith: 
" Rejoice, ye Gentiles, with his people. It ...o\nd 
again: u Praisethe I..Iorcl, all ye Gentiles, and magnify 
him.all ye people!' And again Isaiah saith: "'fhere 
shall be a root of Jesse, and he that shaH rise up to 
Tn Ie the Gentiles, in hiln the Gentiles shall hope. n 
Now the God of l-lope fill you with all joy and peace 
in believing, that you nlay abound in hope, and in 
the power of the IIoly Ghost. 
GRAD. J)s. xlix.-tle shall conle in his comeli. 
ness and beauty fronl Sion; God will cOlne visibly. 
V. Gather to hinl his saints, who have observed his 
covenant l110re than sacrifice. Alleluia, Alleluia. 
V. I rejoiced at what V. I
ætlltus Sllln in his 
\vas told me: ware to qlltC diet" sllnt mihi: in 
go up to the hOllse of the domzlJJl Domini iúilllus. 
Lord. Alleluia. ,Alleluia. 
pcl.. 1\Iatt. xi. 2. lo.-At that time: 
\Vhen John had heard in prison tire works of 
Christ, sending t\\'O of his disciples he said to hin} : 
Art thou he that art to COOle, or do \ve look for ano.. 
ther? And Jesns In:{king ans\ver, said to the!n: Go 
and rel
te to John \vhat you have heard and seen. 

\ IK ADVEtfT. 55 
rrhe b1ind see, the lan1e walk, the Ieper
 rlre cleAns- 
ed the dec\f hear, the dead ri
e again, the poor have 
 O'o<;pel preached to them. And blessed is he that 
shalt not be scandalized in me. And \vhen they 
,vent their way, Jesus began to say to the multitude. 
concerning Jåhn: \Vhat went you out into the de- 

 sert to see? A reed shaken with the willrl? But what 
,vent yon out to see? A man cloathed in soft gar- 
ments? ßeho'. I, they that are cloathed in soft gar- 
ßlents are in the houses of kings. IJut "'hat went 
YOll ont to see? A prophet ? Yea, I tell you, and 
more than a prophet. For this is he of \\ horn it is 
\\7ritten: "ßehol(i, I send my angel before thy face. 
\vho shaH prep(ue thy W3Y before thee." CREDO. 
OfFER'f. 'l'urning to us, 0 God, thou ,vilt re- 

tore llS to life, altd thy people shall rejoice in thee. 
Shew us, 0 Lord, thy nlercy, and grant us thy sal- 
SECRET. Be appe2sed, 0 I
ord, \\'e besee(
thee, by our humble prayers and sacrifices; and 
altho' ,"e can aHedge no deserts on our part, grant 
us thy protection. rrhro'. 
Fvr tIlt: II. and Ill. Secrets, see p. S2. 
1. .Arise, () Jerusalenl, and stand on high. 
and see the joy that will COßle to thee from thy 
P. C()
I. Reple/i.-Being filled, 0 LorQ. with 
this spiritual food, \\'e humbly b
seech thee, to teach 
\1S, by partaking of this Inystery, to despise earthly 
things, and to love such as are heavenly. 
}'or tile I I. {Old III. Postcon1munions, 
CC p. 52, 53- 

TN'fROl'I'. j:>/Úlip iv. and Ps. lxxxiv. 
R EJOiCE in the I
ord GAlle/fie in Domino 
always; again [ sempe1'; iterllm dieD, 
say, rejoice; let yon r gaudd e: modt'sf ia ì."eslra. 
luoòesty be known. to all u.ota 
il omllibus IWlllirti... 

men: for tl1e I
ord is at bll.
: D01ninuJ enim prape 
l : be solicitous about est: nihil soliciti sitis: 
nething: but on every sed in o'lllni oratione peti- 
occasion let your petiti- tione.,> 'tJestræ innotescant 
S be made knovvn to apud Deum. Ps. Bene- 
GoJ by prayer. P
.Thou, dixisti, Domine. te1'ra1n 
o Lord, hast blest thy tllam, ove'rtisti captivita- 
land, thou hast brought lcul, Jacob. V. Gloria. 
back the captive children 
of Jacoh. V Glory. 
COLLEC'r. Alll'CIIl tUG11l.-Bend thine ear, 0 
J.lord. we beseech thee, to our prayers, and enlight. 
en the darkness of our n1inds by the grace of thy vi. 
sitation. \Vho livest. 
For the rest of the Collects see p
EPISTLE. Philip. iv. 4. 7.-Brethren: Rejoice 
in the Lord always; again I say, rejoice- Let your 
modesty be kno\vn to all men: the Lord is nigh. 
Ee nothing so1icitol1s: but in evpry thing by prayer 
é\nd supp1ication with thanksgiving, let your re- 
quests be Inade known to God. And the peace of 
God, which surpassetll all understanding, keep your 
}}earts anù minds in Jesus Christ. 
GRAD. Ps. lxxxix.-Lord, who sittest on the 
Cherubinl, exert thy power, and come. 'T. Thou, 
who ru1est Israel, hf'arken; thou who leadest Joseph 
as a sbeep. Alle1uia, Alleluia. 
V. Exert, 0 Lord, thy V. E.rcita, Domine. 
power, and come to save potentia'Jn tuum, et 'Veni : 
us. AIleI uia. 'ilt salvos facias nos. Ai. 
<JDoøprI. John Í. 19. 28.-At that time: The 
Je\vs sent froIn}erusalcm Priest" and 14evites to John. 
to ask him: \Vho art thou? And he confessed, and 
did not deny: anù he confessed: I am not the 
Christ. And they asked hiol: 'Vhat then? Art 
thou Elias l And he said: 1 am not. Al"t thou a 

prophet? And he answered: No. Then they said 
to him: \\1ho art thou, that we may give an answer 
to them that sent us? \Vhat sayest thou of thyself? 
lIe said: "1 am the voice of one crying in the wil- 
derness) l\Iake straight the way of the Lord, It as said 
the prophet Isaias. And they that were sent were 
of the pharisees. And they asked him and said to 
him: \Vhy then dost thou baptize, if thou be not 
Christ, nor"Elias, nor the prophet? John answered 
them, saying: I baptize with water; but there hath 
stood one in the mIdst of you, \vhom you know 
not. The saIne is he that shall C001e after fi1e, \vho is 
preferred before me ; the latchet of whose shoe I aRt 
not \vorthy to loose. These things were done in 
Bethania øeyond the Jordan, y.'here John was bap- 
tizing. CRED o. 
OFFER'!,. Ps. lxxxiv.-'Thou hast blesseò, 0 
Lord, thy land; thou hast brought back the captive 
children of Jacob; thou hast pardoned the iniquity 
of thy people. 
SECRE'r. f\lay ,,'e always, 0 Lord, offer thee 
this sacrifice of OUf devotion, both to comply \\1ith' 
the institution of these sacred mysteries, and won- 
rfully to procure ourselves that salvation \\?hich 
thou desigllest us. Th ro' 
For tI,e. rest qf the Secrets see p. 52. 
l Is. xxxv.-Say, be comforted, 0 ye 
fearful of heart, and fear not; behold our God will 
come and save us. 
ll\I. ImplormJlus.-\Ve implore, 0 fJord. 
tby mercy, that these divine helps having cleansed us 
from sin, nlay prepare u,s for the ensuing sölemnity. 
For tltC rest '!t'the .Postconln1 unions see p. 5 2 a


T HE Ember-days, (fo called from our forefathers' faR- 
ing on thofe days in iàckcloth and aChes, or from their 
eating nothing but cakes baked under the embers,) are the 
Wednerday, Friday, and Saturday of the firß: week of 
Lent, of Whitfun-week, of the third week in Septetn- 
ber, a.nd of the third week in Advent. The fpirit of 
the Church is, to engage her children at thefe ß:atcd 
times to pray, faft, and perform such other good works 
as may prevail with God to furnilh his Church with good 
ors; Sat
ay in Ember-week being the appointed 
(lay for ordaining and confecrating perfons to the facred 
n1Îniftry. We are likewife to beg God's bleffing on the 
fruits of the earth. and give him thanks for thofc we have 
already received. 
IN'fROIT. Is. Iv. Ps. xviii. 
D ROP down dew', 0 ye heavens, from above. 
and let the clouds rain ùown the just one; let 
the earth be opened and bring forth a Saviour. 
Ps. The heaven
 publish the glory of God; and the 
tlrn1ament dcclareth the works of his hands. V. 
Glory. - 
 Kyrie eleison, is said, Let us pray. 
Let us kneel down'*'. Flectamus genua. 
R. Stand up again. R. Levate. 
COLLEC f. Præsta quæszl1?lus,-Grant, we be- 
seech thee, 0 l\lmighty God, that the approaching 
solemnity of our redemption may afford us the suc- 
cours of this present life, and heap on us the rewards 
of eternal happiness. Thro'. 
I. I
. Is. ii. 2. s.-In those dalJs the prophet 
L'wialt said; In the last days, the mountain of the 
house of the Lord shall be prepared on the top of 

* At folemn 
Iarres this is rung by the Deacon i whcn 
aU kneel, till the Subdeacon, after a litÙe p'aufc, bids 
them flartd lA.p again to join with the Priefi Whl1fi he fays 
the CoHea. 

the mountains, and it sh
(1 be e
atled above the 
hills; and all nations shall flow unto it. And many 
people shall go, and say: (tome and tet us g
to the mountain of the Lord, and to the house of the 
Goà of Jacob, and he will teach us his ways, and ,,'e 
\vill \valk in his paths; for the law shaH conle forth 
fro111 Sion, and the word of the Lord from Jerusa.. 
IC01. And he shall judge the Gentiles, and rebuke 
nlany people; and they shall turn their swords into 
plo\v-shares, and thcir spears into sides; nation 
shall not lift up sword against nation, _neither shall 
they be exercised any ITIOre to war. (J house of Ja- 
cob, come y(
, and let us walk in the light of the 
GRADUAL. l)s._ xxiii.-Lift up your g:ìte
, 0 
you princes; and be yon lifted up, 0 eternal gates, 
and the I(ing of G lory shall enter in. \V ho shal1 go 
up to the mountain of the Lord; or \"ho shan abide 
in his sanctuary 1 'l'he Inan \vhose hands are inno; 
cent, and \vhose heart is clean. 
'rhe I.Jord be \vith you. H. And vÚth thy spirit. · 
COLLEC'f. }èstinlt......
Iake haste, \\'C bt-'seech 
thee, 0 Lorù, and delay not; but grant us the as- 
sistance of thy heavenly grace; that they \vho trust 
in thy gooùness, may be rdiev(.J by the comfort of 
thy cOIning. \, ho livest. 
lIere are said tllC other Collects, (is directed, p. 50. 
. II). vii. I':>, 16.-In tItJS
 dl1l1s: 'I'he 
I.lord spoke unto Achaz, saying: As
 thee a sign of 
the Lord thy God, either unto the depth of hell, or 
unto the height above. And Achaz said, I \\,ill not 
ask, and I ,viII not tempt the Lord. And he said, 
I-Iear ye, theref:')n,
, 0 house of Oavid: Is it a small 
thing tor you, to be 
rievol1s to 01en, that yon are 
grievous to my God also? Therefore the Lord him41 
self shall give you a 
ign. llehold a \Tirgin shall con... 
cpive and bear a son, and his name shan be c:llkJ 

Emmanuel. lIe shaH eat butter and honey, that he 
may know to refuse evil, and to chnse good. 
GRADUA L. Ps. cxliv.- The Lord is near all 
those that c
l1 upon him, aU that call upon him in 
truth. v. 
'l y mOl1t1
 shaH declare the praise of the 
Lord, and let all flesh bless his holy name. 
<1DoØpcl+ Luke i. 26. 38.-At that time: The 
angel Gabriel ,vas sent from God into a city of Ga. 
lilee called Nazareth, to a virgin espoused to a 
man whose name was Joseph, of the house of 
 and the \iirgin's nanle \vas l\1ary. And 
the angel, being come in, said to her; Hail full of 
grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou among 
\vornen. And ,vhen she had heard, she v.
aG troub.. 
]ed at his saying, and thought \vith herself what 
manner of sal'l1tation this should be. And the angel 
said to her 
 Fear not, 
Iary, for thou hast fOUÏld 
grace with God. Behold th
 shalt conceive in thy 
,vom b, and shalt bring forth a son: anJ thou shalt 
call his name Jesus. lIe sh:lll be great, and shall 
be called the Son of the 1\103t High, and the Lord 
God shall give unto him the throne of David his fa. 
ther: and he shall reign in the house of Jacob for 
ever, and of his kingdonl there shall be no end. And 

lary said to the Angel: How shall this be done, be- 
cause I kno\v not Illan? And the angel answering, 
said to her: The Holy Ghost shall come upon thec, 
and the power of the Most High shall oversha.. 
òow thee. And therefore also the Holy one \vhich 
shall be born of thee, shall be called the Son o.f' 
God. And behold thy cousin Elizabeth she hath 
also conceived a son in her old age; and this is the 
siÀth month with her that is called b:!lrren; because 
.. no word shall be impossible with God. And l\Iary 
said: Behold the 1andmaid of the I
ord, be it done 
unto me according to thy word. 
OFFERrrORY. Is. xxxv.-Take courage, and 

no\v fear not _ for behold ou r God will do justice; 
he Vw'iH come himself: and save us. 
SECHE1'. Let our fasts, we beseech thee, 0 
Lord, be acceptable to thee, that by atoning for our 
sins, they may both make us \\1orthy of thy grace, 
êlnd bring us to the everlasting effects of thy pro. 
Iuises. 'I'hro'. 
1. Is. vii.-ßeho1d, a Virgin shall concei\'e 
and bring forth a Son; and his name shall be. called 
P. COl\I
I. Saluta1'is.-Being filled, 0 Lord, 
by the participation of thy saving ßlysteries, ,ve 
l1l1mbly beseech thee, that as \ve rejoice in the 
taste thereof, \\'e may be renewed by their effects. 
fhro' . 

IN'l'ROIT. Ps. cxviii. 
T IJOU art at hand, 0 IJord, and all thy 
are truth; in the beginning I knew from thy 
la\'\,P, that thou art for ever. l
s. lllesç;ed are the un. 
dt.'fileJ in the \\'a y; 
'ho ,,'alk in the law of the 
orJ. V. Glory. 
COIJLEC'r. E.rcita, quæsu1nuJ.-Exert, Ol"ord. 
\\'e beseech thee, thy po\ver, and come: that they 
'\\'ho trust in thy goodness, may speedily be delivered 
from all adversity. \rho livest. 
LESSON. Is. xi. I. 5.-T1aa; saith the Lord God: 
And there shall come forth a rod out of the root of 
se, and a flo\\'er shall rise up out of his root.. 
.i\nd the spirit of the Lord shaH rest 'lpon him; the 
spirit of wisdon1, and of understanding; the spirit of 
counse1, and of fortitude; the spirit of knowledge. 
and of. godliness; and he shall be filled with the spi- 
rit of th
 fear of the I
oHI. fIe shaH not judge ac- 
('orchng to the si
ht of the eyes, nor reprove according 
to the he;)nng of the ears. But he shall jndge the 
poor v.-ith j u
tice, and sha 11 reprove with equity for 

the Ineck of the earth: and he shall strike the earth 
\vith the roci of his olol1th, anJ with the breatb of hi
lips he shall slay the \vickerl. And j llstice shalt be 
 girdle of his oins; and faith the girdle of his 
rC1 ns. 
GR..\DUA.L. Ps. lxxxiv.-She\v U
,O l.lor<1, thv 
I11ercy, and 
rallt ns thy salvation. V. rrhOli ha
blessed, 0 Lord, thy land; thou hast brought back 

he captive children of J

[+ I
uke i. 39.47 .-..1t time; 1\fary 
rising up in those days. went into the hill cOl1ntr}' 
with haste, into a city of J ucla. A nù she entered 
into the house of Zachary, and 
Jluted Elizabeth. 
And it came to pass. th
t ",hen Eii7abeth heard the 
salutation of 
Iary, the infant leaped in her \vomb ; 
and Elizabeth wa
 fi11ed \vith the (-lol)" Ghost. And 
 cried out \vith a 10u<.1 voicP t and said; Blessed 
art thon among \\'0111Cn, nnll blesseJ is the fruit of 
thy \VOillb. And \vhence is this to me, that the 
Inother of n1Y Lord should come to file? For be- 
hold, as soon 
lS the voice of thy salutation soundetl 
in my ears, the infant in IT1)' \voo1b leaped for joy" 
And bles.;ed art thou that hast believell. because- 
t1iose thing;; shall be accotnplisheJ that \vere spokerr 
to thee by' the l.lord. 
'1ary sLÜd; 
ly soul 
oth magnifv the l.ord: and my spirit hath rejoiced 
in Go.l rny Saviour. 
OFFERTORY. Ps.lxxxiv.-Tl1rning to ns,O 
God, thou wilt reg
ore us to life, and thy people 
shall rejoice in thee. Shew us, 0 Lord, thy mercy, 
and grant us tln.r salvation. 
SECRE'r. H:1ving received, 0 lord, our offer. 
ings and prayers, cleanse us. \\
e be.;eech thee, by 
e h
aven\y mysteries, and tnercifully h
3.r lIS. 
CO 11 \1. Zach. xiv.-ßehold, the Lord will come. 
and aU his saint" \vith him; an\t in that day there 

hall be a great 1 ight. 

P. CO:\l
f.. Tui nos.-l\Iay the receiving,_ 0 
Lord, of thy sacranu
nt, give \.1S a nc\\-' life, that by 
}Jutting 3'"=ide th
 old man, it may bring us to the 
participation of this sa\' ing mystt'ry. rrhro'. 


rrtlRI)A'Y IX l:
1.1{OlT. 1):;. lxxix. 
C O l\'1E, and shew us thy faith, 0 l.,ord, \"ho 
sittcst on the (,heru bim 
 and \\'e 
hall be saved. 
1)s. Thou \vho rulest Israel, ht'arken; who leadest 
Joseph as a sheep. \T. Glory. 
J,4.Jler tlie Kyrie clcison, .is said: 
Let \1
 pray, Let us kneel ÙO\Vll. R. Stand up again. 
I. COLLEC'f. Deus, qui fùnspicis.-O Go,l, 
\V110 seest us atHicled through our 0\\7n wickedne
s ; 
Dlercifully giant, that by thy cODling \\"e Inay be 
comforted. \Vho livest. 
I. l.lESSO
. Is. xix. 20. 22.-IJt th(
$' dUJ/s; 
They shalt cry to the I
ord because of the oppressor. 
and he shall send them a Saviour, and a defender 
to deliver then1. And the Lorll shall be kno\vn. by 
Egypt, and the Egyptians shaH know the Lord in 
that day, and shalt \\'orship him ,\
ith sacrifices and 
offerings: and they shall Inake VO\\9S to the Jßord. 
and vèrform thcln. And the Lord shall strike Egypt 
with a scourge, and shall heal it, and they shall re. 
turn to the Lord, and he shall be pacified to'-'7ards 
m, <\nd heal them. 
GRADUAIJ. Ps. xviii.-His setting out is from 
one extren1Íty of the heavens, and hi
 course is to 
the other. V. The heavens publis}} the glory of God, 
,lnd the firmament declareth the \\Torks of his hands. 
L(-t us pray. Let us kneel do\vn. R. Stand up again. 
II. (
()LLEC'r. CU/lce-de tjUd'.JUJ1llls.-C;rant, \\7e 
besetch thee, () Almighty God, that we v:ho groan 
under the 01d captivity of 
in, may be freeù by the 
new birth of thy only Son, \vhich \\'e are preparing 
for. \Yho liveth. 

If. IJESSON. Is. xxxv. I. 7.-ThUJ saith the 
Lord: 'fhe land that \vas desolate and impassable 
shall be glad, and the wilderness shaH rejoice, and 
shall flourish like the lily. It shall bud forth, a
blossom, and shall rejoice with joy and prai
e: the 
glory of Libanus is given to it, the beauty of Carmel 
and Saron, they shall see the glory of the Lord, and 
the beauty of our God. Strengthen ye the feehle 
hands, and confirm the weak knees. Say to the 
faint hearted: Take courage, and fear not; behold 
your God win bring the revenge of recompence. 
God himself will come and will save yon. Then 
shall the eyes of the blind be opened, and the ears 
of the deaf snaIl be unstopped. Then shall the lalne 
man leap as a hart, and the tongue of the dumb 
shall be free: for waters are broken out in the de- 
sart, ann streams in the wilderness. And that 
ich was dry land, shall become a pool, and the 
thirsty land springs of water, saith tIle Lord .Al. 
GRADUAL. Ps. xviii.-He bath placed his 
tent in the sun, and is like a bridegroom con1ing 
ont of his nu ptial chamber. V. IJis setting ont is 
from one extremity of the heavens, and his course is 
to the other. 
Let us pray. Let us kneel down. R. Stand up again. 
In. COLLEC1'. Indignos nos.-Comfort us, 0 
Lord, thy un\vorthy servants, who lie dejected under 
the horror of our crimes, by the coming of thy only 
Son. \Vho liveth. 
III. LESSON. IJ. xl. 9. I I. -Tllus saitlt the 
Lord: Ger thee up upon a high mountain, thou 
that bringest good tidings to Sion: lift up thy voice 
with strength, thou that bringest good tidings to 
Jerusalem: lift it up, fear not. Say to the cities of 
J uda; Behold your God: behold the Lord God 
shall come with strength, and h is arm shall rule; 
behold his Ie\vard is with him, and his work is beG 

fore him. He shall feed his flock like a shepherd. 
}1e shalt gather together the taInbs with his arnl, anq 
shaH take them up in his bosom. 
GRADUAL. Ps.lxxix.-Lord God of IIosts. 
 us back: shew' thy face, and "'e shall be 
saved. V. Exert thy power, 0 Lord, and come to 
save us. 
Let ns pray. I
et \1S kneel down. R. Stand up again- 
IV. COLLECT. Præsta, qUllsumus.-Grant, we 
beseech thee, 0 Almighty God, that the approach- 
ing solemnity of thy Son's birth f1lay afford us the 
remedies of this present life, and obtain for _us the 
re,var(ls of eternal happiness. 'Thro' the same. 
IV. LESSON. Is. xlv. I. 9.-Thus saith the 
Lord to my anointed Cyrus, ""hose right hand I 
have taken hold of, to subdue nations before his 
face, and to turn the backs of kings, and to open 
the doors before him, and the gates shall not be shut. 
I will go before thee, and \vi\l humble the great 
ones of the earth: I win break in pieces the gates of 
brass, and \vill burst the ban of iron. And I.vvill 
give thee hidden treasures, and the concealed riches 
of secret places; that thou mayest know thnt 1 am 
the Lord \vho caB thee by thy name, the God of 
lsraeL For the sake of my servant Jacob, an(lls. 
raet my elect, I have even called thee by thy name; 
I have made a likeness of thee, and thou hast not 
known me. I am the Lord, and there is none else. 
there is no God besides me: I girded thee, and thou 
hast not known n1e: that they may know \vho are 
from the rising of the snD, and they who are from 
the west, that there is none beside n1e. 1 am the 
Lord, and there is none else, I form the light, and 
create darkness, I make peace, and create evi 1 : 
I the Lord that do all these things. Drop do\\'n 
dey,,., ye heavens, from above, and let the clouds 
rain the just: let the earth be opened, and bud 

forth a saviour 
 and let justice spring up together: 
I the Lorrl have created him. 
GRAIJUAL. Ps. lxxix.-Excrt, 0 Lord, thy 
power, and come to save tiS. l-learken, 0 Ituler of 
Israel, who It,'adest Joseph like a sheep; thou vvho 
sittest on the Cherubim. shev
7 thyself to Ephraim, 
Benjami , and 
lanasse. . 
Let us pray. Let us kneel down. R. Stand up again. 
v. COI.Jl.JECT. Prcccs populi.-J\lercifully hear. 
o I
ord, we beseech thee, the prayers of thy peo- 
pIe; that we, who are justly afflicted for our sins, 
may receive con1fort from thy kind visit. \Vho 
V. LESSON. Dan. iii. 49.-In those days: 
The angel of the Lord \\yent down with l\zarias, nnd 
}1Ïs companions into the furnace: and he drove the 
flame of the fire out of the furnace, and n13de the 
n1Ïdst of the furnace like the blo,ving of a wind 
bringing dew, and the fire touched thenl not at 
all, nor troubled them, nor did them any harnl. 
'rhen these three, as with one mouth, praised and 
glorified, and blessed God in the furnace, saying: 
Blessed art thou, 0 Lord, the God of our fore- 
fathers: and worthy of praise and glory for ever. 
And blessed is the name of thy glory, 
'hich is 
holy. and \\'orthy of praise and glory for ever. 
Blessed art thou in the holy temple of thy glory 
BOÙ \\7orthy of praise and glory for ever. 
Blessed art thou upon the sacred throne of thy 
kingdom; 3hÙ \vorthy of praise and glory fof' 
Blessed art thou, lcaning on the sceptre of thy di. 
yinity: and worthy of praise and glory for ever. 
Blessed art thou, who sittest on the Cherubim, 
beholding the deep: and worthy of praise and glory 
for ever. , 
Blessed art thou \vho walkest on the wings of 

tnQ winds, and on the ""aves of the sea: and \vorthy 
of praise and 
Iory for ever. 

la\' ali the angels and thy holy ones bless thee: 
may (hev praise and 
lorify thee for ever. . 

lay the heavens, 
arth, sea, athl all thereIn bless 
thee; filay they praise aut! glorify thee for ever. 
G10ry be to the };'ather, and to the Son, and to 
the IIo1y Ghost; v.ho is ,vol'thy of prai
e anù glory 
for ever. 
As it \\'as in the beginning, no\v is, and evermore 
s11all be, \vorld \\ ithout encl. A tHen. \Vho i:i 
\\'('rthy of praise and glory for ever. 
Blessed art thou, 0 Lord, the God of our fore- 
fathell's, and \vorthy of praise and g\or.v for ever. 
The Lord be with you. R. And VI:ith thy 
spi rite 
C'r. DC1l:
, qui tribus.-O GOd,\\lho. 
in behalf of the three voung nlen, didst rendt>r 
harnJ1ess the /lanles of fire: nlerciful1y grant, thåt 
\'\,e thy servants Inay not be burnt by the Haolcs of 
vice. Thra'. . 
l1ere llre said t lit> of Il(
r Colle. cts, as directal, p. 50. 
EPISrrLE. 2 'l'lt.cSS. ii. I. 8.-Hrcthn.:n: \V 
seech rou, bJ the cooling of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
anti of our gathering to
ether unto hial; that you 
bé not easily ßloved hOln your mind, nor be fright- 
ed, neither by spirit, nor by vtord, nur by epistle, 
as sent fronl us, as if the day of the l
ord ,,,ere at 
band. l.,...t. no man deceive you by any Ineans: for 
unless there conle a revolt first, and thè mall of sin 
be revealed, the son of perrlition, ,vllo opposetll, and 
is lihed up above an that is cat1ed God, or that i$ 
\\'orshipped, so that he sitteth in the tenlple of God, 

hewing himself as if he were God. Relnelnber vau 
not, th'at ,vhen J \vas yet ,vith you I told you tl
things? And no\v you \\.hat ,\"ithholdeth, that 
be may be reveate
l in his tinl(
. For the n1ystery 
of iniquity already worketh: only that he \\'ho llO\V 

th, do hold, until he be taken out of the war, 
and then that \vicked one shall be revealed, whom 
the Lor:! Jesus shall kill with the spirit of his mouth. 
anrl shall destroy \ ith the brightness of his comin cr . J 
,- t"I 
GRADU AL. Ps.lxxix.- r rhol1, who rutest Is. 
rael, hearken: thou who leadest Joseph as a sheep. 
V. Thou who øittest on the CherubilTI, shew' thy- 
self to Ephraim, Benjamin, and l\lanasse. V. Ex- 
ert thy power, 0 Lord, and come to save us. 
(]5oØptl. Luke iii. as in tIle next p. 69. 
OFFER'fOR Y. Rejoice exceedingly, 0 daugh. 
ter of Sion, pl1 blish it, 0 daue:hter of Jerusalem: 
behold thy King and Savionr cometh to thee. 
SECRE"r. Hear us, 0 Lord, we beseech thee. 
and, being appeased by these offerings, grant they 
n1ay increase our devotion, and advance our salva- 
tion. rrhro'. 
'1:\f. Ps. xviii.-He sprung up like a giant 
to run his course: his setting is from one extremity 
of the heavens, and his conrse is to the other. 
P. COl\1l\1. Qllæsurnus,-\Ve beseech thee, 0 
Lord our God, that thou wouldst make these sacred 
mysteries. \vhich thou hast given us, strengthen in 
us the effects of our reparation, and be a remedy to 
us, both nuw and hereafter. 1'hro'. 

IN'rROrr. Is. Iv. Ps. xviii. 
DROP dOW.l dew, ye ROrate cæli desuper, et 
heavens; ar!d let the nube.s pl1lant justum ; 
clouds rain do\vn the just ape1'Ùtfur ter1"O, et ger. 
one: let the earth open 'Jniflet SalvatO'J"em. Ps. 18. 
and bud forth a Saviour. Cæli enarrant gloriúnl. 
Ps. The heavens publish Dei; et opera 'JllanUUll
the glory of God: and 
jus annuntiat firmalllen. 
the firmament declareth tU1Jl.. V.Gloria. 
the works of his hands. . Glory. 

COLLECT. Excita quæsumuJ'.-Exert, ,ve be. 
seech thee, 0 Lord, thy poy;er, ane! come: and 
Succour us by thy great n1ight: that by the assistance' 
of thy grace, thy indulgent mercy may hasten, "hat 
is delayed by our sins. \Vho livest. - 
EPISTLE. I Cor. IV. 1.-Bretll1'en: IAet a manso 
3ccount of us as of the ministers of Christ, and the 
, dispensers of the mysteries of God. I-Iere no\v it is re- 
quired amongst the dispensers that a man be found 
faithfu I. But with me it is a very small thing to 
be judged by you, or by man 9 s day: but neither do I 
judge my o\vn self. For 1 am not conscious to my- 
self of any thing: yet I am not hereby justified; but 
be that jndgeth me is the l
ord. rrherefore judge 
110t before the time till the Lord come; who will 
bring to light the hidden things of darkness, an(l 
will make manifest the council of hearli : and then 
shall erery man have praise from God. 
GRAD. P.r:. cxliv.-The Lord is near an those 
who call upon him, all that call upon him in truth. 
V. 1\Iy mouth shaH declare the praise of the Lord, 
and let all flesh bless his holy nalne. Alleluia, 
JT. Come, 0 Lord, and ,r. Trent, Domine, et 
ðelay not: release thy noli tll'rdore: 'relaxa jèci. 
people Israel from their nora jJhbis tuæ Israel. 
sins. Alleluia. Alleluia,. 
<1BoØp.el. Luke iii. J. 6.-No\v in the fifteenth 
year of the reign of1.'iberius Cæsar (Pontius Pilate 
being governor of J udea, and I-Ierod 1"'t
trarch of 
Galilee, and Philip his brother 'fetrarch of lturea, 
and the country ot rrrachonitis, and L}'sanias 're- 
trarch of Abilina under the high Priests Anna
Caiphas) the word of the Lord came to John the 
son of Zacharias in the desart. And h
 came into 
all the country about the Jordan, preaching the 
baptism of penance for the IenÜ
sioll of sins, as it is 

written in tbe book of the \vords of Isaias the pro- 
phet: "A voice of one crying in the \vilderness: 
prepare ye th
 way of the Lord: make his paths 
straight: every valley shall he filled, and every moun. 
tain and hill shall be brought low: and the crooked 
shall be Inade straight 
 and the rough ways plain 
and all flesh shall see the salvation of God. CREDO. 
_ OFFERT. Luke i.-Hail, l\Iary, full of grace.. 
the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou an10ngst 
women: and blessed is the fruit of thy wpmb. 
SECH,El'r. Hear us, 0 Lord, we beseech thee. 
and being appeased by these offerings, grant they may 
lil-crease our devotion, and advance our salvation. 
For tile rest of i he Secrets see p. 52. · 
J. 1'). vii.-Behold a virgin shall conceive. 
and bring forth a son: and his name shall be called /" 
P. (
'1i\I. Sumptis.-Having receivfrl \vhat 11as 
been offered to thee, 0 Lord, grant, we beseech 
thee, that the more freqnently we partake of these 
sacred nlysteries, the more our devotion may increase. 
For tlie rest ç/' tlu; Postcommunions see pp. 52, 53. 

IN'fROrr. '[his day you shall kno\v that the. 
Lord will come and save U
; and in the morning 
lOU ShetH see his glor y. Ps. 'rhe earth, and all it 
containeth, is the Lord's; the whole world, and 
aU that d\velleth therein. V. Glory. 
COLIIEC'f. Deus qui nos.-O God, 'who mak. 
est us rejoice in the yearly expectation of the feast 
of OUf redemption; grant that we \\"ho cheartully 
receive thy only begotten Son as a rf'deemer, rnay 
behold \vithollt fear the same Lord Jesus Christ, 
conling as our judge. "rho livest. 
This is tllC only Collect, unless it be Sunday, wlten a 
Con1nlem. uf it it' Ilcre made, as 'lfelt (IS at the Se. 
cret and P. Comm. but its Gospel is not read ut 
tIle end oj' .1\Iass. 

OlJl. i. I. 6.-Paul a servant of Jesus 
Christ, call eel to be an apostle, separated unto the 
gospel of God, \vhich he had pron1ised before by tllS 
prophets in the holy scripture
, conc
rlling his Son, 
who was Inade to him of the seed of Délvid according 
to the flesh; \vho \vas predestinated the Son of God 
in power accorJing to the spirit of sanctification, by 
the resl1rrection of Olir I
ord Jesus Christ froln the 
 by 'Nhom \\TC have receivetl grace and apostle- 
ship for obedie!1ce to the faith 1n all nations for his 
name, among \\ ho01 are you also the called of Je. 
sus ('h rOist. 
Glt\D. As the Introit to Ps. Ii. Thou v.'ho 
rulest Israel, hearken, thou \vho leadc,t Joseph like 
a sneep: thou \\'ho sittest on the Cheruhin1, she\V' 
thyself to Ephraim, ßenjan1in and l\lanasse,-lf it 
.be Sunday add .A\lcluia, .AUe\llÌa. V.To-morro\v the 

ins of tfle earth shall be cancelled, and the Savio.t1r 
of the ",'orin ::;ha\1 reign over us. f\l1eluia. 
pt{. illútt. Î. J 8. 21.-\Vhen I\Iary .the 
mother ot J f'sns ,vas espoused to J oSéph, before they 
('ame together, she ,,'as found \vit!
 child of the Holy 
Ghost. \\Thereupon Joseph her husband, b
ing a just 
man. at1ù not \\'lHing pub1icly to ('xpose her, \\'as 
n1Ìndec.l to put her a\vay privately. liut white he 
thought on these things, behold the angel of the I
3ppeared to him in his sleep, saying; Joseph, son of 
David, fear not to take unto thee ì\Iary thy \vife, for 
that which is conceivc'} in her, is of the lIo1y Ghost. 
And shp shaH bring forth a Son: and thou shalt can 
his name Jesus; for he shaH save his people from 
their sins. , 

FFERT. Ps. 23o-:-1,ift up your gates, O}"E 
vnnccs: anù be you littell 1 1p, 0 you eternal gates, 
,and the King of glorr 5hall entér in. 

ECRET. G.-ant, \Ve h
seech thee, 0 ,Ahnighty 
(;0<1, that as \\ e celebrate the eve of thf? a(lor
birth of thv Son, ,,-e may one day recei\o'e with joy 
his etern:.d rc\YarJ

 \\'ho liveth. 

7 2 CHRrST/t.fAS. I. .MASS. 
- CO
Il\r. Is. x\._rrhe glory of the TJord win ap.. 
pear, and a11 flesh shall see the salvarion of our God. 
I. Grant us, we beseech thee, 0 Lord, 
relief by celebrating the birth of thy only Son, 
\vhose sacred mysteries are our meat and drink. Thro . 
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i!l _ "IiI-'" 
 ' 'to 
ì'\ '..J 

Æl\S. I. !\iass. At Midnight. 
IN'TROIT. Es. ii,- The Lord said to me: 'fhoH 
art Iny Son. this day have I begotten thee. Ps. \\'hy 
have the Gentiles raged, and th
 nations forcned. 
vain desi
ns ? V. Glory. 
COLLECT. Dells. qui Itailc.-O God, who hast 
enlightened this most sacred night by the brightnes
of him who is the true light; grant, \ve beseech 
thee, that \ve \vho have known the Inysteries of this 
light on earth, may like\vise come to the enjoyment 
of it in heaven. \Vho liveth. 
EPIS1"LE. Tit. ii. I I. I ç.-Dearly beloved; 
The grace of God our Sa
iour hath appeared to all 
men. Instructing us, that denying ungodliness. and 
wodd1y desires, we shoulrl live soberly, and justly, 
and godly, in this \vorld, looking for the blessed 
hope, and coming of the glory of the great Gor1 

anll our Saviour Jesus Christ: who ga\'e himself 
for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquih', 
and micrht 
leanse to himself a people acceptable, 
a pursl1
r of good works. rrhe
 things speak, and 
exhort, and rebuke with all authority. Let no n1aß 
despise thee. 
GRAD. Ps. cix.-Thy sovereignty shaH be dis- 
'Played in the day of thypo\yer: in the brightness of 
the saints: from the 
:omb before the day-star I be- 
W>t thee. roo 1'he Lord said to 'my Lord: Sit thou 
on my right-hand, untill make thy enemies a foot- 

tool tor thy feet. Al1eluia, Alleluia. JT. Ps. ii. 1'he 
Lord said to me: 'fhou art my Son, this day have 1 
begotten thee. ABel uia. 
<1DoØp.eI. Luke ii. I. 
 4.-.Anrl it came to pas
that in those days there went out a decree fronl Cæs
A ugustus; that the whole world should be enrolled. 
This enrolling \vas first made by Cyrinus the 
governor of Syria. And all went to be enrolled, 
everyone into his o\vn city. And Joseph also \vent 
11p trom Galilee out of the city of Nazareth into 
] udea, to the city of David, \\'hibh is called ßethle- 
11em: becaus
 he ,vas of the house and t
unily of 
David, to be enro\\ed with 
1ary his espoused Vt'ite, 
\\'ho was with child. And it came to pas
, that 
when they \\'ere there, her days \\'ere accolnplished, 
that she should be delivered. And she brought 
forth her first-born son, and wrapped him up in 
s\vaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; be.. 
cause there \vas no roon1 for them in the inn. And 
there were in the same country 
hepherds \vatching 
and keeping the night \\'atches over their Bock, And 
behold an angel of the Lord stood by them. and 
the brightness of God shone round about them, and 
they feared \vith a great fear. And the angt::l said to 
then1: Fear not; tor behold I bring you good tidings 
Of great joy, that shall be to all the people: for this 


(1ay is born to you a SA VIOUR, \vho is Christ the 
Lord, in the city of David. And this shall be a 
gn unto yon: you shal1 find the infant wrapped in 
s\\paddling clothes,. ancllaid in a manger. Ar.d sud- 
denly there \vas with the angel a multitude of the 
heavenlyanny, praising Goù, and saying: Glory to 
God in the highest: and on earth peace to men 
of good-will.-CREDO. 
OF:FERT. Ps. xcv.- Let the l1eavens be glad, and 
the earth rejoice in the presence of the Lord, for 
that he is COOIC. 
SECRE1'. Receive, 0 Lord, the offerings ,,-e 
make to thee on this present so1emnity, that by thy 
grace, through the intercourse of these sacred myste- 
ries, \ve may be conformable to him, in ,,
hom our 
nature is united to thine. 'Vho 1iveth. 
'l:\'l. l)s. cix.---I n the- brightness of the saints
fconl the \\
onlb before the day-star I begot thee. 
P. (,O
I. Da 1lobis.---Grant, \ve beseech thee, 
o l.JorJ our God, that \\'e \vho celebrate \vith joy 
the hirth of our Lord Jesus Christ, by partaking 
several times of these sacred mysteries, n1ay, by a 
worthy conduct of lite, come to be united with him. 
\\Tho liveth. 

II. l\ll\SS. At break of day. 
INTROIT. Is. ix...--A light shaH shine upon us 
this day: because the Lonl is born for us: and 
his nanle sh
H be the \VONDERFUL ONE, GOD.. the 
PRINCE OF PE.\CE, the F/\.THER of the 'Y'ORLD TO 
COME, of \vhose reign there shaH be no end. Ps. 
The I..ord hath began his reign, he hath clothed 
himself \vith glory 
 the '.Jonl hath clothed himself 
with strength, and put on hig ar01our. JT. Glory. 
COl"LEC'!'. ])a, nobi.s.-Grant, \ve bpseech thee_ 
o A\mightv (;od, that, as \ve are enlightened by 
the ne\\' light of thy \V ord become flesh, \ve 
may shew in onr a('tion
 tnp effects of that faith th


hineth in OTJr Inl:ìd:.:. 1'hro' the s



C()Ll,Ecrr cif St. Atlastasif/. 
Grant, \ve bes
ech tlH
e, 0 .-\ln1ighty God, that
as we celebrate the solelnnitv of blessed Anastasia 
thy martyr, \ve may be sensible of the effects of her 
prayers to thee in our behalf. "rhro' 
EPIS'rLE. Tit. iii. 4. 7.-]{ost dearly belol'cd: 
'fhe goodness and kindness of God our Saviour ap- 
peared: not by the works of justice, which \ve have 
done, but according to his Inercy. he saved us, by 
the laver of regeneration, and renovation of the 
J-Ioly Ghost, whom he hath poured forth upon us, 
abundantly, through Jesus Christ our Saviour: that 
being justified by his graee, we may be heirs accord.. 
ing to hope of life everlasting, thro' Jesus Christ our 
GRAD. Ps. cxviii.-B1esscd be He that cometh in 
the name of the Lord. 'fhe Lord is our God, and 
he hath shone upoa us. 'T. 'fhi5 is the work of tbe 
Lord: and our eyes see it \\'jth astonishment. AI.. 
leluia, Alleluia. Jí. The Lorù hath begun .his 
reign: he hath clothed hinlself with strength, and 
armed himself with n1ight. Alleluia. 
<15oøp el.. Luk
 ii. 15. '2o.-.At t1lat time: The 
shepherds said one to another: Let us go over to 
ethlehem, and let us see this \\'ord that is come to 
rass \vhich the Lord hath she,,'ed to us. And they 
came \\7ith haste: and they found l\lary and Joseph
and the infant lying in a manger. And seeing, they 
understood of the \vord that had been spoken to 
them concerning this child. And all they that heard 
wondered; and at those things that \\:ere told them 
by the shepherds. But l\Iary kept all these \vords, 
pondering lliem in her heart. And the shepherd 're- 
turned, glorifying and praising God, for all the 
things they had heard and seen, as it \\1as told 
unto then}. CREDO. 
Of FE Irr. 1 J s. xcii.-God settled the globe of th

,6 lIfe 
earth, \vhich shall not be shaken: thy throne, 0 God, 
\\'as placed from that time ;-thou art for ever. 
SECRET. May the offerin
s, 0 l.Jord, we make, 
be agreeable to the mystery of this day's birth, 
and always pour forth peace upon us; that as h
who though born man, shewed himself also God: 
so may this earthly substance give us that which is 
SECRET of St. Anastasia. Graciously receive, 
o Lord, we beseech thee, our offerings, and grant. 
by the merits of blessed Anastasia the martyr, that 
they may avail to our salvation. Thro'. 
l. Zach.. ix.-Rejoice, 0 daughter of Sion: 
sing praises, 0 daughter of Jerusalem: behold thy 
king cometh, the holy one, and the Saviour of the 
Il\1. Hl
jUS nos.-l\Iay we, 0 Lord, al. 
ways receive ne\v lIght from this sacra01ent, which 
reneweth to us the memory of thc.t wonderful birth, 
\vhich destroyed the old man. Thro" 
P. CO!\I)1.. of St. Anw\t. 'rhou hast fed, 0 Lord, 
thy fa n1Ï I y \vith these sacred oblations: ever there-. 
fore comfort us with her intercession, whose feast 
\ve celebrate. rfhro'. 

III. l\IASS. On ctbtí
INTROrr. Isaias ix. 
A Child is 
orn for 'us, p UER natus -est nobig 
and a don is given et Filius dltius est 
to \1S, \vhose empire is on nobis: cujus imperium 
his shoulders: and his super' humerum eju.r, et 
l1anle shall be caned the 'Vocabitur nomen 
41ngel <1' the gt'cat Coun- Magni Concilii AngeL
eil. Ps. Sing to the Lord Ps. 97. C(
ntate DomZ1
a new canticle, for he canticum nO'Vllm. qu
hath done wonùerful 1nirabilia fecit. 
things. V. Glory. V. Gloria. 

COLLECT. Concede.-Grant, \ve beseech thee. 
o Almighty God, that we \\'ho groan under the olel 
captivity of sin, may be freed therefrom by the birth 
()f thy only begotten Son. Thro'. 
EPIsrrLE. Heb. i. I, 12.-God, who diversely. 
and many ways, spoke in times past to the fathers 
by the prophets: last of all, in those days, hath 
spoken to us by his Son, whom he hath appointed 
heir of all things; by \vhom also he made the world: 
\vho heing the bri
htness of his glory, and the figure 
of his substa11ce, and upholding all things by the 
word of his power, making purgation of sins, sitteth 
on the right. hand of the nlajesty on high: being 
D1ade so much better than the angels, as he hath 
inherited a more excellent name than they. For, to 
\vhich of the angels hath he said at any time: .,rrhotl 
art my Son, this day have I begotten thee ?" And 
again: "I \vill be to him a father, and he shall be 
to me a Son?" And again, ,\'hen he bringeth in the 
first begotten into the \-vorld, he saith: "And Jet 
aU the angels of God adore him." And to tlie 
angels indeed he saith : " He that maketh his angels. 
spirits: and his ministers a flame of fire." But to the 
Son: "rrhy throne, 0 God, is for ever and ever: 
a sceptre of justice is the sceptre of thy kingdom. 
rrhol1 hast lovedjustice and hated iniqQity: therefore, 
God, thy God, hath anointed thee \vith the oil of 
g\adness above thy fello\\'s." And: U Thou, in 
the begi nning, 0 Lord, hast founded the earth: 
and the heavens are the works of thy hands. 1'hey 
shall perish, but thou shalt continue: and they shall 
all grow old as a garment. And as a vesture shalt 
thou change thenl, and they shall be changed: but 
thou art the self.san1e, and thy years shalll10t fail.'- 
GRAI). l)s. xcvii..--All the earth hath seen the 
salvation of our God: sing to the I.Jord all the earth. 
v. 1."'he Lord hath made known his salvation: and 
h displayed his justice before the Gentiles. A1lel. 


J". A sanctified day V. Die,ç sanclifictllllS 
hath shone upon us: illuJ-'it nobis:"CenileGentes
COOle, ye Gentiles, and et lldorate Dominum, quia 
arlore the Lord, for this /wdie descendit lux 11l1lgna, 
day a great light is COOle super terram. .Alleluia. 
do\vn upon the earth. 
æoøp'cI. John i. Tn tbe beginning, &c. as p. xlv. 
OliFER 1\ l's lxxxviii.--- '}'hine are the heaven
:\ud thine is the earth, thou didst form the globe of 
the earth, and all therein:' Justice and equity are 
t11e supporters of thy t.hrone. 
SECRET. Sanctify, 0 Lord, onr offerings, by 
the ne\v birth of thy onty-begotten Son, and cleanse 
us from the stains of our sins. Thro'. the 
e Circumcision. 
B EING united in cOlnmunion, and celebratin
this most sacred day, (in the 1st l\Iass, sacred 
I1ight,) on v;hich the spotless virginity of the blessed 
1\1. brought forth the Saviour of the world, Dloreover 
nonol1ring in the first place, the memory of the 
sanle glorious V.l\I. &c. as in the Ordinan', p. xxxiv. 
f. PSI xcvii.--- 'rhe v
'hole earth hath seen 
the salvation of OUf Goù. 
1. Pl'étsta 'lllt[SUmus.-Grant, \ve be- 
seech thee, 0 1\ln1ighty God, that as the Saviour of 
the world, \\'ho v
7as horn this day, procured for us 
a divine Qirth, he may also bestow on us immorta- 
Jjty. \Vho liveth. 
.At tla: 'IU! 'Ý 9 tllis 1\Iass is said tlte Gospel of tlte 
Epiphany, p. 91. 

St. S'fEPHEN the first 1\lartyr. 
IN'rROIT. I' s . cxviii. 
P Rl
CES sat and spoke a
ainst IDe: and sinners 
persecuted me 
 hel p 1ne, 0 Lord my God, for 
thy servant hath practised thy comm
nts. Ps. 


Blessed are the undefiled in the \vay: who walk 
in the law of the Lord. JT. Glory. 
COLLECrr. Do, noúi5.-Grant, 0 Lord, we be- 
seech thee, that we may imitate him whose me- 
mory we celebrate, so as to learn to love even au r 
enemies, because we now solemnize his martyrdom. 
who knew ho\v to pray, even for his persecutors, to 
our Lorù Jesus Chnst, thy Son. \Vho liveth. . 
COlllmem. (if Christlnas, l!J the Collect, Secret, and 
P. Corom. if the III. 
lass, p. 77. 
LESSON. Acts vi. 8. 10. vii. 54. 59.-In tllO,çe 
dqys: Stephen, full of grace and fortitude, did great 
;onders and miracles among the people. Now 
there arose SOUle of that which is called the syna- 
gogue of the l
ibertines, and of the Cyrenian
, élnd 
of the Alexandrians, and of theln that ""ere ofCilicia 
and Asia, disputing with Stephen. And they ""ere 
not able to resist the \visdol11 and the spirit that he 
spoke. Chap. vii. 54. N O\V hearing these things, 
they \\'ere cut to the heart, and they gnashed \vith 
their teeth at him. But he being full of the IIoly 
Ghost, looking up steaùfastly to heaven, sa,v the 
glorv of God, and Jesus standing on the right.hand 
of God. And he said: Behold I see the heavens 
opened, and the Son of n1an standing on the right. 
hand of God. .i\nd they, crying out ,vith a loud 
voice, stopped their ears, and \\"ith one accord ran 
violently upon hiul. And casting hin1 forth with. 
out the cit\" they stoned hi01; and the \vitnesses 
1aid do\\'o their garments at the feet of a young 01an, 
whose naOle "vas 
au1. And they stoned Stephen, 
in\'oling and sayin
: Lord Jesus receive my spirit. 
And falling on his knees, he crit'd \vith a loud voice, 
saying: IJord, lay not this sin to their charge. . .And 
\vhen he said thi
, he ft'11 élsleep in the Lord. 
G RA D. Ps. cxviii.---Princes sat and spoke against 
Jl1e, anù the \\ icked persecuted me. J". Ilel p me, 0 

80 ST. STEPHEN. 1 
Lonl my God, save me for thy mercies sake. AJle. 
luia, Alleluia. 
JT. I see the heavens opened, and Jesus standing 
at the right hand of the power of God. Alleluia. 
<1Boø llIatt. xxiii. 34. 39.-At that time: 
Jesus said to the Scribes and Pharisees: Behold I 
senù to you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: 
and some of them you will put to death, and crucify. 
and some ye wilt scourge in your synagogues, and 
persecute then1 from city to city: that upon you may 
come all the just blood that hath been shed upon the 
earth, from the blood of Abel the just, tven unto 
the blood of Zacharias the son of Baracchias, whom 
you killed between the temple and the attar. Amen. 
t say to you, all these things shall come upon this 
generation. 0 Jerusalem, Jerusalern, thou that 
killest the prophets, and stonest them that are sent 
unto thee, ho\v often would I have gathered to- 
gether thy children, as the hen gathereth her 
chickens under her \vings, and thou \vouldest not? 
Behoid, your house shall be left to you desolate. 
For I say to you, you shaH not see me henceforth 
till you say: Blessed is he that cometh in the name 
()f the Lord. CREDO. 
OFFEU:r. Acts vi. 7.-The Apostles chose Ste- 
phen, a Levite, full of faith, and of the floly Ghost, 
whom the Jews stoned, praying and saying: Lord 
Jesus, receive my spirit. Alleluia. 
SECRErr. Receive, 0 l,ord, these offerings in 
memory of thy saints: and as their sufferings have 
made them glorious, so may our devotion render us 
free from sin. 'fhro". 
ll\1. Acts. vii.-I see the heavens opened, and 
Jesus standing on the right-hand of the power of 
God: Lord Jesus receive nlY spirit, and lay not this 
i'in to their charge. 
P.. CO
1l\1. Au,.t;ilientur.-
lay the mysteries we 

have received, 0 l,ord, be a help to us, and, by the 
intercession of the blessed martyr,Stephen,strengthel1 
us with thy perpetual protection. 'rhro'. 

IN'rROIT, In medio, as in l\IASS XII. Common of 
COLLECT. Ecclesiæ.---I\lerciful1y, 0 Lord, en. 
lighten thy Church, that being taught by blessed 
John, thy Apostle and Evangelist, she may come 
to thy eternal rewards. 'rhro'. 
The COlnmem. !If Christmas, and of St. Stephen, 
hy their sev,;ral Collects, Secrets, and P. COlnms. 
LESSON. Ecclus. xv. I.6.--.He that feareth God
will do good: and hethat possessethjustice, shall lay 
hold on her. .A.nd she will meet him as an honour- 
able mother, 30d will receive him as a \vife married 
of a virgin. \Vith the bread of life and understand- 
ing, she shall feed him, and give him the water of 
wholesome wisdom to drink: and she shall be made 
strong ,in him, 

nrl he shall not be nloved: and she 
shall hold hiIn fast, and tie shall not be confounded: 
and she shan exalt him among his neighbours, and 
in the midst of the Church she shall open his mouth. 
3nd shall fill him with the spirit of wisdoln and un- 
derstanding, and shall clothe him with the robe of 
glory. She- shall heap upon him a treasure of joy 
and gladness, and shall cause him to inherit all 
everlasting name. 
GRAD. John xxi.-.."," re
ort ,\yas spread among 
the brethren, that that disciple should not die: but 
Jesus said not, he should not die. V. But, so I '.vill 
have him remain till I come: fol1o\v thou me. .J\lIe- 
luia, Alleluia. ' V. This is the disciple that beareth 
testimony of these things, and we know his testi. 
mony is true. Alleluia. 

(foØptl. JolIn 
xi. 19- 24. - At that iillle: 
Jesus said to Peter: follow me. Peter turning about, 
Sé1\\7 that disciple \vhorn Jesus loved, following, \\'ho 
also leaned on his breast at supper. and said: 
or(l, \\7ho is hp that shaH betray thee? l-lim there- 
fore \vhen Peter had seen, he saith to Jesus: Lord, 

lnd what shall this man do? Jehus saith to hin1 : 
Sa I will have him to ren1a\n till I come, \vhat is it 
to thee? fol1o\\' thou me. 'I'his saying, therefore went 
abroad among the bret hren, that that disciple should 
net die. And Jesus did not say to him: lIe should 
not die; but, so I \\rill have him to relT1ain till I 
COIne, \vhat is it to thee? 'fhis is that disciple ,,,,ho 
giveth testimony of these things, and hath written 
these things: and \\'e know' that his testimony is 
true. CREDO. 
H.rr. })s. xci.--. The rightfous man shall 
flourish like the palm tree: he shall thrive like the 
cedar of Libanus. 
_ SECRET. Receive, 0 Lord, l11e offerings v.e 
n1ake to thee, on this feast, by whose intercession \"e 
bope to be delivered. Thro\ 
1. John xxi....A report W:JS spread among 
the brethren, that that disciple should 11(\)t die. But 
Jesus said not, he should not die; but so willI that 
he remain t:U I come. ' 
Il\1. Rifèctî cibo.---Being refreshed, 0 
ord, \\7ith this 11eavenly meat and drink, \ve hun1bly 
beseech thee that \\'e may be assisted by his prayers, 
en \\!hose feast we have received these sacred mys.. 
aeries. "rhro'. 

INTROIT. PSt viii.---Out of the mouth ofinl:1nts 
;1nd sucklings thou hast produced perfect praise to 
confound thy enernies. Ps. 0 Lord, our Lord, how 

1onderful is thy nall1e oyer the whole earth' 
JT. Glory. 

TS. R3 
Glorià in Excelsis is not said, e.rcept it be Sunda}. 
or the 
COLLECT. ])CllS, cujus.-_.O God, whose praise 
the I-Ioly. 
lartyrs, the Innocents, published this day, 
not by speaking, but by dying: mortify in ns an OUf 
vicious inclinations, that "'C may she\v forth, in our 
actions thy faith, 
'hich \VC profess with our Ii ps. 
rr h ro \ 
l'lte COlnmem. oj Christmas, St. Stephen, St. John
by theil' 1'fspecti1.'e Collects, Secrets, and P. Com- 
nlnnions, as p. 77. 79, and 81. 
. Rev. xiv. I. 5..--In those da!Jls: I be. 
hell, and 10 a Lamb stood on nlount Sion, and 
with hirn a hundred forty-four thousand, having his 
nanle, and the name of his Father \vriUen on their 
foreheads. A\nd I heard a voice from heavP'l1, as 
the voice of many ,vaters, and as th
 voice of great 
thunder: and the voice which I heard, vIas as of 
harpers, harpu1g on thpir harps. And they sung as it 
\\'ere a ne\v canticle, before the throne, and before tòè 
four living creature
, and the ancients, :Iud no man 
could say the canticle, but those hl1ndr
d forty-four 
thousand, \vho \\'ere purchased fronl the earth. 
'fhese are t hf'Y \vho ,vere not defiled \vith \VO:11en: for 
they are virgins. 'rh
se follow the I.Jamb \\'hither. 
soever he gOl'th. These were purchased froln an10n
men, the first fruits to God, and to the Lall1b; and 
in their mouths there \vas found no lie; for they 
3re \vithout spot before the throne of God. 
GIlA D. Ps.---()ur sonl, like the sparro\v, hath 
escapf'd from the nunter 9 s snare. JT. 'fhe snare is bro.. 
ken, anJ \ve are at liberty: our help is in the nanH
of the Lord, \vho nlade both heaven and earth. 
Alleluia, Alleluia. JT. Praise the LorJ: yon hi

ervants, praise ve the name of the I.JorJ. Alleluia. 
[lit hI., not the Octave-dav 01' Sunday, tI,e llb(I''l'e Aile. 
s fllUl V. arc omitlfd; and ill tl,tir Jtt',.1d is 
_t.;id tile Tr

l.'RACT. PS. Ixxxviii. -.- l'hey have s}Ji1t the 
blood of the saints, lik
 \\'ater about Jerusalem. V. 
Anrl there \vere none to bury them. V. Revenge, 
o Lord, the blood of thy saints, \vhich hath been 
spilt on the earth. 
<iBoøpel+ 1\1att.ii., 3- 18.---At the same time; An 
angel of the Lord appeared in sleep to Joseph, saying: 
Arise, and take the Child and his 
lother, and fly 
into Egypt; and be there until I shall tell thee. For 
it \vill con1e to pass that l-lerod will stek the Child 
to destroy him. And he arose, and took the Child 
and his mother by night, and r
tired into Egypt: 
Bud he v\' as there until the death of Herod: that the 
word might befulfilled which the Lord spoke by the 
prophet, saying: "Out of Egypt have I called n1y 
Son. n Then Herod perceiving that he \\'as deluded 
by the wise men; was exceeding angry; and sending 
killed all the men-children that were in Bethlehem. 
and in aU the borders thereof, from" t",'o years old 
and under, according to the time \vhich he harl diIi. 

ently enquired of the wise men. 'fhen was ful.. 
filled that which was spoken by Jeremias the pro. 
phet, saying: 14 A veice in Rama 
'as heard, la. 
mentation and great mourning: Rachel bewailing 
her children, and would not be conlforled, because 
they are not. CREDO. 
OFFERT. Ps. exxiii.--.Our soul, like thesparro\'\', 
hath escaped from the hunter's snare. rrhe snare is 
broken and we have escaperl. 
SECRE 1'. 1vIay the pious prayers of thy saints, 
o Lord, be never \\7anting to us, both to make our 
offerings acceptable, and to obtain for us thy 
mercy. rrhro'. 
1. .i1-1att. ii.---_I.\ noise was heard in Rarna. 
re \vas ,,'ceping and great mourning: Rachel 
\vas be\\Tailing her children, and vvould not be com.. 
foned, because they are not. 
r. C01I
1. rTotÏi.a......No\v \ve have partaken., 0 

t.Jord, of the voti\'e offerings, grant, we beseecl1 
thee, that by the prayers of thy saints, they n1ay 
procure us the helps of this present life, and those 
of that which is to come. rrhro.. 

St. T. of C

NrrERBURY, Bp. and 1\1. 
IN'fROIT. Let u
 all rejoice in the Lord, and. 
{'("lebrate this fe!\tival in honour of blessed 'I'hoolas 
the n1(Htyr, for whose martyrdom the angels rejoice. 
and praise the Son of God. Ps. Rejoice, yc righte.. 
Ons ones in the Lord: it becometh the upright to 
join in his praises. JT. Glorv. 
us, pro czjus.---O God, in defencè 
of \vhose Church, the glorious prelate 'I'HOM AS, 
1l by the s\\'ords of wicked men: grant, \ve be- 

eech thee, that all ,vho implore his assistal1<:e, nH1Y 
d conlfott in the grant of their petition. 1'hro'. 
'l'lte (
onlmenl. QrChristnla
, h!J the Collect, S
alld PostconlOUlnion 0./ l\lass III. In virtute, 
E. ]It'b. v. J. 6. --- Brethreñ: Every 
high priest taken frolu among men, is appointe(l 
for men in the things that appertain to God, that h
Inay offer up gifts and sacrifices for sins: who Céln 
l.1a\'c cOin pas
ion on thern that are ignorant, and 
that err, because he himsc-lf also is compassed with 
in firn1i ty. A nd therefore he ought, as for the peo- 
ple, so also for hinlself. to offer for sins. Ncither 
,loth any IT\an take the honon r to himsel 
 bnt he 
that is cal1f'd by God, as Aaron 
'as. So also Christ 
did not glorit}, hiuHelf to be Inade a high priest; but 
he th
tt said to hi!l1: c, 1'hou an my :5on, this day 
\'e t begotten thee." As he saith also ill anct'lcr 
place: "'rhol1 art a priest for ever, according to the 
order of 
dech. H , . 
GRAD. Ècclu.s. xEv.--.Uehold a great Prelate. 
".ho in his days p1('aw"d GoJ. 1
. There \vas r;On(1 
found like hinl in ke(
ping the la\v of the 

Iigh. Alh:.hlia, ..\He1uia. r o . I aIn the good shep- 

nerc1, and I know my sheep, and my sheep know 
me. Alleluia. 
<1f5oøpel. John x. J I, 16.---As on the Second 
Sund:1Y ajter Easter. 
s. xx..--Thou hast set on his head, 0 
Lord, a crown of precious stones: he asked life of 
thee, 'åÍ1d thou didst grant it him. Alleluia. 
SECRET. Sanctify, 0 Lord,. the offerings con- 
secrated to thee; and being appeased thereby, mer- 
cifully look upon us, by the intercession of blessed 
Fr. thy l\Iartyr and Bishop. Thro'. 
Il\I. Jolin x.---I am the good shepherd, and 
I know my sheep, nnd my sheep know me. 
P. COl\I
t. ]Iæc nos, C011l..--i\lay this con1nluni. 
on, 0 Lord, cleanse us from sin, and, by the inter- 
cession of blessed 1"honlas, thy martyr and bishop. 
make us effectually partakers of this heavenly re- 
medy. rrhro' 

· SUNDAY within the Octave of Christmas. 
INrrROIT. Ecclus xviii. and Ps. xcii. 
 all .things D U.111 medium silt1}tiunl 
\' V were lR qUiet 51- tenerUllt om.TllG, et 
Jence, and the night in ?lOX in suo C7l'J'SU medium 
the midst of its course, iter haberet, Umnipotens 
thy Alo1i o hty \V ord, 0 Ser11to tuus, Domine, de 
Lord, car:;e down fronl cælis a regalibus scdibus 
thy royal throne in hea- venit. 
\fen. J)J. Tte Lord hath Ps. xcii. Dominus reg- 
reigned, he is clothed '1lavit, d
cort:"' indutlJ' 
with beauty: the Lord is e
t: Í7ldutus est DominuJ 
ølothed with strength, and jvrtltutJ,ÙZt'm, et præcin.:rit 
hath girded himself. Je. 
V. Glory. V. Gloria. 
COLI.lEC'f. Omnipotens.---O 1\1 f!1ighty and eter- 
nal God, H

l1late our actions accord'ing to thy divine 

will, that, in the name of thy beloved Son, \ve nlay 
:1bound in good works. Thro
Commem. {if Christmas, St. 'rhomas, &c. b9 their 
. ,.e.çpective Collects, &c. p. 77 and B 5, 
EPISTLE. Gal. iv. I. 'I.---Brcthren 
 As 10ng 
all the heir is a child. he differeth nothing fronl a 
servant, though be be Lord of aU. but is under tu- 
tors and governors, until the time appointed by the 
father. Even so \ve, when we were children, ,vere in 
bondage under the elements of the world. But 
\vhen the fulness of the time \\'as come, God sent his 
Son, made of a \voman, made under the law: that 
he might redeem them who \\'ere under the la\v ; 
that \ve might receive the adoption of sons. And 
because you are sons, God hath sent the Spirit of his 
Son into your hearts, crying; Abba, Father. 
\Vherefore now he is no more a servant, but a Son: 
and jf a son, an heir also through God. 
GRAD. Ps. xliv. ond xciii..--.'fhou art beautiful 
above the sons of men: grace is spread on thy li,ps. 
J . 
1 y heart hath uttered a good word, I address Iny 
works to the King. l\1y tongue is as the pen of a 
s\vift \vriter. Alleluia, Alleluia. 
T"'. The Lord hath Alleluia, Alleluia. V. 
reigned, he clothed him. Dominus 'J'egna.7.nt, cZeco- 
self \vith beauty: he hath 'rem induit: iuduit Do- 
clothed himself with 'minus fortitudillcm et 
strength, and armed hi m. 1'1'æcillxit sf'l'irtute. AI. 
self v:ith might. Alleluia, /cluia. 
<1DoøprI. Luke ii. 33. 4o.---At that time:Josep'h, 
and:\lary the ßlother of Jesus, were Ylondering at these 
things which were spoken conct:rning him.AndSimon 
blessed them, and said to 
lary his l\lother: Bell'old 
the child Î4i set for the fall and for the r
urrection of 
many in Israel, and for a sign Ylhich shall be con- 
tradictet\, And thy own soul a sword shall pierce, 
that out of many hearts thoughts may be revealed. 

A nel there \\'as one Al
na a prophetess, the daughter 
of Phanuel, of the tribe of Aser: she \vas far ad.. 
vanced in years, and had 1ived with her husband se- 
ven years {rom her virginity. And she \vas a widow 
l1ntil fourscore and four yean:. who departed not 
frol11 the temple, by fastings and prayers serving day 
nnrl night. No\\" she at the same hour cooling in, 
gave praise to the fIord: and spoke of hinl to all 
t hat looked for the redemption of Israel. And aft6r 
they had performed all things according to the law 
úf the Lord, they returned into Galilee, to their 0\\10 
city, Nazareth. And the child gre\v al:d ,,'axed 
st r()r
l!. full of \\,isdom: and the grace of God \\'é;S 
i n him. , 
OFFERT. Ps. xcii.....God hath settled the globe 
of the eanh
 \vhich shall not be shaken out of its 
place:. thy throne, 0 God, \vas placed from that 
, thou art for ever. 
SECRET.---Grant, we beseech
 thee, 0 Almighty 
God, that th:s sacrifice offered to thy Divine l\Iajesty. 
y obtain for us the grace of true devotion, and a 
11appy eternity. 'rhro'. 
I. llfatt. xi.--- Take the child and the mo- 
ther, and bO into the land of Israel; for they are 
dead \vho sought the child's life. 
rl\I. Per llujus.---I\fay the efficacy of this 
sacrament, 0 Lor{i, cleanse us from onr sins, an
obtain for us the accomplishment of our just desires
Thro' . 

([be <tírcumrígíon. 
INTR01T. Isaias ix. .Puer natus est, p. 7fi. 
COLLECT. Deus qui salutis.---O God, who 
by the fru;tfu! virginity of the blesse(
'YJ hast 
given mar kind tlie rewa
ds of eternal s?lvation: 
grant, we Le'e ch thee, that \^'e rnay expenence h
intercessioT', by ,vhom we rece,ived the Author ofIife 
oJr Lorrl Jes s Christ thy SO
1, \\'110 liveth. 


TLE. 'J'tl. ii.---As in p. 7 z. 
GR1\.D. PJ. xcvii.--- The whole earth bath seen 
the salvation of onr God: Sit1
 to the Lord all the 
earth. fl". '-rhe l,ord hath nlade knoy;n his salva.. 
tion; and hath displayed his justice before the Gen. 
tiles. .i\l1eluia, fT..\ sanctified tiay hath shone 
npon ns: con1e, ye Gentiles, and adore the Lord, 
for this day a great light is come down upon the 
earth. Alleluia, Alleluia, 
, TT. Gor]J \V ho hereto. 
fore spake various ways 
to our forefathers by,the 
prophets, hath now 
lately, and in our time, 
spoke to us by his Son. 
pcl+ Luke ii. 21. _-a ,At that time: After 
eight days were accomplished that the child should 
be circnnlcised: his name ,vas called ]fSl1S, \vhich 
\\'3S cal1cd by the angel before he was conceived in 
thp \\'ornh. CREno.- 
OFFFR T. })s. lxx
viii.--- Thine are the nea
;JOG thine is the earth. 'I'holl didst, fornl the globe 

f the earth, and,all therejn: justice and (C]uity are 

upponers of thy throne. 
SECRE'r. Receive, 0 Lord, onr offerings, and . 
rs: cleanse us by these heavenly myst
rîes, and 
Inerciful1v hear us. 'rhro'. 

I. Ps. xcvÎ.---rrhe whole earth hath seen 
the satvé1tion of our God. 
I. IItrc nv..r..--i\Iay this communion, a 
l..orJ, cleanse lIS from sin, and by the intercession 
of blessed :\Jar}', the vir
in-mother of God, make 
 of thy h
aven I y remedy. 'fhro'. 
QCbe epípþanp. 
TROI'r. 1l1lllach iii. l
s. 1x"\i. 
B Ehold thp Lord the ECCE advenit Dominis- 
-ru ler is come; and tor Domillus; çt rt.'f:f' 

v. Heb iii. ][ultifa.. 
rie olÙn Deus loq'llflls pa. 
lribus in prop/lei is, not:is- 
sime di
blls islÏJ 'oclllu,
?lobi; ilL I'
iliv. .Alleluia. 


àominion, power, and l1um in 'JJlanu 
jlt.r, et PL 
empire are in his hand. testas et i7llpCriuln. Ps. 
1:1 1 . 0 God, give thy Deus,judiciu111 tU'll1Jl regi- 
judgment to the king, da; et justitia'Jn tllall
and thy justice to the filio regis. V. Gloria. 
king.s son. IT. Glory. 
COLL. Deus, qui /todierna.--_O God, who by 
the direction of a star didst this day manifest thy only 
Son to the Gentiles; mercifully grant that we, who 
now know thee by faith, may come at length to see 
the gtory of thy 
fajesty. Thro' the same. 
I.lESSON. Isaias Ix. J. 9.-..-Arise, be enlighten_ 
ed, 0 Jerusalenl, for thy light is come" and the 
glory of the Lord is risen upon thee. For behold 
darkness shall cover the earth, and a mist the 
people: but the Lord shaH arise upon thee, and his 
glory shall be seen upon thee. And the GentjJes 
shaH walk in thy light, and kings in the brightness 
of thy rising. I"ift up thy eyes round about 
nd see: 
all these are g
thered together, they are con1e to 
thee, thy sons shaH come from afar, and thy daugh- 
ters shall rise np at thy siùe. rrhen shalt t110U see 
and abound, and thy heart shall wonder and be en. 
larged; \vhen the mu1titude of the sea shall be con- 
verted to thee, the strength of the GentiJes sh;
COOle to thee. rrhe muhitude of camels shaH cover 
thee, the dIOllledaries of 
Iadian and E.pha: all they 
from Saba shall come, bringing gold and frank- 
incense. and 
hevving forth praise to the Lord. 
(;RAI). Is. Ix. ilLitt. ii...-..All shall come from 
Saba, bringing gold and frankincense, and pu blish- 
jng the praises of the Lord. A ri
e, Jerusaiell1: be. 
enlightent-'ù: for the glory of the l,ord is risen UpOIl 
thee. _\Hell1ia, Alleluia. 
V. \Ve sa\v his star in V. fÙlimuJ stt'llam fius, 
the east: and are C001e in oriente; et 
with onr offerings to 3- rum mllllfribìl
, advl'arc 
clore the Lord. Alleluia. lJùmillUlll. .1l11eluia. 


9 1 

<JBoøpcl. :Alatt. ii. I. 12.---'Vhen ]est;s \va s 
born in Bethlchem of J uda, in the days of king 
I-Ierod, behold there caOle \vise men from the east 
to Jerusalem, saying: '''here is h
 that i
 born King 
of the Je,,'s? For we ha"e seen his star In the east. 
and ar
 come to adore him. And Herod he3rin
this \vas troubled, and all Jerusalem ,vitI. hiln. And 
assembling together all the .chief priests and the 
scribes of the people he enquired of them \vh
Christ should be born. But they said to him, in 
Bethlehem of J uda. For so it is written by the pro- 
phet. "A nd tholl, Bethlehenl, the land of J uda. 
art not the least ílmong the princes of Juda; for out 
of thee shan come fi)rth the ruler that shall rule my 
people Israel. n rrhen I-Ierod privately calling the 
\\'ise n1en. enquired of then1 diligently the time of 
the sta(s appearing to them; and sending them into 
ßethlehen1, said; (;0, and search diligently after 
the child: anù \\ 11en you ha\'e found hiul, brinu 
111e \vord again, that I also may corne and adÐr
hiln. And \\'hen they h
d heard the king, tbey - 
\\'ent their \'\'ay; and behold the star \vhich they had 
seen in the east "'ent before them, until it came and 
stood over Vo'here the chi1d was. And s
eing the 
star, they rejoiced \Vilh é)<..ceeding great joy. And 
entering into the honse, they found the child \\'ith 

lary his olother, and faning down they adored 
hin}: and openin
 their treasures, they offered hilu 
gifts, gold, frankin
ense, and rnyrrh. And having 
received an ansvver In sleep that they should nol re- 
turn to IIerod, they wc:nt back another away into 
th{"-'ir 0\\'0 conntrv. CREDO. 
OFfERl\ Ps, tx
i -'fhc Kings of Tharsis and 
the I:;\ands shaH Inake their otl't:rings: the Kinas of 
lhp Arabians and of Saba shaH bring their prcs
&11\ the 
 ing:'\ of the t>arth shan ador
 him, and all 
on:5 s
H scn"p him. 

1erciflll1 y look down, 0 Lord, \\'e 
þeseech thee, on the offerings of thy church 
<\Inong ,,?hich gold, frankincense, and myrrh are"no 
longer offered; þut what 'Nas signified by those of. 
ferings is sac. rificed and received, Jesus Christ, thy 
8011 our Lord. \Vho liveth. 
COMMUNICANTEs.-Being united in COlnn1uni. 
on, and celebrating that nlost sacred day on \vhich 
thy only begotten. Son," 
,'ith thee 
n thy 
glory, appeared In a vIsible body In the reahty of 
our flesh. l\loreover, honouring in the first place the 

nenlory ofblesseJ l\Iary ever 
 Virgin, &c. p. xxxiv. 
C01\l!\I.-\Ve have seen his star in the east, and 
are come \vi th offerings to ad0re the Lord. 
P. CO:\11\T. Pl'd.'sla QUtl'Sll1Jllls.-Grant, we bea 
seech thee, 0 Almighty God, that our Jninds may 
be so purified, as to Jlnderstand \vhat \\'c cclebrate 
on this great soJemnity. 1"hro'. 

I. SUNDAY after EPIPf-L\N\T. 
I NrrROrr. 1:;, vi, Ps. xcix. 
I Saw a man seated on a IN excelSL'J t!lrOl1o 'ViLli se
high throne, \vholn a dcre vi rum, qUCIJ1lJ.dO"'! 
p1u ltit 11 de of ange\s aJor- 1"lllll
ultitudc.A ì1.gCIOT'l1.1p,. 
ed, singing an together: pSl1llentes in 'U UUlIl: Ecce 
Bcho1d him, v.'hos
 name CltjlU imperii nomen tst Ùz, 
and empire are to last for ætt!l'l/Unl. 
ever. l's. Sing to the Ps. Jubilate Deo nmlli,') 
l"ord with joy all the lerl'a: sfr1.,'itc Domino illl 
earth: serve the Lord in lætitia. V. Gloria. 
gladness, V. Glory. 
COLLECT. Vola quæsU1 1 ]u.r......According to thy 
øivine Inercy, 0 Lord, receive the VO\VS of thy peo.. 
ple, who pour forth. their prayer
 to thee; that they 
may know what theH duty requl1'eth of thenl, anq 
be able to conlply with what they kno\v. rrhro'. 
 (lJld at the Seçret and :ros
communion, is l1lade 

ø Conlnlemoration flft/ie Epiphany, h!J tI,e Collect, 
&c. f}f'tllot Feast, p. 9 0 . &c. 
EPIS'fLE. Rom. xii. J. 5 .---Bl'ctltren: I be... 
seech }'on, by the olercy of God, that you pre- 
sent your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, pIcas.. 
ing to God, your reasonable service. And be 
not conformed to this \\"orid, but be ye re- 
fornled in the newness of your mind: that you may 
pr e ,,"hat is the good, and the 
cceptable, and the 
perfect \vill of God. For I say, through the grace 
ihat is given n1e, to all that are among you, not to 
be nlorc wise than it behoveth to be \lise, but to be 
\\'ise unto sobriety, and according as God hath di. 
vided to everyone the mellsure of faith. For as in 
one body ,ve have many men1bers, but all the men}- 
bers have not the sanle office: so Vve, being lllany, 
are one body in Christ, and everyone rnenlbers of 
one another, in Jest1s Christ our Lord. 
GRAD. Ps. Ixxi.---Blessed be the Lord God of 
Isr!1el, \\' ho atone hath done great wonders from the 
beginning. V. Let the mountains receive peacefor 
thy people, and the hills righteousness. Alleluia. 
I (T. Sing to the Lord V. Jubilate Deo omnis 
with joy an the earth, terra: servile Domino in 
and serve hi m with glad- lætitia. .Alleluia. 
ne9S. Alleluia. 
<16oØptI+ Luke ii. 42. 52.--. '\Then Jesus was 

"'elve years old, they went up to )erusalelll accord- 
Jng to. the 
ustom of the feast. And after they had 
fulfilled the days, when they returned, the child 
Jesus remained in Jerusalern, and his p1rents knew 
.1t not. And thinking that he was in the compan)'
they ca
e a daY'5 journey, and sought him among 
theIr klJ1Sfolks and acquaintance. And not 
1ìnding hinl, they returned ioto Jerusalem seeking 
him. A nd it c
 to pass, that after three days they 
found him in the tenlple l sitting in the Ini
st of 

doctors, hearing them, and asking them questions. 
And all that heard him, were astonis-hed at his wis. 
dom and his answers. And seeing him, they won. 
dered. And l1is mother said to h,im: Son, \vhy 
hast thou done so to us? Behold thy father and I 
have sought thee sorrowing. And he said to them: 
How is it that you sought me? Did you not kno\v 
that I must be about my father's business 1 And 
they understood not the word that he spoke unto 
them. And he went do\\rn with them, and came to 
Nazareth: and was subject to them. And his mo- 
ther kept all tbese words in her heart. And Jesus 
increased in wisdom, and age, and grace with God 
and man. CREDO. 
OFFER'r. Ps. xcix.---Sing with joy to God aU 
the earth, serve the Lord in gladness: present your- 
selves to him with transports of joy, for the Lord is 
ray the sacrifice we have off
ed to 
tbee, 0 l
ord, ah\pays enliven and defend us. Thro'. 
COi\Il\I. Luke it....Son, why hast tbou done so 
with us? I and thy father have sought thee with sor- 
TOW. And \vhy did you seek me? Did you not 
know that I must be about the concerns of my 
Father? .. 
P. CO:\Il\1. Supplices.-Grant, we humbly be. 
seech thee, 
 Almighty God, that thosewh
m thou 
refresh est with thy sacraments, may, by a life well.. 
pleasing to thee. worthily serve thee. Thro'. 

The FE :\ST of the HOLY NAME JESUS. 
IN'rROIT. Phil. ii. Ps. viii. 
A T the name of Jesus I N J.lomine JeSll omne ge. 
let every knee bend 'flU jlectatZtr cælestiu1JI, 
in beaven, on earth, and terrestrium et irif,rnOrUlll: 
\] nder the earth: and every et omnis lingua confitea. 
ue confess that the tUT, quia Dominus Jesus 

Lord Jesus Christ is in the CII/'istu.f in. glvria cst Dei 
I!Iory of God the Father. j>atris. Ps. l)omille Do- 
Ps. 0 Lord our Lord, minus noster. quam lit/mi. 
how ,vonùerful is thy rabile est '1WlllU
 suum in 
name over the "'hole universa terra. \'. Gloria. 
earth. IT. Glory. 
COLLECT. Deus qui.-O God, \vho didst ap- 
point thy only begotten Son the Saviour of nlrankind, 
and comrnandedst that his name shou ld be called 
JESUS: mercifully grant, that we who venerate hi:! 
holy name on earth, may also enjoy his sight in hea- 
ven. Tina'. . 
COLLECT of tile SUlld(
. Omnipottn,()...-O al- 
mighty and eternal God, suprenle Ruler, both of 
heaven and earth, mercifully give ear to the prayers 
of thy people, and grant us peace in our tilne. 
 iv. 8. 12.---1 n tlwsc days: Peter 
being filled \\'ith the IIoly Ghost, said to them: Y 
rulers of the people and ancients, hear: if we this 
day are examined concerning the good deed dohe 
to the infirm man, by \vhat means he hath been 
ßlade "-'hole; be it knovvn to YOll all J and to all the 
people of Israel. that by the name of our l.ard Jesus 
Christ of Nazareth, ,,,horn you crucified, whom 
God hath raiseJ fronl the dead,. even by hi m 
doth this man stand here before you \\'hole. 
" rrhis is the stone ,,'hich W1\s rejected by you the 
builders,. which is become the head of the corner; '. 
neither is there salvation in any other
 ror there is 
no other name under heaven given to nlen \vhereby 
\\ e must be saved. 
GRA D. J)s. cV.-.-SZl\'e ns, 0 I..ord our God, 
r tiS together from alnidst the nations, that \ve 
may praise thy holy name, and rejoice in thy prt:lise. 
V. Is. vi. Thou IJord art OUf Father and Redeenler. 
v. 1\1 y nlonth shall \T. IJlliLdrnl lJomilli /0. 
publish_the praises of the îu
tllr vs meum, et bene. 

Lorù: and let all ß. sh llieat omnis cn'l'O l10men 
1J1css his holj nanle. Aiel. sanctu.m ejl1s. _lllt"ll.lia. 
4/ic'l' SeptnagesiIna, instead f!l the jÓl egoing tt. and 
Alleluia, is sllid the 
TRAC'r. ,Domine Dells'virtutu7Il CullZ'e'l'tr. nos: 

t oslendc ,facielll fua,n, et sab.:i fl'l1nlls: sonet 7:ä,l 
tua in auribus 1UÛS. Convert us to thee, 0 T.Jord 
God of 1-losts: she\v us thy face, and \'ve shaH bè 
saved: let thy voice sound in nlY ears. 
V. For s\veet is thy voice, and verv bc-auÜ1nì i
t11Y countenance. J,T. Thy nam?, 0 .Jesu
! is
t perfUtl1e; therefore have virgins lo\'(:;d thee. 
<iDoøprl. f,uke ii. As p. 89. 
OFFER,'I'. I's.lxxx\'i.---I \vill pral:;e th
e, 0 Lord 
nlY God, ,,,ith Iny \vho\e heart, an,l I 'lIi'ill give glo. 
rj to thy nan1C for ever: because, 0 Lord, thou 
art good and gracious, and full of mercy towards an 
that cal1 upon thee. Alleluia. 
SECRE'f. ivlay thy bles5ing, 0 mo
t ffiprcifn1 
God, by which every creatllre is enlivene.J anJ sub. 

ists, sanctify this Ollr sacrifice, ,,'hich \ve offpr t l\t.(
in honour of the nalne of thy Son, our Lord Je
Christ: that it may be acceptable to the praise of thy 
,nlajesty, and available to our salvation. 'Thro' the 

a 01 e. 
. SECRET f!Î lite SZllulay. Sanctify, 0 Lord, ?l1r 
offerings, and clean
e liS fron1 the stains of OUf SLnso 
PRE FAC "'. Quia per incarnati, p. xxx. 
'1. Ps. lxxxv.---All nations whon1 thou 
hast cre:1ted, shaH corne and fall before thee, 0 
Lord, and shall glorify thy holy nanle; for thou art 
truly great and performest wonders: thou alan,.. 
art God. Alleluia. 
l:\1. Omllípotens.---O aln1ighty and etf't. 
nat God, who d1dst both create and relleem us, mer... 
cifu\1y hear our pr3yer5, antI vOUchs
lfe, "'it.h a 
plpé.\si j.lg and kio\l COUf1lt>nance to receivE' thc saenfi('f>> 

TIlE FEAST OF, &c. 9; 
nf this victim of our salvation, which \\"e 'J1ave offer- 
ed to thy rlivine majesty, in I
onour of tÌle nanle of 
thy Son, OUf Lord Jesus Chnst; that thy grace be- 
ing pour
d on us, thro' the glorious name of Jesus, 
as a p1edge of our eternal predestinat.ion, \ve may 
rejoice that our nana
s are ,,;ritten in h
avcn. Thro' 
the sam('. 
P. CO:\l
t. '?f tåe Sundqy. Allgcatur.---
Tay the 
efficacy of thy pov:cr, 0 Lord, be increased in us, 
that bëing fed ""ith thy di1/ine sacranlents, we n1ar. 
thro' thy bOl1ntr, be prepared to receive ,\\,hat they 
promise. Thro'. 
'lYlt:; fvlloa;ing (being L!h
 Gospe1 of tile Sunday) is 
ad at the end oj' !\Iass. 
<1BoøpC{. John ii. I. II.---At that time: Thrre 
,,'ag a o1arrii:'ge in Can a of Galilee; and the nlolhpr 
of JESUS "vas there. AI1Ù JESUS also ,vas inviterl,and 
})is disciples, to the In(1
Triage. An(l the \vine failing, 
the rnother of J ES us sai th to hin1
 They have no winé. 
And JE
US saith to her: \V 0111an 7 \vhat is it to me'anJ 
to thee? 
I y hOll r is not yet caine. Ilis Inother 
saith to the waiters: \\'hatsoever he shall say to you, 
ùo ye. No\v there were set there six ,vater- pots of 
stone, accordin
 to th,e n)anner of the purifying of 
the Jews, containing t\'"O or three 111casures a piece. 
JESUS saith to thenl: .Fill the water-pots with wa- 
ter. And they filled then1 tlp to the brio1. .And 
JESUS saith to theln: Ura\v out no\\", and carry to 
the chief 
te.\vard of the feast. r\nJ they carried it. 
And ,""hen the chief stc\\.ard had tasted the waler 
made wine, and knev/ not \\'hence it ,vas, but the 
waiters kn
w \\'ho had drawn the \vater; the c,hicf 
steward calteth the bride
room, and saith to hin1: 
Every man at first setteth forth gool! \vine, and \vhcll 
men have well drank
 then that \\'hich is \Vorse. Bul 
thon hast kept the good wine until nO\\t.. rfhis be. 
ginning of miracles did JESUS in Cana of Galilee; 


3nd he n \anifested his glory, and his disciples be. 
lieved in h ;m. Deo gra tias. 

. . 

INTROrr'. ]-'$. xcvi. 
A DORE God, all ye' ADORATE Dtum. 
his ang-els: Sian omne.ç angeli tf;ju.f): 
heard and was glad, and audivit et lætllta est Sian: 
the daughters ot Juda re- et c

joiced. PI. The Lord Ps.. Dominus regnavit, ex. 
hath reigned, let the 'ill.tit terra, lætentur in. 
earth rejoice, and many S7 tlæ multæ. 
islands be g1ad. V. GlFJT'ia. 
. Omnipoten ,!)., ...... 0 ahnighty and 
eternal God, mercifully reg ard our ",'eakness, and 
stretch forth the fight hand C If thy n1ajesty to protect 
us. Thro". 
EPIS'fLE. Rom. xii. 1 6;. .co. Bretlzren: Be not 
,vise in your OWll conceits: Tender to no man evil 
for evil; provide things goo <1, not only in the sight 
of God, but also in the siglHt of all men. If it be 
possible, as much as in yo l1, have peace with all 
men. Revenge not, my dearly beloved:. 
but give place to \vrath: f or it i::; \vritten: "Re. 
venge is mine, I will repay,'" saith the L'Jrrl. But 
,.. if thy enemy be hungry, give him to eat; if he 
thirst, give him to drink; fOi: doing this, thou shalt 
heap coals of fire on his hec:.d. " Be not overCOine 
by evil, but overcome evil v. ,ith good. 
GR.A,D. Ps. ci. and xcvii.--.rrhe Gentiles shall 
fear thy name, 0 Lord, an d aU the kings of the. 
earth shan revere thy rnajt sty, JT. For the Lord 
hath built up Sion, and then 
 shaH he be seen in his 
glory. AIlel uia, AIle1 nia. 
V. Ps. 'rhe Lord hath 
un his reign. let the 
earth be glad, and all the 
islands rCjoice. ..c\llelui,a. 

v. Ps. xcvi. Dominus 
re.g n!lvit, eX'llllet terra; 
læ/ 't:ntur insulæ 1nultæ.. 


<1Doøp.e[. J.1[att. viii. J. I S..--At that lime: 
\VhenJesus\vas conte do\\'n from the Inountain.great 
mtJltitudes follo\vecl him: and behold a leper ..('ame 
and worshipped him, saying: Lord, if thot:'J 'vlÏ
thou canst make me clean. And Jesus put fort Ius 
hand, and touched him, saying: I will. Be tllOU 
nlade clean. And immediateiy his leprosy ,vas 
cleansed. .And Jesus saith to him: See thou tell no 
man: but go she\v thyself to the priest, and 01\ ,oer 
the gift \vhich Moses commanded for a testio10J t1Y 
unto them. · And when he harl entered into Capha r- 
naum, there came to hinl a centurion, beseechÌ11g 
}1Ïm, and saying: Lord, my servant lieth at hOJ'ne 
sick of the pal
 and is grievously tormented. A nd 
Je3us saith to him: I will conle and heal him. A nd 
the centurion making answer said: Lord, I am 12 ot 
".orthy that thou shonh\st enter under my roof: b ut 
only say the \\'ord, and my servant shaH be healced. 
For I also am a nlan under authority, having 9C )1. 
diers under me; anù I SC1Y to this 01an, Go, an
goeth, and to anotht'r, Come, and he cometh, aJ ld 
to my servant, Do this, and he doeth it. And wb. 
Jesus heard this, he m
lled: and said to thE'm 
that followed him: Amen 1 say to you, I have riot 
found so great faith in IsraeL And I say unto y( )U, 
that many sha11 conle from the east and the WE 
and shaH 5Iit òo\vn \\'ith A brahalJ1, and Isaac, 2.nd 
Jacob in the kingdotn of heaven: but the child reu 
of the kingdom shall be cast out into the extCJ ior 
 there snaIl be \\.eeping and gnashing of 
teeth. And Jesus said to the centurion: Go, a
 Ù as 
thou bast believed, so be it done to thee. Anè, the 
servant \\'as healed at the same hour. CREDO. 
OFFER T. Ps. c",vii..-. The right hand of the 
tlord hatb she\\'n its po\ver: the right hand 
Jf the 
Lord hath raised me up: I &hall not die, bu.t livci) 
and I will publbh the \vork
 of the Lord. 
I 1., 

RET. May this offering, 0 Lord, we be. 
seecJ) thee, cleanse away our sins: and sanctify the 
bodi( s and souls of thy servants, to prepare them for 
worthily celebrating this sacrifice. 'rhro'. 
COIVIl\I. Luke iv. 
2.-All wondered at the 
words that came from the mouth of God. 
I. Quos tantis.-We beseech thee, 0 
I.Jord, that we, to \, horn thou vouchsafest the use 
of these great mysteries, may be made truly worthy 
to receive the benefits thereot: Thro.. 

Tile Introit, Gradual, Offertory, and Cornn1union, 
as on lalt Sunday, are continued till Septuagesima. 
l COLLEC'r. Deus qui. " 
O GOD, who knowest, that thro' human frailty 
\\'e are not able to su bsist amIòst so many dan- 
gers, grant us health of sou 1 and body; that \vhat- 
soever \I\,re suffer for our sins, we may overcome by 
thv<\ssistance. 'rhro'. 
er Candlemas the II. Collect ( A cunctis) p. xxi. 
 its Secret, p. xxvii. and Postcom. p. xliv. is 
fXJntill'llcd till Passion Sùnday: the III. (except 
fi'o/}I ' Ash.. \V ednesday to Passion Sunday) is at 
t},e choice of tlte Priest. 
EPIS'I'LE. ROln. xiii. 8. lo.---Bretllren: Owe 
no rnao any thing, but to love one another: {or he 
that loveth his neighbour, hath fulfi]]ed the law. For 
,. 'rhon shalt not cOlnmit adultery: Thou shalt not 
kill: Thou s
lalt not steal: rrhou shalt not bear 
false lwitness: 'rhou sh:lIt not covet:" and if there 
be aGY otber commandment, it is cOInprised in this 
\vord: "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself." 
'j'he lÇ>ve of our ne;ghbour worketh no evil. Love 
therefore is the fulfilling of the la\v. 
<lBOíøprl. :ßlatt. viii. 23. 27....At tkat lime: 
'\\'hen Jesus entered into the ship, his disciples 

followed him; and behold a great tempest arose in 
the sea, so that the ship was covered \vith waves, 
but he was asleep. A nel his disciples came to hint, 
and 3\\'akened him, saying: Lord, save us, we pe- 
rish. And Jesus saith to theOl: \Vhy are ye fear- 
ful. 0 ye of little faith? 'I'hen rising up, he com. 
manded the ,,'inds 
nd the sea, and there came a 
great calm. But the Olen \vondered, saying: 'Vhat 
Inanner of man is this, for the winds and the sea 
obey him. CREDO. 
SECRE1'. Grant, ,ve beseech thee, 0 aIm- , ty 
God, that the offering of this sacri lice (nay a \vays 
cleanse our frailty from all evil, and be a protection 
to us. Thro" 
P.. CO
1. 1\Iunera tua.---:\I
y thy gifts, ,,'hich 
\ve have partaken of, 0 God, detach us frorn all 
earthly pleasures, and ever refresh and strengthen us 
,,,ith heavenly food. r-fhro'. 

v. SU
I)l\ Y after EPIPE-IA.NY. 
COLLEC"l'. Fallliliam..... Preserve, v{e beseech 
thee, 0 Lord, thy f:1111ily by thy constant n1ercy, 
that we, who confide 
o)ely in the support of thy 
heavenly grace, may be ahvays defended by thy 
protection. rrhro't. 
EPIsrI'LE. Culv,
. iii. 12. 17.--..Bretll.rcn: Put 
ye on lnerefore, as the elect of God, holy and be- 
loved, the bowe\s of mercy, benignity, humility, 
modesty, patience: bearing with one another, ari(l 
 one another, if any have a complaint 
against another: even as the Lord hath forgiven you, 
so do YOll also. But above aU these things have 
charity, vihich is the bond of perfection: and let .the 
peace of Christ rejoice in your hearts, 
'herein also 
you are called in one bod
: and be ye thankful. 
Let the word of Christ (h\'e!
 in YOll abundantly, ill 
Àll wisdom, teaching 
1nd admonishing one another 
1 3 

in l)salms, hymns, and spiritual canticles, singin<T 
in grace in your hearts to God. All whatsoever \'o
do in word or in work, d0 all in the name o( th
Lord Jesus Chris
 giving thanks to (;od and the, 
f'ather, duo' Jesus Christ our Lorù. 
<!Eoøpcl. ]tfatt. xiii. 24. 3o...--,At t!tat time: 
Jesus spoke this parable to the mu1titude, saying: 
The kingdonl of heaven is likened to a man that 
so\ved good seed in his 'field. But vd1ile men were 
asleep, his enemy came and oversowed cockle 
among the wheat, and' went his way. And when 
the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit
then appeared also the cockle. Then the servants of 
the good l11an of the house said to hinl: Sir, didst 
thou not sow good seed in thy field? from whence 
then hath it cockle? A nd he said to them: An ene- 
my hath done this. And the serv30ts said to hiln: Wilt 
thou that we go and gather it np? And he said; No
lest \vhile you gather up the cockle, you root up 
tJle wheat also together \vith it. l,et both grow un. 
til the harvest, and in the time of the harvest I \\'ill 
say to the reapers: Gather up first the cockle, anq 
bind it in bundles to burn, but gather the ,,'heat into 
my barn. 
SECRET. \Ve offer thee, 0 Lord, tbis sacrifice 
of propitiation: that thou wou1dst mercifully forgive 
J,1s our sins, and guide our tottering hearts. Thro'. 
P. COT\1!VI. Qllæsumus...-- \V e beseech thee, 0 
Almighty Gori, that \ve may one day receive the 
effects of that salvation, of \vhich we have rc::ceived 
the pledge in these mysteries. Thro'. ' 

, , 
Vr. SUND.l\ Y after EPIPI-IANY. 
ta.---Grant, \ye beseech thee. 
o Almighty God, that being always intent UpOT1 
\"hat is reasonable and just, we may, both in \vord 
and deed, perfo
m w hat is acceptable to thee.. Th

 Th.ess. i. 2. lo.---B"Ct .hrcn: "r e 
give thanks to God al\\?ays for you aU ; making a 
remembrance of you in our prayers wit
 tout ceasing; 
 mindful of you in the \vork of}'c )ur faith, and 
})ope and charity, and of the endurillf { 'of the hope 
of our I
ord Jesus Christ, before Goi 1 anò our }.'a. 
ther: knowing, brethren, beloved 'of God, your 
election: I
'or our gospel hath not t Jeen to you in 
word only but il1 power also, 31" d in the Holy 
Ghost, and in rrlllch fulness, as you 'know what man
ner of n1en \ve have been among y( )u for your sakes. 
And you hecame followers of U
. and of the Lord; 
receiving the word in rn\1ch tribuJ ation, \"ith joy of 
the flaly (;host: so that you were made a pattern 
to at' that be1ieve in 
-1acedonia and in Achaia. For 
fron1 YOll \\'as spread abroad th, e \\'orù of the Lord. 
not only in l\laceJonia and in Achaia, but also in 
every pI:1ce Y9"r faith, \,'hict l 1S to\\?ards God, is 

one forth, so that \\'e need not speak any thing. 
For they thenlsd\'es relate of us, \\'hat manner of 
enter;ng in we had unto ycr I: and ho\v yOll tllrnrd 
to God fronl idols, to serve. the living and true God
anti to ,vait for hi,:>> Son frool heaven (Wh001 he 
raised up from the dead) JESUS, \vho hath d{'livercd 
lIS from the wrath to co:/.' ,e. 
<J3oøucl. Afù.tf. :é.ii, 31. 35.---At that time: 
Jesus spoKe to the 0,,1 altitude this parable: The 
king.dom of heaven is 1j' ke to a grain of mustard-seed, 
7hích a nwn took 3n.<1 sov
'ed -in his field. \Vhich 


( the leasr f)f 1 .iI 
eeds: but \\'hen it is gro\vll 
up, It IS greatt'r tl'\,::-L'1 any herbs, and beconleth a 
tree, so that the hl'flls of the air come and dy.?ell in 
the branches the reo'f. .r\nother parable he spoke to 
then1: the kin;plo'm of he
n'en is like to leaven, 
which a \\,'oma'n took ?nd hid in three Inea
ures of 
meal, nntil 11 e .,,\'hole \";(\s 1eavenf'(1. All these 
thiobs J
SJ1S !oìf
-=>kfC in parables to the ulultitudes; and 

without parables he did not speak to them: that th
word might 
be fulfilled \vhich \vas spoken hy the 
prophet, saying: 1 \i'viH open my mouth in pöra- 
bles. [will Q1ter things hidden from the foundatioll 
of the world:' .. CREDO. 
SECRE1\ \ l\lay this oblãtion, 0 God, we be- 
seech thee, cleanse, rene\v, govern, and protect us. 
I. Cælestibus.---Being fed, 0 T.lord. 
with heavenly dainties, v:e beseech thee, that we 
may always hunger after them, as they preserve our 
life. Thro'. 
If there be not VI. Sundays helli'een the Epiphany 
and SeptuagesÌIna, <<:"at remains are omithï.l, and 
taken in be-tn-een the XXIII. and the Iast Sunday 
c:r Pentecost. 

lf\ SUNDAY. 
INTROIT. }>1. xvii. 
THE -pangs of death, Cll'cumdcderunt m-c ge- 
and the sorro\vs t)f mil us mort is, dulores 
hell .. have encompassed infi'J'ni 
me: and in my distress I et in f'l'ibul(/tiolle mea in.. 
called upon the I
ord, ''toca1.:i I)flmillunI, ct ex- 
and he heard my voice uudil'it de templo slP/cfo 
fron1 his holy temple. suo VOCf1n meo.m. Ps Di. 
Ps. I 
1ill Jove thee, 0 ligl/7ll te Domine, fOl'titu- 
ord, my strength: the do 1uea: ]JomÏ1l1J.t; .tirma- 
Lord is my support, my mentum 'meum et rç{uglum 
retnge, and my deliverer. meum, et liberator lJo!fUS. 
1 7 . Glory. V. G Zarill. 
COLLECT. l>reces.-Merciful1y hear, \\.e be- 
seech thee, 0 Lord, the prayers of thy people: that 
\ve v..ho arejustly afflicted for our sins. may be mer- 
cifully delivered for the glory of thy name. rrhro'. 
EPIS1"LE. I Cor. ix. 24. and x. I.-Bretkren; 
Kno\\" you not that they that Tun in the race, all run 
indeed, but one receiveth the prize? So run Yf'. 
that you may obtain. And everyone that striveth 

for the master}', rcfrnineth hin1se1f 
rom al1 thin
s : 
and they indeed that they may receIve a corruptible 
cro\vn: but \,\re an incorruptible one. I therefore 
so run, not as at an uncertainty: I so fight, not as 
cne beating the air: but 1 chastise my body, and 
bring it into subjection: lest perhaps, ,,,hen 1 ha\'e 
preached to others, I myself shoulrl become a cast. 
away .---Chap. x. I. 5 . For I \\'ould not have you 
ignorant, brethren, that our fathers "'ere all under 
the doud. and all passed through the sea. And all 
in l\Ioses \vere baptized in a cloud, and in the sea. 
and did all eat the same spiritual food: and all 
drank the same spiritual drink: (and they drank of 
the spiritual rock that fonowed them 
 and the rock 
\Vas Christ.) But VY'ilh the nlost of them God \\'as 
110t ,",'ell pleûsed. 
GRAD. Ps. ix.--.Thou art our timely help in 
distress. IJet all that kno\v thee, put their trust in 
thee: for thou forsakest not those that seek thee, 0 
Lord. V. The poor man \,-ill not be forgotten (or 
t:ver: the patience of the poor man will not for ever 
be in vain. ..
 rise, 0 Lord, let not man prevail. 
1"RAC'r. Ps. cxxix..--De prifunclis clamut'i ad 
te, Domine; Domine, cJ:audi 
'OCe1n meum. From 
the deep have I cried out to thee, 0 I
ord; Lord. 
near my voice. V. Let thy ears be attentive to the 
prayers of thy servant. V. If thou shoulùst observe 
iniquities, 0 Lord! Lord, \\'ho shall stand it? But 
,,'ith thee is propitiation, and because of thy la\\
, I 
,,"aited tor thee, 0 Lord. 
:t"l'om this day till Ash.'" eùnesday, tllf Tract is said 
un Sundays and festivals Duly. 
<15OØ J.llatt. xx. I. I6.--.AI that time: J
spoke to his disciples this parable: The kil1gdon\ of 
heaven is like to a householder who \vent out earlv in 
the morning to hire \abourers into his vincyard. Ãnd 
\\ ben he had agleed \vith the labourers for a penny 

a day, he sent them into his vineyard. And he \vent 
out about the third hour, and saw others standing 
idle in the market. place. And he said to them: Go 
you also into my vineyard, and I will give you what 
shall be just. And they went their way. And 
again he went out, about the sixth and the ninth 
hour, and did. in like manner. But about the ele. 
venth hour he went out and found others standing. 
and he saith to them: Why stand you here all the 
day idle 1 They say to him: Because no man hath 
hired us. He saith to them: Go you also into Fny 
vineyard. And when evening \vas come; the Lord 
of the vineyard said to his steward: Ca1l the labour. 
ers and pay them their hire, beginning from the last 
even to the first. \Vhen therefore they were come. 
that came about the eleventh hour, they received 
every man a penny. But when the first also came. 
they thought that they should have received more, 
and they likewise received every man a penny. 
A1}d when they received it they murmured against 
the master of the house, saying: "fhese last have 
worked bu tone hou r, and thou hast made them 
equal to us tbat have borne the burden of the day. 
êlnd the heats. But he answered one of them, and 
 Frit:nd, I do thee no wrong: didst thou not 
agree \vith me for a penny? Take what is thine, and 

o thy way: 1 will also give to this last even as to 
thee. Or, is it not lawful for me to do what I \vill ? 
Is thy eye evil, because I an1 good? So shaH the last 
be first, and the first last. For many are called
few chosen. CREDO. 
OFFER'r. Ps. 3' .-It is good to praise the 
ord, and sing to thy name, 0 thon the l\Iost 
SECRE'f. IIaving received, 0 Lord, our offer- 
ings and prayers, cleanse as, we beseech thee, by 
tbese heavenly mysteries, and mercifully hear us. 
I. Ps. 31....Cast a favourable look on thy 

servant, and save me by thy mercy; let me not be 
disappointed, 0 Lord, since I have called upon 
1. Fidelt's.--"
fay tby faithful, 0 God, 
be strengthened by these thy D1ysteries; that re- 
ceiving them, they may still desire them; and de- 
siring them, may eternally receive them. 'rhro'. 

IN'rROrr. PS, xliii. 
A RISE, \\'hy steepest E .LYurge, quare obdor. 
thou, 0 Lord? 'luis, Domine'? EX4 
Arise and ca
t us not off urge, et nc repel/as in fi- 
for ever? \V hy turnest nem. Quare jåcianl 
thou a.way thy face? avertis? Obli'visceris t1'i- 
forgettest thou our dis- bulalionem nostralll 
tress? Our belly cleaveth hæsit in terra "()cnter nos... 
to the earth: A rise, 0 ft'r: E,l'urge, Duminc, 
l.1ord, help and deliver (J(ljuva nos, ef libcra nos. 
11S. Ps. \Ve have heard, Ps. Deus, aU7,ibus n<lsl,'is 
o God, \vith our ears: lilltlivimlls: Patres nost1'; 
()ur fathers have related {l1Hluntiavcrllilt nobis. 
to us thy ,,"onùers. V. V. Gloria. 
COLLEC'f. Dells 'lui.---O God, ,vho seeslthat 
\\.e place no confidence in any thing ,ve do: merci- 
fuHy grant that, hy the protection of the Doctor of 
the Gentile
, .\ve Inay be defended against all ad. 
versity. 'fhro'. 
EPISTLE. :1 C07'. xi. '9. 33. and xii. t. 9.---Br
threll : \T ou gladly suffer the foolish: \\rhereas your- 

elves are \-vise.. For you suffer if a man bring yoù 
Into bondngc, If a man devour 'lIOU, if a n1al 'take 
from YUll, if a man be lifted up, .if a man strike YOll 
on the tàce. I speak according to dishonour, as if 
v..'e had been weak in this part. 'Vherein if any man 
 bold (I speak foolishly) I an1 bold also. 'fheyarc 
lIt' brev;s; so am I: "fhey are Israelites; so am I. 

rhey arc the seed of Abr
haln: so am I! They are 
the ministers of Christ! (I speak as one les" wise) I 

m n1ore: in many n10re labours, in prisons more 
treq uently, in stripes above nleasure, in death often. 
Of the Jev{s five times diJ I receive forty stripes, save 
one. 'fhrice was I beaten ,vith rods, once I v,'as 
stoned, thrice I sl1ffered ship\vreck; a night and a 
day I \\9as in the depth of the sea. III journeying 
often, in perils of \vater, in perils of robbers, ia 
perils from my own nation, in perils from the Gen. 
tiles, in pf1rils in the city, in perils in the wildernes9, 
in perils in the sea, in perils from false brethren. 
111 labour and painflllne
s, in watching often, ill 
hunger :and thirst, in fasting often, in cold and na- 
kedness.. Beside:; these things t,hat are without: my 
daily instanc
, the solicitude for all the churches. 
ho is \\'eak, an(l I am not \veak? "rho is scan- 
dalized, and I alTI not on fire? If I must needs 
glory: I \\'ill glory of the things that concern my 
infirn1Ìty. The God and Father of our l,ord Jesus 
Christ, \vho is blessed for ever, kno\veth that 1 lie 
not. At DanlaSCl15 the governor of the nation under 
A ..etas the king guardèd the'city of the Damascenes. 
to apprehend me: ao\t through a \vindow in a bas- 
t "'as I let down by the wall, and 60 escaped his 
hauJs. Chap. xii. I. If! mnst glorr (it is not expe.. 
die-nt indeed: but T ,,,ill come to visions and revela, 
rions of the Lord. 1 kno\\' a man in Christ, about 
fourteen yeaß ago, (whether in the body I knov
not, or out of the body I kno\v not, God kno\\'eth,) 

l1ch a one caught up to the third heaven. And I 
kno\v such a màn (\\'hether in the body, or out of 
the body, I c
nnot teH, God knoweth) ho\v he 
,"'as caught into paradise; and heard secret \vords, 
\\"hich is not granted to rnan to utter. Of such a 
one I \vi\l glory; but of myself I will g10ry nothing, 
but in mv Infirmities. For even if I \vonld glorv, r 

hJH not be foo\i
h: for I shall say the truth, Bur- 

I forbear, 1est any man should think of me 
that which he seeth in me, or any thing he h
from me. And lest the greatness of the revelation 
should lift me up, there \vas 
iven me a sting of my 
n angel of Satan, to buffet me- For \\'hich 
 I thrice besought the I.lord, that it might de- 
part from 01e: and he said to Ioe: 
I y grace is 
n t.. 
ficient for thee: for pov:er is made perfect in in fi r.. 
mity. Gladly therefore ,viU 1 
lory in my infirmitie
t the po\ver of Christ IJ.lay (hvell in me. 
GRAD. l)s. lxxxii.--..I
et the Gentiles lno\v that 
God is thy name: that thou art th
 :\Iost Hig-h over 
nIl the earth. J7_ 
lake them turn about, 0 my (;o
like a \vheel, and scatter them like chaff before the 
TRACrr. Ps. lix.---Commovisti, J)omint"', fcrr(un. 
et cUltlurbasti cuw. rrhou hast shaken tile 
arth, 0 
úrd, and made it tremble. V. I-leal it
for it is shaken. V. :\[akf
 thy chosen peoplf' retire 
fronl before th y bo\v, that th
y nUl}' be safe. 
<J5oØpcI. Luke \,iii. 4. .6.---At flull time.: 
'Vhen a \'ery great Inu\titudp ,,"as gathf'red togeth(.r, 
and hastened out of the cities to meetJesus,h(
 spoke U} 
a silnilitude. A SOl\-er \vent out to So\\' his seed: and 
as he so\ved some fen by the \\'ay side, and it \vas 
trodden down, and the fowls of the air ,ll."voured it. 
Anrl other some felll1pon a rock; and' as soon as it 
v,.as sprung liP, it ,vilhered away bccal1
e it had no 
llloisture. And other some fell among thorns, arht 
the thorns growing up 'Nith it, choked it. Afhl 
other sorne tell upon good ground; and I)!Jrl1ng up.. 
and yielded fcu ita hu od red- fold. Saying these thin1!
be cried out: lIt that hath rors to hear, let hÌlu 
hear. And hi
 disciples a
ked hiln ,vh:1
 this rar
e might be. '1'0 \VhO[H he said: '1 U } 011 it is 
given to know thf
 mystery of the k i nl!dOnl ot Cod. 
but to the re..;t in parab!e'\; that sf>(iug tht') IU':') 


110 QUI
not see, nnd hearing they may not understand. No\v 
the parable is this; ï"he seed is the word of God. 
And they by the way side, are they that hear, then 
the devil con1eth, and taketh the \vord out of their 
hearts, lest believing they should be saved. Now 
they upon the rock, are they who, \vhen they hear. 
receive the 
7ord with joy: and these have no roots; 
who believe for a while, and in time of tenlptatioll 
fall ay-'ay. And that which fell 31nong thorns, are 
they ,,,ho have heard, and going their way, are 
choked with the cares and the riches and pleasl1re
of this life, and yield no fruit. But that on the 
good ground are they \vho in a good and perfect 
heart, hearing the word, keep it, and bring forth 
fruit in patience. 
.OFFERT. Ps. xvi..--Settle my steps in thy paths. 
that nlY feet olay not slip: bend thine ear, and hear 
my vvoròs: display the wonders of thy mercy, 0 
ord, who saveth those that hope in thee. 
Iay the sacrifice \ve have offered to 
t11ee, 0 Lord, ahvays enliven us and defend us. 
Thro' . 
f. Ps. xlii.---t will go up to the altar of 
God, to God, who rejoiceth n1Y youth. 
'l. SIlPplices.---Grant, we humbly be- 

eech thee, 0 Aln1ighty God, that those 
thou refresh est \vith thy sacran1ents, may, by a hfe 
,"'ell pleasing to thee, worthily serve thee. 'fhro'. 

IN'rROl'r. P.". xxx. 
B E to me a protecting ES'I'O 7llihi in Deu
God, and 3 place protectorcm, ct tn 
of refl1
e to save me: for lVCll111 r
fugiiJ ut slllvì 
thou art my strength me .facias: quoniam fir. 
and refuge; and fQr the 1namcnt6l11Z meum, et 're.. 
glory of thy name thou fugiuJJl 1Jleum t's tu j 

thyself \vilt be my guide, propter nomen lUlU!" dux 
and "'ilt feed me. Ps. 1nilâ eris, ct cnlltl"l,eS 1/'f. 
III thee, Lord, have IPs. 1n ie, Domine, !;pe_ 
hoperl. let me never be ravi, 11011, conJundar in 
put to shan}e: by thy ætel'nu1ll; in justitia tua 
justice deliver me, and libera me, et eripe 11le. V. 
rescue Ine. V. Glory. Glol,ia. 
COLL. Preces.-
fercifl1ny hear our prayers, we 
beseech thee, 0 Lord, and being freed from tJ.1e 
chains of our sins, preserve us from all adversity. 
EPIS1 1 LE. I Cor. xiii. I. 14.-Bl'etltren: If I 
speak \vith the tongues of men and of angels, and 
have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, 
or a tinkling cymbal. And if I should have pro- 
phecy, and shouJd know a11 mysteries, and aU 
kno\vledge: and if I should have all faith, so that 1 
could relnove mountains, and have not charity, I 
am nothing. And if I should distribute all my goods 
to feed the pOOf, and if I should deliver my bod
to l>e burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me 
nothing. Charity is patient, is kind: Charity en- 
vieth not, rlealeth not perversely: it is not puffed 
up, it is not ambitious, seeketh not her own, is not 
provoked to anger, thinketh no evil, rejoiceth not 
in iniquity, but rejoiceth with the truth: be
all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things. 
endl1reth all things.. Charity never falleth a\vay; 
Whether prophecies shall be rnade void, or tongues 
sl:1all cease, or kno\\'ledge shall be destroyed. }1'or 
we know in part, and we prophecy in part. But 
when that which is perfect is come, which is ill 
part shall be done away. \Vhen I \\
S a child, ( 
spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought 
as a child. But when I becLtlne a man, I put away 
!he things of a child. \Ve no\v see throu
h a glass 
111 a dark manner: but then face to face. No\v I 

know in part: but then I shaH know even as I 3m 
known. And now there remain faith, hope, cha. 
rity, these three; but the greatest of these is 
GRAD. Ps. lxxiii.--- Thou art the God who alone 
dost ,,'onders: thou hast made known thy power 
31110ng the Gentiles. V. Thou hast delivered thy 
people, the children of Israel and Joseph, by the 
strength of thy arm. 
TRA CT. Ps. xcix.---Jubilate Dca omnis terra; 
servite Domino in lætitia. Praise the Lord, all ye 
people of the earth; serve the Lord with joy. V. 
Come before him with gladness; rand know the 
Lord is God. 
r. It is he that made us; we did not 
make ourselves: \ve are his people, and the sheep 
of his pasture. 
<15oØpcI. Lukl xviii. 3'. 43.---At tltat time: 
Jesus took unto him the twelve, and said to them: 
Behold we go up to Jerusalem, and all tbings shall 
be accom plished which were written by the pro- 
phets concerning the Son of 
fan. For he shall be 
delivered to the Gentiles, and shaH be mocked, and 
scourged, and spit upon: and after they have 
scourged him, they will put him to death, and the 
third day he shall rise again. And they understood 
none of these things, and this ,,'ord was hid from 
them, and they understood not the things that were 
said. No\v it came to pass, that when he drew 
nigh to Jericho, a certain blind man sat by the 
way-side, begging. And \vhen he heard the 
multitude passing by, he asked what this me2nt. 
And they told him that Jesus of Nazareth was pas.. 
sing by. And he cried out: Jesus, SOl1 of David, 
]ul\.'e mercy on 111e. And they that went before. 
d hirn, that he should hold his peace. But 
he cried out much more: Son of David, have 
luercy on 111e. And ]esui standing, conlmanded 

Y. 11J 
him to be brought unto him. And \\'11Cn he \\7as 
COOle near, he asked hinl, saying: \Vhat \vilt thou 
that I do to thee? But he said: Lord, that I may 
see. And Jesus said to him: Receive thy sight; thy 
tàith hath made thee whole. And immediately he 
saw, and follo\ved hiol, glorifying God. And all 
the people, \\1hen they sa\v it, gave praise to God. 
O}1'FERT. PSt cxviii.-.-Hlcssed art thou, 0 T
teach me thy law: "rith my 1 ips have 1 pro- 
nounced an the commandments of thy mouth. 
SECRErr. 1\lay this offering, we beseech thee, 
o Lord, cleanse 3\\'ay our sins; and sanctify the 
 and souls of thy servants, to prepare them for 
\vorthily celebratin
 this sacrifice. Thro'. 
I. Ps. Ixxvii..--They have eaten and \vere 
fillcd: the Lord gran
ed them their desire:_ they 
have not been disappointed. 
I. QutEsumus.--- \Ve beseech thee, 0 
Alnlighty God, that we who have taken tl)is hea- 
venly foed, may by it be defended froln all adot 

THE ceremony of applying aChes, in the form of a crof:;, 
to the heads of the faithful on this d;ty, is a reli
k at 
the ancient difcipline of the Church which at tbc begin. 
ning of Lent, fubjected public and fcandalous finners to 
public and canonical penance. The prien, (having firft 
heard their confeffion, Gloathed them ",ith fackcloth- 
laid aChes on their heads, and fprinkkd theln with holy 
water) recited aloud over them the Jèt'f11. Ptnittlltial 
PJaI71lJ, affified therein by all the clergy lying profirate on 
the ground. After the proceffion, in which they wal;;;'ed 
bare-foot in the penitential dref$ ahove defcribed, they 
\vere turned out of the Church, not to be agjin admitted 
to affift at the facred myfieries, till rv1aundy- Thurfday. 
The Church doors were then {hut, and the 
lafs of tÞe 
I fai
hfu! began. 

, 3 

rrhough public penances are not fo fre
uent as they 
formerly were, the Council of Trent exprefsly orders 
them for public. cril
es, Sefs. xxiv'., c. 8. de ReJorm. A
thc direEhons given In the Roman Rztual, de Sacra1ll. Penzt. 
are: "Let not the prieR: absolve thore who have given 
public feandal, till they have made public fatisfaéHon, 
and removed the fcandal." 
We are therelore to perform this holy ceremony with 
an humble and contrite foul, with a firm refolutiaß of 
entering upon penitential praaices in order to punifh our 
fins) and to fatisfy fur them in a manner that may bear 
!Oll1C proportion to the enormity of our offences. 
ANT. H EAR us, 0 Lord, for thy mercy is kind: 
look on us, 0 Lord, according to the 
ßlu1titude of thy mercies. P.r. Save 111e, 0 God: for 
the waters have reached nlY soul. V. Glory. 
r\NT. Ilear ns, 
.c. to Ps. 
'I'he Lord be \\'ith you. ll. And vv-ith thy spirit. 
Let us pray.-Omnipotcns. 
O A Imighty and eternal God, spare those that 
repent, sh
\v DIercy to those that humbly in. 
treat thee: and vouchsafe to send from heaven thy 
holy angel, to + bless, and + sanctify the
e ashes. 
that they may be a \vholesome remedy to all ,vho 
hnmbly call upon thy holy name, and conscious of 
their sins, accuse themselves, and dep10re their 
crimes in sight of thy divine Majesty, or hUI11bly and 
earnestly have recourse to thy sovereign,. bounty: and 
grant, hy our calling on thy Inost holy nanle, that 
whoever shall b
 touched by these ashes for the re. 
u1Ìssion of their sins, may receive health of body, and 
defence of soul. 'f'hro'. 
Let us pray.-Deus, qu.i non ?llOrtCJJl. 
O God, who desire.:;t the conversion, and not 
the death of sinners, graciously consider the 
weakness of human nature, and mercifully vouch. 
safe to + bless these ashes, which we design to Cf!- 

eei.'le on our heads, in token of our humiliation, 
and to obtain forgiveness: that we, who know that 
\\'e are but ashes, and Inust return to dust because of 
our \vickedness, may obtain, through thy mercy, 
pardon of all our sins, and the recolnpence pro- 
mised to penitents. Thro'. 
Let us pray.-Dew;, qui h'llmiliationc. 
O God, who art appeased by humiliation, and 
pacified by satisfaction, incline to our prayers 
the ears of thy mercy; anù pour upon the heads of 
thy servants, covered with these ashes, the grace of 
thy blessing; so as both to fill thern "'7ith the spirit of 
compunction, and to grant them the effects of their 
just desires, and vvhen granted to remain stable and 
untouched for ever. rrhro'. 
IJet U
O Almighty and eternal God, \vho forgavest the 
Ninivites, \vhen they did penance in sack. 
cloth anù ashes: mercifully grant us so to imitate 
their penance, that we nlay obtain pardon of our 
sins. rrhro'. It. Amen. 
1'lte Priest h(
1:ill!! sprinkled tIle Ashes it'ill" ITo1y 
\V;lter, so!}ing the Anthem, Asperges, &c. p. xiii. 
withuut the Psalol, and jÌi.ming lluJlli tll1'ice, re. 
ceives O'J
 gives t"em to himself; t/ten ht: ICLgs tll
on tlte Ileads l!f ever!} one, .çayillg tv each: 
Pr. Remember, 0 man, that thou art dust, and 
shalt return to dust again. 
In tIle 1Jlt;llft time, tllc.tallowing Antheo1s are sung by 
tIle Chvir. 
A NT. Let us chang
 OUf dress for ashes and sack- 
c10th: let us fast and \Veep in the presence of the 

ord; for OUf God is very Inerciful to forgive us our 
ANT. The priests, the nlinisters of the Lord, shall 
weep bet\yeen thê porch and the altar, and say: 
Spare, () l,ord
 0 spare thy people, and shut not 
the mouths of those \,,'bo praise tbee, 0 Lord. 

ANT. Let us amend of the sins we nave com. 
mitted through ignorance: lest suddenly overtaken 
by the day of our death, \ye se
k for tio1e to ito pe.... 
nance, and be not able to nnd It. II l..ook dov\'n on 
us. 0 Lord, and take pity: for we nave sinned 
3gainst thee. V. I-Ielp us, 0 God our Saviour, and 
deliver us for the glory of thy name, 0 Lord.'*' 
Look down on us, 
'c. to Y. Glory, 
'c. Look 
do\vn on us, 
4C. to V. 
1'he Lord be with thee. R,. And with thy spirit. 
Let us pray.---Concede nobis. 
G RANT us, 0 Lord, to begin with holy fasting 
our christian warfare; that being to fight 
against spiritual wickedness, we may be aided there. 
in by temperance. 'rhro'. 
INrrROIT. IVisd. ix. Ps. lxi. 
T I-IOU, 0 Lord, hast mercy on all, and l1atest 
none of those things which thol1 hast created; 
thou \vinkest at the sins of men, to draw them to 
rep,entance, and thou pardonest them: because thou 

lft the l.ord our God. Ps. I-Iave mercy on me, 0 . 
God, have mercy on me; for my soul trusteth in 
thee. V. Glory. · 
COLLEC'r. P1'æsla, Domine.-Grant, 0 Lord, 
that thy faithful n1ay enter on this solemn fast with 
suitable piety, and go through it ,,'ith unnl01ested 
de\'otion. rrhro'. 
,4/te1' tlte II. Collect, A cunctis, p. xx. the {vllorfillg, 
'lcitlt its Secret and P. Comm. is continllcd till 
][1. COLLECT. Omnipolens,-O Almighty and 
eternal God, who hast dominion over the living and 
the dead, and art mercifu 1 to all, \,\'h0I11 thou know- 
est "rill bethine by faith and good works: \ve hum- 
bly beseech thee, that they, for whom we have pro- 
posed to offer our prayers, \vhether this world still 
tains them in the flesh, or the ne)\Ì world hath 
alreaùy received them divested of their bodies, may>> 

ASH-\VEDNESnA Y. . 117 
by the clemency of thine O\\lD goodness, and the 
intercession pf thy saints, obtain pardon and full 
remission of their sins. rrhro'. 
LESSON. Jotl ii. 12. 19,-ThliS saith the 
l..Jord: Be converted to me \vith all your heart, in 
fasting, in weeping, and in mou rning. And rend 
your hearts, and not your garments, and turn to the 
Lord your God: for he is gracious and D1ercifu J,. 
patient and rich in mercy, and ready to repent of the 
evil. \Vho know'edl but he ","ill return, nod for- 
give, nnd leave a blessing behind him, sacrifice and 
libation td the Lord thy God? Blou' the trumpet 
in Sian, sanctify a fast, can a solemn assemb1y
gather together the people, sanctify the Church, 
assemble the ancients, gather together the little ones, 
and them that suck at the breasts: 1(t the bride. 
groom go forth fronl his bed, and the bride ont of 
the bride-chamber. Between the porch and the 
altar the priests the Lord's ministers shan ,veep, 
and shall say: Spare, 0 Lord, spare thy people: 
and give not thine inheritance to reproach, that ti1C 
heathens should rule over them. \Vhy should they 
say anlong the nations; \Vhere is their God? rrhe 
140rd hath been zealous for his land, and hath spared 
l1Ïs people. And the l..ord answered and 
aid to hi
people: Behold I will send you corn, and wine, and 
oil, you shall be filled with them: anel I will no 
more make you a reproach among the nations) saith 
the Lord Almighty. 
GRAD. l.J s . Ivi.-I-Iave n1ercy on n1e, 0 God, 
have mercy on me: tor my soul hath trustee} in 
thee. V. 1-Ie hath stretched forth his hand from 
heaven, and hath delivered me: he hath given up 
to reproach those \\'ho trample on me. 
rrnAC'r. P.r. cii. and lxxviii.--Dea\ not \
lith us, 
o Lord, according to our sins, which \\'e have com- 
mitted, nor punish us according to our iniquities. 
V. Remember not, 0 L01"d, our past oneoce:)

thy n1erry soon overtake us
 for we are reduced to 
the greatest misery. V. Help us, 0 God our Savi- 
onr: and for the glory of thy name deliver us, 0 
Lord, and for the glory of thy name, pardon us 
. . 
0\.1 r Sins. 
 abo"ce l'ract is said every 
ronday, TJTedne,çday, 
and Friday, till lVedllesdll..lI ilt lIoly. \Veek, except 
tllcre be a propel' one appointed. 
<1DoßptI. JJlalt. vi. 1(5. 21.-At that time.; 

1eSllJ said tv !tis disciples: 'Vhen you fast be not as 
the hypocrites, sad. For they disfigure their faces. 
that they J11ay appear unto nlen to fast. Amen I 
say to you, that they have received their rewarù. 
13ut thou, \vhen thou fastest, anoint thy head, and 
wash thy face: that thou 3y>pear not to men to fast, 
but to thy Father. who is in secret: and thy 
Father, who seeth in secret, will re\vard thee. 
l..ay not up for yourselves treasurES on earth: 
\vhere the rust and moth consunlP, and where 
ves break through and steal. But lay up for 
}'ourseh'es treasures in heaven: where neither the 
rust nor moth cloth consume, and where thieves 
òo not break through nor steal. For where thy 
treasure is, there is thy heart also. 
OFFERT. PSt xxix.-l will extol thte, 0 Lorc1. 
because thou hast upholden me: nor hast thou let 
my enen1ies triumph over me. 0 Lord, to thee 
I cried out, and thou didst heal nle. 
SECREc.f. Grant, 0 Lord, that we may be 
duly prepared to present these our offerings, by 
\'vhich ",'e celebrate the institution of this venerable 
mystery. rrhro'. 
J r. SEC RE'r. Ordinary, p. xxvii. 
III. SECRErr. 0 God, to \'vhom alone is lnown 
the Ilunlber of thine elect to. be placed in eternal 
bliss: grant, \ve beseech thee, by the intercession of 
:ill thy 
J that the book of predestinatiol1 may 

contain the names of all those, whom \\.e ha
e un- 
dertaken to pray for, as \vell as those of all the 
faithful. 'fhro'. 
PR E F AC E. Qui cfJrporalijcjuilio, p. xxx. 
I. l J s. i.-lIe that Ineclitatelh night and 
day on the law of the Lord shall yield his fruit in 
due season. 
I1\tI. Pel'cel'ta,-
Iay the mysteries ,,'e 
ha\'e received, 0 Lord, afford us help, that our 
tasting may be acceptable to thee, and become 
a remedy to us, Thro'. 
Ir. P. "'CO:\11\f. l1Juudet.-Ordinary, p. xliv. 
]11. P. CO
r. pU1
lay the n1ysterieg 
,ve have received, purify ns, \\'e beseech thee, U 
Alnlighty and merciful God: and grant, by the in- 
tercession of all thy saint
, that this thy sacrament 
may not increase our guilt to pun1shment, but be a 
ß1eans of obtaining- pardon in order to salvation: 
fl1ay it \\'ash away sin, 5trengthen our frdilty, secure 
us against the dangers of the \vorld ; and prooure 
forgiveness tor all the faithful both living and dead. 
ï"hro' . 
Let us pray. now down your heads to God. 
1"he Prayer, rndinantes, ore1' the peuple. 
J / f ERCIFUl..LV look down upon us, 0 Lord. 
1 \ LOv"ing do\vn before thy divin
Iajesty, that 
they '1. ' 110 ha\/e been refreshed \\'ith thy divine nl} s- 
teries, may always be supported by thy heavenly 
aid. Thro'. 

'ffIUIlSDA, Y befoff
 the J. Sunday in I...ent. 
INI'ROrr. Ps. li\,. 
' X TIIEN I cried out to the Lord, he heard 'm\-" 
/ V voice agélinst those \vho \\'ere conling upon 
me: he that is before all agel;; and \yilt be for ever 
humbleù then1: cast thy care on the Lorrl. 
nd he 
win fee,,} the 
. Ps. flear, 0 GQd, 01}' prayer, anJ 



'tle:-:pise not n1}' petition: hearken to Ine, and graci. 
ously hear 01e. 'V. Glory. 
LEC'l'. Dills, qui culpa.---O God, \vho by 
sin art otfend
d, and pacified by repentance, merci. 
fully regard the prayers of thy people, who make 
supplication to thee: and turn away the scourges of 
thy anger, which we deserve for our sins. Thro'. 
. Isaias xxxviii. I. 6.---10 thos
 days Eze- 
chias \\'as sick 
ven to <leath, and Isaias the son of 
Amos the prophet caIne unto him, and said to him: 
Thus saith the Lorrl: "fake order \vith thy house for 
thou shalt die, anò not live. And Ezechias turned Ius 
face to\vards the \\'a11, and prayed to the Lord, and 
said: I beseech thee, 0 Lord, rel1lenlber ho\v I have 
",yalked before thee in truth, and \\lith a perfect heart. 
.and have done that \vhich is good in thy sight. And 
Ezechias wept \vith great weeping. And the word of 
the Lord canle to Isaias, saying: Go and say to 
Ezechias: Thus saith the Lord the God of David 
thy tàther: I have,heard thy prayer, and I have seen 
thy tears: behold I will add to thy days fifteen years; 
And I will deliver thee and this city out ofthehands 
øt the king of the A
, and I will protect it, 
:saith the Lord Almighty. 
G R AD. Ps. liv.---Cast thy care on the Lard, and 
he will feed thee. V. \Vhen I cried out to the Lord, 
}1e heard !De, and defended ßle against those that 
'were coolIng upon me. 
<1DOßP.e + Jlatt. viii. from :I: in the Gospet of tlUJ 
III. Sunday after Epiphan}', p. 99. 
OFFERT. I)s. xxiv.---'ro thee, 0 Lord, have I 
raised up In)' soul: my God, in the
 is illY trust, let 
me not be con tC.Hl nded ; neither let my enelnies scoff 
at me; for none, who look for thee, shall be dis.. 
, appointf>d. 
, SEC RErr. I-J car us, () Ilord, \\-e begeech thee, 
:and being appeased by these off
rings, grant they 


may increase our dcvotiol1 J and advance our salva- 
tjon. 'fhro'. 
1:\I. l
s.I..._..Thou wilt accept a sacrifice of 
righteousness, oblations, and \vhol.e burnt-.offerings 
on thy altar, 0 I
I). CO:\1l\1. Cælrstis.-....llaving partaken of the 
blessings of these heavenly mysteries, \\'e humbly 
beseech thee, 0 Almighty God, that by tÌ1e(TI \ve [nay 
receive both the sacralnent anJ eternal salvcìtion. 
IJet us pray. Bow duwn your hea,1s to God. 
pare, 0 l
pare thy 
people: that having been just1 \' chastised, they may 
find comfort in thy merc}". '],hro'. 
FRI01\ Y before the 1. Sunday in Lent. 
"T}{OIT. 1:).ç. xxix. 
TIlE T Jord hath heard l11e, anò taken pity on nle: 
thp I..Iord hath becoIne nlY helper. Ps. I ,vill 
extol thee, 0 Lord, because thou hast protected 
me: 1H:
ither hast thou let my enemie5t triunlph over 
. r. Gtory. 
COLI..,EC'r. Inclwata iÔunia.---Graciously 1:1- 
....our us, 0 Lord, we bese&ech thee, in the fast ,,'e 
have 1\ndert3ken; that what \\'e observe 0l1t\varc11y, 
we n1ay perform with sincere n1inds. Thro" 
LESSON. Lç. Iviii. I. 9....-Tllus .slLith fhe Lord God; 
Cn', cease not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet. 
and shew Iny people their \vicked doings, and the 
house of Jacob their sins. I
or they seek. nlC froln 
da}' to day, and desire to kno\v my vvay
, as a nation 
t.hat hath done justice, anrl hath not forsaken the 
judgment of their God: they ask of me the jlhlg- 
ents of justice:. they are \'9il1ing to approach to 
od. \\' h y have \ve t1sted, and t hOl1 hast not re- 

ardcd? \\'hy have \ve humbled our souls, and thou 
t not taken notice? B
holdJ in the day of your 

fast, your o\vn ,,,,ill is found, élud you exact of an 
your debtors. Behold you fast for debates and 
strife, and strike with the fist \,,'ickedly. Do not 
fast as you have done until this day, to make your 
cry to be heard on high. Is this such a fast as I 
l1ave chosen, for a man to atHict his soul for a day? 
is this it. to wind his head about like a circ1e, aud 
to spread sackcloth and ashes? wilt th.ou call this a 
fast, and a day acceptable to the Lord,? Is not thi
r the fast that I have chosen? loose the bands of 
wickedness, undo the bundles that oppress, let theIl1 
that are broken go free, and break asunder every 
burden. Deal thy bread to the hungry, and bring 
the needy and the harbourless into thy house: 
,vhen thou shalt see one naked, cover him, and 
despise not thy o\vn flesh. rrhen shall thy light 
break forth as the morning, and thy hearth shall 
speedily arise, anù thy justice shall go betore thy 
face, and the glory of the I.Jonl shaH gather thee np. 
"rl.1en sha1t thou caB, and the Lord shan hear: thou 
shalt cry, and he shan say; lItre 1 anl, jV1' I tile 
Lord thy God am mercifùl. 
GRAD. 1 J s. xxvi.-One thing have T 
1sked of the 
Lord, and that I will continue to ask, that I may 
lI in the house of the Lord.. l'. 'rhat I may 
contemplate the beauty of the LorJ, and be pro. 
tected in his holy temple. 
rrRr\C'r. Ps.cii.-Deal not, &c. p. 117. 
<1Boøp I. ]\fatt. v._ 43. 4
t vi. I. 4.-,At that 
time ; Jesu,
 said to IÛs discijJlc$ ; You have heard that 
it hath,been said: Thou shalt love thy n
and hate thy enemy- But I say to you, love your 
enemies, do good to them that hate YOll: and pray 
for theq1 that persecu te and Call1l11n tate you: that 
)'Ol1 Inay he the children ot YOllr Father, \vho is in 
aven, who maketh I,lis sun to rise upon the gaoe] 
and Lad, and r6lineth upon thcjust and unjust. for 

KT. 12 3 
if you love thenl lh
lt love you, \vhat reward shall 
you have? do not even the publicans the san1e? 
And if you salute your brethren only, what do you 
do more? do not also the heathens the san1e. 
Be you therefore perfect, as also your heavenly Fa- 
ther is perfect. Chap. vi. ,!'ake heed that you do 
not your justice before men, to be seen by them; 
othef\vise you shall not have a rey:ard of your Father 
\vho is in heaven. rfherefore \\then thou dost an 
aln1s deed, sound not a trumpet before thee, as the 
h}'pocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, 
that they may be honoured by men. Amen I say to 
yon, they have received their reward. But when 
thou dost alms, Itt not thy left hand kno\v \\' hat thy 
right hand cloth. That thyalnls may be in secret, 
and thy Father who seeth in secret \ovill repay thee. 
OFl;ER'r. Ps. cxviii.-Preserve my lite, 0 Lord, 
according to thy promise, that I Inay kno\v thy 
eo m n1::l n d men ts. 
SECRET. Grant, ,,"c beseech thee, 0 Lqrd, 
that the sacrifice \\e offer in this holy time of Lent, 
may render OUf souls acceptable to th
e, and make 
us more ready in the practice of fal)(ing. 'Thra'. 
I. Ps. ii.---Serve the Lord \\'ith fe-ar, and 
rejoice in him with trembling: emhrace instructions, 
lest you perish from the right way. 
pi1'itlun nobis. _. Give us, 0 Lord, the 
spirit of thy charity, -l
at thou maytst, by thy rDer- 
ey, Inake those unanimous, \\"hom thou hast fed 
\"ith one and the saIne heavenly bread. Thro'. 
et us pray. 80" down your heads to (;od. 
PRAYER. Tucre D01lline.---Oefend, 0 Lord, 
thy people, and mercifully cleange then1 fron! all 
their sins: for no Inisfortune can hun them, if no 
\vickedness rule .over them. 'rhea. 

( 12 4 ) 
SA.1'URDi\ Y before the I. Sunday in Lent. 
The Introit, C;radual, Tract, Offertory, and COlllll1U- 
niOll, as in tltejùregoing 
Jass, p. I 21, ,-
COI.lLEC'I:. .Adeslo DVlI1Ùle..-.Give ear, 0 Lord. 
to our prayers, and grant that \ve Iliay, \\,ith true 
devotion, observe this solemn fast, ,,'hich ""as 
,vho1csoI11ely instituted for glVing health to both our 
souls and bodies. Thro'. 
LESSON. Isaias Iviii. 9- 14.-
-2Tltus saitlt the Lord 
God: I f thou \yilt take a"vay the chain ont of the 
midst of thee, and cease to stretch ont the finger, 
and to speak that ,,'hich is g<;}od tor nothing. \Vhen 
thou shalt pour out thy soul to the hungry, and shalt 
satisfy the afflicted soul, then shall thy light rise up 
in darkne
5, and thy darkness shall be as the noon- 
d:ty. And the l"ord ",'ill give thee rest continually
and vvill fill thy soul with brightness, anò deliver thy 
bones, and thou shalt be like a watered garden, anJ 
Eke a fountain of water, whose waters shall not 
fail, And the places that have been desolate for 
ages, shal1 be built in thee: thou shalt raise up the 
foundations of generation and generation: and thou 
shal t be ca lled the repairer of the fences, tu rning the 
paths into re
t. If thou turn away thy toot from the 
sabbath, froll) doing thy o\vn \vill in thy holy day, 
and call the saLbath delightfu1, and the holy of the 
Lord glorious, and glorify hin! \vhilst thou dost not 
thy own \vays, and thy 0\\'11 "'ill is not found, to 
speak a word: 'I'hen shalt thou be delighted in the 
Lor.i, nnd I ,,,in lift thee up above the high places 
of the eartlJ, and \vill ft'ed thee \\.ith the inheritance 
of Jacob thy father. :For the nlol1th of the Lord 
hath spoken it. 
<iBoøprl. llIark vt 47' 56.--.At that tiTne; 
'Vhen it was late, the ship was in the n1Ídst of the 
sea, and he alone on the land. A od seeing theln 
labouring in rovving (for the \vind ,'vas ag:lÌnst then1) 

and about the fourth \vatch of the night he cometh 
to them walking upon the sea, and he would have 
passed by them But they seeing hin1 'IIJalking 
upon the sea, thought it ",'as an apparition, and 
they cried out. For they all sa\v hin}, and were 
troubled. And immediately he spoke with them, 
and said to then1: IIave a good heart, it is I, fear 
ye not. And he went up to them into th
ship, and the \vind ceased. And they were far 
D10re astonished ,vithin themselves: for they under- 
stood not concerning the loaves: for their heart 
was blinded. And when they had passed over, they 
came into the land of Genesareth, and set to the 
shore. And when they ,vere gone out of the ship, 
i InmeJiately they kne.w hilll; and rUlining through 
that v,thole country, they began to carry about in 
beds those that were sick, where they heard he was. 
And \vhithersoever he entered, into towns, or into 
villages, or cities, they laid the sick in the streets. 
and besought hin1 that they might touch but the hen1 
ot his gannent 
 and as 
any as touched hint were 
Dlade whole. 
SECRE'!'. Receive, 0 l.orù, the sacrifice, by 
the inlmolation of \vhich thou vouchsafest to be ap- 
peased; and grant, \ve beseech thee, that being 
purified by its f.fficacy, ,ve 111ay ofier the affections 
oi our n1incl well pleasing to thee. '1'hro'. 
1. Cælt'slis.
--Being strengthened, 0 
l..ord, by the gift of a heavenly life, we beseech thee, 
that \vhat is a Inystery to us in this life, may help us 
to obtain that \\'hich is eternal. 'rhro'. 
I.Jet ns pray. Bo\v do\vn your heads to God. 
PRA Y ER. l'Ùlt:lf.s.-
lav thy faithful, 0 God, 
be stren
thened by thy gifts: that, by receiving 
them, they filay ever hU:lgcr after them, and hun. 
gering after them, they m
y have their desires satis- 
fied in the everla
ting possession of them. Thro'. 
L j 

( 126 ) 
INTIlOIT. Ps. xc. 
FI E shall cry to me, ]Nvocabit me, ret ego 
and I \vill hear him: exaudifun eum: Eri.. 
I will rescue )1Ïm, and pillm eum, et glorificabo 
glorify him: I will fill eum/: LOllgitudine die- 
him wiL h length of days. runt a dimp lebo eum,._... 
]>s. Ile that confidet h in Ps. 90. Qui habitat in 
id of the Most fligh, adjutorio altissiuÛ, in pro- 
shall abide under the tt'ctionc Dei cæli comma- 
protection of the God of 'I'atibur. 
heaven. V. Glory. V. Gloria. 
C()L1..JECT. Deus qui.-..O God, who purifiest 
thy Church by the yearly observ8tion of l
grant, that \\,hat thy children endeavour to obtain of 
thee by abstinence, they may put in execution by 
good works. Thra. 
EP1S'rLE. 2 Cor. vi. 1. lo.---Bretlll'en: \Ve ex- 
hort you, that you receive not the grace of God in 
. For he saith: "In an acceptable time have I 
heard thee; and in the day of salvation have I hel ped 
thee." Behold, no\" is the acceptable time: be- 
hold, now is the day of salvation. Giving 110 ot: 
fence to any 01an, that our nÜnistry be not blarped : 
but in an things let us exhibit ourselves as the mini... 
sters of God, '1'n much patience, in tribulation, .in 
necessities, in distresses, in stripes, in prison, J11 
seditions, in labours, in \vatchings, in fastings, in 
chastity, in knowledO'e, in long-suffering, in s\veet.. 
ness, in the T laly Ghost, in charity unfeigned, in 
the word of lruth, in the power of God: by the ar. 
mour of justice on the right-hand, and on the left: 
þy honour,and dishonour: by evil report, and good 
report: as deceivers, and yet true; as unknown, 
and yet kno\vn: as dying, and behold we live: as 
chastlsed, and not killed: as sorro\vfu1, yet always 
rejoicing; as neerly, yet enriching many; as havio 6 
nothing, aDd possessitJg all thing-s. 

I. SUl'f J},\ Y IN LENT. J 27 
GRAD. Ps. xc.---God has given hi
 angels a 
charge over thee, to gnard thee in all thy ways. V. 
They shall hear thee up on their hanJs, lest at any 
time thou hit thy foot against a stone. 
TR.\CT. PS, xc.---Quí Iwbitat ilt adjutorin allis. 
simi, in protectione Del c<<li COJJI11107'abif.zl1'. lIe that 
confidelh in the aid of the 1\1ost High, shall abide 
under the protection of the God of heaven. V. He 
shall sar to the Lord, thou art my protector and my 
refuge: fIe is my God, in hilll \-villl hope. IT. For 
it is he \\'ho hath delivered 111e from the snare of 
those that hunted nle: and from their threats. IT. lIe 
shall cover thee \vith his shoulder: and thou shalt 
hope under his "ring. IT. (lis truth shaH co m pass 
thee \vith a 5:hield: thou shalt not fear th
rrors of 
the night. JT, Nor the arro\\' flying by rlay, nor the 
mischief stalking in the dark, nor a faJI, nor the 

oon-day rlevil. J': A thol1sa
d shall fan on thy 
side, and ten thous:1od on thy fight hand: But evil 
shall not approach thee. JT. For he hath given his 
<<\nge1s charge over thee, to gnarll thee in al1 tò y 
\\'ays. T r . They shall bear thee upon their han,J
lest at any time' thou hit thy foot against a stone. Jí. 
'rhou shalt tread on the asp and the basilisk: thou 
shalt tran1ple on the lion and the dragon. r'. Since 
he hath hope"l in me, 1 \vill de1 iver h1 01; I \-vi1J pro- 
tect hiln, since he hath known my nanle. lIe shall 
call upon me, and I \,"'ill hear him: I atl1 \vith hint 
in distress. JT. I \\'il\ rescue hill1, and glorify hiol: 
I \vill filL him with length of days, and shew hilll 
I my salvation. 
<1BoØp.eI. l\Iatt. iv. I. I I.-At tltattime: Jesl1
was led by the spirit into the desart, to be tempt
by the Devil. And \vhen he had fasted forty days 
and forty nights, ,he was. after
ards hungry. And 
the tenlpter comH)
, saul to hun: If thaI] be the 
on of Goll, comll1and that these stones be made 
I \>read. But he answered and said: It ig \vritt

" Not by bread alone cloth man live, but by every 
'VOl d that proceedeth out of the Dlouth of God." 
Then the Devil took him into the holy city, and set 
hi 01 upon the pinnac1e of the tenlpJe, and said to 
hinI: If thou'be the Son of God, cast thyself down; 
fot. it is written: "fIe hath given his angels charge 
over thee, and on their hands shall they bear thee up, 
lest perhaps thou dash thy toot against a stone." 
JtSUS said to him, it is 
rrilten again, "'rhou shalt 
uot tenlpt the Lord thy God." l\gain the Devil took 
hin1 up into a very high mountain, and shewed him 
é111 the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of 
theI11, and said to him: All th
se \\,ill I give thee, 
if thou \via fall do\vn and adore me. Then Jesus 
saiò to hiln: Begone, Satan, for it is writt
n: "The 
ord thy God thou shalt adore, and him only shalt 
thou serve." Then the devillcft him; and behuld 
angt>ls canle anrl tninistered to hitn." CREDO. 
OFFERT. Ps. xc.-'fhe Lord shaH cover thf>e 
with his shonlder<;, and thou shalt hope under his 
 his tf11th shall con1pass thee with a shield. 
SECUE-f. \Ve offer thee, 0 Lord, in the Illost 
so1e(nn manner, this sacrifice at the beginning of 
Lent, hU111blv beseeching tht'e, that as \ve r
fron} the food of our bodies, \ve m:lY also refrain 
from all noxiol1splca
ures. "rhro". 
COl\L\I. }'s. xc.- 'I'he Lord shan cover tbee 
with his shou Iders, and thou shalt hope l1 nder his 
wings: his truth shall conI pass theë with a shield. 
P. CO:\I'l. - 1'ui nos.-
tay the holy oblation, 0 
Lord, of thy sacra01ent, give us a new life, that, by 
laying aside the old man, it nlay bring us to the 
partici pation of this saving mystery. 

l\10NDA Y, I. 'VEEI\: IN LEN'-f. 
IN'fR011'. Ps. cxxii. 
A s the eyes of the servants are on the hands of 
thelI masters, so are our eyes on the Lord our 

I, \\' E E K 0 F L jl '<; T. J 29 
God, until he have mercy on us: hav
 tnercy on US
o Lord, have Inercy on lIS. Ps. '1'0 thee have [ 
lifted up my eyes, thou that dwellest in the hea. 
vens. Jr, Glory. 
COLLECrr. CO/lt.'erle.-Convert us,O God our 
Saviour, and instruct our nlinds with thy heavenly 
doctrine, that this fast of Lent 111ay be beneficial to 
us. rrhro'. 
. E2;ek. xxxÌ\r. I J. 16- '1ï,US Jailh tile Lord 
God: Beho1d I myself \\7ill sCt'k my sheep, and \viH 
visit them. As the shepherd visiteth his flock, in the 
day when he shaH be in the midst of his sheep that \. 
were scattered: so ,viII [ visit my sheep, and win 
r thf'n1 out of an the places where they have 
been scattered in the cloudy and dark day. i\nd I 
\\i-ill bring them ont from the peoples, and will ga- 
ther the In out of the countries, and win bring thP'ffi 
to their own land; and I will feecl them in the 
mountains of Israel, by the rivers, and in all the ha- 
bitations of the land: I will feed them in the most 
fruitful pastures, and their pastures shaH be in the 
high mountains of I
rael: there shaH they rest on the 
green grass, and be fed in fat pastures upon the 
D1.ountains of Israel. I will feed my sheep: and I 
will cause them to lie down, saith the Lord God. 
1 \vill seek that which was lost: and that which was 
driven a\vay, I will bring again: and I will bind up 
that \\'hich was broken, and 1 \vill strengthen that 
which \vas weak, and that \\1hich ,vas fat and strong 
I will preserve: and I will feed them in juògn1ent, 

,Ûtll tIle L01'd .J.l/migltly. 
GR..\D. P:;. lxxxiii.-Cast an eye upon us, a 
God, our Protector, look dOVvïl upon thy ser\'a
V. 0 Lord God of arn1Ïes, hear the prayers of thy 
TRACT. 1>s. cii. Deal not, &c. p. I 17. 

OØpC[. Jlatl. xxv. 31.-.tlt that time: Jesus 

13 0 
Y IN THE, &c. 
sair1 to his disciples: '''hen the Son of l\Ian shan 
com4t in his majesty, and all the angels \\'ith him, 
then shall he sit upon the iieat of his majesty. And 
aH nations sh
ll be gathered together before him. 
and he shall separate theln one from another, as the 
shepherd separateth the sheep from the goats: and 
he shaH set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats 
on his left. 'rhen shall the king say to them that 

han be on his fight hand; Come, ye blessed of my 
Father, possess the kingdom prepared for you from 
the foundation of the world. For I was hungry. 
anù you gave me to eat: I was thirsty, and you gave 
me to drink: I was a stranger, and you took me 
: naked, and you cloathed me; sick, and you vi- 
sIted Ine: I was in prison, and you came to me. 
Then shall the just 3nS\Ver him, saying
 Lord, when 
did \ve see thee hungry, and fed thee; thirsty, and 
gave thee drink? And when did we see thee a 
stranger, an 1 took thee in: or naked, and cloathed 
e? Or when did we see thee sick or in prison, and 
can1e to thee? And the king answering shall say to 
them: Amen I s
y to you, as long as you have done 
it to one of these my least brethren, you did it to 
me. Then shall he say to them also that shall be 
on his left hand: Depart from me, you cursed, in. 
to everlasting fire, which was" prepared for the devil 
and his angels. For I was hungry, and you gave me 
not to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave me not to 
drink. I was a stranger, and you took me not in ; 
naked, and you cloathed me not; sick, and in pri- 
son, and you did not visit me. Then shall they 
also answer him, saying: Lord, when did we see 
thee hungry, or thirsty, or a stranger, or naled, or 
sick, or in prison, and did not minister to thee 1 
rrhen he shall ans\ver thein, saying; Alnen I say to 
you, as long as you did it not to one of these least 
ones, neither did you it to me. And these sha'l go 

TUESDAY IN THE, &c. 13 1 
into everlasting punislullent, but the just into life 
OFFERrr. Ps. cxviii.-I will lift up my eye
, and 
consider thy \vonders, 0 Lord, that thou mayest 
teach me thy law; give Ine understanùing, and I 
"will learn thy comlllandments. 
SECRET. Sanctify, 0 Lord, the offering<; \\"e 
have made, and cleanse us fronl the stains of our 
sins. Thro'. 
J. J{att. xxv.-Verily, I say to you: \
you have done to one of the least of Inine, you have 
done to 111e: come, ye blessed of my Father, take 
possession of the kingdom prepared for you from the 
beginlli ng of the world. " 
P. COl\l
1. Salutaris.-Bcing filled, 0 Lord, 
by the participation of thy saving mysteries, '\Ie 
hUlnbly beseech thee, that as \ve rejoice in the taste 
thereof, we may be renewed by their effect!;. Thro'. 
Let us pray. Bo\v do,\'n your head.s to God. 
PRA Y ER. Absolve.-Loosen, 0 [,ord, \ve be. 
seech thee, the bonds of our sins; and mercifufly 
turn away fronl U& \vhatever we deserve for them. 

INTROr!'. Ps. lxxxix. 
TI-JOU, 0 Lord, hast been our refuge fi'om gene 
ration to generation: thou rirt from all eternity. 
and wilt be throughout all ages. Ps. Before the 
mountains were made, and before the globe of the 
earth was fanned, thou art God from all eternity 
and throughout all ages. JT. Glory. 
COLLEC'f. Respice.-Look down, 0 I ord J on 
thy children, and grant that, \vhile \\'e chastise our- 
selves by mortifyin
 the flesh, onr minds may be in. 
flamf?d \\Iith the lOVt.a and dEsirè of thee. rrhro'. 

. Is. h'. 6. 11.-111, tlwsc (h!)'s: l..;aias 
, tIle pj(phct spakf, sqying; Sed,
 ye the Lord whi[e 

13 2 TUESJ)A Y I
 TßE, &c. 
he may be found, call upon h\lll white he is near. 
Let the wicked forsake his "Tay, and th
just man his thoughts, and let him return to the 
Lord, and he will have mercy on him; and to our 
God, for he. is bOl1ntifu 1 to forgÏ\re. I For my 
thoughts are not your thoughts, nor your "
Jays my 
v\oays, the Lord. For as the heavens are ex- 
alted above the earth, so are n1Y \vays exalted above 
your ways, and IllY thoughts above your thoughts. 
.And as the rain and the S110\V come down fron1 hea- 
ven, and return no more thither, but soak th
and ""ater it, and n1ake it to spring, and give seed 
to the sower, and bread to the pater: gO shaH nlY 
'\'01'<1 be, \"hich shaH go forth fronl nl\' rnouth:. it 
shaH not return to me void, but it shall do '\That- 

r I please. and shaH prO"pp.f in the things for 
\"hieh I sent it, saiLlt tI,e Lord Almighty. 
<'-;R_\D. Ps. ex1.-Let my prayer 3scend like 
incense in thy sight, 0 Lord. Jí. And let th(:k lifiing 
up In\" hands be to thee like the evening sac rifice. 
. GDoØpcl. .Jfatt. xxi. 10. I,.-At t!lat time: 
".hen he \\'as ron1e into Jerl1sa1f'm, the \vh01e city 
,vas moveci, saying; \Vho is this? And the people 
said: This is JpSl1S the prophet, fi'om Nazareth of 
Galilee. And Je
us \vent into the ten1ple of God, 
and cast out all them that sold and bought in the 
templp, and o\'e>rthrc\!'J the tables of the money.. 
changers, and the chairs of thenl that sold dovps : 
and he saith to them: It is ,,\'ri tten, " 
I y houge 
be called he h01lse of prayer; but yon have maJe 
it a den of thieves:' And the blind and the larne 
came to hin1 in the tPlnp1p.; an(l he heated them. 
.And when the ehief prif-'sts and scribes caV'.' the "'on.. 
clerful thingg that he did, and the children crying in 
the tPfOP'f:', and saying: " lIo
3nna to the son of 
))a\'id," 1 hcv "'ere oloved "7i t h indignation, and 

aid to him. 'u f-?
re..:t thou \),'b
t tbf5E:' S
,,? .\nd Je... I 


!nFR-'VEDNESDA Y. '33 
S1JS said to thel11: y e
, hdve you never rearl: u Ont 
of the mouths of infants and of sucklin
;:) thou hast 
pertected praise ?" And leaving thenl he went out 
of the city into Bethania, and remained there. 
OFFER'l'. Ps. xxx.-In thee, 0 Lord, have I 
 I have said: 'Thou art lIlY God, my life is 
in th v hands. 
. Be appeased, 0 Lord, with thp offer. 
ings we have made, and defènd us fronl all danger. 
'rhro' . 
IßI. Ps. iv.-\Vhen I ca1!eù on thee, thou 
òidst hear me, 0 my just God: thou didst a
sist me 
in tribulation: have mercy on me, 0 God, and gra. 
cions1y h
ar nAY prayer. 
P. CO 
1l\1. QUllSU111U.i.- ,,,.. e beseech thee, 0 
\1 nlighty God, that \\'e n1a v one day receive the 
effects of that salvation, of \vhich \ve have receivcJ 
the pledge in these rnystt'ries. Thro'. 
Let us pray. Bow do'wl1 your heads to God. 
PRAYER. Ascendaltt.-!.\lùy our prayers, 0 
l,ord, ascend to thee, anù d
liver thy church (rom 
all wickedness. rrhro'. 

IN'fROrr. Ps. xxiv. 
R Elll em beT, 0 Lord, the many instances of thy 
ion and mercy fron1 the beginning. 
Let not our enemies rule O"ver us: deliver us, 0 
God of Israel, from all our distress. Ps. rro thee. 
a Lord, have I raise'l up my soul, let Ine not be 
put to shanle. JT. Glory. 
After the Kyrie eleison, is said: 
Let us pray. Let. us kneel do\vn. R. Stand up again. 
1, COLLEC'r. l
rece,o; lwRtras....- 
IerciflJ lly bear 
our prayers, 0 Lord, Vv'e beseech the
, and stretch 
forth the fight hand of thy po\\"er ag:Ünst every thing 
that opposeth us. rI'hro'. 
'od. xxiv. 12. 18... In tlz
c dn;.. z 

J 34 E \1 BE R - 'v ED N E S DAY. 
IFfhe Lord said to l\Joses: COlue up to me into th
mount, and be there: and I will g;ve thee tables 
lf", and the la\\
, and the commanJrnents 
'A'hich I have \\
n: that thon Inayest teach them. 
es rose n p, and his mi'1i--ter Josue; and 
going up into the rnaunt of God, said to the anci. 
{-ots: \Vait ye here till vIe return to you, you have 
Þ.:ll'on and l-Iur with you: if any ql1tstion 
hall rise, 
you shall refer it to them. .A,nd v:nell 
loses was 
gone up, a cioud covered the mount. And the 
glory of the Lord dwelt upon Sinai, covering it 
,vith a cloud six days, and the' seventh llay he calle(1 
him out of the midst of the cloud. And the sight 
of the glory of the I
ord, was like a burning fire 
upon the top of the mount, in the eyes of the chil. 
dren of Israf'l. ..1nd Moses enterin
 into the midst 
of the cloud, went up into the n1ountain; and he 
\vas there forty cia ys, and forty nights. 
GHL\D. l>s.---'rhe distress of fi}' soul is increas- 
ed : deliver me, 0 Lord, froin the evils that sur. 
rounù me
 JT. See, 0 Lord, to what I am reduced. 
See \,'hat r su !fer, and forgive me all my sins. 
II. CO LLEC1'. Dt:votionem.--. \Ve beseech thee, 
o Lord, mercifully to regard the d
votion of thy 
people: that mortif}'ing their bOllies by fasting, their 
 nlay be refreshed by good ,yorks. rrhro'. 
. 3 ](ings xix. 3, S..--In those days: 
Elias came into Bersabee of J uda, and left his ser- 
vant there. And he went fonvard one day's journey 
iuto the desart. And '\\-
hen he was there, and sat 
under a juniper tree, he requested fùr his soul that 
he might die, and said: J t is enougn for me, Lord p 
take away my soul: tor I am no better than my 
fathers. And he cast hilnself do\vn, and slept under 
the shadow of the juniper tree: ar.d behold an angel 
of the Lord touched hiIll and said to him: Arise 
and eat. A,nd he looked, and behold there ,vas at 
his head a hearth. cake and a Vt53cl of \vater: and 

E M BE R- ,V E D 
 E 5 D.\ Y · 13 S 
l1e afe and drank, and he tell asleep again. And the 
angel of the I.Jord came again the second time and 
touched him, nnu said to him: Arise, eat, for thou 
hast yet a great ,\-yay to go. And he arose and ate 
and drank, and ,,'alkeù in the strength of that food' 
forty days and fort}' nights. nnto the monnt of God. 
TRAC1., Ps. xxiv.---Deliver me fron1 my neces- 
sities, 0 J
ord; see n1Y rl1stre
s and affliction, and 
forgive me all my sins. fT. To thee, 0 Lord, have 
1 lifted up nlY soul: in thee, 0 m)' God, do I put 
my trust, let me nol be put to shan1e. Neither Jet 
my enemies scoff at me. Jr. For none that trust in 
thee shall ever be confounded: let those be con- 
foundeò. who do what is vain. 
<!)OØpcl. l\Iatt. :\ii. 38.-...,At that time: Some 
of the Scribes and Pharisee:; ans\vert:.d hiln, saying: 
l\laster, \ve \vou\d see a sign from thee. But he 
ans\vering said to the In : An f'vil anù adulterous ge. 
neration seeketh for a sign; and a sign shall not be 
J!iven it, but the sign of Jonas the prophet. For as 
Jonas \vas in the \vhale's belly three days and three 
nights: so shall the Son of 
Ian be in the heart of 
the earth three days and three night
. The men of 
Ninive shaH rise in judgment with this generation. 
and shall condemn it; because they did penance at 
the preaching of Jonas. And behold a 
reater than 
Jonas is here. '[he queen of the south shall rise in 

uògment \vith this generation, and shall condemn 
It: because she Cal11e from the ends of the earth to 
}lear the \visdool of Solomon, and behold a greater 
!han Solomon is here. \Vhen an unclean spirit 
IS gone out of a nlan, he \valkelh through dry 
places, seeking rest, and findeth none. 'rhen 'he 
saith: I \viIi return into n1}' house, frool,,-hence [ 
came out. And cooling he 6ndeth it en1pty, s\vept, 
a.rad garnished. 'fhen he goeth, and taketh \vith 
111m seven other spirits n10re \vicked than himself, 
1\1 2 

13 6 THURsn.\. Y IN THE 
and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state 
of that man is made \\7orse than the fi cst. So sha1l it 
be also to this wicked generation. As he was yet 
speaking to the multitudes, behold his mother and 
his brethren stood 
Tithout, seeking to speak to him. 
And one said to him: Behold thy ITIother and thy 
brethren stand without seeking thee. But he an- 
swering hio1 that told hinl, said: \\,'110 is nlY mo- 
ther, and who are my brethren? And stretching 
forth his hand towards his disci pIes, he said: Be- 
hold my ß10ther and nlY brethren. For \vhosoevcr 
shall do the will of Iny Father that is in heaven, the 
same is n1Y brother, and sister, and mother. 
OFFERT. Ps. cxviii.-1 ","ill meditate on thy 
law, which I have loved exceedingly; and I \vil1 put 
in practice thy comn1andn1ents, \vhich J have loved. 
SECRE'f. \Ve offer thee, 0 I
ord, this sacrifice 
of propitiation, that thou wouldst nlercifully forgive 
us our sins, and guide our tottering hearts. 'rhro" 
1ß1. I' s . v.-lJ ear rn'y cry; attend to the 
".orJs of my prayer, OIny I\ing 
nd my God; for 
it is to thee, 0 Lord, I "'ill address my prélyer. 
P. CO:\ll\1. 1 1 ui, Domille.-
1ay the receiving of 
this thy sacrament, 0 I
ord, both cleanse us from 
our hidden sins, and deliver us from the snares of 
our enemies. Thro'. 
Let us pray. BO\\7 do,,'n your heads to God. 
PRAYER. lIIent(s.-Enlighten, \ve beseech 
thee, 0 Lord, our minds \vith the light of thy 
brightness; that we may discern \\'hat is to be done. 
and be able to do it. 'rhro'. 

IN r ! ' RO f" I ' P '" 
t ... 
f. XCiii. . 
G LORY and majesty are in his presence: holi- 
ness and grandt>l1r in his s::tnctuarv. Ps. Sing 
.to the I
ord a nè\V song, sing to the Lord all the 
earth. F'. Glory. 

F.NT. 13 
OT.lLECT. Dcvotionem.-"'e beseech thee, 0 
l..ord, merciful1y to reg
rd the rlevotion of thy peo. 
pIe; that mortifying their bodies by fasting, their . 
minds may be refreshed by good 'Norks. Thro'. 
L.ekiet xviii. r. 9.-1n those days: 
rrhe word of the Lord came to me, saying: \V hat 
is the meaning that you use aU10ng you this parable 
as a proverb in the land of Israel, saying; The fa.. 
thers have eaten sour grapes, and the teeth of the 
childrea are set on edge. As I live, saith the Lord 
God, this parable shall-be no more to you a proverb 
in Israel. Behold aU souls are n1Ïne: as the soul of 
the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the 
soul that sinneth, the same shall die. And if a luan 
be just, and do judgment and justice, and hath nor 
eaten upon the fllountains. nor lifted up his eyes to 
the idols of Israel, anù hath not defiled his neigh. 
bour.s vlife, nor come near to a menstrnl1S \\'0- 
ll1an: anlÌ hath not \vrouged any IHan, but hath ft::- 
storr>d the pled
e to the debtor; hath taken no- 
thing a\vay by vi01ence: hath given his bread ta the 
hungry, and hath covered the naked \vith a gar- 
ment: hath not lent upon usury, nor taken any in- 
crec\se: hath \vithdrawn his hand from iniquity, and 
hath executed true judglnent between Ulan anll 01an: 
bath walk.ed in my commandn1ents, and kept Iny 
judgments, to do according to the truth: he is just, 
he shall surely live. saith the Lord God. 
GRAD. Ps. xvi.-Preserve n1 P , 0 l.Jord, as the 
apple of thine eve; protect me under the shado\iv of 
thy \vings. r-. Let me be tried in thy presence; l
thy eyes see justice done. 
<1BO$pcl.. Jllatt. xv. 21. 28.-At that time: 
Jesus went from thence, and departed into the coaits 
ofTyre and Sidon. And behold a \voman of Ca- 
naan, \vho came out of those coast
, said to him: 
I-Iave mercy all me, 0 Lord, thou SOIl of David: 
, 1\1 3 

my daughter is grievously troubled by a devil. But 
he answered her not a \vord. And his disciples 
came and besought him, saying: Send her a\vay. 
for sbe crieth after us. And he ans\vering, said: I \\7as 
not sent but to he sheep that are lost of the house of 
rael. But she came and \\'orshipped him, saying: 
l.ord, he1 p me. But he answered, and said; It is 
not good to take the bread of th childrt'n, and to 
cast it to the dogs. And she said : Yea, Lord, for 
the v.,:helps also eat of thF crumbs that fal1 from the 
table of their n1asters. 'fhen Jesus ansvvering, said 
to her; 0 woman, great is thy faith: be it done to 
thee as thon vÚlt. And her daughter \\Tas cured 
from that hOll r. 
OFFERT. P-s. 3o.-rrhe angel of the :Ðord wil
guard, on every side, those that fear hiln, and he \\.ill 
deliver then1: taste and see ho\v s\yeet is the Lord. 
r. \Ve beseech thee, 0 Lord, that the 
offerings ,,'hich accon1pany this \vholesonle fast, 
may, through thy mercy, save us. 'rhro'. 
l. John vi.-'J'h{3 bread, ,,'hich I \\'ill 
give, 1S my flesh for the life of the ,,!orId. 
P. CONll\1. 'I'uol'l1J/l.-By the free grant of these 
thy gifts, 0 Lord, augment our telnporal, and re... 
new' Ollr eternal hel ps. 'I'hro'. . 
IJet llS pray. BO'" down your heads to God. 
RA YER. Va ljì.l{t'SlliUUS.- Grant, 0 Lord 
\ve beseech thee, that all christian people may ac
knowledge \vhat they pr\JfèSS, and love the heavenly 
mystery they ('0 often approach. ' 'rhro Y . 

INTROl'f. .Ps. xxiv. 
D ELIVER me fron1 nlY necessities, 0 l
ord: 5ee 
. n1V distr
ss and affliction, forgive nlt

 all Iny 
sins. Ps."1"'o thee have I raised up illY sou1, 0 Lord 
o tny God, in thee I trust, let me not be put to 

n1e. fT. Glory. 

fiJER..FRIDAY. 139 
COLLT:CT. Esta.-Be propitious, 0 Lord, to 
\11Y peopl
, and nlercifu
lr streng.then those hy thy 
aid ,,'honl thou fi11est ,vlth devotion to thee. Thro . 
LESSON. FIckit'lxviii. 20. z8.-TItLlS saitll the 
L01'd: 1'he soul that sinneth, the 
anle shaJl die: 
the !"on shall not bear the iniquity of the fatlaer, and 
the father shaH not bear "the iniquity of the son: the 
justice of the just shall be upon him, and the wick- 
css of the \\'icked shall be upon him. But if the 
\\'icked do penance for all his sins, ,,,hieh he hath 
conlmitted, anù keep an my cOlnmandnlents, and 
(10 judgment and justice; living he shall live, and 
shall nót die. (\vil1 not remember a11 his iniquities 
that he hath done: in his justice ,vhich he hath 
v.;rought, he shal1 Jive. Is it Iny vlill that 3 sinner 
shou]d die, StÜth the God, and not that he 
should be converted from his ways, nnd live? But 
if the just n1:1n turn himself a,,;ay from his justice, 
and do iniquity according 10 all the abominations 
which the wi{
kcd Jnan t1seth to \york, shall h
i\.ll his justices ,",'hieh he hath done, shall nOl be 
remembered: in the prevarication, by ,,,hieh he 
hath prevaricated, and in his sin, \\'hich he hat'l 
comn1itteò, in them he shall die. And you have 
said: 'rhe '-\'ay of the fJord is not right. I-Iear ye. 
therefore, 0 house of Israel 
 i<; it nIV way that is not 
right, and are not rathf:>T your \vays perverse? For 
\-",hen the just turneth himself a\vay ti'om his justice, 
and committeth inif]uitv, he shall die therein: in 
the injustice that he hath ,,'rought, he shaH die. 
And \\'hen the wicked turneth himse1faway from his 
\\'Ìckedness, ''l' hich he hath ,vrollght, and doelh 
ment and justice, he shal1 s3ve his sou 1 a)iye., 
canse he cOllsidereth and tu rnelh a\\'a)' hi nlse1f 
fron) all his iniquitie
, vd1Ïch he hath ,,"rought, he 
,ha\\ surely livp, and not die, !with the Lord .Almigllly. 
GRADUAL. Ps. lxxxv.-S"ve, 0 Lord, thy 

14 0 EMB ER.. FR I DAY. 
servant, \"ho hopeth in thee. JT. Give ear, () Lord-. 
to 111 y prayer. 
1'. Ps. cii.-Deal not, &c. p.II7. 
ffioØpcl. Jolin v. I. 15. - .At t.
{/t time: 
There ",",'as a t.....tstival of the Je\vs, and Jesus went up 
to Jerusaleol. Now' there i
 at Jerusalem a pond 
called Probatica, vr'hich in lIebre\v is named 
Bethsaida, having five porches. In these lay a great 
mu1titl1de of sick, of b!jnd
 of lame, and of withered. 
,"Taiting for the nloving of the water. A nd tile an- 
gel of the LorJ \vent down at certain times into the 
pond; and the \vater \vas lTIoved. And he that 
',,",(Ant down first into the pond after the motion of 
the water, \vas made "'hole of whatsoever intîrmity 
he lay under. .t\ nJ thert"' was a certain man there, 
that had been eight and thirty years under his infir. 
mity. f-Jirn \vhen Jf'Sl1S had seen lying, and knew 
that he had been no\v a 10ng time, he saith to hinl : 
'Yilt thou be made vvhole? 1:'he infinl1 il1an an.. 
s\vered hin1: Sir, 1 ha\'c no man \\7hen the \vater is 
trdu bled, to put Ole into the PQnJ. For \vhilst I 
an1 con1in
, another goeth do\vn before 111e. Jesus 
saith to hinl: Arise, take np thy bed, and 'walk. 
.J\ nd imrTIf'diatelv the n1an was made "-'hole, and he 
took up his bed"and \valked. l\nd it \vas the Sab. 
bath that day. 'fhe Je\vs therefore Sêlid to him that 
"'as cured: It is the Sabbath, it is not lawful for 
thee to take up thy bed. lie ans\vered theJn : I.Ie 
that made me whol
, he said to Ine: 'rake up thy 
bed, and walk. rrhey asked him therefore: \Vhò 
is that man that said to thee: 'rake up thy bed, and 
walk? But he that was healed, knew not who it 
\vas; for Jesus \vent aside from the multitude that 
was standing in the place. Aftenvards Jesus findeth 
him in th
 temple, and saith to him: Behold thou art 
made whole; sin no more, lest some worse thing 
lJappen to thee. The man went his ",'ay. and told 

the Je"rs tnat it was Jesus that had Inade hin1 \\'l}ole. 
OFFER'I'. ]J s . cii.-Bless the IJorJ, 0 my 
and forg(>t not \\'hat he hath done for thee: and 
thou shalt grow }"ol1ng like an 
SECUE'f. Receive, 0 Lord, \ve beseech thee, 
the offerings of our homage, aud nlercifully sanctify 
1h v own flifts. Thro'. 
oI CO l\Il\1. Ps. vi.-Let all my enenlies be put to 
shame and be dismayed: let them be put to fl
and shame very speedily. 
P. COl\Il\I. 
cr hl!ius.-
lay the efficacy of this 
5acran1ent, 0 Lord, cleanse us from our sins, and 
obtain for us the accoDlplishn\ent of our just de;:,ires. 
.rhro' . 
Let us pray. Bo\v do,,.,-n you r heads to God. 
PRA YER. r:.1'll1ldi.-Graciot1sIy hear us, 0 
merciful Goù, and nlanitest the light of thy grace to 
our souls. 'fluo'. 

1'ROrr. ]J s . ]xxxvii. 
L ET my prayer come btJore thee, 0 Lord; give 
ear, 0 Lord, to illY petition. Ps, 0 Lord 
God, my Saviour, to thce have I cried out night 
and day. Jtr. Glory. 
11/l1lletliafel_l/ lljìer Kyrie eleison, f..
'c. is said: 
Let us pray ]jet us kneel do\vn. R. Stand up again. 
I. COLLEC'f. l>oplllzUll tllum.--- :\Iercifully, 0 
Lord, look. ÙOV.'l1 on thy people, and in thy cle- 
n1ency turn íl\Vay from them the 
courges oí thy 
wrath. '11'fO.. 
I. LþSSON. Dcut. xxxvi. 13.--- Tn those àO!Js : 
.1iloses spoke to the people, sa!Jillg: \Vhen thou hast . 
made an end of tithing aU thy fruits, in the tì.ird 
year of titht:s thou shalt give it to the Levite, and to 
the stranger, and to the fatherl
ss, anò to the \\'i- 
dow t that they ßlay eat within thy gates, and he 
 and thou sha\l sreak thus ill the sight of the 


Lord thy God: ] have taken that which was sancti. 
tied out of my house, and J have given it to the Le- 
vite and to the stranger, and to the fatherless and to 
the widow, as thou hast con1n1anded nle: I have 
not transgressed thy commandments, nor forgotten 
thy precepts. I have not eaten of thenl in my 
Inourning, nor separated them from any uncleanness, 
Dor spent any thing of them ,in funerals. I have 
obeyed the voice of the Lord my God, and have 
done all things as thou hast commanded nle. T
from thy sanctuary, and thy high habitation of he a.. 
ven, and bless thy people Israe1, and the land which 
thou hast given us, 35 thou didst swear to our fa- 
thers; a land novring with milk anrl honey. This 
day the Lord thy God hath COin n1anded thee to do 
these commanòments and judgments: and to keep 
and fulfil them with all thy heart, and with all thy 
soul. rrhou hast chosen the Lord this day to be 
thy God, and to walk in his \vays and keep his cere- 
monies, and precepts and judgnlents, and obey his 
command. And the Lord hath chosen thee this 
day to be his peculiar people, as he hath spoken to 
thee, and to keep all his commandments: And to 
nlake thee higher than a1l nations which he hath 
created, to l1Ïs own praisp, and name, and glory: 
that thou mayest be a holy people of the Lord thy 
God, as he hath spoken. 
GRAU. Ps. lxxviii.---Fcrgive us, 0 Lord, OUf of.. 
fences, lest the Gentiles say: \Vhere is now their 
God? V. fT 
lp us, 0 God, our Saviour, and. for 
the glory of thy name deliver us, 0 l
onl. . 
Let us pray. Let us kneel down. R. Stand up agaIn. 
If. COIJLEC'f. Protcctur.----Look on us, 0 
God, our protector, that we, who laþOl1f under the 
weight of our o"vn evils, may be rescued by thy 
mercy and serve thee \\"ith a free n1Ïnd. Thro'. 
ESS()N.Deut.xi.22 25.---111, tl,()SC Jl/!/s: 
.'jaid to the children q!' Israel; If yon kee.) the COOl. 

EMBER-SA TURD.\. Y. 143 
mandments which] command you, anà do them, to 
love the Lord your God, and \valk in all his \va)'s, 
cleaving unto hinl, the I-Aord wil1 destroy all these 
nations' before your face, and you shall possess them 
\vhich are greater and stronger than you. Every 
place, that your foot shaH tread 11 pon, shall be 
VOl1rs. Fronl the desart, and from Libanus, from 
the f!reat river Euphrates unto the \\'estern sta shall 
be your borders, none shall stand against you; the 
Lord your God shaH lay the dread and fear of you 
upon an the land that }OU shall tread upon, as he 
hath spoken to you. 
GRAD. Ps. lxxxiii.-Cast an eye upon us, 0 
Goel our protector, look doV\'n upon thy servants. 
1. Lord God of armies, hear the prayers of thy 

Lpt us pray. ns kneel down. R. Stanò l1p again. 
HI. COLLECrr. .J.ldcstu.--Give ear, 0 I-Aord, we 
beseech thee, to our prayers; that, through the a.,. 
!ìlslance of thy gnice, \ve may be humhle in pro
rit)', and v;ithout fear in adversity. rrhro\ 
. 2 .11Iacllllb. i. 2
. 27.-In t!lOse 
da..l/.ï;: All the priests were in prayer while the sa. 
crifice ,vas consl1n1ing; Jonathan beginning, and the 
fest ans\\'ering. And the prayei. of Nehemias \\1a
aft{'r this nl
H1ner; 0 Lord God, creator of an 
things, òreadflll, and strong', just, anc} InercifuJ. 
,vIlo alone art the gooJ king. \Vho alone art gra. 
cious, who alone art just, and almighty, and eter- 
nal, \\'ho delivere
t Israel from a\l evi1, 'who ditlst 
choose the fathel.
, an\.1 didst sanctity them: re- 
ceive the sacrifice for all thy p(
ople Israel, anJ pre- 
serve thy 0\' n portion, and sanctify it. Gather to- 
gether our scattered people, deliver then1 that are 
slaves to .the Gentile
, anù look upon them that.are 
llespised and abhorred: that the Gentiles may 
that than art our God. 
(;Ri'\D. l}s. Ixxxi",.-Turn to us, 0 Lord, a 

144 F.:\1 BE R.- SAT V R DAY.. 
little, anti be reconciled ,,'ith thy servants. V. Thou. 
o Lord, hast been our refuge fronl generation to 
Let us pray. Let U
 kneel down. R. Stand up again. 
IV. COLT..ECl\ Preccs. IVlercifnl1y hear, we be- 
seech thee, 0 Lord, the prayers of thy people: that 
,ve, \vho are justly afflicted for our sins, Inay merci. 
ful1y be delivered for the glory of thy name. Thro'. 
[\T. J.JESSON. Ecclc,y. xxxvi. J. 1 c.-H
ve mer- 
cy, upon tiS, 0 God of all, 
nd behold us, and shew 
us the light of thy mercies: and send thy f!'ar upon 
the nations that have not sought after thee: that 
they may kno\\' that there is no God besides thee. 
and that they nlay shew forth thy \vonders. Lift up 
thy hand over the strange nations, that they may see 
thy povler. For as thou hast been sanctified in us in 
their sight, so thou shalt be magnified among them 
in our presence; that they may know thee, as \ve 
also have kno\\'o thee, that there is 110 God beside 
thee, 0 Lord. Renew thy signs, and \\york new 
miracles. Glorify thy hand, and thy right 2rm. 
Raise up indignation, and pour out wrath. Take 
a'\vay the ad\'crsary, and crush the enemy. Hasten 
the time, and n-'nlember the end, that they may 
__lpclare thy \vonderful \vorks. 0 JAJ7'd our God. 
Glti.\D. 1-'s. cxt.-Let my piayer ascend like in- 
ense in thy sight, 0 Lord. JT. A nd let the lifting 
1]P my hands be to thee like the evening sacrifice. 
Let llS pray. Let llS kneel down. R. Stand up again. 
v. C()LI
Ecrr. Actiones.-Prevent, \ve beseech 
thee, <<) Lord. onf actions by thy holy inspiraÜons" 
and carry them on by thy gracious as
tance;. that 
every prayer and \\'ork of ours may alv.;ays begiu 
fron1 thee, anti by thee be happily ended. 
V. Lesson, It:itlt the Cantide únd VI. Collect, as 
p. 66 and 67. 
{pre IJrc said tbe I L and I I (. C 011 pets, ((f' dirrcted ,'r, 
t he 
s:\ Qll Ash. \\; cdn
sday, p. 116. 

EPIS'fLE. ,Tltess. v. 14. 23_-Rrefl"tcn: \Ve 
'beseech you, rebuke the unquiet, comfort the ft- cble.. 
minded, support the \veak, be patient towards all 
n1en. See that none render evil for evil to any 
man: but ever follow that \\'hich is good towards 
each other, antI towards all men. Always rejoice. 
})ray without ceasing. In a1\ things give h(lnks: 
for this is the 'wilt of God in Christ Jesus concerning 
you a1l. Extinguish not the spirit. Despise Dot 
prophecies. But prove all things: hold that \vhich 
:ood. \ from all appearance of e\,il refrain your- 
selves. And may the God of peace hin1self 
you in a1l things: that your ,vhnle spirit, and soul, 

lnrl body be preserv
d blameles..; tor the con1Ï1Jg of 
Christ Jesus our I lord. 
rrRAC1'. l
s. cxvi. - l)rai
e the I
ord aH ve 
Gentiles: praise hiln all nations, 1'. }'-or hi., luer
is confirn1td upon us; and the truth of thé Lord 
th for c\er. 
p cI. Jlatt. xvii. As in the 
Iass '2f 
morro"., p. 147. 
OFl'"ER'r. ])s lxxxvii.-O Lord (;ocl, n1V Sa\/i.. 
viour, to thee have I cried out Ly day and by "ni
t 01Y pra\'cr con1e to thee, U Lord. 
SECHE'['. Sanctif)', () Lord, \\'C beseech tl1f
our f:1st by this holy 
acrjfice; that \\ hat \ve Ollt.. 
,vanity profess by the observance of this f:tst, nlU" 
'()e in\\ardly tffected in us. 'J'hro" 
L\1. ])s. vii,-In thee, () l.orrl Ol}' GO!), 
have 1 put my trust, deliver me fr001 all Il1Y pcr
secutors, and rescue me. 
I'. CO
1. S(l1lctifif(lti()nil'lls,-
Tay this h0Iv 
I sacrifice, 0 T lord, cure us of ø 11 ou r ::>>in'\, and i i:. 
I come an etl'rnal renlpdy to ns. rrhro" 
Lpf us pray. Bow down YOUf heaù
 to GOlf. 
PH.\ YER. J'idl'h-s.-\Ia\' tIn' rnuch.dt'sirpd ble
sing. 0 God, give 
tr('Jlgth to th
 :I1tì) It hin. 


14 6 Jr. SUNÐA Y IN LENT. 
der them froln ever swerving fron1 thy wi11, and 
make them alV\ 1 ays enjoy thy blessìng. rrhro'. 

INTROIT. Ps. xxiv. 
R Emem ber, 0 Lord, R Eminiscere rni:;erafio. 
thy bo\vels of com.. nun;, tuaru'JJz,Domine, 
passion and mercy that et 1'J/Í,scricordiæ tuæ, quæ 
are from the beginning of a sæculv sunt. Ne un.. 
the ,vorld. Let not our quam dominent'llr nubis 
enemies ever rule over iniJllici nostri: liber(l nos, 
us: del iver us, 0 God of DClls TSfraei, e
r omnibus 
rael, from all our -dis- angustiis nosl1
tress. Ps. 1'0 thee, 0 PS, Ad le, Domine, h. 
I.Jord, have I lifted up vavi llUÙllfllJl mea1ll: Deus 
my soul 
 in thee, 0 my 'IJlCUS in ie conjiJo, nOll, 
God, I trust, let me not el'Ubeðcam. 
be ashamed. JT. Glory. V. G/O'ria. 
COLLECT.. Deus qui. - 0 God, \....ho 8ee
bQ\v rlestitute we are ('If all strength, preserve us both 
within and without, that our bodies may be free 
from all adversity, and our souls purified from all 
evil thoughts. r-rluo'. 
EPhrI'LE. I 1'hess. iv. I. 7.- Brethren: \Ve 
nd beseech you in the Lorò Jesus, that as you 
have received of us, how you ought to \valk and to 
please God, so also you \\'ould walk, that you n1ay 
abound the more. For YOll kno\iv ""hat command. 
ments I have gi\ren to you by the Lord Jesus. For 
this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you 

hould abstain from fornication, that every one of 
you shou It! know ho\v to po
sess his vessel Ín sancti- 
fication and honour: not in the passion of IU!.
t, like 
the Genti\
s that kno\v not God: and that no man 
over-reach, nor deceive his brother in business: 
because the Lord is the avenger of an these things, as 
'\ve have told you before, and have testified. For 

God hath not called us unto uncleanness, but unto 
sancti fìc
GRAD. Ps. X>"V,- The distress of my soul is in. 
creased, deliver me, 0 Lord, from the evils that 
!o;urround me. 1: See, 0 Lord, to what I am re- 
duced: see \"hat T suffer, and forgi\'e me'all my sins. 
TRACT. 1->s. C\' .-Conjitemini Domino ljuonillm 
hOllllS: qll()niulIl Ùt StLCU/1l11l 1l1iscrico'rdia ejvs. Praise 
the Lord for he is good: and his mercy endureth 
for ever. r, \\'ho will relate the \\'onderfuJ \vorks 
nfthe Lord: \\.ho 'Nil1 publish an his pr
ises? V 
Happy are they ",ho ohserve his 1a\v, and at an 
times do that which is just. Jr. Remember us, 0 
lord, according to the good.\vill thou bearest thy 
people: visit us and save us. 
<1lJoøprl. J.llutt. xvii. I. 9.- At tnat time: 
Jesus taketh unto him Peter and Jame5:, and John 
his brother, and bringeth th
ln up into a high ß1oun. 
tain apart. And he \vas tfJnsfigured before them. 
And his face did shine as the sun: and his garmènts 
became w hite 
1S snow. A nrl behold there 
to theln 1\loses and Elias talking" ith him. l'hen 
Peter answering, 
aid to Jesus: Lord, it is good for 
us to be here: jf thou t\'ilt, let us make here three 
tabernacles, one for thee, and one for 
loses, and 
one for Etia!'. And as he \vas yet speaking, behold 
a bnght cloud overshadowed them. And 10 a voice 
out of the cloud, saying: rrhis is my beloved Son, in 
\\'hOn1 I am \\'eH pleased: hear ye him. i\nd the 
disciples Ilearing, fell upon their face, and ""ere very 
much afraid. ,And Jesus caine and touched them. 
and said to them: .Ari
e, and be not èdraid. And 
when the)' lifted up their e) es, they saw no man. 
but only Jesus. And as they can1e down fron1 the 

 Jesus char
ed them, 
ayiTJg: 'fell the '\ 
VISIon to no man, tiU the Son of 
Ian shall be ri
fron1 the dead. CREDO. 

148 '-iON DAY IN THE 
OFI;ERT. PS. cxviii.-I \\'ilI meditate on thy 
huv, . \\?hich I have loved exceedingly: and 1 will 
practIse thy comn1andlnents, which I have loved. 
SECRErr. ,Look down, 0 Lord, \ve beseech 
thee, on this our sacrifice, that it Inay increase OUI 
devotion, and procure our salvation. Thro'. 
COl\ll\I. Ps. v......Hear n1}' cry: attend to the 
\\"ords of my prayer, 0 my King and my God 
it is to thee, 0 Lord, I will address DIY prayer. 
P. COl\Il\I. Supplices.-Grant we humbly be. 
seech thee, 0 .A.hnighty God, that those, wholn 
thou hast refreshed with thy sacraments, may wor- 
thily serve thee in the conduct of their lives. Thro' 


INTROrr. Ps. xxiv. 
D ELIVER Ine, 0 Lord, and take pity 011 n1e: 
for my foot hath stood in the right path: in 
the assemblies \vill I bless the Lord Ps. Be thou, 0 
Lord, Iny judge, for I have walked in my inno- 
cency; and trusting in thee, I shall not be weakeneli. 
J-T. Glory. 
COLLECrr. Præsta......Grant, we beseech thee. 
o Alnlighty God, that thy people who mortify 
themselves by abstinence from meat, may likewise 
fast from sin, and follow righteousness. Thro' . 
ESSON. Dan. ix. 1 S. 19.-...In tlwse days: 
Daniel prl1!J(d to tIle Lord, sO!Jing: 0 Lord our 
God, ,"Tho hast brought thy peop1e out of the land 
of Egypt Yllth a strong hand, and hast n1ade thee a 
name as at this day: we have sinned, we have 
committed iniq uity, 0 Lord, against all thy justice: 
Jet thy \vrath and thy indignation be turned away, I 
1)e6eech thee, from the city of Jerusalem, and thy 
holy m.ountain. For by reason of our sins, and the 
iniquities of our fathers, Jerusalem and thy people 
are a reproach 
o all that are round about us. No\v 
tberefore, 0 our Goò, hear the supplication of thy 

IT. WEEK OF LENT. · 149 

nt, and his prayers; and sht-w thy face upon 
thy sanctuary \vhich is desolate, for thy O\\'U sake. 
Incline, 0 Iny (;od, thy ear, and hear: ?pen thy 
cyes, anò see our desolation. and the city up0n 
\\'hich thy name is called: for it is not fo{ our justi.. 
ations that we present our prayers bp.fore thy face, 
but f()r the n1u!titude ot thy tender nlcrcies. 0 
Lord hCc1f; 0 Lord, be appeased: hearken and òo: 
<lelay not for thy 0\\'11 sak.e, 0 my God: because thy 
nan1e is invocateJ upon thy city, and upon thy peo.. 
pJe, 0 Lvrd O1l1' God. 
GRAD. IJ s lxix..--Be thou my helper and n1Y de... 
liverer; 0 Lord, delay not. IT. I.øet rny enemies, 
v.' ho seek Iny sou 1, be put to confu
ion and shame. 
'J'RACT. Ps. cii.---Deal no
 &c, 1" 117. 
pcl+ John viii. 21. 29.-...1f fltat tillU': 
J(.sus said to tIle multitude ,!f'tll,e, J.;ws: I go 01V \-..'ay, 

lnù fon shall 
eek tn
, and JOu s11all die in YOlir 

in. \Vh;th
r J go, }OU cannot rOlnc. '{'he Je'\'
therefore said: \Vill he kill hinlsel f, because .h
'Said: \r hither I go, you <:annot C001C: A nd he foì3id 
to lheDl; 1 7 0u are from beneath, I 3111 froni übove. 
Yon élre of this world, I am not of thi
'l'herefore I say to ) OU, that you 
hali die in }'our 
sins. 1,'or if you believe not that ( an1 he, you shall 
die in your sin. rrhey said theref,H(-' to hilu : \Yh3t 
art thou? Jesus said to then1: 'rIH
 hf'ginning, \",ho 
also speak to you. 1 have many things to 8p
dnl! to judge of }'ou. But hp tbat &cnt Ole is true: 

nd the things I have heard of hi IU. the sall1e 1 s
in th
 \vorlet. Now they did not know that he said 
God \vas his Father. Je3us thcn.fore said to tht:'n1 : 
\Vhen you shall have lifteù up the Son of l\Tan, 
then shall you know that 1 am he. and that I do no- 
thing of myself but as the Father has taught me, J 
speak thec;e things. A od he that sent me is \\'ith 

, and he hath not left me alone: for I do alwa}.s 
ùle things that please him. 

OFFERT. PS. xv.-I wi1l ble
s the Lord, who 
hath given me understanding: I ahvays had the 
Lord before my eyes; for he is at my right-hand, 
that I ma v not fa11. 

lay this sacrifice of propitiation nnd 
praIse Inake us, 0 Lord, worthy of thy protl
rfhro' . 
f. P.r. viii.-O Lord our God, ho\v Won. 
rlerfuI is thy name over the whQle earth! 
P. COj\l
l. Hæc 1l0s.---1\lay this conlmunion, 0 
Lotd, cleanse us fi-on1 sin; and make us partakers of 
the heavenly remedy. rrhro'. 
Let us pray. Bo\v <10\VI1 your heads to God. 
"'ER. Adesto.---I-Iear our prayers and en- 
'treaties"O AI.mighty God; and grant that those, to 
whom tnou gIvest hopes of t,hy mercy, may expe- 
rience the effects of thy usual clemency. 1'hro'. 

'"rUESD i\ Y. 
. INTROll"'. Ps. xxvi. 
M y heart hath said to thee: I have sought thy 
presence; 1 \vill continue to seek thy pre.. 
sence. 0 Lord: turn not thy face frool me. ])S. 1'be 
Lord is my light and Iny salvation; \vhom shall I 
fear? V. G10ry. 
COLLEC'I'. l)el:ficc.---Grant us, 0 Lord, '
e be- 
seech thef", thy assistancp, \vhereby we Inay go 
through the observance of this holy fast, that \vhat 
\ve have undertaken by thy appointment, \ye may 
accomplish by thy grace. Thro'. 
LESSON. 3 Kings xvii. 8 ) 6.-1n t!tose day,ç: 
The \vord of the Lord came to Elias the J'hesbite, 
saying: Arise, and go to Sarephta, a city of the 
Sidonians, and dwell there: tor I hav
a widow woman there to feed thee. lIe arose, and 
went to Sa..rephta. L\nd when he "vas Còlue to the 

ate or the city, he saw the \,,>idow \vom
n gather- 
ing sticks, and he caned her, and s;ud to her: 

If. \VEI K OF LENT. 15 1 
Give me a little \\9ater in a vesse\, that I may òrink. 
And ,,,hen she was goin
 to fetch it, he cal1ed after 
aying: Bring mp, (l.lso, I beseech thee, a mOf- 
sel of bread in thy hand. And she ans\vered: Att; 
the Lord thy (;od liveth, 1 have no brt'ad, but only 
a handful of oleal in a pot, and .a 1 ittle oil in a 
('fuse: behold I am gatht'rin
 t\VO sticks, tnat I 
may go in anll dress it for me and mv son that we 
may eat it, and die. And Elias said to hér: Fear 
not, but go, and do 3S thou hast said: 'but first 
make for me of the same meal a little hearth-cake, 
and bring it to me: and after make for thyself anJ 
thy son. For th us saith the Lord the God of Israel: 
The pot of meal shall not \vasa', nor the cruse 
of oil be din1inisherl, until the day wherein the 
orrl will give rain upon the face of the earth. She 
,vent, and did accof<Iini! to the \\90rù of Elias; and 
he ate, and she, and her house: and fron1 that day 
the pot of m 'al \vastpù not, and the cruse of oil 
vras not diminished, according to the \vord of the 
Lord, \vhich he spoke in the hand of Elias. ' 
C;I{A I). l's. liv.---Cast thy solicitude on the Lord, 
3nd he will feed thee. r. \Vl1(
l1 I crif'd out to the 
, he heard my voice against those who "ere 
coming upon n1e. 
<!Boøpel. 111alt. xxiii. I. 12.-At that time: 
J eSl1S spoke to the I11U 1tihrde and to his disciples, 
saying: the Scribes anù the Pharisees have sitten 
on the chair of l\loscs. All therefore whatsoever they 
shall say to YOlt, observe and do: but, according to 
their ,,'orks do ye not: for they 
ay, and do not. 
For they bind heavy and insupportable burdens: 
and lay then) on n1cn's )\houlders: but \\'ith a fi,iger 
of their o\\'n they \vill not move th
ln. And all 
these \\'orks they do to be seen of men. For they 
make their phvlacterit's broad and enlarge their 
fringes. And they love the first places at feasts. 

nd th I,e fint chairs in the syna
ogue,) and sJ.lutation

in the market-place, and to be caned by men. 
Rabbi. But be not yon called Rabbi. For one is 
your master, and all you are brethren. And caU 
none yonr father upon earth: for one is your father, 
,vho is in heaven. Neither be ye called masters: 
for one is your n1aster, (
hrist. He that is the 
greatest an10ng you shall be your servant. And 
oever shall exalt himself, shall be humbled: 
and he that shaH humble himself, shall be exalteù. 
O:FliERrr. 1;)5. I.-Have mercy on ll1e, 0 Lord, 
Recording to thy great Inercy: 0 Lord, blot out my 
SECRET. l\ierciful1y sanctify us, 0 Lord, by 
tl1ese n1ysteries 
 and let then1 cleanse us fron1 all 
earthly vice. and bring us to the enjoyment of thy 
heavenly gins. 'fino'. 
C():\Ii\1. 1 J .r. ix.-l will pubUsh al1 thy wonùers,- 
J \vi}) rejoice in thee, and be transported \\Tith joy, and 
 the glory of thy name þ 0 thou the 1\lost Iligh. 
\ri\I. Ut safTis.-
lake us always, ,ve be. 
seeèh thee, 0 Lord, obedient to thy comn1andlnents, 
that \\'e filay be worthy of thy giflS, \vhich we have 
partaken of. Thro'. 
IJct us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 
PRAYER. Propitiare.-Be appeas
d, 0 l.Jord, 
by our prayers, and heal the iufirmities of our 

ou Is; that ou r sins being forgiven, \\Te nlay ever 
rejoice in thy blessings. 'fhro'. 

IN11tOIT. l)s. xxxvii. 
F ORSAKE me not, 0 Lord my God, depart not 
from me: come to n1yassistance, 0 Lord, the 
God of my sal vation. Ps. Lord, rebuke me not in 
thy fury, nor chastise me in thy \\'rath. V. Glory. 
'COLI.lECT. Populu'Jll tuu1ll,-
1ercifully regard 
thy people, 0 Lord, \ve beseech thee; and graut 
that those \v honl thou conlll1andest to abstain fron
flesh, may likewise cease"frolu all sin. Theo.. - 

II. \\.EEK OF LENT. r 5 
ESSON. Estllc:r xiii. 8. 17,-ln those da.7/s; 

arJochai besought the Lord, remenlbering 
tll hi
'works, and said: 0 Lord, I
ord, almighty I{in
for all things are in thy pov. 7 er, and there is none- 
that can resist thy \vill, if thou detcrn1ine to 
Israel. 'fhol1 hast Inade he.aven and eünh, and all 
things that are under the cope of heJ\'cn. 'rhotl 
art l,orJ of all, 3nd there is none that can rf'5:ist th} 
n13jesty. 'rbol1 kno\vestall things, and thou kno\\'est 
that it ,vas not out of pride arH.l COJ1te(npt, Of any 
desire of glory, that I refused to \\'orship the 
proud AmaH, (tor I \,,'ould willing-ly and readiJy 
for the salvation of Israel have kissed even the steps 
of his fcct) 
 but I feared lest I should transfer the 
honour of my God to a Inan, and lest I should 
adore anyone except my God, ...\nd nO\\7, Ol.,ord, 
o I
ing, 0 God of Abrahaln, have I:ltfCY on thy 
people, because our enemies resolve to destroy us, 
and extinguish thy inheritance
 ))espise not thy 
portion \\'hich thou hast redeenle.d f-or thyseU out of 
Egypt. I-Jear my supplication, and be merciful,to 
thy lot and inheritance, and turn our n10urning into 
joy, that \ve may live and praise thy name, 0 Lord, 
and shut not the n10uths of them that sing to thee, 
o J
)rd uur God. 
GRAD. 1)s. xxvii.-Save thy people, 0 I
and bless thy inheritance. JT. 'fo thee, 0 Lord. 
have I cried out: ans\\'er me, 0 my God, lest I be 
come like those that go do\\'n into the pit. 
r.-Dea! not, &c. p. 117- 
<1BoØpcl. .11Iatt. xx 17- 18.-At that tim
Jesus going up to Jerusalem, took the twelve disci- 
ples apart, and said to them: Behold we go up to 
Jerusalem, and the Son of 
Ian shall be betra ed 
to the chicf priests 3nd to the scribes, and they shall 
condemn him to death. A nd shall deliver him to 
the Gentiles to be Inocked, and to be st:onrged, and 
to be crucified, and the third day he shall r"1se 

J 54- 'VED
3gain. [-Then came to him the mother of the sons, 
. of Zebedee \vith her sons, worshipping arld desiring 
something of him. And he said to her: \Vhat wilt 
thou? She saith to hin1: Say that these n1y two 
sons may sit, the one on thy fight band, and the 
other on thy left, in thy kingdom. But Jesus an... 
swered, and said : Yon know not what you ask. 
(":an ) ou drink of the chalice that I shåIl drink? 
They say to hin1: \Ve can" lIe saith to them: 
Of n1Y chalice indeed you shall drink: but to sit on 
my right hand or left hand, is not mine to give you, 
but to thenl for whom it is prepared by n1Y Father. t] 
And \\"hen the ten heard it they wen
 Inoved \vith in- 
dignation against the t\VO brethren. But Jesus 
called them to him, and said : You know that the 
princes of the Gentiles iord it over thenl: and they 
that are the greater. exercise power upon them. 
It shall not be so anlong you; but whosoever '
be the greater among you, let him be your mini. 
ster: and he that will be fi rst among you, shall be 
YOür servant. Even as the Son of 
lan came not 
to be n1inistered unto, but to minister and to give 
his life a redemption for many_ 
OFFElrr. Ps. xxiv.-To thee, 0 Lord, have I 
raised up n1Y soul: in thee, 0 God, 1 put my trust; 
Jet 111e not be put to shanle: neither let my enemies 
scoff at nle: for none that ,vait for thee shall be 
put to shame. 
SECRE1'. l\Ierciful1y look t1o\vn, Û Lord, on 
the offerings we make thee, and by the intercourse 
of these sacr('d Dlysteries, release \1:; from the bonds 
of our sins. rrhro
l. Ps. x.-1'he Lord is just and loveth 
justice: he hath regard to \vhat is right. 
l. Sumplis.--- \Ve beseech thee, 0 Lord, 

'* The Gofpel of St. Jan1es, 25th July, begins here, and 
floses at +. 

I r. \V E E K 0 F LEN T · I 5 S 
t11at the receiving this sacrament may for\yard our 
eternal redemption. rrhro'. us pray. Bo\v down your heads to GC\d. 
PRA y"'EU. Deus innoccntiæ.---O God, the restorer 
and lover of innocencF, draw to thy
elf the hearts 
of thy servants, that being infl31TIed by thy holy 
Spirit. they may be constant in faith, and zealous 
in good works. Thro'. 

'll-IURSD.A Y. 
JNrrROrr. Ps. lxix. 
O God, come thon to my assistance; 0 T ord. 
make haste to help n1e: let my enetnies, who 
set'k my life, be put to confusion and shame. Ps. 
1\Iay they be put to flight, and ashalned, who seek 
 harnJ. l í . Glory. 
(:OLLECT. P7'llstll.-....Grant u.;;, \ve beseech thee, 
o Lord, the assistance of thy grace; that \vhilst \\ e 
duly apply ourselves to fa
ting and prayer, Y.'e m.a}' 
be delivered from aU enelnies both of soul and bod} 
. Jel'. xvii. C\. lo.-Thus saith the Lorù: 
Cursed be the nlan that irüsteth in man, and nlaketh 
flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the 
Lord. Fo!' he,
hall be like talTIarick in the desart, 
and he shaH not see when good shall. COlne: but he 
shall d\vt::H in the dryness of the desalt, in a salt land. 
and Hot inhabited. Blesseù be the man that trusteth 
in the Lord, and, the l..ord shall be his confidence. 
,And hè shal1 be as a tH:
e that is planteù by the 
"'aters, that spreadeth out it
 roots to\vards mois. 
tnre: and it shall not fear \\'hen the heat cOlnl'th. 
 nd the leaf thereof shall be green, and in the tinle 
of drought it shall not be solicitous, neither shan 
!t cease at any tiolC to bring forth fruit. 1'he hfart 
)s pef\'erse above an thing
, and unsealchable, whu 
can know it? I U1I1 the I.Jorù that 
earch tI.e ht


nd prove the lcins; who gh'e to eVt'ry one acconl. 

íng to his way, and according to the fruit of hig 
dt:vices, saitll tile 1
1'd A/might!!. 
GRf\ L). l)s. lxxviii. - Forgive u
, 0 Lord, 
OlH otfen
st the Gentiles say: \Vhere is now 
tlleir (;od? V. IIdp us, 0 God our Saviour, and 
for the glory of thy nallIe deliv
r tiS, () Lord. 
<If5oØpcl. Luke xvi. '9.' 3,.-At that limf: 
JesuJ said it) tile Phari.
l:es: 'I'here was a certain rich 
Inan, \vho ,vas clothed in purple and fine linen: and 
fcastëd Sl1 01ptllousl y every day. A nd there 'was a 
certain beggar naoIed Lazarus, \vho lay at his gate, 
fu II of sores: desiring to be fed with the crUID hi 
that fell frolll the rich man's table: and no one did 
gÌ\ye hinl: morer>ver the dogs came and licked his 
8ores: l\ nel it caIne to pass that the beggar died, and 
,vas c
uri('d by the 
ngels into ...-\ brahanl.s bosonl. 
,\nel the rich Inan also died: and he \\7as btlried in 
hell. And lifting up his eyès, \\'hen he \"as in tor. 
, hp saw Abrahanl afar ott" and Lazarus in hi
bOSOlH: lnd he cried, and said: Father .:\brahanl. 
have n1ercy on me, and send lÆzarus th
it he may 
dip the tip of his finger in \\'ater, to cool my tongue, 
t()r [ arn torolcnted in this flanle. And..\ bra. 
haol said to hiln: 8on, relneo1ber that thou didst 
rect-'ive 9'ood thìn
s in th y life-time.. and lik(:\vise 
..,.. , 
I.Æzarus evil things: but no\v he is conlforteù, and 
thou art torn1ented. And besides all this, bet\\'een 
11S and you there is fixed a great chaos: so that they 
who would pass from hence to you, cannot, nor 
from thencp come hither. ..t\nd he said: Then, fa.. 
ther, I beseech thee, that thou wonldst send hinl to 
my father.s hOllse. For I have five brethren, that he 
l11ay testify to them, lest they also come into this 
place of torments. And Abrahaol said to hirD: 
'rhey have 
1oses and the prophets: Jet them hear 
them. But he said: No, father 1\hral1am, but if 
anyone shall go to them from the dead, they will do 
penance. .6t\lld he said to hin1: If they hear not 

J\'1oscs and the prophets, neither \vill they be1ieve, 
if one should rise from the dead. 
:RT'. E.rod. xxxii.-l\loses prayed in the pre- 
sence of the Lorcl his God, and said 
 \Vhy, 0 
Lord. art thou an
ry \\'ith thy people? Let the 
wrath of thy soul be appeased: Abra- 
hanl, Isaac, and Jacob, to 'whom thou dldst swear 
to givc a land flo\ving \vith n1ilk and honey. And 
the Lord ,vas appeased: and did not the evil with 
\vhich he threatened hrs people. 
SECRErr. l\Iay the fast consecrated to thy 
lJame, () I..ord, sanctify lIS by this present sacrifice, 
that \ve may experience in\\'ardly the effects of 
,,,hat we ont\\1ardly profess by our taste rrhro'. 
C()l\[\1. John vi,-I-J e that et!tteth nl}' flesh, and 
drinketh my blood, auideth in me, and I in hin1
saith the Lord. 
I. G"lltilI.-
Iay thy grace, 0 LorJ, 
 beseech th
e, never 3bandon us, but ever 
Hla ke us in lent on thy h01 y service, and ahvays pro- 
cure us thy help. '],hro'. 
Let c
 pray. now do\\"n your heads to God. 
PR.\ Yl
It _ldesto.---Be favourable, () Lord, to 
thy servants, and hear their pr
yers in the graut of 
everlasting mercy; that glorying in thee their Crea. 
tor and Governor, they may have all things pere 
fected and perpetuated to them. 'rIHO


RIDi\ \T. 
ROIT. P,,;. xvi. 
B UT I \:rill appear \vith the ju"tice of my C3use 
in thy sight; I shall be 

tisfied \vhen thy 
glory shaH appf r. Ps. Hear, 0 God. thejt:J
tice of 
my cause; hearken to rhy praycr. JT
COLLECT. Da qU(l'sumus....Grant, () 
God, that, being purified by this fast, ,ve m
y C
to the .approachin<Y solemnity \\'ith cle,1n heans, 
ThrCi\ .., 


LESSON. Gen. xxxvii. 6. 22.--.In those dtll S 
Joseph said tv his bretbren: I-Iear my dream, \\'hièh' 
have drean1ed: 1 thought we \vere binding sheaves 
i f 1 the field: agd ßIY sheaf arpse, as it \vere, and 
stood, and your sheaves stánding about bo,,'ed 
do\vn before nlY sheaf. llis brethren ans\vered: 
Shalt thou be our king? or shaH 
1e be subject 
to thy dominion? 1
ht>refore this matter of his 
òreams and words ministered nourishment to tllCÙ. 
envy and hatred. He dreamed also another dream, 
'\\?hich he told his, brethren, saying: 1 saw in a . 
llrean1, as it were the sun, and the lnoon, and ele. 
ven stars, \\'orshipping me. And when he had told 
this to his father, al1d brethren, his father rebuked 
]lÌlTI, and said: \V hat meaneth this drean1 that thou 
hast dreamed? shall I and thy mother, and thy bre- 
thren, \vorship thee upon the earth? I-lis brethren 
therefore envied hi (TI: but his father considered the 
thing with himself. And \vhen his brethren abode 
jn Sichen1t feeùin
 their father's flocks, Israel said 
to hirn: Thy brethren feed thy sheep in Sichem : 
con1e, I \yiH send thee to them. And \vhen he an- 
swered: I am ready: he said to hinl: Go, éìod see 
if an things be \vell with thy brethren, and the 
cattle: and bring me \,'ord again what is doing. So 
 sent fronl the vale of Hebron, he came to Si. 
chern. And a nlan found him there wandering in 
the field, and asked him what he sought. But he 
ans\vered: I seek my brethren: tell 1l1e where they 
feed their flocks. ^ nò the man said tö hin1: rrhey 
are departed from this place: for I heald them say: 
let us go to Dothain. And Joseph went for".ard 
after his brethren, and found theM in Dothain. And 
when they sa\v hint afar o if, before he came nigh 
thenl, they thought to kin hiln: and said one to 
another, Behold the dreatner cOlneth, come let us 
kill hilD, and cast him into som,e old pit; and we 
,vill say; some evil bea
t hath t.levoured him; and 

then it shall appear \\ hat his dreams avail him. 
And Reuben hearing thi
, endeavoured to deliver 
hin1 out of their hands, and said 
 Do not take 
3\Vay his life, nor shed his blood: but cast him into 
this pit, that is in the wil
sJ an.d keep your 
hands harmless: now he salJ thiS, beJng desirous 
to de1 him out of their hands, and restore hi m to 
his t:1ther. 
GRAD. Ps. cxix.---I cried out to the T
ord in my 
distress, and he heard ll1e. V.Deliver n1Y 
olll, OIJord, 
from wicked lips, and from a deceitful tongue. 
TRACT. Ps. cii. Deal not, &c. p. 117. 
< ]Iatt. xxi. 33. 4 6 .-At that time 
Jesus spoke to tILe 'multitude? Of tlte Jeu's, and to tIle 
cltief priests this parable:. 'fhere was a certain house. 
holde[ \\"ho planted a vineyard, and made a hedge 
round about it, and dug in it a \vine-press, and 
built a to\ver, and let it out to husbandn1en: 
and went into a strange country. And \vhen the 
time of the fruits drew near, he sent his servants to 
the husbandmen, that they D1ight receive the fruits 
of it. And the husbandmen laid hands on his sere, 
vants, and beat one, anc;l kI1led another, and stoned 
another. Again he sent other servants more than the 
former: and they did to them in like manner. And last 
of all he sent them his Soo, saying: They YlÌll reve- 
rence my Son: But when the husbandmen saw 
the Son, they said an10ng then1selves: This is the 
heir, come let us kill hinl, and \\'e shall have his 
inheritance. And taking him they cast him forth 
out of the vineyard, and killed him. \Vhen the 
lord therefore of the vineyard shall come, \\>hat ,,,ill 
he do to those husbandmen? They say to hinl: !-Ie 
will bring those evil ß1cn to an evil end: and \\,ill 
let out his vineyard to other husbandmen, that shall 
rendrr hiln the fruit in due season. Jesus saith to 
thenl: I-lave you never read in the Scriptures: " '-fhe 
stone which the builders rejected, the same is beco111e 

the head of the corner? By the Lord this hath been 
done, and it is \vonderful in our eyes." 'rherefore 
I say to you, the kingdoln of Goll shall be taken 
froln you, and shall be given to a nation bringing 
forth the fruits thereof. A nd whosoever shall fall 
on this stone, shal1 be broken: but on \vhomsoever 
it shall fall, it 
7ill grind him to po\vrler. And 
\vhen the chief priests and Pharisees had he
rd his 
parables, they understood that he spoke of them. 
And seeking to lay hands on him, they feared the 
111111titl1de-; because they held him as a prophet. 
OFFERT. 1)s. x
.xix....Look down to nlY aid, 0 
Lord, let them be confounded anù ashalned toge- 
ther \\'ho seek my life: look dO\\'l1 to Iny aiJ,
f3V the effects of this warfare, 0 
Lord, re.naÎn in 
lS, and be incleased by bood 
,,,orks. '[,hro'. 
Il\!. Ps. 
i.or-- Thou "yilt defend ns, 0 LorJ. 
anQ protect us both no\v and for tvennore. 
ll\I. Fac nos.-Grant, \ve beseech thee
o Lord, that, having received this pledge of our 
eternal salvation, we may so direct our course thereto, 
as h
ppily to arrive at it. Thro.. 
I..Iet us pray. ßow down your heads to God. 
PR.t,\ YER. Da qllæS1l11llis.---Grant, we beseech 
thee, 0 Lord, to thy people health both of soul 
and body, that by the continual practice of good 
works, thpy may always be defended by thy power- 
ful protection Thro'. 

IN'fHOI1'. Ps. xviii. 
T IlE 1aw of the Lord is unspotted converting 
souls; the testimony of the Lord is faithful 

ivJng 'wisdom to little ones. Ps. The heavens pub. 
] ish the glory of God: and the firmament rleclareth 
the ,yorks of his hand
. IT. Glory. 

Jf. \\ EEK OF LENT. 161 
COLLEC1'. Va quæsul1Aus.-Grant, 0 Lord, we 
btseech thee, this saving effect of onr fast, that the 
chastiscnlent of the fh"sh, w'hich we ha,re under- 
taken, n1ay becolne the improveInent of our souls. 
'I'h ro' . _ 
T",ESSON. Gen. xxvii. 5. 39.-In those dl/!/s: 
Rebecca said to her son Jacob: I heard thy father 
talking with Esau th
 brother, and saying to hiln: 
Bring n1e of thy hunting, and make me meats that 
] may tat, and bless thee in the sight of the Lord, 
before I die. Now therefore, nlY son, follow my 
counsel: and go thy \V3Y to thy flock, bring me 
t\VO kills of the best, that I may n1ake of thenl meat 
for thy father, such as he gladly eateth: \vhich 
when thou hast brought in, and he hath eaten, he 
may bless thee before he die. And he ans\
/ered her: 
Thou kno\vest that Esall my brother is a hairy man, 
and 1 am smootl
: if my father shaH feel me, and 
perceive it, I fear lest he will think I "ould have 
mocked hiln, aud 1 shall bring upon Jne a curse 
instead of a blessing. And his olother said to "him: 
Upon me be this curse, my son 
 only hear thou my 
voice, and go, fetch me the things which I have 
said. (lewent, and brought, and gave them to his mo- 
ther. She drpssed 01eat such as she knew his father 
liked. And she put on him very goorl garments of 
Esau, which she had at home with \)(-or: and the 
little skin9 of the kids she put about his hands, 3nd 
covered the bare of his neck. And she gave him 
the savoury meat, and delivered him bread that she 
had baked. \Vhich \vhen he han carried io, he 
said: Ï\-J y father? But he ans\vered: I hear. \Vho 
art thou my son? And Jacob said: 1 am Esal1, thy 
first born: I h:lVe done as thou didst cOIn mand me : 
arise: sit and eat of my venison, that thy soul rnay 
bless me. And IS< said to his son: Ilo\v couldst 
thou find it so quickly, my SOIl? lIe answered: It 

1'2 S\TURD
,vas the ,rill of God that \rhat I sought came quickly 
in Iny \\'ay. And Isaac said: Come hither, that I 
n1ay feel thee my son, and may prove whether thou 
be my son Esau or no: E-I e came near to his t:1.ther. 
and \vhen he had felt him, Isaac said: rrhe voice 
indeed is the voice of Jacob, but the hands, are the 
hands ofEsau. And he kne\v him not, because- his 
hair" hands made him like to the elder. Then bles- 
singJhinl l he said; Art thou my son Esau? He an- 
s\vered : I am. Then he said: Bring me the meats of 
thy hunting,my son, that my soul may bless thee.And 
when they were brought and he had eaten, he of.. 
fered hirn wine also, \vhich after he had drunk, be 
said to him: Conlc near me, and give me a kiss, 
fny son. lIe came near, and kissed him. And im.. 
nlediately as he smelled the fragrant smell of his 
garments, blessing hÎln, he said: Behold the smell 
of my son is 3S the smell of a plentiful field, which 
the fjord hath blessed. God give thee of the dew of 
heaven, and of the fatness of the earth, abundance 
of corn and wine:-:, And let peoples serve thee, and 
tribes worship thec

 be thou lord of thy brethren. 
and let thy mother 9 s children bo\v down before 
thee. Cursed be he t11at curseth thee: and let him 
that blesseth thee be filled \vith blessings. Isaac had 
rce ended his \vords, when Jacob being no\\! gone 
out abroad, Esau came, and brought in to his father 
meats nlade of what he had taken in hunting,. say.. 
il1g: Arise, nlY father, and eat of thy son 9 s ven_ison : 
that thy soul nlay bless me. And Isaac said to him; 
,",Thy! who an thou? He answered; I am thy 
f1r'5t- born son Bsau. Isaac ,vas struck with fear, and 
astonished exceedingly: and ,vondering beyond 
what can' Ðe believed, said: \Vho is he that even 
now bronght 111e venison that he had taken, and I 
ate of all before thou earnest? and I have blessed 
hi m, and he sht1.l1 be blessed. Esau having heard his 

II. \VEEK OF LENr. 16,) 
{élther 9 s \\'01'<18, roared out ,vith a great cry: and 
being in a consternation, said: Bless me also, my 
father. And he said: 'l'hy brother came deceitfully 
and got thy blessing. But he said again: Rightly is 
his o"ame caBe(l Jacob: for he hath supplanted me 
)0 this second time: my first birth- fight he took 
away before, and now this second time he hath 
stolen away my blessing.. ,And again he said to his 
father: l-Iast thou not reserved nle also a blessing? 
Isaac ans\vered: I have appointed him thy Iord, and 
ha\re made all his brethren his servants: I have esta- 
blished him with corn and oil, ann after this, ,vhat 
shall I do more for thee my son? And E<;au said to 
him: Hast tt.l0U only one blessing, Ülther? I be- 
seech thee, bless nle also. And when he \vept \vith a 
loud cry, Isaac being nloved, said to him: In the 
fat of the earth, and in the dew of heaven from 
above shall thy blessing be. 
OFFERT. Ps. xci.. It is good to praise the Lord_ 
and sing to thy name, 0 thou, the l\Iost High! 
Jr. rro publish thy mercy in the n1orning. and iliy 
truth in the night. 
<1BoßpeI. Luke xv. I Y. 32.-At tlud time: 
Jesll" spoke to tlte SC1'ibes and P/Ul1';',l:ees tltis parable: 
A certain man had two sons: and the younger of 
them said to his father: Father, give n1e the portion 
of su bstance that falleth to me. And he divided 
unto them his substance. And not many days after. 
the younger son gathering all together, \vent abroad 
into a far country: and there \\-asted his substance 
\\'ith Jiving riotously. And after he had spent all. 
thtre carne a mighty famine in that country, and he 
began to be in want. And he \vent and joined him. 
self to one of the citizens of that country. And h 
sent him into his fium to feed swine. And he \\'ould 
t:Ún have fined his belly with the husks the swine did 
eat; and no man gave unto him. And returning to 

elf he said: I-Io\v many hired sef\1'ants in my 
father's nouse have p1enty of brt'
HJ, and I l1ere 
perish with hunger? I \vill arise, and will go to my 
father, and 
ay to him: Father, I have sinne"l against 
beaven, and be ore tIH:e: I arn not no\v \vorthy to be 
callcd thy son: make tne as one of thy hired servants. 
And risin
 up he went to his Üüher. And \\,hen he was 
yet a great way off, his father sa,,-' hinl, and \vas 
moved \\ ith COIn passion, and running to him fell 
11 pOll his neck and kissed him. And the son said to 
him: Father, I have sinned against heaven, antI be. 
fore thee: I am not no\v worthy to be called thy 

on. But the father said to his servants: Bring forth 
quickly the first robe, and put it on llim, and put a 
ring on his finger, and shoes on his feet: and bring 
hither the fatted calf, and kill it, and let us eat and 
make merry: because this my son was dead, 
nd is 
camp to 1ife ragain: he was lost, and is found. And 
they began to be merry. Now his eldest son was in 
the fH
Id: and whel' he canle and drew nigh to the 
nonse, he heard music and dancing: and he called 
one of the servant
, and asked \vhat these things . 
meant. r\nd he said to him: 'fhy brother is con

nd thy father hath killed the t:1tted c
lf, because he 
llath recpived him safe. And he 
'as angry, and 
would not go in. lIis father therefore coming out 
'began to entreat him. And he anwering, said tohis 
iàther: Behold, for so many years do I serve thee,and 
I have Hever transgressed thy con1mandment
, and yet 
thou hast n 
vcr given )l1e a kid to nJake merry with 
my friends: but as soon as this thy son is come, who 
hath ùevoureò his substance with harlots, thou hast 
killed for him the t:1Ucd calf. But he s:1id to hirn : 
Son, thou art ah\
ays \\'ith n1e, and all I have is 
thine. llut it y,,'as fit \\ge should make merry and be 
J:lad, for this thy brother was dC'ad, and is con1C 
to life a
ain; he ,\,
g lost, and is found. 
OfFER'r. Ps. :'.ii.-.Enlightcn my e} es thi1t I 

lIt. SU1-.DAY IN LENT. 165 
eep not in death; that my enemy may never say: 
] hL1ve overcome him. 
It:rcifu\1y grant U!S, 0 Lord, by this 
holy sacrifice, that \ve, who desire to be freed from 
our O\Vll 
ins, n1ay not be burdened \vith. those of 
others. rll1fo'. 
I.\I. Luke xv.-Son, thou oughtest to rejoice 
e thy brother was dead, and is come to life 
again: he \vas lost, and is found. 
I. Sacr{(mt'nti.-
Iay tlle sacred taste of 
this thy SaCr
lIl1ent, () Lord, penetrate the innermost 
recesses of our hearts, and ß1ake us plentifully par- 
take of its effects. 'fhro' . 
et llS pray. ßO\V down your 11e
ds to God. 
PH,A YER. FltlllilÙt1ll.-Protect, 0 Lord, \ve be- 
seech thee, thy falnily by thy continual goodness,. 
that as it relieth on the hopes of thy heavenly grace, 
so it may be defended by thy heavenly aid. 'I'heo'. 

11"fROIT. ]J s . xxiv. 
1\1 Y eyes are e\'cr 0 CULl mei semper acl 
to\vards the l..Ior<.l, Domilllim, qu.ia ipse 
for he \vi\l draw my ft::ct e't'cllet de, laqZleo pedes 
out of the snare: look 'JIU:vs: respice in 'JIlt'., et 
down on me, and pity miSCl'C1'e 'J/lâ q'llùlli(jlll uni... 
, for I am atonc and eus ct pauper Slim ego. 
poor. 1>5. fro thee, 0 Ps. .Ad te, Dumillc, Ie. 
Lord, have I lifted up "C(,{
'i aniUlli111 111tanl: DClls 
n1Y soul: in thee, 0 111Y 'JJlCUS, in te conjido, non 
 I put my trust, let erubescam. 
D1C not be a<;hameù. IT. 'T. Gloria. 
C()LLECT. QlltlsumuJ.-Be attentive, "7C besec(:h 
tþee, 0 Almighty God, to the prayers of thy ser.. 

ants.: and stretch forlh the arm of thy divine ma- 
]esty In Qur defence. 'fhro'. 
.EPIS1'LE. };pncs. v. J. 9.-Rrellll'en: Be ye 

therefore f-ollowers of God, as most dear cbildren: 
and walk in love, as Christ also loved us, and hath 
delivered hin1self for us, an oblation and sacrifice to 
God, for an odol1r of svveetness. But fornication 
and all uncleétt1ness, or covetousness, let it not so 
n1uch as be named among you, as becometh saints; 
nor obscenity, nor foolish talking, nor scurrility, 
which is to no purpose: but rather givíÐg of thanks. 
For know ye this and understand, that no fornicator, 
or unclean, or covetous person (which is serving of 
idols) hath inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and 
of God. Let no man deceive yon with vain words. 
]:"'or because of these things cometh the anger of 
God upon the clÜldrcn of unbelief. E-c ye not there. 
fore partakers with them. For you were heretofore . 
darkness, but now light in the Lord. Walk ye as 
children of the ]ight. For the fruit of the light is in 
all goodness, and justice, and truth. 
GRAD. Ps. ix.-...t1rise, 0 Lord, let not man pre. 
vail: let the nations bejudged in thy sight. V. 'Vhen , 
thou shalt put my enemies to flight, then shall they 
be \veakened, and perish from thy sight. 
rrltA,Crr. Ps. cxxii.-Ad te levavi oculos meos, 
'}ui h(Lbitas in cælis. '1'0 thee have I raised up ll1Y 
eyes, 0 thou, who dwellest in the heavens. V. Be- 
hold as the eyes of servants are 011 the hands of their 
lnasters. V. And as the eyes of the hand- maid are on 
the hands of her mistress: so are our eyes on the 
Lord, until he have mercy on us. V. Have mercy on 
llS, () Lord, Lave mercy on us. 
ClDoØp.el. Luke xi. 14. 28.-At that tiJne: 
Jesus was casting out a devil, and the same was 
dumb, and when he had cast out the devil, the duma 
spoke: and the n1ultitude "Tere in admiration at it. 
But some of them said: he casteth out devils, by 
ßelzcbub the prince of devils. An:l others tempti
asked of him a sign from heaven. But he seeIng 

their thoughts, said to theIn: Every kingdon1 divided 
against itself, shall be brought to desolation, and 
house upon house shall fall. And if Satan shall be 
d against hilnse1t
 how shall his kingdom stand? 
because you say, that through Be1zebl1b 1 cast out 
devils. No\v if I cast out devils by ßelzebub: by 
,,,hOlD do your children cast them ant? 'fherefore 
they shall be your judges. But if [ by the finger of 
God cast out devils: dOl1btlèsS the kingdom of God 
is con)e Up011 you. \Vhen a strong luan arn1t
kCLpeth his court, those things which he posscsseth 
are in peace. But if a stronger than he COOle UpOI1 
hill1 and overCOlne hill1, he \vill tak.e a\\'ay all his 
armOl1r \\'herein he trusted, and \vill distribute his 
spoils. lIe that is not with llie, is ag:tinst file; and 
he th:u gathereth not with me, scattert;th. 'Vhen 
the unclean spirit is gone out of a 01an, he \valkelb 
through places \vithaut water, seeking rest: and not 
finding, he saith: I will return into n1)' house 
whence 1 caIne out. And \vhen he is COlne, he 
findelh it s\vept and garnished. '{'hen he goeth and 
taketh \vith him seven other spirits more \vicked than 
hin1self, and entering in they d\\'ell there. And the 
last state of that n1an becon1eth "'orse than the first. 
And it came to pass, as he spoke these things, a 
certain \\'on1an frain the crowd lifting up her voic
said to him: Blessed is the \vomb that bore thee, 
and the paps that gave thee suck. llul he said: 
Yea rather, blessed are they who hear the \vord of 
God, and keep it. CREDO. 
OFFER1'. Ps. cxviii.---l'he la\vs of the Lord are 
just, and give joy to the heart; his ordinances are 
S\\'cetpr than honey and the honey-colnb; therefule 
thv servant observeth them. 
.SECR.ET. l\lay this offering, 0 Lord, ,ve be.. 
h thee, cleanse us froIl1 our sin
, and sanctify the 
bOllies and sOllb of thy servants f01" the celebrating 
of this :.,acrifice. rrhró'. L 

IM. PS. lxxxiii.- The sparro\v hath fOl1ntt 
 house, and the tu rtle-dove a nest to put hel 
young ones in; ill like nlanner, 0 Lord of armies; 
IllY King and my God, let Iny abode be near thy 
altar: blessed are they that <<lweIl in thy house, they 
shall praise t.hee for ever and ever. 
P. CO:\1
1. .Ll cUìtctis.---l\fercifully, 0 l,onl, \v{" 
beseech thee, deliver us frolu all guilt anù froln all 
danger, sillce thou ad(niltcst us to be partakers of 
this great nlJstery. Thro'. 

D,A 1'". 
TROI1\ Ps. lv.-.r \vill praise God for his 
promise, and will thank the Lord fOi the a"5urances 
he hath given me: I v;i II hope in God, and not tear 
\vhat flesh can do to nlC. lis. 1'ake pity on me, 0 
God, fè.H Inan hath lran1pIed me under foot: he hath 
attacked Iue the \\'hoie day, and distressed nlC. 1-. 
COLLEC1'. CortlilJ7IS__..... \Y' e brseech thee, 0 
Lord, merciful1y to pour forth thy grace into our 
hearts: that. as \VC aLstain froln flesh, so \ve nlaY 

ecp Ull r senses fronl all noxiolls excesses. r-rhro'. 
LESSON. 4 ]{iligS V. I. 1 ç.---In t!lose da)'s ; 
NaalUal1. general of t.he army of the ICing of Syria, 

vas a great Ulan \vith his master, and honourable: 
for by hinl the l,ord gave dcli\'eran('e to Syria: 
and he v\'as a valiant m3.n and. rich, but a leper. 
No\v there had gone out rohbers frolll Syria, and 
had led a\\'ay captive out of the land of Israel a l'illte 
I11aid, and she \\Taited upoa Naanlan's \'rife. And 
she said to her rn istress: I \v i5h my Blaster har} bef'll 
\vitlt the prophet that is in Sanlaria: he \yould cer- 
tainly have healed hin1 of the lepro
y \\Jhich he 
hath. 'rben Naalnan 
\vent into hi,., lord, and told 
hiln, sayir.g: l"'hlls and thus sailh the girl, that came 
fToin the land of 1srae1. :\llJ thr- l(!lig of Svr:a 
KÚd to hi;n; (;0, Rill! J \V

lld a ! etter to the 

III. \VEEK 0l1' LENT. 169 
Ring of Israe1. And he departed, anò took with 
hiol'ten talents of silver, and six thousand pieces of 

old, and ten change
 of rain1ent, and brought 
the letter to the King of Israel, in the:se \\ ords : 
\Vhpn thou shalt rec
ive this letter, know that I have 
sent to th
e Xaan1
1n lny servant, that thou n1aye9t 
Ileal hinl of his leprosy. And when the king of 
Israel had read the IClter, he rent his garrnents, and. 
said: A n1 I God, to be able to kill and to give lif
that this nlan hath sent to me, to heal a man of his 
leprosy? mark, and see how he secketh occasion 
against file. And \vhen f
liseus the Inan of God had 
hearrllhis, to wit, that the King of Israel had rent 
his gannents, he sent to hiln, saying, \Vhy ha
t:l0U rent thy garments? let hinl corne to lue and 
let hinI kno\v that there i$ a prophet ill Israel. So 

aaman came \vith his horses an(l chariot
, anti 
stood at the door of the house of Eliseus: and Eli. 
:iei.1S sent a nIcssenger to him, saying; Go and wa
vcn timt>s in the Jordan, and thy flesh shall recover 
health, an,} thou shalt be clean. Naalnan was an- 
gry, éllhl v.cnt a\vay. saying: I thought he \\rould 
have conIC Ot1t to me, and standing would have in- 
voked the name. of the Lord his God, and touched 

vith his hand the place of the leprosy, and healed 
n1C. A rc not the Abana, and the Pharphar, river
of Damascus, better than an the waters of IsraeJ, 
that I may \\'a
h in theu], and be made clean 1 So 
;t<; he turned, and \vas going a\\'ë.lV \vith indignation, 
lIis serv3nts caIne to him, and said to him: F
if the prophet had bid thee do some great thing. 

t1rcly thou sho111dst have clone it; how much rathel 
,nhat he no\v hath said to thee; \Vash, and th1JG. 

ha1t be clean? Then he \\
ent down, and \vashctl 
In the Jordan seven time
, according to the \\'ord of 
the ilìall of God; and his Acsh was re
tored, hkp tlH
fl':sh of a little child, and was 111ade clean. 

J 70 :M 0 N DAY IN THE I I I. \\" E E K, &c., 
returning to the man of God with all his train, he 
canle and stood before him, and said: In truth I 
know there is no other God in aU the earth, but 
onl y in Israel. 
GRAD. PSI lv.-I h3\re laid open to thee, 0 God. 
my life; and thou hast considered IUY tears. V. Take 
pity on me, 0 Lord, ior man hath trampled me 
under foot; he hath attacked n1e the \vhole day. 
and distressed n1e. 
'-rRA. err. 'Ps. cii....-Deal not, &c. p. 117- 
<IBoøpel. Luke iv. 23. 3o.---At tltat time. 
Jesus said to the Pllllri"ees: Doubtless you will say to 
DIe this similitude: Physician heal thyself: as great 
things as \ve have heard done in. Capharnaum, do 
also here in thy 0\'\'11 country. And he said: Amen 
I say to you, du
t no prophet is accepted in his own 
country. J11 truth I say to yml, there were many 
\vidovvs in the day
 of Elias in Israel, when heaven. . 
was shut up three years and six months: when there 
was a great famine throughout all the land: and to 
none of them \vas EI ias.... sent, but to a widow at 
Sarephta of Sirlon. And thefe \vere many lepers in 
Israel in the time ofElisens the prophet: and not one 
of them \vas cleansed' but Naaman the Syrian. And 
311 they in the synagogue, hearing these things \vere 
filled with anger. Anù they rose up and .thrust hinl 
out of the city: and they brought hIm to the 
, brow of the hill, ,,-hereon their city Vias built, that 
they nlight cast him down headlong. But he passing 
through the miJst of them, ,vent his way. 
OFFERrr. Ps. liv.-.-Hear n1Y prayer, 0 God, 
and despise not my petition; look down upon me
and graciously hear Ine. 
SECRE'f. Grant, 0 Lord, that the off
ring we 
make to thee, as a n1ark of our homage, may be- 
cOlne to us a sacram,:nt available to our salvatio!1 

CO:\Il\I. P.r. xiii...-- \\'ho \\,,11 send out from S:on 
the salvation of Israel? \Vheu the l
oni shall put an 
end to the captivity of his people, Jacob shall leap 
for joy, and Israel shall rejoic
P. CO!\Il\I. l)ræsta, quæsumus.---Grant, ,,'e be. 
seech thee, 0 AII1\ighty and ßlerciful God, that 
what we take \vith our 1110Uths, \ve n1ay receive 
I '" ith pure minds. rrhro'. 
et us pray. Bow do\vn yonr heads to God. 
PRAYER. Sub"Ccniat...--r..lay thy nlercy, 0 Lord. 
assist us, that, by thy protection, \ve nlay be de- 
livered from the dangers of sin that surround us, and 
so brought to eternal happine
s. 'I'hro'. 

INTROIT. P.r. xvi.---I have cried to thee, for 
thou, 0 Lord, hast heard me; 0 incline thine 
ear unto me, 0 hear lll)' prayer. I\.eep n1C, 0 
Lord, as the apple of thine eye and protect n1C 
under the shado\v of thy wings. ]J s . Ileal", 0 Lord. 
the justice of my cause, and hearken to my petition. 
V. Glory. 
COLLECT. E.raudi nos.....Graciol1s1y hear us, 0 
Almighty and merciful God, and grant us the gift 
of salutary cOl1tinence. Thro'. 
LESSON. 4 Kingsiv. J. 7.-..117, tllOsed(lY
: A 
certain \"oman of the \vives of the prophets cried to 
Eliseus, saying: rfhy servant my husband is dead. 
and thou kno\vest that thy sef\'ant ,vas one that 
f{;ared God, and beho1d the creditor is COOle to take 
3-way my t\vo sons to serve him. And Elisel1s said 
to hfr: \Vhat wilt thon have me do for thee: rrell 
me 'what hast thou in thy house? And she ans\vered,= 
I thy handmaid have nothing in 111Y house but a 
little oil, to anoint me. And he said to her: Go. 
borro\v of all thy neighbours enlpty vessels,not a few. 
^.nd go in, and shut thy door, \vhen thou art ,vithin. 
wIth thy sons: and pour out thereof into all those 

vesspls: and \vhen they are fuB, take them aWf.y. 
So the woman went, and shut the door upon her, 
and upon her sons: they brought her the vessels, and 
she poured in 
a\nd \vhen the vessels were full. 
she said to her son; Bring me yet a vessel. And he an- 
s\vered: I have no [TIore. j\nd the Qil stood. And 
she canle and told the man of God. And he said: 
Go, sell the oil, and pay the creJitor: and thou 
and thy sons live of the rest. 
GltAD. Ps. xviii.-Cleanse n1e, 0 Lord, from 
nlY hidden sins; and from the sins of others 
thy servant. J.T. If these rule not in me, then shall I 
be without spot; anù cleansed froin enormous guilt. 
<1BoØpfl. ..:.lIfLtt. xviii. I 5- 22 ....-At that time: 
Jesus said to !lis disciples: If thy brother shall offend 
against thee, go, and reprove him between thee and 
him alone. If he shall hear thee, thou shalt gain 
thy brother. But if he will not hear thee, take "7ith 
thee one or hvo more: that in the 1110Uth of t\VO or 
three witnesses every word nlay stand. And if he 
will not hear th
e, tell the Church. .A,nd if he ,viH 
not hear the Church, Jet him be to thee as the 
11eathen and the publican. J.<\men I say to you ø 
whatsoever you shaH bind upon earth, shall be 
bOll nd also in heaven: and whatsoe\1
r you shan 
loose upon earth, shaH be loosed also in heaven. 
Again I say to you, that if two of you shall agree upon 
earth, concerning any thing \vhatsoc\'er they sha
ask, it shall l1e done for them by lny Father who 18 
in heaven. l
'or \vhere there are 1\\'0 or three ga- 
the:red together in my name, there an1 I in the midst 
of them. Then Peter cafi1e unto hinl, and said: 
Lord, how often shal I my brother offend against 
me, and I forgive hirn 
 till seven times? Jesus sai
to hinl: I say not to thee till stven tirnes; but ull 
venty ttnH'S Sf'ven times. , 
OIiFERT. 1)$. cxvji.-..'rhe right hallt(l of th'f 

ESD-\ Y IN 'fHE. IIJ. \\ EEK, &c. 1'7.) 
Lord hath c
erted its stren
th, the right h:Jnd of the 
l..ord hath raised ll1C lJ p: I shall not 'JlOW die, but 
live: cHid publish the \vorks of the Lord. 
SECRE1.'- ::\Iay \ve receive, \ve bescpch thee 
o Lord, by tht'se sacr

[ncllts, the effect of our re- 
dcruption; so that, by Ineans thereof, we Jnay 
,vithùra'N from all human e
ccsses, and thOll Inayest 
besto\v upon us the gift of salvation. 1l}fo
1 \1. 1)..;, xiv...... \Vho is it, 0 Lord, that is to 
ihveil in thv tabernacle? Or who is it, that is t
,\bide on thy holy mountain? lie that \\9alketh 
\vithout blcmish, and doth righteousness. 
J. Sacris.---Being cleanseJ. 0 Lord, by 
these holy n1ysterie
, grant us, \V
 beseech thee, 
both pardon and grace. 'rhro
,Let us pray. Bo\v do\vn your heads to (;od. 
1)IlA YER. ]'aa.-...Detend Ut;, 0 I.lonl, by thy 

rotectionJ and eVtr preserve us fronl all iniquity. 

-\\TEl)NESDA Y. 
INTROI'I'. Ps.. x:\,..--But r have hoped in the 
Lord: I wilt be glad, and rejoice in thy mercy: for 
thou hast considere,l illY distress. j)s. In thee, 0 
Lord. have I hoped
 let- nle never be confoun,led : 
òeliver rne in thy justice, and rescue Ine. II". Glory. 
COLLEC'f. lJræsta nobis.....Grant, 0 l
ord, \\7e 
beseech thee, that being ilnproveù by this whole. 
some fast, \ve may abstain frool all pprniciulls vice. 
and, by that means, more easily obtain thy merc}. 
. E.rud. xx. 12. 24.---1üus sait/I. the 
IÆrd God: IIonol1r thy father and thy mother, that 
thou n1aye:;t be lon
.lived npoil th
 land, \vhich the 
ord thy GoJ win give thee. Thou shalt not kill. 
rrhou shalt not commit adultery. rrhou shalt not 
Bteal. rrhou shalt not bf"ar false \\'itncss agaiu8t th 

ncigbbour. Than shalt not covet thy neighbotu"s 
honse, neither shalt thou desire his wife, nor his 
servant, nor his hand.maid, nor his ox, nor his a$S
l10r any thing that is his. And all the people saw 
the voices and - the flanlcs, and tIle sound of ÜH.. 
tfll nl pet, and the nlount smoking; and being ter- 
rified and struck with fear. they staoel afar off, 
saying to !\Ioses; Speak thou to us, and we \\"iH 
l1ear : let not the Lord speak to ns lest \ve die. .A.I1,,1 
l\Ioses said to the people: Fear not: for (
od is 
come to prove you, and that the dread of hi III might 
be in you, and yon should not sin. And the people 
stood afar off. But Moses \\'ent to the dark cloud 
\vherein God \vas. And the IJord said to l\10scs: 
'rhus shalt thou say to the children of Israel: Y all 
have seen that I have spoken to you frotTI heaven. 
You shall not make gods of silver, nor shall you 
make to yourselves gods of gold. Yon shall n1aka 
311 altar of earth unto me, anò you shall offer upon 
it your holocausts and peace-offerings, your sheep 
3nd oxen, in every place where the Inenlory of my 
name shall be. 
GRA D. Ps. vi.....Take pity on file, 0 Lord, for I 
am Y\'eak; heal m,e, 0 Lord. V. An my bones are 
shaken, and my soul is in great distress. 
1'RAC'r. l:J s . cii......Deal not, &c. p. 1 f 7. 
<1Boøpel+ WIatt. xv. J. 2o.---At fllat time: 
The Scribes and Pharisees canle froul Jerusalem to 
Jesus, and said to him: "Thy do thy disciples. trans,", 
gress the tradif on of thl
 ancients? l;'or thc}' wasil 
not their hands when ihey eat bread. But he an. 
s\vering, said to then1: '\T hy do you also transgress 
the commandment of God for your tradition? For 
God said: "Honour thy father and mother;" and 
" he thatshall curse father or mother, let hin1 die the 
death." But you say: \Vhosoever shall say to his 
fathcr or Inother, The gift what.:;ocver proceedetl1 

ITT. 'V! EK f)F LEr\T. J 75 
fronl me, sh:tl1 profit thee. And he shall not ho- 
nour his father or n1()ther; and you have n1ade 
void the commandment of C;od for your tradition. 
"\7 e h)'pocrite
, wdl has Isaias prophe
led O! y.ou, 
saying: "ThIs P 'ople hüllonrcth me \vlth thelf II PS, 
but their heart is I
H fron1 Ine. An.l in vain do they 
\vorship rnE', te:1ching doctrines and comn1andn1ents 
ot nlen." And h3ving called tog
ther the nlllltitllues 
unto him, he baid to them: I-lear ye and under- 
titand. Not that ,vhich gocth into the n1ol1th, de- 
fi leth a man: but what coo1eth out of the mouth. 
this defileth a m:1n. Then can1e his disciples, and 
said to hin1: Dost thou know that the Pharisees, 
\\Then they heard this \\'ord, \vere scandali
ed? llut 
he answering, 
aid: l:very plant which n1Y heavenly 
Father hath not 1-'lanted, shall be rooted up. Let 
them alone; they are blind, and leaders of the 
blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both tàll 
into the pit. And Peter ans\,'ering, said to hinl: 
Explain to us this parab1-e. But he sait1; Are you 
also yet without understanding? Do )'on not under- 
stand, that whatsoever entt'reth into the mOl1th
goeth into the ben y, 3nù is cast out into the privy? 
But the things \\,l1Ìch proceed out of the month. 
come forth fron1 the heart, and those things defile a 
ß1an. For out of the heart proceeù evil thoughts. 
murders, ad111teri
s) fornications, thefts, false testi- 
monies, blasphemies. 1'hese are the things that 
defile a man. But to eat \vith un\vashed hands doth 
)lot defile a man. 
OfFER']'. Ps..-
Shew us, 0 ],Jonl, thy mercy, 
for the glory of thy name 
 for thy mercy is sweet. 
SECRE'!'. Receive, 0 Lorò, \\'e beseech thee, 
t11e pra}ers of thy people, together ,,'ith the offcr
of these hosts; and while \ve c
lebrate these thy 
mysteries, defend us fron} an dangers. 'fluo'. 
C()l\Il\I. 1)s. 
v.._. Thou hast nlade kno\\'n to me 
the ways of life: the sight of thee \\' ill fill me ,,'ith 
jOy, 0 Lord. 

P. CO:\J
J. Sllnct!ficet nù:,..--?\lay the neaven1 " 
toad, \"'bich 've ha':e taken, sanctify uc:, 0 Lord: 
and freeing us from all error", make us \\ orthy of 
th heavenly promise
. 1'hro'. 
I et us pray. how doy. n YOlJt heads to God. 
PRL\ YER. ('ollcede.---Granr, ,,'e b
eech thee, 
o Almighty Goj, that v'e who beg the favour of 
thy protection, being delivererl from all evils, may 
;;;erve thee \\'ith a S
Cl1re mind. Thro'. 

TR01T. Ps. Ixvii.---I am the 8ûlvation of 'l1V 
people, c;aith the I
ord: in 
'hate\rel tribulation 
thpy cry out to me, 1 \vill hear them; <\nd I \\ i11 be 
their Lord for evpr. Ps. Attend, 0 my people, to 
my law j h
t:.rken t'J the words of my mouth. T. 
GI0 r V. 
COL1.JECT. Jlagnificct. --
lay th:s c;acred so- 
lemnity of thy servanL<=, Co,mas and Ddo1Ïan, she',v 
thy greatnes.c;, 0 Lord; by \vhich, in thy unsppaka- 
hIe providence, thou hac;t granted them eternal glory. 
and us the aid of tl,eir pr;]
 ers.. 'fhro'. 
. Jer. vii. I. i .--- In tlw5e dfl)s: The 
v'ord that came to Jer mias from the I
ord, sa, ing:. 
stahd in tr.
 gate of thp hou')e of the I
ord, and pro- 
claim there this "Nord, and say: llear ye the word 
of the Lord, all ye mpn of J Ilrla, that enter in at 
the<:e eátes, to adore the I..,ord. Thus saith the 
Lord of tao 's, the God of Israel: 
lake }our ways 

nd your doin?
oo.i; í:nd I will d\vell ,\ ith you 
in this place. Tru"t not in I} iog vlords, 
Th p temple of th 
 Lor J, the temple of the Lor.], it 
is the temple of tre 14ord. For if yùu ,yilt order 
v.eH }our \\'a}sand your doings; if YOH v.ill execute 
jurl(!f11ent b
t\Veen a màn and his nei
hbour; if) ou 
oppr not the strc: n
er, the fatherlc,s. and the wi- 
do\v, and hed not inr.oc
nt blood in this plac ,and 

 alk not fter saan
e gods to your o\v
 hurt; ] 
\I."ill dVitll 'wia.h you in th
s p1;
,p j in the land 

J J I. \\P E E K 0 F I. E 
 T. I .. 7 
\,-hich I gave to your fathers franl the beginning and 
í'0r ever010re, sbltll lite Loru- .A11mighlp. . 
GR:\,D. Pie c
liv.--_rrhe C\ t's of an hope In 
thee, 0 Lord, 
iJ'\d thou 1?:1vest "then1 theu to
d ia 
due sea'on. 1-. Tholl opent'st th} húud, and fillt;...t 
c:very animal \\"ith thy bll'ssing. 
CDoøprI. lukt, i\P. 38. 44....-At t!rt..t fi
Jesus rising up out of the synago
, \\'ent IIno 
Sin1on 9 s house. And Sin1on.s \\'itè
s n10ther "'as 
taken \\ ith a fe\'er; and the\ hesou
ht hin1 for her. 
And standing over her, h
 cOOllnanded the fe,"er. 
:lnd it h
ft h-cr. And inlluediately rising, 
he mi- 
nistered to them. ...
nd whpo th
 sun \\'3S d(\\\'n, all 
they that had an\' sick \\'Îth divers diseases, brought 
them to hinl- But he, 13) ilìg his hands on every 
one of thein, healed then1. And devils "tent ou 
from n1aur, crying out and saying: 1'hou art the 
Son of (;Oll. AnJ he rf'buking them stdft-'red thetn 
not to speak.; tor they kne\\" that he \\ as Chri
t. And 
\\,hen it \\ as day, going out he \;ent into a desart 
place: and the n1ultitude 80u
ht hin1 and came to 

iln; and they stayed him that he should not depart 
from them. 

nd he 
aid to the-In: ( must preach 
the kingdom of God to other cities also: for th
tore am {1ì:ent. .\nJ he \\
.ls preaching in the S} na.. 
gogues of Gali lep. 
OFFER T. Ps. I38.---If I \valk in the midst of 
tribulation, thou \\'ilt quicken me, 0 Lord; and 
thou" ill 
tre(ch torth thy haul 3gainst the \\'rath of 
D1f enen1ie
; and thy right hand 
hdn sa\ e Ine. 
5ECRE1\ \\ e öti'er thee, 0 l..ord, on occéislon 
of the pre
iol1s tte
t11 Of th 'holv servant'"', th;
flce, frolu \\'hich their martvrJom" and that of ûH 
olht'rs, took. its beginning. Thro 9 . 
t. l)s. c\:viii,,---Thou has ordained thv 
conln1andments to be 
trictty kept. 0 that my 
.:teps u,ay be ah\'3}"s dlr
o a
 lO It'ep thy la\\". 

P. COl\i
l. Sit nobis.--ÞMay this thy sacrament. 
o Lord, procure for us that salvation which we 
beg for by the llH'rits of thy blessed martyrs Cosmas 
and Damian. 'fhro'. 
Let LIS pray. Bow dov;n your heads to God. 
PRA \TER. Sllbjectll'in....-
iay thy heaventy n1cr- 
cy, 0 Lord, always increase thy people, and n1ake 
them ever obedient to thy commandments. Thro'. 

IN'fROIT....Ps. Ixxxv..-.Shew me, 0 Lord, a 
token for good, that those that hate me may see it. 
and be confounded, because thou, 0 Lord, hast 
helped and cOlnforted me. Ps. Bend thine ear. 
o L
rd, and hear me, for I am neeùy and poor, 
V. Glory. 
COLIJEcrr. JljllniR.---Let thy kind favour, 0 
fjord, cacconlpany our fast, that as \ve abstain frorn 
corporal food, so we may likewise refrain from all 
vice. rrhro'. 
I...ESSON. NU1Jlb. xx. 2. I3.-....In those days: 
The children of Israel can1e together against 
1vloses and Aaron; and making a sedition, they 
said: Give us water to drink. .A n(l !\'loses and 
Aaron leaving the multitude, \vent into the taber- 
nacle of the covenant, and fell flat upon the 
ground, and cried to the Lord, and said: 0 Lord 
God, hear the cry of this people, and open to 
lhem thy treasure, a fountain of living water, that 
being satisfied they may cease to murmur. Anel 
the plory of the Lord appeared over them. .And 
the Lord spoke to !\Ioses, saying: rra
e the rod
and assemble the people together, thou and Aaron 
thy brother, and speak to the rock before them, and 
it shall yield \\'aters. And when thou hast brought 
forth water O\lt of the rock, all the lTIultitude and 
their cattle shaH drink. l\Ioses th
refore took the 

rod, which was before the Lord, as he had com- 
manded hiln, and having gathered together the mute 
titude before the rock, he said to them: IIear, ye 
rtbellious and incredulous: can we bring you forth 
\vater out of this rock? And \vhen 
loses had lifted 
up his hand, ana struck the rock tváce \vith the 
rod, there canle forth \vater in gr
at abundance, so 
that the people and their cattle drank. And the 
aid to l\Ioses 3nd Aaron: Because you have 
not believed me, to sanctify nle before the children 
of Israel, YOll shall not bring these people into thc 
]and \vhich I "'ill give them. '1
his is the water of 
contradiction, \vhere the children of Israel strove 
\vith \yords against the Lord, and he was sanctified 
in theln. 
GRAD. Ps. xxvii.---My heart trusted in the 
ord, and I found relief: n1Y flesh is healed, and I 
",ill \YÃth pleasure return him thanks. V'. To thee 
() llord, ha\'e I cri
d out: anS\Ver me, 0 my God, 
and depdrt not froln me. 
TRA.Crr. Ps. cii.--.Deal not, &c. P.117. 
<lDoøpe(. Joltn iv. S. 4 1 .-.At that time: 
Jesus came \ to a city of Samaria \vhich is called 
Sichar, near the parcel of ground which Jacob gave 
to his son Joseph. Now Jacob's well was there. 
Jesus therefore being \vearied with his journey. sat 
thus on the \vell. It \vas about the sixth hour. 
"l'here cOlneth a \voman of Samaria to draw \yater. 
Jesus saith to her: Give me to drink. (For his dis- 
ciples were gone into the city to buy food.) Then 
that Samaritan \voman saith to him: How dost 
thou, being a Je\v, ask of me to drink, who alll a 
Sanlaritan \voman? For the Jews do not communi- 
cate \vith the Samaritans. Jesns ans\vered, anù .>ãid 
to her: If thou didst kno\v the gift of God, anù 
v ho it is that saith to thee, Give me to drink, thou 
ouldst have asked of him, and he \vould have 

gi.ven tbee living \vater. The \voman saith to him 
Sir, thou h:lst nothing wherein to dra\v, and the 
,,,ell is deep 
 frem \\'h
!1Ce then hast thou living 
\\7atpr? Art thot' greater than our father Jacob, who 
gave ns the ,vel', and dr3nk thereof himself, and 
j.}is children, 
nd his cattle? Jes
s ans\.vered and 
said to her: \
\,Tho3oever drinketh of this \vater, shall 
t 3E!ain: but he th
t shall drink of the water 
that I s11all give him, shall not thir
t for 
ver. But 
the water that I shall give hinl, shall becorne in !Üm 
a fountain of \vater springing up into everlasting 
life. The \VO:llan saith to hiln; Sir, Give me this 
\\'ater, that [ ffi1Y not thirst, nor come hither to 
dra\v. Jesus sé1Ìth to her: Go, call thy husband, 
anJ con1e hither. 'fhe ,,,"oman ans\vered, and said: 
I have no hnsband. Jesus saith to her: Thou hast 
said \ven, [ have no husband: for thon hast had five 
husbands; and he \VhOln thon no\v hast. is not thy 
husband. This thou ha
t said truly. The \vomau 
saith to him: Sir, I perceive that thou art a prophet. 
(Jur fathers adored on this mountain, and you say 
that at Jerusalem is the place \vhere n1cn must adoreD 
JeSllS saith to her: \V Olnan, believe me, the hour 
c.oo1eth, ,,'hen you shall neither on this mountain" 
nor in Jerusalenl, adore the l:;'ather. Yon adore 
that which you kno'w not; v{e adore that \vhich 
\\Te knov,': for salvation is of the Je\vs. But the 
hour cometh, and no\v is, "7hen the true adorers 

hall adore the :Father in spirit and in truth. '(1"'or 
the Father al
() seeketh such to adore hiln. God is 
a spirit, and they that adore him, must adore him in 
spirit and in truth. ffhc ,,,oman saith to hin1: I 
kno\Jf," that the 
Iessias cometh (who is called Christ) 
therefore when he is conle, he \vil1 ten U
 all things. 
aith to hel: J am he, \vho anI speaking \vith 
thee. And iInn1ediately his disciples camè; and 
the\' \vonåered that he talked \vitn the \\'oman. \- et 
no Í11an -said: \\'"hat 
fPkest thou, or y;hy talke

Ill. \V E E 
 0 F LEN l' . 1 S r 
thou with her? The \\'On1an therefore left her 
,vater-pot, and \\'ent her ,vay into the city, and saith 
to the nleu there: COlne, and see a man ,,,ho hath 
told nle all things that ever I did. Is not he the 
Christ? Then they went out (\f the city, and came 
to hinl. In the nlean tinlc the disciples prayed him" 

aying: Rabbi, eat. But he said to the
l: I 
flleat to eat which you know not of. fhe dISCI- 
ples therefore said one to another: IIalh any mall 
brought hin1 an v thing to eat? J
Sl1S saith to them: 
1\ly meat is to do the \\'in ot him that sent me, that I 
n1ay pertect his \\'ork. Do not you say, there are four 
tnonths, and then the harvtst conleth? Behold I 
say to you: lift up your e) es, and see the countrie
for they are ,,,hite already to han est. And he that 
reapeth, receivelh ,v
ges. and gathered1 fruit unto 
everlasting lite: that. both he that soweth, ancl he 
that reapeth m(lY rejoice togetheR'. For in this is 
that saying true: tl\at it is one InC\n that :;;o\veth, and 
it is another that reapeth. I have sent )
on to reap 
that in which rou did not labour: others have la- 
boured, and \'ou have enterpd into tht>ir labours. 
Now of that 
ity m:lny of the San1aritan
 believed in 
him, for the ".oni of the \yoman giving testimony. 
he to1d me aU that evcr I did. So v"hen the Sarna- 
rita:1s \\'ere cOr1}ing to hinl, they dt'sired him that he 
\\rou1d tarry there. And he tarried there t\V
And 1T1û.ny n10re believed ()n him becausp of his o\vn 
\\10Id. And they said to the \VOlnan: \Ve no\\" be
\'e, not for thy 
a)'ing: for \ve O\11':;ìclves have h{-'ard 
htn1, and kno\\r that this is indeed the Saviour of 
the \vorld, 
OFFERT. PJ. ,t.-l\Iy King and nlY Goo, hear-. 
the \\-'ords ûf nlV prayer, for it is to Ü\f1
 I '\' ill pray. 
SECRE1'. \\ e beseech thee, 0 Lf)rd, Jnerci. 
fLllly re
ard th
 offerings \\'C con
ecrate !Ü tht>p, 
that th(
y nlay bpcolne acceptable to th..'p, ah'. 
\\'ays advance our 
ah.ation. '1'1'[0\ 

t. John iv.-Ile who shal1 drink the ,vater, 
\vhich I shall give him, saith the Lord, it shall be.. 
come in him a fountain of water springing up to eter- 
nal life. . , 
P. COi\1
I: I[19us.-
1ay the receiving of this 
sacralnent, 0 Lord, cleanse us from sin, and bring 
1.15 to the kingdom of heaven. Thro'. 
IJet us pray. Bow do\vn rour heads to God. 
PRA Y ER. Præ,
ta.-Grant, YJe beseech thee-, 
o .A.lmighty God, that \ve who confide in thy pro. 
tection, may, thro. thy grace, overcome all the ene- 
mies of our salvation. "rhro'. 

lNTROrr. PJ. v.-[-lear, 0 l,ard, n1y word
attend to nlY cry: hearken to the voice of lIlY pray- 
er, 0 my I
ing and my God. l>s. For to thee, 0 
Lord, \vill I pray; and in the morning thou "vilt 
hear ITl\, voice. V. Glory. 
OLLECT. P1'tl'sta.-Grant, \ve beseech thee, 
o Almighty God, that they who morti'(y themselves 
by abstinence from food, nlay, by observing thy 
holy la\\T, also fast from aU sin. rrhro'. 
LESSON. Dall. xiii. I. 62.-In tlloSC dqy
'I'here \vas a man that dwe1t in Babylon. and his 
nanle \vas Joakim: and he took a \vife \vhose nan1e 
,"vas Susann:l, the daughter of Ht.lcias, a very beau- 
tiful \VOnlan
 and one that feared God. For her 
p:uents being just, had instructeù their d
according to the law of J\'loses. No\v JQakuu \vas 
very rich, nd had an orchard near his house; and 
the }ev\-'s resorted to him, because he \vas the most 
}Ionourable of thelll aU. And there \vere t\\TO of 
the ancients of the people appointed judges that 
year. of \\'hOn1 the Lord said: Ioiquity caine out 
fron1 Babylon from the ancient judges, thatseeIl1ed to 
goV( In the people. These I11en frequented the 
house of Joakim, and all ..that had any IIlatleIS of 

IIr. \VEEK OF LEXT. 18 3 
judgment can1e to thenl. 
-\nd when tbe. people 
departed away at noon, Susanna went In, and 
\\'alk.ed in her husband's orchard. And the old 
n sa\v her going in every day, and \valking: and 
they 'were inflalued \\ itl.1lust to\\'3rds h
r: and they 
perverted their own mInd, and turned away their 
eyes, that they nlight not look unto heaven, nor 
remember just judgments. So they 'were both 
. \vounded \\7ith the love of her, yet they did not 
make kno\vn their gri
f one to the other; for they 
\vere ashamed to declare to one another their lust, 
being desirous to have to do with her: and they 
· \vatched carefully every day to see ber. And one 
said to the other; Let us now go hon1e, for it is din. 
ner tilne. So going out they departed one fron1 ano. 
there Anù tUI ning back again, they can1e both to 
the same place; and asking one anoth
r the cat
they ackno\\'lfdged their lust: and then they 
together upon a time \vhen they might find her 
alone. And it fen out, as they watched a fit day, 
she \vent in on a tinle, as yesterday and the day be- 
fore, with t\VO maids only, and v.'as desirous to 
"'a!Sh herself in the orchard: for it ,vas hot \\'eather. 
And there was nobody there, but the 1\\"0 old ßlen 
that had hid themselves and ,,:ere considering her. 
She said to the maids: Bring me oil, and \\'ash. 
ing balls, and shut the doors of the orchard. that I 
nlay wash me. And they did as she baùe them; 
and they shut the doors of the orchard, and \vent 
out by a back door to fttch \vhat she had c.Jrn- 
n1anded them, and they knew not that the elders' 
were hid within. Now \\'hen the ß1aids "'ere gone 
forth, the t\\ 0 elders arose, and ran to her, and 
said: Behold the doors of the orchard are shut, 
and nobody seeth us, and ,,'e are in love with thee; 
,vherefore consent to us, and lie with us. But if 
thou \\'ilt not, \\'e \\'ill bear witness against 
thee, that a young man \\-'
S with thee, and there. 

fore thou didst send a\\'ay thv n1aids from 'thee. 
Susauua sighed, and said: I aÓ1 straitened on every 
siùe: for if I do this thing, it is death to me; 
and if I do it not, I shall not escape your hands. 
But it is better for Ine to fall into your hands with. 
out doing it, thall to sin in the sight of the Lord" 
\Vith that Susanna cricd out with a loud voice; and 
the elders also cried out against her. ..t\nd one of 
then1 ran to the door of the orchard, and opened 
it. So when the servants of the house heard the 
cry in the orchard, they rushed in by the back door, 
to see what was the n1attcr. But atier the old Inen 
had spoken, the servants were greatly ashamed, for 
never had there been any such word said of Susanna. 
.l\nd on the next day, when the people ,,-'ere come 
to Joakim her husband, the two elders also came. 
fu 11 of their wicked dtvice against Susanna, to put 
her to deato. j\nd they said before the people: 
Send to Susanna, daughter of Hclcias, the wife of 
Joakilu. And they prèsently sent. And she came 
with her parents, and children, and all-her kindred. 
Now Susanna was exceeding delicate, and beautiful 
to behold. But those wicked filcn cOlnmanded that 
her face should be uncovered (for she was covered) 
that so at least they luight be satisfied \vith her 
beauty. 1'herefore her friends and all her acquain. 
tance wept. But the two elders, rising up in the 
n1idst of the people, laid their hands upon her head. 
And she weeping looked up to heaven, for her heart 
had confidence in the Lord. And the elders said: 
As we walked ill the orchard alone, this WOn1al1 
can1e in with two maids, and shut the doors of the 
orchard, and 

nt a\vay the maids from her. l'hel1 
a young J11an that was there hid, caIne to her, and 
lay "vith her. But we that \vere in the corner of 
the orchard, seeing this \vickedness. ran ap to 
them, and we sa\v then1 lie together. .c\nd as for 
him we could not take hilD, because he was 

tronger than \ve, and opening the doors he leaped 

 but havin
 takéo this \\Toman, \ve aSh.ed who 
the young n1an \vas, but she would not tell us: of 
this thing \ve 
re \vitne
:)es. The cuultitlJde h{
] ic\'cd 
thein, as being the elders and judgt's of the peopl
aud they cunden1l1eJ her tu death. Tht.
n Su- 
sanna cried out váth a load voict, and -53id: 0 eter- 
nal God, \\'ho knowest hidden thin
s, \\'ho knowc
41H th ings before tht"Y conh
 to pass, thou kno\\'esc 
that they have borne false \vitness against n1e: and 
behold [ n111st die, \\'hereas I have done none of 
these things, vd1Ìch these Inen have maliciously 
forged against me. And the Lord heard her \'oi<..:
.And \vhen she \vas led to be put to Jt'ath, the Lord 
raised up the holy spirit of a young bor, \\.hose 
ualne \vas Uanicl: "lUd. he cried out \,,'ith a loud 
voice: 1 
un clear from the blood of this \\'OnIa.n. 
F'I'hen ..Ill the people turning to\\'arcls hinI, 
1. \' hat Il1èant:th this \vorl! tl1at thou hast spoken? 
nut he standin
 in the Inid
t of them, said: Are}'
so foolish, ye children of hrad, th3.t \vitho11t e:\a.. 
Inination or k.nowledge of th
 truth, le ha\'c con.. 
dClnncd a dal1ghtt'r of Israel? Return to judgnIent, 
for they have borne false y;itness ag3.inst her. So all 
the people turn
d again iu hastt't and the old IDen 
said to hint: COine and sit thou Jo\\'n anIong us, 
hew it: se
ing God hath given lht;
 the honour 
of old age. And Daniel said to the people: Sepa- 
rate these t\VO t:lr fronl one another, and I \\-'ill exa- 
Ininc them. So \Vhel1 they \\'crl
 put a
utH.lcr one 
froln the other, he called one of thenl, and 
aid to 
hinl; 0 thou that art gro\\'n old in evil days, no\\" 
are thy sins conle out \vhich thou hast COOl n1ilt
fore: in judging unjustjtldgm
nts, ovpret-sing the 
innoccnt" and letting the guilty go free, "her
the Lord saith: the innocent and the jUbt thou shalt 
not kill. Now then, if thou sa\\'est her, tell me 
uudér \vhat tree lhou sa\\'cst thenI conversing- to. 
gethtr. lIe s
iù: under a Inastick Ute, And Oani.el 

IS6 S.
TUnDAY, &c. 
sa1d: 'V en nast thou liec1 
gainst thy O\Vn l1ead; 
for behold the angel of God having received the 
sentence of him, shaH cut thee in two. AnJ havin
})ut hinl aside, he comnlanded that the other t:;hould 
come, and he 'aid to him: 0 thou seed of Cha. 
naan, and not of Juda, beauty hath deceived thee, 
Clnd lust hath perverted thy heart: thus did you to.. 
the daughters of Israel, and they for fear conversed 
with you; but a daughter of JuJa \'\'oulrl not ahide 
your wickedness. No\v, therefore, tell me under 
\\'hat tree didst thou take them together? And he 
'ered: undpr a holm tree. And Daniel said to 
llim: \Ve11 hast thou also lied against thy own 
l1ead; for the angel of the Lord \\1aiteth \vith a 
s\vord to cut thee in Ì\vo, and to destroy thee. 
\Vith that all the assenlbly cried out \vith a loud 
nd they ble!;sed God, \vho saveth thenl that 
trust in him. And they rose up against the two el. 
ders (for Daniel had convicted thein of false \\'itness 
òy their 0\\.0 mouth) and they did to them as they 
had nlaliciously dealt agail15-t their neigh bour, to 
futfil the lavv of :\[oses: and they put thent to 
death, and innocent b100d \\'as saved in that day. 
GRAD. Ps. xxil....-'l
hol1gh I shou1d \\'alk in the 
midst of the shacles of death, I win fear no harm, 
because thou, 0 Lord, art with me. Jr. rrhy crook 
and thy staff have been Iny comfort. 
<iBoøpel. John viii. I. 1 J ....-A,t ll,at time: 
Jesus went to mount Olivet. And early in the morn. 
ing he came again into the temple, and all the pea- 
rle came to him, and he sat do\vn and taught them. 
.And the Scribes and Ph
ees bring to him a wo- 
man taken in adu1tery; and they 
et hel" in the 
midst, and said to him: 
laster, this \\-'oman was 
even no\v taken in adultery. Now l\:1oses in the 
Jaw commanded us to stone such a one. But \vhat 
t thou? i\nd this they said tempting him, that 
they might ac
use him. But Jesus stooping down, 

T. I S1 
\yiote "'1th l1is fin
er on l\1e gronnd. And when 
they continued asking hi n
, he lifted up himself, 
and said to then1: I] e that is \\.ithollt sin among 
you, let hin1 fin
t cast a stone at her. And again he 
stooped c1o\\'n, and wrote on the gl ound. P 11 t they 
hearing thi
, v{ent out one by one,. beginnint; at the 
eldest: Clnd Jesns alone remained, and the \ve,man, 

tanding in the midst. Then Jesus lifting up himself, 
said to her: \\" Olnan, ,rhere ê\r
 they that accused 
thee? flath no nlan conùemnt:d thee? And she 
said: No n1an, I
orò. And Jesus sa1d: Neither 
lill I condemn thee. Go, and no\v sin no more. 
OFFERT. P,ç.-Direct my steps according to thy 
la'N, that no injustice Il1ay reign in lne, () Lord. 

ECRET. Grant, \ve beseech thee, 0 Alnlighty 
God, that the offering of this sacrifice may clennse 
and protect our frail natt're fronl all evil. 
T. ..Tolinviii.-\Yoman, hath nobody con- 
den1ned thee? Nobody, 0 Lord. Neither will I 
condemn thee. Now sin no more. 
P. CO:\I
f. Qllæ
lI1JlUS, - 'Ve beseech thee, () 
Almight\' God, that ,ve may be reckoned among 
his o1en1bers, ",hose body and blood we partake of
'Vho livest, &c. 
Let us pr:ìY. Bo\v do,vn ,"our heads to God. 
PRAYER. 1>1'{clelltlt.-Stretch forth. 0 Lord, 
over thy peop1e, the riJ!ht- hand of thy heavenly aid, 
that they may seek thee "vith their whole heart t and 
mercifully obtain what they ask for as they ought. 
rrheo' . 

1\'. SU
I N the 
fass of this day, the Church feems to forget t"'iC 
sentiments of penance with which she hath been occu- 
pied from the beginning of Lent. The reason whereof is, 
that formerly such as ",,'ere to receive baptism at Eas- 
ter, were enregistcred, after having been examined this 
week. 5he also saw the time now approaching for the 

reconciliation of the penitents, whom she had subj
cteJ to 
public penance on Ash-Wednc1ëtay. The future birth, 
therefore, of those who were judged worthy of the grace 
of baptism; and the resurrection to a new life of several of 
ber children, who after having gone astray, :return to 
God by a sincere conversion, is this day, the subject gf 
her joy.. 

INrrROIT. Is. Ixvi. PSI cxxi. 
R Ejoice, "lith Jerllsa- L Æta1'e, JCl'Usa ICln, et 
lern, and meet toge. conv,ntumjàcite omnes 
ther all you \vho love her. qui dili{!,ilis ell1ll : gaudcte 
l{ejoice exceedingly, you Cllm Lætitia, qui in tris. 
who ha\'e been in SOf- tit iajltlst is, ut e:tultctil, 
row, that you n1ay leap ct 
(/ticmi1ti ab ube1'ibus 
for joy, and be satiated consolationis veslræ. 
v.ith comfort from her Ps. cxxi. Lf'l,tatus SUlIl 
breasts. PSI 1 rejoiced in !tis, quæ dicta sunt 
at \\'hat has been told 1uilti: in domum, Domini, 
 we shall go to the ibimus. 
house of the Lord. r V. Gloria. 
COLLECT. Concede.-Grant, we beseech thee, 
o Almighty God, that we, \vho are justly afUicted 
according to our demerits. may be relievtd by thy 
con1forting grace. 'rhro'. 
EPIS'fLE. 0(11. iv. 23, 31.---Brcthl'cn: It is 
,vritten that ...-'\braha(n had t\\'o 
ons: the one by a 
bond- ,,"oman, and the other by a free. \votnan Hut 
be who was by the bond-\\10111an. \vas born accord.. 
ing to the flesh: but he by the free-wùman, 'was by 
promise. \Vhich things are said by an a) legory. 
liar these are the t\\I'O tcstaInents. The one fronl 
l\lount Sinai, engendering to bonòage t \\ hich is 
Agar: for Sinai is a lìlountain in ArabiH, y..'hich hath 
aiÌìuity to that Jerusalem which now is, and is il1 
bondage \vith her children. But that Jerusalem, 
which is above, is fr
e; which is our mother. For 
it is \vritten: "Rejoic
, thon barren, that beart
not: break forth .and cry, thou that travail est 1;1ot; 

for many are the children of the desolate, more than 
ot her that hath a husband. No\v we, brethren, 
as I
aac "vas, are the children of promise. But as 
then he, that "'as born according to the flesh, per- 
-secuted him that \vas after the spirit: even so it is 
no\\". But ,vhat saith the scripture 1 "Cast out the 
bond- woman and her son: for the son of the bonti- 
woman shaH not be heir with the son of the fret?- 
v:olnan." So then, brethren, \ve are not childr
of the bond-won1an, but of the free.; by th
dom whereváth Christ hath nlade us free. 
G R AD. Ps. cxxi.--.l rejoiced at \vhat baci been 
told me; we are to go up to the house of the Lord. 
r o . l\tay peace: be on thy ratnparts, and plenty \\'ithin 
thy walls. 
;rRAC'f. Ps cxxiv.---Qui confidunt ill, DJmino. 
sicut mOllS Siun: 7W1l commOl'Cúitllr in æternum, qui 
habitat in ]cl'fJ,salem. 'rhey \vho trnst in the I
ord, are 
35 n10unt Sian: he \vho dwelleth in JerusaleITl. 
shall never be 1l1oved. ']'here are mountains 011 
every side of it, and the 140rd encompdsseth his peo- 
 both now and for evermore. 
<l5o} John vi I. 15. ----,At that timt: 
Jesus went over the sea of Galilee, \vhich is that of 
'l'iberias: and a great nlultitude fûllo\ved hilTI, be. 
C3use they 
;a\v the miracles \vhich he did on them 
that were diseased. J
Sl1S therefore ,vent UIJ into a 
mountain, and there he sat \vith his disciples. 
the pa3ch, the festival Jay of tIae JC\\ s, was near at 
hand. \\'hen Jesl1
 therefore had lifted up his eyes. 
and se
n that a very great multitude cometh to hiln. 
he said to Philip 
 \V hence c;haH \ve buv bread that 
thesc Jnay eat? 
t\.nd this he said to rr.\' hi Dl: tor he 
l1ir)}sd f kne\v what h{
 \\'ould do. I"hi1ip ans\verè'd 
hin}: Two hundred penny-worth of bread is no 

t1fficient tor them, that ev(
ry one may take a lirtlc. 
One of hi-; di'5ciples, Anùre\\" J the brotltcr oí 'timan 

190 MO!'DAY IN 'fHß 
Peter, saith to him: There is a boy here that hat11 
five barley loaves and t\VO smaH fishes; but \vhat are 
they among so Inany? 'I'hen Jesus said: l\lake the 
Inen sit do\vn. Now there was much þrass in the 
place. So the-D1en sat down, in nUlnbf1r about five 
thousand. And Jesus took the loaves: and ,vhen 
he had given thanks, he said to his disciples: Ga.. 
ther up the fraglnents that renlain, lest they be lost. 
rrhey gathered up therefore, and filled tw'elve 
baskets with the fr
gments of the five barley loaves, 
\vhich remained over and above to then1 that had 
eaten. No\\' these men, \vhen they had seen ".hat 
a n1iracle Jesus had done, said: rrhis is of a truth 
the prophet that is to come into the world. Jesus, 
therefore, \vhen he kne\v that they "70u\d C0l11e to 
take hitn by force and Inake him king, fled again 
into the mountain hinlse1f alone. CREDO. 
O:FFERrr. Ps. cxxiv.-Praise the ord, for he 
is good: sing to his naOle, for he is sweet: he hath 
done whatever he pleased, both in heaven and 011 
SECRET. \Ve bpseech thee, 0 Lord, mercifully 
regard this present sacnfice, that it may both in. 
crease our devotion, and advance our salvation. 
'rhro't . 
Il\fUNION. Ps. cxxi,-]ernsa1em, which is 
built Lke a city, aU whose parts are joined together: 
for it ,,'as thither the tribes ,vent up, the tribes of the 
Lord" to praise thy name, 0 I.Aord. 
P. C01\ll\f. Dil nvbis.-Grant, ''''e beseech thee, 
o merciful God, that we may sincerely respect, and 
receive ,'rith filith thy holy mysteries, with which 
thou daily feede
t us. 


INTROIT. Ps. liii.-Save me, 0 God, by thy 
nanle, and judge nle in thy strength: 0 God, hear 


I V. \V E E K 0 F LEN T · 19 1 
my player: attend to the ,yards of my nlouth. Ps. 
For strangers have risen up against me: and the 
mighty have sought my life. fT. Glory. 
COLLEC'l'. P1'æsta.---Grant, ,ve beseech thee. 
o Alnlighty God, that \ve" who annuall}' celebrate 
this holy fast, lI1ay be well pleasing to thee both ill 
body and Inind. Thro'. 
. I ICings iii. 16. 28,-In those days: 
Two \\'Olnen that \vere harlots, came to king Solo. 
man" and stood before hi 01: anJ one of them said: 
1 beseech thee, nlY I.lord, I and this \VOn1an dwelt 
in one house, and I \vas deliverc({ of a child \-vith 
her in the chamber. And the third day after that 1 
\vas delivered, she also was delivered; and \ve w'ere 
together, anù no other per:,on with us in the house, 
only we two. And this wonlan"s child died in the 
night. For in her sleep she overlaid him. And rise 
ing in the dead tilne of the night, she took my 
child fronl nlY side while I thy handjnaid \,'as asleep, 
and laid it ITl her bosom: and laid her dead child ill 
Dl}' bosom. And ,vhen I rose in the morning to 

ive 111Y child suck, behold it was dead; but consi- 
dering hiòl more diligently, 'v hen it was clear day, 
1 found that it was not nline \vhich I bore. And the 
other ,vonlan ans'wered: It is not so as thou sayest. 
but thy child is dead, and mUle is alive. On the 
contrary she said: Thou 1iest: for J11Y child liveth. 
and thy child is dead. And in this manner they 
strove before the king. Then 
aith the king 
one saith, my child is alive, and thy child is dead. 
And the other ans\v
reth, Nay, but thy child is 
dead, and mine liveth. The k\ng therefore said: 
Bring me a sword. And \"hen they had brought. a 
s".ord before the king, divide, said he, the" living 
child in tVw'O, anò give half to the one, 
nd hatf to 
the otl\er. But the \"oman, \vhose child ,vas alive, 
5aid to the king, (for her bo\ve1
 \vere moved upou 
11er child) 1 beseech thee, my Lord J give her the 

f'hi1d alive and (10 not kil1 it. But tIle other said:- 
Let it be neither nlln
 nor thine, but divide it. rrhe 
king answered anò 
3id: Give the li\'ing chi!d to 
this \VOlllan,.ancl It:l it no
 be killed, for she is the 
tllother thereot: And dB Israel heald the judgment 
\\rhich the king had judged, and they the 
king, seeing that the ",'isdo(o of God was in hiln to 
do judglnent. 
(;n,.-\D. Ps. xxx.--..ße to me a protecting God, 
and a place of refuge to sa,ve me. fT. Ps. Ixx. In 
thee, () God, have I put my trust; never let IDe be 
put to s-harne. 
\C"r. l
J. cii.---Dcal not, &c. p. It 7. 
<IBoØ Jokn ii. 13- 25.---.At that time: 
'rhe pasch of the Jf'\\'S \va
 Ht hand, and Jesus 
\vent up to J(lrusale(n; and he found in the tenlple 
then1 that sold oxen, and sheep, and doves, and 
the changers of mO:1ey sitting. ,And \\ hen he had 
Inade as it were a scourge of little corlls, he drove 
them all out of the ten1plt>, the sheep also and tIre 
oxen, and he poured out the changers of maner, and 
the ta bles he overthre\v. r\nd he said to them that 
salt! doves: rrake these things hence, anù make not 
the house of nlV Father a house of tratEc. And his 
disciples remembered that it was \vritten: 'c 'fhe 
zea1 of thy house hath eaten lne up
n 'fhen the 
Jews ai
sweredt and said to him: \Vh:lt sign do
heV\' 11
eing thon clost these things? Jesus 
ans\\"'ered, and said to then1: Destroy tIllS temple-_ 
and in thrcp days I \vill raise it up. 'rhe Je\vs then 
said: Six and fÒrty years ,vas this temple in build- 
ing, and "rilt thOll r
1Ï:;e it in three days 
 But he 

poke of the tcmp1e of his body. \Vhen therefore 
lIe was risen again fronl the dead, his disciples rea 
nbererl that he had said this,l. and they believed 
the scripture, and the word that Jesus bad said. 
Now when he ,vas at JErusalem, at the pasch, upon 
the festival dar, many believed in his nalne, seeÏnJ! 

tv. WF.EK 1 W tEN't. J9
his miracles \\'hich he did. But Jesus did not trust 
himsf'l f to them, because he knew all men, and b
cause he needed not that (tuy should give te
of man, for he kne\v what was in man. 
OFFER1". Ps. xcix. --Sing to (;orl. all the 
earth, serve the Lord \vith joy: corne before him 
\\1 ith gladness, for he the Lor
 is God. 

ECRETr. l\Iay the sacrifice ,ve have off.:red 
, 0 Lord, at \"..'ays give us lite, an..! defend us. 
r-rhro' . 
r. Ps. xviii.--.Cleanse me, 0 LOflf, from 
mv hidden sins, and free thy 
crvallt fronl those of 
other men 
p" CO
I't. Sutllptis...--!\Iay the receivjn
these saving nlyst
 rit's, we beseech thee. 0 Lord, 
.dvance our et
rna' reJeluption. "!'hro" 
Let us pray. Bo\v down YHl1 r heads to Gnd. 
PR A YER. Vt'P tcalioTlnn.-\V e be
eech thee, 0 
Lord, hear our praYt:'r, and grant us thy protection, 
3s it is thou \\'ho inspirest us to ask it. Tino'. 

TN'I"ROrf. Ps. liv.-Q GOt1, he
lr my pra) er. 
and Jf:"spise not my petition: look on ITle, and hear 
me. 1.J s , I anI griev
d in n1Y exercise; and troll bl t
at the voice of IUY enemy, and the distress of the 
sinner. V'. G'or
COLLEC'r. &cræ.-\\T e beseech thef', 0 Lord. 
that the holy fast we observe may be to our inlprove.. 
ment in holy conversation, and draw down UpO:l us 
the con;;tant SL\ccours of thy mercy. Thro'. 
LESSON. E.:rod. xxxii. 7. 14.-1" those dlrySI 
The Lcrd spake to 
a}'jng: Go, g
t thee 
dewn: thy people, \vhich thou ha
t brou
ht out of 
the land of Egypt, hath !!inned. They ha\'e quickly 
!trayerl fronl the ,"ay \vh;ch thou didst she\\-' thelTI ; 
and they have made t'J themselves a molten calf,and 
hdve adore,l it, and sacrificing viçtlms to it, hav

said: "rhcse are thy gods, 0 Israel, that have 
brought thee out of the 'Iand of Et?ypt. And again 
dle I
ord said to' l\Ioses: J see 
nat this people is 
stiff necked: let me alone, that nlY "'rath nlav be 
kindled a
ainst then1, and that r nlay destroy them, 
and I will nlake of thee a {!rpat nation Bur 
ht the Lord his GC'J, sayinf!: \Vhv, 0 Lord, 
is thy inòignation enkindled against hy p
WhOITl thOll hast brol1
ht Ollt of the land of I
\vith great po\\'er, and \,'ilh a mi
hty hand? Let 
not the Eg}'pti
ì.ns say, I beseech t h('e 
 He craftily 
brought them out, that he o1ight ki 11 tbem in the 
mountains, and destroy them from the earth: let thy 
:lngf'r cease, and he apPp(1sed upon the \\'ickedness 
of thy people. Rf'nlember Abraham, Isaac, and Israel 
thy sf-'r\'ants, to \\'hom thou sworest by thy O\''.1n seI f, 
saying: I \".'ill rn llitiply } ou r seed as the stars of hf'a. 
ven: and th:s whole 'land that I have spoken of, I 
will give to your seed, and you shall possess it for 
ever. And the I
orò. \t\ as a p
easerl fron1 doing 
the e\,il \vhich hp 1'}cHI spoken against his people. 
GRAD. j)s. xliii.-Arise, 0 Lord, SLJCCOl1r u
anrl deliver 1ìS for the sake of thv o\\'n nanlC. V. \Ve 
have heard, 0 God, \\ ith oUf own ear
, and our 
forafathers have rel
ted to us the \\ ork [hou didst in. 
thf'ir days, nnd in the ages past. 
<IBoøpel. John vii. 14. 31.---At t,
at time: 
About the midst of the feast, Jesus went up into the 
tempìe and taught. A nd the Je\,'s \\'onuered, say- 
ing: Ho\v doJ} this nlan know letters, having never 
learned? Jesus answered them, anrl said: l\'Iy doc.. 
trine is not mine, but his that sent me. If any man 

lil1 do the ""ill of hirn, he shall know of the doc.. 
trinp, \vht'ther it be of (;oò, or whether I speak of 
myself. He that speaketh of himsel
 seeketh his 
own glory: but he that seeketh the glory of him 
that sent him, ht- is true, and there is no injustice 
in hiln. Did not 1\1
-e-; give you the law? and yet 

I V. \V E E K OF LEN T. J 95 
none of }'ou keepeth the )a\v. \Vhy secl you to 
kill me? rrhe multitude ans'Á'ered and said: 'fholl 
'hast a devil: \Vho seekcth to kill thee? Jesus an- 
s\vered, and said to them: One 
70rk I done; 
and you all \\'onder: therefore ì\loses gave} ou cirlo 
cumcision: (not beêause it is of 
loses but of the 
fathers,) ano on the Sabbath daJ }'ou circunlcise 
a man. If a man receive c1r<:Ufi1Cisioo on the Sab. 
bath .day, that the hnv of 
IoCJes may not be bro- 
ken; are you 
ngry at me, bpcau
e I have healed 
the whole man on the Sabbath day? Judge not ac- 
cording to the appearance, but judge just jucJgment. 
Then some of then1 of J erusalen1 said; Is not this he 
\vhon1 they seek to kill? And behold he speaketh 
open1y, and they say nothing to hinl. Have the 
rulers knO\\711 for a trnth that this IS the Christ? But 
"'e kno\\' this man ",hence he is; b LJ l W hen the 
Christ cometh, no n1an knov,'eth whence he iSIf Jesu.s 
therefore cried out in the temple, teaching and say. 
iog : You both know me, and you knovv w hence I 
am: and I anl not conle of myself; but he that 
sent m
 is true, \\'horn ) ou know not, I know 
him, because 1 am fron1 hill1, anrl he hath sent me. 
ought therefore to apprehend him': bl,t no 
man laid hands on hilD, because his hour \\'a
yet come. But of thc> people many believed in him. 
OfFFRT. 1)1 xxxix,-1 hav
 \vaited \\ ithout be- 
ing tired for the I
orù, and he hath looked u pon m
and he hath heard n }' prayer; anQ he hath put into 
my mouth a new canticle, a hymn to our God. 
SECRErr. -l\lay this offt ring, 0 Lord, ",.t; be.. 
seech the{', c1{>ansp away our sins: ancl sanctify 
both th
 bodies and souls of th} S
f\'ants for \\orthi'! 
ly celebrating this sacri fiee. 'fino'. 
. COl\l
I. lß s Xlx.---\Ve \\,iU Itjoice in thv sJ!va- 
tlon : and \ve "'111 glory in th
 nalnt of lhe l,ord. 
I). CO
ll\l. 11ujus 1l0s.--..!\lay the receiving of 

19 6 '''.EJ>NESDA Y IN THE 
this sacrament, 0 Lord, r urifv us frcnTI sin, and 
bring us to the kingdom of he3v
n. l'hro'. ns pray. ßO\V do\\'n vour heads to God. 
PRA YER. .2\1'ise1'erc..__ w .Take compassion, 0 
Lord, on thy people: and n}(>f(
ifu}]y refresh them 
la br.l1 ring 1I nder'continual tri bu lations. Th ro'. 

IN1'RO(T. Ez
clt. xxxvi.-\Vhen I shall have 
been sanctifit>d amongst )'ou, I will gather you from 
all nations; an,d I \vill. pOllr upon you dean \\'ater. 
and )'Oll shall be clean!iõed from all your sins; and I 
ive )'Oll a ne\v SI irit. Ps. xxx:ïi.. 1 \\1ill prai
the Lord at:111 timt's: his praise shall be always in 
my nlouth. 1/. Glory. 
Im11l{dil1fc!y (1ier K yrie eleisol1, &c. i,
Let l1S prav. Lét ns kneel do" 11. R. Stand up again. 
COI"LECT. DnLJ, qui --.0 God, 'who i!ivest to 
the rightt'ol1s 1 he rt
\\'ard of their good ",.orks, and 
by fa
ting, pardon to sinners; have mercy on thy 

lIppliants, that the acknowl{
rlgn1ent of our guilt 
D 1 ay prOCH re us t he remis
ion of our sins. '-rhro'. 
LESSON. E2ech. xxxvi. 23. 23. -.- 'J'hus saith 
tIlt Lord God: I will saoft!fy my great name, which 
\i\'ë1S profaned among the Gentiles, wJlich you have 
rrofant'å in the midst of then}: that the Gentiles 
may know that I am the Lord, saith the Lord of 
Hosts, ,,,hen 1 shaH l:e sanctified in yOll btfore their 

yes. For I will take you fro)n among the Gen. 
tiles, and ,\\1i 1 1 gather you together out of all the 
countries, and \vill bring you into your o\vn land. 
Anù I will pour upon you clean \vater, and you 

hall be cleansed from all your filthiness, and! \vili 
cleanse you from all your idols. And 1 wil1 give 
you a new heart, and put a new spirit within you 
and 1 \vill take a\\'ay the stony heart out of your 
:Hesh, and win give you a heart of flesh. And I will 
put my spirit in the JI1Ìdst of YOll, and 1 \vill caUSf; 

IV. \\rEEK OF LENT. 197 
you to \valk in my c()nHnand{nent
, and to keep my 
Judgments, anrl do tht'ln. And you shall dwell in 
the land \\ hie-h 1 gave to your fathers, and YO!1 shall 
be my people, anò I "'in be your God, t,aJtlt tltt 
GRAU. P.!. xxxiii.-C"ome my children, 3'1d 
hear me; I will leach you the fpar of the Lord. 
v. Come nt'f1r him, and be enlightened, and your 
face shalll,ot be covered with shame 
Ir. C()I.lLEC1'. l.JJ'(J.'sla. --- Grant, \ve beseech 
thee, 0 1\1 n1Íghty God, that the dt'votion, '\\' hich 
n)akes us puni
h ourselves hy this yearly fast, nlâY 
also make us rejoice' to the end ,that, suppressing 
in ourse1 VfS a \\ earth \ y affections, \ve n1ay nlore 
easi I y receive t hy t1f
aven \y inspirations. 1'h ro'. 
II. LESSON. Is. i. J 6, r 9,--- Thus saillL the Lord 
God: \\" a'5h yourselves, be clean, take av.ay the 
evil of your dc\'ices fronl my eves: cease to òo per- 
vcrsc1y. learn to do ,"'ell: seek judgment. r
the Opr\re

cd, judge for the fatherles
, defend the 
\viJo\\". And then come, and accuse me, saith the 
 if your sins tt" as the 
('ar1et, they shall be 
mc-HIe rJS \vhite as SI:C}\V: and if they be red as crirn- 
son, they shaH be whnf" as \\'001. If you be \vil1ing. 
and will hearken to nlP, you shall eat the good 

 of the 1and, Sllith lilt' Lord Almighf:!J. 
GRAl). P.ç. J\.xxii.--.ßlcssed is the nation that 
hath the Lorll for its God, and blessed is the people 
the Lord hath chosf"n tor their inheritance. r'. By the 
\vord of the Lord \\'l'rc the I.t'avens made. and by 
the brt
ath Gf his Illonlh 
dl the hosts t.hereof.. 
TRAC'l'. Ps. cli.--- Deal not, &c. p. J J 7. 
(!5oP'pcl. John ix. I. 38.- -.At t!tat time: Je
passing by. saVw' a 1l1an that \vaS blind from his 
birth; and his disciples asked him: Rabbi, \\"ho 
inned. this Ulan, or his parents, that he should 
pe born blind 1 Jesus ans\\'crt:d: l'iither h
t\.1 thi

nlan sil1ned J nor his parents; but that the works of 
God should be l11ade manifest in him. llTIust work 
the works of hiln that sent ß1e, \vhilst it is day: the 
night con1eth when no man can work. 

s long as 
I am in the world, I am the light of the world. 
'\Then he harl said these things, he spat on the 
ground, and made clay of the spittle, and spread 
the clay upon his eyes, and said to him: Go, wash 
in the pool of Silae, which is interpreted, Sent. He 
went his ,vay t}H:
refore, and ,va
hed, and he came see. 
ing. The neighbours therefore, and they who had seen 
him before, that he was a beggar, said: Is not this he 
that sat and begged? Sorne said, This is he. But 
othérs said: No, but he is like him. But he said: I 
arn he. rfhey said therefore to him: IIqvç were thine 
eyes opened? He ans\vered: rfhat .tHan that is call- 
e\.l Jesus, made clay, and anointed mine eyes, and 
said to Ine: Go to the pool of Silae,. and wash. 
And I \vent, [ washed, and I see. And they said 
to him: \Vhere is he? And he saith: I kno\v not. 
'They bring him that had been blind to the Phari- 
sees. Now it \vas the Sabbath, when Jesus nlade 
the clay, and o;.>ened his eyes. 

galn theref0re the 
Pharisees asked him how he had received his sight. 
Hut he said to them: He put clay upon nlY eyes, 
<HId I washed, and I see Some therefore of the 
}>harisees said: this man is not of God who k-eep- 
eth not the Sabbath. But others said: fIo\'\' can a 
man that is a sinner do such miracles? And there 
\vas a division among thpln. 'rhey say thert:)fore to 
the blind mall again: \Vhat sayest thon of hin1 that 
hath opened thy eye
? ,\nd he said: I-Ie IS a pro. 
phet. 1'he JC;\VS then did not believ
hiln, that he had been blind, and had reeeived his 

ightJ unCI they called the parents of hin1 that had 
rct;eived his sight, and asked then1, saying: Is this 
your son, \\'ho you say was born blind?' f-Io\v then 
datil he no y "e
? llis pLupnt
red theIn, and 

5aid: \Ve kno\v that thio) is our son, and that he \ya
born blind; but ho"v he no'wv seeth we know not: 
or who hath opened his eyes we kno\v not: ask 
hirnself; he is of age; let him speak for himself: 
These things hi
 parents said, because thpy fcared 
the Jews: for the Je\vs had already ;-
greed anlong 
themselves, that if .any rnan should confess him to 
be Christ, he sholl Id be put out of the synagogue. 
rrherefore did his partnts say: tIe is of age, ask 
hin1. 1'hey therefore called the Inan again that h:1d 
been blind, aUti said to hinl: Give glory to Gòd, 
\V' e kno\v that this nlan is 2 
tnner. He 3aid thèn to 
them; If he be.a sinner, I kno\v not: one thing I 
I -knov,'
 th:lt \'vhereas I \vas blind, now I see. rrhen 
they said to hiol: \-Vhat did he to thee? Ho\v did 
he open thy e}es? lIe answered thenl 
 I have told 
you already, and you have heard: ,,!hy \vould you 
hear it again 
 \-vill you a Iso become his disci pIes? 
'rhey reviled him, therefore, and 8aid: Be thou his 
dic:ciple; but \\'C are the disciples ofj\Ioses. \V' e 
know' that Gar! spoke to 
IOSt)s: but as to this man, 
\\"e kno\v not from wht
n('e he is. 'I'he man an- 
swered, and said to them: \Vhy, herein is a \Vondpr.. 
fnl thing, that you\V not front whence he is, and 
he hath opened my eyes. Now we know th
GoJ <.loth not hear sinners; b l lt if a nlan be a server 
of God, and cloth hi
 \viiI, hilTI he neareth. From 
the beginning of the \vorld it hath not been heard, 
that any man hath opened the eyes of one born 
blind. Unless this n1an \\"ere of God, he could not 
do any thing. 'rhey ans\vèred and 'said to him: 
Thou \Vas \vhol1 y born in sins, and clost thou tt'ach 
us? l\.nd they ca'3t hint out. Jesus hearll that the)' had 
cast.hin1 out; and when he had found hinl, he s,Üd 
to hiln: Oost thou bt.lit've in the 5,)0 of God? lie 
wt.reJ, and said: \\'ho is he, Lon!t that I may 
belic\,'e in hiln? Anli Jesus said to him: 'rhou h,bt 
both seen hill1; aud il is he that talketh, \\ ilh. tIH:C. 

And he said: I belie\'c. Lord. And falling down 
be ::.òorerl him. 
r. Ps. lxv.-O ye Gentiles, bless the 
Lord OUf God, and make heard the voice of his 
praise: ",'ho hath preserved my life, and hath not 
pt'rmitted In)' feet to slip. BLessed is the Lord, 
]uHh not rt'jt'cted my prayer, nor turned aside his 
JT1e r cy fron1 me. 
SECRE1". We hl1n
bly beseech th<-e, 0 AI. 
n1ighty God J that our sins n1ay be cleansed away by 
this sacrifice; becau
e then thOl1 wilt bestow 011 
 nealth both of body and soul. Thro'. 
'J. JtJhn ix.-1.he l
ord made c!ay of spittle. 
and anointed filY eyes: and 1 ,rent and washed and 
YJ and believed in God. 
lNI. SaC1'ame!lta.-
fa}' the mysteries, 0 
Lord our God, which \\'e have received, both feed 
our souls Clnd protect our borlies. Thro'. 
Let us pray. ßo,"' do\\" 0 your 11eads to God. 
PRAYER. Pat('úllt,-
'Iay the ears of thy Inercy, 
o Lord, be opened to the praYfrs of thy St'fvants : 
and in onler to obtain the effect of our petitions, 
grant we may ask wh
tt is pleasing to thee. Flluo'. 

'rr-JURSDA, Y. 
IN'TROI'f. Ps. civ.-Let the hearts of those 
\\'ho seek th
 Lorù' be glaci: seek the Lord, and be 

tren:.. thencò: ahvays s
ek his presence. Ps. Praise 
the Lord, é\od céll1 on his name: I
ubliíh hi
 the Gentiles. V. Glory. . 
COI"LECT. })'ræsttl, qUá.',ftumus...... Grant, '\ve 
bpseech thee, 0 Almighty God, that the devotion, 
which Inakes us punish ourselves by this yearly fa
may aha nJoke us ff'joice: to the end that, suppress.. 
ing in ourselves aU earthly affections, ,,'e may more 
easily receive thy heavenly inspirations. 'rhro'. 
LESSON. 4 Kings iv. '25. 38.-111. those àays: 
..... Sumallitesa came to Eliseus 011 mount Carmel: 

1 v. \\' E E K 0" LEN T . :% Q [ 
and '",'hen tlH
 n1an of God 
aw her cuming to\\ ards 
hinl, he !aid to GipÚ hIS sen'ant: Behold that 
Sunan)itrss. (;0 therefore to her, and say to her: 
Is an ""ell \\.ith thct". and \\'ith thy, hll
banò, and 
with thy son? ,And 
he answered: \Vell. Aud 

'hen she caine to the In an of C;od t() the monnt, 
she caught hold on his feet: and Giezi camp to re- 
Inove her. And the man of God said: IJet her 
alone, for h
r soul is in al1gu ish. and th
 Lord hath 
hid it from Ole, and hath not told me. And she 
said to hilll: Did I ask .... !l;Cn df my T
ord t Did I 
110t say to th
e: Do not deceive n1e? 'rhen he said 
to Gie1.i: Gird up thy loins, and take up my staff in 
thy hand, and p:o. If any man meet thee, salute 
him not: and if any man sa} ute thee, ans\\'er him 
Dot: and lay my stëdf upon the face of the child. 
But the mother of the (,hild said; As the Lord 
liveth, and as my soul liveth, 1 \viH not leave 
thf:,e. He arose, therefore, and followed her. 
But Gie.lÍ \1\' as gone before, and laid the staff 
upon the fÙce of the child, and there was no 
voice or sense: and he returned to m(et him, 
and toid him, saying: The child is not risen. Eli. 
seus therefore ,rent into the house, and behold the 
child lay dead on his bed. And going in he shut the 
door upon him, and upon the 'chilrl. and prayed to 
the Lord. And he wt'nt up, and lay upon the 
iJd: and he put his mouth upon his mouth, and 
lus eyes upon his cye
, and his hands upon his 
l1ands: and be bo,,-ed hin1St
'f upon him, and the 
child's flesh 
re\v "0 arnl. 'fhpn he returned and 
walked in the houf;e, once to and fro: and he ",'ent 
up and Jay upon hi In ; and the child gaperl se\
, and opened his 
}'es. A nd he called Giezi, 
and said to hint: CaU this Sunamitf'ss. And she 
being called 
'ent in to him. And he said: Take 
Pp thy son. She çan1C and fell at his feet and 

worshipped on the ground, and took up her son, 
and \-vent out, And Eliseus returned to Ga1gal. 
GRA D. 1:1 5 . lxxiii.-Look do\vn, 0 Lord, on 
thy covenant, and forget not tor ever the sou Is of 
thy poor servants. 'ire Arise, 0 Lord, judge thy 
cause: remember the reproaches th
t are cast on 
thy servants. 
<1BoØ Luke vii. IT. 16.-At that time: 
Jesus ,v
nt into a city cal1e(l Nairn; and there went 
,",'ith him his disciples. and a great 111ultitude. And 
when he came nigh to the city, behold a dead n1an 
was carried out, the only son of his mother; and 
she ,vas a \vidow: and much people of the city \\Tere 
wit.h her. And when the I
ord sa\v her, he had 
compassion on her, and said to her: Weep 110t. 
.t-\nd he came near and touched the bier. And they 
that carried it, stood still. And he said: Y @un
man, 1 say to tl1t
e, arise And he that "'as dead, 
!at up, and began to speak. And he oelivrred him 
to his lnother. And there carne a fear on them all : 
and the}' glorifi
d God, sa) jog: A great prophet 
is risen up amongst us, and Got! hath visited his 
'OIiFERT. Ps. lxix.-Lord, 111ake ha
te to help 
me: let all be put to shame, who design evil to thy 
SECRET. Purify us, 0 merciful God, that the 
prayers of thy Church, whIch are pl("asing to thee, 
being accompanied with these offerings, may be. 
come more hQ by the purity of our minds. 'rhro'. 
COl\IM. PS, lxx.-rJ'hy justice alone, 0 Lord, I 
\vill rememb
r: thou, 0 God, hast instructed n1C 
fron1 my youth: ahandon IHe not, 0 God, in my 
old and decrepit age. 
P. CO 
ll\I. Cælcstia.-Let us 110t, we beseech 
thee, 0 Lord, H>ceive, to our judgment, these h:-= a. 
veoly gifts, whIch thou hast prepared as a remedy 
for tay faiihful. 'fhro'. 

J us prflY. Bo\v down you r heads to God. 
PRA YER Popllli.u-O.Go
, the author 
nc1 go- 
\'ernor of thy people, deliver them from the 81115, by 
\vhich they are assaulted, that they may be always 
,,,ell pleasing in thy sight, and safe under thy pro- 
tection. 'fhro'. 

TROIT. Ps. xviii.-'fhou ah
eest the 
designs of my heart. thou, 0 lAord, art my hel per 
and my dcl iverer. 1)s. 'fhe heavens pl1 blish the 
glory of God, and the fir01ament dec1arelh the \vork 
of his h
nds. r'. Glory. 
cor..( ..EC'I'. ]Jeul qui.....O Cod, "ho by thy 
ineffable mysteries givest ne\v life to the "'(HId; 
grant, \\'c besel'ch thee, that thy Church n1ay ad.. 
vance in the observance of thy eternal pr
and never be destitute of thy tenlporal assistance. 
1'hro' . 
. 3 líillgs xvii. 17, '24.--- In tJiOse da,II!: 
Thf> son of the \voman, the mistress of the house, 
{pH sick, and the sickne;s ,,,as very grievous, so that 
there \\.as no brpath left in him. A nd she said to 
lia<;: ,,,hat have I to do \\'ith thee, thou n1an 
of God? Art thon ('orne to U1P, that my ini- 
quities shonlrÌ be rpmembcred, anel that than 
shoultlst kill my son? L\nd Elia5 said to her: Give 
me th\' son. .
nd he took him out of her bosom
and cJrrif-d hinl into the upper chamber "'here he 
<<1 hade, and lai(1 him upon h1S o\vn bed. And hp 
cried to the Lord and said: 0 Lord, my God, hast 
fHictecl also thc \vido\v, \\,ith whom I a01 
after a sort Inaintained, so as to kill her son? And 
I he !'ottrclched, and ITleasured himself upon the chil,l 
three tinlPS, and criptÌ to the Lord and said: 0 
Lorù Iny God, let the soul of this child, I bE'spech 
thee, return into hi
 bndy. .And the L,on1 heard 
the voicp of Elias: '\!1,1 tLe soul of the ..:hild re\llrß- 

ill 0 1- if-IDA Y I

d into hitll, and he revivt-'d. Anå I:tiûs took thp 
child, and brought him do\vn fìOrrJ the upper cham.. 
ber to the house belo'w, and ,lt
livered him to hi
mothe,r, and 
lid to hpr. Behold thy son liveth. And 
the Vt 7 0man said to Elias: No\v, by this I know 
thou art a n1an of God, and the word of the 140rd 
in thy n10uth is true. · 
GRAD. Ps cx\'ii .--It is better to trll
t in the 
Lord, than to trust in man. V. It is better to hope 
in t he Lord, than to hope in princes. 
'l'Rl\CT. Ps, cii.---Deal not, &c, p. 117. 
pcl+ Johl/, }.i. I. 45- - At tllut time: 
There \vas a certain nlan sick name\l Lazarus, of 
Bpthania, of the town of 7\lan', and of l\!aitha het 
tcr. (And 1\1ary was she thnt anointed t he Lord 
'Aith oint!nent, 
,nd \\'lped his te(>t with her hair, 
v.- hrse brot h(
r Lazarus \vas sick) il is sister-; there'- 
fOft' sent to h
rn, saying: IJonJ, beho]d, he \t\'hom 
thou lovf>st is sick. And Jesus hearing it, said to them: 
rrhis sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of 
 that the Son of God, n13Y be glorified by it. 
No\\' Jesus 10ved l\Iartna, and her sister l\Iarv, and 

zartts, \Vhen he had he
Hd therefore that he was 
sick, he still remained in the same place t\VO days. 
Then after that he saicl to his disciples: I
et us go 
into J udea a
ain. Th
 disciples say to him:. 
Rabhi. the Je\vs but no\v so,)
ht to stone thee, and 
gOl'st thou thither aga
n? Jesus answered: .l\ re there 
not t\velve hours of the day? If a man \valk in the 
riay, he slumbleth not, b
cause he seeth the light of 
this \vorJd; but if he \valk in the night he stnmbleth, 
because the \i
d1t is not in hitll. rrhese thiog
said: 3nd after that he said to them: Lazarus our 
friend sleepeth; but I go that I m
y a\\'ake hill1. H-is 
discipies therefore saill' Lord, if he sleep he 
do ,:.vdl. But }-sus spoke of his death, and they 
thought that he :;poke of the repose of steep 'l'hen 
tht:'[dnre J
sns u\'l to them plainl)': Lazaru
 IS I 

de:td; and I 
n} glad for your s;1kes, that I was 
not there, that you may believe: 
\'t let us go to 
him. r-rhen 'fhomas, \vho is caned Dld}'n1u
, saiJ 
to his fdlow disciple:;: Let us also go, that \ve may 
die with him. So J 

us cam n . and found that he 
had been four days alrt?ady in the grave. (No\\" 
Bethania \vas near Jerusalem, about fifteen furlongs 
off.) AnOll1any of the Jews ,vere con
e to ì\;1artha 
and 'I ary, to comfort thcln concerning their bro. 
ther. l\
artha therefore, as soon as she heard that 
}eslIc) was COtne, went to meet hirn; but 
fary sat 
at home. And 
1artha said to Jesus; Lord, if thou 
hadst been here, my brother had not died; but no\v 
a150 I know, that whatsoever thou wilt ask of God, 
God wiH give it thee. Jesus saith to her: 'fhy bro- 
ther shaH rise again. l\Iartha saith to hint: I kno\v 
that he shall rise again in the resurre(,tion at the last 
day. Jesus said to her: I an} the resurrectiðn and 
the life; he that be1ieveth in Ine, although he be 
dt'ad, sh:tllli,'e: and everyone that liy
th, and be.. 
lieveth in me, shall not die for c\'er. Be1 ievest 
thou this? She s
Üth to hi nl : Yea, Lord, J h
believed that thou art Christ, the Son of the Jiving 
God, Vv'ho art come into this \\'or1J. And \vhen 
she had 
airl these things, she 
lent, and called her 
sister 1\'lary 
ecretly, sa\'ing: 'fhe ì\Iastpr is comp.. 
élnet cal1et h for thee. Sht>, as soon as 
he heard this, 
riseth quicldy, and cOlneth to hi In : for Jesus was 
not yet come into the tOW
l; but he was sti\l in that 
ace \\'here 
Iartha had Inet him. 'rhe Je'xi 
there:fore, v.'ho ""eIC v..ith her in the house, and 
comfort("d her, \\'hen they s
lary that she rose 
up sp

dily, and \'rent out, followed hpr, s(t\'itl
She g
eth to the gr
, to weep there. \Vhen 
tht'retorp \\'tH con}
 where .1 t'5Il1S ,,-as. seein
 hi n1, 
she fel J dO\,\'11 at his feet, and sai
h to h; (11; L0rd, if 
tho:1 hddst been here, my brotht'f haft not dif>d. 
n Jesus therefore 
aw her ,veeping, and the 

Jews that were come with her, \\?eeping, he groan. 
ed in the spirit, and troubled himself.- And sai,-l: 
re have you laid him? '{'hey say to hiln: LorJ, 
CaIne an(l see." And JèSUC; ,"vept. The Jews there- 
fore said: Behold ho\v he loved hin1. But son1e of 
them said: Call Id not he, that opened the eye
the n1an born blind, have caused that this man 
should not die? Jesus therefore again groanin
 cometh to the sepulchre: now it was a 
C1ve, and a stone \va'3 laid over it. Jesus SJith: 

'ake a\vay the stone. .:\lartha, the sistpr of hil 
that was dead. saith to hilll: Lord, by this tiQ
e he 
stinketh, for he is now there four days. Jesus saith to 
her: Did Hot I say to thee, that if thou \vilt believe, 
thou shalt see the glory of God? 'rhey took there. 
fore the stone a\vay :. and Jesus lifting up his eyes. 
said: Father, I give thee thanks that thou hast 
heard me. And I kno\v that thou hearest me al. 
v.'ays, but because of the peopl p who stand about 
have I said it, that they filay believe that thou ha5
sent me. \Vhen he had said these thing
9 he criecl 
\vith a loud voice: I.I<lZlrllS, come forth. And 
presently he that had beei1 dead carne forth. 
bound feet anJ hands with \vinding bands, and his 
flce was bound about with a napkin. Jesus said to 
therll: Loose him and let him go. 
y there. 
fore of the Je\vs, \vho \vere come to i\iary and 
tha, and had seen the thing
 that Jesus did, believe(l 
in hin1. . 
, OFFERT. p!;. xvii.- Thou, 0 Lord, wilt save 
thy people in distress, and thou ,,,,ilt humble the 
eyes of the proud: for who is God, besides thee, 0 
Lord ? 
f3Y these offering
t \\'e beseech 
thee, 0 Lord, purify us, and always render thee 
propitious. Thro'. 
I. John 
\Ï..-.The Lord seeing th
I)f Lazarus 'A'epping at th
 grave, \\'ept before tht'" 

Jews, and cricd out: Lazaru", fonle forth. And he 
\\.ho had heen d(:ad four Ja) s, c
\nle fonh bound 
l1ands and teet. 
JJ. <"01\1 
VT. l1æc.- 
Iay the receiving of this 
sacrament, \\ e b

t't'ch tbt:e, () I ord, ev
r frt'e 
us froln our sins, and protect LIS trom all aov

rhro' . 
Let l1
 pray. Bov. do\\ n your heads to God. 
PRò' l
R. Va nobis.-Graut, \\ c beseech thee, 
o AIDllght}' C
od, tbat \\'t-', \\ 110 are st.l1sible of our 
0\\ n \'\'
aknpss, ,:no rouhde in thy pO"'t'r, u)ayal.. 
\rays re
oi(:e in the effects of thy gOOdLlcS
' "rhro'. 

::,A"rURI) A Y. 
IN"rn.OIT. Ps. Ii\' .---'Y ou that are thirsty, corne 
to the \\'aters, 8,11th the Lord: and you that have no 
money, COOle and dunk ,,'ith jO). 1 s. lx:\vii l\ly 
people be attentive to 01) la'\': hearken to tht "'oH13 
of n1Y mouth. f r . Glory. 
COLLEC"r. Fiat 1Jvmine,-Grant us, 0 Lord, 
\,.e beseech thee, an increase ot devotion: for theu 
only ,,'ill our fasts avail us, \vhcn they are \\ell 
pleasing to thy goodness. 1'hro'. 
LESSON. lsaias xlix. 8
 15.---- saith the 
Lord: III an accceptable time 1 have }It.'ard thee, and 
in the day of sah'ation I have help(d thee: aud I 
bave pres
r\'ed thee, and given thee to be a cove- 
nant of th(; people, th
,t thúù mightest raise up tht 
eanh, aud pos
es-; the inht:ritances that ,,'ere de. 
stroyt:d: thut thou n1ightesl say to them that at e 
bouud: ConIc forth: and to thtln tLat arc in dark- 
ntss.: Sbt;w YOl1lselves. 'l'hey shall feed in the 
tnd their pastures 
ha)) be. in every l,l;tin. 
Friley shalt not l.ungt'f nor thirst, neitbcl shall the 
heat nor the sun strik.e them: for he that is nlerciful 
to then1 sLall b
 their sh
pherd, allù at the fountait.s 
of ,vatErs he shall gi\"e thenl drink. .And} win 
make all my lUoulltailJs a \V
y, and my paths shall 

be exalted. Behold these shaH come from afar, and 
behold these from the north and from the sea, and 
these from the south country. Give praise, 0 ye 
heavens, and rejoice, 0 earth, ye mountains give 
praise váth jubilation, because the Lord hath com- 
forted his people, anò will have mercy on his poor 
ones. And Sion said: The Lord hath forsaken me, 
and the Lord hath forgotten Ole. Can a ""oman 
forget her infant, so as not to have pity on the 
on of 
her womb? And if she should forget, yet will I not 
forget thee, sait!" tl.e Lord Almighty_ 
GRAD. Ps. ix.-'fhe poor lnan, 0 Lord, is 1 eft 
to thee: thou wilt be the protector of the orphan. 
V. Why art thou withdrawn so far from us, 0 Lord? 
Dost thou despise us in our necessities and afHic- 
tion? \Vhen the wicked man is puff
d up with 
pride, the poor man suffereth. 
(}f5oøpel. Jolin viii. 12. 20. -At that ti111f: 
Jeslts spoke to the 'multitude if the Jell'S, 
aying; I am 
the light of the ,,"orld: he that follo,,'eth me, \
eth not in darkness, but shan ha\'e the ]ight of life. 
The Pharisees therefore said to him: Thou I!;ivest 
testimony of thyself: thy testimony is not 'true. 
Jesus answered 1 and said to them: Although I give 
testimony of mysel
 my testi
ony is true; for I 
know \\"hen'ce I came, and \Vhlther I go: but vou 
know not V\Thence I come, or whither I go. You 
judge accorrling to the flesh; I judge not an)' man. 
And if I do jndge, my judgment is true. becau&e I 
am not alone; but J and the Father that sent me. 
And in } our Jaw it is written, that the testin10ny of 
two men is true. I am one that give testimony of 
myself: and the Father that sent me, giveth testi. 
mony of me. rrhey said therefore to hin1: \V here 
is thy I;ather i Jesus ans\>vt:red 
 Neither 111e do you 
know, nor my Father: if you did know me, you 
'\vould know Iny Father a1so. 1"hese ,yards Jesus 
,poke in the treasury, teaching in tb
 tt:mple: and 

no man 1alcl hands on him, because his honr \\as 
not yet co:n
OFFER'!'" Ps. xvii.-rrhe Lord is my support, 
my refu
{., and my dt>liverer: in him willI trust. 
SECRET. Be appeaséd, 0 LOTel, we beseech 
thee, \\'ith these our offerings; and, in thy ßlercy, 
conlpel our will, even when it rebelltlh, to submit 
to thee 'fhro'. 
1. Ps. xxi.- Thp Lord is my shepherd, 
and I s

atl be in \vant of nothing: he hath placed 
me in a plentiful pasture; he hdth led n1e to a re- 
l:\I. Tua nos.---1\lay thy sacred mysteri
o Lord, we beseech thee, purify us, and, by their 
efficacv, nlake us well plea5in
 to thee. 'lïHo'. 
et "us pray. ßO\V down your heads to God. 
PH.,I\ y r
lt. Dells gui.-O God, who chl1
rather to shew nlercy, th
n to be angry \\"ith those 
that hope in thee; grant \ve Il1ay \\.orthily lan1ent 
t:,e evil we have COlnn1ÏtteJ, th,lt 
o "'e Inay find lhe 
favour of thy COlntt)rt. 'rhro

DL\ Y. 
HE two last ,^'
eks of Lent are, in a particuJar man- 
ner, consecrJted to the Passion of Jesus Cillist. And 
21tho' that upon which. we are now entcrinÃ' be only a 
prc=paration to tbe following, and the Church represents 
therein. other objects to our tÎJoughts, the pHsion of Christ 
is nevertheless ohell referred to, for wh;:::h reason this 
d.av is called P^
 Ps.lhn 7u Ii, i, 3S well as the Gloria P.2tl i, at the 
1 ntrOlt, is olTutted. and those Nho havc written on the 
Liturgy, assert this to be a
rl'e<lble to the ancient pr.ictice. 
rrhey turther in g(t,crdl ob
eP/'e. that the par .ìcular cerc- 
mouies of tbese two IJst wc
ks, but n10re especially of 
the three last d.1Ys in Lult, ,ue venerable rem.1Ïas oi dr\4 


JNTROI f. Ps. xlii. 
J UDGE nle, 0 God, J[JDICA mF, Deus, et 
and distinguish my disl'e1'llc cliusam l11cam 
cause fro nlth e naLjonthat de gente non Sllllct,l. Ab 
is not holy: deliver me humillc iniguv el dolvso 
froln the \\'icked and eripe me: ljuirt, {'If, es 
deceitful n1an : for thon D<.U$ lUCUS, el jòrtitudo 
3rt my God and my '111('([. 

trength. Ps. Send forth Ps. Emitlr 
lJrenl !uam 
thy light and thy truth: it "on,ill/rem tuum: ip,r;a 
for they have conrlncted me dfdu,z"crunt ('t fldduJ.'. 
me, and hrought me to f1'u.nt in montcJIl SlIllctZl1n 

hy holy mountain, and tlium, et in tflbèrllllcula 
Into thy t
lbernac!c. iua. Jut/tea me, Ý'c. to 
Judge me, &c. Ps. 
Gloria Patria is omitted till Easter.. 
COI.lLEC'L' Qllle
1ercifully look down 
on thy people, \ve beseech thee, 0 J\ln1Ïp'hty 
God, that, by thy bounty and protection, they 
l)e governe(l and guarded both in body and s.oul. 
F'rhro' . 
EPI STLE. Tlrb. ix. I Ie , 5.-.. Erethren: Christ 
being come, an high priest of the good things to 
corne, by a greater and more pPT,fèct ta bernac1e not 
made \vith hands, th'.lt is', not of this creation: nei. 
ther by the blood of goats, or of l:atv
s, but by his 
o\vn b1ood, entered once into the 11olies, having 
obtained eternal redemotion. For it the blood of 
goats and of oxen, anJ 'the ashes of an heIfer being 
sprinkled, sanctify such as are dtfiled, to the cleans
 of the flesh: ho\v much more sha1l the- blood of 
\\'ho thro' the lIoly Ghost offered himself 
without spot to God) cleanse our consc!ence from. 
dead works to serve the living God? l\nd there. 
fore he is the mediator of the ne\\7 testament: that 
by means of his death, for the redelnption of those 
transgressions \vhicb were under the forn1er testa

rnent, thC'y that are called n1ay receive the promise 
of eternal inhentc.\nce. 
GRAl). Ps. cxlii.-De1iver me, 0 liard, from 
; t<
ach me to do thy will. j>s. xx.vii, 
Thou, () I
orcJ, art Iny deJi\'crer fronl the enragerl 
Gentiles: thou \\"ilt put Ine out of the reach of 
those that a\òsault me; and thou wilt rtscue me from 
th,.. unrightt.ous man. 
'TRACrr. Ps. cxxviii.- Sæpc e:rpugna'l:e1'unt fne 
ajuvt:nlutc mfG. 'I'hey have often attncked me fronl 
Tny \'cry youth. fT. Lt:t Israel nOVl say: 'l'hey have 
often att
cked me from n1Y vt"ry youth. IT. But 
they ne er coulJ prevail ögainst nH
: sinnci"s hà\'e 
plo\ved up my back, 1'. 'rhey ha\'e a long time 
continued in their iniquity: but the Lord, \\'ho ís 
just, "'ill 
lt last cut o'Íf the heads of those sinful 
ptI. JolIn viii. 46. 59.-At tna,t iime: JC5US 
said to the nlultitucJe of the Jews: Which of you 
shall convince n1e of sin 1 I f I say the truth to )'ou, 
why do you not betil"ve ll1e? lIe that is of God, 
hcåreth the \yords of l;od ; then.fore you hear then} 
not, because yOll nre not of God. l'he je\\'s therefore 
answereú, and said to him: L)o not \\'e say well that 
thou art a Samaritan, and hast a Jevil? Jesus an.. 
s\\'ered: I have not a devil; bl1t I honour IHY l
ther. and rou ha\'e dishonoureJ nle. But I seek not 
my o\\'n giory; there is one that s
eketh and jndg- 
f>th. A (uen, 
l1nt:>n, I say to you: If any n1all keep 
JJ1Y \\'ord, he 
hall not see death for eVtr. rrhe 
Jë\\'5 therefore s
O\V we know that thou hast a 
devil. A Oré.1h:\lT\ is dead, and the prophets; and 
thou S3)'f:st: I f any l11an keep my \\ ord, he 
not ta
te cleath for ever. .Art thou greattJr than 
our Father A brahalll, \\'ho is dead? and the pro. 
phets are rlead. \\" horn dost thou male th) s
JeslJs ;:}ns\\'éft
d; If 1 glorify rnystlt
 n1Y glory is no.. 
thing. It is my rath('r that glorifieth n)e, of \\' horn 

you say that he is your God. And yon have not 
knu\\.n hiIn, but I kno\v him. And if I 
hould say 
that 1 know him not, I should be like to you, a liar. 
But I know hiU1 t and keep, his word. A bra- 
ham your father rejoiced that he might see my day: 
he saw it, and ""as gtad. 'The J
ws then said (0 
him. l.'hou art not }'
t fifty years old, and hast thoy 
seen Abraham? Jesus saId to theln: Amen, anlen. 
I say to you, before A braham was nlade, 1 am. 
rrhen they took up stones to cast at him. But Jesus 
hid himself, and went out of the temple. 
Ol"FER'r. Ps. xcviii. . -. I \vill praise the
, 0 
I..ord, \\lith n1Y whot
 heart: reward thy servant: I 
shal1 live, and kef'p thy commandOlents; save my 
life, according to thy \vord, 0 Lord. 
SECRET. l\lay these offerin
s, 0 I
ord, both 
]oosen th
 bonds of OUf wickedness, and obtain tor 
us the gifts of thy mf'rcy. Thro Y . 
Preface. :I Qui salutcm humani generis, p, xxx. 
I, 'I'his is the body ,,'hich shall be deli.. 
d up tor you 
 this is the cup of the ne\V co\'enant 
in nlY blood, s3ith the Lord. As often as you re- 
 them y eto it in remembrance of me. 
P. COlVI1\!. ..ddf
tQ.-Aljelp U
, () lord onr God. 
and for ev
r protect those y.'hom thou hast refreshed 
\vith thy sacred mysteries. Tbro\ 

.. c ,-- 

l\1()NDA Y. 
'rROIT. Ps. Iv.---l-Iave rnercj" on me, 0 Lord, 
fOf man hath trodden Ine llnder foot.; h
tlau1ted and persecuted Ole the whole day long. Fs. 

ly ene(nie
 have tramplt:,d file Ondt'f foot th
day tong: and the nU111ber of those that assault IDC 
is very great. IIave 
er(J, &c. to Ps. 
COLLEC'r. SUlIctijiCll.-Sanctit)', 0 Lord, \\'e 
ch th(-IP, Ollr f
lsts, é1nd mer\:ifu\ly grant U3 the 
I)arc!on of a Ii 0\1 r sins. Th ro'. 
LESSON. Junu.s iii. 1. lo.-In those da2ls: 'I'he 

K. 213 
\\'ord of the Lord c:ame to J0035 the second time, 
saying: Arise, and 
o to 
!ni\le the great city: and 
preach in it the l'reaching that I bid thee. And 
Jonas arose, and \\'ent to Ninive according to the 
\\-"ord of the Lord: now Ninive was a great city of 
three ddYS journey. And Jonas began to entt'r into 
the city one day's journey: and he cried and s
ud : 
Yet fort} days and Ninive shall be dt->stroved. And 
the men of Ninive believ
d in God: and they pro. 
claimed a fðst, and put on sackcloth flonl the great. 
est to the least. And the \vord carne to thp King 
ofNinivp; and he rosp up out of his throne, and 
cast away his robe from him, and \vas cloathed with 
sackc1oth, and sat in âshes. A nd he caused it to be 
proclaimed and pubiished in i'inive from the mouth 
of the king and of his princes, saying: Let neither 
men nor beasts, oxen nor sheep, taste any thing: 
Jet them not feed, nor drink \-vater. And l
t Olea 
and beasts be cov
red with sackcloth, and cry to the 
Lord with all their 
trength, and let then1 turn every 
one froln his evil 
7ay. and from the ioiq uity that 
is in their hands. \Vha can tell if God will turn, 
and torgive: and wiU turn away flom his fierce 
anger, aud \\pe shall not perish? And God sa\v their 
v;orks, that l
\ey \"l'ere turned from their 
vil ,",'ay: 
and the l,ord our God had mercy on the people. 
GRAD. Ps. liii.---O God, hear m
' prayer, and 
hearken to the ",'o'rds of my mouth. V. Save me, 
o God, by thy name, aad rescue 01e by thy might. 
TRAC1\ Ps. cii. Deal not, &c. p. 117. 
pt[. John vii. 3
. 39,-At that time: 
'rhe rulers and Pharisees sent ministers to appre- 
hend Jesus. Jesus therefore said to them: Y 
little \\'hi Ie 1 a m with vou: and then I go to him 
that seat me. You shall seek me, and shall not find 
me: an\.l where I atn, thither you cannot corne. 
The Jews therefore, said ,Ln10ng themselves; \\'hi. 

ther will he go, that we '5hall not find him? win be 
go to the dispersed among the Gentiles, and tf'ach 
e (}entiles? 'Vhat is this s
ying that t\{) hath said: 
'\ ou shall seek me, and shali not find me; and 
where I am YOll cannot CaDle 1 And on the last 
find great da)' of the festival, Jesus slood and cried, 
saying: if any man thirst, let him come to me, and 
drink. I-Ie that believeth in me. n
 the scripture 
saith, U Out of his belly shall fJO\\ rivers of living 
water. n Now this ht: said of t he Spirit \yhich they 
should receive who believed in hiij'l. 
OFliER'l'. Ps. vi.--'furn to me, 0 Lord, dnd 
rescue my soul: save me fOf thy naercy's sake. 
SECRE'f. Grant us, 0 Lord oU r God, that the 
sacrifice of 01,1f salvation may both cleanse us from 
onr sins, and appease thy 
1pjesty. Thro'. 
I1\I. ]J 5 . xxiii -The I
ord of armies is him- 
)e King of Glory. 
f. Sarramenti.-May the participation, 
o I
ord, we beseec.h tht"p, of this saving sacr
both cleéH1se us, and heal us. 'fhro'. 
Lt t t,S pray. Bo\
' do\\ n your he3ds to God. 
-\ YER. Da quæsuwus.-Grant, 0 Lord, ,,'e 
beseet:h thee, to thy people bealth both of body 
and mind, that being constant in the practice of 
good vvorks, they nJay al\yays be safe under thy 
protection_ 'rhro'. 

rrVESI)A '7. 
TR01T. Ps. xxvi..-...- \V ait for the J..,ord,. act 
manfully, let thy heart be c,onlforted, and ,,'ait for 
the Lord. Ps. 
rhe Lord is my Jight anJ my salva. 
tion, whorn shall I fear? 
COLLEC'f. Nost1>a. --... i\1ay our fast, 0 T...ord, 
\ve beseech thee, he acceptable to thee, and, having 
purified us from sin, make us ,,'orthy of thy grace, 
and procure us everlasting ren1{
dies. '1'Ino'. 

 \VEEK. 215 
. Dall. XlV. 27 42.---In those aa
ljJ: The 
people of ßabylon J!atherpd together against the 
king-, and 
ald to him: Ðt-'Iiver up to us Dan
\\'ho hath destroyed Bel, and killecl the Dragon, 
r\1I,1ise \Vt> \v i 11 de
troy thpe and thy family_ 
nd the kin
 sa\v that tbey pressed upon him vio- 
lently: and being constrained by necessltYt he de- 
livered Daniel to thelni And they ca
t him into the 
den of lions, and he was there six <.I8\'S. And in the 
den thpre V\t ere se", ell I ion
, and thëy hod given to 
them two carca<;es every day, and two sheep: but then 
they \\'ere not given unto them, to the intent that they 
might devour Daniel. Now there \vas in J udea a 
prophet nall1cJ IIabacnc, and he had boilcd pot- 
t,.ge, and had broken bread in a bowl: and \va

g into the field to carry it to the reapers. And 
thp r.ngel of the Lor,l said to Habacuc: Carry the 
dinner which thou hast, into Babylon to Daniel, 
'Nho is in the lions den. A nn Habacuc said: fJord, 
1 never saw Babylon, nor do 1 know the <.len. And 
the angel of the Lord took hint by the top of his 
head, anJ carrie,! hint bv the hair of his head, atjd 
set hiln in Babvlon over the den in the force I)f his 

pirit. And IIabacuc cried, saying: 0 Daniel, 
thou servant of God, take the dinner that God hath 
sent lhpf". Ann Daniel s
id: 'l'hou hast remern. 
bt"red l11e, 0 God, and thou hast not forsaken 
thein that lovt-' thee. And Daniel arose and ate. 
And the ang
l of the Lord presently set IIabacuc 
ain in his o\vn place. Anel upon the seTenth 
day the king can1e to be\vai I Daniel: and he came 
to the den, and looked in, and behold Daniel was 
 in the Inidst of the lions. And the king 
cried out 
lith a loud voice, saying: Great art thou, 
o Lord, the God 'of Daniel. And he dr1'w him out 
of the lions den. But those that had been the cause 
of his destruction, he ca<<;t into the den, and they 
,vere df"voured in a mOlllcut before hin1. Then the 

king said: Let all the inhabitants of t1,e ,\'llote enrth 
fear the God of Uaniel:. tor he is the Saviour, work. 
 signs and, wonders in the earth 
 \vho hath d(
vtred Oaniel aut of the lions dell. 

l). Ps. xlii.-Judge my cause, 0 Lard, ancd 
deliver me from the \vicked and deceitful Inan. V. 
Send forth thy li
ht and thy truth; for they have led 
me on and brought LTIe up to thy holy mount. 
<JBoØp.el. Jolin vii. Ie r 3,-At that time: Jesus 
walked in Galilee; for he \vould not \valk in Juàea : 
canse the Jews sought to kill hinl. _No\\? the Jen's 
feast of tabernacles \vas at htl.nd. A nd his breth"ren 
said to him: Depart from ht>nce, and go into J lldea ; 
that thy disciples also may see thy \\rorks \vhich tholl 
dost. For there is no man that dDth any thing in 
secret, and he himself seeketh to be known opel1ly; 
If thou do these things n1anifest t i 1 )'self to the \vorld. 
I.'or neither diel his brethren believe in him. Then 
ai(l to them: 
ly time is not }'et come; but 
your time is al,,"ays ready. The ,,,orld cannot hate 
you; but me it hateth: becanse I give testimony of 
it, that the work.s thereof are evil. Go yon up to 
this festival day, but I go not up to this festival day: 
because my tirne is not fully come. \Vhen he had 
said these thin;!
, ht' himself stalf.l in Galilee. But 
after his brethn
n ",'ere gone up, then he also went 
np to the feast, not openly, but as it were In secret. 
'I'he Je\vs therefore sought hiln on the festi\1é11 da\P. 
and said: "\'
 he? And there \vas much muJr_ 
 among the n1nltitnrte concerning hirn. For 
some said: Fie is a good man. And others said: 
No, but he sednceth the people. Yet no man 
spoke openly of him, for fe
r of the Jev".s. 
FERT. P;;. ix.-Let a\t, who kno\v thy name. 
o Lord, hope in thee; for than fOlsakest not thos
\\Tho seek thee. Sing to the Lord, \vho d\\"elJeth on 
Sion, for he hath Dot tf>q;ot the praycr of the poor. 

-WEE1C. 2f" 
SECRET. The sacrifices \\'e beg to hp offered 
to the
, 0 Lord, are such tokens of telnporal com- 
fort, that we cannot despair of thy eteroal promi
'1'h1'o' . 
1. Ps. xxiv.-Dcliver-me, 0 God of hraet" 
from all m\- distress. 
I. J)a nobis.-Gr3nt, \ve beseech tllep, 
o Almighty God, that as \\'c daily celebrate these 
divine my'Steries, we may be n1ad
 \\'orthy of the 
rewards of heaven. Thro'. 
LFt us pray. ßow down your heads to God. 
PRA YER. Da 1lobis...--Grant us, 0 L(.)rrl, ,,'e be. 
f:eech thee, perseverance in thy service; that in our 
days thy ÜÜthful may incr
ase both in nUlnuer and 
. Thro'. 

TROIT. Ps. xvÎÎ.-O Iny deli\'erer froIn the 
angry Gentile
, tholl wilt place (\\e OUt of the reach 
of those that assault me: thou, 0 Lord, \\'ilt re
Ine fro11l the unrighteous rnan. l)
. I will love thee, 
o Lord, my strength: the LorJ is my support, nlY 
e, and my dctiverer. 
Ct)LLECf. Sanct!ficato..-.En1ighten, 0 God of 
Inercy, the hearts of thy pèop1e by nlf:'anS of this hOlY 
fast; and since all ou r dtvotion i
 the effect of t 1.,. 
bounh', mercifnHy hear the petitions \'"e make. Thro'. 
LESSON. I,Æ1.'. xix. 10. 19.-In those dags: "rhe 
IJord siJake to 1\JOCõì
S, sayin
: Speak to aU the as- 
spmbly of the chi1rlren of l
l, aad thou shalt say 
to th
m: I 
Hn the Lord YOll r G J(t You shall not 
s:eal. Y Ol1 s:lall not lie 
 neith{'r 5h311 an) man de- 
ceivp his n
ighbour. 'fhol1 shalt not swear f
by my nan1t", nor profane the n
Hne of thy Gnd. 1 
am the lJord. 'fhou shalt not cahUl1niate thy ne!
b()ur, nor opprcsc; hinl bv viot
nce. "l'hc "..'ages of 
hiln that ha
 bf'en hired 
y thfC sh:dl not abid
thee until tlH
. Thou S'l
Üt not .,peak t'ti\ 

of tbe ùeaf, nor put a stumbling- block before tbe 
blind; but thou shrilt fear the Lord thy God, because 
I am the Lord. rrhou shalt not do that which is 
unjust, nor jUQge unjustly. Respect not the person 
of the poor, nor honour the countenance of the 
ß}ighty. But jurlge thy neighbour according to jus. 
tice. 1'hou shalt not be a detracter nor a \vhisperer 
among the people. Thou shalt not stand again
t the 
blood of thy neighbour. I anl the Lord. 'rhol1 
shalt not hate thy brother in thy heart, but reprove 
him openly, lest thou incur sin through him
not revenge, nor be mindful of the injury of thy citi- 
zens. Thou shalt love thy friend as thyself. J alTI 
the Lord. Keep ye my laws,jòl' I aut the Lord !/ollr 
C; RAD. Ps. xxix.- I wi1l praise thee, 0 I..,ord, be- 
cause thou hast upholden lne; and hast not let my 
enenlÍes rejoice over nlP. IT. 0 l"orò my God, [ 
have cried out to thee, and thou hast healed me; 
thou, l) Lord, hath rescued my sou1 from hell, and 
hast saved me fron1 the number of those that are 
gone down into the pit" . 
rrR.ACT. ]}s. cii.-Dea1 not, &c. p. 1'7. 
<IBoøpel. Julin x. 2'2.. 3S.-..-...1t tlud time: It 

'as the feast of the dedication at Jen.:salem; and 
it \,-as winter. And Jesus walked in the tenlple in 
Solomon's porch, the Jews therefore canle roun<: 
about hiln, and said tQ him: IIo'N long <lost thon 
hold our souls in stlf\pense? ifthol1 be the Christ ten 
us p1ainly. Jesus answered then1: 1 speak to yon, 
and you hdit've not: the works that 1 do in the 
natnc of nlY Vather, they giv
 testimony of me: but 
you do not believe, becalhe you are not of my sheep. 

I y sheep heaì' illY voice: and I kno,,' t h
m, and 
they follow me: and I give them eternal 1ife; 
they shall not peri';h for {'VPf, and no ntan shall 
snatch tht:'m out of my hand. 'rhat VJhich mv Fa. 
the!" hath given me, is grtater :han iJll; and no on

natch them out of the hand of my rather. I 
and the Father are one. ']'he Jews then took up 
stoneb to stone him. J
sus answered them; l\1any 
good works I have she\ved you from my Father; for 
,\'hich of those ,,'orks do you stone me? The J
\vered him: For a good \\'ork \\'e stone thee not, 
but for blasphemy: and because that thou being a 
man makest thyself God. Jesus answered thelTI : Is 
it not written' in your law: I said, you are Gods 
he called them gods, to \vhom the word of Cod 
,"'as spoken, and the scripture cannot be broken; 
do you say. of him, whonl the Father hath sanctified 
and sent into the \\ arid: rrhol1 blasphemest: be- 
canse I said, I am the Son of God? If l do not the 
,vorls ot nlY Father, believe me not. But if I do : 
though yon \vili not believe me, believe the y;orks, 
that you nlay know and belit.vè that tile Father is iI1 
me, and I in the Father. 
OFFER1.... l
s. Iviii.-De1iver Ine) 0 my God, 
fron1 my enemies; and rescue me, 0 Lord. from 
those that rise up against me. 
El". Grant, 0 merciful God, that ,,'e m:\y 
offer thee, with a sincere heart, this sacrifice of pro. 
pitiation and praise. rrhro'. 
I. Ps. xxv.-l win wash my hands \\7ith 
the innocent, and go round thy altar, 0 Lorrl, that 
I may hear the voice of tit!! praise, and publish aU 
thy \vonderful works. 
P. (O
J!\I. Cælt'stis.-Ilaving received thy hea- 
venly gift, we humbly bt:seech thee, 0 Almighty 
God, that it may produce in us the {:ffect of the sa- 
crament, and procure our salvation. 1"hro'. 
t us pray. Bow dO\\'ll your heads to God. 
A YER. Adeslo.-(-fear our prayt'rs and en- 
sJ 0 Aln1ighty God, and grant that those to 
\VhOß1 thou givest hopes of thy mercy, mayexperi. 
ence the (ffects of thy u,.-;ual c1ernency. 'rhro'. 
'1' 2 

( 220 ] 
1NTROT1\ Dan, iii.-All thou hast done for UG, 
o Lord, thou ba
t done with great justice; because 
\ve have sinned against thee, and have not obeyed 
thy comnlandmeüts: but do thou make thy name 
glorious, and deal \\1ith us accorlling to the mu1titude 
of thy n1ercies. Ps, cxviii.-ß!essed are the unde- 
filed in the way, \vho \\'alk in the law of the Lord. 
COLLECrr. IJræsta.-Grant, we beseech thee-. 
o Alnlighty God, that the dignity of human nature. 
",,'hieh hath been wounded by excess, may be cured 
by the practice of healing temperance. Thro'. 
LESSON. Dan. iii 34, 4S.-ln those days: Aza.. 
rias prayed to the l,ord, saying: Deliver us not up 
for ever, \\'e beseech thee, for thy name's sake, and 
abolish not thy cov
nant: and take not away thy 
nlercy fronl us for the sake of Abraham thy beloved. 
ûnd Isaac thy servant, and Israel thy holy one: to 
,,,hon} thou hast 
poken, promising that thou \\'ouldst 
multiply their setd as the stars of heaven, and as the 
saud that is 011 the sea shore. For we, 0 Lord, are 
diminished Ulore than any na.tion, and are brought 
]0\\1 in all the earth this day for our sins. Neither is 
there at this time prince, or leader, or prophet, or 
holocaust, or sacrifice, or oblation, or incense, or 
place of first-fruits before thee. That we may find 
thy Inercy: neveìthe1ess in a contrite heart and hum- 
bJe spirit let us be accepted. As in holocausts of 
Tams, and bullocks, and as in thousands of t
-tt lambs: 
so let our &acrifice be n1aòe in thy sight this day, 
that it may please thee: for there is laO confusion to 
then1 that trust in thee. And now we fonow thee 
\,'íth all our heart, and \ve fear thee, and se
k thy 
fil.Ce. Put us not to confusion, ,but deal with us ac. 
 to thy meekness, and according to the multi- 
tude of thy n1ercies. 
\nd deliver us according to 
thy wonderful \\'orks, anù give glory to thy name, 0 

Lord: and let all them be confounded that shew 
evils to thy servants, let them be confounded in all 
thy n1ight, and let t111"ir str
ngth be broken: and let 
thelTI "now that thou art the Lord, the only God, 
and glorious over all the world. 0 Lord our Gud. 
G RAO. Ps. xciv.--'I'a'ke your sacrifices and enter 
his courts; adore the l"ord in his sanctuary. V. p!. 
1:xviii. rrhe Lord will open the thick \\'oods j and 
all shall publish his glory in his temple. 
<1DoøpC[. Luke. vii. 36. 5o.-At flUtt time: 
One of the Pharisees desirpd hin1 to eat ,vith him. 
And he went into the hOllse of the Pharisee, and, at 
do\\'n to fi,eat. And behold a \\'Grn
H1 in the city 
that was a sinner. when she kne\v that he sat at 
Ineat in the Pharisec
s house, brought an alabaster 
box of ointolent: and standing bdund at his feet.. 
she be
an to wash his ttt-'t with tears, and \viped 
them \\ ith the hairs of h,-r head, and kissed his fe
and anointed them \\"ith the ointment. And the 
Phc.1fisee, \vho had invited hiru. seeing it, spoke \\.ith. 
iß hituself 
ay'ng: Thi
 Inan, if he Wt're a prophet, 
woulJ know surely who and \\'hat l11anner of wo- 
man this is that touctH
d lum, that öhe IS a sinner. 
And j esus answenng, 
aid to hi 01, Sinlon, I ha-
somewhat to say to thee. ßut he said; 
it. A certain creditor had t"..o debtDrs, the one 
owed five hundred pence, and the other fifty. And 
\\'ht-'reas they had not wher
wlth to pay, he forgave 
them both. \Yhich therefore of the two loveth hÏln 
nlost? Simon answerin
, said: I suppose that he 
to y. horn he torgave most. And he Sd.ld to hiol 
rrhou hast judged ri
htly. And turning to the wo- 
man, he said to Simon: Dost thou see this woæ:ln 1 
I ent
red into thy houge, thou gayest ßle no \\'a. 
ter tor IUY feet; but she hath wasllelÍ lUy feet "/uh 
tears, and wiped theln with her hairs. '1"hou gav<=t:;t 
JUt' no kiss; but :she, since she Cdme in, hath not 

ased to kiss ß1Y feet. 
I y he
l.J with oil lhou 

 ...IlIDAY IN 
diò not anoiut; but s11e with ointment l1atl1 :lnoint. 
ed mv ft'et. \\' herefore I 
ay to thpe: 1\Iany sin
are forgiven her, for she hath ]ovpd much. But to 
,d1001 less is orgiven, he loveth less. And he said 
to her: 'rhy sins are forgiven thee. And they that 
sat at meat \
 ith him be
an to say 
'ithin themselves: 
\V 110 is this that forgiveth sins also? And be said to 
the \\'Olnan 
 1-'hy faith hath made the safe, go in 
"FERT. Ps. cxxxvÎ.-Near the rivers of Baby. 
'e sat do\vn and wept, whil
t we remen1bered 
thee, 0 Sian. 
SECRE'r. 0 Lord our God, ",..ho hast appointed 
the offerings to be consecrated to thee, to consist 
chiefly of those creatures, ,,,,hieh thou createrlst for 
the support of aUf weakness: grant, "
e beseech thee, 
that they 111ay be to us both a help in this life, and a 
sacrament to procure us that vvhich is eternal. 'fhro'. 
1. Ps. cxviii.-Renlember, 0 l
ord, the 
pronlise thou madest to thy servant, by \vhich thou 
gavést n1e hope: it is that which hath comforted n1e 
in my distress. 
P. C()M.l\1. Quod.-Grant, 0 Lord, that ,-,'hat we 
llav,.. n"cei\t,-'d 
 ith Ollr mouths we n1ay also t
'\'Ìrh a pl1r
 mind: and th1t, of a temporary gift, it 
nlél} becolne tn lìS an eternal remedy. Thro'. 
Lf" us 1,1rÖ)'. Bow doV\'n your heads to God. 
ER Esto.-Be propitious, 0 l
ord, we 
'beSt t'ch thf:'e, to thv people: that, forsaking what 
di-,pleaselh t hf-e, they may find comfort in keeping 
thj la\\'. rrhro., 

lNrfROrr. Ps. xxx,-IJave mercy on me, 0 
 for I am in distress: deliver me and rescne me 
from the hands of my enemies, and my pursuers: 
Lorò, J f-'Ì me never be put to shame, si nee I have 
d on thp.p. 1>3. In thee, 0 Lord, ha
/e 1 hoped: 

never let me b:7 put to shame: deliver m
to thy justice. 
COLLECT. CIJrdibus. - 
Iercifl1l1y, 0 l..ord, 

'e b
,eech thee, pour forth thy grace into OUf hearts; 
that repressing our sins by voluntary mortifications, 

'e nlay rather sufft>r for thelll in this life, than be 
condemned to eternal torments for them in the n
'rhro' . 
LESSON. Jer. xvii. 13. 18.- In those days: Jere- 
mias soid: 0 l..1ord. the hope of Isra
l: all that for- 
sake thee shaH be confounded: they that derar
from thee, shaH be \\7ritten in the earth; because 
they have forsaken the Lord, the vein of living \va- 
terse Ifeat me, 0 Lord, and I shaH be healed: save 
me, and I shall be saved; for thou art my praise. 
Behold they say to me; \Vhere is the word of the 
Lord? let it come. And J am not troubled, fol- 
lowing thee for n1Y pastor, and I have not desired 
the day of n13n, thou knov;est it. That which ',o\7ent 
out of n1Y lips, hath been right in thy sight. ße 
not thon a terror unto me, thou art my hope in the 
day of affliction. Let them he confounded that per- 
8CCUtp U1e, and let not me be confounded: let them 
he afraid, and tet me not be afraid: bring upon them 
the day of affliction, and with a double destruction, 
destr )v thenl, 0 Lm'd our God. 
\I). 1)s. xxiv.-
ly enen1ies spoke peaceably 
to nJe; but in il/eir anger they were trou blesonle to 
n1e. V. "fhon hast spen it, 0 Lord, be not silent; 
abandon not Inp. 
1.'R A c'r. Ps. cii.---- Deal not, &c. p. 1'7. 
<IBoøpeI. Jolin xi. 47. 54.-.Af that time; 
The chief priests and Pharispes assemb\t'(l in cOl\1:cil 

gaiusl Jesus, an
 said: \Vhat do we, tor this man 
doth many rniracles? If ,\ C let him alone so, all 
Inen ,,'ill believe in hinl: and the Romans ,"'ill 
COI1\P, and take a\vay OUf place and nation. But 
one of thpm narn(,J Caipha
, being the high-priest 

that year, saiJ to them : You know nothing éit an, 
neither 00 YO\1 con
r that it is expedient for you 
tbat one man should die f(Jr the people, and that 
the \\'hole Diltion perish not. And this he spoke 
not t)f himself: but being the l1igh priest t
lat year, 
he prophesied that Jesus should die tor the nation; 
dud not only for the nation, but to gather in one 
the children of God, that \\?ere dispersed. From 
that day therefore they devised to put him to death. 
\VIH-rt:>fore Jesus \\'aìked no more openly among the 
, Lut l
e went unto a country near the desartt 
unto a city that is called Ephrern, and there he abode 

'ith h is disci pies, 
R'f. Ps. cx\'iii.----B1esserl nrt thou, 0 Lord, 
teach n1e thy la\v; and deliver lTIe not up to the 
proud ones \\.ho caìunlniate me: and I will give all 
ver to those \\'ho reproach me. 
r. Grant, 0 ß1erciful God, that \\'e may 
a1ways worthi1y serve at thy alt
r, and obtaiíÍ sal- 
vatio.l by ('onstdutly partaking of "'hat is offtrec.l 
thereon. rrhro'. 
COl\I!\I. Deliver nle not up, 0 Lord, to the ,viII 
()f rny pur
rs: fÒr unjust witnes
es have risen up 
t 111C, ånd in1quity hath belied itsdf: 
.I. SU111ptt sacrificii..-"!\lay the sacrifice, 
o Lord, \\ e have partaken ot
 al\\'ays prot
ct us, and 
repel from us all that is hurtful. 'rhro'. 
Let lIS pray. llo,\? do\vn your heads to God. 
PRA '7 ER. COilCfde.-Grant, v;e beseech thef", 
o Almighty God, thc.t \\le \\'ho 
eek the honour of 
th y pro\t.'ctiou; may be delivered from all evil, and 

ef\e thee \\,ith a secure mind. 'I'hro'. 

 r'BIOA Y IN P,,
The SEVEN DOLOPIlS qf the B. \1. 
'11ìOrr. John xix.---'rhere stood hy the cross 
of Jesus, 11is mother, and hi:; motller's sister, 1\fary 
tIlt: vw'ifc of Cteophas, and Salome, and )lary 

. 22 S 
f!a1en. J: Jesus said: \Voman, behollt thy !on; 
dud to his disciple I Behold thÿ mother. V. Glory. 
Gloria in excelsi
 is suid itl ibis JCass. 
COLLEC I'. ])eus, in C'l!;UJ. -,0 God, in ,,'ho
sion, according to Simeon's pro
hecy, the sword 
of grief pierc
rl thp s\Veet soul of glorious 
tlr}', t 
\Tirgin-mother; grant in thy mercy, that we, \\,ho 
\\ ith honour ronln1en1orate her sorrows and suffer- 
ings, Il1ay be helped by the 
lorious rnerits and 
prayers of aU the saints that falthful1y 
t{JDd by thy 
ero..;s, so a!\ to partake of the happy fruits of thy pa!"& 
sion. 'Vho liveth. 
Then is made a Commem. of Friday b.!l tlte Colle<..t, 
, as p. .. 33. .As li/
at)ise i. the Secret and 
tcomml1nion in thâr propel' places 
. Judith. xiii. 22. 25.-...'I'he T
orJ hath 
ed thee by his po\\'er, because by thee he hath 
brought oui" enf'mies to nought. Blessed art thou, 
o daughter. bf the J"ord the nlo
t high God abov
aU \VOllleU upon the earth. Blessed be the l..ord 
\\7ho made heaven and earth. Because he hath SO 
nlagnifiecl thy name thi
 day, that thy prai
e shall 
not d
part out of the mouth of men, \vho shall be 
minllful of the power of the Lord for ever, for that 
thou hast not spared thy life, by reason of the dis- 
 and tribulation of thy peopl
, but hast prevent. 
ed on r ruin in the presence of OUf God. 
GRA D. rrhou art over\vhelmt>d \vith grief an,l 
in tears, 0 Virgin 
Jary. standin
 by the cross of our 
Lord Jesus thy Son, thy &Jecmer. 
1'RAC'('. lloly 
lar}', th
 Queen of he::ven and 
:\dy of the world, stood full of grief by the c"oss of 
Ol1r Lord jPSl1S Christ. I' 0 all YOIJ that pa". by 
the \vay, attend and see if there be any sorrow like 
unto mine. · 
S -rAB.A.i' 
r dolorosa, juxta crucem lacrynlo5 
dum pendcbat filius 

Cujus animam gClnenteln, contristatam et doten- 
tenl pertransivit gl adi us. 
a quam trisÜs et aHlicta, fuit ilIa benedicta Nlater 
unigeniti ! 
Que 111ærebnt, et dolebat, et tremebat, cum vide. 
bat nati pænas Îuclyti. 
l)js est hOlTIO qui non flcret, Christi matrem si 
videret, in tanto 
\1is pOSSE.t non rontristari, piam 
latrem cantero- 
plari dolentem cum Filla? 
Pro pecc4tis suæ gentis, vidit JeSLJITI in tarmentis 
et fl
gcllis su Ld i tu m ? 
Vídit SU\lm du Icern natum, morientem desolatum, 
dum eOlisit spiritul11. 
Eia l\tIater, fons an1oris! me sentire vim doloris, 
lac ut teeu m lugiaml 
Fac ut arrleat ('or meum in amando Christum 
Deum, ut sibi complaceanl. 
S1ncta l\'ÍatEr istud agas, cruc
fixi fige pl(jgas cordi 
rnen valide. 
'I'ui nati vulnerati, tam dignati pro me pati, pre. 
nas mecu m divide. 
Fac Ole vere tecum flere. crucifixo condolere d04 
nee (-'go v JXero. 
J l1xta crucem teCl1 m stare J te libenter sociare in 
planctLl desidero. 
Virt!a virginum præclara, mihijam non sis arnar:t, 
fac me tècun1 p'allgfre. 
Fac ut port<::'In Ch isti mortem, passianis fac con.. 
sortem, et p,aga s reeo1ere. 1 
ac nll.
 pJagls vulnt;rari, cruce hac inebriari, ob 
nl filii. 
t accensus, per te, virgo, sin1 de- 
fensus, in die ju(l1cii. 
Fac me cruce custodiri, marte Christi præmuniri, 
confoveri j:?;ralia.. 
Qnando corpus morietur, fac ut animæ donetur 
Para\,!isi gloria. .AmcN o 

PAS S ION - 'V E E Ie · ! 2 7 
pcl. JolHz xix. ;5 1 27.---At fltal tl1l1e: 
There stood by the cro,;s of jeslIs, his mother, and 
bis ()1other.s 
i5ter, l\Iary of Cleophas, a
}d r,J ary 
l\lagdalen. \Y hen J l Sl1S therefore saw his III other. 
antI the disciple 
tanding, \VhOnl he lo\ped, he saith 
to his mother: \V OOlan, behold thy son; after that, 
l1e saith to the disciple: Bf'hold thy nlother. And 
from tbat hour the disciple t
ok her to his O\\'n. 
OFFER'f. Hemember, () "irgin-mother ofGoJ, 
\vhilst thou stande5t in the prt>sence of the T.Jord, to 
speak in our favour, that thou may est tUfn a\yay his 
\\'rath from us. 
SECRET. \V'e offer thee, 0 T
ord Jesl1s Christ, 
our prayers and sacrifices, humbly entreating thee, 
that \ve; \\.ho, in our prayers (if thi... day, commeGl0- 
rate the transfixion of tlle most sv;eet soul of blt's
l\lary thy mother, olay r
c(>ive our rp\I\ p arr1 \,,.ith her 
..od her bln:sed COlTIpanlOns that stood under thy 
cross, this hol\' assembly n1u1tiplied, through 
the merits of thy death. \\'ho livest. 
PRE FACE. In the transfixion, OrdiJla1
lJ, p. xxxii. 
CO:\I:\1. I-Jappy are the senses of the blessed 
in 1\-Jary, ",'ho, \vithout dyil-lf!, merited the CrO\"'11 
of nli.Htyrdom unlÌer the cross ot th
P. CO:\I
f. Sarrifiâa.-Graut, 0 Lord Jesus 
Christ, that the sacrifice \ve have partaken of, while 
\vith devotion \\'e celebrate the transfixion of thy 
b'essed Vir
in-mother, may, thro' thy mercy, obtain 
for us the effect of every salutary good. \\"ho livest. 

The Introit, Offertory, and Communion, a
 on fri. 
day, p. 2. 22. 4'c. 
COLLECT. Prl!ficiaf.-r:lIay the people conseo... 
crated to thy service, \\ e bt'seech thee, 0 Lord, im. 
pro\pe in the affections of piety: that, instructed by 
these holy mysteries they mav b
o much the more 

enriched with thy heaven 1 y gi fh, as th
y becom 
more a(
ceptab\ p to thy divine majesty. 'l'hro'. 
r. xviii. J 8 2 3.-1n those d(
: the 
uickcd Jell's said to olle lJIlOlhc1': Conte, and let us 
invent òevices against JerenÜas: for the law shaH 
not perish from the pri(.st, nor counsel frool the wise, 
nor the word front the prophet; come, and let us 
strike him \\'ith the tongue, and let us give no heed 
to all his words Give heed to me, 0 l..Iord, and 
hear the voice of n1Y adversaries. Shall tvil be ref}.. 
dertd tor good, because they have digged a pit for 
my soul? Remember that I have stood in thy si
to sreak good tor tht'm, and to turn away thy indig- 
nation from them. 'rherefore deliver up their chil- 
dren to fatl1ine, and bring, them into the hands of 
the s\vord: l<?t th{>ir wives be bereaved of children, 
and \\yidow's; and let the husbands be slaiu by death: 
let their young men be stabbed with thp sword in 
, Let a cry be heard out of their hOilses; 
for thou sha1t bring the robber upon then1 suddenl
because they have diggt:rt a pit to take nle, and have 
hid sna! es for lny feet. But thou, 0 Lord, knowe
all their counsel agai'1st ute unto ùeath: forgive not 
their iniquity, anrl let not their sin be b10ttcd out 
from thy sight: let thent be overthrown before thy 
eyes, in the time of thy wrath do thou destroy then1, 
o Lord our God. 
GRAD. Ps. xxxiv.-
ly ene111ies spoke p
ably to me; but in tlleir anger they "'ere trouble. 
some to me. V. Thou hast seen it, 0 Lord, be not 
silent; abandon me not. 
<JBoøpel. John xii. 10. 36.-At fihat time: 
'l'he chief priests thought to kill Lazarus also; be- 
cause n1any of the Je\vs by reason of him ,vent awaY9 
"Jnd believed in Jesus. And 011 the next day a great 
multitude, that \vas come lÐ the festival day, when 
"hpv had hparJ that .Jesl15t was coming to ]t:Iusalcm, 
took br,
nches of pal m tree
) and \vent forth to nltct 

F ASS I b N \V E E" · 
him; a.nd cried: I]osanna, blcsst'd is he that conleth 
in the nalne of the Lord, the King of Israel. And 
I1S found a young ass, and sa
 upon it, as it is 
\\ ritten: II Fear nõf, daughter of Slon: behold, thy 
King cometh sitting on an ass's colt." These things 
his disciples did not kno\v at the first: but ",hen 
Jesus V/JS glorified, they then remembered that 
these things were v.rritten of him; and that the,' had. 
done these things to him. The multitude therefore 
gave testimony, ""hich was \vith him, when he Cé.1 )led 
Lazarus out of the grave, and raised hinl from the 
dead.. For \vhich reason also the people canH:
meet hin): because they heard he had done thi
miracle. 'fhe Pharisees therefore said among t h(.ani.. 
selves: Do you 
ee that we prevail nothing? hehold, 
the \\ ho:e ,^'orld is gone after him. Now there 
were certain Gentiles among them that came up to 
adore 0:1 the festi\"al day. rrhe
e therefore came to 
!)I1ilip, who was of Bethsaida of Galilee, and de. 
sired him, saying: Sir, \\"e\\'ould see Jesus. Philip 
ctlmeth, and telleth i\ndre\\". Again A ndre\\. and 
Philip told Jesus. But Jesu
\vered them, saying: 
The hour is come th
it the Son of l\Ian shall he 

lorified. Amen, amen, I !'
y to you, tlnlpss the 
h rain of wheat fa1l into the gronn(1 jnd die, itself re. 
maineth alone. But if it die, it bringeth forlh nluch 
fruit. He that lo\"eth his life shan lose it; and he 
tbat hateth his life in this "'odd, keepeth it unto 
life eternal. If a
1y n1an minister to me, l
t him 
w me: and where I a

 there also s'
all 1111 
nllnlster be. If any man minIster to me, 111m will 
my Father honour.. No\v is my soul trQubled. .And 
\vhat shall I say 1 J;ather, save me from this h0J'r. 
Bl1t for this cause I came unto this hour. Father: 
glorify thy name. A V9ice therefore catne from hea
ven: "I have both glorified it; 3n(1 \"ill giorify it 
again." The multitude therefore that stood and 
heard, c;ai.d that it thundered.. Others said: An an. 

gel spoke tø him. Jesus answered,. and said: This 
voice canle not because of me, but for your sakes. 
No\v is the judgment of the \vorld: no\\! shalJ the 
princè of thi
 world be cast out. .And I, if I be 
lifted up from the earth, \vill clra\v all things to nlY- 
self. (No\v this he said si
nifJing ,,,hat death he 
should die.) [The multitude aus\vered binl: \\
have heard out of the la\v, that Christ abideth for 
ever; and how sayest thou: 'l'he Son of 
Ian rnust 

e lifted t1p? \Vho is this Son of .l\lan? Jesus there. 
fore said to theIl1: Yet a EttIe while, the light is 
anlong you. \\' alk \vhilst you have the light, that 
the darkness overtake you not: and he that walketh 
in darkness knoweth not \vhither he goeth. \Vhilst 
}'OU ha\'e the light, believe in the light, that YOll 
Inay be th
 children of light. These things Jesus 
spoke, 3nà he 'went él\Vay and hid himself frorn them. 
Of'FERT. P.J. II S.-Blessed art thou, 0 Lord,. 
teach nle thy j ustificatÏons: delivp!, nle not to proud 

alurnniators: and 1 shall ans\ver those \vho reproach 
lercifl111v, 0 Lord, we beseech thee. 
dcliver us fr0l11 all 
nd dangers, since thou, ale 
lo\vest us to partake of these great mysteries. rrhro"". 
. P. Cc)
L\I. Di'vini.-Bein
 fiiled \vÍth the divine 
gift, we beseech thee, 0 I
ord our God, that \ve 111ilY 
ever live by the participation thereot: Thro'. 
Let us pray. Bo\v down your heads to God'. 
PRA YER. 'l'uuLtur. - :\lay thy right-hand, 0: 
Lord, "Te beseech thee, pratt ct thy people making 
supplication to thee, and purifying them fron1 their 
sins, make theJTI wise, that they mdY ma
e such use 
of the COI1Jforts of thi
 present life, as. to arrive a
théÜ which is eternal. '1'l1ro'. 


S so ralled from the cere1-noTY of ble
ing br
t's of. 
FlÛ71l,r, OJives, or S-0me other tree, to be dlstnbuted 


 thr f;lithful to carry in processiou; in reIllembr-ance 

of wnat the Jev,'ish p
ople did, when Jesus Christ, six 
days b
fore his passion, made his triumphant entry into 
Jerusalem riding on an ass's colt, as had been foretold by 
the prophet, and was received with the joyful acclama- 
tions of the tnultitudc, as well as those of his disciples. 
Let "s, therefore, assist at the ceremony of this day with 
recollection and piety: and whibt we bear tbe Palms in 
lour hands, let us adore him, who conquered hell by his 
death, and endeavour to partake of his triumph, by over- 
coming SiD, aNd every inclination contrary to the spirit of 
.AJla' sp'rinkling the IIol!! lV'atcr, as usual Ull other 
. Sundays, tIle Office begins tkll.s: 
ANT. IIosanna to the Son of David: blessed is 
he that cometh in the name of the Lord. 0 King 
of Israel: Hosanna in the hiahest. 
The Lord be \\'ith you. R. And \vith thy spirit. 
Let t1S pray. 
OLLECT. Deus, quem.-O God, \vhom to love 
is true righteousness, ITIultiply in our bearts the (!,ifts 
of thy holy 
racc: and since" by the death of th}r 
ont y Son" thou h
st Inarle 11'3 to hope for thQ
things which \ve believe; grant that by his resurrec- 
tion, we may arrive at the happy end of our journey. 
\Vho liveth. 
LESSON. EJ.'od. xv. 27. and xvi. J. z.---In thosl 
days; The children of Israel canle to Elim, where 
there "'ere t\\relve fountains of water, and seventy 
palm-trees: and they encan1ped by the \vaters..... 
Chap. xvi. And they set fOf\\'ard tram Etim ; and 
all the multitude of the children of Israel carne into 
the desart of Sin, \"hich is between Elim and Sinai, 
the fifteenth day of the second month aiter they 
came out of th(; land ot Egypt. And àtl the congre- 
gation of the childrcn of israel murmured against 
l'tloses and Aaron in the wildernesi. And the chil. 
dren of Israel said to them: \V ould t.o God vie had 
died by the hand ot the Lord in the ]and of Egypt, 
when we sat QVCI the flesh {>ots, and ate brea-d (t) 
U 2 


the fuB: \Vhy have you brought U
 into this desart, 
that you might destroy all the multitude \\'ith fa- 
ß1ine? And the Lord said to 
loses: B
hold I 

vill rain bread fronl heaven for yon: let the people 
go forth, and gather what is sufficient for every day, 
th:1t I may plove them ,vhether they will ",'alk in 
fi1Y la\\', or no. But the sixth day let them provide 
for to bring in, and let it be double to that they 
'\vere \\10nt to gather every day. And 
loses and 
Aaron said to the children of Israel: in the evening 
you Shd\1 know that the J
or,l hath brought you forth 
out of the land of Egypt: and in the n10rning you 
shall st-e the glorÿ of the Lord. 
lnstead oj the Gradual is sung either, 
R. rrhe chief priests therefore and the Pharisees 
J!athered a council and said: What are we doing
for this man many wonders? Ifwe l
him go on thus, all will believe in hinl: .. And the 
Romans \\'il1 come and destroy both our country 
and us. V. But one of them, named Caiphas, being 
the h1gh priest of that" year, said to thenl: It is for 
your intert-st that one man should die for the people, 
and Ilot the whole nation perish. Therefore from 
that day they devised to kill him, saying: " And the 
Ron1ans, &c. to V. 
Or the following, Matt. xxvi. 
R. Jesus prayed unto his Father on mount Olivet: 
o Father, if it be possible 1et this cup pass from m
he sp;rit jp)deed is ready, but the flesh is '\leak. 
Thy \\,iil be done. V. Watch and pray, that you 
enter Ilot into temptation. The spirit, &c. to V. 
<lBoØp.el. lJ;Ifltt. xxi. I. 9. -...-.At t!tat time: 
Jes\1s dra\ving near to Jerusalem j and being COß1e 
to Bethphage, at mount Olivet, he sent two of his 
disciples, and said to them: Go ye into the village 
that is over again
t you, and imnlediately YOIl shaH 
fi nd an ass tied and a col t with her: loose {ht
nnd bring them to me; i1uQ if any luan shall say any 

f.St1NDA Y. 233 
 to you, say ye, that the I
ord hath need of 
theol: and fortll\V1Ül he 'wiB let them go. Now all 
this \Va:) done that the \vðrd nìight be fulfilled \vhich \ 
was spoken by the prophet. sa} ing: "'rell ye the 
rlaughter of Sion: Behold, thy king con1eth to thee, 
meek, and sitting upon an ass and a colt the foal of 
her that is used to the yoke." And the disciples 

. Jid as J
S\1S commanded thenl. ...
nd they 
brought the ass anù the colt: and laid their gar- 
ments npon them, and made him sit thereon. And 
a very great multitude sprear1 their garnlents in the 
way: an.1 others cut down boughs from the trees, 
and strewed thell1 in the \\'ay: and the nlultitudes 
that \\'ent before and foHo\ved, cried, saying: 
" IIQ3i\nna to the Son of David: BlesscJ is he that 
con1cth in the name of the Lord." 
l'I-iE GLE8SlNG Or' 'fIlE P.L\L
fhe Lord be with you. it. .-\nd v;irh thy spirit. 
et us pr
ty. ..luge 
Increase, 0 God, the fai lh of th
n) that hope in 
thee, anll nlt>rcifully hear the l)rayers of thy sup- 
pliants: let thy manifold nlerc}' cOlne 11 pan us, and 
Jet these branches of palm tr
, or olive trees, be 
nd as in a figure of the Church thou diòst 
nHtltiply Noah going out of the ar
, and l\loses go- 
ing out of Egypt \\'ith the children of Israel; so let 
us, carr} ing palms and branches of olive lree
, go 
and meet Christ \vith good works, and t'l1ter thro. 
biln into eternal joys. 'Vho, &c. ll. Amen. 
13Y the Lord be with YOll. R. And \\'ith thy 
r. Raise up YOllr hearts on high. l
. \Ve 
have raised them up to the Lord. V. Let us give 
thanks to the Lord our God. It. It is meet and just. 
Il is truly 111eet and just, right and available to 
salvation, ahvays and in all places to give thee than ks, 
o holy Lord, Almighty Father, eternal God: \vho 
art glorious in the assen1bly of thy saints. For thy 
treatures serve th
e, because they ack.nowledäe thee 

for their only Creator and God. And the ,,'hole 
creation praiseth thee, and thy saints bless thee: be- 
cause they confess \tvith freedom, before the kings 
and powers of this world, the great name of thy 
only begotten Son. Before whom the angels and 
archangels, the thrones and dominations stand, 
an 1 vvith all the troops of the heavenly host, sing a 
hynln to thy glory, f:iaying without ceasing: 
l-Ioly, holy, holy, is the Lord the God of armies. 
'The heavens and the earth are full of thy glory. 
Hosanna in the highest. Blessed is he that cometh 
in the narne of the Lord, Hosanna in the highest. 
'!'he Lord èe with you. R. And with thy spirit. 
Let us pray. I'etimus. 
\Ve beseech tl1ee, 0 holy Lord, Almighty Father, 
Eternal God, that thou wouldst be pleased to + bless 
and + sanctify thi
 creature of the olive tree, which 
than Inadest to shoot out of the substance of the 
,,,"ood, and \\'hich the dove returning to the ark 
ht in its bill: that whoever receivelh it, nlay 
fiud protection of soul and body: and that it may 
provp, 0 l
ord, a saving remedy, and a sacred sign 
of thy grace. Thro'. ll. A nlen. 
J ,et us pray. Dells, qui dispe1'sa. 
o God, who gatherest what is dispersed, and 
preservest what is gathered; \vho did3t bless the peo- 
ple, that carried boughs to meet Jesus; bless + also 
se branches of the palm. tree and olive-tree, \vhich 
thy servants take with f
1Ìth in hqnour of thy name: - 
that into whatEver place they may be carried, the 
iuhabitants of that place may obt
in thy blt"ssing; 

lJ}d thy right h3.nd preserve fronl al1 <<rlversity, and 
protect those that have been redeemed by our I..,ord 
Jesus Christ thy Son. \Vhn liveth. R. AU1en. 
Let llS pray. ]Jcus, qui'1JJi'l'v. 
o God, \\,ho by the \vonòerful order of thy pro.. 
vidence \\-'ould even in inseus,ible things she\v us the 
luanner oî our salvation; grant, we beseech thee, 

that the devout hearts of thy f,Üthful may understand 
to their benefit the mystical o1eaning of that cere- 
mony, \vhen the multitude, by direction from hea- 
ven, going this day to meet our Redeemer, strewed 
undet'his feet palms and olive-branches. The palm
represel1t his triumph over the prince of death; and 
the olive- branches proclaiq}, in some manner, the 
cooling of a spiritual unction. For that pious mul. 
titude then kne\v, \vhat was by them signified, that 
our Redeemer compassionating the misery of man. 
kind, \vas to fight for the life of the whole ,varid 
with the prince of death; and to trill mph over him 
by his o\vn death. And therefore in that action 
they made use of such things, as nlight declare both 
the triulnph of his victory, and the riches of his 
mercy. \Ve also with a firm faith, retaining both 
the ceremony and its signif;cation, hun1bly beseech 
thee, 0 holy Lord, Aln1ighly Fath
r, Eternal God, 
h the same I
ordJesl1s Christ; that \ve, \\>hom 
thou hast made his o\erubers, gaining by him, and 
in hinl, a victory over the 
f death, may de. 
serve to be partakers of I11S g\onous resurrection. 
\Vho liveth. R. Arnen. 
Let us pray. ]Jeus, ljui pCt' oli-cæ. 
o God, who by an olive..branch didst comm3ud 
the dove to proc1aim peace to the worl(
: sancti(y, beseech thee, by thy heavenlÿ'+benedlction, these 
branches of olives and otht'r trees; that they may be 

en'iceable to all thy people unto s
llvation. rrhro 9 . 
It An1en. · 
Let us pray. Bcn{'(Zic. 
Bless, + 0 Lord, \
'e beseech thct", these branches 
of the palm
trec, or olive. tree; and grant that ,,,hat 
thy people this. day act corporall
 [or thy honour. 
y n1ay perforn1 the same s;HrJtually \\,ith the 
greate:;t devotion, by gaining a \'ictory over their 

:1pn1Y. and ardently loving lnercy. rrhrv', H. 
Jo _ 'ì1(- 11. 

Here the Priest sprinkles the Palms with Hal!} IVatcr, 
sl!Jiflg, Sprinkle, &c. as Ùt ]1. xiii. and !laving 
fumed them tltrice with incense, he says: 
The Lord e with you. R. And with thy spirit. 
Let us pray. Deus, qui }'ilium. 
o God, who, for our salvation, c.1idst send into this 
world thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord, that he might 
humble himself to our condition, and caB us back 
to tht:'e, For whom also, as he was coming to Jeru- 
salem to fulfil the scriptures, a mu ltiturle of faithful 
people with a zealous devotion spread their garrnents 
together with palm. branches in the \\'ay: grant, \ve 
beseech thee, that we may prepare him the way of 
faith, out of which the stone of offenc
 and the rock 
of scandal being relnoved, our actions n1ay flourish 
with branches of righteom;ness, 80 that we may be 
""orthy to follow his steps. Who liveth. R. Anleu. 
7"he Palms, being blèJsed, are dÜt1'ihuted to the people 
kneeling and kissing then& as well as th, I J riEJt'J 
lland. During tlte distribution thejòllowing An. 
thems are repeated tiU Lire ll)hvle are distributed: 
ANT.'rhe E-Iebrew children carryi ng olive. br()nch
met the Lord, crying out, and saying: Hosanna in 
the highest. 
 1'. 'rhe IIebrew children spread their gannents 
in the W3.V, and cried out, saying: I-Iosanna to the 
ðOll of David: blessed is he that conlelh in the 
name of the Lord. 
'The Lord he with you. R. And with thy spirit. 
Let iH pray. Omnipott:ns. 
-\lmighty and Eternal God, who wouldst have 
our Lord Jesas Christ ride on the colt of an ass, anfi 
didst inspire the crowds of people to spread their 

a(nlentlo), and branches of trees in the way, anti to 
sing f-Iosauna to his praise: grant, we beseech thee, 
that \ve Inav in1Ïtate their innocence, and deserv
pa:'takc. of their merits" 'I'hroJ
 R. Amen. 

 DA Y. 237 
HU'f t!t
 PROCEi:;IOY begins in tlie u!Utllfvrm. dur- 
ing which, SOllle (!f"tlttJ'oUul1:ing Allth
n1s are sung. 
 Priest or Deacon giving nutiet: thereuj by 
Let us set out in peace. R. In the nanle of 
Christ. Anlen. 
AXT. ,JIlllt. xxi. \Vhen the Lord drew nigh to 
Jerusalem, he sent t\VO of his disciples, saying: Go 
to the village that is over against you i and you \\'ill 
find the colt of an ass tied, upon \\ hl(;h no man hath 
sat; loose it, and bring it to file. If anyone ask 
you any qutslÍons, say: The Lord \\'anteth it. 
They untied and brought it to Jesus, and laid their 

arnlellts upon it; and he seated himse1t on it. 
Others spread their ganuents in the \vay. others cut 
branches frùln the trt'és; and those \\'ho follo\ved, 
cried out 
Iosa!1na, ble

td is h
 that cometh in the 
name of tbe Lord; and blessed be the reign of our 
father David; Hosanna in the highest. 0 Son of 
David have nlercy on us. 
.1NT. \Vhen the people heard, that Jesus was 
cOll1Ïng to JerLJs
tem, they took palm-branches, and 
went out to meet hiIn: and the children cried out. 
saying: 'rhis is he, \vho is come tor the salvatiol1 
of the people. lIe is our salvation, and the redemp- 
tion of Israel. Ho\\' great is he, wholn the thrones 
and dominations go out to ßleet! Fear not, 0 
daughter of 
ion: behold thy king cometh to thee 
sitting on an ass's colt, as it is \\ rilten. Hail, 0 
Kihg, th
 Creator of tl1e Ylorld. '" ho art come to 
deem us. 
ANT. Six days before the solemnity of the Puss- 
over, when the Lord was coming in[o the city of 
Jerusalem, the chiidren met hinl, Clnd carried paJm- 
branches in tl1t
ir hands; anQ they cried out \vith a 
JoucJ voice, saying: llosanna in the highest: ble

..t 3 l' A\ Llf SU .NDA Y. 
art thøu who art con1e in the multitude of t11Y 
nlercy: l-]osanna in the highest. 
ANT. The mu1titude goelh O:Jt to meet their Re- 
deemer wìth R.o\vers and palms, and payeth the ho- 
n1age due to a trillmplO1ant conqueror: the Gentiles 
proc1aim the Son of God: and their voices rend the 
skies in the praise of Christ: IIosanna in the highest. 
ANT. Let us faithfully join with the angels and 
children, singing to the Conqueror of death: Ho. , 
sanna in the highest. 
A NT. A gre
 lllultitude that was Inet together at 
the festival. cried out to the Lord: Blessed is he that 
cometh in the name of the Lord: llosanna in the 
.,,4.t the '''eluf'n qf the Procession, two ol'fvur chanters 
go into the church, and shutting the door, with their 
jÎ1ccs tou:a,.d.; the Procession, sing tlte two first 
 q{ tllefollowing HYlIln, iJf To thee, 0 Christ, 
&c. which are repeated b!l tile ]>riest and the others 
::vi!hollt tIle c/zul'cll,. 1'lztn t!ley fDho are 'Within, 
Jlg the Jòllowing verses j to wIdell those that arc 
without" cifter eVEry tll'O verses, answer, 
T o thee, 0 Ch rist, be glory J praises loud: 
rro thee, I-Iosanna, cried the Jewish crowd. 
R. To thee. 
\,r e Israel's monarch
 David's Son proclaim: 
Thou com'st, blest King, in God's 0105t holy name. 
R. To thee. 
Angels and 01 
n. in one harmonious choir, 
oro sing thy everlasting praise conspire. 
R. 'fo thee. 
"fhee Israel's children met \vith conqu'ring pala1S j 
'ro th{1e our vows we pay in loudest psaln1s. 
1{. 'To thee. 
For thee on earth with boughs tl)ey 
trew'd tbe ways: 
'fo thee in heaven we sing melodious praise. 
it. 1'0 thee. 


t SUND.\Y. 2J 
,Accept this tribute, \vhich to thee \ve bring, 
As thon didst theirs, () good and gracious I\.ing. 
R. 1'0 thee. 
IIt're the Subdeacon knocks at tile door "{cith th
C!.t" tI,e C1'OSS; u llic It being opened, tlte Proces
enters the Church bÙlgillg. 1'ltis cCTetllOIl.:11 repre. 
stntJ our pilgrimage tn tlli,
 mortaL lift>, in 'll'llic.'t 
we unite in the prai,ç(s ql God tcitlt the ble,,,su] III 
Izeaven: and liv
 in hopes that l he gates tltt'l'fq/' 
'lJ:ill be opeLled ttJ us thl'o' the merits oj' tll
 c U,-.S ,!f' 
Christ. , 
It At;. OUf Lord entered the holy city, the J!{\- 
brew' children declarin
 the resurrection of lift:. 
.. \Vith pahn.
ranches cried out: IIosanna in the 
highest. V. \\Then the people hearJ, that Jc:'\us \Y3S 
cooling to Jerusalem, they \vent out to Ineet hiol, 
aud .\\Tith palm-branches, &c. as above, 10 ,-. 
lass all/wId the Palllls ill their !UHuts cliil'ing lite 
reading or singing Ql tltt- Pas
INTROr!'. l)s. xxi. 
L ORD, kepp not thy D O milll o , ill' lùnge ,(a- 
hd p far fro m 01 e ; cÙu llllX i titan (/llt/Ii U 
took to P.1y defence; 2Jlt', ad clf/
Jls;ù"cm meul/l 
sJ,ve me froln the lion's llspi,'c: liLa>a me de (lr
lUOU th, and rescue Ole It vlli,ç, et It corni/;us un i. 
in n1Y di
 from the cur,llum kuw ilittJ. tOil lIlt- 
horns of unicorns. 1},
. Ul7l-. 
o God, my God, look Ps. ÐeuJ, D
u.ç mC?IS, 
upon n1e: "ohy hast thou 'respice in me: quare /lJ1Þ 
forsaken nle? r-rhey éìre dt,eliqulsti'l a 
my sins that keep salva- salute mea. 1.1erba delicto- 
Bon f:1r from n1C. Lord Tum mfl.rrUJJJ. DtJmlllC: 
l...:ep not, &:c;, ne {ong.", "
'(". . 
C<)LLEC'l'_ Omllipofcns.---Q alrnighty :-Inc} 
.I1a1 God, \\-110 wúnl"i:,t have our 
c.l\'iour becon1e 
n1an, an.t sutTer on a c.:ro,,
, to give o1ankilhI an ex.- 
111,le úl h urn.i! it} ; nler
ifully grant, tb;'Lt \\"e n!

40 PALM-C;UND,\Y. 
improve by thê eXêunple of his patience, and part
of his resurrection. Thra'. 
EPlsrrLE. PIlilip. ii. 5. I'. .-- Brefltrcn: Let 
t11is mind be in yon, \vhicb \-va,s also in Christ Jesus; 
who being in the fOrIn of God, thought it not roo. 
bery; to be equal with God: but dehased himsel
taking the form of a servant. be
ng made in the like.. 
neS9 of a f\ervant, and in habit found as a n1an. fIe 
humbled himself, becoming übedient unto death; 
even to the death of the cross. For which C3use God 
also hath exalted him, and hath given him a nan1e 
which i
 above all names: that in the n3n1e of Jesus 
evcry knee shall bow, of those that are in heaven. 
on carth, and l1nd
r the earth. A nd that every 
tongue should confess that the Lord Jesus Christ is 
iI1lhe glory o(the Father. 
s. lxxii.-'rhol1 hast held me by my 
right hand, and conducted n1e according to thy 
good \vil1, and raised me up in 
tory. II'. HO\\7 
is the God of Israel to those that are upright of 
heart! But my feet \;vere almo
t gone, my steps \'
ready to slip: becau<;c I looked on sinners v,"ith a 
jealous eye, seeing the wicked in peace. 
'fRAC'r. Ps. xxi,-I)eus, Deus meus, re,c:pice in 
"."" quare: 'me dereliquisti? 0 God, my God, look 
do\'vn upon me: \-\;l1y has.t thou forsaken me? IT. 
'I'hey Gre my sins that keep salvation from me. 
1\ly God r \vil1 cry out to thee in the day, and thou 
wilt not hear me: I \\rill cry to thee ìn the night, 
and it \'Tin not be a folly in 01e, V. But thou d\vef. 
lest in the sanctuary, 0 thou the praise of Israel. Jr. 
Our father hoped in thee: they hoped in thee, and 
thòl1 didst deliver then1. V. 'fhey cried out to thee, 
and \\7ere saved: th
y hoped in thee, and \,,'ere not 
put to shame. JT. But I am a worm, and not a 
the reproach of men, and the outcast of the people. 
JT. A II that sa\v me, scorned me 
 they ta I ked of 
n1e, and shook their heads. V. He put his trust in 

tT1e T
ord, said they: let him deliver him; let him 
save him, because he 10veth him. Jr. They COllS!- 
rlered me, and viey:ed n1e attentively: they divided 
my garments among
t them, a.nd.. cast lots for nlY 
vest. V. Deliver me fronl the hon s month: rescue 
me in my distress from the horns of the unicorns. 
Jí. Yon that fear the l..ord, praise hiln:. 0 aU you 
of the race of Jacob magnify him. V. A r eo ple 
that is to COll1e, shall be rlec1ared the Lord's: and 
the heaven
 shall publish his justice. 1/. 'fo a 
ptJOpre, to be born, \-"holn the Lord hath n1ade. 
1ïu: P.ASSIO
according to 
Jatt. xxvi. and xxvii. 
A1' that time; Jesus said to his disciples: \? oU 
kn(nv th

dter two days shall be the pasch, 
êlnd the Son of 
J an shaH be delivered up to be en). 
cifie,1. "rhen were gathered together the chief 
prit'sts and ancients of the people into the court of 
the hi
h priest, w ho \\i'a
 catted Caiphas: and they 
COI1SlJ Ired together, that by subtiIty they Ini
ht :lp.. 
prehend Jesus, 
)nd put him to death. nut they 
said: Not on the f
stival day, test perhaps there 

hol1l\1 he a tu ma1t among
t the people. And \\ hen 
Jt'sns ,,,as in Bethania. in the house of Sinlon the 
leper, there C<l me to hi nl a \\'onlan ha\,ing ao 
r-bo"\ of precious ointnlent, anù poured it 
on his h{
"d as he ,vas at tablee And the disciples 
seeing it, had inclignation, 
aving: "1'0 \vhat pur- 
pose is this W
ìste? For th is might have been sold tor 
much, and given to the poor. t\nd JeslIs kno\ving 
it, s3id to thern: \Vhy do you trouble this woman? 
for she has wrought a good ,vork upon me. For the 
poor you have al ways with you, but nle you hav
. For she, in ponring this ointment upon 
nlY hotly, hath done it tr)r n)y ht1rial. Amen, I say 
to you, ,vheresoever this 
ospd shaH be preached in 
the "..hole \"orld, that al50 which 
he hath done. 
shaH be to!d f.)f a nH
Inorv of her. "fhen \vent one 

...4 2 PALM.SUNDAY. 
of the Ì\,relve, who was called Judas Iscariot, to the 
chief priests, and said to thenl: 'Vhat will you give 
me, and [ ",ill delivtr him unto you? But thsy ap- 
pointed him thiny pieces of silver. And from lheace- 
forth he sought an opportunity to betray hinl. ..\nd 
on the first day of the Azy[nes the disciple
 came to 
Jesus, saying: \Vhere \vilt thou that we prepare fAr 
thee to eat the pasch? But Jesus said: Go ye into- 
the city to a certain Juan, and say to Ì1ill1: rrh.c )faste{ 
saith (l1Y time is near at hand, [will keep the pasdl 
at thy house with my disciples. Anù the di5ciples 
did as Jesus appointed to them, and they prepared 
the pasch. Now \vhen it \vas evening, h
down \vith his t\velve di
ciples. Anù \vhilst th
were eating, he said: Amen, I say to }"Ol1, that on 
of you i
 about to betray me. And they being ver
t:)l1ch troubled, began everyone to say: h it I,. 
Lard? But h
 a!1s,^'ering said: lIe th::t dippeth his. 
hand \vith n1e in the dish, he shall betray me. 'rhe 
Son of n1an indeed gaeth, as it is \vritten of hirn ; 
but wo to that man, by \vhom the Son of i\1an shall 
be betrayed. It Wé're better for hi m, if that man 
had not been Darn. And judas, that betr:lyeJ hirn. 
ans\\'ering, said: Is it I, Rabbi? 1-Ie saith to hiln : 
-fhou hast s:\id it. And whilst they \'vere at supper
Jesus took brealJ, and blessed, and broke; and gave 
to his disciple
, and said 
 'fake ye, and eat: thi& 
is n1Y body. And taking the chalice he gave thank
anll gave to them, saying: Drink ye all of this. Fo. 
this is my blo(Jd of the NevI rreslament which sha,l
be shed t
')r n1J.ny for the remission of sin
.'" And I say 
to you, 1 will not drink fron1 henceforth or this+ 
fruit of the vine, until that day v/hen 1 shall drink. i:- 
new with YOll in the kingdom of Iny Father. And õ; 
" hymn being said, they \\'ent out into InOl1nt Olivet. 
1:'hcn Jesus said to then1: .All you shaH be scanda.. 
lized in me this night. For it is ,,\'riaen; " [ will 
õtrike th
 shepherd, aod the ShèCp of th e Hock "ha1 

bp disp
rscd." But after I shaH be risen again, I 
\Vl\l go before ) ou into Galilee. And Peter an. 
s\'ò'(-rinp-, said to hun: Although all shall be scan- 
c.1alized in thee, I \\'i\1 \lever be 
canda!ized. And 
Jesus said to hi 111: Aluen, I say to thee, that in this 
night, before the co
k cro\\') thou \vilt deny Jne 
thrice. l)cter snith to him : Yea, though I 
shouI(I die with thee, I V\,ill not deny thc
. Aud 
in tike manner said all the disciples. 'l'hen J t-sus 
came \\ ith then} into a country place which is 
called Gethsamalli; and he said to his di
"jples-: Sit 
you here, till I go yonder, and pray. .l\.nd takIng 
v..'ith hirn Peh,r all11 the t\\'O SOBS of Zcbc(lce, he 
'began to gro\v sorrowful and to be sad. rrhcn he 
said1 to thelTl: I\ly sonl is 
orrowfn\ even unto 
ath ; s
ay you here and \Vatd1 ,,"'ith me. .A I.ld 
going a little further he fd 1 u poa his face. prayirg, 
<<lnd saying: !\Iy Fathtr, if it be po:-;
ible, let this 
chalice pass from me. Ntverthe\es'i, not 
3 I \vil1, 
but as thou \viJt. And he cooleth to his disciples. 
&ind findeth thern as1eep, and he sélith to Peter; 
\\'hatl Could you not \\'alch one hour with n1e i 
tch ye, and pray that yc enter not into ten1pta. 
tion. 'fhe spirit indeed is \villing, but the flesh i!J 
eak. Again the second tioJe he \vent; and pray- 
ed, sa} ing: 11 y Father, if this cha1ice Inay Hot PâSb 
away" but I must drink it, thy \vill be done. And 
he cometh :lgain, and findtth the111 <,sle
p; for their 

Jes wtre heavy. And leaving thenl, he \vent 
again; and he prayed the third ti ruE', saying the selt 
same \1I;ords. "fhen he cometh to his ùt6ciples, and 
saith to them: Sleep}'
'J and take your fFSt : 
behold the hour is at hand, 3ì.1d the Son of 1\1,an 
shall be betray{'d into the hands of si1Jners. RIse. 
Jet us go; beho1ù he i:; at hand that win betray n1e. 
As he yet spoke, behold Judas, Due of the tweh'e. 
came, and \vith him a great nhl ltit(llle "vith sword, 
f\ud clubs, sent fronI the chief prieits anJ the unci. 

ents of the people. And he that betrayed him, gave 
them a sign, saying: \Vhomsoever I shall kiss, that 
is he, hold hiln fast. And forthwith cOIning to J
sus, he said:, Hai1, Rabhi. And he kissed him. 
And Jesus said to hi m: Friend, whereto art thou 
con1e? rrhCL1 they came up and laid hands on Je- 
sus, and held him. And b
hold one of them that 
\vere with Jesus, stretching forth his hand, drew out 
his sword; and striking the 
ervant of the high 
priest, cut off his ear. 'rhen Jesus said to him: 
l'ut up again thy s\\'ord into its place; for all that 
take the s\vord, shall peri$h with the sword. rrhink- 
t thou that 1 cannot ask my Father, and he \,,'111 
give me presently more than tw(->\ve legions of 
angels? How then shall the scriptures be fulfilled, 
that so it ßlust be done? In that saJne hour Jesus 
said to the multitude: You are come 'out as it \vere 
to a robber, \vith swords and clubs, to apprehend 
n1e, ) sat daily with YOll teaching in the ten1ple
and you laid not hands on ßle. Now all this was 
done, that tl"\e scriptures of the prophets ß1ight be 
fulfilled, 'I'hen the disciples all leaving him, fled. 
But they holding Jesus, led him to Caiphas the 
high-priest, where the scribes and the ancients were 
assembled. And Peter followed him afar off, eve(l 
to the court of the high-priest. .And going in, he 
sat Ylith the servants, that he might see t.he. end. 
And the chief priests and the whole councIl songht 
fi\lse witness a
ainst Jesus, that they might put hiln 
to death; and they found not, whereas many false 
witnesses had come in. And I.lst of all there can1e 
two false witnesses, and they said: rrhis man said, [ 
am able to destroy the tenlpte of (;od, and aft
three days to rebuild it. And the high-priest rising 
, said to him: A nswerest thot! nothing to the 
things which these \vitness (}
ainst thee i But Jesus 
held his peace. And the h gh. priest said to him.: 
I adjure thee by the living God, that thou tell us If 

PAL\.f-SUI\DAY- 24
thou bt
 the Christ the Son of God_ Jesus saith to 
hio1: 'rhou hast sa:d it. Neverthe1ess I say to you
heréafter you shall see the Son of !\lan sittiug on 
the right hand of the po\ver of God, and cOining in 
the clouds of hea\en. '{'hen the hi
h- priest rent 
his garnlents, saying: lIe hath blasphenled, what 
further need have "re of \\'Îtnesses? B
ho\(', now 
} on have heard the blasphemy; y/hat think you? 
TInt the,. ans'.vering, said: I-Ie is guilty of death. 
'fht-ll did they spit in his t:lce. and buffet hilll. 
and others struck his (ace \,'ith the palrns of their 
hand..;, s:lying; Prophesy unto os, 0 C
rist ; 
vho is 
he that s
ruck thee? n'Jt Peter sat \\'lthout III the 
court: and t 
t"re came to hin1 a servant Inaid, say.. 
ing: 'rhou also wast ",.ith Jesus the G31i lean. But 
he denied before them all, sayit 1 g: I kno\\- not what 
thou savest. And as he went out of the gate, ano. 
ther maill 
N hinI, and she saith to then1 that were 
there: 'l'his U1Jn al:;a v;as with Jesus of Nazareth. 
...\0<1 again he denied \vith an oath: That I know 
not the n1an. And after a litt1e \\'hi!e they ca-Ole 
that stood by, aud s.lid to Peter; Surel
 thou also 
art one of them; for even thy spe(-'ch doth discover 
thee. rrhcn he began to CJ rse and s\vear that he 
kne\v not the Ina'ti. }\..nd irnmediately the COl k 
crew. And Pett>r reo1embered tht"' words of Jel)us 
w:Üch he had said; ßetore the cock crO'N, thou 
\vilt deny me thrice. And going fonh, he \vept 
bitterly. And when morning was come, all the 
chicf priests and anci
nts of the pepple took cour.s
ag:\Ìnst Jesus, that they .night put him to ùeath. 
And th
y brought him bound, and delivered him, to 
Pontius .1 ilate the go\'ernor. rfhen Judas, who be- 
traye,! hIm, seeJng that he \\'as condelllned, re

ing binlse1f, brought back the thirty piec
s of silver 
to tht: chief priests and ancients, saying: I have 
sinned. in betraying innocent blood. Bllt they 
tail!; \Vbat is that to us? look thou to it. .\ud 

 ,,6 PAL 5 UN DAY. 
 do\\'n the pieces of silver in the tC'lll[Jle. he 
departed, and went and hanged hiInself wi:h an hal. 
ter. But the chi
f prie
ts having taken the pipct">: 
of silvt'r, said: It is Hot la\vful to put the In into the 
corbo na, because it is the price of blood. A nd after 
they had consu 1 ted together, they bought with them 
the potter's field, to be a burying p1clce for str".. 
gers. For this cause that fidd \vas called l-Iacel. 
dama, that is, the field of blood, even to this day. 
Then \Vas fu16\led that \\ hich was spoken by Jere. 
mias the prophet, saying: "And they look the 
thirty piects of silver, the price of hi [n that \-vas priz. 
eJ, \VhOnl they prized of t h
 children of Israel. A ad 
they g:lve them unto the pc.JUcr"s field, élg the Lord 
appointed to me." And Jesus stoü
l before the go. 
ver.l0r, and the gO'/ernor asked him, saying: Art 
thou the king of the Jew's? Jesus saith to him: 
'fhol1 ..ayest it. And \v hen he was accused by the 
chief priest9 and ancients he ans\vered nothing. 'fhen 
Pilate saith to hin1: Dost' thou not hear hov." great 
testin10nies they alledge against thee? And he an. 
s\vered hitn to never a \vorJ; so that the gåvernor 
"ronde red e

ceedingly. NO\\7 upon the solenln da).' 
the governor was accustomed to release to the peo- 
ple ,one prisoner) \\'hom they ,"ould. And he had 
then 3. not0riolJ
 pri:;oner, that \vas cal1ed ßarabbas,. 
They therefore being gathered together, Pilate said 
'J/hom v.rill you that I release to you, llarabbas, or 
Jesui that is called Christ 
 For h
 knc\\' that for en.. 
vy they h2d èelivered him. A nd as he wa
in the place of judgment, his \vife sent to hill}, sa)'.. 
ing: Ilave thou nothing to do \\'ith that j u
t tHan. 
For 1 have suffered many things this day in a drcalH 
because of him. But the chief prieits an(1 ancients 
persuaded the people, th1t they shoulJ ask Barab. 
bas, and make Jesus aV'.'ay. And the governor an. 
s\\'(.oring, said to them: Whtther will you of the 
t\VO to be re\eastd uuto you. But the}' said Barab. 

PAJø!\I-SUNDAY. 2 7 
bas. Pilate saith to them: ,rhat shall I do then 
h ] esus that is caBed Christ? The}' say all: Let 
hi rn be crucified. 'rh
 gO\'truor said to them: 
\, h"
 \\ hat ('viI hath he òone? But they cried out 
U.e Inore) saying: I.Jet him be crucified. And IJi.. 
late seeing that he I'revailed nothing; 1ut rather 
d tumult \\ as nH1de; taking \\'ater he \vashed his 
hands befC're the people, sa) ing: I am innocent of 
the b1eoò ot this just man: look you to it. And the 
,,,hole people ans\"erin
, said; IIis blood be upon 
11S, and upon our children. 
'hen he released to 
thetn Barabbas: and having scourged Jesus, deliver. 
ed him \1nto t\)elJ1 to be crecifi
d. Then the 501- 
rs of the goverrior taking Jesus into the hall, ga- 
therpd together unto hin1 the \vhoIe band; and 
stripping hinl, the}' put a 
t clo
ik about hiIn. 
nd phJtlipg a crown of lhorns, they put it upon 
l1is head, and a rpt:d in his right hand. And bo\\'- 
jug the knee betorc him, they mocked hin1, sayilÌg : 
lIai}, kit
g of.t11e JC\\"s. And spitting upon hiln, 
the}' took the fled, ând struck his head. And after 
they had nlocked him, they took ofl' the cloak from 
hinl, ar.d put on his o,vn garments, and 1ed }liln 
3,,,ay to crucify hint, And going out they fl1et a 
rnan of \yreJle, Ihin){'tl Simon: him they forced to 
take up the cross. And they {'ame to the place that 
is called Golgotha, which is t he place of C' ah',lry. 
Anrl they gave him win
 to drink mingletl \\ ith gall. 
And ,\'htn he h;vJ tasted, he "ou:d not drink. 
And <<1ftt:'I they had cflH-ified hitn, they divided Itj

11 nn'nts, fasting lots; that it n1i
ht b
\\ hit h \\'3S spok.en by the prophct, sa} iug: ,. 'l'hey 
rlhided my garn1ents among thenl; and upon Iny 
\' esll1re they cast lots:" and tlte}' 
at anò watched 
llin). And they put over his head his cause \\',itten : 
G OF THE jE\\ s. 'I'hen 
'\\'ere crucified ,\'ith hi In two thit\'es; one on the 
right Land, and one Qn tbe left. Aud they th

ec1 by blasphclned him, \\Tagging their head
aying:; Vah, thou that d<:>stroyest the ternple uf 
God, and in three days clost rebui \d i:, save thy 0\\'11 
self: if thou be the Son of God, COOle <iowa (rom 
the cross. In tìke lllanner a:so the chief priests. 
with the scribes and ancienls, mocking, said: 
Ile s:lved others; hin1self he cannot save: if he be 
the king of Israel, let hin1 now come down from the 
cross, and \ve will believe hin1. lIe trusted in God: 
let hin1 no\v deliver him, if he will have hilTI: for he 
said: I am the Son of God. And the self saIne thing 
the thieves also that were crucified \vith him, r
proached hinl with.Now fron1 the sixth hour there ,vas 
darkness over the whole earth, until the nInth hour. 
And about the ninth hour Jt'sus cried \vith a loud voice 

aying: Eli, E\i, lamnla sabatthani? that is, "Iny God. 
lilY God, why hast thou forsaken n1e?" l\nd some 
that stood there and heard, said: 'This n1an calleth 
Eìias. ,And immediately one of them running, took 
a sponge, and filled it ,,'ith vinegar, and put it 011 a 
reed. and gave hin1 to rlrink. And the others 
said: let us see whether Elias \vill con1e and deli- 
ver hiln. And Jesus again en ing ,vith a !oud voiCt>, 
)'Ìelded up the ghost. *'J\nd behold the veil of the 
temple ,,,as re
t in two trOID the top even to the 
botton1, and the eê. rth q llaked, and th
 rocks ,,"ere 
reut. f\nJ 1 he graves \vere opened; and many bo- 
dies of the saints that. had 
lept arose.. A nti cOIning 
out of the tOlnbs after his resurrection, caine into 
the holy city and appeared to many. Now the 
Centurion, and they that wt>re \\ it h him watching 
Jesus, having seen the earthq uake and the t hiugs 
that \vere done, \vere sore afraid, saying: Indeed 
th is was the Son of God. And there \vere there 
many WOlnen afar offwl'o had followed Jesus from 
Galilee, ministering unto hinl: amon
 whom was 
!\1å\ry l\IagJalen, and Mary the Inøthel. of James 

 Here all kneel, and pause. 

PALM-SUt\DAY. %49 
and Joseph, and the mother of the sons of Zebedee. 
And when it was evening, there canle a ct'rtaiu 
DIaD of Arirnathea, nanlCO jcseph, 
'ho alsù lum.. 
self was a disciple of Jesus. !-Ie went to Pilate, and 
asked the body of Jtsus. Then Pilate cOlnnJanded 
that the body should be <.l
li\,(:'t ed. And Jeseph 
taking the body wrappt
d it up ill a t:leé.111 lii
cloth, and laid it in Ius own ne\V 1110nun1ent, \\ lHch 
lIe had he\ved out in a rock. Aud he roBed a gre(lt 
stone to the rloor of the nl011ument, 
nd went his 
\vay. And lhcft
 there l\'lary !\lagdaleo J and the 
]ary silting over against the sepulchre. 
licre th
 l}ricst sags, "Cleanse nlY h
art, &c. p. xx. 
A ND the next day, whid1 foilowed the day of 
preparation, the chief priests and the l'harist.'c
came together to Pilate, saying, SIr, ,ve have re- 
Inen1btred, that that seducer 
aid, ,,-hlle he \\'a3 
}'et alive: 1\fter three days 1 \vi1\ rise agtÜn. Co lll- 
n1and therefore lh
 sepulchre to be guan.l
d until the 
third day: It:st p
rhaps his disciples COlue and steal 
him a\vay, and say to the p
opie he is risen fro111 
the dead 
 and the Iaf.t error shall be worse than the 
first. l)ilate said to lbem: You have a guard; go, 
guard it ,IS }'OU kno",'. And they departing, Blade 
the sepulchre sure, sealing the stone, and setting 
OFFERT. Ps. Ixviii.-
Iy heart hath long borne 
repr and misery: and I looked for 
on1e one to 
coadoie with fi1e, aud there was none: I sought 
tor one to cOlulort n1e
 and found none: they gave 
D1e gall to eat, and vinegar to 
rink. in my thirst. 
SECRET. Grant, \\-e beseech thee, () Lord, 
that ,vhat hath be
u otfered in the pfl
sence of thy 
lajesty may procure us the grace of devotion.. 
and tffectua\ly obtain a blessed eternity, '1'hro t . 
l. Jlatt. xxvi.-FadH:r, If this cup canllut 
pass '-\\vay, but I must drink it, thy will be tlode. 
P. CO...\l
I. Per hujus.-blay our vices, 0 Lord. 

be destroyed, and our righteous de
1res fulfilled by 
the etfìcacy 'of tlu-se Inysteries. '-rhro'. 
in private !\lasses, {b.e (;ospel .Llla l t. xxi. (as above 
in tlte blessing of the Palnu:, p. 232,) is ha.c ,.
instead <!i'the ordinary Gospel, Juhn Í. p. xl\'. 

INTROIT. Ps. xxxiv -Judge those, 0 Lord, 
,yno hu rt ll1e; defeat those that assa111t me: take 
thy arOlour and conle to my assi.stance, 0 Lord. 
my mighty Sa\'iour. Ps, Draw thy s\vord, and stop 
those that are in pursuit of me; say to my soul: I 
:un thy 
alvation. Judge those, 0 Lord, &c, to 1)s. 
EC'r. Dfl, quæS'U11l11S. - Grant, \ve be- 
seech thee, 0 Almighty God, that \-\le, who tluo. 
cur \veakness faint uuder so many adversities, 11lay 
recover by the passion of thy only begotten Son. 
\rho, \vith thee and the Ho}}' G ho
t, liveth, &c. 
I.lESSON. Isaias 1. 5. 10. - In t!lOse days: 
Isaias said: The Lord God hath opened my ear, and 
I do not resist: I have not gone back. I have given 
my body to the strikers, and my cheeks to them that 
plucktd theln: I have not turned a'JVay my face 
from them that rebuked n1e, and spit upon me. 
rrhe Lord God is my helper, thert'fore anl I not con- 
founded. He that is near justifieth me, \\Tho will 
contend 'with m(>? Jet us stand together. Who is 
my adversary? let hin
 conle near to me. Behold 
the Lord God is my hel 
)f.:r: \vho is he that shall 
condemn me? l
o, they shaH all be destroyed as a 
garment, the 1110th shall eat them up. \Vho is 
there among you that feóreth the 1..0)(1, that,heareth 
. tbe \'oice of his servant, that hath walked 111 dark- 
. ness, and hath no light? let hinl hope in the nan1e 
ot the l..ord, and lean upon his GoJ. 
GH.AD. Ps. x'X^iv.-l\ri
e, 0 Lord 1P be attentive 
to my trial j nl}' God and my Lord, undertake Jny 

HOLY "'EEK. 25 1 

. T Þ . Dr
nv thy 
\\'orJ, and stop those that are 
in pnr
nlt of n}(
'fRr\Crr. 1>;. di....-Dea\ not, &c. p. 117. 
wO$J'pcl.. John },.ii I. 9, .....- Now Jt.sus, six 
days before the pas('h, caIne to Bethania, where La- 
zarus had been dead, whom Jesus raised to life. And 
they made hinl a supper there 
Iartha served. 
1Jt1t l
azar\1s \vas one ofthenl that Wf>re at t3ble \vith 
hi in. l\lary therefore took a pound of ointment of 
ri'Tht spikenard, of great price, and anointed the 
t of Jesl1s, and \\'lped his feet \\'1th her hair: and 
tht" house was filled \\'ith the odour of the ointment. 
rrhcl1 one of his disci pIes, Judas 1scariot, he that 
'W3S about to betray hiol, sairl: 'Vhy \\'as not thi
ointolent sold for three hundred pePlce, and given to 
the poor? No\v he said this, not because he car
(or the poor, but because he \\'as a thief, and hav. 
iug the 
lJrse, carried \vhat v:as put therein. But 
 s3id; Let her alone, that she may keep it 
against the day of my burial VOl' the poor you ha\re 
ah1\'ays wit h) OU, b\1t me} ou have not always. A 
gre3.t multitude therefore of the ]e\vs kne,v that he 
was thf're; and they came, not for ]esus's sake only, 
but that they n1ight set; Lazarus, \vhom he had rais. 

d frorn the dearie 
OFFElrr. }>s. rxliii.-De1iver nle from my enc- 
nlies, () Lonl: to thee h
\'e (fled, te3ch me to do 
tby ,,'ill; berau
e thou art IllY God. 
SECRE r'. Grant, () .A.lnlightv God, that being 
1'\.1 rifif'rt hy the powerful vi I tl1e of this sacri fice, \\'e 
rnay arrive with greater purity to the author and in- 
stitntor thereof: Thro'. 
I. Pl. xxxiv.-Let thenl blu
h and be 
-4;jÌlamed, who rtjoice at ß1Y nìisfortllnes; let thenl 
oyer( d wit!) shame and confu
ion, \\.ho speak 
ously aga1l1st mf'. 
ll\l. Pr.cbcant.
Let thy holy mysteries, 

o I..ord, inspire us \\'ith divine fervonr: tnat Wp may 
delight both in th
ir effect and celebration. 'fhro.. 
Let us pray. Bo\v do\vn your heads to God. 
PRA YER. .Aqjut:a.-Ifelp us, 0 God, ollr s31.. 
vation; and grant that \ve may celehrate 
 ith joy 
the memory of these benefits, by which thou hast 
been pleased to redeem us. 'fhro'. 

INTROrr. Gal. vi.-\'Te ought to glory in the. 
cross of our Lord Jesus Christ: in whom is our sa1. 
vation, life, and resurrection; by whon1 \ve have 
been saved and delivered. 1)[,. lxvi. l\Tay God have 
mercy on us. and bless us: may his countenance 
shine upon us, and may he take pity on us. \Ve 
ought to g10ry, &c. to'ps. 
CO LLEC'f. 011lnipotrns -0 almighty and ever. 
ting God, grant that we may so celebrate the 
mysteries of our Lord's passion, as to obtain thy 
pardon. Thro' the same.. 
1,ESSON. Jer. xi. 18. 20. -
- In those (lays: 
 said: 'fholl, 0 l,ord, hast sh(-\vn it to nle
and 1 have known: then thou shewedst me their ùo- 
ings. And I ,vas as a meek lamb, that is carried to 
be a, victi m: and I knew not that they had devised 
counsels again<;t me, saying: IJet ns put wood 011 
his bread, and cut him off from the 1ann of the I;v. 
ing, and let his n::une be remembered no more.. But 
thou, 0 Lord of Sabaoth, ,,-ho judgest justly, and 
triest the rein.c; and the heart, let IDe see thy reveagc 
on them: for to thee I have revea1ed my canse. 
GRAD. Ps. xxxiv..-- \Vhen they were troub1e- 
sonte to me, I put on hair-c1Qth, and hUlnbled Iny 
soul in fasting; nnd I \vill yet continue to ponr forth 
my prayer in my bosom. fT. Judge thou, 0 Lord
those \\'ho hurt me 
 defeat those that assault Inc: 
take thy armour and shield, and corne to my :t':isÎst- 

ßOL Y \V!EK. 


according to 
Iark xiv. and xv. 
AT that time: The feast of the pasch and of the 
azymes was after t\VO days: and the chief 
priests and th
 scribes sought how they might by 
some \vi1e lay hold on him and kill him. But tht:y 
I 5aid: Not on the festiva1 day, lest there should be a 
, tumult anlong the peop1e. And \vhen he 'vas in 
Bt>thania, in the nOl1se of Simon the lepf:'r, and '''as 
at n1eat, there caIne a V\ onlan having an alabnc;ter 
box of ointment of precious spikenard: and breaki u
the alabaster box, she poured it out upon his head. 
No\v there \Vere some that had indignation \\'ithin 
themselves, and said; "Vhy 
'as this \yétste of the 
ointlnent Inadc? }.'or this ointn1ent might have been 

otd for nlore than three hundred pence, and given 
to the poor. And they nlurrnured against her. But 
aid: Let her atone, \vhy do you molest her? 
She h
th wrou
ht a gooll \\'ork upon m
. Ii or the 
poor YOll have al\,'ays \vith you, and \vhensoe\'er son 
,viII, you Inay do them good; but me you have not 
ahvays. She hat h done what she could: 
he is 
come before-hand to anoint my body for the burial. 
Alnen I say to YOll, \\'hcresnever this gospel shall be 
preached in the 
'hole \\'orld, that also which she 
hath done shall be told for" a men10rill of her. 
,,\n<l Jllda
\...éHiot, one of the t\\ eive, \vent to the 
chief priests, to be.tray hinl to then). l\nd they 
hearing it v,:(.re glad; and promised to gi,rc hirn 
money. And hp sought ho\v he mi
ht convi J nientlv 
tr:)y hirn. No\v on the first day of th
brei-hi, ,vhen they sacrificed the pasch, the <1iscipl

ay to hirH: \\ll
ther \\'ilt thou that \ve go nnd pft., 
pare for thee to eat thp pasch? And he senrlr:th two 
of hi.; di'ìciple", and saith to then1: Go }'e int0 the 
Clh', and then- ...hall mc<.-t you a nr\!1 carryin
l\'L1er of w,iler, lül1o\v him: anJ \"hilht"rsOt\'cr he 

254 'I'UESnA Y IN 
shall go in, say to the master of the house: 'rile 
J\la5ter saith: \Vhere is ..ny refectory; that I may 
eat the pasch with my disciples? And he will shew 
you a large dining room furni'\hed; and there pre- 
pare ye for lIS. And his disciples went th

nd caIne into the city: and they found as he had 
told them, and they prepared the pasch. .L\nd 
when evening was COine, he cometh with the 
t\velve. And when they \vere at table and t-'ating, 
Jesus saith: A men I say to yon, one of you that \vith me shaH betray me. l
l1t th,.
y began 
to be sorrovvfl1t, and to say to him on
 by one: Is it 
I? And he said to them: one of the hvelve \vho 
dippeth his hand in the dish \vith me. And the 
Son of 
fan indeed gaeth, as it is written of hi m ; 
but \VO to that man hy whom the Son of 
lan shall 
be betrayed. It \vere better for him, if that man 
had ont been born. And \\"hilst they were eating, 
Jesus took bread; and blessing, broke, and gave to 
then1, and said: Take ye, this is Iny Lady. Aud 
having taken the chalice, giving thanks, he gave it 
to them: and they all drank of it. And he said to 
them: This is rny blood of the ne\v testanlent, 
which shall bp. shed for many. Anlf'n I say Ull,tO 
you, t\;)at I wi\l drink no more of this fruit of the 
vine, until that day \vhen I shall drink it ne\v in the 
kingdom of God. And \\.hen they had sun
hymn, they went forth to the mount of Olives. 
nd Jesus saith to them: \7 on vvill 
ll be scandalizeJ. 
in n1Y regard fhis night: for it is written: "I will 
strike the shepherd, and the sheep shaH be dilõ:pcrs... 
cd." But after [ shall be risen a
ain, I \yill go b
ff)re you into Galilee. But Peter saith to hilu: AI. 
h an shall be scandalized in thee, yet not I. 
.t\nd Jesus saith to hin1: Amen I say to thee, to day, 
even in this night, before the cock crow twice, thou 
shalt deny n)e thrice, Bu( he spoke thc lTIOre vehe.. 
 Although I should die togr'lhcr w ith thfÂ

HOL\ WEEK. 255 
1 \vi11 not dE'ny lh
e. A nd in like n1anner ,11so said 
they all. Anu they carrIC to a farm ca11ed Gethse- 
Inani. And he saith to his disciples: Sit you hè

\\+,j Ie I p.Jay. .A nd he taketh Pt'ter, and James, 
and John with him; and he began to fear, and to 
be h
avy. And he saith to theln: l\ly sonl is sor- 
rowful even unto death; fitay you here, and \\1atch. 
And \"hen he had gone for\vttrd a little, he fell flat 
on the ground; and he prayed that, if it might be, 
the hour might pass from hinl. And he said: A bba, 
:Father, all things are possible to thee, take a\vay 
this chalice fronl IHe; but not ,vhat I \\ ill, but what 
!hou v;il,. And he cOllleth, and findeth them sleep- 
Ing. And he saith to Peter 
 Simon, sleepest thou! 
couldst thou not \\'atch one hour P \Vatch }'e, and 
pray, that ye entc:r not into temptation. The spirit 
indeed i
 willing, but the fltsh is weak. And going 
away again, he prayt:d, saying the same words. 
And Yo'hen he returned he fÒund them again asleep, 
(for their t.>}'t"S "'cre heavy) and they knew not "'hat 
to answer him, And he conlet11 the third time
and saith to them I Sleep ye no\\, alaI take VOl1r 
rest. It is enough: the hour is come; behold the 
Son of 1\lan shall be betrayed into the hands of sin- 
ners. Rise up, let us go. Behold he that vvill be- 
tray me, is at hand. And "rhile he \vas yet speak- 
ing, con1eth Judas Iscariot, one of the t\velve, and 
with him a great multitude \\,ith swords and staves, 
from the chief prjest
J and the scribes, and the an- 

ients. And he that betrayed him had given them a 
sIgn, saying. \Vhomsoever I ßhaH kiss, that is he, 
lay hold on hinl, and 
ead hln1 away carefully. And 
when he was come, iUlmcdiately going up to hint, 
 saith: flail, Rabbi: and he kiss
d hIm. But they 
)ald han.dð on him, and h
ld hi In. And one of 
them t
at stood by, drawing a s\vord, struck a ser. 
vant of the chief priest, and cut off his ear. And 
Jesus answc!ing J said to thenl: Are you corne out 

2.5 6 1'UESDA Y IN 
as against a robber \\'ith s\\'ords and staves to appre- 
hend me? [ was dai1y with you in the tenlple. 
aching, and you did not lay hands on 01e. But. 
that the scripture tnay be fulfilled. 'l'hen his 
disciples lea\'ing himt all fled a\vay. And a certain 
an tollowed him, having a linen c10th 
about Ius naked body: and they laid hold on him. 
But he casting off the linen cloth, fled from them 
naked. And .they brought Jesus to the high pr
and all the priests and the scribes and the anCients 
were assembled together. And Peter followed him 
afar off even into the oalace of the high priest; and 
he sat with the servants at the fire and warn1t
d him.. 
self. And the chief prie
ts and all the council 
sougbt for evidence against Jesus, that they might 
put him to death, and they found none; For many 
bore false witness against him, and their evidence 
did hot agree. And some rising up, bore false wit- 
ness again
t hinl, saying: \Ve heard him say: I 
\vill destroy this temple made with hands, and 
\vithin three days I \vill build another not made with 

 l1ands. ;\nd their witness did not agree. And the 
high- priest rising up in the midst, asked Jesus, say- 
ing: AnsvJerest thou nothing to the things that are 
]aid to thy charge by these men? But he held his 
peace and answered nothing. A
ain the high. priest 
. asked him, and said to him: Art thou Christ the 
SOil of the blessed God? And Jesus said to him: I 
am. And you shall see the Son of Man sitting on 
the right han
 of the power of God, and coming 
in the cloud& of heaven. Then the high- priest 
 là1isgarn1ents, saith: What need we any further 
witnesses ? You have. heard the blasphen1Y. What 
think you? And they an condenlned him to be guilty 
of death. And some began to spit on hilu, and to co. 
ver his face, and to buffet him, and to say to him: 
Prophesy: and the servants struck him with the 
palu.}i of their hands" Now WRen Piter was in the 


HOLY WEElC. 251 
court belo\v, there cometh to him one of the maid. 
servants of the high-priest; and when she had seen 
Peter \,"arming himself
 looking on him, she saith : 
'l'hou also \\'é.\st with Jesus of Na1.areth. But he de- 
nied, saying: I neither know nor understand what 
thou sayest. And he \v
nt forth before the court. 
and the cock crew. And again a maid servant see. 
ing him, began to say to the standers. by: 'tRis is 
one of tnem. But he denied again. And after a 
while, they that stood by said again to Pt'ter: Sure. 
Iy thou art oue of them, for thou also art a Galilean. 
BLlt he began to curse and swear, saying: I know 
not this man of \\.honl you speak. And immedi. 
ately the cock cn'\v <<tgain. ,AnJ Peter remembered 
the word that Jesus had said to him: Before th
cock cr9W twice, thou shalt deny me thrice. And 
he began to weep. (Chap. xv.) And strai
ht\\7ay in 
the Inorning, the chief priests holrling a consultation 
\vith the ancients and the sl'rib
s, anù the "'hole 
council, bound J
SllC;, and led him a\vay, and deli. 
vered him to Pilate. And Pilate asked him 
thou the king of the Jews? but he answering-, saith 
to hin1: rrhou sayest it. ;\nd the chief priests ac- 
cused him in ntany things. And Pilate ai!:ain askpd 
him, saying: AnsVv'erest thon nothin
? behold in 
}10\V many things they acclise thee. But }C!UlS still 
answered nothing; so that Pilate \vondered. Now 
on the festival day he Yo as \\"ont to release unto them 
one of the prisoners, \\ honlsoever they demanded. 
,..\nd there was one called Barabbas, \\'ho \\7as put ill 
prison with 
onle seditious ß1en, who in the sedi. 
tion had cOllunilted nlnrder. Anrl "'h
n the filut. 
titude was come up, they began to ddÜrc that he 
,,'ould do as he had tVtf done to then1. And t?i. 
late answered thein, and said: \'.tin )'ou that 1 re. 
lease to } ou the king of the Je\\'s? For h
that thechitfpliest
 had Jehvcr
d hin1 upout o"en.., 
"y. Bul the chief prit:Sb Inovcd the people t1.a


hOt11d ratnf'r rt:lease B
lTabbas to thell1. And Pilate 
<<.\gain answering, saith to thcln 
 \Vhat \viH you the n 
th'lt I do with the kin
 of the Jev
's? But they 
again cried ou : Crucify him. And Pilate saith to 
them: \,,"hy, what evil h
th he done? But they 
cried out the more: Crucify him. So Pilate, being 
wil1ing to satisfy the people, released to theln ßa- 
ra bbas, and delivered up Jesus, ,,,hen he had 
scourged hin), to be crucified. And the soJdiers 
led him into the court of the pG lace, and they called 
together the whole band: and they cloathed him 
with purple, and platting a cro\vn of thorns, they 
put it upon him. And _they began to salute him: 
Hail, king of the JeV\ls. And they struck his head 
with a reed: and they did spit on him, and bo\ving 
their knees, they \vorshipped him. And after they 
bad mocked him, they took off the purple froul him, 
and put hi
 own garments on him, and they led 
hinl out to crucify hin). An(l they forced one Si. 
on, a Cyreni
n, \vho passed by, coming out of 
the country, the f
ther of Alexander and L)f RtlfllS, 
to take up his cross. And they bring hioI into the 
place called Golgotha, \vhich being i ntt:i"pr
tecl is, 
The place of Calvary. And they gave him to 
drink wine 111ingtcd with Invrrh; but he took it not. 
And crucifying him, they divided his garolents cast... 
ing lots for them, what every lTIan shou1d take. 
And it was the third hour, and they crucified hinl. 
.And the inscription of his canse ,vas written over, 
THE KING of THE JE\VS. And ,vith him they 
crucify two thieves, the one on his right band nnd 
tbe other on his left. And the scripture \"as fu Ifill. 
ed which saith : 4' .i\nd with the wicked he \;\'a) re. 
pUled,." And they that passed by b1asphemed hinl, 
wngging their heads, and saying:. Vah, thou that 
destro) cst the temple of God, and in three days 
buildest it up 2gain: Save thyseif, 'Coming down 
f"orn the ClOSS. In like manner also the chief p{iests 

HOLY \VEiK. 259 
with t1lf' scribes, mocking, said one to nnother : 
lIe saved ()thers, hil1\se1f he cannot save. l.f\t 
Christ the King of Israel come down no\v froO01 the 
cross, that \\'e may see and believe. And they that 
\\'ere crucified with hinl reviled hinl. And when 
the si
th hour "'as comt', there \vas darkness over 
the "'hole earth until the ninth hour. And at the 
ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying: 
Eloi, E10i, 1am-na sabacth
ini ?.. \\ hich IS, being in- 
terpreted: 1\'1 y Gûd, my God, "" by hast thou for- 
saken me 
 ..L\nd some of the standcrs h) hearing;, 
said: Bchold, he calleth Elias. And one running 
and filling a spnnge with vinegar, and putting it 
upon a ref'd, gav
 hin1 to drink, saying: Sta), It't 
us see if .Elias ",-ill come to take hill1 do\\'o. And 
Jesas having cr
ed ont with a loud vpice, gave up 
the ghost. * And th
 veil of the temp1e ,\'as rent in 
two troln the top to the bottom. Anrl the centurion 
who stood over against him, seeing that cr} ing out 
in this D1anner he gave up the ghost, said: Indeed 
this man was th{' Son of God. ..-\nd there \vere also 
n looking on afar oIl'; among \\'hom \\'as 

lagdalen, and l\Iary the mother of Jamt$ 
the Less, and of Joseph, and Salome; \\ ho also 
\vhen he was ia Galilee follo\ved hin1, and mi nister- 
cd to him, and many other 
 Ofi1en that canle up 
\vith hiIn to Jerusalem. 
1It]'t i.o; said, Cleaòse my heart. ORDINAR Y, p. xx. 
A !\ D \vhen ev
ning \\ as now ('onlP, (because it 
was the ParaSc
 ve. that is, the day before the 
Saùbath) Jost-ph of l'\rinlathea, a nobJe counsellor, 
who \va
o him..cJ f looking f
)r the 
ingdon1 of 
God, can1e and \vent in boldl y to Pilate, and b
ged thp body of Jesus. But Pilate ,vondcred tliüt he 
should he already deaò. ...\nd sending fè-f the ('eo. 
turion, he asked hilll ifhe \V 're alreáJy Jead. And 
whcn he had underslood it by the centurion, he 
. He all Jr.nce1, and pausr. 

6o \VE DN1:.
DÀ Y IN the body to ]o
eph. And Joseph buyÎug fine 
linen, and taking him down, wrapped hint up in the 
fine linen, and laid him in a sepulchre which \vas 
hewn out of a ..rock, and he rolled a stone to the 
door of the sepulchre. . 
OFFERrr. Ps. cxxxix.....Ke.ep me, 0 Lord, from 
tne hands of the sinful n1an, and from unjust Ulen 
de1iver me. 
Jay these sacrifices, 0 Lord, we 
beseech thee, which are accompanied váth healing 
fasts. n1ercifully repair us. 'fhro'. 
1. Ps. lxviii..-...The judges in the gate 
spoke against me, and they that drank wine, made 
songs against Ole. But I poured forth my prayer to 
thee. 0 Lord: it is time, 0 God, to shew thy 
good. \\'ill to mc, according to the multitude of thy 
f. Sanct
Iay these tby 
holy o1ysteries, 0 ,A hnighty God. both cure our 
vices and become an eternal remedy to us. 'rhro'. 
Let us pray. Bo\v down your heads to God. 
PRAYER. Tllu no
lay thy mercy, 0 God. 
purify us from the corruption of the old UJan, and 
enable us to put on the new. rrhro'. 

INTROIT. Pl,it. ii.-At the name of Jesus Jet 
every klh
e bow, of things in heaven, on earth, and 
under the earth: because the Lord becan1e obedi.ent 
unto death, e\'Gn the death of the cross; therefore 
the Lord jtSlIS Christ is in the glory of God the lia.. 
t11er. lJ s . ci. 0 Lord, hear my prayer, and let my 
en c 
rne unto thee. A t the nalTIe, &c. 
.. lJ/l1lìldia/t'/y (deer Kyrie elelson, &c. is said: 
Let us pray. Let us kneel down. R. Stand up again. 
L CuLLEC1'. P1'tt'sffl.--...Grant, \ve bf:seech thee, 
o ...\ln1Ì
hty God, that \", e, \\ ho continuali)' are pu- 
hf'd tor our l':\Ct'!'\
" H1ay be el( livered by the- 
pa'sìon \)Ì 1"hy Qui}' tf
on, ",Vho, &c. 

HOLY WEEK. '261 
I. LESSON. Isaias lxii. II. Ixiii. I. 7. -lYt?.l.s 
$aitlt the Lord God: Tell the daughter of Sion I 
Behold thy Saviour cometh, behold hi
 re\vard is 
with hiln, and his work before hiln. And thf'Y 
shall cdH them the holy people, the redeemed of 
tlle Lord. But thou shalt b
 cat ted, a Clty sought 
after, and not forsaken. \Vho is it that conH
from Edom, with dyed garments from Basra, this 
beautiful olle in his robe, ,valking in the greatn
of his strength? I, that speak justice. and an1 a de.. 
fender to save. \\'hy then is thy apparel red, and 
thy garments like them that tread in th
 wine, press 
I have trodden the wine press alone, and of the 
Gentiles tlu
re is not a man with me: I have tranlp- 
led on them in my indignation, and have trodden 
them down in my \vrath, and their blood is sprink- 
1ed upon my garments, and I have stained all my 
apparel. For the day of vengeance is in my heart, 
I the year of my redemption is conJe. I looked 
I about, and there was none to hel p j I sought, and 
I there was none to give aid: and nlY O\\9n arm hath 
I &aved me, and my indignation itself hath hel ped me. 
And I have trodden down the people in DIy wrath. 
and maùe then1 drunk in my indignation, and have 
brought down their strength to the earth. I wiU 
reInember the tender mercÌt"s of the Lord, the praise 
of the Lord tor all the things that the Lorù hath bo- 
towed on us. 
GRA.D. Ps. lxviii. - Turn not away thy face 
from thy servant, for I am in great distress: hear me 
speedily. V. Save me, 0 God, for the waters have 
ente-reJ even into Iny soul; I am sunk into deep 
mire, and thert
 is no standing. , 
'fhe Lord be \\'ith you. l
. And "'it!. thy spirit. 
11. COLLECrl'. Dtus, qui. - 0 God, who 
wouldst bave thy Son suffer on the cross, to òeJi\'er 
\1, from the po\ver of the enemy, grant that 
.t' lhy 

sen':tuts, may obtlÎn the grace of his resurrection. 
'I'hro' the san1e. 
II. l
ESSON. Isaias liii.- Tn those da.!/s: Isaia.) 
said; 'Vilo 1 :'1th believed our report? and to \vhom 
is the arm of the Lord reveal ed? .A,nd he shan gro\v 
up as a tender plant before him, and as a root out 
of a thirsty ground: there is no beautý in hint, nor 
cotneliness: and '\lye have seen him, and there was 
no sightliness that \ve should be de
irous of him: 
despise<.1, and the nlost abject of men, a man of sor- 
rows, and acquaihted 'Nith infirmity; anù his look 
'vas as it were hidùen and despised, \vhereupon, we 
esteemed him not. Surely he hath borne our infir- 
n1Îties, and carried our SOI'1"0\\7S; and we have 
thought him as it were a leper, and as one struck by 
God and afflicted. But he \vas wounded for our ini. 
quities, he was bruised for our 
ins: the chastise[nent 
of our peace was upon hil11, and by his bruises we 
are healéd .All \ve like sheep have gone astray, 
everyone hath turned aside into his own way, and 
the Lord hath ]aid upon him the iniquity of us all. 
lIe ,vas offered because it was his own \vilJ, and he 
opened not his mouth: he shaH be led as a sheep 
to the slaughter, and shall be dumb as a lamb be- 
fore his shearer, and he shaH not open his mouth: 
he was taken away from Jistress, and from ju61g. 
ment: who shaH de(
lare his generation? because 
he is cut off out of the l
nd of the living; for the 
wickedness of my people have 1 struck hilll. And 
ne shall giv
 the ungodly for his burial, and the 
rich for his death; because he hath done no iniqui.. 
ty, neither was there deceit in his rnouth. And the 
Lord \va
 pleased to bruisp him in infirolity: if he 
õhalllay down his lite for siD, he shall see a long.. 
Jived seed, and the \vitI of the Lord shall be prosper.. 
ous in his hand. Because his soul hath laboured, he 
;,hall see and be filled: by his kuo\vledge shaH thii 

Hot Y '''F E..... 263 
my jnst SPf\'ant jnstify many, and he shall bear their 
inif}uities. 1lu-'refore ,vil\ I distribute to him very 
n1any, and he shall dlvi,le the spoils of the stron
because he hath deliverf'd his soul unto death, and 
was reputed with the wicked: and he hath borne the 
sins of nlany. and hath prayed for the transgressors. 
rrRAC'f. ]>s. ci.-Lord, hear my prayer, and 
1et my cry come unto thee. 1 T . rrurn not a
'ay thy 
face fronl me; but \vhenever I an1 in distress, give 

ar to Tne. },T. In wh ..te\'er day I shall call üpon 
thep, hear me speerlily. JT. For my days have va- 
nished like snloke; and nlY hones are as if they were 
fried in a frying-pan. JT. I was blasteci like the - 
grass, and my heart \vithered; because [ forgot to 
eat my bread. JT. l
l1t thon, 0 I
ord, \vilt arise and 
have mercy on Sion; for the tin1e to have merc)' on 
her is come.. 
1ï,c PASSION qf our I
according to 1.1u ke xxii.-xxiii. 
11' that time = 'I'he feast of unleavened breat.l. 
\vhich is callt'd the Pasch, \'-'as at han{J. And 
 chief priests and the scribes songht ho\v they 
n}lght put Jesus to death: but they fearec1 the peo- 
ple. And Satan entered into ]Udó1S, \vho \1\ 1 as sur. 
nal.neù J.
cariot, one of the t\velve. .And he \\'el1't, 
and discoursed \,'ith the chief prie
nd the nla
trc:tcs, how he n1ight betray him to them. And 
they were eIad, and covenanted to t?:ive hinl nloney. 
.And he pl:ón1iscd. And he songl1t OppOI tt1nity to 
betray hinl in the Llbsence of the muhitude. And 
the ùay of the unleavened breall c;\n1,J.."', on \vhich it 
'was necessary that the r:lsch should be kil1etl. .And 
he sent Peter and John, saying 
 Go and prepar U
the pasch, (hat we Inay eat. But they said: \rh('r
\vi1t thou thJt "oe prepare? And he said to thenl : 
\S you 
o into the city, there ...hal1 meet 
}'OU a nlan canying a pitchf>r of \vater; follo\v him 
to the hou\)t-. ,\ here he entereth in: and you 511.::11 

n \VE!)N ES1JA Y IN' 
say to the gðod n1an of the house: l."he 
saith to thee; \Vhere is the guest-chamber. where 
I nlay cat the pasch \vith my disciples 1 And he will 
she\v you a large dining.. room furnished; and there 
prepare. And they going, found as he had said to 
them, and they n1ade ready the pasch. And when 
the hour was con1e, he sat down, and the twelve 
apostles with hin}. And he said to them: 'Vith 
desire I. have desired to eat this pasch ".ith you be. 
fore I suffer. For I say to yon. that from this time 
I will not eat it, till it be fl11fiUed in the kingdom of 
Goù. And having taken the chalice he gave 
thanks, and said,: Take and divide it among you. 
For I say to rou. that I will not drink of the fruit of 
the vine, till the kingdon1 of God come. And tak. 
ing bread, he gave thanks, and brake, and gave to 
thein, saying: rrhis is D1Y body, which is given to 
}'Ol1: do this for a comn1emoration of me. In like 
manner the chalice also, after he had supped, say- 
ing: This is the cha\ice, the ne\v testalnenl of my 
blood, which shall be sh.ed for YOt]. But yet be- 
hold, the hand of him that betrayeth me, is with 
me on tht
 table. l\nd the Son of 
Jan indeed go. 
eth, accordin
 to that which is deter:nined; but 
wo to that man by whom he shall be betrayed, And 
they began to enquire among themselves, \\lhich of 
then1 it was that should do this thing. And there 
\vas also a 
trite aOlongst them, which @f them 
should seem to he great
r. And he said to them: 
".rhe kings of the (;entiles lord it over them; and 
they that have power over thein, are called benefi. 
cent. But you not so: but he that is the greater 
among you, let him be as the younger: and he 
that is the leader, as he that 
erveth. For which is 
9;reater, he that sitteth at table, or he that serveth ? 
ls not he that 
ittelh at tab1e? b!lt I am in the midst 
of you, as he that. sf"rveth: and you are they \"ho 
h4ve c{J
1tint1ed with me in my t
mptQtions: and I 

H 0 L Y \V E E K . 
 l} 5 - '"' 
nppoint to you, as my Father hath appointed to m.', 
a kingdorn: that you Ina}' eat an\l elrin k at my ta.. 
 in Iny kil1gdom; and nlay s:t upon thrones 
judging the -twelve tribes of Israel. A nci the L0rd 
said: Simon, Simon, behold Satan hath desired to 
have you, thclt he may 
ift you as 
?heat. But I 
ha\'e prav
d tor thpe that thy t
1Íth fdil not: aod thou, 
 once convelted. confirn1 thy brethren. .And 
he said to hi 111: Lord, I anl ready to go \\,ith thee 
both into prison, and to death. And he said: I say 
to thep, Pt'ter, the cock shall not era \IV this day, till 
thou thrice deniest that thou kno\\'est me. And he 
said tQ them: '''hen I sent you \vithout purse, and 
and sn ip, alHl shoes, did} ou ""ant any thing? But 
thp} said: Nothing. 'rhea sairl he to them: But 
no,,," he that 
1ath a pl1r
e, It:t him take it, and like. 
\\,ise a scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell 
h is coat, and buy one. 110r J say to you, that this 
that is \\'ritt
n mu"t yet bé fu\fill
d in me, U And he 
\\'as ft)ckoned among the wicked:" for the thingc; 
concerning n1e have an pnd. But the\' said: Lord. 
here are two s\vords. And he said to then1; It is 
enollgh. And going ont he \vent accorrling to his 
CostOI11 to the nlount of OliY'cs. And his disciples 
al"o totlo\,'ed hin1. A ncl \\'hea he \\'as come to the 
place, he said to them: Pray, lest you enter into 
t<-olnptation. 'nJ he \\'a
 \\'ithdra\'\'l1 away from 
them a stone's cac;t; and kneeling do\\'n he pray- 

d, saying: Falhf'r, if thou vlilt, rdnove this cha- 
lice fronl IHe; but yet not my wil1, but thine be 
done. AnJ there appeared to hiol an angel fronl 
hea\'en, strengthening him. And being ill an agony, 
he praye(l the longpr. And his sweat becam... ac; 
drops of b100ci trickling do\\
n upon the ground. 
..'.nd he rose l1 p fron1 prayer. and \\ as come to 
his dlSC) p\p
, he iouncl therl1 steepi ng for sarro\\'. 
And hp S:1id to thenl: \Vhy sleep you? Arisn, pray_ 
le-;t }'OU entt>r into te:nptation. AI he \vas )'et spelk- 

ing, behold a multitude: and he that ,\'as caned 
Judas, one of the t,,'elve, went before them, ant.! 
dre\v near to Jesus to kiss him. And Jesus said to 
lJim: J udas, dos
 thou betray the SOil of 1\lan with 
a kiss? And they that were about hinl, seeing what 
",,'ouId foHow, said to him: Lord, shall we strike 
\\7ith the sword? And one of them struck the servant 
of the high- priest, and cut off his right ear. But Je. 
J}us ans
:ering, said: Suffer yc thus far. And \vhen 
lie had touched his ear, he healed him. And Jesus 
said to the chief priests and nlagistates of the temple, 
and the ancients that were con1e to him: Are you 
come out, as it \vere ag
inst a thief, with s\vords 
and clubs? When I was daily with you in the tem- 
ple, you did not stretch forth your hands against me: 
but this is your hour, and the power of darkness. 
Then they laid hold on him, anrlled him to the 
Jligh priest's house: but Peter follov/ed afar off. 
And \vhen they had kindled a flre in the n1idst of 
the halJ, and were sitting about it, Peter was in the 
midst of them. And when a certain servant maid 
had seen him sitting at the light, and had earnestly 
]ooked upon him, she said: This man was also ,,'ith 
him. But he denied, saying : Woman) ( know him 
not. And after a little while, another seeing him, 
said: Thou also art one of them. But Peter said: 
o man, I am not. And about the space of one 
hour after, another nlan affirmed, saying: Of a 
truth this man was also with hiln; for he is also a 
Galilean. And Petel said: 1\lan, I kno\v not \vhat 
thou sayest. And immediately \vhile he \vas yet 
speaking, the cock crc\v. And the Lør@ turnIng 
100ked on Peter. And Peter remembered the \\-'ord 
of the Lord how he had 
aid: Before the cock cro",., 
thou sha1t deny me thrice. And Peter ,vent out and 
wept bitter1y. And the men that held hiln. mocked 
bim, and struck hiln. And they blindfolded him. 
and smote him on the face. And they asked hilD, 

lIOL Y \VEEK. 267 
saying: Prophesy, \vho is it that struck thee? And 
many other things blaspheming they said against 
him. And as soon as it was day, the ancients of the 
people, and the chief priests, and scribes, came to.. 
gether, and they brought him into their council, 
saying. If thou be the Christ, tell us. And he said 
to them: If 1 shaH tell you, you will not believe me; 
and if I shall also ask you, you will not answer me, 
nor let n1e go. But hereafter the Son of ßlan sha(l 
be sitting pn the right hand of the power of God. 
rrhen said they all: Art thou the Son of God? AIí1d 
he said : You say that I am. 1'hen they said: \Vhat 
need we any further testin1ony? For outselves have 
heard it from his own mouth. (Chap. xxiii.) And 
the \vhole multitude of them rose up, and led him 
away to Pilate. And they began to accuse hiln, say- 
ing: \Ve have found this man perverting our nation, 
and forbidding to give tribute to Cæsar, and saying 
that he is Christ the King. And Pilate asked hinl. 
saying; Art thou the king of the Je\ì.s? And he an- 
swered and said: Thou say est it. rrhen Pilate said 
to the chief priests and to the n1ultitu
e: 1 find no 
cause in this man. But they ,vere more earnest. 
saying: He stirreth up the people, teaching through.. 
out all Judea, beginning from Galilee to this place. 
And Pilate hearing of Galilee, asked if the man 
were a Galilean? And ,,"hen he understood that 
he belonged to Herod's jurisdiction, he sent him 
away to I-lerod, ,vho hin1self was also at Jerusa. 
lem in those days. And I-Ierod seeing Jesus was 
very glad, for he was desirous of a long time to see 
bim, because he had heard many things of him; 
and he hoped to see some miracle wrought by him. 
And he questioned him with n1any words. But he 
answered him nothing. And the chief priests and 
the scribes stood by) earnestly accusing him. And 
Herod with his soldiers set him at nought, and 
Inock.ed hilll, putting on him a \vhite garn1ent, and 
Z 3 

2l) 8 \\
sent hirn back to Pilate. And IIerod and Pilate 
\Vt're nlade friends together. that sanle day; for be- 
fore they "
ere enemie:) to one another. Then Pilate 
calling together tbe chief priests, and the magis- 
lra es, and the people, said to them: You have 
brought thi
 man to me as one that pervf'lteth the 
people, and bt;ho
d I, having examined him before 
lon, find no cause in this nlan touching those things 
"'herein you accuse hiln No, nor IIerod neither; 
(or I s
ot you to him, and behold, nothing worthy 
of death is done to him I \vill chastise him there- 
fore, and release him. Novv of necessity he "vas to 
release thelIJ one upon the feast àay. But the \\'hole 
nJultitudc cried out at once, savingi Away with this 
man, and release un 0 us Barnbbas; \vho, for a cer- 
tain sedition made in the city, and tor murd(-r, "'as 
ca t into prison. And Pilate si'oke to thelTI again, j ng to release Jesus. But they cried out, saying: 
CHIC fy hin), cruÓ(y hin}, An.} he said to them the 
th'rd tiIne: \Vhy, \\'hat evil hath this man done? I 
11 nd no cause of death in him; I ,viII chastise him 
tìH'retore, and let him go. But they were instant 
,vith loud voices requiring that he might be cruci- 
fied; and their voices prevailed. Alld Pilate gave 
sentcnce that it should be as they required, Ancl 
he releas<"d unto theln him, who for fi1urder anP 
sedition had been (
ast into prison, \\>hom they had 
in'd.; but J eSl1S he delivered up to their \vill. 
And as they led hilTI a\va\', they }aid hold on one 
Sinlon of Cyr 
'ne, that \vas coming out of the coun.. 
try; a'1d thFY laid the cress on him to carry after 
J{Sl1s. And there follo"'ed hinl a great Inllltitude 
('If people, and of \VOnlen; who be\vailed and la- 
mented hinl. But Jesus turning to them, said; 
Daughtf"rs of Jerusalem, "'eep not over Ine, but 
'-\'t:ep for yourselves, and for your children. For 
behold the Jays shall COlne, wht:rein they will say. 
Blessed are the bal ren, and the \yombs that have 
r:ot born<-:), and the paps th'lt have not' given sue!:. 

# 26 9 
Then shaH they begin tÇ) say to the moun

upon us; and to the hills: Cover \1S. For If In the 
green ,vood they do these things, what shaH be done 
in the dry? And there were also two other malefac- 
tors led \\Tith him, to be put to death. .A.nd when 
they were come to the-place \\'hich is called Calvary, 
they crucified hiln there; and the robbers, one 0(1 
thp ri
ht hand, and the other on tne left. And Jesus 
saitl:. Father, forgive them, for they know not "".hat 
they do. But they divided his garments, and cast lots. 
And the peop1e stood beholding, and the rulers with 
them derided him, saying: lIe saved others, let hin1 
save himself, if he be Christ, the chosen of Gotl. 
And the soldiers also nlocked him, con1ing to him, 
and ofl'ering him vinegar, and saying: If thon be the 
king of the jews, save thyse\ f. And there \\'35 also 
a s\1perscription over him in letters of Greek, and 
],jatin, and I-Iebre\v: 'l'HIS IS Tl:lE KING OF 7 HE 
J E W5. And one of those robbers who \\Tere hang- 
ed, bla
phemtd him, saying; If thou be Christ, save 
thyselt and us. But the other answer'lng, rebuked 
hin1, saying: Neithtr dost thou fear God, se
ing thou 
art under the saIne condemnation: l\n(l \ve Inùeed 
or \ve receive the due re\vard of our deeds; 
but this Inan hath done no evil. An(l he said to Je- 
sus: Lord, ren)(;nlb
r me \\'hen thou 
halt COOle in- 
to thy kln
do()l. .And Jeslls said to him 
 Amen I 
y to thee;. this day thou shah be \\'ith nle in par,\- 
rlbC.! It \\'as aln1o:-:t the sixth hour; alht there 
\\ as darkness over a1\ the earth l1ntil the ninth hour. 
And thp sun was da!'
cned; and the veil of the ten1- 
pk WüS rt'nt in the n1idst. i\.(lll J

 en in
 \"ith a 
loud v.o!ce, 5tÚd: Fa.ther, into thy hands I cOlnn1end 
y spint. And, saying this, he gave 11 p t1-t P gho
t ... 
1\o\V th
 centnflon sCt-"il.lg what \Vas done, gioniìed 
(;od, sayin
: (nJc
J this \vas a just nlan. And all 
th..: uluitituùe of thenl that ,vt'r
 cOBle t()
ethcr to 
* Here all kneel, and pause. 
LI 3 


27 0 W
that sight, and saw the things that were done, return- 
ed striking their breasts. And all his acquaintance, 
and the women that had followed him from Galilee, 
stood afar off, beholding these things. 
]{rre is said tile 1
1'aYe1', Cleanse my heart, &c. p. xx. 
A ND beh01d there was a man named Joseph, \vho 
was a counsellor, a good and just man (the 
same had Aot consented to their counsel and doings) 
of Arin1athea, a city of Jurlea, who also himse1f 
looked for the kingdon1 of God, rrhis man went to 
Pilate and begged the body of Jesus. And taking 
him down he 'Nrapped him in fine linen, and laid 
JJinl in a sepulchre that \vas hewed in stone, where. 
in never yet any man had been laid. 
OFFERT. ]-):;. ci.-O Lord, hear my prayer, and 
let my cry CaIne to thee: turn not away thy face 
Iron) me. 
r. Accept, 0 Lord, \ve beseech thee, 
the offerings \ve have made; and mercifully grant, 
that we nlay receive, \vith pious sentiments, what 
we celebrate in the mystery of the passion of our 
Lord. ' 'Thro
 the same. 
COl\iM. Ps. ci.-I mingled my drink with my 
tears, because ",hen thou hadst raised me up, thou 
didst cast me down, and I withered as grass; but 
thou, 0 Lord, cantin uest for ever: thou wi1t arise. 
and have ß1ercy on Sion; because the time to have 
mercy on her, is come. 
I. LU1'gi1'e.-Grant, 0 Aln1ighty God, 
that \\'e nlay have a live1y hope, that thou hast given 
us eternal life by the temporal death of thy Son, re- 
presented in these adorable n1ysteries. Thro' the same. 
, us pray. Bo,v do\vn your heads to God. 
espiff.-Look down, 0 Lorò, we 
beseech the
, on this thy Üuuily, for which ollr 
I...Iord Jesus Christ scrupled not to be delivered into 
the hands of wicked n1en, and undergo the punish- 
Jnenl of the cross. \Vho liveth, &c. in. secret. 

........................-...-.......... -...-....-.--... .--- 









- . 



} -:=- 
-; --.; 





, -...", 
.- \

q;, , "),, ,-" 


..... , , 

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... '10 

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-- ... 

J" , 


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'..r,wr (
I :.Ai,rh in 11"ruirÆ.1't -rrt I.
,.! "'!"i
nJ';;'t I: 


1'lhat]iaft THOr,()YaÜl 
U CO'11p!élin of? 
\.ns'.,,-('r C;:1!
n 1.:1011 J]Ja!H..' ----..,. , J. l. 'TT" ( ' 
., tvly"'.' .." ü. -(7 

[ 21 1 ] 

INTROrr. Gal. iv. 
W E ought to glory NOS autem glol'iari 
in the cross of oport.t ill. cruce Do.: 
our Lord Jesus Christ: mini nostri Jesu Chri.ti: 
in whom is our salva. in quo est salus, vita, et 
tion, life and reSl1rrec- reS
ectio ll,ostl'a: per 
tion: by ,,
hom \\>e have quem sl1lvati, et tiber'uti 
been saved and delivered. SUIllUS. 
Ps. May God have mercy Ps. lxvi. Deus 1niserca. 
on us, and bless us: may tu'J' 1lost1'i, et lJenedicat 
his countenance shine nobis: iltumillet vultulll 
upon us, and may he suum SllpC1' nos, et ?l2ise. 
take pity on us. \Ve 'relllul' nostri. Nos au- 
ought, &c. fem, 
'c. tu Ps. 
n::J' The hells ure rung during the 'll:/lOle time if the, 
Gloria in excelsis; l!J
el' u.ltich. thc!} remain silent. 
tilt the same time on Holy Saturday. . 
COLLEC'I\ Deus, a quo.-O God, from whom 
both Juùas received the punishment of his sin, ánd 
the thief the re\vard of his con fession: grant us the 
effects of thy mercy i that as our Lord Jesus Ch rist. 
at the time of his ra
sion, besto\ved on both diffe- 
rent rewards according to their nlerits; so, having 
destroYfd the old man in us, he fi1ay give us grace to 
rise again \\'ith him. '\Tho liveth, 
TLE. I Cor. xi. 20. 32. -- Brethren: 

len yon come therefore to
ether into one place
It IS not now to eat the Lord's supper. For every 
one taketh before his 0\\'11 supper to eat. And One 
inèeed is hungry, and another is drunk. \\That. 
have you not houses so eat and drink in? 0.' des- 
pise ye the church of God; and put theln to shalne 
 have not? \"'hat shall I say to ) Ou? 1)0 1 
e you? In this 
 praise you not. 14'or 1 have 
ItCel\'cd of the Lord that \\'hich abo I ùdivcreù to 

you, that the Lord Jesus, the 
amp nlgot in \vhich 
he ,vas betrayed, took bread, and giving thanks, 
broke, and said: '"rAKE YE AND E.-\T; THIS IS MY 
like nHtnner also the Cha\ice, after he had supped, 
fv1E. For as often }on shall eat this bread, and 
drink the chaìice, YOll shall snew the death of the 
Lord, until he corne. \\"herefore \\'hosoever 
shall eat tnis bread, and drink the chalice of the 
Lord ull\vorthi1y, shall be gui1ty of the body and 
blood of the I.Jord. But let a n1an prove himsel f, 
nnd so If't hin1 eat of that bread,. and drink of that 
chalice. For he that eateth and drinketh un".or- 
thiIy, eateth and drinketh judgment to hiolSe1f, nat 
discerning the body of the Lord. Therefore are 
there n1any infirm anù \veak among you, and many 
sleep. But if\ve \\-oulrl judge ourselves, we should 
not bejl1dg
d. Hut \\'hilst \ve are judged, \ve are 
chastised by the I.Jord: that \ve be not condemned 
\v i th this ",'orld. 
GRADUAL. Phil. ii. 
sl fùr t1S became Christl,s fuelus est pro 
obedient unto death, nobis obcdlen.r u$que ad 
("ven the death- of the 'mortem, mortem autClII 

, Ii. ïl1err.fore did c1'ucis. V. j)l'opfn' quod 
(;od ré1i
'e hi.n up, and et .lJew; t.rallrroit iilulU, 
 hiln a nan1e, 'vhich et dt:dit illi nomen, fjllud 
is ahnve every nalne. eJt 
UpC1' Onlne nomen. 
0oØpcf. JoJ,n xiii. J. J 5.-Before the ((:.
t ivai day of the pa
ch, Jesus knowing.t hLlt his huu r 
'\',is ('orne that 
.e shQU id pass out of this "'orld to 
the Father: having loved his O\\'!1 who \\"ere in th[
\\'orld, he lo\'ed thenl to the end. J\nd \vhen 
)PCf \YL1S dot1p, (the cic'ál having IHH\' put it in

the heart of Judas, the son of Simon, the Jscariot, to 
betray him) knowing that the Father had. g}vell 
hilll all things into his hands, and that he came tram 
God, and goeth to God: he riseth from supper. 
and layeth aside his garments, and having taken a 
tOWf I, girded himself. After that, he putt
th water 
into a bason, and began to \vash the feet of the dis. 
ciplcs, and to wipe them with the lo\\'el "'herewith 
he was girded. fIe cOlneth therefore to Silnon Pe- 
ter. And Peter saith to hiln: Lord, clost thou wash 
111)' feet? Jesus ans\vered J and said to hin\ 
 \Vhat I 
do, thou kno\yest not no\\?, but thou shalt know 
11ereafter. Peter saith to hinl: l.'hou shalt never 
wash my feet. Je
l)s answered hinl: It I wash thee 
not, thou shalt have no part ,,,ith n1e. Simof1 Pee 
ter saith to him: Lord, not only my feet, but also 
my hands and my head. Jesus sOlith to hin1: He 
that is washed, needeth not but to wash his feet, but 
j" cle.c'ln w holly. And you are clean, but not all. 
}1'or he knew \vho he was that would betray hilll; 
therefore he said : You are not all dean. '}'hen 
after he had \vashed their feet, and taken his gar- 
ments, being set down again, he said to them: 
Know you \\ hat I have done to you? You call 
DIe, l\laster, and I
ord: and you say V\ ell, for so 
I am. If tlh'n I, being your Lord and l\laster, have 
washed your tèet; you also ought to \\'ash one ano- 
ther's feet. For I have given you an example, that 
as j have èone to you, so do you also. CREDO. 
OFFElrrORY. Ps. cxvii. 
The r;ght hand of the Dc.rtera Domini fet.'it 
I.?rd l1ath displayed its 'lJirtutcm: dextera Domi.. 
ght: the right hand n; c.l'allavit me; non mo. 
of the I
ord hath raised riul Y , sed vivam, et "arra.. 
Tne n p; I shall not die, bo upcrll J Domini. 
but Jive and publish the 
\\'orks of the Lord. 
SE,CRE1". \Ye beseel:h thee
 0 holy Lord, AI. 

274 THE tfASS FOR. 
mighty Fatber, Eternal God, that our Lord Jesus 
Christ, thy Son, may nlake our sacrifice acceptable 
to thee, \vho on this day commanded his disciples 
to celebrate it in memory of him. Who. 
lMUNICANrrES.-Being unit
d in com. 
munion and celebrating this nlost sacred day, on 
,vhich our Lord Jesus Christ was betrayed for us; 
and also honouring in the first place the menlory of 
Iary, ever a Virgin, and 1\10ther of the 
same God, . and our Lord j esns Christ: as also thy 
blessed apostles, &c. (as in. the ORDINARY,p. xxxiv.) 
HANC IGITUR.-\Ve therefore beseech thee, 
o Lord, graciously to accept this offering of us thy 
servants, and of thy whole family, which we make 
in mernory mf that day on which our Lord Jesus 
Christ con1manded his disciples to celebrate the 
ITJysteries of his body and blood; and dispose our 
days in peace, preserve us from eternal damnation, 
and rank us in the number of thy elect. Thro" 
\Vhich oblation &c. as in p. xxxv. 
N. B. 11he P ...1\ X is not given 
COMIVIUNION. John xiii. 
The Lord Jesus, after Dorninus Jesus, post. 
l1e had supped with his quam cænavit cum disci. 
disciples, \vashed their pulis ntis, lltvÏl pedes eo. 
feet, .nd said to them; rUln, et ait illis: scitiß. 
Do you understand what quid ficerim 'Vobis, ego 
I have done to you, I DonlÏnus et ]}Iagister 
\vho am your Lord and Exe'lnpl1Lm dedi 'Vobis, ut 
l\iaster? I have set you et'Vos ita facilltis. 
an example, that you may do the same. 
ècti.-'Ve beseech thee, 0 Lord, 
our God, that being nourished with this life giving 
food, \ve may receive by thy grace, in immortal 
glory, what 
.e celebrate in this n1ortallife. Thro'. 

 TVhilst the SACR ED HOSrr, consec'I'atedfor the 
 '!fto. I Ill11'I'OUJ, is cal'r9ing in procession to the, 

"fA UNDY-THURSD.\ Y. '27) 
place prepared for its recl'ption,. the following 
IIymn is sung. 
P Ane:e lingua gloriosi Ad firmandum cor sin. 
Corporis mysterium cerum 
Sanguinisq ue pretiosi, Sota fides sufficit. 
Quem in n1undi pretium T Antum ergo sacra. 
Fructus ventris generosi, mentum 
Rex effudit Gentium. Veneremur eernui ; 
Nobis datus, nobis Et antiquum documen. 
natus, turn 
Ex intacta virgine, Novo ceclat ritui : 
Et in Inundo conversatus Præstet fides supptemen- 
Sparso verbi semine, turn 
Sui mora5 incolatus Sensuum defectl1i. 

Iiro clausit ordine. Genitori. geniloque 
In su prenlæ noctæ ere. IJaus et j 11 bilatio ; 
næ [bus., Salus, honor, virtus,quo. 
Recl1mbens cum fratri- que 
Observata lege plene Si
 et benedictio; 
Cibis in Iegalibus: Procedenti ab utroque 
Cibum turbæ duodenæ Compar sit laudatio. 
Se dat suis rnanibus. AOlen. 
Verbum caro panem 
veru m 
Verbo carnem efficit: 
Fitque sanguis Christi 
meru m, 
Et si sensus deficit; 

fT. Panem de cælo 
præstithti eis. 
R. Omne de1ectamen. 
tunl in se habenteln. 


I salutnris accipiam, et nomen Do. 
mini invocabo. 
C REDIDI propter 
quod locutus sum; 
· ego autem hUlniliatus 
snm nimis. 
Ego dixi In excessu 

meo; '* omnis hOIno 
Quid retribuam Do. 
mino, '* pro onlnibu
quæ retribuit mihi ? 

CalicelTI salutaris acci- 0 Domine, quia ego 
piam, =filet nomen Domi- servus tuus, *ego serVl1S 
ni invocabo. tuus, et filinsancillæ tuæ. 
\r ota mea Domino Dirupisti vincula Olea; 
reddam in èonspectu 
 tibi sacrificabo hostian1 
omnis populi ejus; :I< in laudis et nomen DOlnini 
atriis don1us DOlllini, in invocabo. 
medio tui, Jerusalem. 
Vota mea Domino 
redclam coram omni po- 
pulo ejus; .pretiosa in 
conspectu Donlini n10rs 
sanctorum ejus. 

Ant. Caliceln, &c. 
Ant. Cunl his'qui ode.. 
runt paceOl, eram pacifi.. 
ellS; ciurn lOC)l1ebar illis, 
impugnabant Ine gratis. 
Ps. cxix. 
A D Dominum, CUlll Heu mihi, quia incola- 
tribu larer, clamavi, tus meus prolongatl1s est; 

 et exaudivit n1e. habitavi cun1habitantibus 
Domine, libera ani- Cedar: * multum incota 
m3nl nleam a labiis ini. fuit anima mea. 
J .. et a lingua do. Cun1 his qui oderunt 
losa, pacem, eraln paci ficus; 
Quid detur tibi, aut '*' cUln loqt1ebar illis, ex- 
quid appùnetur tibi* ad pllgnabant me gratis. 
linguam dolosLlIn ? Ant. CUOl his. 
Sagittæ potentis aCl1- Ant. Ab hotninibus 
tæ, · cum carbonibus iniquis libera me, Don1Í- 
desolatoriis. nee 
Ps. cxxxix. 
E RIPE me, Domine, Custodi me, Domine, 
;.J ab hon.ine malo 
 "" de manu peccatoris; * 
a viro ini(l\1o eripe me. et ab hf)minibus iniquis 
Qui cogitavf'l'unt ini- eripe me. 
quitates in corde; :It tata (
ui cogitavernnt snp- 
die constitnebdnt prælia. plantare gressus mpos, '*' 
ACllerunt \ingl1as 
uas absconderunt superbi la- 
sicut sfrpentÏ5; · venc- quel1m rnilu. 
num aspidu111 sub labiis Et funts extenderunt in 
eorUffi, laq ucum. "" juxta iter 


Dixi Domino; I)el15t 
 (3S t\1; exaurli 
Demint. ,"oeem dcpre- 
cationis mere. 
D01tiinc, Don)ine, vir- 
tus satulis meæ; · ohu m. 
ti super caput n1cunl 
in llie bcl1i. 
r\e tradas me, DonlÎ- 
ne. a desiderio n1eo 
peccalori; *' cogitaveru nt 
<:ontra n1e; ne derelinquas 
D1C, nc forte (:
a \tentur. 
Cnpnt circuitus eorunl, 
· labor labiorulu ipsofuo1 
operiet eos. 
Cûdent super eos car- 
, in ignetl) dejicies 
1 >,>: . 
D On1ine, c1anHwi 3d 
te. exacdi rne; '* 
intcndc voci meæ, ell 01 
clam'lvero ad te, 
Di rigatu r orútio n1ea, 
sicu t incensum, i n 
speetu tl10; eltvatio 
manuum ßlearUITl sacrifi. 
cium vesp{'rtinuln. 
Pone Domine custo- 
diam ori meo; -et ostium 
circumstantiæ labiis 
Non declines cor nle.. 
unl in v
rba rnalitiæ, It 

posuerutlt ens: in ll1iseriis n011 
su b
 i ste[1 t. 
Vir lingnosl1s non di. 
rigptnf in terra: "" virum 
injustunl nlala capient in 
in terilu. 
Cognovi quia fdcÏet 
Don1Ïn us j udici u m ino.. 
pis; ,. et vindictam pau. 
peru nl. 
erumtamenjl1sti con- 
fitebunter nOlnini tuo; * 
et habitabunt recti cunl 
vultu tuo. 
Ant. .\b hon1inibus 
Ant. Custodi me ala.. 
queo quen1 statuerunt 
n1ihi, et a scandalis ope- 
ra.ntil1nl iniquitateln. 
ad excl1sandas excusa. peccatis. 
Cn 111 homini bus ope- 
rantibus ini{Juitatenl; 
=# tt non COJHIlHIUicabo 
Cll m electis l:OrUffi. 
Corripiet 111e justlls in 
misericordia, et increpa- 
bit nl(
; · olellIn <lutein 
}Jeccatoris non ilnpinguet 
ca p IJ t In e IJ m. 
l1onian) ac1huç et o. 
ratio mea in Leneplaci- 
tis corUlll; :j: L\b
sunt jUl1cti l/ctræ j udicts 

Audient verba mea quem statuerunt mihi j f: 
quoniarn potuerunt. '*' et a scand31is operantium 
Sicu t crassitudo terræ iniq uitateLn. 
erupta est super terram. Cadent in reticulo ejus 
Dissipata sunt ossa peccatores; *singuiariter 
nO'3tra secus infernUlTI ; * sum ego donee transeam. 
quia ad te, Domil1e, Do. Ant. Custodi J
mine, oculi mei; in te Ant. Considerabam ad 
speravi non auferas ani- dexteram; et viJebam; 
roam meam. et non erat qui cognosce.. 
Custodi ll1e a laqueo, ret me. 
1:1 s . cxli. 
V OCE mea ad Domi- non erat qui requirat ani. 
nun1 clamavi: "I=vo. roam 01enm. 
Cf> meJ. ad Dominun1 de. Clamavi ad te, Domi. 
precatus su m. ne, * dixi: tu es spes 
Effundo in conspectu IDea, portio mea in tee.. 
ejus orationem meam, * ra viventium. 
et tribulationem meam lntende ad dcprecatio- 
ante ipsuln pronuntio ; nem meam; ,. quia hu. 
In deficiendo ex me Iniliatus sum nimis. 
spiritum meum: =If et tu I.Jibera nle a perse. 
cognovisti semita
 meas. f}uentibus Dle; * quia 
In via hac, qua anl- confortati sunt super me. 
bu1abam, '* absconLlerunt Educ de custodia ani. 
supprbi laqueum mihi. manl meam ad confiten.. 
ConsiderabéHn ad dex- dl1n} nomini tuo; .. me 
teram, et v idebaln; :Jl: expectant j usti donee 
et non erat qui cognos... retribuas mihi. 
ceret me. Ant. Considerabam ad 
Pt>riit fuga a me, :I et dexteram. 
At the .lVlagnificat. . 
Ant. Cænantibus au... \T. Chrlstus factu; 
tenl illis acceplt Jesus est pro nobis obedi.. 
panem, et benedixt ac ens usque ad mor. 
git, deditque discipulis tern. 

1\ / Agnificat" anima Fecit potentiam in bra. 
.1 \' ßJea Dominunl. chio suo; "" dispersit su- 
Et exultövit Splntus perbos mente cordi
rneus '* in Deo salutari r)epo
uit polen
es de 
rueo. seùe; · et exaltavlÌ hUe 
Quia respexit humili- ß1iles. 
tatem ancil1æ suæ; '* ec- Esurientes implevit 
ce .enim ex hoc beatan1 bonis; 
et divites din1Ísit 

e dicent omnes genera- 1113nes. 
tlones. Suscepit I::irael puerum 
Quia fecit mihi mag.. suurn; *'recordatus n1Í. 
na, qui patens est; '*' et sericordiæ sure. 
sanctum nomen ejus. Sicut locutus est ad 
Et nlisericordia ej us a patres nostros. '. :t. A br
. . .. 
progenle In progenies, ham, et senunl eJus, 111 
1 tnf'ntibus eum. sæcula. 
r{{1'e all /i/leet, and SO!!, Our Father, &c. in secret. 
1-)s. I. 
Istrere mei Deus,:tt: Ecce enim in inquita. 
secundum nlag- tibus conceptus sum; 
1 l
n} misericordiam tu. et in peccatis concepit 
me mater mea. 
Ecce enim veritaten1 
àilexisti; '*incerta et oc. 
cu1ta sapientiæ tuæ ma.. 
nifestasti mihi. 
Asperges ß1e hyssopo, 
et ml1nrlilbor; · lavabis 
n1f>, et super nivem deal. 
Auùitui meo òabis 
gaudlum et lætitiam ; .. 
et e
nltabunt ossa 11l1l11i. 
A verte faciem tua m a 
peccatis tneis j *'et omoes 
iniquitates Ineas dele. 
('or ß1undum crea in 

Et secundum mu1titu- 
dinem miseration u m tu- 
arum, -dele iniquitatem 
,A.mp1ius lava me ab 
iniquitate mea; '* et a 
peccato mea n1uncta me. 
Quoniam iniquitaten1 
meanl ego cognosco; 
et peccatu m n1eum con- 
tra me est semper. 
Ti hi soli peccavi, et 
malum coram te feci; :I: 
lIt justificeris in sermoni.. 
bus tuis, et vincas cum 
j udicaris. 

23% COOO.FRIDA y. 
less than may suffice to eat the lanlb, he shaH take 
unto hin1 his neighbaur that joineth to his house. 
according to the nun1ber of souls which mav he 
enough to eat the laInb. And it shaH be a lamb 
without blenlish. a nlale of one year j ac.cordinQ' to 
which rite also he shall kill a kid. And you ihall 
keep it unto the fourteenth clay af this nlonth: and 
the whole multitude of the children of Israel shall 
sacrifice it in the evening. And they shaH take of 
the blood thereof, and put it upon both the side. 
})osts, and on the 11 pper door posts of the houses, 
wherein they shall eat it. l\nd they shall eat the 
flesh that night roasted at the fire, and unlea. 
vened bread, \vith wild lettuce. Y Oll shall not eat 
thereof any thing ra\,\1, nor boiled in water, but on. 
ly roasted at the fire: you shall eat the head with 
the feet and entrails thereof. Neither shall there 
remain any thing of it until morning. If there be 
any thing left, you shaH burn it with fire. And 
thus you saIl eat it: you shall gird your reins, and 
you shall have shoes on your fe
t, holding st
ves in 
your hands, and you shall 
at in haste: for it is the 
Pha<;e (that is the passage) of the Lord. 
TRA CT. Ps. cxxxix.- E1'ipe me, Domine, ab 
llOnÛne '/llalo; a viro iniq'llo Libera me, 
Rescue me, 0 Lûrd, from the wicked man; from 
the unjust man deliver Ine. V. Who devised \
edness in their hearts; all the day long prepared for 
war. Y. rrhey sharpened th
ir tongues like the 
serpent; the of asps "vas on their lips.. 
Secure me, 0 Lord, from the hands of the sinner; 
and from unjust men deliver me. V" The proud 
ones, \vho thought to trip up my heels, laid a hid- 
den snare for me. V. And they stretched out ropes. 
as a snare for my feet: by the "va)' side they put =-\ 
stumbling-block for me. V. I said to the Lord; 
thou art my God; hear. 0 Lord, the voice of my 
'er. V. Lord, Lord, the rnight of Iny salva. 

tion, co\'er thon my head in the day of battle. V. 
Deliver me not. 0 Lorò, against my \\ ish, up to 
the sinner; they have plotted against n1e, do not 
thou forsake me, lest they should glory. V. All 
their \viles and all their calumnies, theInselves sh311 
ovef\rhelnl. V. But the righteous shall praise thy 
narne, and the upright shal1 ò\"ell in thy sight. 
l1ccordiug to John xv!ii. and xix. 
A1' tllat time: ]fSl1S went \\'ith his discip1es over 
the brook Cedron, ,vhere there \\13S a garden, 
into ,yhich he entered \vith his disciples. Nov., Judas 
also, \"ho betrayed him, kne\v the place; because 
Jesus had often re!i\orted thither together ,,,ith his 
disciples. Judas therefore having received a band 
of soldiers l and 
ervants from the chief priests and 
the l)h,uisees, cometh thither "1ith lanterns, and 
tore hes, and weapons. je5us therefore knowing all 
things that should come upon him, ,vent forth, and 
said to them: "Vhorn st"ek ye? They answered 
hitn: Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus saith to them: I am 
l1c. And Juòas also, ,,'ho betrayed him, stood 
\,vith them. As soon then as he had said to 
them: I am he: they ,,'ent back\\'ard, anà fell to 
the ground. Again theretore ne asked them: \Vhanl 

eek }e: A nd they 
aid; Jesus of Na7areth. Jesus 
3I1s\vered; I have told you, that I am he. I f there. 
fore YOTI seek 1TIe, let these go their way. Ffhat the 
word might be fn1fiJleù \\'hich he said: Of them 
\yhOln thou hast gi\'en Jne, 1 have not lost an)" one. 
n Sinlon Peter h
\'ing a s\vord rtre\v it; and 
struck the 
{r\'3nt of the high.priest, and cut off his 
right ear. l\nd the nan1e of the sen'ant ,,,as :\Jalchus. 
Jesus then said to Pet
r: Put up thy s\\'ofll into 
cabbard:. 1'he fhaIice '''Rid\ 111\: father hath 
given me, shan I not drink it. Then the band, and 
the tribune, an..! the servants of the Jews took JpSl1S, 
a.nd they bound him: And they led h
In (1'\' ay to 

28..j. GOOD.FRIDA Y. 
.Annas first, for he was father-in-l
w to Caiphas, 
\vho \vas the high priest of that year. Now Cai. 
phas was he \\'ho had given the counsel to the jC\vs: 
rrhat it \\1as expedient that one tTIan should die for 
the people. Anti SilTIOn P
ter follovred Jesu
, and so 
did another disciple. And that disciple \\ as kno\va 
to the high priest, and \vent in \vith Jesus into tbe 
court of the high priest. But Pet
r stood at the 
lloor \vithout. '[he other disciple therefore \vho 
\vas kno\vn to the high priest, went ont, and spoke 
to the po rtt:'ress, and brought in Peter. 
-\nd the 
maid that 'Nas poneress, saith to Petpr; l\rt 
not thou also one of this J11an'S disciples: lIe saith ; 
I a nl not. N O\V the servan ts and officers stood at 
a fire of coals, because it was cold, anli \varme<l 
then15elves. Atlll with thell1 was Peter also stanJing 
and waroling hinlself. rrhe high priest then asked 
Jesus of his (hsciplt.'s and of his doctrine. Jesus 
ans\vered him; 1 have spoken openly to the \\'orId : 
J have alV\>ays taught in the s)'nê.
goglle, and in the 
temple, \vhith(-"r all the JC\\'s resort; and in secret I 
nave spoken nothing. \Y hy ask.eth thon nle? ask 
then1 ,,-ho have heard \vhat I have spoken unto 
theln; behold they kno\v \vhat th
s I havc said. 
A nù \"hen he had said these things, one of the offi. 
cers standing by, gé1ve Jesu" a blow, s:lying: Ans 

\'" erest thou the high priest so? Jesus ans\\'t
rcd hirn: 
} f I have spoken evil, give tpstinlony of th
 (:\'j 1 
if \yell, ,
'hy strikest thou 11le? And Annas s{:-nt hi[n 
)und to Caiphas the high priest. .And 81n1011 Peter 
,vas standin
, and \Y
1l"nÜllg hlIIlse1f. 'Thc\ said 
theret(Hè to ìli 01: A rt not thou also one of his dis- 
cip1es? He denied it, and said; I arn not. 'One of 
the servants of the high plic:;t (a kinsrnan to hin) 
\\ hos(.> ear Peter cut oí1') saitl1 to hill1 = lJ;d not I see 
thee in the garden \
;ith hin1? 'rhen Pl:tt:r i1gaitl 
(lellied: and irnlnediately thè COCK. cre\\'. 'I'hell 

hcy h.d J eSUi from C'-tipha.s to the go\'
rnor's h:l

And it was n10rning. and they ,,'ent not into the 
hall, that they might not be defiled, but that they 
nlight eat the pasch. Pilate therefore 'w'cnt out to 
lnJ and 
aid: \\'h(),t accllsation bring yon ngainst 
this Inan? 'fhey ansy:ered and said to him:. Jf he 
''''ere not a nlaletàctor 'we would not have delIvered 
J1im up to thee. }Jilate then said to thenl: 1'ake 
him you, and judge him according to your la\y. 
 Je,\'s th
refore sairl to him: It is not lawful for 
us to put an\ man to death. That the \\'ord of Jpsus 
might be fulfilled \\ hich he 
aid, signifying what 
ùeath he sho
dd d
e: Pilate therefore went into the 
II'll! again, and called Jesus anti said to hin1 : Art 
thou the king of the Je\-\'s. Jesus ans\vered 
thou this thing of thyself, or have others to\d it thee 
of nle? Vitate answered: Aln I a Je\v? 'Thy o\\'n 
nation, and the chief priests have delivered thee up 
to me: \\'hat hast thou done? Jesus ansv..ered: l\'Iy 
lingdon1 is not of this ,,'orld. If my kingdoln ,vere 
of this ,,"odd, nlY servants \\'ould certainly strive that 
1 should not be delivered to the Jews: but no"," my 
kingdonl is not fronl hence. Pilate theretore said to 
hinl: Art thou a king then? Jesus ans\\'ered: ï'hou 
sa}'cst, that I 31n a king. For this \vas I born, and 
for this I canle into the \,'odd; that I should gi,'e tes- 
timon} to the truth. Everyone that is of the truth
heareth flly \'oit:e. Pllate saith to him: \Vhat is 
truth? And when he had said this, he \yent out 
again to the J t'\\'8, and said to thenl: I find no 
canse in him. But you have a cliston1 th3.t I should 
release one unto you at the pasch: \\"iH you therefore 
that I release unto )OU the kin
 of the Je\\'s? Then 
cried they all a
ain, saying: Not thii Ulan but ßarab- 
Las. No,,' ßarabbas was a robber. '-fhen therefore 
Pilate took Jesus, and scourged him. And the sol.. 
diers p1atting a cro\vn of thorns, put it upon his 
head: and they put on him a purple garment. r\nd 
they can1e to hinl, and said: l1ail, ling of the Je'

and they gave him blows. Pi1ate therefore ,^
forth again, and saith to them: Behold 1 brin
forth unto you, that you may know that 1 find no 
cause in him. (Jesus therefore came forth bearing 
the crown of thorns, and the purple garn1ent,) And 
lIe saith to them: Behold the man. \Vhen the chief 
priests therefore and the officers had seen him, they 
cried out. saying: Crucify hiro, crucify hiol. Pilate 
saith to them: Take him you, and crucify him: for 
I find no cause in him. The Jews ans\vered him: 
We have a law; and according to that la\v he ought 
to die, because he made hilnself the Son of God. 
When Pilate therefore had heard this saying, he 
feared the more. And he entered into the hall 
again; and he said to Jesus: \Vhence art thou? 

ut Jesus gave him no ê\ns\ver. Pilate therefore saitb 
to hirn : Speakest thou not to me? kno\vest thou not 
that I have power to c.ruci(y thee, and I have power 
to release thee? Jesus ans\\'ered; Thou shouldst 
not have any power against me, unless it \-vere given 
thee from above. 'fherefore he that hath delivered. 
me to thee, hath the greater sin. And from thence.. 
forth Pilate sought to release him. But the Jews 
cried out, saying: If thou release this man, thou art 
not Cæsar's friend. For whosoever maketh himself 
a king, speaketh against Cæsar. Now when Pilate 
:had heard these words, he brought Jesus forth: and 
sat down in the judgment-seat, in the place that is 
called Lithostrotos, and in the Hebrew Gabbatha. 
Anrl it was the parasceve of the pasch, about the 
sixth hour, and he saith to the Je\vs: Behold your 
king. But they cried out: Away \-vith him, away 
with him, crucify him. Pilate saith to thetn: Shall 
I crucify your king? 'The 
hief priests answereJ: \r e 
have no king but Cæsar 'fhen therefore he de- 
livered hiln to them to be crucified. And th
y took 
Jesus, and led him forth. And .his own 
cross he \vent forth to that place which 1S called 

Calvary, but in IIebre"r Golgotha& 'V here they 
crucified him, and ,,'ith him hvo others, one 011 
ide, and Jesus in the midst. And Pilate \vrote 
8. title also 
 and he put it upon the cross. A nd the 
\vriting 'v\'as ]ESUS Oli' NAZAREï'I-I 1"'HE KING 
OF FI'I IE JE\YS. 'I'his title therefore many of the 
]e,,'s did read: bera1.lsP the place where Jesus ,vas 
crucified, was nigh to the citv: and it was written in 
Hebrew', in Greek, and in Latin. 1'hen the chief 
priests of the Jews said to Pilate: \V rite not, 'fhe 
king of the Jews; but that he said, I am the ling of 
the jC\\'s. Pilate answered: \Vhat I have ,"'ritten, I 
bave v:ritten. 'l'hpn the soldiers \\'hen they had 
crucified him, took his garments (and they made fOUf 
parts, to every soldier a part) and also his coat. 
Now the coat "'as ,,'ithout seanl, "'oven from the 
top throughout. They said then one to another: 
J.lct us not cut it, but let us cast lots for it whose it 
shall be: that the scripture might be fulfil1ed which 
saith? C']'hey have parted my garments among them; 
and upon my vesture they ha\Fe cast lots." And the 
soldiers indeed did these things. No\v there stood 
by the cross of Jesus, his n1othcr, and his mother's 
sister, }\Inry of Cleopha
, and 
Iary 1\Iagdalen. 
,\Thrn Jesus therefore had seen his mother, and the 
disciple standing \\'hOn1 he loved, he saith to his 
mother: \V Ol1lan, behold thy Son. After that, he 
S3.ilh to the disciple: Behold thy mother. And from 
that hour the disciple took her to his o\vn. After- 
,van] Jesus kno\\ ing that an things \\'t're now accom. 
plished, that the scripture might be fulfil1ed, 
I thirst. Now there \\'as a vessel set therp full of vine- 

ar. And they putting a sponge full of vinegar a-bout 
hyssop, put it to his month. Jesus therefore v
'hen he 
Hi taken the vinegar, <:aid: It is consunlrnated. And 
bowil1g his head, he gave up the ghost-. 'l'hen the 

* Here all kneel, and pause. 

Je\vs (because it \vas the para5céve) that the bodi
lnight not upon the cross 0:') the sabbath da) 
(for that ,vas a great sabbath. day) besol1ght Pilate 
that their legs fRight be broken, anrl that they :uiglat 
be taken a\.\1ay. rrhe soldiers therefore caine: an.J 
they broke the legs of the fir-st, aad of the otlH'l 
th3.t was crucifie(l \iVith hi In. But after they caIne 
to Jesus, \vhen they sa\v that he \vas already dead. 
they did not break hi
 leg.... But one oÎ the sol\.lier.. 
\vith a spear opened his side, and iUlín
diatd 1,. 
there came out blood and water. And he tha 
sa" it hath given tesÜlnoný: ant! his tc'stirnollY i
true. And he kno\veth that he s:,\Ïth true; tha 
lso may bel ieve. For the8C things \JrlCre done 
that the scripture might be fHlfilled: h You shan 
not break a bone of hinl." A nd again another 
5cripture s.aith: "Th
y shall look on hinl wh(n\l 
they pierced." 
Ifere is said, Cleanse my heart. ORDI
AR Y, P xx. 
A ND after these things Joseph of L\rinlalhea 
(because he \vas a disciple of Jesus, but secretly 
for fear of the )e\vs) besought Pilate that he nlight 
take the body of Jesus. And Pilate gave leave. lIe 
canle therefore and took a\\'ay the bo(ly of Jesus 
And Nicodenlus also canH", he who at the first caUl 
to Jesus by night, hringing a nlixture of n1yrrh au,1 
aloes, about one hundrëd pound vleight. 'rhey too1.. 
thtrefore the body of Jesus, and '\\'onnd it in linen 
cloths \\,ith the spices, as the n1annt""'r of the Jews i:; 
to bury. Now th
re was in the place, \vhere he 
\vaS crucified, a garden: and in the garden a ne\v 
sepulchre, wher
in no Inan had yet been laid. 
There therefore, because of the parasceve of the 
]e\vs, they laid Jesus, because the sepulchre \vas 
h at hand. 
l..ïlcn tlu:, Priest, standing on tlte Epistle side, !{/!JiJ as 
.follolL's : 
[Lct us pray, most dearly b
lovcd brethren, for the 

holy Church of God, that the 1.0rd God \vouid 
be pleased to grant it peace, nlaint1.ill it in union, 
and preserve it all ovt:r the earth. rrhat he "ould 
likewise bring into her bosoln the princes and po- 
tentates of the whole \vorld, and grant us peace 
and tranquillity in this life, and to glorify God the 
Father Almighty.] 
Prin;t. I
et us pray. IJcafon. Let us kneel do\vn. 
Subdeacon. Stand up again. 
O ..t\ Imighty and .Eternal God, ,vho, by Christ, "- 
hast revealed thy glory to all nations; presen'e 
the ,,'orks of thine own mercr, that thy Church, 
\vhich i
 spread over the ",'hole \\'odd, Inay perse- 
vere ,,'ith a con!'tant faith in the confession of thy 
nanle. 'fhro' the 
ame. R. Anlen. 
[Let us pray also for our n10st holy rather Pope N. 
that our Lord God, \\Tho hath made choice of him 
in the order of the Episcopacy, Inay preserve him 
in hea
th and saf
ty tor the good of his holy 
Church, and to 
overn the holy peopl
 of God.) 
l>r. I.,et us pray. 1),([.:. Let us kneel <10',\"11. 
Sllbd, Stand up n
O Aln1ighty and Eterna1 Go
l, by \vhose appoint- 
Inent all things í-lre establí
1aed and rnaintained; 
nU'fcifu l1y regard our prayer
, and, by thy goodness, 
IHcser\'c the Prelate chosen to gorenl tiS; that the 
Christian people, who arc go\'erned by thy autho. 
rity, ffi..l}' incre..lse the olerits of their faith under so 
great a ßi
hop. rrh fO'. l
...-\ nlen. 
[Let us also pra}' for al1 ßi
hops, Priest:;;, Deacons, 
Su Ldeacoas, .L \col ytes, Exorci6ts, Readers, Door- 
, Confes"or9, llrgins, \Yido\\-
, and for 
all the holy people of God.] 
])r. Let liS pray. Dear. Let us kneel do\.yn. 
Subd. StanJ up a
O A1 mighty and Eternal God, by ,,-hose spirit 
the \.-hole cody of the Church is sanctifiòl 

and governed; hear our prayers for an orders and 
degrees thereof; that, by the assistance of thy grace, 
thou maye
t be served by every rauk and condition. 
Thro'. R, Amen. .. 
 us pray also for the King, the Defender of th
faIth, that the Lord God may reduce to his obe. 
dience all barbarous nations for our perpetual 
peace ] 
Pre Let us pray. Deac. Let us kneel do\vn. 
Subd. Stand up again. 
O Allnighty and Eternal God, in whose hands 
nre the power and right of all kingdools: 
graciously look do"rl1 on the empire of Gre;1t Bri. 
tain; that those nations who confide in their own 
haughtiness and strength, may be reduced by the 
rer of thy right hand. Thro'. R. Amen. 
[Lpt us pray also for our Catechunlens, that our 
Lord God olay open for them the ears of their 
arts, and the gates of mercy; that having re. 
ceived the ren1Ïssion of sin by the laver of regene- 
ration, they nlay also belong to our Lord Jesus 
h rist.] 
Pre IJet us pray. Dcac. Let us kneel ùo\vn. 
Subd. Stand up again. 
O Almighty and Eternal God, \vho continually 
nlakest the Church fruitful in ne,v children; 
increase the faith and understanding of our Cate- 
çhtHnens, that, bein
 again born at the font of bap- 
t\'')Ol, they IT ay be joined to thy adopted chilòren; 
"rhro'. R. Amen. 
[Let us pray" lTIOst dearly beloved brethren, to God 
the Father Almighty, that he would purge the 
'orld of a11 errors, cure diseases, drive a\\'ay fa- 
mine, open prisons, break chains, grant a safe 
return to tn4vellers. health to the sick, and a se- 
cure harbour to such 
s are at sea.] 
Pre Let us pray. l)cac. Let us knee1 do\vn. 
Subd. Stand up again. 

A) mighty and Eternal God, the comfort of the 
atflicted, and the strength of those that la- 
bour; let the prayers of all such as call upon thee in 
tribulation, come to thee; that all \vith joy, rnay 
find the effects of thy Illercy in their necessities. 
'rhro'. R. Amen. 
[Let us pray also for all heretics and schismatics, 
that our Lord God ""auld be pleased to de[iver 
them tram all their errors, and call them back to 
ollr holy l\lother the Catholic and Apostolic 
Pr. I.let us pray. Deac. Let us kneel down. 
Subd. Stand up again. 
o Almighty and Eternal Gorl, who savegt all, and 
\vouldst have none to perish; look down on 
those souls that are seduced by the deceits of the de- 
viI; that the lile:uts of all those \\'ho err, laying aside 
all heretical malice, may repent, and return to the 
unity of thy truth. rrhro'. R. .l.t\men. 
[Let us pray also for the perfidious Jews; that the 
ord God \vouJd \vithdraw the veil fran1 their 
hearts, that they also may ackno\vledge OUf Lord 
Jesus Christ thy Son.] 

 FlectanlUs genua is here omitted, in abhorrence of 
the insult oDèred b!j the JCt1JS to our Saviour, when 
they knclt bçjòre hem in derision, ill, the hall of 
Pilate's palace. 
O Almighty and Eternal God, \vbo deniest not 
thy mercy even to the perfidious Jews; hear 
our prayers \vhich \ve pour forth for the blindess of 
that p
ople; that by ackno\vledging the light of thy 
truth, which i
 the Christ, they lnay be brought out 
of their darkness. 'fhro.' R. Amen. 
[Let us pray also for the Pagans; that Almighty God 
u1d ren10ve all iniquity froln their hearts; that 
qUitting their idoh, they n1ay be converted to the 
true, and living God, and his only Son, Jesus 
Chnst our Lord.] 


29 2 COOD FRìDAY. 
].J r . T.Jet us pr8Y_ Deac. Let us kneel down- 
8'llbd. Stand up again. 
O Almighty and Eternal God, vdlo seekest not 
the death,. of sinners, but that they should 
1 Lve; nlercifully hear our prayers, and deliver them 
from their idolatry; and, to the plaise and glory of 
thy DanIe, admit them into thy holy Church. Thro. 
Jesus Christ our Lord,_ who livest. It. Amen. 
llcre tlte Priest takes dOtcn tIle cross, and uncovering 
 top if it, sags: 
Anlh, Bëhold the \vood of the cross, on which 
l1ung the Salvation of the W orId. 
'Then the Cle1'gy, and all the people, on tlteir bended 
knees, a.nswer: 
R. Con1e let us adore.. Venite adoremus. 
..... This Anth. end R. being repeated twice more, till 
the whole Cross is unCovt'rcd, tlte Priest la!Js it down 
in a proþer place, and all kneeling tl,rict: on both 
knees, rcverently approach to, and devoutlg kiss, the 
feet (1' the crucifix. During this cerenWll!l, two 
chantcTfi in the tmiddle if the choir sing, alternately, 
tlte versicles called the Reproaches, bt:cause tlte}J are 
in the name (!!' Christ reproaching the Jervish people 
with ingratitude, for th
 rnanijòld blessings and 
./àvQurs I
e had corfferred on t"eln. 
JT. :1\1 y people, what V. Popu]c llleUS, ljuid 
have I done to thee? Or feci tibi? Aut ,in quo 
in what havp I grieved contristavi te? Responde 
thee? A nswer me. mihi. 

* The intention of the Church, in expofing the cro[s to 
our veneration on this day, is, that we might the more 
effeaually raife up our hearts to HIM who expired 
thereon for our reaemption. Whenever, therefore, we 
kneel, or proftrate ourfelves before a' crucifix, it is JESUS 
CHRIST only whom we adore, and it i5 in him alone 
that out ref pet1s tenriinatc. 

T". Because 1 brought V. Quia eduri te de 
thee out of the land of te1'1'a Egypti: jJllrast; 
of Egypt; thou hast pre 41 C1 f ucem Sutv<<to7,i tuo. 
pared a cross for thy 

1. Choir sin
s, Agivs 0 Thcos. } 0 hol y God. 
II. Choir ans,yers, Sanctus DellS. 
I. Choir, .Agios Iscli
lJ'l'os. I O}.I l H 1 0 
]1. Choir, Sanctus l'ortÌJ. S .L os 0 y nee 
I. Choir, Agios, Athallatos elt:isun. } 0 IIaly Im- 
Ùnas. mortal ()n.e, 
II. Choir, Sanctus IlIllllortalis, have mercy 
'Illisel'ere nobis.. 011 us. 
1ft.. After singillg tl1e.forcg(Jlng praises qf God in 
Greek tlud Latin UÒl'lllt:1'/g the tUfo ,nost u1livt:rSCll 
languages, to shell) tile union between all the 
Chul'c!tes) t'll:O oj" tlte s-.cond c/loir proceed 'l.vith tlte 
V. Because I \-vas thy guide through the desart (or 
fort}' years, and fed thee ,,,'ith manna, anù brought 
thee into an (;xcellent lanù, thou hast prepared a 
cross for thy Saviour. 
Then Agios 0 Theos, &c. is repeated alternatelg as 
above, {ifte'l
 lnhic/t tzeo f!llhe jirst choir sing: 
V. \Vhat nlore should I have done to thee, and 
have not done r I have planted thee for my nlost 
beautiful vineyard: anrl thou hast proved very bitter 
to me, for in Iny thirst thou gayest nle vinegar to 
drink; and piercedst the side of thy Saviour \vith a- 
s pear. 
Agios 0 'rheas, &c. i
 repeat ed as ab01'c. 
fí. For thy sak
 1 scourged 
gypt \\'ith ht;r fir
l)orn; and thou hast delivereJ n1e up to be scourbèd. 
'fhe 'v hole Choir.] 
1 y people, \vhat have I 
ùane to thee? or in \vh
t have 1 gritved thee rAn. 
S\ler me. 


\VO of J. Choir.] 1 7 . I led thee O\lt of E
navlng drowned Pharaoh in the Reò Sea; and thou 
bast delivered me up to the chief priests. 
. rrhe whole Choir. 
1y people, &c. 
Two ofJT. Ch(\jr,] V. I opened the sea before 
thee; and thou hast opened my side \vith a spear. 
'fhe whole Choir. l\Iy people, &c. 
T\vo of I. Choir.] I ,yent before thee in a pillar 
of cloud; and thou hast brought file to the court of 
The whole Choir. l\iy people, &c. 
T\vo of II. Choir.] V. T fed thee with manna 
in the desart; and thou hast beaten DIe \vith buffets 
and stripes. 
'rhe whole Choir. 1\1)' people, &c. 
Two of I. Choir.] V. I gave thee wholesome 
"7ater to drink out of the rock, and thou hast given 
me gall and vinegar. 
r-rhe \vhole Choir. l\Iy people, &c. 
Two of II. Choir. J V. For thy sake I smote the 
king of Canaan; and thou hast smote my head with 
a cane. 
The \vhole Choir. l\Iy people, &c. 
Two of I. Choir.] V. I gave thee a royal sceptre; 
and thou ha
t given me a cro\vn of thorns. 
'1'he whole Choir. IVIy people, &c. 
T\vø of 11. Choir.] V. By great might I raised 
tnee on high; and thou hast hanged me on the 
gibbet of the cross. 
'The \\lho!e Choir. ßly people, &. and the 
..Ant. We adore thy cross, 0 Lord, and \ve praise 

nd glori(v thy holy resurrection, for by the ,vood of 
the cross the \.\'hole earth is filled with joy. 
Ps. I\Iay God have mercy on us, and bless us : 
may his countenance shine upon us, and may he 
have l11crcy on us. 
Ant. 'Ve adore t:1ee, &c. to Ps. 

Thcn is S'UlllJ the Versic1e, 0 faithful cross! with the 
II vn1n, in tlte J'ollowing 1JJll1l/JlCr : 
O Faí'thfu\ cross! 0 noblest tree t 
In all our \voods there's none like thee: 
No earthly groves, no shady bow'rs 
Produce such leaves, such fruit, such ßO\\7'rs. 
*' Sweet are the nails, and sweet the wood, 
That bears a weight, so sweet, so good. 
IN . 
S ING, 0 my tongne, devoutly sing 
The glorious 1au rels of our King: 
Sing the triumphant victol'Y 
Gain'd on the cross erected high; 
'Vhere man's Redeenler yielùs his breath, 
Anrl, dying, conquers hell and death. 
o faithfu I cross, &c. is 'repeated to.. 
\Vith pity our Creator sa\v 
I-Jis noblest work transgre
s his la\\', 
\Vhen our first parents rashly ate 
The fatal tree's forbidden Ineat:. 
lIe then resolv'd the cross's wood 
Should make that tree's sad d
image good. 
Sweet are the nails, &c. from". 
By this ,vise lllelhod Gael design'd 
From sin and death to save mankind; 
Superior art with love combines, 
.A nrl arts of Satan countern1Ìnes: 
And where the traitor gave the \vound, 
rrhere healing renledies are found. 
o faithful cros
, &c. to". 
\Vhen the full time decreed above 
'Vas come to shew this v;ork of love, 
'rh' Eternal Father sends his Son, 
.l'he \vorld's Creator from h is throne 1 
\Yho on our e
rth, this vale of tears, 
Cloth'd ,,'ith a virgin 9 g flesh appears. 
S,,'eet arc the naib, &c. j'l'om"'. 

Thus God Inade man, an infant lies, 
A nd in the manger w
eping cries: 
I-lis sacred limbs by l\1ary bound, 
'[he poorest tatter'd rags surround; 
And Goel's incårnate feet and hands 
Are closely botincl with swathing bands. 
o faithful cross, &c. to. ' 
Full thirty years were fully spent 
In this our Inortal banishment: 
And then the Son of ßIan dec.reed 
F or the lost sons of men to bleed j 
And on the cross a victim laid, 
The solemn expiation nlade. 
Sweet are the nails, &c. .from*. 
Gall was his drink; his flesh they tear 
\Vith thorns and nails; a cruel spear 
Pierces his side, froIn w hence a flood 
Streams forth, of \vater mix'd \\1ith blood 
\Vith what a tide are \vash'd again 
F'I'he sinful earth, the stars, the maiu t 
o faithful cross, &c. tv*. ' 
Bend to\v'ring tree, thy branches bend, 
Thy native stubbornness suspend: 
et not stiff nature use its force, 
'1'0 \veaker saps have now fl-'course; 
With softest arms receive thy load, 
.And gently bear our dying God. 
S\veet are the nails, &c. fi'o})f1ç. 
On thee alone the l..an1b was slain 
'I'hat reconcil"cl the \
,;or1d a
ain ; 
...\ nd \vhen on raging seas \vas tost 
hipvw reck
d v.'orld, and ruankin.llost, 
prink'ed wirh his 
'acred gore, 
orhon safely hrought theIl1 to the shore. 
D f
lÏthflll cross, &c. [v*. 
l glory to the sacred 'fhrce, 
t)ne uÌ1ùi,'iueu Oeity; 

'1'0 Father, IIoly Ghost, and Son, 
Be equal praise and hOlnage done; 
t the "'hole universe proclailn 
Of One antl 'fhree the glorious name. Amen, 
Sweet are the nails, &c. from,.. 
'lclwa'rds tile end oj" tile Adoration. &c. tlte Candles 
0/1, tile .Altar are lig/lied, and tll-e Cro,ss being 
placed thereon. the Priest, wit/" his Attendants, 
gOfer; to jete/I, the Sacred I10st .lro-11"l the place 
v-llere it was yeJtEl'do!l deposited. TVhibt the Pro- 
cession is returning thejûllowillg [-1 YMN is sung. 
V Exilla regis prode. Electa digno stipite 
unt, "raln sancta 111embra 
Fulgit Crucis mysterium; tangere! 
Qua vita ß10rtcm pertu. Beata, cuj us brachiis 
lit, t Pretiu 01 pepcl1dit sæcu Ii, 
Et morte vitam protu1it. Statera facta corporis, 
Quæ vulnerûta lanceæ 'l'u1itque præcianl tartari. 

Iucrone diro, crin11num 0 crux, aye spes uni. 
Ut no
 laveret sordibus, ca 
r,Iallavit unda et sangui- Hoc passionis tempore! 
nee [cinit Piis adal1ge gratiam. 
Impleta sunt, quæ COll- Reisque dele crin1ina. 
David fideli carmine, Te fons salutis, Trini. 
Dicenclo nationibus 
 tas, [tus; 
Regnavit a ligno Deus. Col1alldet omnis Spiri- 
Arbor decora et fulgi- Quibus crucis victoriam 
gida, largiris, adde præn1Í.um. 
Ornata regis purpura t 

Illlving pluced tI,C Sacred IIost Qll, tIle Altar, lie 
CCltSeS it on I,is knee':? and ll!J'S it on the:, corporal; 
{lnd tý
(r receiviHg tilt; Chalice {t'ith wine (Iud 'lcutcr 
l the Oeacon, Ite cense
 buth Ilost and Cl.hilice, 
l\1 ^ Y this incense, \\'hich hath been bles
cd by 
.l thee-, 0 Lord, asc
nd tù the
J and fila}' thy 
mercy de
cend upon us. 

At the ccnsillg 11' th.e Allar. 
L ET my prayer, 0 Lord, a
cend like incense in 
thy sight; and let the lifting up of my hands 
be like the evening sacrifice. l)lace, 0 Lord, a 
p:113rd upon my n1(
l1th, and a gate of prudence be- 
fore my lips, that my heart may not ,vander after 
\vords of Inalice, to seek excuses in sin. 
On returning the Censer to tIle Deacon he 
(!ys : 
M A Y the kindle in us the fire of his love. 
and the flanl
 of everlasting charity; 
'l'lten lie lJ){lsllfS his fingers 'æithout saying any thing; 
(ýf:crlcnrds he bVlL':i dO'll:n at the 'JJliddle 0/' tlte altea', 
(lnd S{J,.VI :. , 
A CCEprr us, 0 I.Jord, coming to thee in tl1e spi. 
rit of humility, anù \vith a contrite heart; 
and grant that the sacrifice of this day may be so ce. 
lebrated by us as to be ,veIl pleasing to thee, 0 Lord 
Oll r God. 
Then turning about to'tcards the people, he says: 
Pr. B Rethren, pray that this my sacrifice and 
yours may be acceptable to God the Father 
Al nlighty. 
Iay the Lord receive this sacrifice from thy 
hands to the praise and glory of his o\\'n name, to 
our benefit and that of all his holy Church. 
Let us pray. 
Pr. I Nstructed by 
hy s
 precepts, and follow. 
ing thy dIVine dIrections, \ve presume to 
say: Our 
ather, &c. p. xx
R. Dehver us fron} all eVil. 
 anslt'cred Amen in silence, he tllcn says aloud: 
Dellver us, \ve beseech thee, 0 Lord, &c. as ill 
p. xl. ,. . 
Having ele"Cated t,
e Sacred 
ost, and dl
ld{;d 'It 

llto tl1ree parts, he puts one lnto the Chahce say. 
'l12 (J' : 
L Itr not the participation of thy bodr, 0 Lord 
Jesus Christ, which J, though ul1\vorthy, pre. 

Snn1e to receive, turn to my judgment and con. 
demnation; but let it, through thy mercy, become 
a safe
guard anù remedy both to soul and body; 
who with God the Father, in unity \vith the tt@ly 
Ghost, livest and reignest, one God, \vorld without 
end. Amen. 
Taking up the Sacred Host on tile Paten, ne says: 
I \Vill receive the bread of heaven, and call 011 the 
name of the I..Iord. 
Then he strikes Ilis breast, repeating tl,rice: 
LORD, I am not \\-'orthy thou 
houlrlst enter under 
my roof; spèak therefore but the \vord, and il1Y 
c;oul shaH be healed. 
TJThen he '1'txeil i es the Sacred Host, lie says: 
ì\ / l A Y the body of our I..Iord Jesus Christ preserve 
1" my soul to e\fcrlasting life. An1en. 
Having 7'eceh'cd the Chalice, and taken the .l\.blution, 
- bo'wing dOlcn, he sa!!s: 
G RAN'r, 0 Lord, that \vhat \ve have taken 
\vith our U10llths, we may receive with a pure 
heart; that as \ve now receive it in this n10rtal life, 
it may procure us that \vhich is eternal. 
ANTHEMS and PSALMS. asyeslerda!l, p. 275. 
,A.t the l\lagnificat. 
Ant. Cum. accepisJit acelU1n dixit; conSUm'!J.ia.
eJt: et inclinato capitt!, elllisit spiritum. 
V. Christusfactus est pro noúis obeJiells 'Usque Q(l 
nW'J'lcm, mortc1n autcm cruci,ç. 
Our Father being said in secret, tlw ç,ffice concludes 
W.itll the Ps. 
1iserereJ p. 279, and the .J:Jr{!J'et' Res- 
pice, ]1. 270. 



I N the first BereS of the ChU1Ch there was no l\fass ce1e- 
brakd eith
r on this day or yesterday. The faithful 
...ìlently adored Jesus Christ in the sepulchre till towards 
evening, when they alf{'m bled in the Church, cmd occu" 

pied themse1v(s in praying, reading Iesfions from the holy 
Scriptures. finging pfalms, baptizing and confirn1Ìng ca- 
techumens, &c. &c. until about midnight, \\--ben the 
of the Resunectjon began. '\Therefore in order to perpe- 
tuate the rememDrance of the fervent piety of her firft 
children, the Church fiill retains the word night in th(" 
Office of thiJ da)'. 
The Lord be \I\'ith you. 
. And v:ith thy spirit.. us pray. DUls, qui. 
a God, ,vho by thy only Son, the chief corner- 
slohe of thy Church, hast besto'.ved on the 
faithful the fire of thy divine 1ov
 bless + this ne\\
fire produced from a flint for our use; and grant 
that during this paschal solenlnity, we 111ay be so 
inflanled \vith heavenly desires, that, \Vilh purity of 
mind, \\"e may come to those festivals, ,vhere ,ye 
may enjoy a light 'Nhich "'ill never end. 
rhro' the 
san1e. lt A men. 
et u:; pray. Domine,' Deus. 
o T
ord God, Almighty Father, never.(1iIing 
light, ,vho art the Creator of all the lights: 
bless + this tight, \\'hich hath been béfore bles:;ed 
aDd san<:tified by thee. \vho h
nlightened the 
\\-hole \\'orld; that \\'e may be inHanled by that san1e 
ht, and enlightened by the fire of thy brightness; 
and as thou Jidst enlighten 1\loses \\'lu>n he "rent 
out of Eg} pt, so éulighten our hearts anti sense
that \ve n1ay obraia that light and life \vhich ,,-ill 
lu!ve no end. '-fhro' Christ our {.Jon!. R. Alnen 
Let us pray. Domine sallcte. 
O Holy Lord, Alrnighty Father, Eternal Goe], 
\'ouchsafe to assist liS, while y;e ble
s this fire 
in thy nanlP, and in that of thy only Son Jt'Sl1S 
Christ, our Lord ao({ God, and the f-Iolv Ghost: 
assist I1S against the fiery Jans of the elìènlY, and 
htel1 us \vith thy heavenly grace" \Vho live
(;r1'.1 r
jgnest \vith the saIne, &c. R. l\rnen. 

06.-' HOLY SATURDAY. 30t 
G of the 
fit'e Gr:1Ïlls '!f INCENSE. 
P Lentifully pour forth, we be
eech thee, 0 A!- 
mighty God, thy + blessing on this incense: 
and kindle, 0 lo\,isible regellerator, the brightness 
of this night; that not only the sacrifice, \vhich is 
offered this night, may shine by the secret mixture of 
thy light; but also, that into whatever place any 
anctified bv these u1}stica\ prayers shaH be 
c.arried, there by the po\ver of thy maje
ty, all the 
D1alicious artifices of the devil may be defeated., 
rfhro Y Christ Ol1r Lord. R. A men. 
After an Acol yte !Las put sùme f!f the blessed Fire into 
tlte Censer, tlte Priest adds incense, saying: u 
thou be blessed + by him, in \\ hose honour thou 
art to be burnt. It Hn'e Ile sp,'iltkles tlte Grains of 
Incense and the Fire thrice, :,a!Jing: "Sprinkle 
me, &c. p. xiii. Then !tat'ing fumed them thrice 
r.:itl1. Incense, he takes the Cane with the three 
Candle" to the entrance of th
 Church, u
here ore 
is lighted by au, I.-\l:oiyte lcith (l candle from tlte new 
fire, ù.ltilst t he D
acon sings alone: ca Behold the 
light of Chri
;' to zc,
ich, all klle
ltngJ add: 
" ll. 1'ha;lks he to God." 
e sa
ne is rfpudLd at lighting tlu: second in ,the 
IniJdle of the Church, and rile thirJ at the foot of 
the altar; after li:hiel" the Deacon says: I. Pray, 
Sir, gi\e me your ble9sing." 1'0 "{(hit'lt the Priest 
re/t/Ù:s: u l\lay the Lord be in your heart and 
lips, that you ma
' \vorthily and fith- proclaim his 
chal praise: in the name of the father, anù of 
the Son 
:4I, &c. 1
, ...\men." 
During tlte BLf'SSING qf the PA.SCH,A.L CA}:.. 
. DLE, all 
tt:nd up. . 
1 ET no\v the hea\.'cnly tronps of 
nge1s r(
I It>t these divine m\
teries be jovfull\' celebraterl: 
antllet the heavenly "tru mpct pub
h the victory of 
our great King: and let the eHnh atso triumph, be. 
ing b
dutifieJ \\-ith such re"plendent beams; and let 



it see the darkness \vl1ich overspread the "'hole 
,\'orid c"taced 3\\ ay by the splendor of our Eternal 
. Let Ollr 
lother the Church also rejoice, be- 
ing adornpd þy the rays of so great a light; and let 
this ten1ple echo \vith the joyful acclamations of all 
the people. And therefore I beseech you, dear 
brethren, who behoJd the \vonderful brightness of 
this holy light, to join ,vith me in invoking the 
Jnercy of Alnlighly God; that l1e who hath been 
pleased, \
ithout any merit on my side, to admit 
Ine into the nun1ber of his Levites, ßlay, by the 
effusion' of light upon n1e, enable me to go through 
\\'ith the encomiuI11 of this taper. rrhro' our Lord 
Jesus Christ his Son, \vho with him and the IIoly 
Ghost liveth rtnd reigneth one God world \vithout 
end. R.. An1en. 
J '. 'fhe Lord be \
'ith )'ou. R. And with thy 
spirit. fT. Raise up your hearts on high. R. \Ve 
have then1 ra:sed up to the Lord. V. Let us give 
thanks to the Lord OUI God. R. It is meet- and 
j list. 
lrf is truly meet and just to proclainl with all the 
affection ef heart and sonl, and sound of voice, 
the invisible God, the Vather Almighty, and his 
only Son Ollr Lord J
sus Christ: who paid tor us to' 
}}is eternal Father the debt of Adan1; and, by his 
sacred blood, cancelled the guilt of the original of. 

ence. For this is the Paschal solemnity, in \yhich the 
ITue Lamb ''''
S slain, by \vhose blood the doors of 
the faithful are consecrated. This is the night, in 
which thon formerly didst bring forth our forefathep, 
the children of Jsrael, out of r
g}'pt, leading then1 
dry..foot th rongh the Red-Sea. rrhis also is th(1t 
night which dissipated the darkness of sin by the 
light of a pillar of fire. 'fhis is the night, v
withdrawing aU those v;ho, through the "'hole 
world, believe in Christ, froln the vices of the 
".'úrld, and the darkR
s:) of sin, rtstores lhcll1 to 

grace. and gives them a fellowship with the saints. 
'rhis is the night in which Christ broke the chains 
of death, and ascended victorious from the grave. 
lior it would have availed us nothing to have beell 
born, l1nlcs
 \\"e had also the advantage of being re. 
deemed. 0 the wondeJ's of thy mercy to\\'arus 
o the inestimable excess of thy love. Thou di(ht 
deliver up thy 
on to redeem a slave! 0 truly neces- 
sary sin of Adam, \vhich hath been blotted out by 
the death of Christ! 0 happy fault, \\"hich deserved 
such and so great a Redeemer! 0 truly blessed 
night, which alone \vas privileged to kno\v the hour 
and moment'\vhen Christ rose again from the dead! 

'his is the night of \vhich it is \Vrittell : "And the 
night shaH be as light as day: and the night shineth 
upon me in my pleasures." 'I'he sacredness there.. 
fore of this night pl1t
 crin1es to flight, \vashes a\\7ay 
sin, and restores innocence to the E\lle,n, and joy to 
those in sorro\v. It banishes enmities. produces 
concord, and n1akes potentates bo\v. 
HetTe the Deacon fixes tile five Grains of Incense in 
tIle Candle in tlteform C}f a C1'OSS, and tl,en gOLS un : 
R Eceive, therefore, 0 holy l
ather, on this sacre<.t 
night, the evening sacrifice of this incense, 
\VhlCh thy holy Church, by the hands of her l11inis- 
ters, presents to thee in the solelnn oblation of thIS 
\vax candle, made out of the labour of the bees. But "" 
no\v we know the meaning of tbe cncon1Íulns of this 
taper lighted froln this sparkling fire to the honour of 
God. (lIere ke.lights tile Paschal Candle) \Vhich fire, 
though now divided, suffel.s no loss from the COIU- 
munication of its light, \\ hilst it fceds on the melted 
\vax produced by the bee to make this taper. 
(Here tlte lamps are lighted.) 0 truly blessed 
night, which plundered the Eg}'pti
ns, and enriched 
the Ht:brews! 0 night, in which heaven is united to 
earth, and God to fllan 1 \Ve beseech thee, there. 
fore, 0 Lord, .that this taper, consecrated to the 

nonour of thy name, may continue burning tö dissi. 
pate the darkness of this night; and being accepted 
by thee as a s\veet odour, it may be joined to the 
lights of heaven: l,et the nlorning star find. it burn- 
ing: that morning star, I mean
 which never sets; 
who, retu rning from the grave, darted forth his be- 
nign rays upon nlankind. \Ve beseech thee, there- 
fore, 0 Lord, to grant us peace during this Paschal 
solemnity, and with thine uninterrupted protection 
to rule, govt'rn, and preserve us tRY servants, and 
all the clergy and devout laitv; together with our 
holy t
lther Pope N. and our Bishop N. Look down 
also on ollr pious King N. and since 
hou knowest 
o (;od, the desires of his heart, grant, by the ineffa- 
ble grace of thy goodness and mercy, that he may 
enjoy \vith all his people, an uninterrupted peace 
rind heavenly victory. 
 'fino'. l-t Amen. 
'l'hen are read the l.1esson5:, called Prophecies, for the 
r nstruction fir the Catecl:umens. 
I. PROPIIECY. Gen. i. ii.-In the beginning 
God created heaven and earth. And the earth was 
void and enlpty, and darkness \-vas upon the face of 
the deep'; and the Spirit- of God moved over the 
wateri;. And God said: Be light made. And light 
was marlp. And God saw the light that it was 
good: and he divided the light fron\ the darkness. 
And he called the light day, and the darkness night: 
and there was evening and morning one Jay. And 
God said; Let there be a firmament nJade amidst 
the waters: and let it divide the \v
ters fronl the 
"'"aters, l\nd God made a nrolarnent, and divided 
the \vater" that were under the firOlament from those 
that were above the firman1ent. And it was so. 
And God called the fìrman1ent, f-leaven: and the 
evening and morning were the second day. God 
also said: Let the \\'aters that are under the heaven 
be gatl'1ered together into one place: and let the 
dry land appear. And it was so donç. .And God 

ca\lpd the dry lanrl E::rth: and the gathering toge. 
thtr of the waters, l\t
 cuBed Seas. And God saw 
that it \\'as good. And he said: let the eal th bring 
forth the green herb, and such as may seed. and the 
fruit-tree yielding fruit after its kinò, which may 
have seeò in itself upon the earth, A nd it '" as 
ùone. .And the earth brouç:ht forth the green herb, 
and such as yieldfth seed according to its kind, and 
the tree that heareth fruit, having seed each one ac- 
cording to its kind. A nd God saw that it was good. 
And the evening and the nlorning \'-'ere the third 
day. .And God saiò: Let there be tights nladc in 
the firmament of heaven, to divide the (lay and the 
night, and let thenl be for signs, and for seasons. 
and for days and years: to shine in the firmampnt 
of heaven, and to 
ive light upon the earth. And 
it \vas so done. And God n)ade two great lights; a 
ater light to rule the day, and a lesser light to 
rule the night; and stars. And he set them in the 
finnalnent of heaven, to shine upon the earth. And 
to rule the day and the night, and to diviJe 
the light and the darkne5ls, And God saw that it 
\\-'as good. And th
 and morning were 
the fourth day. (;od also said: I
et the \vaters 
bring forth the creeping creature having life, and 
the fowl that Inay tlr over the earth under the firnla- 
Jnent ofheavpu. And God created the great \\'hales, 
and every li\'ing and movin
 creature, which the 
,vaters brought forth, according to their kind
, and 
ry \yingeò fowl according to its kind. And God 
sa\v that it was good. And he blessed them, say- 
ing: Increase and multiply, and fill the \yaters of 
the sea: and let the birds be n1l11tipli
d upon the 
earth. l\n<.1 the evening and morning \
 ere the 
fifth clay. And God said: Let the earth bring forth 
the hving cl't::aturc in its kind, cattle, and creeping 
J and beasts of the earth according to th
 aOl.1 it was so dO:1e. A nd God ßlade the be"lsts 
C c 3 

of the earth according to their kinds, and catt1e, and 
every thing that creepelh on the earth after its kind. 
And God saw that it ,vas good. And he said: Let 
us make man to our image and likeness, and Jet him 
have dominion orer the fishes of the sea, and the 
fo\\-ls of the air, and the "beasts, and the whole 
earth, and every creeping creature that moveth Ut>- 
on the earth. And God created man to his own 
image: to the image of God he created him: male 
and feolale he created them. And God blessed 
aying: Incre
se and rou Itiply, and fi)] the 
earth, and subdue it, and rule over the fishes of the 
sea, and the fow1s of the air, an,1 all living creatures 
that move upon the earth. And God said: Behold 
I have given you every herb bearing seed upon the 
earth, and all trees that have in themselves seed of 
their own kind, to be your meat: and to all beasts 
of the earth, and to every fowl of Jhe air
 and to all 
that move upon the earth, and "'herein there is life, 
that you Jnay have to feed upon. And it was so 
done. And God sawall the things that he had 
mad'c, and they \vere very good. And the evening 
and morning w
re the sixth day. (Chap_ ii.) So the 
heavens and earth were finished, and all the fur- 
niture of theM. Anò on the seventh day God ended 
his \vork \vhich he had Inade: and he rested on the 
sevc;lth day from all his \vork which he had done. 
Pr. Let us pray. Deac. Let us kneel down. 
Subd. Stand np again, 
PRi\ YER. Deus, qui.-O God
 who dicl'5t won- 
derfully crt::ate nian, and redeem hilu by a still 
greater \vander: grant us, we beseech thee, such 
strength of mind and reason against all the all11re- 
n1eí1ts of sin, that we may deser\'e to obtain eternal 
joys. 'Thro'. It Amen. 
TI. PROPIIECY. Gen. v. 3f, vi. vii. viii. 18. 
-And Noe, when He was five hundred years old, 
begot Sem, Cham, and Japheth. (Chap. vi.) And 

after that men began to òe multjp!i
d upon the 
earth, and daughters were born to them. The 
sons of God seeing the daughters of Ine
, that tRey 
\vere fair. took to themselves \vives of all, which 
they chose. And God s
ly spirit shall not re- 
main in man for ever, because he is flesh: and his 
days shall be one hundred and twenty years. No\\" 
giants \vere upon the earth in those days. For after 
the sons of God \vent in to the daughters of men. 
and they brought forth children, these are the 
mighty men of old, Oleo of renown. And God see. 
ing that the \vickedness of men ,vas gre:Jt on the 
earth, and that aU the thought of their heart \\'as 
bent upon evil at all tirnes, it repented him that he 
had made man on the earth. l\ud being touched ifl- 
\vardl y \vith sorrow of heart, he said: I wi II destroy 
Inan, \\'hon1 I have created, from the face of the 
earth, frolD man even to be1sts, from the creepin
thing even to the fo\vls of the air, for it repenteth 
me th'lt I have made them. But Noe found grace 
before the Lord. These are the genErations of 
Noe: Noe was a just and perfect n1an in his geue. 
ration, he \valked \vith God. And he begot three 
sons, Sem, Cham, and Japheth. And the edrth ,vas 
corrupted before Gorl, and \\'as filled with iU1quity. 
And \vhen Gar! had seen that the earth \'-as cor. 
rupted (for all flesh had corrupted its \vay upon the 

rLh) he said to Noe: The end of an flesh is come 
bef()re me, and the earth is filled \yith iniquity thro" 
thern, and I \\lill destroy then1, ,,,ith the earth. ::\1 ake 
thee an ark of tinlber planks: thou shait nlake little 
roon1S in the ark, and thou shalt pitch it ,.Úthin and 
,vithout. And thus shalt thou mJke it. 1'h
of the ark. shaH be three hundred cubits: the 
dth of it fitty cubits, and thp height of it thirty 
cubits. 'fhol1 shalt make a ,vindow in the ark, and 
in a cubit shalt thou finish the top of it: and the 
door of the ark shalt thou set in the siùe: \vith low. 

er t middle chambers, and third stories shalt thou 
make it. Behold I wiH bring the waters of a great 
flood upon the earth, to destroy all flesh, "'herein is 
the brealh of life, under heaven. All things that 
:ue in the earth shaH be consun1ed. And I will 
establish my coven6\nt "vith thee: And thou shalt 
enter into the ark, thou and thy sons) and thy wife. 
and the ,vives of thy sons with thee. And of every 
living creature of all flesh, thou shalt hring t\\'O of 
a sort into the ark, that they t11ay live \\'ith thee 
the male sex, and the female. Of fowls according 
to their kind, and of heasts in their kind, and of 
every thing that creepeth on the earth according to 
its kind: two of every sort shall go ln \vith thee, 
that they nlay live. rrhou shalt take unto thee of 
all food, that may be eaten, and thou shalt lay it 
up with thee: and it shall be food for thee and 
the'm. And Noe did all things ",'hieh God com- 
manded him. (Chap. vii.) And he ,,-as six hl1ndred 
years old, vvhen the ,vaters of the flood ovel.Howed 
the earth. A 11 the faun tal ns of the great deep were 
broken up, and the flood gates of heaven were 
opened. And the rain fell upon the earth forty days 
and forty nights. In the seU:salne day Noe, and 
Senl, and Chanl, and Japheth, his sons: his wife. 
and the three \\' ive:3 of his sons \vith them, ,vent in- 
to the ark: they an\.l every beast according to its 
kind, and all the cattle in their kind, and every 
thing that moveth npon the earth accorJing to its 
kind, and every fo\\-\ 

ccording to its ki!ld, an birùs.. 
and all that fly. And the ark \vas carned upon the 
waters. .l\nd the \\1i.1ters prevailed beyond measure 
l1pon the earth: and an the high mountains unùtr 
t1H-' ,vhole h(::av
n 'WaS covered. 'The \vater \vas 
fifteen cubits hi
her than the nlot1ntain
, \\Ihich it 
covered. And 
'tl flesh was destroyed that ,n1oved 
,upon the earth, both of fowl, anrl of cattle, and of 
Þcasts, and of all creeping t1Úngs th:ll creep upon 

O.,t.. HOLY-SATURDAY. 3 0 9 
th (?artb: and Noe only remåined, and they that 
\\'ere vvith hiln in the ark. And the waters prevailed 
upoa the earth a hundred and fifty ùays. (Chap. 'Viii.) 
And God remembered Noe, and all the living 
creatures, and all the cattle which were with him in 
the ark, and brought a \vind upon the earth, and 
the ,vaters were abated. 'rhe fountains also of the 
deep, and the flood-gates of heaven, were shut up, 
and the rain from he:lVen was restrained. And the 
,vaters returned frorn off the earth, going and com- 
ing: and they began to be abated after a hundred 
and fifty days. And after that forty days \\'ere pas- 
sed, Noe opening the window of the ark \\ hich he 
harl made, sent forth a raven; which \vent forth, 
and did not return until the waters"" ere drieù upon 
the earth. He sent forth a also dove after him, to 
see if the waters had now ceased upon the face of 
the earth. But she not finding \\ here her foot 
n1Ïght rt'st, returned to him into the ark: for the 
waters were upon the whole earth: and he put 
forth his hand, and caught her, and brought her 
into the ark. .A nel having waited yet seven other 
days, he again sent forth the dove out of the ark. 
And she CalI1e to hiln in the evening, carrying a 
bough of an olive. tree, ,,,ith green leav(>s, in her 
mouth. Noe therefore understood that the \i\'í.Üers 
""ere ceased upon the earth. l\nd he 6tayed yet 
other seven days: and he sent forth the dove, which 
returned not any more unto hiIn. And God spoke 
to Not', saying: Go ont of the ark, thou and thy wife, 
t!lr sons,. and the \vives of thy sons \vith thee. All 
])vmg t}lln
s that are ,,,iih thee of all Hesh, as \\'ell in 
fowls, as in beasts, and all creepi'tlg things that creep 
upon the 
anh, bring out \\,ith thee, al1d go )- e 
upon the earth: increase and multiply upon it. So 
1\oe \vent out, he 2nd his sons, his '" i te, and the 
\\'ives of his SOilS \vith him: and alll1ving things, and 
cattle, and creeping things that creep upon the 
earth. according to their kinds, went out of the 

ark. AnI] Noe bui1t an altar unto the Lord: and 
taking of an ('attle and fowls that \vere clean. offered 
holocausts upon the altar. And the LOId smelled a 
s\veet savour. 
Pr. Let us pra r. Deac. Let us kneel down. 
Subd. Stand up again. 
 inCOlnlRutubilis. - 0 God, 
whose pO\\7er is unchangeable, and whose light ne- 
ver faileth, mercifully regard the wonderful sacra. 
ment of thy whole Church, and by an effect of thy 
perpetual providence, accomplish in peace the work 
of human salvation: and let the whole world expe. 
rience and see, that what was now fallen, is raised 
up again: what was old, is become new; and tbat 
aU things are again settled by him who gave them 
their first being, our Lord Jesus Christ thy Son. 
'Vho liveth. R. Amen. 
III. PROPHECY. Gen. xxii.-In tllOse days; God 
tempted A.braham, and said to him: Abraham, Abra. 
hanl. And he answered: I-Iere I am. He said to him: 
'rake thy only begotten Son Isaao, whom thou lovest, 
and go into the land of vision; and there thou shalt 
offer him for an holocaust upon one of the moun. 
tains which I will shew thee. So Abraham rising 
up in the night, saddled his ass: and took with hirn 
t,vo young nlen, and Isaac his son; and when he · 
nad cut wood for the holocaust, he went his way to 
the place which God had commanded him. And on 
th.e third day, lifting up his eyes, he saYi the place 
'afar off AnJ he said to his young men: Stay you 
here with the ass: I and the boy will go with speed 
as far as yonder, and after we have worshipped, 
\vill return to you. And he took. the wood tor the 
holocaust, and 1aid it upon Isaac his son 
 and he 
himself carried in his hands fire and a sword. AnJ 
as they t\VO \vent on together, Isaac said to his 
ther; I\ly father. And he answered: What \v1Jt 
thou, son? Behold, saith he, fire and wood; 

\\T}1ere is tbe victim for the holocaust? And II bra- 
hant said: God will provide himself a victim for a 
holocaust, my son. So they went on together: 
and they canle to the place which God had she\ved 
him, \\'here he built an altar, and laid the wood in 
orùer upon it: anJ when he had bound Isaac' his 
son, he laid him on the a1tar upon the pile of 
ood. Anù he put forth his hand, and took the 
s\vord to sacrifice his son. And behold an angel of 
the I...ord from heaven ca11ed to binl, saying: Abra. 
ham, Abraham. And he answered: flere I am. 
And he said to him: Lay not thy hand upon the 
boy, neither do thou any thing to 'him: no\v I 
know that thou fearest God, and hast Dot spnred 
tby only begotten son for my sake. Abraham lifted 
tlp his eyes, and saw behind his b
ck a ram amongst 
the briers, sticking fast by the horns, \vhich he took 
and offered for a holocaust instead of his son. And 
he called the nan1e of that place, 'rhe I
ord seeth. 
'''hereupon, even to this day, it is said: In the 
mountain the I
ord ,vi1l see. And the angel of the 
Lord caned to Abraham a second time from heaven. 
saying: By my o\vn self have I 5\\'OrO, saith the 
Lord: because thou hast done this thing, and ha
not spared thy only begotten son tor n1Y sake: J 
,val bless thee, tand I \\'ill multiply thy seed as the 
stars of heaven, and as the sanl! that is by the sea 
shore: thy seed shall possess the gates of their 
enemies. And in thy seed shall all the nations of 
the earth be bles-.;cd, because thou hast obeyed n1Y 
voice. Abraha[n returnt'd to his young men, and 
they \\'ent to Bersabee together, and he d\\'e1t there. 
Pre Let us pray. Drac. Let us kneel do\\'n. 
:Subd. Stand up again. 
PRAYER. Dells, fidclil.lm.-O Coci, the save. 
n I.ather of the faithful, \\'ho throughout the 
\\lhole \\'orld n1ultip1!est the children of the promise 
by the grace of thy adoption, anJ Inakcst thy sen'ant 

Abraham, according to thy oath, the father of úll 
nations by this paschal sacrament; grant that thy 
people may worthily receive the grace of thy \'Qca. 
tion. rfhro'. R. 
IV. PROPfIECY. E.rod. xiv. 24,-ln tlIOse days; 
It came to pass in the morning watch, and behold 
the Lord looking upon the Egyptian army through 
the ,il1ar of fire, and of the c1oud, sle\v their host; 
and overthrew the wheels of the chariots, and 
they were carried into the deep. And the Egvpti- 
ans said; Let us flee from hrael: for the C Lord 
fighteth for them against us. And the I
ord said to 

10ses: Stretch forth thine hand over the sea, that 
the waters may COine again upon the Egvptians, 
upon their chariots and horseillen. A nt\ \vhen l\ 10.. 
ses had stretched forth his hand tov\'ards the sea. 
it returned at the first break of day to the former 
place: and as the Egyptians were fleeing away, the 
waters calue upon thein, and the Lord "hut them up 
in the nì;ddle of the \\'aves. A nd the \vaters return. 
ed, and covered the chariots and the horsenlen of 
all the arnJY of Pharao, \vho had come into the ::ea 
after thein, neither did there so much as one of 
them remain. But the children of Israel marched 
through tIle miòst of the sea upon dry land, and the 
waters "'ere to then1 as a \\'a11 on the fight hand and 
on the left: and the Lord l
elivered Israel in that 
day out of the hands of the Egyptians. A:ld they 
S:l\V the Egyptians dead 1I pon the sea-shore, and the 
mighty hand that the Lord h
HI useJ against then1; 
and the pt'ople feared the Lord, and they b
lie\ ell 
t.he Lord, antI 
loses his servant. ï'heu l\fo")es and 
the chihlren of Israel sung this canticle to the LorJ, 
'fRACT. Erod. xv.-Let us sing to the Lord: 
for he hath wonderfu" y displayed his glory:. he 
hath thro\vn both the horse and the rider into tht
iea. fIe hath been my help and illY protector and 

viour. Jr. lIe is my God: to him will I 

Iory: he is the Goò of nlV father, anel I ,,,ill extol 
him. Jr. lIe is the Lord that destroy
th wars: his 
name is the Lord. 
Pre Let us pray. Dcac. Let us kneel doVw'o. 
Subd. Stand up ag3in. 
PRA\"'ER. Deus cujus.-O God, whose anci- 
ent miracles we see rene\ved in our days: whilst, by- 
the \vater of regeneration, thou performest, for the 
salvation of the 'Gentiles, th
t which by the power 
of thy right hand thou didst for the de1iverance of 
one people from the Egyptian persecution: grant 
that all the nations of the world may become the 
children of A brahan1, and partake of the dignity of 
tbe people of Israel. 'rhro'. ll. Amen. 
V. PROPHECY. Is. live Iv. - '[his is the in- 
heritance of the servants of the l.4ord, and their jus- 
tice with me, saith the Lord. An you th

thirst come to the water: and you that have no 
money, make ha5te, buy, and eat: come ye, buy 
wine and milk \\,ithout money, and \vithout any 
price. \Vhy do YO\1 spend monf'Y for thdt which 
is not bread, and your 1abour for that ,vhich doth 
not satisfy yon? IIearken diligently to me, and 
eat that ,
'hich is good, and your soul shall be de. 
lighted in fatness. Indine your ear, and cOlne to 
me: hear, and your soul shall live, and I \vill n1ake 
nn everlasting covenant \N\th you, the faithful mer.. 
cies of David. Behold I have given hi m for a \vit- 
ncsc; to the people. for a leadf'r and a master to the 
Gentiles. Behold thou shalt call a nation, \vhich 
thou knewest not: and the nations that kne,v not 
thee shaH run to thee, because of the I
ord thy 
God, and for the IIoly One of Israel, for ht:; hath 
glorifieù thee. Seek} e the l"orlÌ \\'hile he nlay be 
found, call up(ã)n -him \\'hile he is near. Let 
the ,vicked forsake .his way, and the unjust n1an his 
thoughts, and let Him return to the I
ord, a'1d he 

,,,ill have nlercy on him, and to our God: for he is 
bountiful to forgive.. l'
or n1Y thoughts are not YOUl- 
thoughts, nor your ways my ways, saith the Lord. 
F'or as the heavens are exalted above the earth, so 
are my \vays exalted above your ways, and 01Y 
thoughts above your thoughts. And as the rain and 
the 3110\\7 come down from heaven, and return no 
n10re thither, but soak the earth, and \\?ãter it. 
and make it to spring, and give seed to the so\ver, 
and bread to the eater: so shaH my \vorJ be, \vhich - 
shall go forth from my mouth; it shaH not returrt 
to file void, but it shall do whatever I please, and 
shall prosper in the things for wfiich I seat it, saitll. 
tIle Lord .Atlniglity. 
Pl'. Let us pray. Dear. Let us kneel do\vn. 
Subd. Stand up again. 
PRAYER. ()illniputens.-O allnighty and eter.. 
nal God, multiply, for the honour of thy namc
"'hat thou didst promise to the faith of our fore. 
fathers: and increase, by thy 'sacred adoption, the 
children of that promise: that \vhat the ancient 
saints doubted not would come to pass, thy church 
may no\v find in great part accomplished. Thro Y . 
R. AUlen. 
VI. PROPHECY. Baruch. iii. 9.-Hear, 0 Israel" 
the comrnandments of life: give ear, that thou 
mayest learn wisdolU. How happeneth it, 0 Israel. 
that thou art in thy enen1Íes land 1 Thou art grown 
old in a strange country, thou arf defiJed with tho 
dead: thou art counted \vith them that go down 
into he) I. Thou hast forsaken the fountain of wis. 
dOIß: for if thou hadst \\'alked in the ,,'ay of God
thou sureJy hadst d\\1cit in peace for ever. J..Jcarn 
.'here is wisdom, \vhere is strength, where is undcr- 
standinp:, that thou mayest know also where i 
length of da}'s and Jif
, where is the Hght of the 
eyes, alHI pe
ICC. \\T ho hath fOUl'Jd out hP.f place 1 

nd \\ ho hath gone III to her 
reasures 1 \Vher{t 

tne princes of the nations, and tht'Y tl1
t rule o\'er 
the beasts that are upon the earth? 'rhat take their 
pastime \vith the birds of the ail'; that hoard up sil. 
ver and gold, wherein men trust, and there is 110 

nd of th
ir gf'Uing ? who ,york in silver and are so- 
licitous. and their works are unstarchablc? 'l'hey 
are Lut rff, and are gone do,vn to hen, and otht:rs 
are risen up in their place. Young n1en have see.} 
the light, and (Ì\velt upon the earth: but the ,,'ay 
of In()\,'ledge they have not known, nor have they 
understood the paths thereof, neither have their 
children received it, it is far from their face. It 
)ll1th not been heard of in the Ian.] of Chanaan, nei.. 
ther had it been seen in '-fhernan. The children 
()f Agar 
ls(), that 
earch after ,,,isdom, that is of 
the earth, the merchants of l\Ierrha, and of The. 
mau, and the tellers of fables, and searchers of pru. 
dence anù understanding: but the \\ ay of ","isdom 
they have not known, neither have they ren1enlbered 
her paths. 0 lsrael, how great is the house of God, 
and ho\v vast is the place úf his pOSsfss
on! It is 
j?reat and hat h no end: it is high and imnlcnse. 
Te wt>re the giants, those renov\Tned men that 
were from the beginning, of great stature, expert in 
\\'ar. r-rhe Lord chose not them, neither òid they 
find the way of knowledge: therefore did they pe- 
rish. A nd because they had not wisdom, they pe- 
rished through their folly. 'Vho hath gone up into 
bf'aven, cnd taken her, and brought her down froin 
the clouds? 'Vho hath passed over the sea, :tnd 
found her, and brought her preter

b1y to choséa 
gold 1 There is none that is able to kno\v hcr ,vays, 
nor that can search out her paths: But he that 
knoweth all things, kno\yeth her, and hath found 
r out \\'ith his understanding: he that prepaR'd 
the earth for evermore, and fill ( d it with cattle and 
(our-footed beasts: he that sendeth forth light, and 
It gocth; and hath caned it, and it obeyed him \, ith 

treInbIing. And the stars have given light in tbeir 
\\latches, and rejoiced ,: they w{>re callecÌ, and they 
said: l-Iere we are: and with cheerfulness they 
have shined forth to hiln that lnade theln. rrhis is 
our God, and there shall no other be accounted of 
in comparison of hiln. He found out aU the \vays 
of knowledge, and gave it to Jacob his servant, and 
to Israel his beloved. Afterwards he was seen upon 
earth, and conversed with men. 
Pro Let us pray. Delle. Let us kneel down. 
:Subd. Stand \1 p again. 
PRA Y'ER. Deus, qui.-O <,,;oò, who continu- 
ally nlu1tipliest thy church by the vocation of the 
Gentiles; mercifully grant thy perpetual protection 
to those "'horn thou washest with the water of bap- 
tism. Thro'. R. A men. 
VII. PROPHECY. EZt:ch. xxxvii. - III those 
days: .'I'he hand of the Lord \vas upon n1e, and 
brought me forth in the spirit of the Lord: and set 
me down in the midst of a plain that \vas full of bones. 
And he led me about through theln on every side: 
now they were very Inany upon the face of the plain. 
and thèy were exceeding dry. ...J\nrl he said to me: 
Son of man, dost thou think these bones shall live I 
And I ansYlered: 0 Lord God, thou kno'west. And 
aid to me: )?rophesy concerning these bones: 
and say to theln : ""' e dry bones, hear the \\"ord of 
the Lord. rrhus saith the l,ord God to these 
bones: Behold, I will send spirit into you, and wi II 
cause flesh to grow over JOu
 and \Vlll cover }'OU 
kin: and 1 wil1 give you spirit, and you shall 
live, and you shall kno\v that I an1 the IÂord. And 
I prophesied as he had commanded me: and as 
I prophesied there was 
 noise, élnd beho)d a 
COll1n1otion: and the bones G.lnle together, each 
one to it
 joint. And I sa\\y, and behold the sinews 
and the flesh can1e 11 p upon then1 
 Q.nd the 
kin was 

tretched out over thtnl, but thtre was no spint il

them. Anù he said to me: Prophesy to the spìrìt. 
prophesy, 0 Son of man, and say to the spirit: 
'rhus saith the fJord God: Come, spirit, fron1 the 
tour ,vinds, anù blow' u poo these slain, and 1 et 
thenl live again. An,i I prophesied as he had com- 
manJed Ole: and the spirit came into them, and 
they lived; and they stood upon their feet, an ex- 
ceeding great army. And he said to me: Son of 
Inan, aU these bones are the house of Israd: th
sav: OUf bones are dried up, and our hope is lost. 
ve are cut off. Therefore prophesy, and sa
to then1: Thus saith the Lord God: Behold, I will 
open your graves, and v..ill bring you out of your se. 
pulchres, Oll1Y people; and will bring yon into the 
lanù of Israel. And you shall kno\v that I am the 
Lord, \vhcn I shall have Opt: ned your sepulchres. 
and sh:lU have brOl!ght }OU out of your graves, OIny 
people, and shall have put n1Y spirit in you, and 
JOu shall live, alld I shall make you rest upon your 
o\\'n land, saith the Lord A/might!/._ 
l)T. Let us pray. Dew:. Let us kneel do\vn. 
Subd. Stdüd up ag2in. 
PRAYER. Deus, qui llos.-0 God, who by tne 

criptnres of bOlh testaments teachegt us to celebrate 
the Paschal í'3Cra01ent: give ns such a sense of thy 
merc\', that. by receiving thy present favours, \ve 
may have a firn1 hope of thy future blessings. 'fhl'o'. 
. ..\olen. 
\'111. PROPIIEC\.... Is. Îv.-In that day Se\'f'[l 

'Olnen shall take hold of one nlan, sa} ing: \\" e 
'\viB eat our o\\'n bread, and \vear our own appart:l : 
oniy let ns he called by thy narne, take away our 
reproach. In that day the hud of the Loal shall be 
in magnificence and glory, and the fruit of the earth 
shall be high, and a great joy to the:n that have 
escaped of [sfelel. And it 
hal1 come to pas
, that 

. el) one that shall be left in Siol1, and that shall f{,- 
D d 3 

main in Jerusalem, shall be ca11ed h01y, everyone 
that is '
'l"itten in life in Jerl1
a1em. If the Lord 
shaH wash a\vay the filth of the daughters of Sion,. 
and shall \\'ash a\\
ay the b100d of Jerusalem out of 
the n1idst thereof, by the spirit of judgment, and by 
the spirit of burning. An<l the Lord \vill create 
l1pon every place of mount Sion, and ,,'here he is 
called upon, a clood by dar, and a sn10ke and the 
brightness of 3 flaming fire in the night: for over all 
the glory shall be a protection, l\nd there shall be 
a tabernacle for a shade in th(\ day. ti me from the 
neat, and for a security, and covert from the "'hirl. 
\vind, and from rain. 
TRAC1\ Is. v.-My beloved had a vineyard on 
a high and fruitful place. V. He fenced it in, and 
òigged it about, and planted it 'with the choicest 
\liñt's, and built a to\ver in the midst of it. 1 7 . And 
he sunk in it a wine-press: for the vineyard of the 
Lord of hosts is the of Israel. 
Pr. Let us pray. Deac. Let us kneel dO\\'I1. 
Subd. Stand up again. 
PRA YER. Deus, qui. - 0 God, \\'ho by tne 
months of the holy prophets hast declared, that 
thro' the whole ext
nt of thy en1pirc it IS thou that 
sovvest the good seed, and improvest the choicest 
branches that are fcnnd in a1 t the children of thy 
church: grant to thy people, 
vho are ('31Ied oy the 
names of vineyards anå corn, that they may root 
out an thorns and briers, anJ bring forlh good fruit 
in plenty. rrhro'. R. Amen. 
IX. PROIJ(lECY. E:t'od. xii. - In those dll!}S: 
The Lord said to ]\Toses and Aaron, &c tl.S in tl1e 
It I.Jesson if tIle 1\1ass of the Presanctified, p. :2 8:. 
F1'. Let us pray. Deac. l.let us kUeel down
:::Jubd. Stand up again. 
PRA YEn. Vuznipotcns.-O alolightv and eter. 
l1al God, who art wonderful in the pedormance of 


 11 t11Y ".orks: let thy 5eTvant
, "h001 thou bast re.. 
deen1eò, Ul1(lerstand, that the creation of the \vorld 
in the beoinning was not a n10re excellent \\'urk
than t he 
crificing of Christ our i'\as:-:iovcr at the tad 
of the \\ orld, \Yho \\lith thee, &c. Il. Anlcn. 
x. PROVl-IEC\.... JVNas iii.-In those doys: 'fhc 
\vord of the Lord came to Jonas, &c. as in the l.Acs. 
son on 
Iondav in Passion- ,\- eek, p. 2 I z. 
Pre Lt::t us "pray. Deac. Let us kneel do\rn. 
lbd. Stand up again. 
PRAYER. DClis. qlli.-O (
od, who hast unit. 
cd the 
everal nations of the Gent1Jes in the profes e 
sion of thy nan1e: give us both a \vill and a po\ver 
to obey thy conlmands: th:lt all thy peop1e, who 
&re cal It,d to eternity, may have the sanle faith in 
thei.. nlind
, and piety in their actions. Thro'. 
R. A OH'O. 
XI. PROrHECY. DellI. xxxi.% 2.-In those d":Js: 
!\lo.;es \\ rote a canticle, and taught it the children 
of IsrcH
1. And the Lord commanded Josue, the 
80n of Nun, and said: Take cour3ge, and be va- 
liant: for thou shalt bring the children of Israel into 
the land ,,,hirh 1 have promised, and I will be ",ith 
t1'1ce. Therefore after l\loses had \vrote the 
of thi
 hl\V in a voluIue, and finished it: he com. 
nH1cò the I.(-'vites t who carried the ark of the co- 
venant of the Lord, 
a.ying; rrake this book, and 
put it in the side of the ark of the covenant of the 
Lord your God: that it may be there for a testio1o- 
l1y against thee. For I kno\v thy obstinacy, and 
thy n10st stiff neck. ',"hile I am vet living, aod 
I=oing in with you, you have al,,'ays been rebeJ1ious 

gainst the Lord: hov. 7 flluch more \\'hen I shall be 
. (lead? Cather unto me all the anCIents of Jour 
tribes, and your doctors, and 1 v,,'iH speak these 
\\'01 tis in tlleir hearing, and wiil call heaven and 
rth to \vitness 
gainst them. Vor I kl
(J\V thrtt, 
after my death, lOU váll ..10 wicked!)', 2:GJ ,rill 

quickly turn aside froIn the \\pay that I have com. 
Inanded you: and evils sh
ll come upon you in the 
r titnes, 
.'hen you shan do evil in the sight of 
the IJorå, to provoke hinl by the works of your 
h,UHis. .i\loses'" therefore spoke, in the hearing of 
the assern blv of Israel, the words ot" this canticle. 
and finished it even to the end. 
'rRACï'. Deut. xxxii.-Give ear, 0 ye heavens. 
3nd I "'ill speak: and let the earth hear the \vonls 
of my Dlouth. V. \vhat I say be looked for like 
rain: and let nlY words drop down like dew. V. 
IJike the shower upon the gras
, and the snow llpOll 
the dry herb: for I \vill call upon the DaHle of the 
lIard, V. Publish the greatnes
 of our God: he is 
God; his \vorks are perfect, and all his ways ;lre 
justice. V. God is faithful, in \VhOll1 there is no 
iniquity: the Lord is just a.nd holy. 
))1'. I..,et us pray. ]Jeac. Let us kneel do
Subtle Stan<.Ll1 p again. 
FI{A .YER. Deus, ct:lsitudeJ. - 0 God, \vho 
Tt.lisesl the hlJmbl
, and givest strcugth to the righ- 
teous:. and \vho by thy holy sef\'ant l\Ioses, wast 
pleased so to instrnct thy people by the singing of 
acred canticle, that the repetition of the law 
might be also our direction: she\v thy power to an 
the ffinlti-tude of Gentiles justifieù by thee, and" by 
Initigating thy terror:;:, grant them joy: that all 
their sins being pardoned by thee, the threatened 
vengeance may contribute to their sah'ation. rrhro'. 
It Amen. 
XII. PROPHECY. Van. iii. - In those da'lIS: 
King Nabuchoùonosor made a 5tatue of gold
sixty cubits high, and six cubits broad, and he set it 
11 P in the plain of Dura, in the province of Babylon. 
rI'hen Nabuchodonøsor the king sent to call toge- 
ther the nobles, the magistrates, ano the judges, the 
captains, the rnlers. and governors, and all the 

hief men of the provinces, to come to the dedica. 

tion of ll1e statue which king Nabuchoclonosor had 
set up. 'fhen the nobles, the magistrate
, and the 
judges, the captains, and rulers, and the gre?t men 
that \vere placed in authority, and aU the pnnces of 
the provinces, wen
 gathered together to come to 
the dedication of the statue \"hich kiHg Nabucho. 
(]onosor had set up. l\nd they stood before the 
statue which king Nabuchodonosor haò set up. 
'!h('n a herald criëd with a strong voice: 'fo yon it 
IS commanded, 0 nations, tribes, and lauguages: 
that ill lhe hOUf that you shaH hear the sound of the 
trumpet, and of the fll1t
, and of the harp, of the 
sackbut and of the psaltery, and of the symphony, 
and of all kind of ml1
ic; }'e fall do\vn and adore the 
golden statue which king Nabuchodonosor hath set 
up. But if any man shan not fall down and adore, 
he shall the same hour be cast into a furnace of 
burning fi reo Upon this, therefore, at the time 
\,'hen all the people heard the sound of the truo1pet, 
the flute and the harp, of the sackbl1t, and the 
a1tery, of the symphony, and of all kind of rou.. 
SIC; all the nations, tribes and languages, fell do\\'n 
and adored the golden statue, 
'bich kin
donosor had Sèt up. And presently, at that very 
time some Chaldeans C3me and accused the Jews: 
aid to king Nabuchodonosor; 0 king, live 
for ever: Than, 0 king-, hast made a decree, that 
every man that shall hear the sound of the tru nlpet, 
the flute,- and the harp, of the sack but, and the 
psaltery, of the symphony, and of all kind of music: 
shall prostrate hi Inset f, and adore the go1den statuti: 

nd that if any man shaH not fan down and adore, he 
should be cast into a furnace of burning fire. No\v 
there are ctrtain JC\VS, WhODl thou hast set ovcr the 
\vorks of the province of Babylon, Sidrach, 1\Jisach. 
and Abednago: these n1en. 0 king, have 61ighted 
thy decree 
 they \\ orship not thy gods, nor do 
the) adore the golden statl1
 v. hieh thou hast set 

1.Jp. Then Nabuchodonosor, in fury anc1 in ".ratl1. 
cOJnmanded that, Sidrach, l\tJisach, and.A bedl1ago.. 
should be br<?ught, \vho in1mediate1y were brought 
before the kIng. And Nabuchodonosor the king 
spoke to them, and said: Is it true, 0 Sidrach. 
l\tIis3ch, and A bcdnago, that you do not \\'orship 
my gods, nor adore the golrlen statue that I have set 
up? Now therefore if you be ready, at what hour 
soever you shaH hear thesound of the truo1pet, flutp". 
harp, sackbut, and psaltery, and symphony, and of 
aU kind of music, prostrate YOllrselv\.
<;:, and ådorc the 
statue \vhich I have made: hut if you' do not adore". 
you shan be cast in the same hour into the furnace of 
burning fire: and who is the God that shaH deliver 
you out of my hand? Sidrach, Misach, and Abed. 
11ago an and said to king Nabdchodonosor: 
\Ve have no occasion to 3nS\Ver thee concerning 
this matter. For behold our God, vw'hom we war.. 
ship, is able to save us from the furnace of 
fire, and to deliver us out of thy hands, 0 king. 
But if he will not, b
 it knovvn to thee, 0 king, that 
\ve ,,,ill not \vorship thy gods, nor adore the golden 
hich thou hast set up. 'I'hen was Nabucho- 
doncsor filled with fury: and the countenance of 
bis face 
'as changed against Sidrach, l\1isach, and 
A bednago, and he commanded that the furnace 
should be heated seven times nlore than it had beel! 
accustomed to be h
ated. And he commanded the nlcn that were in his army, to bind the 
feet of Sidr dch, l\Iisach, and .I\bednago, and to 
cast thenl into the furnace of burning fire. And 
immediately these men \\'ere bound and ",'ere cast 
into the furnace of burning fire. váth their coats and 
theIr caps, and their shoes, and their garments. For 
the king's comnlandment was urgent, and the flU"'" 
nace was heated exceedingiy. And the Baine of 
the fire slew those men that had cast in Sidrach>> 

lisach, and Abednago. But these three meD, that 

i!'. Sidré1Ch, l\Ii
:\ch, and 

 bednago; fen do\vn 
òound in the miJst of the furnace of burning fire. 
And they walked in the nlidst of the flame praising' 
God, and blessing the Lord. 
Let us pray. Omn-ipotcns. 
O Almigl1t
, and etern
l God, the only hope of 
the \vor1d, "ho, by the voice of thy prophet

l\ast ß1anifested the nl)'sterÌes of this present tiJne : 
graciously increase the desires of thy people; since 
110ne of the faithful can advance in any virtue with.. 
out thy inspiration. Thro'. R. A nlen. 
TIle Bl
ESSING qf tlte FON1'. 
Jf7len lite Celebrant goes tOlca1'ds tlte Font, is said tlte 
l."RACT. As the hart pantet11 after the fountains 
of water; so my soul panteth after thee, 0 God. 
V, My so11111ath thirsted after the living God: when 

hall I come and appear before the face of God ? 
V. 1\1y tears ha\le been Iny bread day and night, 
\\'hile they sa)' to n1e e\'ery day: Where is no" thy 
rrhe Lord be \\,ith you. R,. And with thy spirit. 
Let liS pray. Concede. 
G R:\Nrr, \'l'e bespech thee, 0 Almighty GO(t, 
that \\-Te, ,vho celebrate the gift of the Holy 
Ghost, 111ay. by the inspiration of heaven, earnestly 
thirst aft<:r the fountain oÍ life. rfhro..... in unity 
of the s:!me. 
JVltcn tl,c Priest comes fo tIle Font. 
The T.lord be \vith you. ]{. ,And with thy spirit. 
O Almighty and eternal God, be present at these 
mysteries, be present at these sacraJnents of 
thy great goodness: and send forth the spirit of thy 
adoption to ft.'generate the ne\v people, \\ThOnl the 
font of baptisnl bringeth forth; that \vhat L to be 
done b} the ministry of us thy st'rvant
, nlay he ac- 
hf\d by the effect of thy power. rrhro'. 
It. An1en. 
rhe Lord be \\'ith };ou. R. Anù \vith lhy 


pirit. V. Raise up your hearts on high. R. v;r e 
have them rai
ed up to the Lord. V. J
et llS give 
thank., to the Lord our God, ll,. It is n1eet and just. 
rr is truly D1cet and just, right and available to 
salvation, t.o give thee thanks always, and in all 
places, 0 holy Lord, almighty Father, and eternal 
God: who, by thy invisible power, dost ,vonder- 
fully produce the effects of thy sacran1ents: and, 
though we are unworthy to administer sltch great 
, yet, as thou clost not abandon the gifts of 
thy grace, so thou inclinest the ears of thy goodnegg 
even to O
lr prayers. 0 God, \vhose spirit in the 
very beginning of the ,vorld Inoved upon the ,va- 
ters; that even then the pature of \vater might re- 
ceive the virtue of sanctification: 0 God, \vho by 
\vater didst YJash 
,vay the crioles of a guilty world. 
and by the overflowi ng of the del uge didst give us a 
figure of regeneratioll; that one and the same eie- 
nlent might, in a IDystery, be the end of vice, and 
the origin of virtue: look dO\\'Il, 0 I
ord, on thy 
Church, and nlultiply in her thy regenerations, who 
by the streams of thy abundant grace, fillest thy city 
,vith joy, and openest the fönts of baptism all over 
the world for the renewal of the Gentiles; that by 
the command of thy n1ajpsty it may receive the 
grace of thy Son from the IIoly Ghost. 
Ha'e the Priest dÍ1)idcs the \Vater in tlte .lÒ}
ln nf ø 
"tho, by a secret m ixtl1re of his divine virtue" 
n1ay render tt,is "'ater fruitful for the regeneration 
of men: to the end that those, who are to be sanc- 
tified in the immaculate \\"omb of this divine font, 
and are to be born again ne\v creatures, may come 
forth a heavtrnly offspring; and that al1, however 
distinguished by age in tilDe, or 
ex in body, Inay 
be brought forth to the same infancy by grace, their 
spiritual D10ther. r-rherefore may 311 unc1ean spi- 
rits, by thy command, 0 Lord, depart froIu hencQ: 

may an the malice of dia?olical wiles òe 
banished; Inay no power ot th
 enemy preval! here: 
let him not fly about to lay his snar
s; let hln1 not 
creep in by his secret artifices; let him nut corrupt 
with his infection. 
lIc:re he touches the \Vater 'lCitlt ltis IIand. 
l\Iay this holy and innocent creature be free fron1 
an assaults of the enemy, and purified by the dt
struction of all his malice. 
Jay it beC0111C a living 
fountain, a regenerating water, a purifying stream: 
that all those, that are to be \vashed in this 
bath, may obtain, by the efficacy of the IIoly Ghost. 
the grace of a perfect purification. 
Here he makes the Sign of the Cross thrice O"::t1" the 
Font, JO
'Vherefore [ bless thee, 0 creature of water, by 
the living + God, by the true + God, by the 
holy + God; by that God, who in the beginning 
separate,l thee by his \vord from the dry land, and 
whose spirit moved upon thee. 
[flerc be di1'ides tJLC
'V ater with Ids !-Ian,l, and throãS 

Ol/lt: (!l it Ollt toward>; the four fJ.uarters C!f the n orld,] 
\Vho made thee flo\v from the fountain of para.. 
..list', and ('omtnandec.l thee to watf'r th<: whole earth 
\\-'ith thy four rivers. Who changing thy bitterness 
in the desert into sweetnec;s, made thee fit to drink; 
and produ(.'ed thee ont. of a rock to ",uench the thirst 
of the people. I + hless thee also by Ollr Lord 
Je-;us Christ, his only Son 
 \vho, in Cana- of Gali. 
lee, chang
d thee into wine, by a wondt'rful n1ir
of his power. 'Vho \valked uPQn thee dry. foot, 
an(l \\'
u; uaptizt'd in thee. hy John in the jOflJan. 
\\. hI) n-:ade thee now out of his siùe, together \\' íth 
his blood. auJ conln1and
d his disciples, that such 
ns believed should be bapti/.pd ill thet', saying-: Go
teach all nations, baptizin
 thern in the name of the 
j",lther, and of the 
u1JJ and of lht: floly Gho:-t. 

Do thou, 0 almighty God, mercifully assist Ul' 
who observe this commandment: do thou gracious- 
1 y inspire us. 
Here b'/'eathing thrire upon tile Water in Fonn of a 
Cross, lle says: 
Do thou '''lith tl1Y mouth bless these clear ,vaters; 
t\1at, besides their natural virtue ot c1cansing the, 
body, they may also prove effectual for purifying 
the sou I. . 
'l'lten he sinks the paschal Candle into the '\t
t/lree d!Dèrent times, saying eacll time: 
May the virtue of the Holy Ghost d
scend into 
all the water of this font. 
7'llen breathing thrice on the \Vater, he goes on, 
And make the whole su bstance of this water fruit- 
ful, and capable of bringing to a new life, 
l-Iere tile Paschal Candle is taken out of the \Vater, 
and tile Priest goes ún, 
Here nlay the stains of all 
in be \\yashed out: 
here may human nature, created to thy image, anrl 
reformed to the honour of its author, be cleansed 
from the fi1th of the old man: that a1l v
'ho receive 
this sacrament of regeneration, may be born again 
new chilrlen oftrne innocence. rrhro'-\\7ho is to 
come to judge the living and the dead, and the 
\\7orld by fire. It. An1en. 
lIC1'e the People ure sprinkled \vith the blessed 'Vater, 
and some is takcn away b...lf the 1\1inisters to distribute 
to tI,e pcop/ejew 'Use in their'lOllscs. .IÆftfrwu,/'ds tlte 
Oil of the Catechumens is pouTcd in, in tlte Form 
of a Cross, tlte Priest saying, 

1ay this font be sanctified anJ made fruilfu1 
by the oil of salvation for 
uch as are to be born 
aneV\' in it, unto life everlasting. l
. AIHPI1. 
'l'lten he pours the Chrisn1 into it, saying, 
1\1ay this infusion of the chrislI1 of our 
tJrd Je<\w; 
Christ, and of the Holy Ghost the Con1forter, be 
performed ,
n the name of the. flo1y 'frinity. 1
Amen. . 

f ASS 0 N H 0 L y. SA T U R DAY. 3 2 ' 
Lastly he pours tll' C-il and Chrism into the \VattI in 
the Form of a Cross, sa!Jillg, 

r3Y this Inixture of the chrism of sancti6cation
and of the oil of salvation, and of the water of bap.. 
tism, be perform
d in the nan1e of the Father. 
of the Son, and of the floly Ghost. R, Amen. 
cr Blessing the Font, the Priest, u,ith I,is 1\lini- 
')ters, lie prostrate before the altar, and all tlte rest 
kneel n1tile tlte Litany [see RogaÜon..Days] is 
sung by two Chanters in the nliddle of tlte Choir. 
repeating the same ll.,'ords qj
er them, tu Christe 
exaudi nos illClusië:t:ly. JVlâl5l I{}'I ie and Christe 
eleison al'e each alternately sung 3 times, the 
Priest, 'with Ilis 1\1inistfrs ill t!leir proper 'Vest. 
,"ents, begin l\fass saying the Ps. Judica, &c. p. 
xv. but no Introit. At into1ling ti,e Gloria in ex- 
celsis tIle bcll.
 (Ire runJ, and cuntinue to 1'iflg till 
it is fi II i.4u: d. , 
COLLECrr. DiUS.-O God, who en1ightenest 
this 'niost sacred night by the glory of the resurrection 
of the I4ord; preserve in the ne\v offspring of thy 
fån1ily the spirit of adoption t110U hast given them; 
that, being renewed in body and soul, they may 
serve thee \vith purity of heart. Thro'. 

s. iii. I. 4.-Brethren: If you 
be risen with Christ, seek the things that arc abo\'e'; 
\\ hrre Christ is sitting at the right- hand of God: 
mind the things that are above, not the things that 
are On earth. li or you are dead; and your life is 
hid \vith Christ in God. \Yhen Christ shall ape 
pear, who is your life; then you also shall appear 
\vith hin} in glory. Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia. 
Jr. Praise the Lord, for V. Confitemini Dqmi. 
he is good: and his mer- no, quonium bonus: quo.. 
cy endureth for ever. niam in 
æculum Jli
cordia ejus. 
\CT. Ps. c\.vi.-l'raise the Lord an ye na- 
tions ; 10in in his praise, all ye people. V. For 

his mercy is confirmed upou us; a nd the truth of 
the Lord remaineth for ev
<1BoØpcl. lilatt. xxviii. I. 7.-In the end of 
the Sabbath, when it began to dawn towaràs th
first day of the week, came l\lary Magdalen and the 
other I\lary to the sepulchre. And behold there 
\vas a great earthquake. For an angel of the Lord 
descended from heaven; and coming, rolled back 
the stone, and sat upon it; and his countenance was 
as lightning, and his raiment as S110'JV. And for fear 
of him, the guards ,,'ere struck with terror, and be- 
came as dead men. And the angel answering, 
to the ,,'omen: Fear not you; for I know that you 
seek Jesus who was crucified. He is not here, for 
he is risen, as he said. Come, and see the place 
where the I
ord was laid. And going quickly. teU 
ye his disciples that he is risen: and behold he will 
go before you into Galilee: there you shall see him. 
Lo I have foretold it to you. 
'1ïlC Offertory is omitted j but Oblations of the Host 
and Chalice are made, as in th
 Ordinary, p. xxiii. 
SECRE'r. Receive, 0 Lord, '\tve be')eech thee, 
 prayers of thy people, together with the offer.. 
ing of these Hosts, that \vhat is consecrated by these 
paschal mysterit:'s, lllay by the help of thy grace avail 
'Us to eternal life, '!'hro'. 
For the Comn1unicantes tl1ul IIanc igitur see p. 33 1 : 
the ret.t as in the Ordinary. 1"here arc neither 
Agnus Dei. COlnm. nor P. Comm. but as Joon as 
tlte Priest lGS taken the la!tt Ablution, are bef;un 
Antlt. Alleluia, A llel nia, Alleluia. 
ili. cxvi. 
P Raise the Lord, all L Audate Dominum, 
ye nations; ., praise onlnes gentes ; .la
him all ye people. date eum on1nes popuh. 
For his m
rcy is con. Quonian1 confirmata 
finned UpOD. us; >ji: and est super nos misericor. 

tl1e truth of the Lord re.. dia Pjus j · et veritas Do. 
maineth for ever. Glo.. mini manet in reternUUl 
 &c. Gloria, &c. 
AlIt". Alleluia, Alleluia>> AlleluÌ2. 
Anthenl at tht. 
In the evening of the V t:spere autem Sabb;:lti 
Sabbath Whlt:h c.Iawns on quæ lu('esc
:' i;1 prima 
. the first day of the \\7eek, Sabbati, venit 
Iary l\Iagdalen, 1\1agdalene, et Hltera 
and another 1\lary, to see ria, videre 
the st'pu lchre. A Hel. A lIel uia. 
..4t tll
 l\Iagnificat [see p. 2ï9] tile ii/tar isfumed uith 
i1lCf/lSC as '/isllid. 
l>RA '""En. Spi1'itl.llll.-Pour forth on us, OIJord, 
the spirit of thy love; that those w hon1 thou ha
tilled with the paschal sacralnent, n1ay, by thy good. 
ness, live in pertc->ct concord. rrhro'. 
c.J'hen all concludes liS at l\lass, e:rcr.;pt that i\ \leI u ia. 
Alleluia, is added to ltc, n1issa ebt, an.d Deo gra- 
tias; and these .Alleluias arc continued till Low. 
Snnda y. 

A LTHOUGH times and seasons in general subsist not 
but by th
 order, and for the glory of God, yet the 
Church, when she speaks of the festival of tht" ReJurrec- 
lion, calls it in every part of th
 Divine Office, (by way of 

) the da) the Lor
 llath made. A,l1 the days. of 
 mortal hfe of J
Sl1$, preViOUS to that of h1s RtJUrdCtlOn t 
were, according to St. Paul, the days of his fJumiliatio71, 
whereas this is properly called the d
y of h is f I01}'; !ince it 
was by his resurrection th3t the broad seal 0 heaven was 
affixed to his doctrine,-his othr r nlirades confirmed,-his 
mission proved,-ônd all his labours crowned. Hence' 
arises the Church's joy on tkÙ, the greattJt of her fOlwuls. 
IN1'ROrr. j>s, cxxxviii. 
I Ilave 
is{\n, and a nl as R ,J.;,<;u'I'Ft'.l'i ft l/flkuc 
Yf't wllh ï 1, .'\Ilel.,: tecum sum, ..111r!uia : 

thou l}ast stretched forth posuisli .
up{'r 'll?e manUltl 
thy hand to me Allel.; tUtlm, Alleluia,: lnirabilis 
thy know1edge is become jàrta. est sciClitia tUlJ, Al. 
\vonderfu1, Aijel. ,Allel, It!via, Alleluia. 
Ps IJord, thou hast Ps. Domine, P'J'ob{/sl1. 
tried nle, and know'n me: rue, ët cognoristi '1nL: tu 
thou ha
t knø\vn nlY sit.. co
noi'isti seSsiv"ne'lll mea'r/l, 
tillg clov/n and my up- et -resurrectioneTll mea'ln. 
Iising. V. Giory. V. Glv'ria. 
<:OLLECT. Deus, qui.-O God, who, on thjs 
day, by thy only begotten Son"s 'fictQry over death, 
<Edst open for us a pasc:;
ge to eternity; grant that 
our prayers, ,\'hich thy preventing gr.\ce inspir
may, by thy help, become effectuaL 'l'hro\ 
EPISTI-AE. I Cor. v. 7. 8.
-Brf.tllren: Purge 
out the old leaven, that ,,"ou nu.lY be a new paste, 2S 
yon are unleavened. For Christ, our pascIò}, is sa.. 
crificed. rrherefore Jet us feast, not with the old 
Jeaven, nor with the leaven of malice and \"icked. 
s, but \vith the unleav
ned bread of sincerity. and 
GRAD. Ps. cxvii -''fhis is the day the Lord hath 
. nl<lde: come let us exult and rejoice thereon. V. 
Praise the Lotd
 for he is good: and his mercy en. 
rli.Heth for ever: Alle1uia, Alleluia. JT. Christ him. 
self is become our paschal sacrifice. J\lleluia. 
The PROSE,. 
schali laudes ÍInnloIent Chris. 
tlanl : 
Agnus re<Jemit oves: Christus innocens PDtri re. 
conei 1 iavit peccatores. . 
l\tors et vita duello; conflixere mirando: dux vi. 
tæ mortuus, regnat vivus. 
Die nobis, 1\laria, quid vidisti in via? 
Sepulchrum Christi viventis, et glorialn vidi reSUf- 
gentis. , 
Angelicas testes sudaril1m et yestes. 

._,_._---- _,
.__..,'__..._____._.._.._._.....___.__.. .,.._. p,,'.1>. 


."' . .-.";> '
:-" , . 
 - ..V", , l 
 t. I, . 
w " '.,' 
. _ ,ì'- -! -, 
, "" I 
I'f ... , t 

 i1 ::-
. " J 
 . ,. \ 
I ',\" I..... '
"'''-1. . ;. 

 '...' i 
. 1 " ,:. ;I
 & ,A') I 
",\, I'-
'" ,
, . 
, , " ,.' 

' ). .. ,
 " t 
. -=, J:" -.... t, ,


i ': ;".: r- -,
.< , i ,::,: 



 -- . 
. . to' : 

 , '
 ". ' , . ' , 
 -: '
 ,,-'.. ..: 
 . ......, 't..,!.:'...'!., 
;; .......--. - ,-:r' .>' . "...{, j I '" 
I : :
,.' ;:.:
.,,; . :- , 
 , i.f ' :
 l 'f . "t., , ;
j , ;
 , i , 
 . ! .. r , ;:r::; C I 
I r 

 ; . l

 '__ _ ;,,,- "....,+.;. _ ,. 
I .1 ' .' ", '>;,.,i !
(.;" .:,1' ..'\.., ,; t.... 
. l 
! - ., 

,;: ., 
, ' ,.,.,..

' ;:



.J.. - ) 
.. I)r ?;..;,


" t 
i fji' .:'.-
",t.,", :

, ",,' f 
, '.-' '...., I 
.. IM". _
.. &. 
....,.... "'""........
.... ......::--....,. .

 " ..,..' '. ',," -",," ,..,:.. 

 .;.o,};", '. "
, ',' 
t , : . ','" '\. 

 :.' . '. 
 \ , ' 
- '1. '........" . 
..a)!,..t.I"-, . 'J'"' 
i . ,:. ,-:: 
"::' i ' · {
r if ;' 
,' . 


..: i4': I 
i , 
 - 'oK."''' 
t\t.' t . . ..... }. .--t. 
... '-.,: 
, 1.t' -f...,. '

.... ,: >'" ,
'" . . ,....: "I \ '. 
 .ç-"" , 
 ."y't. ;
i .,. . 
 I I )' t..J1;.m',';
 '" "'. 
.;, .:.....':

:" I 
! )i'.; ... t, . .., .. 
 I *' ,.: {.

. c,' '::. 
 ' J '- I 
; r--' ''t ,. 
;( 2jj.J,: ""J" ,iY...... C.-.L I ''\ . 
# . . ,'. 

 ., -


f l 

l !! f i 
, t'Y/'i . .". 
 í. "1t
t:' : I!tI: ...\
 .' '
.. t,
t . ' 
.' t,. 

 ',jì.i. , 
....., .
 .,' "If',..' > I' 
. d,.... 
.. "cr- I, . 'i'ft ,ì}i'.
. '1.';.." .'
 . t,
.,. . ( 
; {t
' {of.: '. .t '. 
b '



 '. ,lil. f}í1 .,' ( I 
f "'Ii, 
. .. 
' j ....1"... ", ' 
 i" ::..

 -': ..
 < ':
 .:r :.;.,! 
., . !1
 t t,
t'\' '

", ';3{:5.; 
. ....
. t' . 
 . , "r '!'
,. I 
.' ,,; 
;' .
1." ,\, '

" I 
.t'> -- ,....

- "' . ' ,-". L, I 

. ,.. 

- \, ..
i:."')' : 
,; " ,_,, -" 
:t.: - .
,- ..". · 
- , 
rr. "q, .
. -- .."'" , ..' .. -

to r ,
 ...:.....', - . 
' '.
 -:' " 
 , ::., '':-\ 
J . p

' . .i

'__<' . 
... ,1;.';':' }.....;:
. ...;; 
'"_''' .' ,
: ,:
 .,' I 
· "..-, ." ,,
..', ,.
;Y<i.-".. , 


", ,];.fJ. I 
 J. ß'. '"r"lI.
" ....... '''',/'
..... .... . ... J.ø.',:.! M IF-t:.... J 

.Th,'.JJtlrlh Irr/lljJIt7{1 II/II/WI!." ,Jïlt'lII.I1It,',f}(/ {lIn,,_ 



Surrexit Cnristuc;, spes mea 
t vas in Ga- 
SCin1l1S ChrÎstuID sl1rrexisse a mortuus vere 
"obis, victor Rex, miserere. Amen. Al1eluia. 
TIle foregoing Pr0se, as '{veIl us tI,e ..folloü:ing Com. 
milnicantes and I-Iane igitl1r, are continued in every 
1\Ta.. till Saturday next inclusivel!}e 
<!BosJprl. lJIark X\'Í. I. 7. -..-- At tlillt ti1Jlt: 
Iagdalen, and 
Iary thf> nlolher of James and 

a1ome, brought sweet spice
, that coming they 
Dligh t anoint Jesus. And very early in the morning 
the first day of the week, they come tC1 the sepulchre, 
the sun being nov.
 And they 
aid one ,-0 ano- 
ther: \Vho shaH ron ns back the stone from the 
rloor of the sepulchre? And looking, they saw 
the stone rolled back. I
or it was very great. And 
entering into the sepulchre, they sa\\' a young man 
sitting on the right 
ide cloathed \"ith a ,vhite robe: 
and they 'were astonisherl. \Vho sailh to theln: Be 
110t affrighted: you seek Jesus.ofNazareth, \vho \vas 
crucified: he is risen, he is not here, behold the 
place where they laid hio1. Hut go, tell his disciples 
and Peter that he goeth before you into Galilee: 
there you shall see him, as he told VOU. CREDO. 
o Fli'ER' r. Ps. ixxv,-'fhe earth trembled, and 
\vas silent, \vhile God arose to jlldgn1cnt. Allel. 
SECRE'!'. Receive, 0 Lord, \ve beseech thee, 
the pra}ers of thy people, together \vith the offer. 
ings of these hosts, that what is conset:rated by these 
paschal mysteries, ß1ay. by Hìe he} p of thy grace. 
avail us to eternal I ife. 'fino'. 
MuNIcAMTES. Being united in communion, 
and celebrating this mo
t sacred day of the re
t!on of our J..Jorll Jesus Christ, accoròing to the flesh: 
moreover, honouring the ß1emcry ot
 &c. as in tlie 
Ordinary, pagt; xxxiv. 
lL'\xc JGITUr... \\re therefore bc
eech thee, 0 
Lord, graciously to accept tl1Í
 oLlatÏort of thy ser- 

332 EASTER-1vfONDA Y. 
vants, and of thy whole family, ",'hic11 we offer t8 
thee also, for all those thou hast vouchsafed to rege. 
nerate, by water ancl the [-loly Ghost, granting them 
the remission of ,11 their sins. Di
pose our days in 
peace, &c. as p. xxxv. 
ll\l. I C01'. v.-Christ himself is become our 
paschal sacrifice, Alleluia: therefore let us feast on 
the u11ieavened bread of sincerity and truth. AIle. 
ILJia, Alleluia, Alleluia. 
P. COl\I.i\I. Spil'ituUl 1lobis,-Pour forth on us, 
o Lord, the 
pirit of thy love; that those vlhom 
thou hast filled v:ith the pa
chal sacrament, may, by 
thy goodness, live in perfect concord. 'fhro'-in 
thé unity of the Holy Ghost. 

1NTHOI1'. EJ:od. xiii. 
T IlE Lord hath !l\,troduxit vos Dominus 
hronght yon into a in ft;rrumfluodem lac 
land flo\ving with milk et mel, .Alleluia: et ut lex 
and honey, Alleluia: let Domini s
mper sit in ore 
then the la\v of the vest'J'o, Alleluia, Alleluia. 
Lord be ever in your Ps. Confitemini Domino
mouth,Alleluia,Alleluia. et in1)Vcate nomen tjus: 
Ps. Praise the Lord, and annuntiate intel" Gentes 
call upon his nan1e: op
'J'a ejuse \T. Gloria. 
pub1ish his \\Torks an10ng the Gentiles. V. Glory. 
COLLEC'f. Deus, qui.-O God, \vho by the 
mystery of thr- paschal solemnity, hast besto\ved 
rerneJiø; on the world; continue, we beseech thee, 
thy'heavenly blessings on thy people, that they Inay 
deserve to obtain perfect liberty, and advance to- 
wards eternal life. 'fhro'. 
SSON. .Aets x. 37. 43.---In those dll!}S: Peter 
$tandill{.!. up in the midst l!t' the people said: You 
know the 'word that l1ath been published through.. 
all J udca; tor it began ÍÌ'OlU Galilee, aftt'r the bap- 

!. STIR.. O
Å · :; 
ism " hich John pre
el.l, Jç;'Js at 
....zêtre... . h 
Goi anointed hIm y;ith th Hol Gho t, a3. 1
P \\ e:, \\ ho \\ t"ot about dO::1g 00 

d- he Ii 
all that \\ ere oppr
ed b" the 'il.. or Go \\ -:ï 
v;ith him. .And \\ e are \\ tne3ses f aH thiD .. that t- 
did in the land 0 the Je\\::. 
n:l in J

 ...alem, \1 om 
the) \;j1
edJ hangin hi
 a tr _. H Gûj 
Id sed cp tbe tt-. rd da"t al1d gd\'e him t be f!"_....e 
ot to all t
e people, but 10 \\-;W

pre.o :nerl b
 God, \ en to LC \\ ho d- d t:c.. a 
l \\ ith him af"er he rose a_=- frùm e ...
.And he comman
ed Ui to preach to tbe pro 
to tEstify that it is he \\ 110 ,,-as 
ppo:nte by God to 
... judge of the Ii" ing aad 0 the _ad. fa hI all 
the prophets ai\e testirno:1Y, tha thr · hi
""De G 1 
receive remissio'1 of si ns, v. ho be ie e in him. 
GR:\D. p$. ex ii -This. the d \ ere rj 
hath made: come 1t:! L5 e\_!t rnj rrjo": ce ,..' e cOn. 
I.. Let Israel no\.. say, that the rd is good: th t 
rls l}1erc} e:1dureth for eYcr. ..\Helu:a ."\l1e U i ].. 
r'. ..-\n âlH!el of the \...."1 c-t $ 
I Id descended rom d '4.. '(, c 
n, an
 cO'TliL1g t.J Ct.1
the monument, rol1ed t... t 
b;:. to. the 
tone ,-r.d 
t opon it. 
ptl. L :t 
\.h. 13- 3 .-A 
T\ço of the d:iCi
 of Jesus \\ roDt the s_ n1e da) to a 
to\\ n " hicb ,\ 25 

'y furl()ng
: J c r" 5.;..' e"'r , --l_ 
ed Emmau
. ..-\nd the: ti41
ed toge..her 0 all he' 
hich had happened. .And'.. C1
h. to p"",,
that 'while they talked dud rea'û
t;d ,',,-ith each other, 
f also dr " ne....r ..nJ \\ t
t \\ ith then). B.:t 
their f' e::, \\ere he1
 th....: the\ 

o'.J 11 DOl l " ()\\- hi 1. 
..-\nd he said to t lt
m: \rhat :ire the-s.e d:
u ies 
that }ûu ho1d one \\ïth 3Dotht"r 2
 \ Otl "al" ar 
are sad? And the one o' th
m ,,-h<be DaD1e "35 
Cleoph3 ansv;ering said to him: .\ t tho 0-1 
i.ï nr;er in Jcr ...

:1 ...! ,
 .10... ..",)\\ n L 



things that have been done there in these 'days? "rø 
whom he said: \Vhat things? And they said: Con.. 
cerning Jesus of Nazareth, \vho was a prophet 
nlÌghty in Vvyork and word before God and all the 
people. And ho\v our chiéf priests nnd rulers de. 
livered him to be condemned to death, and cruci. 
fied. But \v.e hoped that it was he that should 
}1ave reùeemed T
rael: and now, besides all this, to. 
<lay is the third day since these things \\'ere clone. 
Yea and èertatn ",,'omen also of our company, af. 
frighted us, who before it \vas light, wer
 at the 
se}-ìulchre. .And not fincling his body, can1e, say.. 
ing that they had also seen a vision of angels, who 
said that he is alive. And some of our people went 
to the sepulchre: aDd found it so 3S the \vomen had 
said, but him they found not. r-rhen he said to them: 
o foolish, and slow of heart to be1ieve in aU things 
,vhich the prophets have spoken. Ought not Christ 
to have suffered these things, and so to enter into his 
glory? And beginning at l\Ioses and al) the pro.. 
phets, he expounded to thcln in all the scriptures 
the things that \vere concerning him. And they 
ðre\v nigh to the town ",hither they \vere going: and 
'he made as though he \vou1d go f:îfther. But they 
constrained hin1, saying 
 Stay \vith us, because it 
is to\vards evening, and the day is now far spent. 
l:inò he ,vent in with them. And it came to p[tss. 
\vhilst he ,,'as at table with theIn, he took bread; 
ônd blessed and brake, and gave to them. And 
their eyes were opened, and th ey knew hi m: and 
he vanished out of their sight. And they said one to 
the other: Was not our hearts burning \vithin us" 
\vhi!st he spoke in the way. and opened to us the 
scriptures? And rising up the saIne hour they went 
back to Jerusalem: and they found the eleven ga. 
thered toether, and those thut \\7ere \vith them. 

aying, the Lord is risen indeed, and hath appeared 
to Simeo. And they told what things were done in 

1C \yay: anll ho\\- they knew hinI in the breaking 
of bread. Cr..E no. 
OFFER1\ lUaU. xxix.-An angel of the Lord 
caIne J(HNn fran1 heaven, and said to the \VOInCn : 
lIe whorn vou seek, is risen, as he told you. ABel. 
SECREl''' and P. C()
1.asyrslercl(f.1J,p. 33 1 , 332. 
COì\I\I. JAlkc xxiv....--.The Lord hath risen and 
nppea rC1.1 to {Jeter. Ailel u ia. 

TROIT. Eccles. xV.-Hc hath given them the 
\\'ater of \visdom, Alleluia: this wisdom shall be 
strengthened in theIn, and shan not leave them, A 1- 
leluia: it shall raise them up for ever, Al1eluia. 
j:>.r. Give praise to the Lord, and call upon hi
name: publish his "Torks alnong the Gentiles. V'. 
G lor}'. 
, qui.-O God. ,,,ho by a ne,v 
jncrease does continually enlarge thy Church: grant 
that thy servants may manifc
t in their lives the sa. 
crament they have received vÚth faith. 'rhro'. 
LESS9N. Acts xiii. 26. 33,-1n tOOse days: 
tandiIlg up, and ",with his hand bespeaking 
silencc-, said: Brethren, children of the stock of Abra. 
hé1m, and "d)osoe\'cr you fear God, to you 
tile \vord ot this salv
itlon is sent. li or they that in.. 
habitcd Jerusaleln, and the rulers thereof, Dot knoVo". 
ing him, 110r the voÌC(S of the prophets, which are 
re;l{l every Sabbath, judging hin) have fulfilled them
and finding no cause of death in him, they desired 
of Pilate, that they Dlight kill him. And when they 
had lu 1 filled all things that \\'ere \\'ritten of him, 
taking hinl ..,!O\YI1 fronl the t' ee, they laid him. in a 
:;.epnlcbre. Bnt God rai,t'd him up fronl the dead 
thE' third day: and he v.."as 
een for n1any days by them 
'\iho C3nlP up v.'ith hinl frorn Galilee to Jeru
,..,rho to this prè.sent ar
 his v.itncsses to the PCOplf'. 
.And \\"p cieclare 'lr.tO you that \be pron1ise" hich 

336 ! 4
TEk-TU!S[\A Y. 
\I.'as made to our tathers, this same God hath ftl1611ed 
to our children, raising up Jesus Christ our Lord. 
GI{AD. Ps. cxvii.- This is the day th
hath Inade: come let us exult and rejoice thereQn. 
11". Let those whom he hath rescued from the hand 
he enemy.. and gathered from all nations now say, 
Alleluia, Alleluia. '["he Lord, who hung on the 
tree of the cross for us, is risen from the grave. AI. 
<1BoøpeI. Luke xxiv. 3 6 . 47.-.At that time: 
Jesus stoo.l in the midst of hJS discivles, and said to 
them. Peace be to you; it is I, fear not. But they 
being troubled and frighted, supposed they saw a 
spirit. And he said to them: \Vhy 
He you trou- 
bled, and why do thoughts arise in YOlÚ hearts? See 
my hand
 and my feet, that it is I :llyself: handle me 
and see: for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as YOll 
see me to have. And \\'hen he had said thi
, he 
shewed thenl his hanrl
 and his feet. But while they 
yt"t believed not and wondered for joy, he said: 
llave you here any thing to eat i And th
him a piece of broiled fish, and a honey con1b. 
And when }ìe haù t:aten before them, taking the re. 
I1laills he gave to them. And he said to them: 1.'hese 
are the words which 1 spoke to yon '
whilst I was 
yet \\.ith you, that. all things must needs be ful- 
Ii lled, \\'hich are \\'Iitten ill the law of l\loses, and 
in the prophets, and in the psalms, concerning me. 
Then he opened their understanding, that they 
Inight undf
rstdnd the scri (Jtures. And he said to 
them: 'rhus it is written, and thus it behoved 
Christ to sutT
r, and to rise again froo1 the dead the 
third day 
 and that penance and remission of sins 
shQuld be preached in his name unto all nations. 
OFFERT. Ps. xvii. The Lord thundered from 
beaven, and the 
Jost I-ligh sent forth his voice: 

ad the sprit1
 heads of th.e \vaters appeared. A lIe!. 

SECRE'l'. Receive, 0 Lord. we beseech thee, 
the prayers of the faithful, together \vith these obla- 
tions: th:lt by these duties of piety t
}ey may obtaÍil 
eternal life. rJ'hro'. 
I. Colas, iii,-If you are risen with Christ, 

eek the thin
s that are above, \vhere Christ is 
sitting at the right. hand of God, Alleluia: mind the 
things that are above, Alleluia. 
P. CO 
L Concede.-Grant, \ve beseech thee. 
o A I mighty God, that the virtue of the Paschal sa- 
cr.:Ul1ent, \\"hich we have received, may always re- 
Inain in our souls. l

INTROIT. 1Ylatt. xxv .-Come you blessed of my 
Father, receive the kingdom, Alleluia: which hath 
been prepareJ for you from the beginning of the 
\\'ode1, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia. Ps. Sing to 
the Lord a n
\'v soag; sing to the Lord all the earth
Jr. Glory. 
I. COLLECrï. DC1L,t', gui.-O God, who by the 
yearly solemnity of the resurrection of our Lord. 
tillest us with jov; Inerdfully grant, that. l'y these 
temporal festivals which \\Te celebrate, \ve may at 
last come to the pO;3session of those jó}'s that are 
eternal. Thro'. 
'l'ltc II. Coll
ct tilt Saturday next is, ëither Ecclesiæ 
(W Deus onlniu fit 'llJitlz their 'respective Secn:ts llnd 
P. Comm"Ì. pp. 50, &c. 
LESSON. Acts iii: 13, 19, - In tllOse days: 
Peter opening !tis moutt, 
l ; You nH
n of Israel, 
and you who fear (;od, give ear. The God of 
Abraham, and the God of !'):lac, and the God of 
Tacob, the God of our Father
, h3th glorified his 
Son Jesus, whom }OU indeed dclivered 
LJp, and de.. 
nied b
fore the face of Pilatf', \",hen he judged he 
ihould be released. But you den:ed the Holy One 
Ii f 

338 WED N E 
 D.A Y IN E Å S T E l't. \V E E K. 
and the Just, and ùesired a murderer to he granted 
unto you. 1311t the Author of life you killed, \vhorn 
God hath raised fronl the dead, of \vhich \ve ar
\\'itnesses. A 1 d his nan1e, tbrough the faith of his 
name, hath made this man strong, whom you have 

epn and kno\vn: and the faitn wh,ich is by h1n1, 
}1ath given this perfect soundness in the sight of you 
all: and no\v, brethren, I kno\v that yon did it 
through ignorance, as did also your rulers. But 
e things \vhich God before had shewed by the 
month of aU the prophets, that his Christ should 
suffer, he hath so fl1 \ fi\1ed. Repent ye therefore, and 
be converted, that your sins n1ay be blotted onto 
G RA D. l J s. cxvii.- This is the day the Lord hath 
t11ade, COlne I et us exu 1 t and rejoice thereon. J,T. 
"The right hand of the Lord hath exerted its n1ight ; 
the right hand of the Lord hath raised me up, Al- 
leluia, Alleluia. f;r. 'I'hc Lord is certainly risen, 
and hath appeared to Peter. , 
<lBoØpcl. John xxi. J. 14.-At tlud time: Jesn s 
slH.,,'cd hin1self again to the disciples at the sea of 
'l'iberias. ..1nd he she\veò himself after this manner. 
'rhere \vere togf:ther Simon Peter, and rrhornas who 
is called I)idYlnus, and 
athanae', who \vas of Can a 
in Galilee, and the sons of Zebedee, and t\tvo others 
of his disciples. SÏ1non Peter saith to thenl: J go a 
fishing. 1'I=ley say to him; \Ve also COlne ,vith thee. 
And they went forth and entered into a ship; aud 
that night they canght nothing. But when the 
morning was a ITI e, Jesus stood on the shore: yet 
the disciples knc\v not that it was Jesus. i\nd Jesus 
said to them: Children have you any meat? rrhey 
:J.ns\vered him: No. lIe sa
th to diem: Cast the 
net on the right side of the ship: and you shall find. 
'fhey eRst therefore: and nO\\1 they are not able to 
draw it for the mu ltitude of fishes. 'rhat disciple 

h('rpfore ",horn Jesus loved said to Peter: It is the 

Lorll. Simon Peter, when he heard that it \vas the 
I.Jord, girt his coat about him (for he \\'as naked) 
and cast hinlselt into the sea. But the other disci. 
pies can1e in the ship (for they \vere not far froln the 
land, but as it were two hundred cubits) dragging 
the net \\'ith fishes. As soon then a<; they came 
to land, they saw hot coa1s lying, and a fish laid 
thereon, and bread. Jesus saith to them: Bring 
hither of the fi
hes "'hich yon have now caught: 
Simon Peter 'vent up, and drew the net to land, ful1 
of great fishes, one hundred and fifty-three. And 
although there ,vere sO many, the net \\ras not bro- 
ken. Jesus saith to them: Comc, and dine. And 
none of then1 \vho were at meat, dur
t ask hin1: 
\Vho art thou? knowing that it \vas the Lord. And 
Jesus cOluelh and taketh bread, and giveth theIn, 
and fish in like manner. Ffhis is no\v the third tilne 
that Jesus was manifested to hi:) disciples, after he 
,vas risen from the dead.. CREDO. 
OFFElrr. Ps. lxxvii.- The Lord opened the 
gates of heaven, and rained down l\Ianna for therTI to 
· eat: he gave them the bread of heaven; luan hath 
eaten the bread of angels, Alleluia. 
SECRET. \Ve offer thee, 0 l..orJ, \vith joy these 
Paschal sacrifices, \vherewilh thy Church is wonder. 
fully fed and nourished. Thro'. 
1. llom. vi,-Christ rising froln the dead, 
dieth no n10re, AIlel uia: death sha 11 have no Inore 
any po\'rer over hirn, Alleluia, l\lleluia. 
P.. CO
I. .db olJlni.-Grant, \\'e beseech thee, 
o I..ord, that being cleanserl train the 01d leaven, 
the receiving thy véncrablc sacrament lnay transfornl 
us into a ne\\
 creature. \Vho, \vith the Father and 
the II01y Ghost. liveth. &c. 


. n
Úd. x. - 'rhey have all together 
praIsed thy victonous hand, 0 Lord. ...\.Ucluia. 11'or 
F f1 

\visdotn hath opened the mouth of the duwb, and 
!11é1de eloquent the tongues of infant
, AlleL AIIel! 
.Ps. Ixxix. Sing to the Lord a ne\v song, for he hath 
done \VOndfrs. ..V. Glory. 
COLLEC1'. J)eus, qui.-O (;0(1, \\'110 hast united 
various nations in the confession of thy name: grant 
that they who have been born again by the water 
of baptism, may have the saOle filÏth in their hearts l 
and the same viet}' in their actions. Thro'. 
LESSON, Acts viii. 26. 40. - In tllose days .: 
.An angel of the Lord spoke to Philip, saying: 
o to\\'ards the sOtlth, to the w'ay that goeth 
down from Jen
salem to Gaza; this is desart. And 
rising up he went. And behQld a n1é,n of Ethiopin. 
an eunuch of great authority under Candace Queen 
of the Ethiopians, who hüd charge over all her trea- 
sures, had come to Jerusalem to adore. And he 
was returning sitting in his chariot, and reading 
Isaias the prof'het, And the 
'pirit said to Philip :' 
Go near, and join thyse!f to this char!ot. And 
Philip running thither, heard him reading the pro- 
phet Isaias, and he said: Thinkest thou that 
thou unùerstandest \vhat thou read est ? And he 
said: And how can I, unless some nlan shev{ me? 
and he desired Philip that he ,vou1rl COine up and sit 
with him. And the rlace of the scripture \vhich 
he was reading \vas this: 'c lIe \vas led as a sheep 
to the slaughter: ûnd 1ike a lam b ,,'ithout voice 
before his shearer
 so opened he not hi
 mouth. In 
11umility, his jJdgolent ,,,as taken û\yay. \Vho shall 
declare his generation, for his life shall be taken 
from the earth?" And the eunuch answering Philip
said: ] besc('cb thee, of \\ hOJ11 doth the pro:)het speak 
this? of hinlselt: or of some other n130? Then 
Philip opened his mouth, and beginning at this 
scripture, preached to hin1 Jesus. And as they w'rnt 
on their \vay, they caIne to a certain \vater: and 
the eunuch said: See here is '-rater, l...hat cloth hin.. 

rter me from being baptized? And Philip sa'iJ: If 
thou be1ieve::;t ,vith all thy heart, thon mayest. And 
he an:3\vering, said: I believe that Jesus Chri
t ,is the 
Son of God. And he commanded the charIot to 
stand stil1: and they went do\vn into the water. 
both Philip and the eunuch, and he baptiled him. 
Anù when they \\7ere come up out of the wattr, the 
Spirit of the Lord took a\'vay Philip, and the eunuch 

a\v Jjim no more. And he ,vent on his way re- 
joicing. But Philip 
7as found in Azotus, and pass. 
ing through, he preached the gospel to all the cities 
tiU he carne to Cesarea. 
GRAD. 'fhis is the day the Lord hath made, 
come let llS exult, and rejoice thereon. TI: 1'he 
stone \vhich the builders rejected, is become the 
chief corner stone: this was done by the Lord, and 
it \vas wonderful in our eyes, Alleluia, Alleluia. 
V. Christ is risen, who created all things! and hath 
she\vn mercy to n1ankind. 
<1Boøpct. John xx. II. 18. - ,At fl/at tÙJll: 
l\Iary stood at the sepulchre without, \veering. 
No\v as she ,,'as weeping, she stooped do\vn, and 
looked into the sepulchre: and she sa\v t\\'O angels 
in whitP, sitting, one at the hearl, and one at the 
feet, \\ here the body of Jesus had b
en laid. 'fhey 
say to her: \V Olnan, why \veepest thou? She saith 
to theo1: Because they have taken a\v:lY my l/ord, 
and 1 kn()w not where they have laid him. 'V hen 
she had th us saill, she turned hersel f back, and 

a\v Jesus standing; and she kne\v nol that it \vas 
Jesus, Jesus said to her: \Voman, whv \veepest 
thou? v:honl seekest thou? She thinking that it \vas 
the garù('ncr, s:\Ïth to hirTI: Sir, if thou hast tnken 
hinl hence, teH Ine where thon hast laid him: anù ( 
,,'iH take hiln aw
y. jpslIs saith to her: l\Iary. She 
turning, saith to hill1: Rabboni (which is to say, 

.Jdster.) Jesus saith to her: Do not touch me, for 
1 afn not yet ascendcrl to nlY Fdther: but eo to .o l j 
Ffa W 

brethren, and say to them, I ascend to nlY Fatl1er, 
élnd to your Father, to my God and your God. l\1ary 
l\'Iagrlalen cometh and telleth the disciples: I have 
seen the Lord, and these things he said to me. CREDO. 
OFFER'r. EJ:od. xiii.-In the days of your solem- 
nity, saith the Lord, I will bring you into a land 
flowing with milk and honey, Allell1ia. 
SECRET. Graciously accept, ,,'e beseech thee, 
o Lord, the offerings of thy pe()ple 
 that being re. 
newed by the confession of thy name and by bar- 
tisnl, they may obtain everlasting bliss. 'fhro'. 
CO i\11\1. I Peter ii.- You, who are a purchased 
people, publish his nlight, A1\eluia: It is he \vho 
hath called you from darkness to his wonderfullight t _ 
P. COMl\I. E,raudi.-Graciously hear our prayers, 
o Lord, that, by frequenting these sa<;red nlysteries 
of our redenlPtion, we (nay obtain the necessary 
hel p8 of this life, and el
dless joys of the next. Th ro'. 

INr-rROrr. Ps. Ixxvii.-The Lord hath brought 
then1 forth in hope, Allel uia; and the sea hath 
covered their enemies, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia. 
s. l\ly people, be attentive to my la\v: bend your 
ear to the words of my 111ol1th. JT. Glory. 
COLLECT. Olllnipotens.-O 4o\lmighty and Eter.. 
nal God, \vho hast instituted this Paschal rnystery 
in the covenant of the reconciliation of mankind; 
assist us with thy holy grace, that what \ve profess in 
this soIen1nity, we may practice in OUT lives. 'fhro'. 
EPIS'fLE. I l:}eter ii'. 18. 22.-Ðf'(4r 13rethrcn : 
Christ died once for au r sins, the just for the unj ust, 
that he might. offer us to God, being put to death 
indeed in the flesh, but brought to life by the spirit. 
In which also he came and preached to those spirits 
that \vere in prison: which had been sometinle in- 
cred111ous, \vht:n they waited for the pa:.icnc

God in the days ofNoe, ,,"hen the ark ,,'as a build. 
ing: "'herein a fc\\r, that is, .eight s.ouls \vere sa
by water. \Vhere'Jnto baptl')nl beln
 of the ltke 
fOrlll, now 
 you also; not the pulling away of 
the filth of the flesh, but th(
 exao1Ìnation of a good 
conscience towards God by the re
urrection of Jesus 
Chri$t, who is on the right hand of God. 
 is the day the Lord hath olade, come 
let us exult and rejoice thereon. Ir. lliessed is he 
who cooleth in the name of the Lord: he is our 
Lord God, and he hath shone upon llS, Alleluia, 
Alleluia. fT. Publish it among the Gentiles, that 
the Lort! hath reigned from the cross. 
<JBoøprl. ][att. xxviii. 15. 2o.-,At that time: 
The eleven disciples ,vent into Galilee, u:1der the 
Inountain where J e
us had appointed then1. r\nd 
!'eeing hin1 they éldored: but SOlne doubted. 
And Je
us conling, spok.e to thenl, saying: A II 
power is given to me in heaven and in earth. Go 
ye therefore and teach all nations: baptizing them 
in the n,une of the Father, and of the Sou, and of 
the Ilofy Ghost. rreaching then1 to ooserve all 
thing" whatsOé\'er I ha\'p cOlun1anded you.: and be- 
hold 1 a01 \vilh yon all days, even to the consununa. 
tion of the world. CHEDO. 
.r()d. xii.-'fhis òav shaH be a nle- 
morable one to } au, A lie: uia. Y Oll shall keep it 
a solemn ft'stiv31 to the I
()rd throughout all }'our 
n c\'erlasting stat
olèrnl1it\'. AIlel. 
SECH,E'f. :\lerciful1y dCCCpt this sacri-t]c(', 'A'e 
beseech thee, () ]
ord, \.rhich \\'(:' offer for the re. 
sion of their sins, v:ho have becn regt:nerale\l; 
and to obtain 
pecdil}' the hdp of thy grac
. '!'hr...>'. 
I. ....llutt. xxviii.-.\l1 pO-A'er in hC->;1Ve!} and 
on earth is gi\'en to (ue, ,\lld l1 ia: Go t
ach all na- 
1 bapti
ing them in the na t11l: of the F3tht'r, <1nd 
of the Son. and of the floly Gho)t, Alle'. ...'\tiel. 
1). CO
I. l{c
jÚcc.-Look rlO\VU, \\.e beseech 

thee, 0 Lord, upon thy people: and sinc
bast vouchsafed to give them a new life by these 
eternal rnysteries, grant them also pardon of their 
temporal offen es. Thro'. 

lNTROIT. PSt civ -'I'he Lord hath led forth 
l1is'people in glaùness, Al1eluia; and his chosen 
ones in joy, Alleluia, Alleluia. Ps. J,}raise the Lord, 
and can upon his name: publish his works anlong 

he Gentiles. V. Glory. 
COLLECT. Concede.-Grnnt, we beseech thee, 
o Almighty God, that we, who \vith reverence 
l1ave celebrated this solemnity of Easter, may hap. 
pi1y arrive at everlasting joys. Thro: 
E. 1 Peter ii .-DeaT' Bretkren: Laying 
a\\'ay all maJice, anJ al1 guile and dissimulations, 
and envies, 
nd all detractions, as ne\v-born babes, 
desire the rational n1Îlk \vithout guile: that there- 
by you nlay grow unto sa
vation: if so be yon 
]lave tasted that the Lûrd IS s\veet, unto whom 
caBling, as to a living stone, rejected indeed by 
nlen, but chosen and made honourable by God: 
be yon also as living stones bnilt up, a spiritual 
honse, a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sa. 
crifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ. \Vhere. 
fore it is contained in the scripture: "Behold I Jay 
in Sian a chief cOiner-stone, e1pct precious; and he 
that shaH beiieve io him, shall not be confouoded." 
To you, tÌ'1trefore, that believe, honour: but to 
them that beheve not, U the stone which the builders 
rejected, the saIne is n1ade the head 0f the corner :u 
and a stone of stumbling and a rock of scandal, to 
theol \vha stlllnble at the \\'onl, neither do belie\'e, 
\vht:'ren nto also thev are set. But von (Ire a cho'Jen 
gcnertltion, a kin
lv priesthood, a hot.v nation, a 
d pe0ple; th
lt vou Jnay dpclare hi., virtups, 
\, ho hath callE"l you out of darì-.r:.t:
5 inTo IllS ad... 
, . . 

nlìrab1e l;ght. .. \Vho in time past \vere not a peo- 
pIe; but are now the pt
op\c of God: \V ho had 
not obtained mercy; but now have obtained mercy. 
Alleluia, AHeluia. r'. This is the day the LorJ 
hath Inade. come let us exult and r
jo;cc thereon, 
. V. Praise the Lord, ye his servants, praise 
the narne of the Lord. 
([)oØpcl. Join" xx. I. 9. - ,At tlwt time: 
The first day of the week, l\Iary 
lagc1a'en cometh 
early, \vhile it v.
as yet dark, to the sepulchre: and 
she &aw the stone taken a,vay fronl the sepulchre. 
She ran, therefol'p, and coo1f;th to Simon Peter, and 
to the other disciple whom Jesus loved, and saith to 
then1: 111cy have taken away the Lord out of the 
sepulchre, and we kno\v not where they have laid 
him. Peter therefore went out, and that other dis- 
ciple, and they came to the sepulchre. And they 
both ran together, and that other disciple did oYe!"
run P
ter, and came first to the sepulchre. And. 
,,,,hen he stooppd down, he sa\v the linen cloths 
1yiilg; but yet he went not in. Then cometh Si. 
n10n Peter, following him, and \vent into the se.. 
pulchre, and Sâ\V the linen çloths lying. And the 
napkin, that had been about his head, not lyingVv'ith 
the linen c1oths, but apart \\-'rapt up into one place. 
rrhat other di
ciple also \vent in, \\7ho came first to 
the sepulchre: and he S;l\V, and believed; for as yet 
they knew not the scriplurp, that he must rise again 
from the dead. C R EDQ. 
OFFERT. Ps, cxv1Í.-ßlessed is he \\'no cometh 
in the nalne of the Lord: \ve have blessed YOll from 
t he hou
e of the Lord: the Lord is God, and he 
th shinf'rl upon us, Allf'ìuia, Alleluia. ' 
SEf1 R ET. Grant, \\'e beseech thr:e, 0 I
that w
 may ahva}'s gratefully sol
mnize the Paschal 
mystenes, and that the continual celebration of the 

lcrament of our redemption 111ay be to us a EU bject 
of perpetual joy. Thro!. ' 

346 LOW.SUNDA Y.. 
. CO
I!\1. Gal. iii.-All you that have been bap- 
tIzed in Christ, have put on Christ, r\l1el uia. 
P. C'OßI
I. Redemptionis.-Being strengthened, 
o Lord, by th.e sacralnent of our redemption, grant 
that, through this help to eternal salvation, a true 
faith n1ay always be increased i11 us. rrhro

I s called in the Roman Missal Dominica in albiJ, because 
those who were baptized on Holy Saturday, Jaid aside 
the r.vhite garmentJ wherewith they were yesterday clothed, 
and began this day to be no longer distinguished in dress 
from the rest of the faithful. It is to the newly baptized 
however, and those who have recovered their innocence 
by the sacrament of penance, that the Church addresses 
herself, exhorting them, like new-born children, earnestl}. 
to desire the spintual milk of the word of God, \vhich 
alone can maintain in them that life of grace which they 
have just recovered. 
INTROIT. I Pete'l' ii. PSI lxxx. 
L II(E new bOI,n chil. @ UASIJIODO, geniti 
dren, A \lei. desire 
 injåntes, .AUe!, 1'a... 
spiritual and pure milk, tiùllabile sine dolo lac con.. 
Allel. ABeL Allel. l>si cupiscite, .Alleluia, Allel. 
llejoice in God, who is Allel. Ps. Exultltte Dc? 
our help: joyfully praise adjuto'l'i nostro; jubilate 
tl1e God of Jacob. V. Deo Jacob. V. Gloria. 
COLLECT. Præsta.-Grant, we beseech thee, 
o Almighty God, that we, who have celebraterl the 
solemnity of Easter, may, by the assistance of thy 
divine grace, ever make the effects thereof Inanifest 
in onf lives and actions. Thro'. 
EPIS'fLE. J John v. 4. 9. - Dea'!'l,!! beloved: 
\Vhatsoever is born of God, overcometh the \\70rld : 
and this is the victory which overconleth the world, 
our faith. 'VIto is he that overcometh the world, 
but he that be1ievelb that Jesus is the Son of God l 

'fhis is he that came by ,vater and blood, Jesus 
Christ: not by water on1y, but by \\?ater and b
And it is the spirit which testifieth, that Christ IS the 
truth. For there are three who give testimony in 
heavtn, the Father, the \V ord, and the I-Ioly Ghost. 
And these three are one. And there are three that 
give testimony on earth: the spirit, the \vater, and 
the blood, and these three are one. If \ve receive the 
tinlony of men, the testimony of God is greater. 
or this is the testimony of God v.hich is greater. 
because he hath testified of his Son. fIe that be- 
lieveth in the Son of God, hath the testimony of 
God in himself. 
Alleluia. Allet. T
 On the day of my resurrec- 
tion, saith the I
ord, I \vill go before you into Ga- 
lilee. Alleluia, 
V. After eight days, \7 _ Post dies octo ja- 
the doors being shut, Je.. nuis clausl.r, stetit Jesus 
sus stood in the midst of in media disdpulor1l11l SllO- 
his disciples, and said: rum, et dixit; l J ll.l' 'Vobis. 
}J eace he ,,,ith you. AHel. ,Alleluia. 
p ci. John xx. 19- 31. .-- At tllat time: 
'Vhen it "vas late that san1e day, being the same 
òay of the ,veek, and the doors \-vere shut, ",'here 
the <.I:scipJes \vere gathered togther for fear of the 
Je\\-.s, Jesus caIne al1<1 stood in the Inidst, and said to 
them: Peace be to you. And when he had said 
this he 
hewed them his hanòs and his side. 'fhe 
d!sciples theretore \,,"ere glad \\'hen they sa\v the 
Lord, AnJ he said to them again: Peace be to 
)'Op. As the Father hdth sent me, I also send ron. 
\\'hen he h
d said this, he breathed on lhem 
e s3id to then1: Rcceive ye the I-Joly Ghost: \vhose 
Sins you shall forgive, they ar
 forgiven them: and 
""hose si,
s you iliall retain, they are retained. Novr 
Tholnas, one of the t\velve, \\'ho is raIled l)idymn
,,'as not \\ith theln \vhen Jesus came. 'fhe olht"r 

ciptes therefore said to hiln: '\i e have seen the 
Lord. But he said to them: E
cept I shall see iti 
11is hands the print of the nails, and put nlY finger 
into the place of the nails, and put my hands into 
his side, I will not believc. And after eight days. 
again his disciples \t\
ere \vithin, and Thomas with 
them. Jesus cometh, the door:) being sh ut, and 
in the u1idst, and said: Pe.ace be to }'Ol1. Then he 
said to r-rhomas: Put in thy fingers hither, and '}ee 
JUy hands, and bring hither thy hanò, and put it into 
D1Y side; and be not faithless, but believing. Tho. 
mas answ
red and said to hinl: My Lord and nlY 
God!! Jesus saith to him: becau
e thou hast spen 
me, rrholllas, thou hast belie
ed: biessed are they 
that have not seen, and have believed."" l\lanyother 
signs also did Jesus in the sight of his disciples, 
which are not \\Tittei1 in this book. But these are 
written that YOll clay bclie\'e that J fSUS is the Chrisl 
the Son of God: and that believing you may have 
life in his nalne. <:REDO. 
OFFERT. j.1Iatt. xxviii.-An angel of the Lord 
came do\vn froIn he
ven, and said to the women: 
lIe \vhom you seek is r'i"'en, as he told you, A1Jel. 
SECHEl'. Receive. \v(' uescech thee, 0 Lord, 
the offerings of thy joyful ChurLh: and a" thou hast 
given occasion to this great joy, grant she n1ay re- 
c.eive the fruits of that joy, vvhich \vill never end. 
'fhro' , 
1:\f. Jon.n xx,-Put forth thy hand, and re- 
D1ark the place of the nails, Alleluia: and be not 
incred111o:!s, but believt-., Allelui3, l\lleluia. 
P. CO:\1iV1. QUÆsUmUJ,-Grant, \\:e beseech thee, 
o Lord our God, that the sacreù mysteries thou hast 
given "us to preserve the grace of oùr redemption,- 
ma1'bp our present and future relnedy. 'fhro.. 

* What follows is omitted on the 21 st of December, th
Feast of St. Tbomr1':;. 

C Fron., I1c t lce till the A5cension, ((,Tecpt on Dou- 
bles) tIle II. \oHect is Concede, liS in tIle V olive 
Mass of the B. \T. 
J. fi'0111 Easter 10 Advent; tlte 
]n. Ecclesiæ, 01' Deus úmniUll1, pp. 5
'c. 'lcitl' 
tl,eir rt:specfi-te Secrets Utlll P. ConHns. 

II. SUNDAy" (1
el' E
INTROll'. 1>5. xxxiÌ. 
T HE earth is foIl of MIsericordia Dmnini 
the Inercy of the plena. es ferra, .Al.. 
-\l1e1.: the heavens lcluia: 'terbJ Domini C{r!i. 
l.vere made by the ,,'ord fir1l'lati stull., Alleluia, ..lil. 
of the Lord. ABel. ABel. Ie/aia. 
P3 Hejoice in the Lord Ps. Exull.(lte ,justi in 
:ye righteous: jt becom- Domino: rectos d ecet col. 
eth the upright to praise laudutio. V. Glu'/'ia. 
bin). Jr. Glory- 
. Dells.-O God, \'\'ho, by t1\
tion of thy Son, hast raised up the fallen \vorld: 
grant to thy people perpetual joy 
 that they, whom 
thou hast d
livcred from th
 danger of everlasting 
death, olay arrive at etf'rnai happi aes
, Thro'. 
EPISTLE. I j>t:!er ii. 21. 2 s.-Dearl.!} Bcloved: 
Christ also suffered for us, leaving ,"OU an exaillple 
that you should fo11o\v his steps. JfÙo ditlilo [,tll, 
neither U'(JS I},llilc found ill I,is mouth. \Vh f ), when 
be \vas reviled, did not revile: \\,hcn he suffered, he 
tt:neJ. not; but delivered hilTIS(>!f to hi In that 
judged him unjustly:. \\'ho his own self bore OUf sin
in his body upon the tree: th<it \\'e being dead to 
'sins, should live to ju
tice: by \vhose stripes you 
""ere hea1ec1 For} Oll Yo ere as sheep going 
stray : 
hut you are ]10\V cOl1verteJ to the shephérd and 
. bi!hop of your souls. 
V. I am tOt> good 
her- \T. Ego sum Pastor 
herd, and 1 :
now my LO,'7,;lS, t COð'llQSCO C1:es 

35:> I I r. 5 U N D 0\ Y AFT ERE A S T E R.. 
sheep, and nly sheep 'Jneas, ct cogll0SCl.lnt 9n
kno\\' Ine, Alleluia. 11lCæ. Alleluia. 
<IDoøprl+ Joll.n x. I J. J 6. - At that time: 
Jesus said to tlte Plla'risces: I anl the gooù shepherd: 
1'he gooù shepherd giveth his life for his sheep. But 
the hireling, and he that is not the shepherd, whose 
o\vn the sheep are not, seeth the wol f com ing, and 
leaveth the sheep, and Rjeth, and the \".01 f catcheth, 
and scattereth the sheep: and the hireling Rieth, 
because he is a hireling; and he hath no care for the 
sheep. I am the good shepherd; and I know nline, 
and D1ine kno\v me. l\S the Father kno\veth me
and I know the Father; and llay do\vn my life for 
nlY sheep. And other sheep I have, that are not of 
this fold; thenl also I must bring, and they shall 
hear my voice, and there shall be oae folò, and one 
shepherd. CREDO. . 
OFFER'r. Ps. Ivii.-O God, my God, to thee, I 
\vatch from break of day: and at thy nan1e I will 
lift up my hands. Alleluia. 
SECRET. l\lay this holy ob1ation, 0 TAord, 
dra\v down upon us thy saving blessing; and ahvays 
produce in LIS the effect of \\That is repres
nteJ in these 
sJ.cred mysteries. Thro'. 
1. John x.-I anl the good shepherd. Aile. 
luia: and I know my sheep, and my sheep know 
1TIe.. Alleluia, Alleluia. 
P. COl\I
I. ]Jræsta.-- Grant, \ve beseech thee, 
o AI 1l1ighty Cod, that, receivi!lg froffi.t!1ce t
e g
of life, \ve nlay ahvays glory in thy gift. 1. hro . 

Ill. SUNDA Y afte1' EASTER. 
INTROIT. Ps.lx\'. 
S ING to (;od . all 
he J[lbilate Dca,O'/nl1is fer. 

 earth, l\llel Uia: sing ru, . 
 . p
a psalm to his natHe, A!- 'tn
lnl .dlclte llOl1iznt e..
leluia. J)l1blish- aloud hIS Aile/uta. Dúte g!ortuln 

praises, AlIeluia, A Hel. la1Jdi ejllS, Allel. Allel. 
Allel. Ps. Say to God: ,Allel. I's. Dicite Dea: 
}10\V terrible are thy fjlUWl terl'iúilia SZlllt ope,." 
,,,orks) OLorò! 'fhy great ilia Ð()mine! In 1Iiulti- 
po\\'er shall convict thy tudille virtu/is tuæ men- 

nemies of a lie. ticn[ur tibi inimici tui. 
JT. Glorv. V. Gloria. 
COLLECT. Dells, '1ui.-O God, \vho she\vest 
t11e light of thy truth to such as go astray, that they 
may return to the \\"ay of righteousness; grant that 
 \vho profess' the christian naHle, Inay forsake 
\vhatç\"er is contrary to that prOf
b:-iion, and closely 
pursup \"hat is agreeable to it. rrhro'. 
EPlS1'LE. I Peta" ii. I I. J t;.-Dt'arl!J Belol'ed : 
I beseech you as strangers and pi1grinl
, to refrain 
yourselves from carnal llesires, \\'hich war against 
the soul, having your conversation good among the 
Gentiles; that whereas they speak again5t you as evil 
doers, considering yon by your good \'Vorks, they 
may give 
lory to God in the day of visitation. B
ye Sl1 bject therefore to every human creature for 
God's sake: ,vhether it be to the king, as excelling: 
or to governors as sent by him for the punishment of 
evil doers, and for the praise of the good: for so is 
e "'ill of <!od, that by doil

 \\'ell you may put to 
IHlence the Jgnorance of foolish nlcn: 3S free, and 
not CiS making liberty a c\oak for naughtiness, but as 
the servants of God. 1-lonour all men; love the 
'brotherhood: fear God: honour the king. Servant
be subjt-ct to your masters \"ith all fear, nut only to 
the good and gentle, but also to the fro\vard. For 
this is thanks.worthy in Jeslls Christ OU1' L01,d. 
Alleluia, Alleluia. V. l J s. ex. rrhe Lor
Icùeemfld his people. Alleluia. 
J. Christ ,vas to su{ft;r, V. Opportebat pati. 
and rise ag3in from the Christ71l11, ct reslL1'gere'a 
dead, and so enter into lIlorlllis, et ita intrl.lre in, 
1ory. .A.lleluia. glorillm Sllam. .Alleluia. 
G g 2 

<1DoØpcl. Jvlln xvi. 16. 22.-At that time: 
Jesus said to his disciples :-A little \vhile, and now 
you shall not see lTIe: and again a little whi Ie, and 
you shall see me 
 because I go to the Father. 'rhen 
some of his disciples said one to another; \Vhat ig 
this that he saith to us: A 1 ittte \vhile, and you shall 
not see me: and again a little v..hile, and you shall 
see me, and, because I go to the Father i ï'hey 
said therefoïe 
 W hat is this that he saith: A little 
\vhile? we kno\v not \vhat hcspeaketh. And Jesus 
knew that the}' had a mind to ask him; and he said 
to then1: Of this do you enquire among yourselves
because I said: A little while, and )'01.1 shall not see 
me: and again a little \\'hiJe, and you shall see me. 
Amen, amen, I say to you, that you sh
1l lament 
nnd ,,'eep, but the world shaH rejoice; and you shaH 
be sorrcwful, but YOtl r sorro\v shall be turned into 
joy. A 
 Olnan, \vhen she is in labour, hath sor- 
row, because her hour is come: bnt vvhen she hath 
brought forth thE:: child, she relnen1bereth no more 
the anguish, for joy that a man is born into the 
\\70rld. So also you now indeed have SOrrO\IV, but 
I will see you again, and your heart shall rejoice; 
and your joy no man shall take fron1 you. CREDO. · 
Oli'FER'f. ]J s . cxl.-Praise the Lord, 0 my soul. 
I \
ill praise the Lord, \"hile I live : 1 \vill sing a 
psalm to my God, \\'hile I have a bein
. Alleluia. 
SECRE'r. 11ay these sacred mysteries, 0 Lord
diminish in U
 the Jove of the lhil)gs of this \vorhl. 
2nd increase the love of such as are t'ternal. rl1uo". 
L-i\. little while, and you shall not see 
me, Alleluia: again a little ",hile al
d you shall see 
fl1e: because I g0 to the Father, Allel. .i'\llel. 
p CO.ì\I
'1.-ßlay the sacramént \\'e have received, 
o I
ord, supnly us \vith the spiritual food of the 
5fJul l and a111
tCeSSar}T helps of the Lod}'. rrhro'. 

( 353 ) 

1\". SUN01-\ Y (!Iter E:\S I'ER. 

1'ROrr. Ps. xcvii. 
S ING to the l
ord a CAl-,-I' t IrE Domino 
I nt:>w canticle, A lIe... canl ieum nm:llm, .Al. 
luia: For the Lord h3th le/uia: quia miril,iIÙtj'c.. 
(tone \;\;onJers, i\lJelui3: eit lJomillll.:', .Alleluia: 
he hath displayed hi
 ante cOll,-:peclum g
justice in the sight of an 'J'cre[flvit ju,c;'ifiaJU sua/,l, 
nations, 1\ 11 el. A 11 e. A lle. .Allc!u if I, A lie/v ia, Ill,;l. 
Ps. U i" right hand anù his P:). Salvl1vit sibi dt'.cfcra, 
hol\' arm hath s,-1.\'eJ us. ej/ls et in:.clti/l1ll sallclllTll. 
r o . Glnr\'. ejlls. V. Gloria. 
<:OLl/EC'f. Dells, qlli.
O God. who Inakest the 
fa:thful to be of one H}inu: grJ.nt that thy people 
m:lY love what tholJ comn1andest, and de:\ire \\'hat 
thou promisest: that, amidst the uncertainties of 
this ,,'odd, \ve m1)' place our affections \vhere there 
there are true joys, 'Iluo'. 
EPlSrrLE. James i. 17. 21. - Dearly beloved: 
Every best gifr, anJ every perfect gift, is from abo\'c J 
coming do\
'n from the Father of lights, \\'ith who(n 
therp is no change, nor shado\v of alteration. For 
of his o\\'n \\'il1 hath he be
otten us by the word of 
truth, thaP\\Pc might be son1e beginning of his cre3.. 
s. You know, my dearest brethrea. -,-\nd let 
every n1an be s\\'ift to hear; but s!O\V to speak, <:nd 
slo\\' to anger. For the anger of Olan ,yorketh not 
the justice üf God. \Y here-fore ca

ing a\\ray all un. 
anness, and abundance of llJughtiness t \vith 
fl1eekntss receive the ingrafted \\'orJ, which is able 
to save you r souls. 
.A.1lell1ia, Alleluia. \7. The right h
nd óf ttle 
l..ord hath displayed his power: the fight hand of 
the Lcrd hath raised Ole up, i\ llpluia. 
V. Christ rising froo1 \T. Clil'istllS 1'C!1l1'gr.ns 
the dead, dieth no mOfP: eJ: lllO"! aio:, jam !1OJ! 1M';. 
h .) 

death snaH no longer 'l'itur: 'lIlOr,ç ill; ultra 
have po\ver over hirn, . nCtt domillubitur, ,Alleluia. 
<1BoøprI+ John x\'i. s. 15. - At that time: 
JfSUS said tv JlÌs di
cipÜ:s: I go to him that sent nlC; 
and none of yon asketh me ; \\Thither goe!oit thou? 
But because I have spoken these things to you, sor- 
row 1ìath filled your ht>art. But I tell you the truth: 
it is expe(lient to )00 that I go: for if I go not, the 
Paraclete \\.'il1 not come to you: but if I go, I \"ill 
send him to you. And \\'hél1 he is ronle, he ""ill 
convince the \\'odd of sin, and of j lìstice. 
uHl of 
judgment. Of Sill: because th
y believed not in 
nle. And of justice: because I go to the Father; 
and you shall see nlE' no longer. And of jurlgment:- 
because the prince of this world is already judged. 
I have yet Inany things to 
'ay to you; but you can- 
not bear then1 no\-v. But wh
n he, the Spirit of 
truth, is come, he \vil1 teach you all truth. For he 
shaH not speak of hin1
wl f; but what things SOc\'er 
he shall he
lr, he shall speak: and thp things tlHlt 
nre to conle he 
hall she\v VOII. lIe shall glorjfv 
n1e; because ne shall receive of nÜne, and sh
she\,' it VOlle CREDO. 
OFFER'!,. lJ s . lxv.-SiJ1
 to the Lord all the 
earth, sing a psalm to his nan1e: C001P, anù hear. 
and I \vill relate to you, all you \v ho fear God, 
"'hat great things the Lord hath done for my soul. 
SECR. O"God, \\'ho madest us partak
rs of the 
one supreme Divinity, by the fr<..'C)llent celebration 
and participation of this holy s
: grant, we 
beseech thee, that as \Vt. kno\\! thy truth, so \ve may 
live up to it by a 'worthy conduct of life. Thro'. 1 
I. Jolln xvi,-\Vhen the Comforter, the 
Spirit of truth shall come, he will convince the 
,vorld concernlng sin, justice and j udglnent. AI. 
leluia, i\lleluia, 

v. s u 
 DAY J. F l' E n. E A (" T !: R. 3 S 5 

1. _ldfsfo.-Ilc]p us, 0 God, our Lord, 
:t our 
i:}s may be forgi\Jen, aud that "'C may 1 c 
delivered froln all dangers by the SaCralllent, which 
we h
ve received \vi th faith. .1'h rOe 9 

V. SU:NDA)'" lljlt.1 EASTER. 
INTROIT'. Is. xlviii. 1'5. 1 xv. 
ê E!\D forth a shout of Deem .iuculldilf/li.! fl,l. 
joy, 3nd let it be ?lllnl iale, rt tJUd/fl- 
ard. 1\ lIel uia. Pu b- iu.... A lIe/uia. An 1Z1l1'- 
lish to tbe 11 tmost bounds tlale usque ad (.1:/1 oJ/11m 
of the f'arth: that the terra: libcravit J)(I'I1lt. 
Lord hath redeclncd his nus pupulum 51.d l m. ..tlle- 
veop\e. Alleluia, AIle. /uia, Alleluia. 
-lui3. Ps, Sing ,vith joy Ps. Jilhi/ate Dco Oln1lis 
(0 God, a11 the earth: It'r,.a: pSalJI1Um dicite 
f'ing a psalm to his name: 1lomini 
jus: date g/oJ'Ï,. 
proc1aiul aloud his prais. (on l
es. V. GloT\7. \r. Gloria. 
liS.-O Goò, hon1 ,,,.11om all 
t11at is gooj proceeds: grant that thy people, by thy 
piration, may resolve on \,,'hat is right, and by 
thv direction, put it in practice. 'fhro.. 
EPlS'TLE. James i. 22. 27- - DC(l'J'!'y belored: 
Be ye ùoers of the ,vord, and not hearers only, de- 
f:t:'iving your o\vn seh'es. For if a ma.n be 3 hearer 
of the \vord, and not a doer; he shall be comp3red 
to a rnan b('holding his own counténance in a g1as
For h
 beheld himself, and \yent his \\ ay, and pre- 
sentlv forgot \vhat nlanner of man he v;a
. But he 
that hath looked into the perfect la\v of liberty, and 
hath continuEd therein, n(\t becoming a forgetfuJ 
Ì1farer, but a doer of the ,vork: this 111 an shall he 
blessed in his deed. ,\nJ if any man think hin1St If 
religi'S'us, not bridlit1g his tongnc, but deceiving his 
o\vn heart, this n1C
n's religion is vain. Religion 

lean and undefiled before God anù tilt Father, is 

this, to vis
t the fatherless and the wido\\ys in their 
tribulation: and tù keep one's self unspotted fforn 
the world. 
l\lt el uia, Al t-ell1ia. Jí. Ch rist is risen, and hath 
shone upon us, \\1hon1 he hath reJeclned \iVith his 
blood. .Alleluia. 
IT,. I can1e forth from 
the };ather, and I canle in- 
to the ,,,odd: I lea....e the 
,vorld again, Clnd go to 
the Father. Aiieluia. 
<lBoØpcl. Julu/' xvi. 23. :;0. - At iI/at timt: 
Jesus said to his di'\cipies: Ampo, :)rnen, I say to 
you: if you ask the Father any thing in my nam(". 
he \vill give it YOll. I-litht'rto you have not asked 
any thing in m \' na01e. Ask, and yon shall receive; . 
that your joy ,nav be fu II. 'fhese things I have spo- 
ken to YOll in proverb.... '[he h
')t1r con1eth when [ 
will no more s
ak to you in prf)verbs, but \\'ill shc\v 
}'Ol1 plainly of the Father. In th:n day you sh
11 ask 
111 nlY name: and I sa.y l1f't to you, that I w&11 ask 
the Father for you. For the Father hi!TIse1t loveth 
you, because you h
lve loved me, and h
l\:e believed 
that I came out fron1 God. I caIne forth from the 
Father, and am come into the .worlrl: again I leave 
the \,"orld, and r go to thè F31Ìler. His discip!cs say 
to hioI: Behold no\v thou speak est plainly, and 
speakest no proverb. I
vw \\'e kno\v that thou 
knowest all t ' lings. and thou needest not that any 
Ulan should ask thee. Bv this \ve believe that thou 
camf'st forth frorn (;od. "CRl:.DO, 
OFFERT. Ps, lxv.-Bless the Lorò our God, ye 
Gentiles: publish the praises of hiln, who hath 
granted 111e life, anel hath not pern1itte,i me to tall. 
Blessed is the IJorJ, \vho hath not rejected my pray- 
er, nor \vithdrawn his olercy fronl l11e, A lIel uia. 
SECRE1'. Receive, 0 I..,orJ, \ve beseech thee, 
the prayers of the faithful, together vdth these obla. 

v. EJ'ivi a Patre, (1t 
'teni in 'IlllJ..llclum: ilc'rll1l1 
rclinqllo 'lJIllndu1l1, et 'Vudo 
ad j-)lll'J'cm. ,Allelll.ia. 


R 0 GAT I 0 
 - J) \ Y S.I 3.) 7 
tíons; tnat by these òntie
 of piety \Ve may {}btain 
eternal life. 'rl1fo
1.i\I. Ps. xcv.-.-Sing to the Lord, Alleluia. 

ing to the JJord, anò h'e
s his name: publish duly, 
every dav, that he hath 
avc,l tis. _\lleIui
, Alleluia. 
P. CO':\Il\I. Tl'ibuc....Grant, 0 l
ord, by the po\ver 
of the heav<:nly nourishment ,\.e have received, that 
\Ye desire what is right, and obtain our desire. Theo., 

V Il HE 
 the Diocese of Vien 17 e, in the fifth century, had 
, t' been dreadfully afflicted hy incessant earthquakes, 
incursions of wild beasts, &c. &c. St. .iHa7Jl.t1 ius its Bishop 
experienced such happy effects from the public supplica.. 
tions he had appointed for the ceasing of these terrible ca.. 
lamities, that the same pious custom extended itself grad. 
uallyover the whole ""estern Church; 2nd hence it is, 
that on tbe three days preceding the Feast of the Ascen.. 
,ion, C1bstinent::e from flesh is enloined, and the long Lita.. 
nies are sung in so]enln procession in catholic countries: 
that the wrath of God being appeased by the abstinence 
2nd prayers of his Church, we may avert those punish.. 
ments which are justly duc to our sins. . 
J.t\rfROI'I'. Ps. xvii.-l-lc hath heard my VOice 
from his ho!}' temple, Alleluia. And the cry 1 sent 
forth in his presence hath reach
d his ears, Allelui
Alleluia. l.J$, I \\ ill love thel', 0 Lord, my strength: 
the Lord is Iny support, and n1Y refuge, and DIY de- 
liverer. V. Giory. 
,.{csla.-G rant, we beseech thee. 
o 1\ 1 n1Ìg:tty God, lh

t \\ e, \\ ho in our atHictions 
reI y on thy goodness, Inay, unùer thy protection, be 
defended against all adversities. 'fillO'. 
EPlST'LE. JalllCS v, 16. 'lo.-lUosl dearl!} belvv.. 
cd: Confess your sins one to another; and pray one 
for another, that you 'nay be 
aved. For the LontÏ. 
Jìual pra} er of a ju
t nlan 3vaileth I11uch. Elias ",'tiS 
a nlan passible like unto l1S: and \\'ith prayer he 
Frayed that it n1i
ht not rain upon the earth, und it 

rained not for three years and six olontl1s. And he 
prayed again: and the heaven gave rain, and the 
earth brought fonJl her fruit. l\'1y brethren, if any 
of you err from the truth, anrl one convert hiln:. he 
rnust know, that he \\'ho caused a sinner to be con- 
verted from the error of his \\'ay. shall save his soul 
(roln death, and shall cover a multitude of sins. 
Alleluia. Jr. Praise the Lord, for he is good, and 
his Inercy endureth for ever. 
<1BoØp.el.. Lukf: xi. 5. 13.-At that time: Jesus 
said to his disciples 
 \Vhich of you shall have a 
friend, and shall go to hitn at midnight, and shall 
say to him: Friend, lend me three loaves, because a 
friend of ll1ine has come off his j ou rney to me, and 
I have nothing to set before him: and he froln with- 
in should ans\ver and say: Troll ble tTIe not, the door 
is now shut, and nlY children are with nle in bed; 
and I cannot rise and give thee. Yet if he shall 
continue knocking, I say to you, although he will 
Dot rise and give him, because he is his friend; yet 
because of his irnporlunity he w ill rise, and give him 
as many as he needeth. And I say to you, Ask, and it 
shall be given you: seek, and you shall find: knock, 
and it shalt ,be opened to you. For everyone that 
asketh, receiveth: and he that seeketh, fiudeth: and 
to hilll that knocketh, it 
hall be opened. And 
which of you, if he ask his father bread, will he give 
l1in1 a stone? or a fish, \vill he for a fish give him a 
serpent? Or if he ask. an egg, wi)} hé reach him a 
a scorpion? If you then being evil, know how to 
give good gifts to your children, how much more 
"'in your Father from heaven give the good Spirit to 
tl\em that HSk. hi ITl ? 
\OFFERrr. J)s. cviii.-I will praise the Lord \\'ith 
a l
,ud voice: I will praise him in a numerous asseOl- 
IJly;' '{-Of he stood on the right hand of the poor one, 
to save me--fr-Q.ffi those that pursued my life. Allel. 
SECRE'r. l\1ay these offerings, 0 Lord, IOOSCiIl 

the' bond" of our \vickedness, and obtain for us the 
gift of thy mercy. ffh ro'. 
L Luke xi.-Ask, and it shaH be given 
you; sef"k, and yon 
hal1 find: knock, and it shall 
be opened to you. For everyone that a
kethJ re. 
ceiveth: and he that seeketh, findeth:. and to him 
that knocketh, it shall be opened. Alleluia. 
P. CO 
1. JTota nostrll.- We beseech thee, 0 
Lord. mercifully receive our prayers; that while we 
partak.e of thy gifts in our affliction, the comfort wo 
find may increase our love. rrhro'_ 

I bC!Ò1'C the Litanies. 
Exurge, Donline, adj'uva nos: et libera nos prop. 
ter gloriam nominis tui. Alleluia. 
Ps.-Deus, auribus nostris audivimus; patres noslri 

annuntiavernnt nobis. V. Gloria. 
Ant. Exurge, &c. loPs. 
The Lrr.ANIES. 
Parts 'llwrkcd tllliS 
 (l1't' omitted on I-Ioly Saturday. 
K y rie eleison. Christe Sancte l\lichael. ora. 
elt:ison, Kyrie e1ei- 
ancte Gabriel, ora. 
son. Christe audi nos. Sancte Raphael, ora. 
Christe exaudi nos. Onlnu
 sancti .Angeli et 
l}ater de cæ1is Deus, 1\li- l\rchangelj,. or:lte. 
serere nobis. Omnts sancti beatorum' 
l''ili Reden1ptor mundi spirituum Ordines, 
Deus, miserere nobis. orate pro nobis. 
Spiritus sancte Deus, n1Î. Sancte J. Baptiste, ora. 
screre nobis. Sancte Joseph, ora. 
Sancta rrrinÏt61s l10ns De- Olnne$ sancti Patriarchæ 
us, rni
re nobis. et ProlJhetæ. orate. 
Sancta l\laria, Ora pro Sancte Petræ, Old' pro 
nobis. nobis. 

ancta Dei genitri
, ora Sancte Panle, ora. 
pro nobis. Sancte Andrea, ora. 
Sancta Virgo Virginum, Sancte Jacobe, ora... 
Ofa pro nobis. "Sancte Joannes. ora. 

*Sancte Thonul, ora. et Confe3S0res, oratt 
"Sancte Jacobe, ora.', pro nobis. 
1f'Sancte Philippe, ora. Olnnes sancti I)octores, 
ora. orate pro nobii. 
1tS an c-te l\latthæe, ora. Sancte Antoni, ora. 
.Sancte Simon, ora. Sancte Benedictc, ora. 
*Sancte rrhaddæe, ora. *Sancte Bernardc, ora. 
lathia, ora. S
ncte Don1illice, ora. 
*Sancte Barnaba, ora. 
ancte Francisce, ora. 
'*Sancte Luca, ora. Omnes sancti Sacerdotrs 
Sancte l\larce. ora. et Levitæ, orate. 
On1nes sancti Apostoli et Omnes sancti J\lonachi 
Evangelistæ, orate. et Eremitæ, orate. 
Omncs sancti Discipllii S:lnctR 
Iaria i\lagdale- 
Don1Íni, orate. na, ora. 
Omnes sûGcli Innocen- *Sancta Agatha, 1. ora. 
tes, orate. .Sancta TJucia, ora. 
Sancte Stepnane, ora. Sancta Agne
, ora. 
Sëlncte IJaurenli, ora. *Sancta Cæcilia, ora. 

ancte Vincenti, ora. .Sancta Catharina, ora. 
Sancti Fahiane et Sebas- Sancta Anastasia, ora. 
tianp, ordte pro nobis. Olnnes sanctæ Virgines 
Eancti Joannf:s et Paule, et Viduæ, orate. 
orate pro nobis. OInnes Sancti et Sanctæ 
Sancti Cosfila et Daoli. Df
i, intercedite pro 
anp, orate.. nohis. 
Sancti Gervasi et Prota- Propitins esto, Parce no- 
si, orate. bis Donline. 
OmnE's sancj 
Iart} 1 es, Propìri us esto, Exaudi 
orate. nos Domine. 
Sancte Svlvester, ora. A b onlni malo, Libera 
Sancte GJregori, ora. nos Domine. 
Sancte ArubrosÍ, ora. Ab onlni reccato, libera 
Sancte Al1gu
tine, ora. nos Duu1Íne. 
J1tS anc te Ilieronyme, ora. 
 Ab ira tlla, libera nos 
'Sancte l\'1artine, ora. Dùn1Ïne. 
'-Sancte Nicü13{" ora. '*.t\ subitanea et improvi- 
Owocs sancti Ponti,ficCts sa morte, libera, &

J\ b in
idiis ðiaboli, libe- rogamus audi no
ra nos Dotnine. Ul ad veram pænitenti.. 
"A b ira, odio, ct o:nni an1. nos perdn(
ere dIg... 
mala vol untate, Ii uera neris, te rogamus, &c. 
nos Domine. Ut Ecdesiam tuam sanc- 
A spiritl1 fornicationis, tan1 regere et conser- 
libera nos Domine. 'fare digneris, te roga.. 
* A fùlgure et tempestate, mus audi nos. 
libera nos Don1Ïne. Ut dominum ApostoH- 
A morte perpetua, libera cu rn et onlnes Eccle- 
nos Domine. siasticos Urdines in 
Per rr:vsterium sanctæ sancta religione con. 
111carnationis tl1æ, Ii. servare digneris, te ro.. 
bera nos l)on1Ìnt. gaffil1S audi nos. 
Per adventun1 tuunl, Ii.. Ut inin1icos saoclæ Ec- 
bera nos Domine. clesiæ hu nliliare dig- 
]J er nativitatem tllam, li- neris, te rogamlls, &c. 
bera nos Oon1Íne. Ut Regibl1
 et Principle 
l)er baptisnlUm et !;anc- bns ChrisÜanis pacenl 
tUIU jejUl1iUln tuutn, et veram concorJiaul 
libera nos D0I11ine. donar
 digneris, te ('0- 
Per crUCCIH et pa
sionem ganlus audi nos. 
tualn, Ii bera, &c. Ut cuncto populo Chri
IJ er n10rtem et sepultu. tiano paceIn et unita.. 
rail) tUf:un, libew, t
c. tern largiri dig"t'r
s, t
l>er sanctanl resurrectio- rogan1lls auJi nos. 
nefTI tHanl, libera, &c. Ut nosmetipsos in tno 
Pt.r ac1luirabileln asceIBi- sanl:to sef\'itio confor. 
nern lURID, libera, &c. t
lJe et consen'are dig.. 
I'c.:r adventutn Spirilu
, te roganlu
. &
sancti P
rac1 i ti, 1 i bera .Ut nlcntes nostras atl 
nos Don1ine. c,
le5tia dt'sid0ria cri.. 
In die judicii, libera, &c. gï
, te rogan1l1S, c. 
S, te rogall} us Ut olnnibus bcncfactori. 
étudi no.;. hus l10stris sernpiterna 
Ut nobis parcas, te ro 6 a- bona retribu:l", te ro- 
UIlJS Guòi no.'). gamus :HJJi nos. 
Ut uùbis indulgcJ.s, tc Ut élllÍlnJ') no
, frz-.. 
1-1 h 

trunl, propinquorum, cata mundi, Parce no- - 
et bcnef..1.ctorum nos- bis Domine. 
trOrl1ffi ab æterna dam. Agous Dei, qui toBis pee.. 
natione eriplas, te rOe cata mundi, Exaudi 
, gamns audi nos. nos Domine. 
Ut fructus terræ dare et Agnus Dei, qui toll is pee. 
conservare digneris, te cata mundi, 
rogamus audi nos. nobis. 
Ut omnibus fidelibus de. Christe al1di nos. Christe 
funetis requiem æter. exaudi nos t. I(1Jrie 
nam donare digneris, eleison. Christe elei. 
te rogam us audi nos. son. K!/ri
Ut nos exaudire digneris, Pater noster, in seLTet. 
te rogamns audi nos. 1/. Et ne nos indl1cas 
Fili Dei, te rogamus, &c. in tentationem. ]{. 
.Agnus Dei. qui toUis pee- Sed libera nos. 
Ps. 1xix. 
D EUS in adjutorinll1 6. Ego vero e
enus ct 
meum intende;" pauper sum; 'iF Deus. ad- 
Domine ad adjuvanduln Jnva me. 
me festina. 7. Adj utor mellS, ct Ii. 
2. Confnudantur et re. herator mens es tu; 
vereantur, " qui quærunt Donline ne I11oreris. 
animam meam. Gloria Patri, &c. 
3' A vcrtantur retror. Jr. Salvos fac servos 
sum, et erubescant, · qui tuos. R. Deus mens 
volunt nlihi mala. sperantes in tee V. Esto 
4. Avertantl1r statim nobis Domine turris for. 
eru b
scentes. >It' q ni di. titndints. R. A làcie 
cunt mihi, Euge, Euge. ininlici. r". Nihil profi. 
s. Exultent et Iætentnr {'iat inirnicus in noùis. 
in te omnes qui q l1ærunt R. Et filius iniquitatis 
te, '41' et dicant semper; non apponat nocere no- 
mâgnificetllr Domin us, bis. IT. DOlnine non se- 
qui diligunt salutare tu- CUndlHTI peceata nostra 
unl. facias nobis. R. N(-ql1e 
t Here the Mass on Holy Saturday begins, and "..'hat [\)1.. 
J.ows is then entir
Jr omitted. 

THE LIT t\KIES. 3 6 3 
secundllnl iniquitates no- fllnctis. R. Requiem æ- 
stras retribnas nobis. V. ternaln dona eis Domi. 
Orcmus pro Pontifice ne, ct. lux perpetLJa .Iu- 
nostro N. IT. Dominus ceat els. V. Requles- 
conservct eu[n, et vivi- cant in pace. R. Amen. 
ficet cum, et beatuln fa- IT. Pro fratribus nostris 
ciat eum in terra, et absentibus. R. Salvos 
non tradat cnm in ani. fac servos tuos, Deus me. 
m,,\ill ininlicornm ejus. us sperantes in tee V. 
V. Oremus pro benehlc" Mitte eis Donlil1e auxili- 
toribus nostris. R. Re- urn de sancto. R. Et de 
tribuere dignare Don1ine ðion tuere eos. V. Do. 
omnibus nobis bona fa... mine exaudi orationenl 
cientibus, propter DOOlen meam. l-t Et clamor 
tuum, vitam æternam. V. DICUS ad te veniat. 
Orenlus pro fideli bus de. 
Oremlls. Let us pray. 
O God, whose property it is a!\\'ays lo l1ave mer- 
cy and to spare, receive our petitions; that we, 
and all thy servants, \\7ho are bound by the chain of 
si.o, may, by the conlpassion of thy goodnes.;;, n1er. 
clfully be absolved. 
H EA.R, we beseech thee, 0 Lord, the prayers of 
thy suppliants, and pardon us our sins, who 
confess them to thee; that of thy bounty, thou may- 
est grant us pardon and peace. 
O u'r of thy clemency, 0 Lord; shew us thy un.. 
speakable mercy; that so thou mayest both 
acquit us of our sins, and deliver us from the punish. 
nlent \\'e desenre for them. 
O God, who by sin art offended, and by penance 
. pacified, n1ercifully regard the prayers of thy 
people, who 111ake supplications to thee; anò turn 
away th
 scourges of thy anger, which \\'e deserve 
for our sIns. 
Almighty and eternal God, bave n1ercy on thy 
s.ervant N. our chief Bishop, and direct h
accorthng to thy cle(nency, in the "ray of everlastln
1-1 h 2 

salvation; that, by t11}1 grace, he may desire t11e 
things that are agreeable to thy will, and perform 
them with all his strength. 
O Gorl, from whom are holy desires, righteous 
counsels, and just works, give to thy servant
that pence which the world cannot give; that our 
hearts being disposed to keep thy commanrlments. 
and the fear of enell1ies taken a\\"ay, the tinles, by 
thy protection, may be peaceable. 
I Nflame>> 0 Lord, our reins and hearts with the 
fire of thy ho!y spirit; to the end we nlay serve 
thee with a chaste body, and please thee with a clean 
O God, the Creator and Redeemer of an tbe 
faithful, give to the souls of thy servants de.. 
parted the remission of all their sins; th3t, by pious 
su pp1ications, they may obtain the pardon they have 
always desired. 
P Revent, we beseech thee, 0 Lord, our actions by 
thy holy inspirations, and carry them on by 
tby gracious assistance; that every prayer and \vork 
of ours lnay ah\rays begin from thee, and by thee be 
happily ended. 
O Aln1ight}' and eternal God, \vho hast doo1inion 
over the living and the dead, and art merciful 
to all, \VhOn1 thou knowest \\Till be thine by faith 
and good works: V,7e humbly beseech thee that 
they, for WhOlll \ve have purposed to offer our pray- 
ers, \vhether the present \vorld still retains them in 
the flesh, or the next ,vorld hath already received 
then1 divested of their bodies, Inay by the clemency 
of thine own goodoess, and the intercession of thy 
8<1 i n ts, obtain p-ardon 2ud fu 11 rClnib5ion of their sins. 
. R. A sneo. 
'V. The f.lord be with you
 R. And with thy spi. 
rite V. l\rlay the aln1ighty and merciful Lord graci. 
ously hear us. R.. Amen. V. And Inay the sO\1I
of the faithful departed. through the mercy of God. 
re.:ít in peace. R. Amen. 

[ 3 6 5 ] 
ErE of the ASCENSIOX. 
All (IS on tlic fifth Sunday (!iter ]
aster, p. 355, (in. 
('lllding 8. Cornnlcnl. l!f the:. Hogation, p. 357, and 
oj' the B. V. 
lary, [;!I tile Collect) CÇ>ucede, as Te- 
jt'1'TnllO p. 349), cxcept 
EPIS'l'LE. l!:plu.,s. iv. 7' J 3 o - R l'ftlirf1t: '1'0 eve. 
ry one of us is given grace, according to the measure 
of the giviug t'f Chl'ist. \\' hcreforc he $aith: "As- 
cending on high he led capti\'ity captive: he gave 
g;flo.; to men. u No\\' that he ascended, ",hat is it, 
hut becé-.l1se he also rl
scended firðt into the lo\
parts of the ear:h? II
 that descended, is the same 
aha that a
cended above a1l the heavens, that he 
might fill all things. And he cave some apostle
and some prophets, anJ other SOBle evnngelisls, and 
other sOlne pastors and doc
ors, for the perfecting of 
the saints, tor the \vorl of the n1inistry, for the edi. 
fying of the body of Christ: till \1;, o e all meet into 
the unity of Ülith, and of the kno\vledge of the Son 
of GoJ unto a pel feet man, unto tht: 01easure of the 

ge of the flliness of Christ. 
pcl + John, xvii. .. tltat time: 
Jeslls lifting up his eyes to heaven, said: 14'ather, the 
hOUf is con1C, glori(y thy Son, that thy Son 013Y 
glorify thee. As thou hast given bin1 power over 
all rlesh) that he n1ay give eternal 1ife to aU, \vhorn 
thou hê..:-t gi\'en him, No\v this is eternal life: that 
they nlay kno\v thee, the only true God, and Jesus 
Chri.-;t, \,'hon} thou hast sent. 1 have glorified thee 
un the l'
rth; I havc íìni
lled the ,vork \vhich thou 

avest nle to do: And no\v glorify thou me, 0 Fa- 
thef, \vÍlh th)S('lf
ith the giory which I ha"l ,be- 
fore the \\ odd \vas, with thet'. 1 have n1anit.est
thy néune to the men \"h0I11 thou h'-ìst given nle out 
ot tl:e \\ nrld 'rhine they \\Oert', and to me thou 

t thl nl: and they h3VC kept thy ,yord. Now 

t'Ï have kI10'.\'11 that all things \\"hicll thou has' 
II h 3 

given me are from thee: because the words \vhich 
thou gavest Ine, I have given to thern: and they 
have- received them, and have kno\vn in very deed 
that I came out from thee, and they have believed 
that thou ùidst send file. I pray for theln: I pray 
not for the V\'orld, but for theIll whonl thou hast 
given me, because they are thine: and all my things 
are thine, and thine are nliue, and 1 an1 glorified in 
them. .c\nd no\v I an1 no Inore in the ,,,orId, and 
these are in the \vorld, and I come to thee. 

ggctltgíou= ID aJ? + 
I Nstituted in commemoration of Jeslls Christ's ascension 
into heaven, \'vhere, seated at the right-hand of his Fa... 
ther, he continually intercedes for us, and invites us to the 
place he is there preparing for us, of which we shall certain- 
ly be one day put in possession, provided we follow hii ex- 
ample. But although there be many mansions in heaven, 
yet there is only one way to go thither. Our Head arrÌv- 

d there, only by the way of sufferillgs t let us never then 
flatter ourselves with the thought of obtaining eternal hap- 
piness 011 any other condition. 
INTROIT. Acts i. 
Y E men of Galilee, VIllI Galilæi, quid lid.. 
why look you with Jitl'ramini aspicientes in 
surprise up to heaven? cælzl1/l? .Allelui f. Qucm- 
ABel. As you have seen Uchhodum vidistis eum as. 
him asc,
ndirg to heaven, cendentem ill cælum, ita 
so shall he øgain return. veniet. Alleluia, Alll'luia, 
Allel. ABel. Allel. .A ileluia. 
Fs. Clap you r hands, PSJ Omtl(s G cutes plau- 
all ye Gentiles: sing to dite 1llllnibus: jubilate 
God with a joyful voice. Deo in voce e.rullalionis. 
V. Glory. \T. GLoria. 
COLLECT. Concede.-Grant, \
'e beceech thee
o almighty God, that \ve, who be1ie"e that thy on... 
ly Son, our Reueelner, ascended this day into hea.. 

ASCP.NilON-D/"Y. 367 
ven, tnay also 11
ve our hearts always fixed on hea.. 
venlv things. 'fhr0 9 the saOle. 
LESSON. .Acl,ç i. J. II.-'rht former treatise, l 
Inade, 0 'rheophii us, of all things ',\'hich Jesus be.. 
gall to do and to teach, until the day on " hich, 
fog comnlandIucnts by the l-Ioly Ghost to the apo;. 
ties \,'horn he had chosen, he V\'as taken np. 'ro 
\Vhon1 a I::; 0 he sl
ewed himself alive dfh
r his p
by many proofs. for forty d
}'s appearing to them, 
and speaking of the kingdool of God. And enting 
togctht>r with them" h
 cOT)\tl1anded them, that they 
should not depart froln Jerusalem, but should ,,'ait 
for the promise ot the Father, y:hich }OU have heard 
(saith he) by my nlouth: for John inùee({ baptized 
\vith \vater, but you shall be baptized with the Holy 
Ghost not many days hence. 'rhcy tht:'refore who 
,vere come together, asked him, sayiu'g: Lord, \oVilt 
thou at this time restore again the kin
dom of Is- 
rael? But he said to then1: It is not fc)r }on to kno\v 
the times or motnents, which the. Father hath put in 
hiso\vn po\ver; but}ol1 shall receive the power of the 
lIoly Ghost con1Ïng UpOIl } O\l
 and YOli shall bt \\'it- 
nes!\f'S to tne in Jerl1
alemJ al1d in all Juclea, and Sa. 
maria, and even to the \1ttern1ost part of the earth. 
And v
hen he hJd finished these thing
'hile they 
100ked on, he was raised up: aòd q <.:loud recci\'ed 
]1in1 out of their sìght. And ,,'hile thev \\'ere be- 
holdìng him going up to hea\'f"n, behold two nlen 
stood by them in \\-'hite garments. \Vho also said: 
Ye 111en of Galilee, \vhy sland you looking up to 
heaven? This Jesus who is talen up frool you into 
hal1 so con1e as you have seen hin1 going 
Jnto heaven. 
Alteluia, Alleluia.. TT. God 3scendcd in tril1nlph. 
and the Lord at the sound of the tflllnpet. Alleluia. 
V. 'rhe l..ord on Sina, V. Dominus in Sina, in 
in his holy place) ascend- .all
.to, llS
'ltdCIlS i'l ul. 

j ng on hig111 hath led tum, captivum, du.'rit cap- 
cap tivi tr ca ptive. Allel. tivitate1.n. .Alleluia. 
pcl + 
Iark xvi. 14. 2o.-At tlud time: 
Jesus appeared"to the eleven as they Were at table; 
anrl he upbraided thenl with their incredulity and 
hardness of l:u::art, because they did not believe them 
\vhö had $een him after he was risen again. And he 
said to them 
 Go ye into the whole "'orld, and preach 
the gos-pe\ to every creature. He that belie\'eth and 
is baptiztJ. shall be saved: but he that believeth not 
shall he condemned. And these signs shal! follow 
them that belie\'e: In 01Y nanle they sh:d J cast ont 
devils: they shall speak with new tongues: they shaH 
take up serpents: and if they shall drink any deadly 
thing, it shall not hurt them: they shall lay their 
hands upon the si-ck and they shaH r
cover. .And 
the Lord Jesus, after he had spoken to thenl, ,.vas 
taken up into heaven, and sitteth at the right-hand 
of God. But they going preached every v 
the Lord \vorking \vithal, and confirming the v;ord 
with signs that followed. CRt:DO. 
OFFERr-r. Ps. xlvi.-God ascended in triump11, 
and the Lord at the sound of the trumpet. Allel. 
SECRErr. Receive, 0 Lord, the offerings ,va 
mak.e in n1el110ry of the glorious ascension of thy 
Son: and mercifu lly grant, that W(
 may both be 
delivered from present danger, and arrive at everlast- 
ing life. 'I'h..o' the same. 
ICANrrES. Being united in commu- 
nion, and celebrating the nlost sa
red day on which 
onr Lord, thy only begotten Son, pJaced t
le sub. 
stance of OU1" frail nature, VJhich he had ta ken upon 
himself, on the right- hand of thy J;!Jory, anù honour. 
ing the me
ory in the first p]3CC, &c.. as in. t1u
nary, p. XXXiV. 
Il\l. Ps. lxvii.-Sing to the Lord, \vho ,hath 
2scf'ndect to\vards the east, above all the heaven&. 

P. CONl.
I. l)ræsta.-Grant, \\
e be
eech thee. 
o almi
hty and most merciful God? that \ve nl.ay 
obtain the invisible effects ot the \'l"lble nl)'stenes 
we have received. Thro.. 

DAY within the OCTAVE of 
IN'fROIT. Ps. xxvi. 
 E:\ R, 0 Lord, 111Y EJ.Y....IUD I, Domine, 
.--.1. voice, ,vith \vhich CCIll meum, qua cia. 
J h
\'e cried out to thee. 111ûvi ad te. AUf/I. Ti.b' 
A llel u ia. 
I y heart hath di.rit cor 'lllfum: Quæsivi 
said to thee: I have vlI.ltum, tuum; 'l.'ultum, 
sought thy face: I \vill tUUrrl. Du/nine requi1'arn : 
seek thy face, 0 Lord: ne a-::el'tLls Jùcicm tu'um a 
turn not thy fdce from 7lte. Alleluia, .Alleluia. 
mc. Alleluia, Allel. l:)s. Ps. Dominus illarnina. 
The Lord is my light and tiù mea et Ja.!us mea: qUè1rl, 
nlY salvation: \\-'hom tillleto. 

hall I fear? IT. Glory. V. G !urifl. 
CT. Omllipotens.--.O almighty and eter- 
nal GùJ, inspire thy servants ,,'ith true de\'otion, and 
grant we 
ty serve thy divine 
lajesty ,vith sincere 
hearts. 'fhro.. 
Commcm. (!t" lite Ascf>nsion, p. 366, II.!! tIle Col1ect, 
Secret, and P. COn)n1. tller(.
EPIST. I Pt:t. iv. 7..-..jjJùst dcartJ' bl'lJ"t'cd: De 
prudent, nnd watch in pra}Jers. Hut bt.fore aU 
things ha\'e a constant mutual charity among your. 
 forchdrity covereth a IHultitude of sins. Using 
hospitality one to another \vi
hout ml1rnluring. As 
every man hath received grace, nlinistring the <;a01e 
one to another: as good 
'ards of the manifold 
grace of God. If any
Ínan speak, Ict him speak as the 
,,'ords of l
od. 1 f any man n1inister, let hin1 do it as 
of the power \\'hich God adn1Ìnis
ereth: that in all 

things God Dlay be honòured thro' Jesus Christ: to 
\vhom is glory and empire for ever and ever. Amen: 
Alle]uia, AlJeluia. V. The lJord hath extended 
llis empire over all nations: God sitteth on his holy 
throne. Allel uia; 
V. I will not leave you V. Non vos relinqual1l, 
orphans: I am going, orpllanos; vado et 'l'enio 
but I will come to you ad 'Vos, et gaudebit cor 
again, and your hearts 'tJest'J'um. .Alleluia. 
shall rejoice. Alleluia. 
<iBoøprl. John xv. 2lí. xvi. I. 4...
-At tÌlat time: 
Jesus said to his disciples: \Vhen the Pa raclete.cometh 
\\,hon1 I will send you from the Father, the Spirit of 
truth, \\1ho proceedeth fron1 
he t'ather, he shaH 
give testinlony of nle 
 and you shall give testimony, 
'because you are with me from the beginning. 'I'hese 
things have 1 spoken to you, that you may not be scan- 
<1alized. They \vill put you ont of the synagogues: 
yea the hour cometh, that whosoever kil1eth you, 
\vill think that he doth a service to God. And these 
things they will do to you, because they have not 
known the I
ather, nor me. But these things I have 
told you; that when the hour of them shall come, 
you may remember that I told you of thenl. CREDO. 
OFFERT. Ps. xfvi.---God ascended in triumph, 
and the Lord at the sound of the trumpet. Allel. 
SECRET. l\Iay the
e unspotted sacrifices purify 
us, 0 Lord! and strengthen OUf souls with heavenly 
grace. Thn'. 
COl\IM. John xvii....--Father, ""hen I ,vas with 
them, I kept those, whon1 thou gavest me. Alle- 
luia: now I return to thee: I do not pray that thou 
mayest take them out of the world, but that thou 
WOll ldst keep them froln evil. Allel. A lIel. 
ll\I. l
epleti.----Grant, we beseech thee, 
o Lord, that we nlay be always thankful for the sa.. 
teed gifts \vith which we have been filled. 1'hro'. 

[ 37 1 ] 
T HE Vigil of Pentecost, like that of Easter, has always 
been consecrated in a particular manner to fasting and 
prayer. The primitive Christians, after 
sual prayers 
of the day, spent the greatest part of the night In the church, 

nd hence originates the word Vigil or n7ah.
:lass, like that of Holy-Saturday, IS preceded by 
several LesSOJlS and Tracts out of the Old Te.)talllent, and by 
the Blessing of the Font. 
I. PR(JPl-IECY. In those days; God tempted 
.Abraham, p. 3 10. 
Let us pray. DClls, qui. 
O God, ,\'ho by this action uf thy servant Abra- 
ham, hast given to O'lankind an excellent ex. 
ample of obedience; grant us, both to break our 
perverse ,vilis, and to fulfil thy righteous commands. 
II. PROPI-IECY. III tllOse days: It came to pass 
in the morning watch, and 'fRAC'T, I
et us sing to 
the 1. ord, p. 3 J 2. 
llet U
 pray. Dtus, qui primis. 
O God, \,,\1ho, by the light of the Ne\v 'restament, 
hast (:;xpouncled the 1l1iracles '\lrollsht in the 
fÌlst ages of the 
'or1d j so that the Red Sea ,vas a 
figure of the sacred font, and the deliverance of thy 
ople out of E
ypt did represent the Christian sa- 
craments: grant that an nations, ,\'ho have now ob. 
tained the privilege of Israe1ites by the merit of 
faith, may be born again by the participation of thy 
spirit. Thro'-1n unity of the same. 
IJ I. PROPI-lECY. In those du.!ls: 
Ioses \vrote, 
p. 319, and'rR:\C1" Give tar, p. 320. 
Let us pray. )JCllS, gl(Jrijiclll io. 
O God, the glory of the faithful and the life of 
the righteous, ,,'ho hast instructed us also by 
the canticle of thy servant 
Joses: grant thy nlercy 

o all nations, by giving thenl happiness and dimi. 
shing their frights, that the revenge threatened 
1HJY turn to their 
alvation. 'I'hro'. 


l\T. PROPIIECY. In that òay seven \volnen,1'. 
3 1 7, and TRAC'r, 
fy beloved had, P.3 18 . 
I"et us pray. Omnipolclls. 
o i\ lml{!ht)fand etérnat Goò, who, by thy only 
Son, hast shewn the care thou takest of thy 
Church; mercifully cultivate every branch \vhich 
bringeth forth fruit in that same Christ, who is the 
true vine, that it may be nlore fruitful: and let not 
the .thorns of sin prevail against thy hlÍthfuJ, "'horn 
thou hast brought out of .Egypt by the baptislnal 
font; but protect then1 by thy holy spirit, that they 
may be continually enriched by the fruits of good 
"\lorks. rrhro' the sanle-in unity, &c. 
V. PROPI-IECY. Hear, 0 Israel, p. 314, 
Let us pray. lJt'US, qui nobis. 
o God, \\'ho hast commanòed us, by thy prophets" 
to re\inqui
h the things of this \'vorld, and to 
11asten to those th
t are eternal; grant that, by thy 
l1ea\'en1y inspiration, we nlay cot11ply \\Iith \vhat we 
kno\v thou hast conH11
nded. ifhro'. 
VI. PROPflECY In thùse (:l(/!J
: The hanJ of 
the Lord, p. 3 I ö. 
Let us pray. Domine Deus. 
o Lord Got! of f-Iosts, who raistst up what is fal. 
len, and keepest up what is raised; increase the 
nunlbt:r of those Vd10 are to be rene\ycd by thy holy 
name: that aU \\7ho receive holy baptisnl, nlay al. 
,vays he governed by thy holy inspirations. 'rhro'. 
1rlnle the Celebrant l:oes towards the Font is s,lid the 
rtRAcrr, As the t;art panteth. as on IInly Satur- 
day, p. 323; but ij'tlttire be no blessing (if tILt Font 
then is sung !/ze Litany, p. 
 l.J.'Z \VllrrSUN.EVE
INTROl'f. Ezech. xxxvi. 
'Vhen I shall be acknowledged the Holy One 
amongst you, I \vill gather you fronl all parts of the 
\vorld; and I v:ill pour upon you clean water, and 
you shal} be cleansed from all your stains; and 

\VHITS UN. EV E. 373 
win give you a new spirit, Alleluia, 
lIell1 i,a. l
xxxiii. I win for ever bless the Lord: Ius pralse shall 
be ahvays in [ny Inouth. V. Glor}'. 

 The Introit is only said at Private l\Iasses, 'lL'},eJl, 
the Propheci
s, &c. have bee 11, omÏllel. 
COLLEC1'. JJrlc:;lu, qu(esul//us.-Grant, we be- 
seech t\1ee, 0 almighty God, that the rays of thy 
brightness may shine upon us; and that the light of 
thy light may, by tbe po\\'er of the floly 
strengthen the hearts of those \\'ho have been born 
 by thy gracp.. Thro'-in unity, &c. 
LESSON. Acts xix. I. b.-In those days: It 
came to pass \vhile Apollo \vas at Corinth, that Paul 
 passed through the 11 pper CO:1sts, can1e to 
Ephesus, and found cert
ljn disci pies: and he said to 
them: Have yon received the l--loly Ghost since you 
believed? But they said to him: \" e have not so 
much as heard whether there be a flo1y Gho
t. ..\nd 
he said: In 'Nhat then \vere you baptiLed? \Yho 
said: In John 9 s 'baptis[n. 'fhen Paul said: John 
baptized the peo(Jle \\'lth the baptislu of penance. 
saying: rrltat they should believe in hi
n \vho ,vas 
to CÜOle after him, that is to say, in Jesus. flaving 
heard these things, they \\-'ere baptized in the name 
of the J
ord Jesus. And \vhen Paul h:ld ilnposEd 
his hands on them, the I-Ioly Ghost canle upon 
thein, and they spoke \vith tongues and prophesied. 
AntI all the nlen were about t\velve. And enterin(! 
into the synagogue, he spoke bol,lly for the space òf 
three nlonths, disputing and persuading concernin cr 
the kingJon1 of God. 0 
.Alleluia.. V. Praise the Lord, for he is goo,]; and 
his mercy endu relh for ever. 
AC1'. P:;. cx\,i.-Praise the Lont, us p. 3 2". 
 I / 
(jOøp.c. JvhlL xiv. 15..-----.At that time: Jeslls 
laid to !lis disciplt:
: 1 f ye love me, keep my COIn.. 
ffi'1ndn1ents. And I will ask the Father, and he 
,hall give you another l)araclcte. that he mav a.bide 

1"'4 WH!T-SUND.\ Y. 
\\,ith yon for ever, the Si1irit oî truth, wÌ10In the 
"orld cannot receive, because it seeth hirn 110t. nor 
kllOWt'th hilTI: but you shall kno\\' hin); becam.e he 
slJal1 3bide ", you, anrl shall he in yon. 1 'will 
not leave YOll orphans: I v;ill COllle to } ou. Yet a 
little \\,hile, and the \\1orld seelh Ule no nlore. But 
)ion see me; because 1 live, and yöu shall live. In 
that day you shall kno\\' that I anI in rny Father, 
and you in me, anJ I in lOU. I-Ie that hath 111Y 
cOlnrrlal1dnH:nts, and keept:'th dlt'nl, he it is that 
}o\'eth l1Je. And he that lOVtth ITIe, shaH be loved 
hy Iny Father: and J \\JiB love birrl" and will filani- 
fest mysel f to hi m. _ 
o FFERrr. )>s. ('iii.-S
nd forlh thy splrit, and 
they shall be created; and thou \-vilt (cue,,' the face 
of t he earth: let the glory of the l,ord be for ever-- 
nlore, A lIel u ia. 
1T/u: Preface, as in the Ordinarv, p. xxxii. 
Secret and ConHnuujeantt.>s, as to.mor'/{)u', P.377' 
The fJanc Igitur, ns on Edster-
nday, p. 33'. 
1. John vii.-- '('he la
t Jay of tlH,
Jesus said: \V hoever be1ie\'t'th i 11 nH", riv.:rs of I ivi llg 
\'\'ater shall flow frool his heart: and this he 
aid of 
the spirit, which thol;;e were to receive who should 
Ðclic\'e in hiol, Alieluia,l\lIe1nia 
J:\I. (Sancti Spiritus) as to-71lOrro'w,p, 3ï8. 


r ll l' 
 OOK .its name from the drC1!mstance of the n
baptIzed among our EnglIsh ancestors aS
1:Gss in the w'Útt barmcnts they yesterday receIved 
ê.t the baptislnal font. Its ecclesiastical name Pentecost 

iU'nifies the fzltietll, because the myslcry \vhich it celebrate
\\-:;5 acconlPlishcd f)n the.Pliicth ddJ aftel" Christ's resurrec- 
tion. The objcct of this gre
t FCSlival is, to r('!urn thanks 
to God for the visible dcscent of the I-Ioly Ghost on tr.e 

,-lhc establishment of the raP\l l
w, and VroF3ß'1" 
n of our hely relir:ion_ 

'VHtT- SUNDA \;. 37 r 
IN fROrr. lViIcl. i. 
r I "IIE spirit of the l.1ord S Pi"itus DJmilli rl.ple. 
hath fì lied the \\ hole vit orbafl terT'arulß, 
eJrth, ,\lleluia: and the Alleluia: r:t flOC q1lod cun. 
\\'hole univer
e hath tinct umnia,scicntiaJn habet 
}lcd.rd his voicp, Alleluia, 'Vùcis, Alleluia, -Lllleluia. 
..l\lIeluia. .Ps. Let God Po;. E.t'urgllt ]Jeus, t't 

ri"e, and his enemies be dissipentur i?limici ejus: 
J: let thern who et .fugirrllt, qui OdtTU1.t 
h:He hi rn, fly betore hi" el!.m, u Jëlcie tjus. 

lce. F, (
Iory. V. Ulvria. 
COLLECT. Dells, qui.--.O God, \,,"ho, by the 
1ight of the flaiy Ghost, didst this day instrL1ct the 
hearts of the fmthful 
 grant, by the direction of the 
same Iloty Spirit, that we may relish what is right, 
and always enjoy his consolation. rfhro' ---in the 
unity of th
 saIne, &c. 
. Acts ii. I. 11.-.... \Vhen the days of 
Pentecost \\'ere accomplished, they \vere all together 
in one place; and sudd
nly there can1e a sound 
from heaven, as of a Inighty \vind coming, and it 
filled the \\'hole house \vhtre they vv"ere sitting. And 
there appeareJ to theIn parted tongues as it v_'ere of 
fire, and it sat upon everyone of thenl: and they 
,vere all fitted with the Iloly Ghost, and they begån 
to speak with dive,s tongues according as the Iloly 
Ghost gave then1 to spea
. No\\' there were dwell.. 
i'lg at Jerusalem Jews, devout men out of every 11.a. 
til)n under he
lVen. AnJ ,,,hen this ,vas noised 
abroad, the multi tude caIne together, and \\'ere 
conloundt-d in nlinJ, bccaust' that every man heard 
thcln sptak in his o\\'n tongua. A nn they \\'er
anl:17Cd (tod ,,'ontlered, saYing: Behold, are not aU 
these, that speak, Galilean
, and how have \ve heard, 
every n1
H1 our own tonguc wherein we \vere born? 
Parthian.." and 
nd ElavHtes, and inhabitanu 
les()potam1a, Jude:!, and Cappadocia, Pontl1
and Asi
, Phrygia, and Pamphi
-1. Egypt ant! th
1 i 2 

3i6 \VI-HT..5t:1ND A Y. 
parts of LyJ?ia about (
yrene, and strangers ofRame' 
Jews also and Proselytes, Cretes and Arabians: we 
]lave heard thenl speak in our own tongues the 
\,"onderful \t\ orks of God. Alieluia, Alleluia. 
V. Send forLh thy spi.. V. Ps. ciii. Emilte spi. 
rit, and they sha11 he ere.. ritunl tuum, et creabun- 
ated, and thou \vilt renew tur, et 'renovabis jùcicm, 
the face of the earth, terræ, .11lleluia. 
A II el uia. 
v. =It Come, 0 Iioly V. "" Veni, Sallcte Spi- 
Ghost, fill the hearts of 1"itus, reple t1101'1l/Jl corda 
thy faithfu 1, and kindle in fidclîum, et tui amoris in 
them the fire of thy love. cis Îgneln accende. 
rrhe PROSE. 
V ENI Sancte Spiritus,' et en1itte cælitus lucis 
tl1æ radium. 
Veni Pate r pauperum; veni dator nlunerunl: 
veni lunlen cordiuo1. 
. Consolatar optime: dulcis hospes animæ: dulce 
In labore re-quies: in æstu temperies, in :fletu SQ- 
o lux beatissima, rcp1e cor<flis intima tuorUlTI fide- 
Sine tno num1ne, nihil est in nomine: nihil est in. 
Lava quod est sordidum, riga quod est aridum, 
salia quod est saucium. 
Flecte qU0d est rigiduln, fove quod est frigidunl, 
rege quod est devium. 
Da tuis fidelibus, in te con{itentibus, sacrum sep- 
tenarill m. 
l)a virtutis meritum, (la salutis exilnm, da perenne 
gauc1iunl. Amen. Alleluia. 
<1BosJptl. John xiv. 23. 3,.---.,Al that time: 
Jesus said to his discip1es; ] f anyone .love me,. he 
\\>ill kt:'ep my ,vord, and my Father wIll love hIm, 
At thi
 V. *all kneel dO'\in at every Mass tiII Sunday next. 

anrl ,,"eo \" ill come to hiol, and will make our abode 
\vilh hill1: he that loveth Ole not, keepeth not nlY 
words. And the \\'ord ,,'hieh YOll ha
e heard, is not 
Juine: but the Fathe. 's \,-ho sent me. rrhese things 
have I spoken to YOll, abiJin
 válh you. But the 
l>arac1ete, the Iloly Ghost, \\ horn the Fdther ,vill 
5cnd in illY naole, he will teach you all things, and 
bring all things to your n1ind, \\'hatsocver I shall 
have said to ron. Peace I leave \\'ith YOll, Iny peace 
1 gi\c to you: not as the "..orld giveth, do J give to 
you. Lp.t not your heart bt> troubled, nor let it be 
afi-aid. 1
 ou have heard that I h
ve said to you: 
] go (\\\'ay and I corne again to you, If you loved 
nle, you \\'ou1d indeed be glad, because I go to the 
Vather: for t he Fat hf'c i
 greater than [. And no\v 
I have told you before it eOlne to pass: that ,rhea 
it shaH come to pass, you Inay believe. _ 1 \\'ill not 
now speak Inany things \vith you. I
or the prince 
of this \\-'orld conlt:th, and in ITIe he hath not any 
thing. But that the \\'or1d may kno\v that llùvc 
the Father: 2ud as the Father hath given Ine C0I11- 
nt, so do I. CnEDo. 
OFFERrr. l>s. ]xvii.--- Confirm, 0 God, \vhat 
 hast \vrought in us, from thy ho1y temple, 
\,.hich is in Jerusalem: kings shall bring thee their 
offerings Alleluia. 
SECRE1'. Sanctify, 
"c beseech thee, 0 Lord, 
e oblati(i)n
, and purify our he:ìfts by the light of 
the IIo1y Ghost rrhro'.--in the unity of, &c. 
 united in cO
and celebrating the sacrt'd day of Penteco
tJ on which 
the Hoh. Ghost appeared to the apostles under the 
form of inlHuuerable tongues: and honouring the 
111tlnory, &c. lLð in flif Ordinary, pu{!..c xxxiv. IIanc 
Igitnr, ()s ill tIlt' l1I(l.'
s (!f'Easter Sunday, p. 331. 
I. .Acts ii...-Suc..ldenly thert
 caOle a noi"e 
Ironl heave
1,. as of a stron
 rushing \vind, 
they "iere sIttIng, Allelnia: and they \\'
re all filled 
1 i 3 

with the Holy Ghost, and published the ,yonderfu 1 
"vorks of God. Alleluia. 
P. CO:\1:\I. Saneti Spiritus.-...May the pouring 
forth of the flaly Ghost into our h
arts cleanse 
thenl, 0 Lord, and render them fruitful by the in- 
,\\'ard dc\v of his grace. 'fino' our J the 
unity of the same, &c. 

JN1'ROl'1'. P,').lxxx. 
HE hath fed them \vith C1BA 1'11' eos ex adipe 
the finest 'wheat, A 1- ji'umenti, Alleluia: 
leluia: and filled then1 et de petra 77lt'lle satura.. 
with honey froin the vit CDS. .Alleluia, ..lLLcluia. 
rock. Al tel. A llel. Ps. Ps. Exul!afe l)eo adju- 
Rejoice in Gael our aid: tori nosf'l'o j jubilate Dca 
sing to the God of Jacob. Jacob. 
1'. Glory. ,.r. Gloria. 
COLLECrr. Deu.-:, qui. - () God, ,\\7ho didst 
give the IIoly Ghost to thy apostles, hear the pray- 
ers of thy people, that they n1ay enjoy a happy 
peace, \\'ho, by thy grace, have received the gift of 
true filith. 
ON. .At'ls x. 42. 48
-I/l tllOse days: Peter 
opening his mouth, s(Ûd: Brethren, the Lord com
mantled us to preach to the people, and to ttstify 
that it is he who \-vas appointed by God to be 
. judge of the living and of the dead. 'fo hiln all 
the prophets .)ve testilTIOny. that thro' his name all 
receive remi
.,ion of sins, who believe in him. \Vhile 
l}eter ,vas yet speaking these words, the I-Ioly Gho&t 
fell on all thenl that heard the word. And the 
13.ithful of the circulllcision, \vho came with Peter. 
,vere astonished, for that the grace of the Ita!y 
<;host \vas poured out upon the Gentiles also. For 
tht:y heard them speaking with tongues, and magni"'l 
f}'ing God. 'fhcll "peter alls\vered: Can any man 
f.)fbid '\'
tcr, tl}at these. n1cn 8houÌù not be baptized. 

\\- ho have received the IIoly Gho
t as w'ell :;1" \ve ? 
.And 11(>> cO!llInanded them to be baptized in the 
\me ot th
 Lord Jesus Christ. 
f.... The apostles pub- Alleluia, Alleluia. \t. 
hed in divers tongues 1.oqM.t:bantur 'l.'uriis /irz.. 
the \vonderf111 \vorks of guis upos(vli Iilagna/irr 
God. Alleluia. Dei. ..lllcluia. 
V. · COJnp, 0 floly Ghost, 'u:ith the Prose, Veni 
Sancte ::;piritus, liS ill the 
Iass qfITt'sterda!J, p. 3 ]6. 
<1BoØpcI. Jvhn iii. 16.----.11t {Ilat time: Jesur; 
said to },icudemus: God so loved the world, as to 
give his only begotten Son; that vv'hosoever believ. 
elh in him, n1ay not perish, but may have life ever. 
ting. For God sent not his Son into the world. 
to judge the \\'orld, but that the \vorld æay be saved 
by him. lie that believeth in him, is not judged. 
But he that cloth not believe, is already judged: be.. 
cause he believeth not in the name of the only be. 
gotten Son of God. Anò this is the judgment 
cause the light is come into the \\Todd, and men loved 
darkntss rather than li
ht: for their \'
orks \vere evil. 
For everyone that doth evil hateth the light, and 
cometh not to the light, that their v.'orks D1ay not 
be reproved. But he that cloth tru th, conleth to 
the light, that his ,,'orks 1113Y be made ll1anifest, be. 
cause the\' are done in God. CREDO. 
OFFER'!'. 1 J s. xvii.-rrhe Lord thunllered from 
heaven, and the l\lost High made himse1t heard: 
the spril1g.heads of the v/
..ters appeared. Alleluia. 
SECRErr. 'lercifully sanctity, \ve beseech thpe, 
() Lord, these offerings, and, having accepted the 
oblation of f>ur spiritual vil:tilT\, make ourselves all 
 to thee. 'l'hro'. 
J. Julin xiv. ....-- "rhc IIoly Gho.;t shaH 
tc:\ch )'(}t], A llelll i3. \\ hatever I shall say to you. 
I1(:"hll(l, A llpillia. 
P. Cl)
I. .AtI".
fo.---rle1p, \-\'e beseech thee, 0 
orJ, 1\,y P'
", and defend, frool the fury of lh<:

enemies, tl}o
e wl10m thou hast fed '
lÏth thy sacrell 
mysteries. Thro'. 

,V I-I rr- TUESDAY. 
INTROIT. Receive your glory ,vilh joy, A lie.. 
luia: giving thanks to God, Alleluia, v:ho hath call- 
e] you to a heavenly kingdom. Ailel. Alle1. Allel. 
ps. Give ear my people to my la\v: hearken to the 
'\vorùs of my tnouth. V. Glory. _ 
COLLEC"r. .Adsit.---,A.ssist l1S, 0 Lord, \"e be.. 
seech thee, \vilh the po".er of thy holy spirit, that 
our hearts may be purified, according to t11Y J})ercy, 
and we detended from all adversities. "l'hro'. 
I"ESSON. Acls viii. 14-. 17.....--In tllOse days: 
When t1)e apostlts that ,vere in Jerusalem, had heard 
that Sanwria had recei\'eò the \,'ord of God: they 
sent to theIn Peter and John. \\1ho \
lhen they 
v;rre come, prayed for them, that they might re- 
ceive the Holy Gho
t. l
or he "vas not as yet conle 
upon Ðny of them : but they \vere only baptized in 
 name of the I
ord Jesus. Tht:n thf>Y laid their 
hands upon them, and they received the Hal y Ghost.. 
Allelnî2,. Alleluia. 1 7 . The Holy Ghost shall 
teach you whatever I shall say to you. Alleluifl. 
f. '" COfi1e, 0 l-!oly Ghost, 'lvith the Prose
Sancte Spiritus, as on Sunday, P.37 6 . 
<I5oøprl + JoInt x. I. PJ.-.At I Iud tiJlle : J eSllS 
"aid to the Pharisees: Amen, amen I say to )'on : 
he that enter
th not by the door into the sheepfo1d p 
but çlirpbeth up another \vay, the same is a thief 
2nd a robber. But he th
t entereth in by the door 
is the shepherd of the sheep. 1'0 hin) the porter 
openet1); anti ti,e sheep hear his \'oice: and he caH- 
eth his o\vn sheep by natne, and leadeth then1 out. 
L\ n..l \\' hen he hath let out his o\vn sheep, he goeth 
before them: and the s11eep follow hinl, because 
they kno\v hi!.) voice. Bli t a stranger they follo\v not, 
 ß.y from hinl, because they know not the voiçe 

.EMBEtt-\VEDNESD A Y. 3 81 
of strangers. "fhis proverb Je
us spoke to them. 
ßut they understood not what he \vas spctiking to 
thenl. Jesus therefore said to thell1 again: ..\n1en. 
amen r say to you, I an1 the door of the sla:ep. A 11 
nthers, as man\' as have come, are thieves and rob- 
bers: and the sheep heard lhtfil not. I 
lln the door. 
fly Ine if any nlan enter in, he 
hal1 be sa\'ed: and 
he shall go in, and go out, and shall find pastures. 
rJ'he thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kil1, 
and to destroy. I Hn1 con1e that they Inay have life, 
and 711(1\ have it more abundantly. CREDO. 
OFF.ER'r. Fs. Ixxvii.-'I'he l"ord opened for 
thf'nl the gates of heaven., and rninecl do\vn manna 
for theín to cat: he gave thelll the bread of heaven, 
Inen ate 1he bread of angels. Alleluia. .. 
SECRE'f. 1\lay the oblation of this sacrifice pu- 
rify us, 0 I
orù, \\'e bese()ch thee, and filake us \\'or- 
thy to partake thereof. Thro'. 
J. .John xv.----'l'he Spirit who proceedeth 
fron1 the Father, 1\.1le1 uia: shall glorify nH
. All
luia, A lIt,ll1ia. 
P. COl\L\I. .l\lélllc,)....-Grant, \Ve beseech thee, 
o Lord, that the IIoly Ghost Inay ren
w our souls 
by th

e divine n1}steri
s, since he is the rt:Illissioll 
of sin. rrhro' the unity of the same. 


- \\TEDNESD..-\. ì T . 
IN"fROll'. }>,o; Ix\'ii.-O God, ,,,hen thou didst 
go torth before thy peop!e, n1aking a \vay for theIl1 
and (hvelling in the nliclst of thenl. Alleluia, the 
earth shook, and the heav
ns dropt clc\v, AI1
A Ildl1ia. l>s. L(:t God arise, and let his enemies he 
dispersed: let those that hate hun fly before his 
. r
 Glory. ' 
(. COLLECrr. ...l/Clllcs 1l0,'itras -
ray the [Ioly 
Ghost, \vho proceedeth fr0I11 thee, enlighten, we 
beseech thee, 0 Lord, our hearts, and guide 11

3 32 M
tSDA Y. 
all. trl1tn., according to the pron1Íse of thy Son. \Vho 
-111 unltv of the saine. 
I. LESSON. Acts it. J 4. 2 I. - In those days; 
l)e.ter standinri up \vith the eleven, lifted \1 phis 
"Olce, and spoke to them: \Y e men of J llrlea, and 
all you that d\vell in Jerusalenl, be this known to 
vall and with your ears rect
ive n1Y ,yards. For 
these are not drunk, as you Sl1pp03e, seeing it is but 
the third hour of the day: But this is that \vhich 
""'as spoken of by the proplH t 10el: "And it shall 
come to pass in the last days (saith the Lord) I will 
- pour out IllY spirit upon Clll flesh: and your sons 
and your daughters shall prophesy, anù your voung 
men shaH see visions, and your old men shall dream 
dreams. And upon nl}' sen'ants indeed, and upon 
my handolaids, \\"ill I pour out in those'days of' Iny 
spirit, and they shall prophesy: and I will she,v 
lders in the heaven above, iHhl si
ns on the earth 
\)eneath; blood, and fire, 
nd VaiJOUr of sn10ke : 
the sun shall be turned into darkness, and the 1110011 
into blood, before the great and Illanifest day of the 
or(1 caIne. And it shall corne to pa
s) that \\lho- 
soever shall call upon the narne of the Lord, shall be 
Alleluia. JT. Ps. xxxii. The he
H'ens \i\ 9 tre found... 
eJ by the \\'ord of the Lord, 
ll their host by the 
breath or his n1oLlth. 
II. COLLECrr. Pra.;ta, qllæSU1llUS - Grant, \ve 
beseech thee, 0 almighty and n10st merciful. God, 
that thy holy spirit nlay defend and d\yeH In Ollr 
soul.;:, 'L!1(! so thoroughly purify us, that \\'e Inay at 
length become the ten1p\e of his r"\ory. 'l'hro'. 
]/roJU this day to Saturday next iw:lusivt:(lJ, ajtcl' lite 
Collect ç/ tlie day, is said either tlte Collect, Ec. 
clcsiæ tuæ, 01' Dells on1niu m, togetllt:.r zeil Ii tllcir 
Sec;rets and ,P. Conun. as on t1te first SUIl<.!ay of 
Advent, p. 50, &c. 

E .Yi
 E R \\'EDN E
DA Y. 3 8 3 
Tf. l..ESSON. .Acts V. 12. 16,-ln tllOse "!J.'):, 
\Vere rnany sigl1s and wonders \\'rought among the 
people. ,\nt.l they \\'f're all with one accord in So. 
lomon's pOlch. But of the rest no man durst join 
'ilb them; but the people Inagnified tht..ln. 
And the multitude of men Rnd wOlnen that b
in th{' Lord was more increased: insomuch tha.. 
they brou
ht forth the sick into the street
, and laid 
them on beds and couches, that when Peter came, 
his shado\\' at least Inight overshado\v any of them, 
and they might be delivered from thcir infirnlities. 
A nd there carne also tog
tlH'r to Jerusaleln a rou Iti. 
tude out of tht> neighbouring cities, br!ngir.g sick 
persons, and such a
 were troubled with unc:ean 
spirit" \\'ho \\ ere all heé.dt:J. 
Alleluia, Alleluia. 1'. a Come, 0 IIoly Gho
with t!'" Pro<;e liS b
flj, c, p. 376. 
<1Bo9'pel + Jv/uz vi. 44. 52. --.At that lime: 
Jt.'SIlS said tu the 1Jlultitude (!l tlie JèU'S: No n1an can 
corne to tHe, e\.cept the Father, who hath sc>nt Jne, 
draw him; and 1 \vill raise him up at the last day. 
It is written in the prophets: U And they shall all 
be tal1!,!llt of God.' E\'en' one that hath heard of 
 l i 'ather, and hath leartlrd, cometh to me. Not 
that any Inall hath Sf'cn the Father, but he ,vho is of 
God, he hath seen the I;ather. Amen, anlen 1 say 
to yon: He that believeth in me hath everlr.stin
life. I an1 the bread of life. Your t:Lthers did eat 
nlanna in the desart, and are dead. "fhis is the 
bread \\'hieh cOllleth dO\\Tll fro111 heaven: that if any 
nlan tat of it, he filay not die. I an1 the li\'in
brearl which CdnlC down from heaven. If any man 
eat of this bread, he sha\llive for ever: and the breé1,d 
that ( wiH give, is Inv flesh for the life of the \vorla. 
OFFER'r. 1)..;, x
'iii.-.--I will meditate on thy 

1ents, \\1hich 1 have lC'ved very much 
I \\'111 put III practice thy commandments, which I 
 loved, Alleluia-. 

SECRE'f. Receive, we beseech thee, 0 Lord, 
this offering, and grant that we may celebrate ,
piety thpse sacred Inysteries. Thro'. 
J. vlul xiv.,--I leave you peace, Allelu:a. 
I gl':e you tny peace, i\lIeluia, Alleluia. 
P. CO)1
t. Slunentt's.----IIaving partaken, 0 
Lord, of thy heavenly sacraments, we beseech thy 
clemency that 'we may enjoy the effects of the Inys. 
teries we celebr,i.te in time, in an eternity of bliss. 

All as on \Vhit-Sunday, p. 375, e.t'cept 
. Acts viii. 5. 9.---In those (!try.'>: Philip 

oing down to the city of Samaria, preached Christ 
to them. And the people with one accord v. ere at- 
tentive to those things, v.rhich were said by Philip,. 
hearing a'ld seeing the Iniracles \vhich he did. For 
many of them \';ho had unclean 
pirits, crying \vith 
a loud voice went out. And many taken with the 
palsy, that \vere laIne, were healed. .A.nd there \vas 
a greatjo
 in that city. 
<iBoØp.eI.. Luke ix. I. 6.-At tluLl Jesus 
calling together the t\veh'e apostles, he gave them 
po\ver and authority over all devils, and to cure dis- 
eases. ^ nd he sent .thenl to preach the ki ngdom of 
God, and to heal the sic.k. And he saiJ to them: 
Take nOlh;ng for your journe)', neither staff: nor 
scrip, nOi \- read, nor Inoney, neither have two coats. 
And whatsoever house you shall enter into, abide 
there, and depart not from thence. And ,,,hosoe\'er 
\-vill not rec
ive you: when you go out of that city, 
shake off even the dust of your feet for a te
ðgainst thenl. And going out they \Vent about 
through the to'Nns preaching the gospel and healing 
every \\.here. CREDO. 

( 3 8 5 ) 
IN1.Rl)IT. Ps.. lxx... -Let IllY mouth be fitted 
,.. ith thy praise, Allehua: that I lnay sing, Alleluia: 
my lips shall rejoice, when I 
ing to thee, Alleluia. 
Alleluia. Ps. 0 Lo(d, in thee have I hoped, never 
let me be put to shalne: but deliver n1e and rescue 
tccording to th}' justice. IT. Glory. 
COLIJECT. Do, quæsumus. --- Grant, \Ve be. 
seech thee, 0 most n1erciful God, that thy Church, 
being assenlbled by thy holy spirit, n1ay in no Inan. 
ner be molested with the disturbance of enemies. 
LESSON. Joel ii. 2
. 27.---Tltus saitlt the Lord 
God: A 1111 YOll, 0 c11i I dren of Sion, rejoice, and 
be joyful in the I
ord your God: because he 
hath given you a teacher of justice, and he \'rill 
make the early and the latter rain to come do\vn 
for you as in the beginning, and the floors shall be 
filled v.,ith wheat, and the presses shall overflo\v 
with \\r ine and oil. And I v:ill restore to you the 
years which the locust, and the bruchus, and the 
milde\v, and the pahner-\vorm hath eaten: l11y 

reat host ,,'hich 1 have sent upon you. And you 
shall eat in plenty and shall bp filled: and you 
shall praise the name of the Lord your God, ,vho 
hath done \vonùers \vith you, and Iny people shall 
not b
 confoundcod for ever. Anù you shall kno\v 
that 1 am in lhe midç:t of IHael:. and I anl the I Jonl 
}ourGofl, and there is none besides: and my peo- 
ple shall not be contounded for ever, saith tlu
, Lord 
Alleluia, ,Al1e1uia. I T . 0 no\v 
oocl and s"'.eet is 
the spirit in us, 0 Lord! Alleluia. V. *Comc, 0 
Holv Ghost, &c. "æith the Prose, p. 376. 
<I5oøpel. Luke v. t j. 26 - At that lime: 
It caine to pasi 011 a certain dav t that Jesus sat ttach. 
K k 

306 E:\.1DI:R.Fr..IDA Y. 
ing. A nJ there \\7ere Pharisees and doctors of the 
la\v -;itting by, that \vere conle out of every town of 
Gali lee and J udea and J erllsalenl; and the power of 
the J/
ord '\
as. to heal them. A nd behold men 
brought in a bed, a man \vho had the palsy: and 
they sought means to bring him in. and to lay hilu 
before him. And when they could not find by \vhat 
\vay they might bring him in, because of the multi. 
tude, they \vent up upon the roof, and Jet him 
dov;n through the tiles \\7ith his bed in the tnidst. 
before Jesus. Ancl \vhen he s
w their faith, he said; 
l\lan, thy sins are forgiven thee. And the Scribes 
and the l}harisees began to think, saying: 'Vho is 
this \vho speaketh blasphen1ies? \Vho can for
, but God alone? And ,vhen J
Sl1S knew their 
thoughts, ans\vering he said to theol: \Vhat is it 
you think in yonr hearts? \Vhicn is easier to say? 
rrhy sins are forgiven thee; ,or to say: arise and 
\valk? J1ut that you may know that the Son of J\lall 
hath po\ver on earth to forgive sins, (he saith to the 
sick of the palsy) I say to thee, ari
e, take up thy 
bed, and go into thy house. And immediately ris.. 
ing up before thenl, he took up the bed on which he 
]ay; and he \vent a\vay to his 0\.11111 house, glorifying 
God. And all vV'ere astonished: and they glorified 
God. And they \vere filled \vÍth fear, saying : We 
have seen \vonderful things 
OFFERT. Ps. cxtv.-Praise the I
ord, 0 my 
soul j \vhilst I live 1 vÚ\l praise the Lord: I will 
sing praises to my God, \vhile 1 have a being. AI. 
leI uia. 
fay the sacrifice offered in thy pre.. 

ence) 0 l,ord, be conSL1 med by the same divine 
firp) by \,...hich the Holy Ghost inflamed the hearls 
of the disci pIes of the Christ thy Son. Thro' the 
5drne-in unity of the saine. 

I. John xiv.-l ,vill not le
nre }'OU orphans: 

EMRER-S..\TUr.DAY. 3 8 7 
I \\?ill corne to you again, Allclui3: anJ your hearts 
shaH be 
lad. Alleluia. 
I. Sumpsimus. - I-Iaving received, e 
Lord, these sacred mystic gifts, \\'e humbly beg, 
that what thou hast ordered us to do in remen1- 
brancc of thee, n1ay become a help to our \vcakness. 
Thro'. ..... 

IN ' fROrr. l
om. v.-rrhe love of God is pour- 
ed into our hearts, Alleluia, by his spirit that dwell. 
eth in u
, ABelllia, ...'\..lIell1ia. l.J s . cii. 0 nlY soul, 
bless thou the Lorci, and all that is \, ithin Ine, bless 
bis holy nanle. V. Glory. 
I. COLLEC'f. Enrich
 0 Lord, our hearts by a 
plentiful effusion of th} lloly Spirit, by whose wis. 
rlom \\'e \vc'>re createù, and by \\,hose providence we 
are governed. unity of the same. 
I. LES's()N. Juel ii. 2 8. 
, .._-- Thus saith tllt
God: J \vilJ pour out my bpirit upon all flesh: and 
)'()ur sons itnd your daughters shall prophesy 
C1ld nltU shall dream dream
. and lour young Blen 
ln see vi:>ions. 
Ioreover upon my sen'ants and 
handmaids in tho
c days I \\"j\l ponr forth my spirit. 
And I VI'ill bhew \\ andel's iÌ1 heaven; and in earth. 
l)lood, and firl', and val'OUI of sn10ke. 'fhe sun 
shall b
 turueJ into darkne
s, Clud the n10ùll into 
blood; before the J:reat and dreadful day of the 
ord shall come. And it shall come to pass, that 
everyone thal shalt caU upon the narl1e of the Lord, 
shaH ùe saved. A lIel. 
I . JoInt vi. It is the spirit that giveth life: bùt the 
flesh availt"th nothing. 
II. COLLECrr. lilt> 110S,... thy holy sp
rit, 0 
l..1ord, \\'e bEseech thee, kindle in our breasts that 
fire, \vhich our Lord ]c
us Chri
t brought on earth. 
a.1d ear
.stt)' desireJ it should burn. \\ ho li,'elh. 
K k 2 

II. LESSON. Lev, xxiii. 9. 21.....In tlto.r;e dags: 
The Lord spoke to l\!oses, saying: Speak to the 
children of Israel, and thou 
halt say to theln: 
'Vhen you shall have entered into the land, which 1 
\vill give you, and shall reap your corn, you shan 
bring sheaves of ears, thF first..tì'uits of your harvest. 
to the priest: who shaH lift up the sheaf before the 
Lord, the next day after the Sabbath, that it may 
be acceptable for you, and shall sanctify it. Yau 
shall count therefore ffonl the morrow after the 
Sabbath, \vherein you offered the sheaf of the first- 
fruits" seven full \veék
, even unto the morroW 
after the seventh \\reek be expired, that is to say, fif- 
'ty days, and so you shall offer a new sacrifice to 
the LG>rò. Out of all your dwel1ing
, t".o loaves 
of the first-fruits, of t\VO tenths of flour leavened. 
\\'hich you shall bake for the first.fruits of the Lord. 
And you shall call this d3.Y most solen1n, and n10st 
holy . You shaH do no servile work therein. It 
s11all be an everlasting ordinance in all your (hvcll. 
ings and generation
. .saith the Lord .Almighty. ABel. 
1/. Jub xxvi. His spint hath aùorned the heavens. 
L. Deus--O God, \vho, for the heal. 
ing our souls, cOlnmandest us to mortify our hodie
by fasting: n1CrClfJlIy grant that 'we Jnay ÜÜthful1y 
serve thf>e both with body and sou I. rrhro'. 
III. LESS()N. Deut. xxvi. I. I 1.---111, tl;ose daz/s: 
I1Ioses said to the cldtdren oj' Is'racl: llear, 0 IS1'c;'el, 
70/Utt I command YOll tllis day: Vi hen thou art come 
into the land \ hich the Lord thy God \vill give th
to posse
s, aOtl hast conquered it, and dwellesl in it: 
halt take the first of all thy fruits, and put 
thenl in a basket, and sh
tlt go to 
i place \vhich the 
Lord thy God sh(1l1 choosp, that his 11301e 
ay be 
invocated there: and thou shalt go to the pnest that 
shall be in those days, and say to him: I profess 
this day before the Lor,t thy God, \\ ho heard us, 
aud looked do\yn ur on our "fRiction, and labour, 

w]nE R.-SA TV RDA Y. 389 
2nJ c1igtress: and brought us out of Egypt \vith a 
sHon g hanò, 
I1Ù a stretched out arnl, \Vilh great 
tel ror, \vith signs and \vonders: and brought us into 
this place, and ga\ e llS this lan
, flowing with milk 
and honey. And theretore no\v I offer the first- 
fruits of the land which the Lord hath given me. 
And thou sllalt leave them in the 
ight of the Lord 
thy God, adoring the Lord thy God. And thou 

ha1t fpc1st in all the good things which lhe Lord thy 
God hath given thee. Alleluia. 
\r. .Jets ii. \Vhen the <lclYS of Pentecost were 
èom p1eted, they \"ere all sitting together. 
IV. COLTjEC'l"'. Præslll. qzüESll1JlUs.-Grant, we 
beseech lhee, 0 Alrl1ighty God, 
 hat, being instruct. 
ed by ho1 y fasts, we Inay 
,void all vice, and 
more easilv obtain thy m
rcy. 'l'hro'. 
I v. LE
SON. Lev. xxvi. 3. 12.-111. tlw,sc ,za!Js : 
The J...ùrd said to ...1Ioses: Speak to tlte cllitdJ'fn '!f 
Israel, and Sl
}' to tllf;m: If you y.'alk in IUy precepts 
and keep my comlnandments, and do thf>n1, I will 
give yon rain in due season. A nd the ground shall 
brIng forth its increase, and the trees shall be filleJ 
,\lith fruit. The threshing of your han.'cst shilll 
reach unto the vintage, and the ,/intage shall reach 
unto the so\ving tilne; and you shaH eat) our bread 
to the fu\\, an<l dwell in }Ol1r land \vithout fear. I 
will give peace in your coasts: YOll shall sleep, and 
there shall be none to make YOli afraid. I \viH take 
:1\vay evil beasts: and the sword shall not pas! 
\hro' youf q :Jarters. You shall pur5ue your enemies, 
41n(l they shall f
lll befor
 you. Five of you shall 
pursue a hundred others, and a hundred of you ten 
thous:tnd: your enemies shall fa11 before you by the 
5\\'orcl. I \'\, ill luok on you, and olake you h

ha\l be l11ultiplied, 
nd L wi1l establish my co. 
,.euar.t with yon. Y Oll shall eat the oldest of the 
torp, a!1d, ne\v c0n1Ïng on, yon shall cast away 
tì}c or..:. 1 \vill s
t my t:tbenìacle in the n1Ïdst of 
1, k 3 

you, and my soul shall not cast you off. I \vill 
\valk among YOll, and wi1l1 be your God, and you 
shall be my people, sait" the Lord AlJJ1ighlg. A lIel. 
Ir. *Come, 0 Holy Spirit, 611 the ht'arts of thy 
faithful, and kindle in them the fire of thy love. 
V. COLLECT l>lrl1?sta, quæsuJIlus.-Grant, ,ve 
be:;eech thee, 0 Alnlighty God, that vvhilst ,,'e fast 
from meat, \ve may like\\'ise f st from all those 
vices to \vhich \ve are prone. Thro'. 
V. LESSON. Dan. iii. 49.-...Jn tllOse cla
lJs: 1'he 
angel of the Lord \vent down. \"ith A7.arias and his 
companions into the furnace: and he drove the 
flame of the fire Ollt of the furnace, and n1ade the 
midst of the furnace like the blowing of a wind 
bringing de
7, and the fire touched them not at all. 
nor troll bled them, nor did then1 any harm. rrhen 
these three, as vvith one mouth, praised, and glo. 
.rified, and b\essed God 'in the furnace, saying: Allel. 
fT. Blessed art thou,' 0 Lord, the God of our 
forefathers, and worthy of praise for ever. 
VI. COIJLEC'r. ]Jell,", qui ..t 1 'ibus. .._
- 0 God, 
who. in the behalf of the three young nlen, didst 
render haf[nle
s the fialntS of fire: ll1ercifully grant, 
that \ve thy servants l11ay not b
 burnt by the Héunes 
of vice. Thro'. 
Here is said cithe'J' tIle 
ol1ect, Eccl. tuæ, or Deu
Omî1iunl, p. 50. 
EPISTTJE. Rom, v. ,. 5- -.- Bretllren; Being 
justified by f
ith, let ns hav
 peace \vith God, 
through Ollr Lord Jesus Christ. By' whom also \ve 
have access through faith, into this grace whereil1 
\"e st3nd, anrl glory in the hope of the glory 
of the sons of God. And not only so: but \\'C 
glory also in tribulations, kno\ving that tribula- 
tion ,vorketh patience; and patience, trial; and 
trial, hope. ''-nd hope contountleth not; becau:ìC 
the charity of Got! is poured ftbroad in OUf l
by tl
e lipl)' Ghost
 \vho is glVen 
o us. 

j'RACT. P.
. c'I(\.i.-,Praise the Lord, as p. 3 2 7- 
, ,r eni Sancte Spiritus, lIS b
/(I'l't') p. 37 6 . 
<EOí)prl. Luke iv. 38. 44-- - At that time: 
Jesus ri;;:ng lip out of the s)nagogue, \\"ent into Si. 
mon"s house. Anù Sirnon's wifp's mother was 
taken \\'ith a fever; and they besought h1111 for her. 
And standing over her he commanded the fever" 
and it left her. And imn1ediately rising, she n1ÍnÍs- 
d to thf>m. r\ nd \vhen the' sun \vas down, aU 
they that had anr sick \\'ilh divers diseases, brou::,ht 
thell1 to hin1. But he laying his h3nds on every 
one of them, healed tbel11. And devils "7ent out 
fi'Oll1 many, crying out and sayin
: Thou art the 
80n of God. ,And he rebuking thel11 suffered thenl 
)1ot to speak: for they knew that he ,vas Christ 
A nll when it was day, going out he \vent into a de. 
!art place: and thc 111UHitudc sOl1l!ht hiln, and 
carne to him: anù they stayeù hin, that he should 
not depart fron1 thenl. ",t\nd he said to them: I 
must preach lh
 kingrlonl of God to other cities al
for therefore an1 I sent. And he ,vas preaching in 
the synagogues of (
alilee. CREDO. 
'EI{'r. Ps. Ixxxvii.-n 0 Lord God of my 
\"ation, I have critd out to thee dl\Y and night: Jet 
D1Y prayer, 0 Lord, cOlne betore thee, ...t\l1cluia. 
SECRET. '1'0 tbe end that onr fasts n1ay be 
acceptable to thee, 0 Lord, grant 11!':, \ve beseech 
thee, to offer thee a heart purified by the eflicacy of 
this sacr
 l11en t. 'rh ro" 
J. JOl11l iii..-.'rhc spirit breatheth where 
lIe \viU, rind) ou hear his \'oice, Alleluia, A llctuia; 
but lOll 1..1)0\\ not ,,,'htnce he conH
th, nor \\'hither 
oeth, .Alleluia, Alleluia, Al1c1uia. 
P. CO:\I
1. l'rit:l,t'ont. ---l\tay thy sacre<1 nl}'S. 
, 0 Lor
1, gi\'c us t1i..,inc fl'l'VOUr, that \...'e rnay 
joyfully retctve both theID cH
d tl..eir cífcct:. 'fluo" 

( 39 2 ) 

S INCE without a belief of the existence ofTl1feeadoT- 
able Persons in the Godhead, we cannot be Christi.. 
ans, let us this d
y beseech Ahnighty God to stlength
our faith in the mystery of the ever blessed Trinity, and 
teach us implicitly to submit to whatever other dogma the 
Church proposes to our belief. Let us also pray for those 
who, taking \\Teak reason for their g.lide in matters of re- 
ligion, refuse to believe what God himself has revealed 
concerning his own ÌTltomp',-ehenJible Majesty. 
, B T.4essed be the holy BEnedicta sit sancia 
'rrinityand undivid. 'Jrinilas, afque indi- 
ed Unity: \,
 e ,viii praise visa Unillls: ConjitcLi- 
it, because it hath shewn 'ì11Ur ei, quia fecit ntJbis.. 
his nlercy to us. Ps. 0 cum, miscricvrdium SUGln. 
Lord, our God, ho\v Ps. Domine, Dominus 
,vonrlerful is thy name 'nosier, quurn admÙ"abile 
over the utmost bounda. nomen tuum in uní1,'tr. 
ries of the earth. sa fer1'(l. 
If. Glory. \r. Gloria. 
COLLECT. Omnipofens...--O almighty and ever. 
lasting God, who hast granted tk1y servants, in the 
confession of the true faith, to acknowledge the 
glory of an Eternal rrrinity, and in the power of ma. 
jesty, to adore an Unity: \Ve beseech thee that, by 
the strength of this f
lÌth, we n1ay be defended fcom 
aU adversity. Thro'. 
COLLECT Deus, in te, çf the I. Sunde (lfter Pen. 
tecost.... 0 God, the strength of such as hope in thee: 
mercifully hear llS calling on thee: and since mortal 
weakness can do nothing \\'ithout thee, grant us the 
3ssistance of thy grace; that in observing thy com- 
mandments, \\'e n1ay please thee both in \vi!l and 
3ction. Thro'. 
EPISTLE. Rom. xi. 33. 36.-.-0 the depth of 
the riches of the \\'isdom and of the knowledge of 
God! Ilow incoInprehensible are hi

UNDAY. 393 
and ho\\
 unsearchable his \Y3}'S? For ",ho hath 
kno\vn the olind of the I
ord? Or \\ ho hath been 
1}is counse1\or? Or who hath first given to hin1, and 
recoInpcnce shaH be ß1adc hiln 1 For of hinl, and 
by him, and in hin1 are all things 
 to hin1 be glory 
for ever. Amen. 
GRAD. Dan, iii....Blessed art thou, 0 Lord. 
,vho beholdest the deep, and sittest on the cheru. 
bin). V. Blessed art thou, 0 Lord, in the firma- 
ment of the heaven, and \\'orthy of praise fOf ever. 
.A J!e
 uia, Allcl uia. 
'1': Blessed art thou, 0 V. Benedictus tS, Do. 
Lord, the God of our mine, Deus lJatrum 1l0
Fathers, and \vorthy of trorum, et laudabilis in 
praise for ever. Alleluia. sæcula. .illle/uia. 
<1DoØp.el. :JIalt. xxviii. 18. 2o.-At tflat lime: 
Jesus said to his disciple:,: All po,,"er is given to me- 
in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore and teach 

11 nations: BAPTIZI
IJ OL Y GHOST. 'reaching them to obselve all things 
oever ] have conlmanded you: and behold I 
am \\,ith YOll all da'y
. even to the consulÌlmatiOI1 
of the ,,'orlel. CnEDo. 
()FLElrr. Blessed be God the Valhpr, and the 
on1y begotten Son cf God, as likewise the I-Ioly 
Ghost; f('r he has <'}H
wn his Inercy to us. 
SECRE'l'. S3nclify, Vie beseech thee, 0 I...orrl. 
our God, by the invocation of thy holy na01e, the 
victinl of tltis oblation: and by it make us an clef- 
na1 offerine- to thee. Thru'. 
SECnET (if the I. SlloJay aj
cr Pentecost. l\ler. 
ciful1y receive, v;e beseech thee, 0 Lord, the sacri. 
Dce \'"e offer thee, and grant that it 111ay be a conti. 
nual help to us. Thro'
I. \Ve bless the God of heaveg, and \ve 
,,'ill praise l1Ïm in the sight of ;'111 the living: bccau

Ìle hath sht\"" us his IDt:ft.:y. 

\'1'1. Prc,}fi("iat..--
Iay the receiving of this 
('rarnent, () Lord our God, avail llS to the salva- 
tIon of body and soul: togetht'c ,vith the confession 
of an everlastin
 I-Ioly 'frinity, and of the undivided 
unity thereof. 'I'hro'. 
I. Talllis, l}/
 tILe I. Sund. after Pentecost. 
G,rant, we beseech thee, () Lord, thàt the gf(
at sa. 
ce we have partaken ot
 may avail us to sal.. 
vatl?:, and make us never 
ease pn.âsing thee. '1'hro". 
<.tBOøprl. l!/ tlie I. Suno. (!f
cr Pentecost. Lukt: 
vi. 36. 41.--.,At that time: Jesus said to his disciples: 
e ye Inerciful, as your Father also is merciful. 
Judge not, anò you shaH not be judged. Condemn 
not, and you shall not be condemned. liorgive. 
and you shall be forgiven. Give, and it shaH be 
given to you: good Oleasure and pre
sed down and 
shaken together and running over shall be given into 
your bosoln. f'or with the !tìame measure you shall 
mete váthal, it shall be n1easureù to you again. 
And he spoke also (0 then1 a silnilitude: Can the 
blind learl the blind? do they got both fall into the 
ditch 1 'rhe disciple is not above his master: but 
everyone shall be perfect, if he be as his nu\ster- 
.And why seest thou the n10te in th} brother's eye; 
but the bealTI that is in thy o\vn eye thou considcrest 
not? Or how canst thou say to thy brother: Bro- 
ther, let Ole pull the mote out of thy eye, \vhen 
thou thyself seest not the bealn in thy own l
IIypocrite. c
st first the bean1 out of thine own eye, 
a.nd then thou shalt see clearly to take out the n10te 
from thy brother's eye. Dco gl'atias. 




T HIS Festival (instituted about the middle of the 
teenth century by a Bull of Urban IV.) was recClved 
and confinucd by the Grneral Council of Vienne, anng 

 3 [ 1, in oppo
itiou to the errors of s,anc, w hQ then, ai 


'c11 as now, prtfcrred a false phiJosophy to t1lt: bdief cf 
all Christians in the preceding ages. 
The Proa{//Ons in Catholic countries on this day, and 
during its Octave, Wl:re instituted as triumphs of Christ 
and his Church over the obstinate enemies of this adorable 
Jnystery; M1d as public testiu10nies of the fdith, love and. 
gratitude of the true childl en of God. 
IN'rROrr. ]Js. lxxx. 
H E fed them \vith the Clbu-cit ,-os e,t' adipefi u. 
finest "'heat, Aile. mcnti, ...JUeluia: et de 
1uia: anù filled thcn1 petra 1Jlt'lle .sa 1 ura1Jit ens. 
with hone}' froal the rock.; Alleluill, .Alleluia, .Llilt'l. 
A lie!. A 11

I. .All
l. Ps. Ps. Exultatc ]Jeo adju. 
Exult in God nur help; [m.i 1l0:;tI'0; jubilate 1)(() 
joyfully sing to the God Jacob. 
of .lac()b. f r . Glory. '-. Glv7'ia. 
COLLEC'r. Deus qui.--.O God, \\'ho, in this 
v.'onderful sacranH
nt, hast left Us a perpetual rnemo- 
rial of thy }>assion: grant us, \ve beseech thee, so 
to rtverencc the sat;red 111ysteril:s of thy b(')dy and 
blood, that in our sonl\) we nlé.1.Y always be sensible 
of the fruit of the reden1ption thou hast pl1rchaC)ed 
ior us. \Vho livest. 
EPIS'r. 1 Cor. xi. 23.---Brflhl'fn: J have received 
f)f the Lor...l, that which also I delivered to you, 
that the Lord Jesus, the same night in which he \vas 
betrayed, took bread, and giving thanks, broke, 
and said: Tuke .1je, and cot: tlti,
 is 1I'!J bùdy (chic/" 
slwll be dl'liv
lJOll: tlti."I do fiw the commemora. 
tion (!lmc. In like n1anner also the cllalice, after 
he had supped, saying: 'lnts ClLalice is the l-.
tW T
tament in my b/GJud: tlús du !jC, w; qllell, (l,') yvu shall 
drilllc it, fvl' tile COmmCJ1lUly[fivn oj'1Ile. }{or as often 

s you shall eat this bread, and drink this cha1ice l 
}'on shaH she\v the death of the Lord, till he Cf'ln
'Vherefore \\.ho:;oever shaIl cat this bread, or drink 
the chalice of the Lord unworthily, shall be guilty 
of the body ônù blood of the Lord. But let a lna!1 
 hin1sclf: and so It.:t-hin1 cat of that bread, -a'll"l 

drink of the chalice. For he that eateth and drinketb 
11HWOl'thily, eateth and drinketh juJgment to him.. 
se1t: not discen1Ìng the body of the Lord. 
GRAD. ]J s . cxtiv.-rrhe eyes of 
11 hope in the
o Lord, and thou givest theül food in due season. 
V. 'l'hou openest thy hand, and fi\lest every living 
creature \vith blessings. Alleluia J Alleluia. 
V. 1\1 y flesh is trl1 I y V. Cl1ro 1nea vere est 
meat, and my blood is cibus, et sanguis 'meus 
truly drink: he that eat- '[}cre est polus: qui 'J}Ulll,.. 
eth my fl
sh, and drink.. ducat 'tIZCalll carnem, ct 
eth my blood, remaineth bi/Jit n:enm sanguinem, ill. 
in me, and I in him. 'Ine lnanet, et ego in eo. 
L AUDA, Sion. Sal. Regis t: novuri1 Pascha 
torem: Lauda Ðl1.. no\'æ legis: phase vetus 
cèm et Påstorem: In ter:nÍ:1at. 
byn1nis et canticis. ' s. Vetustatem novitas: 
2. Quantum pates) l1n1bralTI fugat veritas: 
tantum aude
 quia ma.. nOcten1 lux eliminat. 
jor omni laude: nee lau- 9. Quod in crena Chris. 
dare sl1fficis, tus gessit: faciendurn 
3. Landis thenk\ specie hoc 
xpressit: in sui 
alis: panis vi\,us et vita. monam. 
lis: hoJie proponitur. 10. Docti Qacris iostÌ. 

 Quem in sacræ tl1tis: pan em, vinum ia 
mensa cænæ; tu!'bæ fra- salutis consecramus hos- 
. 1 
tCl1ln dl1odenæ: datum tlam. 
non ambigitur. II. Dogma datl1r 
5. Sit lacs plena, sit C hristianis: <1 uod in car- 
sonora: sit jucunda, sit D.em. t!'ansit p.anis: et 
decora: mentis jubitiatio: Vlnum In sanguloem. 
6. Dies enim solemnis 12. Quod non capis" 
agitur: in qua ßlensæ quart non vides: ani.. 
prima recolitur, hujus mosa firmat fides: præ. 
iostitutio. ter rerum ordinem. 
7- In ,hac mensa novi J 3- Sub diversis spe.. 

f'. .1P 
ì --_._._-
--.._-- ':1
i1': -"-'._-'---:--._--' ! 
j f 
i 1 
i "" '- I 
r r-{;" i 
 ,-! '. I 
I '- i 
I { i 
1-' t 
I .. t 
I t 
i i 

I ' 1 .. 

1. ". . ;.1, ;. · ! 
t '
'( 9 
I ' .. '{, . '--' i 
} . Àl" '.. ': ;":'" 
 " i 
J .,-t '0 J 
, . a 
" ':r' J - . ': ; 
, - . 
" , " ':" :,' .. t 
if' · ,., - <:. '. . ",\,
 .:.0 ' , 
 ' j j 
I ...",,..

'I .
',. :W-ao.

I' _ ' .' I 

. -' ",..,.. '--.:.----.---. - -- -. ,j 
: .,. 
 " '.""" ;,. ,...... " - ,-

 - -. ,":': 
. " t 

. !'.!

".! .;.11.!......._,__..ß.
..lJch.old 0 
1filJ/. lÍlvol1'iltn rapture 
rce .' 
ulclJ. inU.J' I7Ulllc lÙtJtlr(Jr rh.{>('. 

 I ' L .neb 
l<Jn T:ur 



deb us: signis tantum, et :20. N
l1a rei fit sis- 
nOli rebus; latent res sura: signi t3.ntum fit 
CXlnllæ. fractura, qua nee status, 
14. Caro cibus, san- nee statura signati mi- 

lliS potus: n1anet t:.ln1en nuitur. 
(:hrislus totus, sub utra- 2 I. Ecce panis angelo- 
qUt,: specie. f\Jln: factus cibus via- 
13- 1"\ SUfilente non torun1: vere panis filio- 
COIH.:isl1s: non confractl1s, rum, non mittendus ca- 
110n divisus; integer ac- nibus. 
cipitur. 22. In figuris præsigna- 
16. Sumit unl1s, su- tur
 cum haac imlno- 
nluut mille; quantuI11 latur; Agul1s Paschæ de- 
isti, tantum ille: nee pntatl1r; datur 
Slimptl1S consl1rnitur. Patribus. 
17. Sun111nt bani, su- 23. Bone pastor, pa- 
m lint mali: sort
 talllt::n uis vere: ] esu nostri mise.. 
inæq uali; vitæ vel in- rere: tu nos pasce, no
teri tus. tuere: tu nos bona fac 
18. ßlors e')f- mal is, vìta videre: in terra viven.. 
bonis: \'iùe paris sllmp- tinrn. 
nis: quam sit dispar 24. Tu qui CUl1cta 
eXl tl)S ! scis, et vales: qui nos 
19. Fracto demurn sa- pascis hie mortales: tllOS 
cralnento: ne vacille
, ibi comn1ensales,
sed 111emento; t
ntu n1 des et soda1es, fae sane- 
esse sub fragn1ento,quan- torum civium. Alnen. 
turn tolo trgltur. i\lleluia. 
<J5oß"pcl. Jvhn vi. 56. 59.-,.Jt that time: 
Jesus said to tile multi.tude qf the Jezes: :\Iy flesh is 
meat inJcell: and my blood is drink indeed. lIe 
!hat eateth ll1Y flesh and rlrinketh n1Y b1ood, abi
11) me, and I in him. ,\s the living Father hath 
sent me, 3nrt I live by the Father; so he that cat<:th 
, the saine also shall live by Ine. "rhis is th
hread that ('am
 do\vn from heaven. Not as your 
fathers di<1 l'at filanna nnd are dead. J-Ie t
\at eal- 
eth thi: 
h.ll1live for e\'er. CREDO. 
I 1 

oFFER'r. I"ev. xii.-The priests of the Lore! 
r to God incense and loaves: and therefore shall 
they be holy to their God, and shall not defile his 
name. A\1eh ia. 
SECR ET. l\'Ierciful1y grant thy Church, 0 Lord, 
we beseech thee, the gifts of Unity and Peace, \vhich 
are mystically represented in these offerings. '-fhro'. 
On thi.s day, and dlt.Ting the Octave, is said the Pre- 
face, .. Quia per l11carnatÎ, p. xxx. atzd the same 
!\la')s unless on. a. Double. 
"[\I. I Cor. xxvi. -As often as you shall eat 
this bread, and drink this cup, yon shall publish the 
c1e::lth of the fJord, till he come. "'hosoever there... 
fore, shall eat this breall, or drink the cup of the 
ord ul1\\.orthily, shalt be guilty of the body and 
blood of the I..orcl. Alle1uia. 
P. CO:\I
T. Frzc- nos.---Grant us, 0 T.lord, V\'e be- 

ech thee, the everlasting possession of thyself, as 
a pleJge of v, 1 hich \ve have received thy body and 
blood. \V ho Ii ve:)t. 

II, SUND,A,., Y atte1' PENTECOS'!'. 
IN'I'ROrr. IJ s . xvii 
rl'I-IE Lord hath be- F.J.-1ctus esf Dvmlnus 
C001e my protector, protector 'lneu,ç;, et 
and set me at large: he edu:rit 1n
 -in /atitudinem : 
has saved me, because he salvul/l 1ncferit, qlloniom 
ioved me. J's. I will 'Volnit mc. Ps. Di,{;gnm 
lo\1e thee, 0 LOI\J, 01Y tc Domine, 1;Ù.tas mea; 
&trength: the IJord i9 rny Dominus jirnllllnentzlllt 

upport, H1Y refuge, and 1!lCUm et r
rn y de1Ï,'crer. V. G 1oq". I ibtrlLtor 'YlleZlS, V. Gloria, 
(:OI.,LECT. Sallcti.-Grp-nt HS, () Lard, both:t 
constant lo\'e and 
ear of thy holy name: since thou 
never withdraV\1cst thy protection from those, ,vholu 
thou soli(Hy grol!n(
est in thy love, 'fhro.. 
Here as '{1.'eLL a.
 at tlte Secret G1W, P. Con1 ffi. is madr. 
a COIUnleIl1, q[ Corpu
 Christi, 1). 39 j. 

TLE. I JuiLn iii. 13. 18.- Dcarl.!! btlo1.'t.d: 
\Vonder not if the \\ orld hate} ou. \V e kn
\v that 
we have passed fron) death to life, because \ve love 
the brethren. lIe that }(,\,eth not, abidelh ill de.lth. 
tr hateth his brotl1t:
r, is c.l murderer. And 
you kno\v that no n1urdeff"r hath eternal life abiding 
in hi.nseìf: In this \\ e have known the charity of 
God, because he hath laid do\\'u his life tor us ; 
and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren. 
IJe that hath the substance of this wOrld, and shall 
see his brother in need, and shllt up his bov:els fron1 
him: how cloth the charity of God abide in hitn ? 

fy little children, let us not love ill \vord, nor in 
tongue, but in fieed, and in truth. 
GRAD. lJ s . cx.-\Vhen 1 was in òi
s, I cried 
out to the Lord, and he heard [nee V Deliver, () 
Lord, nlY soul froln the decCtlful tongue. Alleiuia. 
1 . 0 Lord [ny C;od, in V. ])VlIlillt; l)tllS mt'IlS. 
thee have I put n1Y trust: in te .rpcl'tLvi: sal1:ulll me 
save Ole frorn thCìse that .Iåc e,r omllibu
perscl:l1te OlC, and rescue tibus 'me, ft Libera me. 
Hle. Alleluia. .Alleluia. 
<D O
p tI.. Luke xiv. , (; 2...J..---.At 'bat time; J('
spoke: t"i
 to the l J /lllrisfts : A certain lUau 
IHaLle a 
reat supper, and invited nlany, and he 
.a nt hi
 çf'f\'ant at Sl1 i->per lÏnle to say to the01 that 
were invited, that they should t.:om(
. for IìO\V all 
things are rea dr. And they began all at once to 
ßlake eXCllses. 'fhe first said to hinl: 1 have bought 
a f
lfm, and Inl1st needs go and 5:ee it; I pray thee. 
hold me t::
cusefl. And another s;ajd; 1 hilVë 
bought five yokes of oxen, and [ 
o to try thenl : 
J pray thee hold nle excused. And another s
id,:' I 
have n1arrierl a \vitc, and therefore 1 cannot COOle. 
A nd the servaut returning told these things to hIS 
Jp.rd. 'rhen the master of the hOllse beIng angry. 
saId to his 
ervallt: Go ont quick1y into the slrt=el:3 
L I a 

and lanes of the city, ancl bring in hither the poor, 
and the feeble. and the blind, and the lame. And 
the servant said: Lord it is done as thou hast com.. 
manded, and 'et there is room. A nd the lord said 
to the servant: Go into the high.. ways and hedges; 
and compel them to COlne in, that n1Y house m:1Y 
be filled. But I say to you, that none of those 
men that \vere invited, shall taste of my supper. 
OFFERrr. Ps. vi...... Turn again, 0 l
orll, and 
rescue Iny soul: save 111e for thy n1ercics sake. 
lay this sacrifice offered to thy name 
purify us, 0 Lord: and Inake llS every day advance' 
rlls a heavenly life. 'rhro\ 
IM. l:1 s . xi. I will sing to the I
ord, \vho 
hath besto\ved good things on me: and I \\?il1 sing a 
psalm to the nan1e of the Lord, the l\lost High. 
II\I. SUJJlptis.-I-laving received, 0 IJord, 
this sacred oblation, grant that by frequenting these 
Dlysteries we may hasten our salvation. 

Ill. SUNDAY i!ftC'l' PEN'rECaST. 
IN'rR()l'I'. Ps. xxiv. 
LOOK on n1e. and have RESPICE in me, t't 
Inercy on n1e, OIJord, nzlsc/'é're met ])omlne. 
for I am alone and poor: qltOnill1Jl llUtClt,'; et pauper 
behold my abjection and sum ego : 't
ide Ilumilitll. 
my lauour, 0 my God, tem 'Jneam, et laborem 
and forgi\'e n1e all my sins. 'JJlfltm, t,t dtmitte om. 
'o thee, 0 Lord, ntfl pecrala 'mea, Deus 
have I lifted up n1Y soul: meus. Ps. .lId ie Do- 
In thee, 0 my God, I mine, levu'vi (J,nllJla/ll, ute. 
place my trust; let me fan: Dells melts, in. fe 
not be put to shalne. conjido, 'tWit cl'ubescam. 
fl. Glory. V. Gloria. 
COT-.lLEC'l\ Pl'otcctor.-O God, the protector 

of those \vho hope in thee, without whosp. aiJ no- 
thing is "trong, nothing holy: in
reRse thy mercy 
towards us; that under thy dlrectJon and conduct. 
we may so pass through the blessings of this life, as 
not to lO"te those \\'hich are eternal. Thro'. 

 For tIle II.Collect,&c. see tlte ORDl
 ATI.Y. p.
EPJS'I'LE. I Pt:ler v. 6. 11.....Dcarlg Beloved: 
Be you humbled therefore under the mighty hand of 
God, that he may exalt you in the tiIne of visitation. 
Casting all your care upon him, for he hath cale of 
lOU. Be sober and \vatch: because your adversary 
the devil. as a roarin
 lion, goeth about, seeking 
'whom he may devour: "'horn resist ye, strong in 
faith; knowing that the same affliction befa} leth 
your brethren who are in this ,,'orld. But the God 
of all grace, \vho hath called us unto his eternal 
glory in Christ Jesus, after you ha\'e suffered a little. 
will hilll
elf perfect you, and confirm and establish 
JOu. 'ro him be glory and don1inioll for ever and 
ever. Amen. 
GRAD. Ps. liv.--- Cast thy s
icitl1de on the 
Lord: and he "'ill fee,l thee. JT. \Vhen 1 cried out 
to the Lord, he heard my voice against those who 
"'ere coming upon nle. Alleluia, Alleluia. 
V. GodisajustJudge. V. Deus just liS judt'r 
s:rong and patient; doth fortis et patien.!: 7l11,11quid 
his anger break out every Ù'u,Çcitul'pcr singulJs ilics
day 1 Alleluia. .Alleluia. 
pcl+ Luke xv. I. 10. - At tlwt time: 
The publicans and sinners drew near unto him to 
hear hiol. And the Pharisees and Scribes n1urmur- 
ed, saying: 1'his n1an receiveth sinners and eateth 
\\'ith them. And he spoke to them this parable
saying: \Vhat man is tI,fre of you that hath a hun.. 
dred sheep: and he sha1110se one of them, doth he 
not le;t\'c the ninety.nine in the desart, and go after 
.t whidl \\ 
 lost until he find it? And 
'hen he 
.L 13 

hath founù it, cloth he not lay it 11 pon h is sho111der
rejoicing: and con1Ïn
 honle caUeth forth his friend:, 
and neighbour
, saying to them: Rejoice v;ith Inr, 
because I have found my sheep that \\Tas lost? I say 
to yO\1, that even so there shall be joy in heaven 
upon one sinner that <.loth penance, n10re than upon 
ninety-nine just who need not penance. OLO 'what 
"'oman having ten groats, if she lose one groat, 
cloth not light a candle, and s\veep the house, and 
seek diligently, tiU she find it? And \vhen she h3th 
found it, call together her friends Clnd neigh bou rs, 

 Rtjoice with inc, because I have found the 
groat \vhich I had lost? So I say to you, there shall 
be joy before the an
els of God upon one sinner 
doing p
nance. CREDO. 

FERrr. l)s. ix.---Let an hope in thee, 0 Lord, 
\\Tho kno\v thy name: for thou abandonest not those 
\vho seek thee. Sing to the Lord who dwelleth in 
Sion; for that he hath not fvrgottel1 the prayer of 
the poor. 
SECHEl'. Look do\vn, 0 Lord, on the offer- 
ings of thy suppliant Church; and grant that thy 
faithful n1ay al,,'ays v.'orthily partake thereof ill or- 
der to their salvation. 'rhro'. 
COi\Il\I. Luke XV.-- I say to you: rrhere is joy 
an10ng the angeis of (;od over one sinner doing 
P. (
1. S(17
cla.---l\lay thy sacred nlysteJ'ie
o Lord, 'which \ve have rect"'Î\,'ed t give us life: and 

leansing \1
 fronl our sins, n1ake 

 v;orthy of d1Y 
ctern:tl nlercy. Thro'. 

IV. SUNDAY after PEN r rEC()3T. 
IN'fR01'f. PP. xx\'i. 
TIlE Lor"l :8 THY 1ight& DOJ111}.,
my salvation, \VhOn1 mea, et sa/u.') mfa, 
shaH! fear? The LorJ is guc:n timebo? l)ominl/
the protector uf illY hfe, dtjt::/Zs()r tJitæ 

IV. "UNO A Y A FTE r.. PF. NTECOST. 403 
" ho shaH make me trem- trepidabo 
 (.J.ui tribuillut 

Iy ent'mies \,'ho ne illimici mel, ipsi ill/ir. 
afHit:ted me, are ,,'eak- 'Illul i SUllt et ct::cidf..l'uut. 
elh.'d and faHen. 1);). If ])s. 8i ('onsis
ant adver. 
a can1p be pttchcd (1
òinst sum 111(3 f(l
l,:(l ; lion time.. 
IlH'; 111)' heart shall not bit cor 1nt:.u'1Il. V. Gloria. 
fear. r. Glory. 
COLL. Dll.---Grant, \ve beseech thee, 0 Lorò, 
that the \\ orld, '\vith regard to us, Il1ay be go.. 
verned in pe
ce by thy proviùence, anù thy Church 
pa) ht>r Jevotions to thee in tranq uillit.\'. 'Thro'. 
EPISTLE. Rom. viii. 18. 23. .-- Brethren: I 
reckon that the sutferings of this present time ale 
not worthy to be compared with the p:tory to come, 
that shall be reve:l\ed in us. r or the expectation of 
the creature \vaiteth for the revelation of the sons of 
God. For the cr

ture \\'as n1é1de subjet:t to vanity_ 
nl)t vvillingty, but by reason of hin) that made it 
subject, in hope: Because the CH'ature also itself 
shall be delivered froln the servitude of corruption, 
into the Ii heny of the glory of the children ,of God: 
r \\'e know that every creature groaneth, anù is in 
labour even tilt now. And not only it, but our.. 
selves atso, \\'ho have the first fruits of the spirit, 

ven \\'e ourselves gr0an \vithin onrselve
, \\'aiting 
f,îr the adoption of the sons of God, the redemption 
of our body in Cla'ist JCS
lS ullr Lord. 
RA D. p!;. lxxviii.--.ße merciful, Q Lord, to 
our otfences, that the 
entiles may never say: 
,\ here no\v is their God 1 J. l-Ie\p us, 0 LorJ, our 
S"viour i itnd for the honour of thy nan1e dt.liver us. 
o Lord. 
\lIell1ia, Allelùia. 
Y. 0 God
 \vho sittest V. rs. ix. DClis qui. 
pn thy throne;, and jl1dg- sedfs super throJl1lm et 
clh justly, he a refuge to )udic({s tl'qUitlilull, l.tto 
thp PO?i' in distress. 1'S llgiu7n po upcrllm ÙI 
J\ II et U ia. iunc. .Allt-luia. 
 L'uke: v. I. \ I.-At thflt til

came to pass, that \vhen the multitude pressed upon 
him to hear the word of God, he stood by the lake 
of Genesareth. A nd he saw two ships standing by 
the lake: but the fishermen were gone out of them, 
and \vere \\lashing t
1eir nets. And going up into 
one of the ships that was Simon's, he desired him to 
thrust out a little fron1 the land. And sitting down 
he taught the nlultitudes ont of the sl.1ip. Now when 
he had ceased to speak, he,said to Simon: T.Jaunch 
out into the deep, and let down your nets for a 
draught. And Simon ans\vering, said to him: l\Ias- 
, ter, we have laboured all the night, and have taken 
nothing: but at thy word I will let down the net. 
And \vhen they had dO
le this, they enclosed a very 
great multitude of fishes, and their net broke. And 
they beckoned to their partners that \\'ere in the 
other ship, that they should come and help them. 
And they came and filled both the ships, so that 
they were almost sinking. \Vhich when Sin10n 
Peter saw, he fell do\vn at Jesus's knees, saying: 
Depart froln n1e, 0 Lord, for I am a sinful man. 
For he was wholly astonished, and all that \tvere 
\\:ith hilll, at th
 draught of the fishes that were 
taken. And so were also James and John the sons 
of Zebedee, 'who were Sin1on's p*,rtners. And Je. 
sus :\aith to Simon: Fear not; from henceforth 
thou shalt catch Inen. And when they had brought 
their ships to land, leaving an things they followed 
him. CREDO. 
OFFER1". Ps xii.-Enlighten mine eyes, that I 
nlay never sleep in death; lest the enelny should 
ever say: I have prevailed over him. 
SECRET. Receive our offerings, w'e beseec11 
thee, 0 Lord, and be appeased thereby: and mer- 
cifully co 111 pel OUf wills to yield to thee, even when 
they rebel. rrhro'. 
Il\1. l>s. xvii,- The Lord is my support.. my 
Icfugc) and deli\'erer, my God.. and my bt:ll>" 

1. .J1 J,)lena.-... 
Iay the mysteries \ve 
have (t"'ceiverl, both purify and defend us, 0 Lord, 
by the etticacy of \"hat they l"ontain. 1

\í. StJNDA Y 
f'ttr PEN'rECOS'r. 
IN1'I{Orr. PS, ""xxvi. 
fI EAR, 0 I.lord, my EXAUDI. Domine, 
voice, ,vhell I cry vocem lIlcam, qua ('fa- 
to thee: be thou Iny 1Jlavi ad te: adiutur mcltS 
htlptr; abandon me not, eslo: ne dcreiinqu({J me, 
nor slight 01e, 0 God, lleque des}Jici(Js mc, DEUS_ 
my Saviour. 1>5. 'fhe Salutllri,çmeus. 
Lord is my light ;lnd IllY Ps. Dominus illumillafio 
salvation: whom shall I mea, ct salus mCll; qucrn 
fearl JT. Glory. timcbo? ,r. Gloria. 
COLLECï'. DClls, q21i,-O God, who hast pre. 
p3red invisible goot! things for those that love thee: 
pour forth into our hearts an affectionate love for 
thee: that lo\'ing thee in all things, and above all 
, \ve may come to the enjo} ment of thy pro- 
mises, \vhich are above whatever ,ve can desire. 
Thro' . 
EPISTLE. 1 Peler iii. 8. 15.--- Dt:a1'ly bclor:ed : 
Be ye aU of one n1Ïnè, naving compas
ion one of 
another, being lo\.ers of the brotherhoorl. merciful, 
n1odest, humble: not rendering evil for evil, or rail- 
ing for railing, but contrari\\'í
e blessin
:. for unto 
this yon are caned, that YOll may inherit a blcssin
., For he that \viH love life, and see 
ood days, let 
hin1 refrain his tongue front evil. and his lips that 
they speak no guile. Let him decline from evil and 
do good: let hiG1 seek after peace, nnd follo\v it: 
cause the ('yes of the Lord are upon the just, aud 
his ears unto their prayers: but the countenance of 
the Lord is é1gainst then) that do evil thinf;s." And 
'vho is he that can hurt you, if yon be Jealous of 

ooù 1 But if also you suffcr any thing for justice 

"06 V. SU
sale, blesseod are yea And b
 not Clfraid of their 
terror, and he not troubled. But 
anctify the Lord 
Chnst in your hrart$t. 
GR :\D. l)s. lxxxv..--Lo{)k doy;n, 0 God, our 
protector: look do\\'n Up:111 thy servants. V. 0 
of(t God of hosts, hear the prayers of thy servants. 
Alleluia, Alleluia. 
T. 0 Lord, in thy V. Ps, 20. DJminø in vir- 
ß1ight shaH the king re. lute fua !t'fabitu'r Rt:.r: 
joice: and in thy salvc:l" et supn" 
tion shall he 
x111 t ex- e,rllltabit VellC1Jlt1lt UI". .Al. 
di ngl}'. f\ 11 eluÌa. lflztia. 
o ø p ct. ....l!att. v. 20. 24. .-. At I hat time: 
JfSlLS said & 0 /Ús discipl.:
: Unless your jlJstice e)..ceed 
that of the Scribes and rharisees, you shall not entt'r 
ioto the kingdom of heaven. "ou have heard that 
it \\'as said to lhen1 of old: 'rhou sha1t not kil1. 
And \,'hosoe\'cr shall kil1, sh&.111 be in danger of the 
judgnlent. nut I say to you, that \VhC50ever is 
angry \>\ ith his brother, shall be in dUTlgl'l" (if the 
judgolent. And who
oever shaH s
)' to his brother, 
R(].(. , shall be in dal1{!.tr qfthe cOl1nci1. And \"ho- 
Lall say, Tholl fool, shall be in dJl"
gtr of 
hell fire. 'Iherefore if thou bring thy gift to the 
aJtar, and there shalt remeo1ber that thv brother 
llath any thing against th(;>e; leave there thy gift be- 
fore the 
ltar, and go first to be reconciled to thy 
b:-othèr: and then C001e and offer thy gift. CREDO. 
OFFERT. PSt :\v......l \.\ ill bless the Lord \\'ho 
 th giv t>n us nnò ng. 
SECRE'l'. Be appeased, 0 lord, by onr hum ble 
pra) ers, and nlèrcifully receive these offerings of thy 
ints: that \yhat each hath offtred to the 'honour' 
of thy name, m
y avail to the salvation of all. 
1. P,ç. vi.--- One thing have I asked of the 
Lord, and \'1ill continue to ask: that I may c1\'gell 
in the hOU5C of the Lord 
ll the daJs of my life. 

f. QILUS clZl",ti.---Grant, 0 Lord, \\.e be. 
seech thee: that \ve, whom thon ha
t fed with this 
heavenly 53crifice, may be clearxcJ from our hid. 
den sins, and de::livered. troln the SHares of our ene. 
mies. Thro'. 

DA Y a 
IN rRofr. P
. xxvii. 
T [IE Lord i') the DOmi 1 s .fortitude} ple- 
strength of his pøo_ li.ç SUlZ; et l)r()lt:C
pie; the Protector of the ter S lutari 1 lm Christi 
Salvation of hie; ano:nterl. 
ui cst. Salvum fac po. 
Save, 0 I.lord, thy peo- pulurJ fuum DUl 'n
1 et 
p!e, 2nd bless thy inheri.. btlU..dic I1æreditati tutt!, t;;t 
tdnce, and govern them rtgc eu
 ltsqut' in &Cl;culum. 
for ever. Ps. To thee, Ps. Ad it: 1Jumine, ela. 
o Lord. will I cry out, 'Illabo, mcu,
 ne si. 
() my God, be not silent; lcus a me: ne qaandf) ta. 
refuse not to ans\\'er me, CUll (l me, ct assimillJ.lx;r 
t I become ) ike those df scenrl.. ntltus in lucu.m. 
who desc.end into the pit. \'. Gl()riu.. 
V. Glorr. 
COLLEC r. ÐtUS 'l'i.rlutum. --- 0 Coli of 311 
po\\'er. to \\,hom entirely belongeth whatever jg 
be-,t: impl
nt in our hearts the love of thy name. 
ral1t us an in<.:r ase of religion, that thou may.. 
l.5t ilnprove in us \vhat is good, and pre
r\'e wllat 
thou thus in1prOVf'st by the practice of piety. rrhro
EPIST. R "Il. vi. 3.-.-Br tllrclI.: All \\9C \\'ho drc 
bapti.led in Christ JfASUs- 
re baptized in hi
or \
;e are buried together y..ith him hy b:tptism 
nnto death: that as Christ is ri..en from the dead by 
\ory of the rather, so \\'c also may wall if! 
ne\\ ness of lifp. For if \\ e have been planted to.. 

et her in the lilent 55 of his deatl., we shall 31
0 be 
in the lil:cn"ss of hi') rðurrectlon. I\.nowing this, that ' 
r old man is crucified with him, that the body 
of Sl n may be dt:stroï
d, , nd thit l \ e may StI' e 

sin no longer. For he that is dead is justified 
from sin. Now if we be flead \\ ith Christ, 'we be.. 
I ieve that \ve shall live a1so together \\'ilh Ch rist. 
Kno\ving that Christ, risin
 3gain fron1 the dead, 
dieth now 110 Blore, tleath shall no more have do- 
minion over hi 01. For in that he ùied to sin, he 
died once: but in that he liveth, he liveth unto 
God. So do YOll also reckon yourselves to be dead 
indeed to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus our 
Lord. . 
GRA DU A L. Ps. lxxxix.---1.\irn to us a little, 0 
ord, and be appeased with thy servants. Jr. Lord, 
thou ha
t been our r
fuge froru generation to gene- 
ration. Alleluia, Alleluia. 
v. Ps
 In thee, 0 Lord, 
have I placed DIy trust, 
let me never be put to 
sllame: save n1e by thy 
justice, and rescue me: 
bend thine ear to me: 
TIlake hasle to save IDC. 
<1B 0 øp cI + l.fa1']" viii. J. 9'--. At that time: 
'Vhen there was a great multitude with Jesus p an,1 
nac{ nothing to eat: calling ñis disciples together, he 
saith to them: 1 have conlpassion on the Innltitude, 
for behold they have now been ,,'ith Ole three days
and have nothing to eat: and if I send them away 
 to t'leir o\vn houses, they \vill faint in the 
way: for sonle of them came afar off. And his dis- 
ciples' ans\vered hiru; From whence can anyone 

atisfr them here \\'ith bread in the \viJdf'rness? And 
he ask
d theln: f-low many loav
s have ye? And 
they said: Seven
 And he conlmanded the people 
to sit down 011 the gro(:nd: and taking the seven 
]oaves, giving thanks hè broke, and gave to his dis. 
ciples to set befor
 then}, and they set them before 
the people. And thej had a fe\\' Jittle fishes; and 

v. Ps. 3o..-.In te, Do. 
mine, spcravi, nUll C01!!une 
drH' in ætel'nU71l: in justi- 
tia iua libfra me et eripe 
me: illcliult ad me aZl1'ellt 
tuam : acretel'll ut eripiús 
11lC. .Alleluia. 

V 11. 5 U 
 0 A Y AFT E.r. PEN TEe 0 S 'J' · 4-C 9 
ecl them, and commande c \ theln to be 
Ðefore them. An(! they did eat and \vere fi
and they took up that \\,hich \vas left ot tbe tra
rnents, seven h'lskets. :\ nd they that had eaten 
\'\'ere about four thousand: and he Stout them away. 
Cn F.DO.. 
OfFERT. Ps. xvi,.....!\lake m\' steps perfect in 
thy paths, that my feet slip not: bend thine ear and 
r my '.y'ord
: di
plav the \\ O'lders of thy merc)', 
3\.'est tho
e that hope in th P t" 9 0 T .lord. 

ed, 0 Lorc1, by oUf hum. 
bIe I-'rayt"rs, anJ mercifu\1y receive the otr
rif1gs of 
thy people: and. that the \'O
.\'S i.lod prayers of none 
may be ia vain, grant \\ 
tre<.:tual1y obtain 
\"hat \"e a
k. l.'hro 9 . 
1. Ps. :\xiv. -..I ",ill go up, and sacrifice 
in his tabernad
, a victim of praise 
 1 \vill sing and 
peat a psa\ m t Q the Lord. 
I'1. Rcplcti.. - \\' eare fi\led, 0 Lord. with 
thy gifts 
1t, th<.--refore, \\?e best'ech thee, that \ve 
ma\.' he cleansed by their 
fficacy, and stren
by th
ir aid. Thro'. 

fler PENl'ECOS 1'. 
IN1 9 ROIT. 1)J. xlvi. 
C LAP YOt:r han9s, all 03Ij
ntcs plau- 
ye Genule:'\ ; sing to dlfc 1nrHubus: iubi. 
God with a jo\'fl11 voice. lale I) co in voce ciulla. 
. For the Lord is the tiOllis. PS, Qlluniam D0 4t 
high and awful One: '1JÛ1lUS e.rcclsus, tC'ITibi.lis: 
he is th
 great Kin
 over Rex ma
nus su.per omnCll1, 
aU the ea rth. fT. Glory. tcrram.... \'. Gloria. 
COLLECT. Dell$ cu}us.-O God, ,,,hose provi- 
dence is never deceived in "'hat it appointeth: \\'e 
nnnlb\y beseech thee to rÇmov
 whatever may be 
prejudicial to us: and grant us whatever Jnay be to 
the advantage of our souls. 'fhro 9 . 

1 111 

EPIS'!'. Rom. vi. 19.-Brethren: I speak a hu- 
man thing because of the infirmity of your flesh: 
for as you have yielded your members to serve un- 
cleanness and iniquity unto iniquity;' so now yield 
your members to serve justice, unto sanctification. 
For ",hen you weré the servants of sin, you were free 
from justice. \Vhat fruit therefore had you then ill 
those things of ,,,hich you are now ashamed 1 For 
the end of them is death. But now being made free 
from sin, and become servants to God, you have 
your fruit unto sanctification, and the end everlast- 
ing life. For the wages of sin is death. But the 

race of God, everlasting life in Christ Jesus our 
GRAD. Ps. xxxiii.-Come, chi1dren, hearken to 
me: I ,vill teach you the fear of the Lord. Jí. Draw 
near to him, and he enlightened: and your faces 
shall not be covered \\"ith shame. Alleluia, .l\lleluia. 
V. Clap your hands ,r. Omnes Gentes piau- 
aB ye Gentiles: sing to dite 1Jlanibus: jubilate Deo 
God with a joyful voice. ill 'foce eJ,'ultationis. Alle- 
Alleluia. Ill:,t.. 
<15oøpel. Alatt. vii. 15. 21......-At that time: 
Jr.'sus .raid to /tis disciples: Beware of false prophets, 
'\Tho come to Y01:1 in the cloathing of sheep, but in- 
wardly they are ravening wolves. By their fruits 
you shall know them. Do men gather grapes of 
thorns, or figs of thistles 1 Even so every good tree 
bringeth forlh good fruit, and the evil 
ree bringeth 
forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bnng forth evil 
fruit, neither can an evi I tree bring forth goC?d fruit. 
Every tree that bri ngeth not forth good tnllt, shall 
be cut down, and shall be cast into the fire. Where- 
fore by their fruits you shall know them. 
ot every 
one that saith, Lord, Lord, shall enter Into the 
kino-dom of heaven: but he that doth the will of 
myðFather who is in h
aven, he shall enter into the 
dom of heaven. C: IlEDO . 

OFFER1'ORY. Dan. iii.-- \s a \\'hole burnt- 
offering of rams and bu 11s and thL 'lsands of fat sheep, 
so let our sacrifice be this day L thy sight, that it 
may please thee: for there is 110 s lame to those who 
put their trust in thee, 0 Lord, 
SECRET. 0 God, \vho in ',ne perfect sacrifice 
hast united all the various sacrifices of the law; ac- 
cept from thy devout servants this sacrifice, and 
sanctify it by the like blessing, as thou didst the 
ring of Abel. that \\' hat each hath offered to 
thy divine .l\lajesty, may a\'ail to the salvation of all. 
IUNION. Ps. xxx.-.-Lend thine ear, 
make haste to rescue me. 
l. Taa nos.....Grant, 0 Lord, that the 
healing efficacy of these thy mysteries may, thro' 
thy mercy, free us from aU our sin
, and bring us to 
the practice ot \\'hat is right. Thro'. 


IN'TROIT.I' Ps. xlvii 
W E have received SUscepimu,ç Deus mi. 
thy mercy, 0 sericordium taU71., ÙI. 
 in the midst of thy tiledio tcmpli tlli: secun. 
temple: thy praise, like dum nomen tuum, ita et 
thy na01e, is spread over lalls tua in .fines terræ: 
the earth: thy right Justiliu plena est dertera 
'hand is full of justice. tua. 
Ps. rhe Lord is great, PS, ]fagllus Dominus 
and worthy 
f prai!)e ill et laudubilis nimis:. in 
the city of our God, on civitate Dei Ilo
tri, in 
his holy mount. munte saltctv cjus. 
Y. Glory. \'. Gloria. 
COLLECT. Largire 7Zobis.,---Grant us, 0 Lord
we beseech thee, the spirit ot thinking and doing 
what is right, th at \ve, \vho cannot even su bsist 
\\ithout thèe. l11ay live according to thee. rrluo'. 
· Introit for Candlemas.Day O1lso. 

l ßl 2 

4 12 VIIT. SC
EPIsrr. R,m1. viii. 12.--
 Brethren: \\T e 
t 0 rs, not to the tiesh, to live according to the flesh. 
For if} Oll lire according to the flesh, you shall die; 
t,ut if by the- 5,pirit }'OU mortify the deeds of the 
..,h, yon 
h.tl1 1 iVf'. For whoso
ver are led by 
the St,iril of God, they are the sons of God. For 
}GU have not received the spirit of b(jf)da
e again 
in f9ar: but you have l"t'ceivéù the spirit of ado("_ 
lion of sons. \\'heréby \ve cry: &" bba, ,Father.) 
For the Spirit himself giveth te"tin
ony to our sp
rjt, that \\'e are the son
 of God. i\nd if sons, 
heirs also: heirs inJeed of(
oJ, and joint. ht=irs \v
(' It rist. 
GHAD. P.r;. xxx.- -- Be to Ole a protecting God, 
2nd a place of r
4fu(Te to save me. V. 0 God
thee have I r
lieù; r(
t ITIC never, 0 Lord, be put to 

hame. Alleluia, A!le uia. 
1". Great i
 the Lord, '7. JIagnus D()miJll1
and gre3tly \\'onhy of et laudabilis ralde, in civi- 
praise, in the city of our tait; fJ(t nv:;ln, ill, monle 
God, on his holy mount. ML tcto ejw;. 
Alleluia. _4 lleluia. 
0o!3pel. Luke XV!. J. q.--- .At illat time: JtSliS 
spoke tv hÙ; disciples tlus parable; l'here \vas a cer- 
:in rich Juan ,vÌ1o had a ste\v
rd: and the sanle 
"'as áccl1st"d unto hinl, that h
 had wa
ted his 
J!oo,!s. ,\utI he callt=d hinl, and said to him 
is it that I hear this of llH:::e 1 give an account of thy 
v:ard:>hip. for n('\\ thou canst be ste\vard no Ion. 
gt. r. And tne 
rd s

id \\ ithin him5é!f: \Vhat 
shall I uO. t<-)r lny lor\.1 t.1kH h away froll1 rne the 

h;p? To Jii! I é.,nl not able; to Ltg I am 
vShcill1cd. I 1.:10\V v. hät I ,,,ilt do, that v.;hen I 
sh:tll be put o
;t of the ste\.'ard8hip, they n1l1} lecpjve 
tIle in..o their hou
(ç. rrht-rLfore calling together 
t-\'t'ry ol
e of iord's dt' he sai(} to the fir.;t ; 
110\",' ml:ch do
t thou o\\'e mv 1ord? But he said: 
..\ h'1ndrcd barrd::. of ul1. ..-\ nd he 
aid to hi m : 

IX. SU1\D.-\Y AFTER PENTf.COsT. 4'3 

rah.e lhv biB i1nd sit òo\\-n quickly. and \\ rite fi ft
'l'ht.n h
aid to another: :\nd hùw 111uch dost thou 
owe? \ \"110 s
\Ìd :
\ hundred q U
H"ters of \vheat. I Ie 
said to him take thy bitt, and \\ rite cighty. 
the' lord coulmenJe(lthe unjust steward. toraslnuch 

lS he had òone \visely: for the chi
dr{'n of this 
\vorld are wisl'r in their generation, than thè chi rd. 
fen ot libht, 
\nrl 1 
ay to yon : 
lake to yourse;\ es 
friends of the m
lll1(nOn of iniquity, that \\"hen 
)'CHI shall f
lÌl, they may receive you into everlasting 
ù \V d J in gs. C If ED O. 
OFFER'f. lJ s . xvii....rrhou wilt save the people 
t hat is hunlble, 0 Lord: and thou \\'ilt humble 
t he eyes of the proud ones: fOt who is God besides 
thee, 0 LorJ. 
SECHEr. Receive, \ve beseech thee, 0 T..ord. 
the offerings \ve bring, \"hich are the gifts of thine 
o\vn boullty: that these rnost holy Iny
teries nlay, 
by the power of thy grace, nlake oLÏ r conduct ill 
this life holy, and bring us to those jo j S th
t \\'ill 
never end. Thro'. 
I. l)s. xxxiii,-'l'aste, and see, how s\veet 
is the Lord: b
d is the Ulan \"ho pu tteth his 
trust ia hiIl1. 
P. ('O
[. Sit llvLis.- i\tay this heavenly nn s. 
tery, 0 Lord, rClle\\' us both in soul and bod\': tl1at 
\\'e (nay find in ourseives the ttfects of \\ hat \ve ce- 
Ieorate. 11Ho'. 

IX. SllNO;\ Y clfìt:1" P.E
TRO'lT. j}s. Ii 
B Ehold God is 111y ECCE ]JtliS aJju'l'at 
hd p: and the Lor,,1 me: t.'t l)oll{i'ctt!: :>lLS- 
 the support of Iny ct'ptvr t'st a/i.Ù:Hi: 7IICle: 

uul :. turn the c\,il on nlY a"Ct.'rfc lllala ill.ÙllÙ:is mâJ, 
:J and according ct ill t,'t ritl1/e iua di-;ptTÚe 
to thy pron1
se destroy illùs prulcc:t.Jr lhtUS, DC). 
them, 0 Lord, ill) pro.. IltillC. 

I !11 3 

tector. Ps. Save me, 0 Ps. Deu,ç, in nomine 
God, by thy name: and tuo salvll1n me jr.lC: et in. 
by thy might d liver me. vÌ1'tute tua Libcra 'llle. 
V. Glory. V. Gloria. 
COI.lLECT. Pateant.-May the ears of thy · 
mercy, 0 Lord, be open to the prayers of thy sup- 
pliants: and, that they may succeed in their desires, 
make them ask those things that are agreeable to 
thee. Thro'. 
EPIS1'LE. I Cor. x. 6. 13e-.Brethren: Let us 
not covet evil things, as they also coveted. Neither 
become ye idolaters, as some of theln: as it is 
written: " 'rhe people sat down to eat and drink, 
and rose up to play." Neither let us commit forni.. 
cation, as some of them committed fornication, and 
there fell in one day three-and.twenty thousand. 
Neither Jet us tempt Christ: as some of them 
tempted, and perished by the serpents. Neither do 
you murmur: as some of them murmured, and were 
destroyed by the destroyer. Now all these things 
happened to them ill figure: and they are written 
for our correction, upon whom the ends of the 
,,'orld are come. \\Therefore let him that thinketh 
hin1self to stand, take heed test he fall. Let no 
temptation take hold on you but such as is human. 
And God is faithful, \\Tho will not suffer you to be 
ten1pted above that which you are able: but will 
make also \Vilh temptation issue, that you may be 
able to bear il. \ 
GRAD. Ps. Ji.-O T.lord, our I.lord, how won. 
derful is thy name over the whole earth! fiT. For 
thy majesty is above the heavens. Alleluia, Alleluia, 
. Hescue me, 0 my Ps. El'ipe 'llU
 de illi. 
God, from my enemies: ,nicis 111eis, Deus rn,us: 
and from those that rise c[ ab insurge1ltibus i" lilt', 
up against nle, deliver libcl'a me. .Alleluia. 
IDe. Allcl n ia. 

<1DosJpeI. Luke xix. 4'. 47- -:- At t'la
'Y'hen he clre\v near Jerusalem, seeIng the CIty, he 
\vept over it, s3)in a : If thou also hadst known, and 
that in this thy day, the things that are for thi' 
peace: but now they are hidden from thy eyes. F.
the days shaH come upon thee: and thy enemies 
shall cast a trench about thee, and compass thee 
round, and straiten thee on every side, and beat 
thee flat to the ground, anrl th) children who are in[ 
thee: and thpy shall not leave in thee a stone upon 
a stone: because thou hast not kno\vn the time of 
thy visitation. And entering into the temple, he 
began to ca
t out them that sold therein, and them 
that bought. Saying to them: It is \\yritten: "
house is the house of prayer: but you have made 
it a den of thieves." And he was teaching daily in 
the temple. CREDO. 
OFFERor. P,ç. xviii.- The ordinances of the Lord 
are right, and gladden the heart; and his precepts 
are sweeter than honey and the honey-comb; and 
therefore doth thy sen 7 aut observe theln. 
SECRET. Grant us, 0 I
onl, we beseech thee, 
frequentlyan<l worthily to celebrate these rnysteries: 
for as many times as this commemorative sacrifice is 
celehrated, so often is _the work of our redemptloD 
performed. orhro'. 
I. JUIUl vi. - lie that eateth my flesh, 
and drinketh my blood, abideth in me, and I in 
hi In, said. the I
P. CO;\I
I. fu; nabi,
.-'Jay the participation of 
this thy sacrarnent, () Lord, y;e beseech thee, bo
purify us, and unite us. Thro'. 

\ y alter PE
 fROlT. Is. xlviii. 1

. liv. 
,v nE
 1 cried out
 CUi'l c!amal'eln ad 
the Lord heard 1Jominum, t,:ralldiVtt 

 I (; :.\.. . :) U !\ ,,\ Y A F l' l R P E --: TEe 0 ST. 
rny co'nplaint H
ainst '(.orClll mellm, a/.J Ius qu
those that Wf>re coming . CljJpl'(jpinquunt JJ/ihi: t't 
a1nst 111e: and he that Ilumiliaütt eos, fJui t:st 
"'as before al ag

 and {lnle sæcula, ct 'J1Wilcl in 
 be forever, ì)-l1l
ed æhrnllflr:)llcla cogitatzl.1n 
then1: ('a
t thv can.
 on tUUJJt in lJul/lino, 
t ipse 
the l"ord, aDd \{e will i
ed tc enutrict. 
thee. JJ
. flear, 0 God, P
. it,fliudi, De7H,orfl- 
rpy pré.l} 
r, anù despi..e. timu'lll mcam, ft 'Ile des- 
not n1Y petition: look pc.t'eris dep'l'ccatiuunll JJlf- 
<10\\'11 upon 111(', and hear lOll: illtenrle 'Jllil1i, et (',r- 
Ille. V. Glory. (lluÍt me. V. Gluria. 
COLLEC'I'. [)(u.
, qui.-O God, \vho chieHv 
Jnanifestest thy i\ll1uighty power in pardoning an;l 

 111en:y, increase thy goodne5.s to,,'ards llS: 
that having reçourse to thy pron1Îses, we In
y be 
partakers of thy heavfnly blessing. ']'hro'. 
EPISl'I.JE. I ('or. xii 2. I I. - Brctllren : You 
kJ1o\v that, \\ hen you W
re heathens, you ,vent to 
clun1b iùols, according as ) ou \vere leù. \V herefore 
I give you to ulider
tand, that no 01an, speaking by 
the spirit of God, sait h anal helna to Jesus. ^ 11\'1 no 
nl?t1 can say the Lorù Jesl1
, but by the I-}oly Ghost. 
No'.v there are di\'t'f6ities of gract-s, but the sanle 
spirit. And there are diversities of miniç;teries, but 
alne T
ord. And there are diversities of opera- 
tions, but the same God who v;orketh a1l in all. 
,But the nlanift station of the Spirit is gi'len to every 
Ulan unto profit. '1'0 one indeed, by the Spirit; is 
given the 'I\"ord of \visdoOl: and to another, the 
'\\'ord of know lc\.1

e, according to the 

U11e spi rit : 
to another, [lith in the Sal11e spirit: to an0ther, the 

ce of healing in one spirit: 
o another, the \\'ork- 
in h of n1iraclf's; to another, proph
 to another, 
ll'>> disct
rning of spirit
: to another, diver.! kinds of 
tongues: to anotht-r, interpretation of speeches. But 
itl :di tlH-"t> thing
 Oi1e "'nd the 
arnc spirit \vorketh, 
\'id ing to -;verv one ;a:\ording as he w!! 1. 

(; R A O. PS, xvi. - Guard I1'1e, 0 14ord, as the 
apple of thine e
 e: and protect lne unde
dow of thy wings. fT. Let n1Y cause he tned In thy 
presence: let my eyes 
ee j u
tice done. ABel. 
I'. A h)'lll11 is due to V. Te decet hJjmnu. s .. 
thee, () Goù, in Sion: Deus, in Sivll: et tlbt 

nd in JerllsalelTI shall a 1'fddcllll' VtJ(Utli in lo'usa.. 
vow he paid to thee. ltlll. .Al!èluia. 
ptl+ Luke xviii. 9. '4. - At tlud tim
Jesus spake this parable to somp \\'ho trusted in 
thf'mselves as just, and \lespised others 'l\vo men 
,\ eot up into the tenlple to pray: the one was a 
l'harisee, and the olh
r a }Jublican. The Pharisee 
standing, pra) eù thus wíth himself: 0 God, I give 
thee than\...s that ( am not as the rest of men, f"
tioners, uujU5tt, adulterers, as also is this publican. I 
fast twice in th
k: I give tithes of all that I 
possess. And the publican standing at
u off would 
not so much as lift up his eves towards heaven: but 
struck his breast, saying: (j God, be merciful to me 
a sinner. I say to you, this man went do\vn to his 
house justified rather than the other, because 
everyone that exalteth hinlsclf, shall be humbled j 
and he that hUlnbleth himself) shall be exalted. 
,OFFElrr. Ps. xxiv.-'To thee, 0 LorJ, have I 
raised up nlY soul: illY God, I put my trust ill 
thee, let me not be put to shanle: neither let my 
enelnies scoff at nle: for nune that rely on thee, 
6hall ever be confounded. 

ECR.E'I\ i\1ay the sacrific
t we offer, 0 Lorll
be. pr
sentpd before thee; \\ hich thou hast ilp- 
d to be 
){rered in honour of thy name; and at 
the !'alne lÍlne become a rem(-Ally to 
s. rrhro' 
. CO:\I.\I. j",o;. 1.- r rhüu \Vl\t accept a sacrifice of 
, oblations, ane! \\ hoie burnt-offering_ 
P11 th)' altar, 0 Lord. 

iM. QUæSU1nUS.- \Ve beseech thee, 0 
Lord our God, that in thy mercy thou \\-youldst never 
deprive those of thy help, whon1 thou continually 
strengthenest by these divine mysteries. 'fhro". 

Xl. SUNDAY ofter PEN'fEcosrr. 
INTROIT. Ps. lxvii. 
G OD in his sanctuary: DEUS in loco 

God, '" ho n1aketh suo: . Deus q Ul In- 
brethren abide together habitare facit 1lna.nimes 
in concord: he will give in domo: ipse dabit vir. 
might and strength to tutein et forl'itudineni 
his people. Ps. Let God piebi suæ. 
arise, and his enemies Ps. Exurgat Deus, et 
shall be dispersed: and let dissipentur inirnici ejus: 
those that hate him, flee et jugiant qui oderunt 
before his face. JT.Glory. eUrJt a jåcie ejus. . 
V. Gloria. 
COLLECT. Omnipotens.-O Almighty and eter. 
nal God, who. in the abundance of thy goodness, 
exceedest both the merits and requests of thy sup- 
pliants: pour forth thy mercy upon us: and both 
pardon what our consciences dreadeth, and grant 
such blessing,; as we dare not presume to ask. Thro". 
EPJS1'LE. I COl'. xv. I. 10. - Brethren: I 
make known unto you the gospel which I preached 
to you, which also you have received, and wherein 
you stand, b} which also you are saved: if you hold 
fast after" hat manner I preached to you, unless 
you have believed in vain. For I delivered to you 
first of all, which I also received: how that Christ 
died for our sins according to the scriptures: and 
that he was buried, and that he rose again the third 
day according to the scriptures: and that he was 
ficen by Cephas; and after that by the eleven. 'fhen 
was he seeu by more than five hundred brethren at 
once; of whom many remain until this present, and 

some are fal1en asl
ep. After that he \vas seen by 
James, then by an the apostles: and last of all, he 
"'as seen also by me, as by one born out of due 
time. "For 1 atn the least of the apostles, \vho am 
not \vonhy to be called an apostle, because I per- 
secuted the Church of God. But by the grace of 
God I am what 1 am; and his grace in me hath not 
been void. 
GRAD. I's xxvii.-!\Iy heart trusted in God, and 
] was relieved: and my body hath recovered its 
strength: and I will praise him 
tith my \vhole 
heart. V. To thee, 0 Lord, have ( cried out: be 
not silent, 0 my God, nor depart from me. A l1el. 
v. Ps. Exult in God V. Ps. xix. Exultut
our hope:. joyfully sing Dco adjutori nostro, jubi- 
to the God of Jacob: late Dca J<<cob: su:mite 
sing a hYlnn of joy upon psalmum, jUCltndllln cum, 
the harp. .
Ileluia. citnllra. Alleluia. 
G50 øp cI + l\fal'k vii. 3 r. 37. - At t/
at time: 
Je!'ms; going out of the coast of Tyre, he came by 
Sidon to the sea of Galilee through the midst of the 
coasts of 1Jtcapolis. .A nd they bring to hi m one 
that was deaf and dumb: and they besought him to 
lay his hand upon him. And taking hint aside fro In 
the multitude, he put his fingers into his ears, an,I 
spitting, he touch
d his tongue; and looking up to 
heaven, he groaned, and said to hin): Ephphetha, 
that is, Be opened. And i01mediately his ears were 
opened, and the string of his tongue \vas loosed, 
and he spoke right. And he chargeJ them that 
they should tell no man. But the mo}'e he charged 
them so much the more a great deal did they pub- 
lish it. A nd so much the more did they \'.ond
saying: He hath done an things \vell; he hath 
made both the deaf to hear and the dumb to speak. 
OFrERT. Ps. nix.-I \yin extol thee, 0 Lord. 

because thou hast upholden me, and hast not grati- 
fied the desire of my enpmies against me: Lord, I 
cried out to th
e, ann thou dirlst hear nle. 
SECRE'r. Look do,,'n, 0 Lord, \,'e beseech 
thee, on onr homage; that the offerings 'we make 
may be acceptab1e to thee, and a he} p to our weak. 
ness. 'rhro'. 
C()!\Il\l. Provo iii.--- IIonour the I.lord, out Gf 
tby Sl1 bstance, and \'\yith the first fruits of thy CfOpS ; 
and thy barns shaH be fined abundantly, aod thy 
wine-presses shaH overflow. . 
Il\I. Scniia11llls.-'ß1ay we recpive, by t 1 1e 
participation of these thy mysteries, we beseech the
o lIard, help in body and mind: that in the 

alvation of both we may enjoy the full effect of 
this heavenly remedy. 

XII. SUNI)A Y (!f7cr PENTEc()srr. 
'rROl r. Ps. lxix. 
C O l\IE to nlY assist- DE l/S in adjutori.7lilZ 
ance, 0 God: 0 '1ucum intcll
/e: 1)1)- 
Lord, make haste to 'J1Iin
, ad aJj:I1.'Ondlllll me 
help rne: let my ene- jèstinll: cori/ill/dantu/' et 
mies who seek my soul, 1'evc'reantul' inimici mei; 
be put to shanle and qui quæl'unt a1lim(llll, 
confusion- P,
. Let theln 1TleliJ/l. 
be put to flight and Ps. A!Jcrtantllr, rctror. 
shalne, \vho conceive evil sum et c'rub.:scallt, qui 
agalnst Ine. cogilaut mihi 'llllda,. 
JT. GI0IY, \i. Gloria. 
COLI.lEC'['. Omrzipotens,---O A,l:nighty and mer- 
ciful God, fron1 whose gitt it procee.]eth that thy 
people worthily serve thee; grant, "Fe beseech 
thee, that \\:e may run on, "
without stumbling, to 
the obtaining the effects of thy prolnisps. 'fh ro'. 
EPIS1'LE. :1 (;or. iii. 4. 9....-:-Bl'cthrcn; \Ye have 


on6dence through Christ towards God. Not that 
we are sufficient to think any thing of ourselves as of 
ourselves; but our sufficiency is from God. \Vho 
also hath made us fit ministers of the Ne,v Testa- 
ment, not in the 1etter but in the spirit. For the 
letter killeth: but the spirit giveth life. Now if the 
ministration of death, engraven \vith letters upon 
stones, was so glorious, that the chi1dren of Israel 
could not steadfastly behold the face of l\lo.:;es, for 
the glory of his countenance, which is done away j 
now shalt not the ministration of the Spirit be ra- 
ther in giory? For if the ministration of condenlna- 
tion be glory, much more aboundeth the ministration 
of justice in glory. 
GRAD. P.r. xxxiii-.-.I vlÍll bless the I
onl at all 
times: his praise shaH ever be in my mouth. J
l\ly soul shall 
lory in the Lord: let the meek hear 
anrl rejoice. A l1eluia, Alleluia. 
V. 0 Lord, the God V. Domine_ Dells sa. 
of my salvation, I have lutis 111eæ: in die cia. 
cried out to thee day maTi, et 'Ilvcte coram, tee 
and night. Alleluia. Alleluia. 
<15oøprl. Luke x. 23- 37. - At that time: 
Jesus said to his disciples: ßlt'ssed arc the eyes that 
see the things which yon see. For ( say to you. 
t many prophets and kings h3ve desired to see the 
things that you see, and have not seen them; and 
to hear the things that you hear, and .have not heard 
them. A nd behold a certain lawyer stood up, 
tempting him; and saying: l\'laster, what must I do 
to possess eternal life? But he said to hirn: \Vhat is 
written in the hl\v? ho\v readcst thou? He ansv:er... 
, said: ""Chou shalt love the Lord thy God 
with thy ,vhole heart, and \\Tith thy \vhole sou1, and 
\\'ith all thy strength, and \vith all thy mind; and 
thy peighbour as thyself:" And he said to him: 
Thou hast ani,vered fight: thic; do and thou shalt live. 
N n 

But he willing to justify himself, said to Jesus: and 
\vho is my neighbol1r? But Jesus answering, said: 
A certain man \vent do\vn (rom Jerusalem to Jerico. 
and fell among robbers, \vho also stripped him, and 
having wounded hiln ,vent away leaving him half 
dead. And it chanced that a certain priest went 
do\vn the same \vay; and seeing him, he passed by. 
In like manner also a levite, when he \vas near the 
place, and sa\v hinl, passed by. But a certain Sa- 
maritan being on his journey, came near him; and 
seeing him, was Inoved with compassion. And 
going up to him, bound up his ,vounds, pouring in. 
oil and \vine: and setting hiln upon his 0\\-,'(1 beast 
brought hiln to an inn, and took care of hint. An
the next day he took out t\\I'O pence, and gave to the 
host, and said; rrake care of him; and \vhatsoever 
thou shalt spend over and above, ( at fily return 
wilt repay thee. \Vhich of these three in thy opinion 
was neighbour to him that fell among robbers? But 
aid: lIe that shewed mercy to him. And Jesus 
said to him: Go, and do thou in like manner.CREDo. 
OFFERT. E.rod. xxxii. - 
Ioses prayed in the 
presence of the Lord his God, .and said: Why, 0 
IJ0rd, art thou angry at thy people? Spare the wrath 
of thy soul: relnember Abraham, [saac, and Jacob,. 
to \vhom thou didst swear to give a land flo\ving 
with rnil k and honey: and the Lord was appeased
and did not do the mischief he had threateneJ his 
èRErr. :Nlercifully look down, 0 Lord, OB 
the offt'rings we lay on thy holy altar: that they 
may be to the honour of thy name, ÐY obtaining 
pardon for llS. Thro.' 
Il\1:. Ps ci _'rhe earth, 0 Lord, shall be 
fillect '.vith the fruits of thy works; that thOil mayest 
1?ring forth bread fro(n the ear
h, and wine. may 
joice the heart of nlan: that his face may shIne W1ttl 
(,,)il, a
d bread may strengthen his heart. 

P. COl\I
I. Vivifìcet.-
lay the sacred participa- 
tion of these thy mysteries, 0 Lord, ,\\ye beseech 
thee,' give us life: and be to us both an expiation 
and protection. Thro'. 

1NTROIT. Ps. Ixxiii. 
H A VE régard to thy REspici, Domine, in 
covenant, 0 Lord, testamentUl1l tuum, 
and abandon not the et animas paupn U1n tuo- 
souls of thy poor: arise, rU1ß ne del'clinf}uas ill 
o I
úrd, judge thine jinem: exurge, ]Jomine, 
0\\'0 cause, and forget ft judica causam tuam, et 
not the cries of those nc {,bliviscaris '{'ores quæ- 
\vho seek thee. Ps. \Vhy, rentium tee 
o God, hast thou cast Ps. Ut quid, Deus, re- 
us off to the end? ,vhy J1ulisti in jinenl: iralus 
is thy wrath kinJleù a. est furor tUllS SUP'1' OI'es 
gainst the sheep of thy pascuæ iuæ. 
pasture. V. Glory. V. Glol
COLLEC'f. Omnipotens.-O AlInighty and eter- 
nal God, grant us an increase of faith, hope, and 
charity; and, tbat ,,'e may obtain what thou pro- 
misest. n1ake us love ,vhat thou cornmandest.'I'hro.. 
EPISTLE. Gld. iii. J 6. 22. - Brethren: 
A braham were the promises 1113de and to his seed. 
He saith not, and to his seeds, as of l11any: but as 
of one, and to thy seed, which is Christ. Now this 
I say, that the testament \\'hich was confirmed by 
God, the law which \"as made after four hundretl 
and thirty years, cloth not disannul, or make the 
promise of no effect. For if the inh(ritance e of 
the law, it is no l110re of promise. But God gave 
it to Abraham by promi
e. \Vhy then '\\ as the la\v ? 
Jt \\'as set because of transgressions, until the seed 
should come, to whom he In
de the promise, being 
o[dained by angels in the hand of a mediator. Now 

a mediator is not of oue; but God is one. \Vas the 
]a\v then against the promise of God 1 God forbid. 
ror if there had been a law given \vhich could give 
life, verily justice should have been by the law. 
But the scripture hath concluded all under sin, that 
the pronlise by the faith of Jesus Christ might be 
given to thEm that believe. 
GRADUAL. PS, lxxii.-Look down, 0 Lord
on thy covenant, and forget not for ever the souls of 
thy poor ones. V. Arise, 0 Lord, judge thy own 
cause: remenlber how thy servants are upbraided. 
Alleluia, Alleluia. 
V. Thou, 0 Lord, art V. DOJlÛlle, rifugium 
our ftfuge from genera. factus es nobis a /J;enera.- 
tion to generation. Allel. · tione et progenii. Allel. 
<1Boøpel.. l..uke xvi,i. II. Iq. - At that til?le: 
As Jesus was going to Jerusalem, he passed through 
the Inidst of Samaria and Galilee. Anrl as he en- 
tered into a certaiñ town, there met him ten men 
that ,vere lepers, who stood a-far off; and lifted up 
their voice, saying; Jesus, master, have mercy 011 
us. \VhOOl ,vhen he saw he said: Go, shew your. 
selves to the priests. Anù it came to pass, that as 
they went, they were n1ade clean. And one of them 
when he saw that he \vas..made clean, went back. 
and with a loud voice glorified God. Anq fell on 
l1is face before his teet, giving thanks: antI this 
,"vas a Sal11aritan. And Jesus ao!"'wering, said: 
\Vere not ten wade clean, and where are the nine? 
rrhere is no one found to return anù give glory to 
God, but this stranger. And he said to him: Arise, 
go thy \\'ay; for thy faith hath nUll
 thee whole. 
OFFERrr. Ps. xxxv.-Tn thee have I put ß1Y 
trust, 0 Lord:. thou art n1Y God, and my life is in 
thy hands. 
SECRET. Be thou propitious, 0 Lord, to thy 
people: and mercifully re<.:cÍ\'c their offerings: that 

Xl\". SUN DAY AFT E R. PEr-. TEe 05 r. . > 
being appeased thcrcurt thou nlayest grant us pJ.r- 
don, and hear our requests. rfhro'. 
li\1. TCisd. xvi.-.-1
hol1 ha3t gi\'en uc; bread 
fro In heaven, 0 LOIÙ, contaiuiug whatever is deli- 
cious and S'A'eet. 
P. C(>:\I
1. Slllllpfis,-
Tay thpse heavenly nl}'S.. 
teries, 0 Lord, \\ hich Wp have received, advance 
our eternaJ rcJclnption. 'flno'. 



, XIV. SUNDAY after PE
IN'rROll'. j.ß.,.lxxxiii. 
B Ehold us, 0 God, pI
f)tcctf)1" no:;(er aspire, 
our protector, and _l)cu,'). ct 'resjJice in 
look on the face of thy facic111 Cftri.)!;' tui; quia 
Christ: for better is one mdivr t:,.,t dies una ;,n, atriis 
day in thy conrts than tui.'; super milia. 
ages el..;ewhel'c. l)s.llow P
h (.Jllall
 dilecta taber. 
y are thy tabernacles, 'nllcllia fila, Domine vir- 
o Lord of hosts! 
Iy tillum! C01tcllpis('it, et 
soul !ongeth and tãinteth dtjicit 111ÚmIL mea in atria 
after the courts of th
Lord. Jr. (
lorv. V. Gloria. 
COLLEC'f. Custodio - Prec;erve, 0 Lord, \ve 
beseech thee, thy Church by thy constant mercy: 
and since OUf \veak n10rtality is continually tailing 
\vithout thy assistance, may thy grace vvithdra\v it 
from \\'hat is hurtful, and direct it in the ways ot 
salvation. Thro" 
EPlS fLE. Gal. v I li. 14.''''. Bretlll'ën ; \" alk 
in the spirit, and you shall not fulfil the lusts of the 
flesh. For the f)èsh \usteth against the spirit; and 
the spirit against the flesh: tor these are contrary 
one to another: sO that you do not the things that 
you \v(Juld. But if you are led by the spirit, }'OU 
are not under the taw. No\v the \\'or}...s of the flesh 
.1re manifest, ,,'hieh are, fornicatlon, uucleanne

 11 3 

immodesty, luxury, idolatry, witchcrafts, enmities. 
contentions, en1ulations, \vraths, C)l1arreIs, dissensi_ 
ons, .sects, envy, murders, drunkenness, revelJings
and such like.. Of the 'A hich I foretell you, as 
I have foretold to you, that they \\1ho do Sl1ch things 
shall not obtain the kingdom of God. But the fruit 
of the Spirit is charity, joy, peace, patience,. be- 
nignity, gooùness, longanirnity, mildness, l
modesty, continency, ch:
stity, Against such there 
is no law. And they that are ChrisCs, have cruci- 
fied their flesh \\lith the vices and concupiscences. 
-\r). Ps. cxvii...-- It is better to trust in tlte 
ord, than to trust in nlan. fT. I t is bt:tter to hope 
in the Lord, than to hope in princes. Alleluia. 
V. Come let us rejoice V. Venile, eXidtelllUS 
in the T
ord; let us joy- Domino; }ubilcmlls Ðl'O 
fully sing to God our Sa- Salufari ')lost'ro. .Lllltlrtia. 
viour. Alleluia. 
<1BoSJpeI. llIatt. vi. 24. 33.---Af ll,at time: 
Jesus said to his disciples: No man can serve two 
masters. For either he wil1 hate the one, and love 
the other: or he will ho1d to the one, and despise 
the other. You cannot serve God and mamn10n. 
rrherefore I say to YOll, be not solicitous for your 
life, what you shall eat, nor for your body, what 
you shall put on. Is not the life more than the 
Ine1\t, and the body more than the rain1ent? Beho1d 
the biròs of the air, for thev neither so\v, nor do 
they reap, nQr gather into barns: ye't your heavenly 
Father fcedeth them. Are not yon of much more 
value than tt:ey? AQd \'rhich of you, by taking 
thqught, can add to his stature one cubit? And for 
raiment why are yon so!icitous? Consider th
of the field ho\v they gro\v: they labour oe t, nei. 
ther do they spin. A nd yet I say to you, that not 
even Solomon in all his glory was arrayed like one 
of these. No\v if God so clothe the grass of the 
field, \vhich is to.dav, 3nd to-n10rl'O\V is cast 

into the oven, ho"' much more you, 0 ye of 
little faith. Be not solicitous therefore, saying, 
hall \ve eat, or ",hat shall '\'e drink, or 
ha\l \\'e be cloathed? For after al1 these 
things rlo the heathens seek. For your Father 
th that you have need of 
1J these things. 
Scek )'e therefore first the kingdom of God, and his 
justice, anù all these things shaH be added unlo you. 
OFFERT. Ps. xxxiii.-l'he angel of the Lord 
win guard, on every side, those who fear nim. 
and he \\'i II rescue them: taste and see how s\vect 
the Lord is. 
SECRE1'. Grant. we beseech thee, 0 J..Iord, 
that this victin1 of salvation may both cleanse us 
from our sins, and render thy l\lajesty propitious to 
us. Thro'. 
I. Jlalt. vi.-Seek first the kingdom of 
God, and a1l these things shall be given to you over 
and above, saith the l
ord. . 
I. PUl'ificent.-
ray these thy mys.. 
teries, 0 God. continually purify us anrl slr
us; and procure us eternal salvationø rrhro'. 

xv. SüNDA Y qftC1. PEN1'ECOS1'. 
INrfROIT. Ps.1xxx\r. 

A TTEND to ßle, 0 
Lord, and heaf me: 
5ave thy servant, 0 my 
(;.od, who hopeth in 
thee: hav
 mercy ()i) Ole, 
o Lord
 for to thee have 
I cried out the \vholc 
day. Ps. Gladden the 
soul of thy servant: for 
10 thee. 0 Lord. ha\'e 
J lif:ed up nlY soul. r. 
Glory . 

jl{CI.I}.......1, Jl()11JiTlI' ,0.11- 
rem l1lflJll (/d lIle, fl 
c,raudi 111C: sllll'llm fuC' 
se1"'tU'I1I tllum, ])C.W;: 11ll'iJ,t;, 
spcruntel/l in ie: mi,..tTfrt O 
mihi. ])0111 'n p , qlloll
ad Ie c/ll/J/uvi fnfll dit'o 
Ps. Lit ti/lca uni1/lcrm 

frvi fll.i: LqUill ad tr_ 
]Jomi Ill', kvari ani)) tl/l, 
'!1lfum. "'. (;!v1'iu. 

Ûllm.--r-.Tay thy continua1 mer;... 
cy purify and defend thy church 
 aud since "Nilhout 
thee it cannot be s
fe, lua\, it ah\'ays be directed by 
the influ
nce of thy grace. Thr0 9 . 
EPlS''fLE. Gat. v. 25. vi. I. 10. - Bt'ethren : 
If "'e live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spi- 
rit. Let us not be IH
Hie de
irous of vain-glor), 
provoking one another, envying one another. 
(Chap. vi.) Brethren, if a 111an be overtaken by any 
fault, you, \\Tho arc spiritual, instruct such a onein 
the spirit of nle
kness, considering lhYSé1t
 lest thou 
also be ten1pt
d. Bear ye oue another's burdens: 
and so ye shall fulfil the law of Christ- For if ê:UIY 
nlan think hia1sfdt to be somelhing
 whereas he 
is nothing, he decei\'eth himseU: ßut let f"very 
one prove his o\vn ,\york, and so he shall have g
in hinlse1f only, and not in another. I'-or everyone 
shall bear his own burJen. And let him. that .is 
instructed in the \\'ord, cOIl1munica L e to him, that 
instrllct<:th him, in all gOQd things. Be not de- 
ceived. God is not lTIocked. For what things a O 
man shall SO\V, those also shall he reap. For he 
that so\veth in his flesh, of the flesh also shaH reap 
corruption. But ht-, that soweth in the spirit, of 
the spirit shall reap life 
verlasti()g. And in do- 
ing good, let us not tail. For in due time \\'e 
shall re
lp not failinp. .rherefore, \\'hilst \ve have 
. ,) . 
time, let us \\'ork 
,ood to aU men, but especIally to 
those who arc ot the household ot the f(llth. 
G'R.:\ o. jJ
. xci,-lt is good to prai:)e the I.Jord : 
and to sIng to thy n
 0 thou tht: ß.llJst lli
h. v. 
'1'0 pubilstl thy u1crcy in the Inornin
, and thy sUle 
pron1Ísè at rnidllight. :\Ueluia, Allelnia. ' 
rr. For the Lord is the V. QUOllttl'lJ], ]Jeus 1Jlag_ 

rèat God, and the great nus Dominus, et Rex 
Kit1g over all tt-ie eanh. 7JlugflilS ðllpCI' V/lln,em ttr- 
.Ii Ii (:' I u ia. ram. A 11 
l uia. 
<IDQf$pel. Luke vii.-scc p. 202. 

OFFER'T'. ]}s. xxxix. -.- I llave paticntly \\'3itcd 
for the Lord, and he hath lookpd dO\\ïl upon Ine: 
he hath h
ard Iny prayt'r, and I'ut a new canticle ill 
ß1Y mouth 
 a hynHl to our God. 
SECRET. )lay thy ffi) steries, 0 Lord. 
us, and al\\'ays dettnd us against the attacks of the 
de\' i I. 
1. Juhn vi.-Thc bread which [\\,ill give 
is n1Y llesh for the 1ife of the world. 
. CO:\I:\I. ..LllclLtt's.-
lay the efficacy of these 
àlVlne nl}steries, 0 Lord, po
sess both our souls 
and bodies; that their effects, not our own sell. 
5ualit}, Inay al", ays take the lead ill U
. Thro'. 

e7' PENTECOS'f. 
IN'rROIT. l)s. lxxxv. 
I - I ;\ YE mercy on me. M I!t:rcre milti, Domi- 
o Lord, for to thee l1e, quolliam ud te 
bave 1 cried out all the (,la11/(11.'i tutu diL: q1.âa t2/., 
day; for thou, 0 Lord, V01Jâlle, suavls ac 'lnitii 
art s\\ eet and mild, auel fS, ('t copiu,.,us in miseri. 
plenteous in mercy to all curdia omnibus invocanti. 

 ho caB on thee. 1)1. bus fl'. 
ßenJ thine ear to nle, PSt [nclina, l)om;ne. 
o l.ord, and hear nle: ll'll1'OJ/ tUlll1l ')}lilli, t,! C.l'. 
tor 1 am needy and poor. iludi. me: quc1liam inops et 
,. Glory. palll'fl'SU1/l egu. ",Glcwia. 
C()LLECT. 1ùa no,
.-:\lay thy grEce, 0 Lord, 
a1ways prevent and fol1o\v us; 311(1 1l1ake \ì
stantl}' l.ealous in the practice of good ,yorks. 'Thro.' 
plies. ii i. 13. 2 I---_ljr'cthl'cn : 1 pray 
}'OU not to faint at O)}' tribulations for you, \vhich 
your glory. For t his cause I bow nly knee to tne 
athf"r of on r I.Jorcl J. Chri
t, of \\,hon1 all p
in heaven and earth is named, that he \,"ould grant 
}'on, according to the riches of his g\ory, to be 
trengthened with Inight by his Spirit unto the in.. 

ward man. That Christ may dwell by faith in your 
Hearts; that being rooted and founded in charity, you 
nlay be able to comprehend, \vith all the saints, \1\ 7 hat 
is the breadth and length, and height and depth. to 
know also the charity of Christ, which surpasseth all 
e, that you may be fined unto all the fut. 
ness of God. Now to him who is able to do all 
things more abundantly than we desire or under. 
stand, acc.ording to the power that '\vorketh in us; 
to him be glory in the church, and. in Christ Jesus, 
unto all generations world without end. Amen. 
GRAD. Ps. ci......
fhe Genti1es, 0 IJord, shall 
fear thy name, and al1 the kings of the earth thy 
glory. 1 T For the Lord has built up Sian: and he 
shall be there seen in his glory. i\l1el uia, Alleluia. 
V. Sing to the Lord a V. Cctntate Domino 
new song; for the Lord canticlun 1lovum: quia 
hath done '1\'onderful 1nÏ1'abilia fecit DomÌ1lus. 
things. Alleluia. Alleluia. 
<lBoØptl. Luke xiv. J. II..-.-At that time: 
\Vhen Jesus went into the house of one of the chief of 
the Pharisees on the Sabbath-day to eat bread, they 
'\vatched him. And behold there was a certain man 
before him that had the dropsy. And Jesus an- 
swering, spoke to the la\vyers and Pharisees, saying. 
Is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath-day? But they 
field their peace. But he taking him, healed him. 
and sent hinl avvay. And answering them, he said; 
\Vhich of you shall bave an ass or an ox fall into a 
pit; and wi11 not immediately draw him out on the 
Sabbath. day ? And they could not answer him to 
these things. And he spoke a parable 3150 to them 
that were invited, ß1arking ho\v they chose the first 
seats at the table, saying to them: \Y hen thou art 
invited to a \\7cdding, sit not dO\\1n in the first p)ace. 
lest perhaps onp more honourable than thou be in. 
vited by him; and he that in\'ited thee and him, 
come and say to thee, Give this man place: aDd 

Ulen thou begin ,,,ith shan1e totake the lowest p1ace.. 
But \\'hen thOl1 art invited, go, sit clown in the lo\v- 
est place: and \\'hen he who invited thee cOJneth_ 
he may say to thee, Friend, go up higher. 'fhen 
sha1t thou have glory before then1 that sit at table 
with thee: because everyone that exalteth hImself, 
shall be humbled: and he that humbleth himsel
shall be exalted. CREDO. 
OFFER T. Ps. xxxix....-Look down, 0 Lord. to 
help me : let them be put to confusion and sham
"",'ho seek to take away my life: look down, 0 Lord, 
to hel p J11e. 
SECRET. C!eanse us, 0 Lord, \ve beseech thee, 
by the efficacy of this sacrifice: and by thy mercy 
make us worthy to partake thereof. rrhro'. 
I. Ps. lxx.-..-..I win remember thy justice 
I alone, 0 I.,ord: 0 God, thou hast instructed me 
from my youth: abandon not me in myoId age, 
and at the end of n
v life. 
I. J)u
ifica.---<[\lercifully, 0 Lord, we 
òeseech thee, purify our souls, and renew them by 
these holy m} steries; that we may receive hel p thef(
by, both vdlile \ve are in these mortal bodies and 
hereafter. "rhro'. 

D.-\ Y after !)ENrTECOST. 
TR()rr. Ps. cxviii. 
TI-IOU art just, 0 Lord, JUS1 ' lJS es. J)omil1C, et 
anti thy judgtnellts Teet um}lldicium tuum: 
are right: deal with thy fae cum servo tuo seflln- 
servant according to thy "dum miscric()7'diam tuuln. 
mercy. ]J s . Blessed are Ps. Heati immaculati irJ 
the undefiled in the v\"ay: 'Via: qui ambulant in lege 
who walk in the la,,' of Dumiui. 
the I
ord. v. CloT\'. \T. Gloria. 
COLLEC'C. ]){;, q71æ.sumu,ç.-Grant, ""e beseech 
thee, 0 Lord, that t}1Y people may avoid all conta. 

32 XVII. 
gion of the devil: and '
7ith a clean heart follo\v 
thee, the only true Goel. Thro'. 
EPISTLE Ep!tc.r). iv. J. 6.-Bretliren: I \vho 
am a prisoner in the Lord, beseech you that you 
,valk worthy of the \Tocation in \\Ohich you are call- 
ed. \'Tith aU hu rnility and rni tdness, with patience
sl1pporting one another in charity. Careful to keep 
the unity of the 
pirit in the hond of peace. One 
body and one spirit 
 as you are (:alleò in one hope 
of your catting, One Lord, one faith, one baptisln. 
One Gorl and Father of all, \\'ho is above 'an, and 
through all, and in us all, \vho is blessed for ever 
GRL'\O. Ps, xxxii.-ß1essed is the nation that 
hath the Lord for its God: the peop1e \vhoJß he 
hath chosen for his inheritance. JT. By the \Jrord of 
the Lord, anfi the breath of his mouth, \\'ere the hea- 
vens fornled, and the whole ho
[ thereof. Alleluia. 
Ps. 0 l.of(l. hear n1Y PSI Domine, e:ralldi 
prayer, and tet my c.ry Ol'tJ[ ionem lIU'llJn, et clamor 
come unto thee. Alle- J//PlI.S ad it: pel'1:elliat. 
1 uia. A lit/uta. 
G50Gpcl. Jlall. xxii. 3
. 46.-Af that tim : 
Tbe Phansees can1e to Jesus: And one of them, a 
doctor of the laYl, al\ked hin1, tempting him: 1\la8- 
ter, \\7hich is die great comrnandment of the law? 
J e';us said to hi m: Thou shalt love tlie Lord th.,! God 
'løith til!} ltJhole I,par l , and with tit!! 'lvlwle .Ioul, anå 
:!" tit!! u-/,ol, 'lnÙ"I. ' fhi" is the greatest and the 
first CO 111 nlancl mc>nt : and the second is like this: 
1'llOu shplt Lvve I hÿ neigldJouI" vs th!!se!f. On thð
h\'o c0l11mandn1ents dependtth the whole law and 
tbp prophets. And the Pharisees being gathered to. 
gether, Jesus asked them, saying: 'Vhat think you 
of Christ? \\Those son is he? 'I'hey say to him: Da- 

s. l-Ie sðith to them: IIo\v then cloth David in 
spirit caa hitn Lord, saying: 'I'he Lord said to my 
Lord, sit on 111!J 1'ight /wnd until I make tll!} e'iuruÙ;$ 

tBER..wtEK. 433 
f},'1 footstvol? If David then caB him I..,ord, how i... 
hè his son? And no Ulan \Vas able to an,,\ver hin1 
a \vorcl: neither dl1rst any Inan from that day forth 
k him any 010re qUl stions, CREDO. 
()I:FER"r. lJun. ix - I Vaniel praypd nnto my 
God, saying: IIear,O Lord, the prayers ot" thy ser- 
vant: look favourably on thy sanctuary; and mer.. 
cifully look doV\'n upon this thy people, 'A'ho are 
caned hv thy name, 0 (;od. 
SECRET. 'Ve humbly beseech thy 
lajestr, 0 
J.lord. that the sacred m\'steries \\'e celebratp nlay 
e lIS from atl past offences, and from those \\e 
1nav hereafter be guilty of. Thro'. 
r. P.
. lxxv.----:\Take your VO'\'S, and per- 
fonn them to the Lord your (;od, all lOU \vho 
 around his altar: to hiIll, who is the 
awful One: to hiol, \\'ho taketh away the breath of 
princes: to hin1, \\' lio is awful to all the king
thp earth. 
I:\T. 8"ncfificolionibll,,;...--
fay our vic(-s 
be cl1reJ, 0 almlg
lv God! and an elerna1 remedy 
procured for liS by the:-p sacred my
. 'rhr0 9 . 

R-\\ EI:l
\,-r:ONESDA ,\T. 
1'Rorr. l)s. Ix'\x.----Exult in God our help, 
joyfully sing to the God of Jacob; take the p1ea
altt:"rv and h
rp; sound the trump
t in tht; b("gin. 
ning of the month, for it is an ordinance in Israel, 
and a precept of the God of Jacob. 1)1. lIe 
the conlInandment to Joseph, when he came out of 
the land of Egypt; he heard a tongue he knc\\7 not. 
r. Glory. . 
Ajter tl1e K\'rie eleison, is said, 
I..ct us pr(;y. us kneel down. R. Stano up again. 
I. COLt..ECï'. ..'Iisericordia.-1).la}' OUf weakness. 
o Lord, \\.e be!ecch thep, be supported by the relief 
of ltlY luere}" j that a
 \ve are continual1y dcca}'iub 


by our o\vn nature, we may be strengthened by tl1}' 
goodness. Thro'. 
I. LESSON. Amos ix. 13.-1."hus saith the L01'J, 
God: Behold the days come, when the ploughman 
shall overtake the reaper, and the treader of grapes 
him that soweth seeù; and the mountains shall drop # 
sweetness, and every hill shall be tilled. And I wiU 
bring back the captivity of my people Israel; and 
they shall build the abandoned cities, and inhabit 
them; and they shall plant vineyards, and drink the 
wine of them; and shall make gardens, and eat the 
fruits of them. And I will plant them upon their o\\'n 
1 and; and I will no more pi lIck them on t of thei r land, 
which I have given them, saith the Lord thy God. 
GRAD. Ps. cxii....-.. Who is like the fJord onf 
God, who dwell est on high; and looketh do\vn on 
\vhat is below in heaven and on earth? V. Who rais- 
eth froBl the earth the needy one j and the poor one 
fronl the dunghill. 
II. COLLEC'r. Præsta,-Grant, 
ve beseech 
thee, 0 Lord, the humble request of thy fao1ily ; 
that whilst they observe abstinence from bodily food, 
their souls may fast from sin. 'rhro'. 
Here is said the II. and [II. Collects, as p. xx. 
. 2 Esdr. viii. 1. lo.---In those days: 
All the people were gathered together as one man, 
in the street which is hefore the water gate, and they 
spoke to I
idras the scribe, to bring the book of the 
la\\" of Mose<:, \vhich the Lorll had cornlnanded to 
Israel. '"fhen E\7dras the priest brought the law be- 
fore the mllltitude of women, and an those that could 
understand, on the first day of the 
eventh n1onth. 
And he read it plainly in the street that ,vas before 
the \vater gate, from the morning until mid. day, be- 
fore the Ulen and the v.-.omen, and all those that 
could understand. And the ears of all the people 
were attentive to the book. i\ nrl Esdras the scribe 
stood npon a step of woo li, \vl1Ích he [nade to speak. 

\1pon. And he opened the book before all the peo. 
pie, for he V\'as above aU the people; and when he 
had opened it, all the peop\e stood. And Esdras 
blessed the fJord the great God: and aU the people 
ans\vered: .....\men, amen; lifting up their hands. 
And they bo\ved down, \vith their faces to the 
ground. Now the Levites made silence among the 
people to hear the la\v; and the people stood in 
their place. And they read in the book of the law 
of God distinctly and plainly to be understood; and 
they understood when it \vas read. And Nehemias. 
and Esdras the priest and scribe, and the Levites who 
interpreted to all the people, said: This is a holy 
clay to the Lord our God, do not mourn, nor \\"eep. 

'or all the people wept when they heard the \vords 
of the law. And he said to them: Go, eat fat 
nleats, and drink s\veet \vine, and send portions to 
them that have not prepared for themselves; because 

t is the holy Jay of the Lord, and be not sad, for the 
JOY of the Lord is our strength. 

D. Ps. xxxii.-Blessed is tbe nation, whosc 
God is the ljord; the people, whom the Lord hath 
chosen for his inheritance. V. The heavens were 
foroled by the word of the Lord, and by the breath 
of his mouth the \vhole host thereDf. 
<15oøpel. l\Iark ix. 16..-.At tilat time: One of 
the nlu1titude speaking to Jesus, said:. 1\1aster, I have 
brought to thee my son, who hath a dumb spirit, 
and wheresoever he taketh him, he dasheth him, and 
he foameth, and gnasheth with his teeth, and pineth 
away; and I spoke to thy disciples to cast hinl out, 
and they could not. And Jesus answering theln. 
said: 0 incredulous generation, how long shali I be 
,vith you? how long shaH I suffer you l bring him 
to me., And they brought hiln. And \\'hen he had 
n lum, immediately the spirit troubled hinl; anù 
being t
Hown down upon1 the grollnd, he rolled 
about toan1ing. And he asked his father; flow 

43 6 \\'EDNESDA Y IN EMBEn.\VElK. 
Jong is it since this hath happened unto him? But 
he said, Fron1 his infancy: and oftentinles hath he 
cast him into the fire, and into \vaters, to destroy 
11irn. But if thou canst do au} thing, have COllI pas- 
sion on us, and help us. And Jesui saith to hin1: If 
thou canst believe, all things are possible to hiln that 
believeth. And ilnmediatcly the Father of the boy 
crying out, \vith tears said: 1 do believe, Lord: help 
thou my unbelief. And when Jesus saw the multi. 
tude running together, he threatened the unclean 
spirit, saying to hiln: Thou deaf and dumb spirit, 1 
conuuand thee, go out of him; and enter no more 
into hin1. And crying out, and great! y t
aring hinl, 
he \vent out of him, and he becanle as one dead; 
insomuch that many said: (Ie is dead. But Jesus 
taking him by the hand, lifted him up; and he 
arose. A"nd when he ,
,'as come into the house, his 
disciples asked him privately: \\Thy could not \ve 
cast him ont? And he said to them: This kind can 
go out hy nothing, but by prayer and fasting. 
OFFER'"r. p$. cxvii.-I ",ill meditate on thy 
con1mandlnents, which I have loved exceedingly; 
and I \vill put ,forth my hands to thy comn1and. 
Inents, which I have loved. 
SECRE'"r. I\lay this oblation, 0 Lord, we be. 
seech thee, cleanse away our sins; and sanctify both 
the bodies and souls of thy servants tor the celebrate 
ing of this sacrifice. Thro'. 
11\:1. 2 Esdr. viii.-Eat your fat meats, and 
drink your sv;eet ,vine, and send some to those who 
have not prepared any for themselves; for this is a 
holy day of the [,ord, be not therefore sad; for to 
rejoice in the Lord is our strength. 
P. COMl\I. SU1Jle71tes. -.--- 1-laving received, 0 
Lord, tbese heavenly gifts, \ve hl1n1bly beseech thee. 
that \vhat by thy mercy we celebrate with due ho- 
n1age, we nlay 2\SO receive \vith dispositions \\orthy 
of thy presents. rrhro'. 

( 437 j 
THOIT. PSt cÎ\'.-Let the hearts of thos
\\'ho seek the Lord, rejoice: seek the Lor..1, and b',
strengthent'd; for t:vt>r seck his presence. Ps. Prajs
the I
ord, and call upon his name; publish his worki 
aI110ng the Gentiles, ,. Glory. 
C01..I.,EC1'. l)ræstll.-Grallt, \ve beseech thee, 
o Almighty God, that \\ hilst \vith }early devotion 
,ve keep these holy appointed timt"s) \ve may be 
\\'ell-pleasing to thee in body and n1ind. 1
hro'. . 
ee xiv. 2. - Thus saitll tllc Lord: 
R(;turn" 0 Israei, to the Lord thy God: for tl
ou hast 
fallen do\vn by thy iniC]\Jity. 'rake \vilh you y;ords. 
and return to the Lord, and say to hin1; Take ?\vay 
all iniquity, and receIve the good; and \ve \\'jll- ren. 
der the ca\v(:s of OUf lips. Assyria shall not save us, 
\ve will not ride upon hors
s, neither '.vill \
1e say any 
more: the \\'orks of our hands are ollr gods: for 
thou \\'ilt have J11erc)' on the fath('rless that is in thee. 
I will heal their breadu:s, I \\'illlove them fr

ly j 
tor my \\lrath is turntl! away frolJ) thenl. 1 will be 
as the de,,', Israel shall 'pring as the lily, ;lud his 
root sh"ll shoot for!h as that of Liballus. I-lis 
branches sha1l spread, and his glory shall be as the 
olive-tree; and his snH:
il as that of Liballus. 'l'hey 
shaH be converteù that sit under his shadow: they 
shall live upon \vheat, and they 
han blo
som as a 
vine: his n1en10rial shall be as :he WilH
 of Libanus. 
Ephraill1 shall say, \\ll
lt have I to do any nl0rl" \vith 
idols? I will hear hin1, é
nd I \\,ill ITlake hinl nourish. 
like a grt'en fir-tree: fronl 01e is thy fruit found. 
\\' ho is wise, and he shall undérstand these tllillgS ? 
prudent, and he shall kno\v these tlungs ?---For the 
v;a)'s of the fJord ,He right, and the just sh,lll \valk 
in then1; but the tran
or8 shall fail in then). 
GRAU. e.... h

\;x.----'rtlrn to us, 0 Lord, a 

while, and hear thy servants. V. Thou, 0 Loro 
bast been our refuge from generation to generation. 
<1BOr5pfl. Luke vii. 36. 50. as in p. 221. 
OFFERT. "Ps. cii.---Bless the Lord, 0 my soul, 
and forget not all that he hath done for thee: and . 
thy youth shall be renewed like the eagle. 
SECRET. l\fay the sacrifice \ve offer on this 
fast, 0 Lord, \\7e beseech thee, be well-pleasing to 
thee; that cleansin
 a,vay our sins, it may make us 
worthy of thy grace, and bring us to thy eternal 
promisE's. 'Thro'. 
COl\IM. Ps. cxviii.----'fake from me repròach 
and contempt, for I have sought thy ordinances, 0 
Lorrl; and tÀy law is my study. 
P. COMl\I. Quæsumus.---- \Ve beseech thee, 0 
almighty God, that while \ve return thee thanks for 
w hat we have received, \\ye may receive those bless- 
ings, which are still greater. 'rhro'. 

INTROIT. Ps. xciv.---Come let us adore God, 
let us fall prostrate before the Lord, Jet us \\'eep in 
the presence of him, who made us; for he is the 
Lord our God. l
s. Let us exult before the l,ord j 
let us joyfully sing to God our Saviour. V. Glory. 
er the Kyrie eleison, is said, 
Let us pray. I.let us kneel d(.)\vn R. Stand up again. 
I. COLLEC'r. 0 almighty and everlasting God, 
who, by a " holesome abstinence, healest both body 
and soul; \\re humbly beseech thy l\lajesty, that, be- 
ing appeased by our prayers and fasts, thou rnayest 
grant us present and future he} p. "-rhro't. 
I. LESSON. Lev. xxiii. 'J.6.---In th.ose days: The 
Lord spake to l\foses saying; Upon the tenth day of 
the seventh n10nth shaH be the day of atonenlent j 
it shall be most 
olemnt and shall be calI
d holy: 
:lnd you shall afl1ict your souls on that day, and 
shall offer a holocaust to the I..C)rd. You shall do no 

. 439 
 \vork in the time of this day; b
cause it is a 
day of propitiation, that the Lord ou
 God may be 
111t::rei fu1 unto you. Every soul that is not litRlcted 
on this day, shan perish from an10ng his people: 
and every soul that shall do any \vork, the same ,,,ill 
I destroy from among his people. You shaH do no 
órk. therefore on that day: it shaH be an everlast- 
ing ordinance unto _you in an your generations and 
dwellings. It is a Sabbath of rest, and you shaH af. 
flict your souls, beginning on the ninth day of the 
month: from evenin
 until evening you shaH cele- 
brate your Sabbaths, 
aith the Lord Almighty. . 
GRAD. l>s. lxxviii.----Pardon us, 0 Lord, our 
sins: never let the Gentiles say; \V here is now their 
God? r". I-Ielp us, 0 God our Saviour; and deli... 
vcr Os for the honour of thy own nanle, 0 Lord. 
Let us pr2Y, Let us kneel dO,'lln. ]{. Stand up again. 
II. COLLECT. Da nobis.----Gmnt, \ve beseech 
tl1ee, 0 almighty God, that by fasting \\'e may be 
fil1fd with thy grace:. and by ;lbstinence becon1e 
stronger than all our enemies. Thro'. 
Ii. LESSON. Lev. xxiii. 39. 41.-In t}IOS
The Lord spoke to 1\loses, so,ying: From the fifteenth 
day of the seventh month, \\'hen you !lhaH have ga- 
thered in all the fruits of your land, you shall celc. 
brate the feast of the Lord se\'en days. on the first 
day and the eighth shall be a Sabbath, that is a day 
of rest. And you :;hal\ take to lOll on the first day 
the fruit" of the fain:st tr
e, and branches of palIn- 
trees, and boughs of thick trees, and ,vii :O\VS of the 
brook, and yon shall rt'joic
 before the Lorrl 
God. And you shaH k
ep the solelnnity thereof 
ven da}'s in the yea f. I l shall be an everiasting or. 
dmance In your gen
rations. In the seventh month 

hal\ you celebrate lhi
 feast. And you shall dwell 
In bo\vers seven days, everyone that is of the race of 
rael. shaH (hvell in tabernacles: that your paste... 
J1ty may know that I made the children of Israel to 

dwell in tabernacles, when I brought thenl out of 
the lanel of Egypt. (am the Lord your God. 
GRAD. PI, lxxxiii.-Look, 0 God, our Protec- 
tor, look do\vn on thy servants. 'I'. fJord God of 
lIosts, hear the prayers of thy servants. 
Let \1S pray. Let us kneel do\vn. It Stanrlup again. 
Cl'. 1ilCl'e.-Defend, 0 Lord, \ve 
beseech thee, thy fami!y; that by thy bount)', we 
may obtain those helps of salvation, \vhich, by thy 
inspiratioll, we seek after. Thro'. 
ESSON. l\licheas vii. 14.-0 Lord our 
God: Feed thy people v:ith thy rod, the flock of 
thy inheritance, them that tl
'ell alone in the fo- 
rest, according to the days of old. The n
shall see, and shaH be confounded at all their 
strength. 'Vho is a God Ii ke to thee, \vho takest 
'ay iniquity, and p
ssest by the sin of the rClnnant 
of thy inheritance? he \-vill send his fury in no 
more, because he delighteth in n1crcy. lIe ""ill 
turn again and have merc}' on us: he \\'ill put a\\'ay 
our iniquities; and he will cast all our sins into the 
bottom of the sea. Thou yÚlt perform the truth 
to Jacob, thy 111erey to Abraham: ",'hich thou hast 
s\vorn to our fathers, from the days of 01 d, 0 Lord 
our (Tad. ' 
GRAD. PS, lxxxix.-Turn to us, 0 l
ord, a 
while, and hear thy servants. V. 'I'hou, 0 Lord, 
hast been our refuge from generation to generation. 
Let llS pray. Let us kneel down. It. Stand up again. 
IV. COLLECrr. P1'æ,')ta.-Grant, 0 I
ord, \ve 
beseech thet:, that we may so abstain from corpo- 
real food, as to fast from all tho;:;e vices hat attack 
us. rrhro'. 
ESSON. .Zaclt. viii. '4 -In lllOse day.'): 
The U'ord of lite Lord Clime to mc, slrying: Thus saith 
the Lord'" of IIosts: As I purposed to atHict you, 
\vhen your fathers had provoked 111C to '''rath, and 
1 had no nlercy: so, turning 3gain, 1 havt: thon

R.WB.6J.... 44 1 
in these days to do good to the house of J uda, .anJ 
Jeru!)J.lem ; fear not. 'These then are the thIngs 
,vhi('h you shall do; Speak }'C truth everyone to. 
bis Ileighbour; judge ye truth 3nJ judglnent. ot 
pt:ace in your gates. Aud It't none of you imagane 
evil in your hearts against his friend: anJ love not 

l false oath: for all these are the things that I hate, 
saith the Lord. &-\ud the \\yord of the Lord of l-lasts 
caIne to n1e, saying: Thus sailh the Lorù of llasts: 
'I'he tà
t of the tourth nlonth, and the fast of the 
fifth, and the fast of the stvt'nth, and tlte fast of the 
tenth, shall be to the hOllse of Juda, joy, and glarl- 
ness, and great solenl11Ïtics; ani y love ye truth 
peace, saitlt tlte Lord 0./ Ilv
GRA o. l
s. cxl.-I
et my prayer, 0 Lord, age 
cend like incense in thy sight, V. And let the lift- 
ing up of my hands be an evening sacrifice. 
Let us pray. Let U
 kneel down. R. Stand up again. 
v. COLLEC'!'. lTt nobis.-.-As it is by thy grace, 
o 14ord, \\'e render thee the tribute of this solelnn 
fast; so grant us, \ve beseech thee, the Ül\'our of thy 
Inercy and pardon. Theo'. 
v. LES
()N. Da,l. iii. 49.-IIl thosc doys: The 
angel of the Lord ,vent down \vith Azarias and his 
con1panions into the furnace, alì-d he drove the 
flame of the fire out of the furnace, and made the 
midst of the furnace like the blo\\'ing of a \\yind 
bringi ng de\v, and the fire touched thenl not a taU. 
nor troubled them, nor di
hen1 any harn}, 'rhen 
these three, as with one nlOU th, praised and glori- 
fied, and blesstd God in the furnace, saying: 
ll(l't Jollo'lL' the (
anticle and VI. Collect, pp. 66, 67. 
lcitll tlu; Collect, ...1. cUllctis, p xx, 
EPIS1'l..E. 11eh. ix. 2. lZ......JJ,etJirt')l: There 
\vas a tabt
rllacle nlade the first, \\'herein 'were the 
candlesticks, and the table, End the settIng f()fth 0' 
Joav(:s, \\,hit'h i!s caned the 1101r. And after the 

econd vei\. the tabernac1e, "hieh is caned the 
11o\y of llo\ies; having the golden censer, 
1nd the 

ark of the covenant covered about on every parl with 
gold, in which was the golden pot that had manna, 
and the rod of Aaron that had b)ossomed, and the 
tables of the covenant; and over it were the cheru- 
bims of glory over,shadowing the propitiatory: of 
which it is not needful to speak now particularly_ 
Now these things being thus ordered; into the first 
tabernacle the priests indeed alwa} s entered, accom- 
plishing the offices of sacrifices. But into the se- 
cond, the high-priest atone, once a ' year; not 
,,,,ithout blood, which he offereth for his o\vn, an(l 
the people's ignorance: the Holy Ghost signifying 
this, that the way into the Holies was not yet Inade 
st, whilst the fornler tabernacle was yet 
standing. \"hich is a parable of the time then pre- 
sent: according to which gifts and sacrifices are of. 
fered, which cannot, as to conscience, make him 
perfect that serveth, only in meals and drinks, and 
divers washings, and j llstices of the flesh, laid on 
them until the time of correction. But Christ be. 
ing come a high-priest of the good things to come. 
by a greater and nlore perfect tabernacle not made 
with hands, that is, not of this creation: neithpr by 
the blood of goats, or of calves, but by his o'wn 
blood, entered once into the I-Iolies, having obtained 
eternal redemption. 
TRACT. Ps. cxvi.-Praise the Lord an ye 
J1ations; praise him all ye people: for his mercy is 
confirnled upon us; and the truth of the Lord re- 
rnaineth for ever. 
<1Doø Luke xiii. 6. .17.--..At tltat ti1Jl
Jeslls spoke to tIle 'lllultitude tlus PG'rable: l\ certaIn 
mán had a fig-
tree planted in his vineyard, and he 
came seeking fruit on it, and found none. And he 
said to the dresser of the vineyard: Behold these 
three years I come seeking fruit on this fig-tree, and 
I find none. Cut it do\\'n therefore; ,,,hy cunlbereth 
it the ground? But he ans\veriug, said to him!: 

Lord, let it alone this year also until I dig about it
anJ dung it. And if happily it bear fruit; but if 
not, then after that thou shalt cut it down. And 
he was teaching in their synagogue on the Sabbath. 
And beho1d there was a woman who had a spirit of 
infirmity eighteen years; and she was bowed toge- 
ther, and could not look upwards at all. And 
vvhen Jesus sa\v her, he callerl her to him, and said 
to her: \V onlan, thou art delivered from thy infir.. 
roity. And he laid his hands upon her. and inlme. 
he was made straight, and glorified God. 

\nd the ruler of the synagogue (being a
lgry that 
 had healed on the Sabbath) ansvvenng, said 
to the mu\titude: There are six, days wherein you 
ought to \vork. In thpffi therefore come, and be 
heale(ì, and not on the r\nd the Lorct 
answering hiln, said: Ye hypocrites, cloth not 
everyone of you on the loose his ox 
or his ass from the n1élnger, and lea
l them to water? 
And ought not this daughter of Abraham, whom 
Satan had bonnd, 10, these eiglateen years, be 100s. 
ed fraln this bond on the Sabbath-day? ...
nd \vhen 
he said the
e things, all his adversaries \vere asham. 
ed: and all the people rejoiced for all the things 
that ,verp gloliously done by him. 
OFFER'T. PS, lxx'\iii.-O I
ord God of my sal.. 
vation, I have cried out in thy presence day and 
night: let n1Y prayer, 0 Lord, C01J\e before thee. 
SECHE'r. Grant, \
't:: beseech thee, 0 almighty 
God. that the offerings presented before the eyes of 
thy l\Iajesty, fi1ay obtain for us the grace of devo. 
tion, and everlasting life. 'rhro'. 
'lì\I. Lev. xxiii.-In the seventh nlonth yon 
soan keep feasts, because I made the children 
Israel dwell in tents, when I brought them out of 
the land of Egypt: I am the Lord YO\:1f God. 
IÎ\I. Pe
lay thy sacraments, 0 
Lord. elfect in us what they contain: that \ye may 

enjoy in reality \\' hat \\TC no\v celebrate in represen- 
tation. rrhro'. 

X\TllI. SUNI)A Y (ljler PEN'i'ECOS'l'. 
IN'fROI1'. Ecrle,fij. xxxvi. 
G I\TE peace, 0 Lord, Dot! pacem, Domine, 
to those \vho pati- .fllstiflcntilJlLJ le, ut 
entl y ,vait for thee, that prophetæ tui .fideles ill
th}. prophets nlay be nÎlllltU'l" : e.roudi pre('cs 
found faithful: hear the St'rvi Illi, et l)lcbis lUte Is. 
frayers of thy servant, rac/. 
and of thy people Israe1. Ps. Latatus sum bl, 
Ps. I rejoiced at \\1 hat his fjllæ dicta sunt mill;: 
had been told me in tlOIllUIJI, Domi1li ibi. 
are to go up to the hous
of the Lord. 'iT. Glory. 'T. (;!aria. 
C:OI...LECrr.. ]Jirip,ut.-I\lay the influence of thy 
mercy, 0 Lord, direct our souls: for \vithont t!1Y 
})el p \ve c
ln do nothing \vell pleasing to thee.Thro\ 
: PI S'fLE. I ('ur. i. 4- s.- - Rl'ctl'Tcn : I give 
thanks to Iny Goel al\\'ays for "OU, for the grace of 
(;od, that is given )'on in ('\!rist Jesl1<;;: that in an 
things yon are nlade rich in him, and. in all utter- 
ance, and in all kno\vledge, as the testimony of 
Christ ,,'as confirn1ed to you. So that nothing is 
\yanting to you in any gracf', \vaiting for the mani. 
tion of our I.4ord ](sns Christ. 'Vho also ,'rill 
confirrn you unto the end ,vithol1t crime, in the 
day of the ron1ing of our l"ord Jesus Christ. 
GRAD. P.r. cxxi.--I rejoiced at ,vhat hath been 
told me; \\Yc are to go up to the house of the Lord. 
1'... l\lay peace be on thy ramparts, and plenty with. 
in thy ,vaUs. AlIeiuia, .L
V. r:{'he Gentiles shall \T. 1'imcbunt Gentes no. 
fear thy nalne, 0 Lord; men tlllan, Domine: 
and all the kings of omnes llcgc$ tcrræ glori,- 
the earth thy glory. AI. nm tuam. .Alleluia. 
lclu ia. 

C(\ST. 4:1-5 
<15oßpel.. 1\latt. ix. I. 8.---.At t!tat lime: Jesu5; 
ring into a bo:n, h
ed over the \val
r and 
came into hÎ3 o\vn city. 1\nd behold they brought 
to hi(n one sick of the palsy, lying on a bed. And 
Jesus seeing their fait.h, said to the f!1an sick ot. the 
palsy: Be of good heart, son, thy sIns are forgiven. 
\ nti behold sorne of the 
crihes said \\Tithin 
thenlselves: 1-1 e blasph,eruelh. And Jesus seeing 
their thoughts, said; \\rhy do you think evils in your 
hearts? \\'hether is it easier to say, .rhy 5ins are 
forgiven thee: or to say, .Arise and \,"'alk. nut 
that you may know that the Son of l\lan hath 
po\ver on 
arth to forgive sins, (then said he to the 
man sick of the palsy) Arise, take up thy bed, and 

o into thy house. And h
 arose and went into his 
house. And the nlultitudes seeing it, feared, anl.l 
gJorifipd God that gave sllch power to n1en. CREDO. 
()FFERT. E,;:vd. xxiy.-
1oses consecrated all 
altar to the I.lord, offering- ,,,hole burut-offerings 
thereon, and slaying victinlS: he Inade an (;venil1g 
sacrifice tor a s\veet OdOll'- to the Lord God in the 
sight of the chi!drt'n of Israel. 
:'EC REl'. 0 God, \vho by the participation of 
this august saerific
 111akest HS partakers of the one 
supreme divine nature z grant, \ve beseech thee, 
that as \ve know thy tn'th, so we may she\v it by a 
\vorth\' conduct of iife. Thro'. _ 
CO \1 i\J. 1.J s . xci.-'fake with you offerings, a!)cl 
enter his C()urts: arlore the Lord in his ho
v place. 
J. G),llti(l.r_-nein
dJ 0 Lord
this holy sacrifice, \ve give thee thank
, hUInb!y be.. 
 thr nlercy: that thou \vonJdst make- us 
,\"orthy of \\ h:H we have receive,l. 'fhro\ 

lTNDA Y aJec'!" PE
rrROrr. P
. Ixxvii. 
I the Saviour of SAlus populi ego sunl, 
nlY people. 
aith the dicit l);Jminus: de 2U,.", 

IJord: in whatever òis. cumque tribulatione cia. 
tress they, can on Ole, [ '1nllverillt ad ?lle, e.rll'lldiarn 
win hear then1 : and will cas: et ern illorum ]Jollli. 
be their LorJ... for ever. nus in perpelzonll. 
PSt ,Attend to n1Y la\\', Ps. Attendite, popule 
o my people:. give ear to 'lUCUS, legenl mea'lll: incli. 
the words of my mouth. nate aureUI vestraln in vcr. 
TT. Glory. ba oris mei. V. Gloria. 
COLLECT. OJJlnipotens.-O almigòty and mer. 
ciful God, t:'lvoluabJ y defend us from all adver
ity : 
that being free both in soul and body, we may with 
security of mind perform thy service. ï'hro" 
EPIS1.'LE. Eph. iv. 23' 28.-B'I'ethren: Be re- 
ne\ved in the spirit of your nlÎnd; anù put on the 
new man, \vho, according to God, is created in 
justice, and ho
iness of truth. \Vherefore putting 
aVJay lying, speak ye the truth evrry man to his 
neighbour: for ,^'e are members one of another. Be 
angry and sin not. Let not the sun go do\\'n upon 
your anger. Give not place to the devil. fIe that 
stole, let hiln no\v steal no more: but rather let 
hilTI labour working with his hands the thing which 
üod, that he may have sOlnething to give to him 
that sutr
reth l1ttd. 
. exl.-Let my prayer a'icend like in- 
cense in thy sight, 0 I
ord. JT. A nd the raising up 
my hanòs be like the evenin
 sacrifice. Allel. AUel. 
f r . Pral.e the Lord, \T. CO'j?fitemini Domi. 
and call upon his na01e: no, et Ùl1'Ocate nomen 
jllS : 
publish his .vbrks among annuntiatc illte'}' Gentes 
the Gentil(s. Alleluia. opfra tjus. .Alleluia. 
<foøpel. lI.Jatt.xxii. I. 14.-.At that timt.. 
Jesus spoke to the Scribes and Pharisees in a para- 
ble, saying: rrhe kin
dom of heaven is likenerl to 
a king, \vho 11lade a marriage for his son. And he 
sent his servants, to call them that were invited to 
the marriage; and they \vquld not come. Again he 
sent othtr servants, saying: Tell then1 that were in- 

1: Behold, I have prepared my dinner; my 
beeves and fat1ings are killed, and alllhings arc rea- 
dy: con1e ye to the nlarriage. But they neglected. 
and ,vent their ways, one to his farm, and another 
to his merchandize. And the rest laid hands on his 
servants, and having treated them contume1iously 
put them to death. But \vhen the king had heard 
of it, he was angry, and s
nding his arn1Ïes, he de- 
stroyed those murderers, and burnt thcir city. Then 
he saith to his servants: The n1arriage indeed is 
ready; but they that were invited, were not wor. 
thy. Go ye therefore into the high.\\'ays; and as 
many as you shall find, ('a\ \ to the marriage. And 
the servants going forth into the high-ways, gathered 
together all that they found, both bad anrl good: 
and the D1arriage \vas fined \vith guests. And the 
king \-vent in to see the guests; and he saw there a 
man who had not on a wedding garment. l\nd he 
saith to him: Friend, ho\v C31nest thou in hither 
not having on a wedding garment? But he \\'as si.. 
'lent. rrhen the king said to the waiters. Bind his 
hands and his feet, and cast hinl into the exterior 
darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of 
I teeth. For many are ('aBed, but few are chosen. 
OFFERT. Ps. cxxxvii.-Though I should walk 
in the D1idst of distress, thou, 0 Lord, \vouldst pre. 
serve my life; for thou wilt stretch thy hanrl against 
I the \\?rath of my enemies, and thy fight hand will 
save me. , 
SECRET. Grant, 
1e beseech thee, 0 Lord. 
tbat the offerings \ve bring before thy divine l\Iajesty, 
may avail to our 
a\vation. Thro'. 
COl\IM. Ps. cxviii.--- Thou hast ordered tl)y 
commandments to be strictly k
pt: 0 that my \,va}s 
may be directed to keep thy ordinances! 
1l\1. ''.rua no
.---l\lay the hea1ing efficacy 
of these thy mysteries, 0 Lord, Inen:iful1y fret: us 
P P 2 


fronl our perverseness, and make us always obedi- 
ent to thy conlmandments. 'rhro'. 

xx. SUNDAY (tj
er PE
IN r
tOrr. Dan. iii. 
W I-Iatever thou hast OßI
lÏa 7'llæ, .rec

ti. no" 
done to us, 0 Ills, ÐOJJlllle, In 'l,'Cro 
Lord, thou hast done judicio fecisti: quia pceca.. 
by a just j l1dglnent: for vimus tibi, ct 'mandul is 
we have sinned, and dis. tui
 non obedivilllZlS: sed da 
obeyed thy comnland- gloriam llomini iUD, cf j'ac 
ments: hut glorify thy nobisCll11l secltndul1l, 'lJtulli... . 
nan1e, and deal with us tudincm mÙ
o'J'diæ tuæ. 
according to thy great Ps. cxviii. Beat;' Ùlll/UI- 
mercy. }>s. Blessed are culat;, in "cia.: qui ...Ullbu.. 
the undefiled in the \vay, lant in lege Donlini. 
,,'ho "va1k in the taw of V. Gloria Pat'J'i, ct 
the Lord. fT. Glory. ];'ilio, g'c. 
argire_ .-.. Favourably grant, we 
cech thee, 0 Lord, thy servants both pardon 
and peace; that, being cleansed ÍÏ'0111 the guilt of 
êlll their oGences, they lllay :;ervc thee with secure 
mi ,!d
. 'fhro'. 
EPiSTLE. Eph. v. 15- 2 1.-.. Brethren : See ho\v 
yon \-va lk CirCHlTISpectly; not .as l1t1\\7ise, but as wise: 
redeemiug the tin1e, because the days are evil.. 
\Vherefore become not ul1\vise, but understanding 
,,,hat is the ,viII of God. And be not drunk \vith 
,vine, \vherein is luxury, but be filled with the hol y 
Spirit, speaking to yourselves in psalols and hymns, 
and spiritual canticles, singi1lg and l11aking n1elody 
in your hearts to the Lord: giving thanks a1ways for 
all things, in the nan1C of our Lord Jesus Christ, to 
(;od and the Father. Being subject one to anoth
in the fear of Christ. . 
GRAD. Ps. cxxxiv.--.'l'he eyes of all creatures 
 wp to thee, 0 Lord; and thou givest them food 

in due season. r. Thou openest thy hand, and finest 
every animal \vith blessings. A lIe\uia, J\lleluia. 
I y heart is ready, V. Pal'fltum cor mcum. 
o God, my heart is rea- Deus, paratu71l cor meum: 
dy: I ,vill sing on the cantabu et pSllllam. tibi. 
psaltery to thee, 0 my glol'ia 1llèa. .Alleluia. 
glory. Alleluia. 
<1BoØpcl+ John iv'. 46. 53. --- At that time: 
There \\"'3S a certain ruler whose son ,vas sick at Ca- 
pharnaunl. fIe, having heard that Jf'SllS was come 
from Judea into Galilee, \vent to him, and prayed 
bim to con1C do",'n and heal his son: tor he was at 
the point of death
 Jesus therefore said to him: 
Unless yon see signs and \vorAders, you believe not. 
 ruler saith to him: Lord, con1e do\o\ n before 
my son die. Jesus saith to him: Go thy \vay, thy 
son livf'th. 'fhe man believed the \vorel \\'hich 
Jesus said to hi(l1, and \vent his way. And as he wa!; 
gøing dO\,,
lnt his servants Inet hin1 ; and they brought 
v..'ord, s
ying, that his son lived. lIe asked there- 
fore of them the hour wherein he grr'w better. And 
they said to him: yesterday at the seventh hour the 
fever left hint. The father therefore kne\v that 
it \\'as at t he same hour that Jesus said to hi(TI, 'l'hy 
son liv
th: and himself believed
 and his whole 
housp. CREDO. 
OFFER 1'. Ps. 136. On the rivers of Babvlon 
we sat and wt"pt, \vhilst we ren1embered thee, 0 
Sion ! 
SECRET. l\Iay these mysteries, 0 T
ord, we 
beseech thee, procure us a heavenly remedy, and 
cleanse away the vices of our hearts. 1'hro'. 
I:\r. l's. J 18. "-- Remember, 0 I.Jord, what 
thou saidst to thy servant, and by which tholl 
gavest me hopes: this hath comforted Jne iIJ my dis- 
1:). CO
l. Ut sacris.---rrhat we may be \vorthy 

-450 XXh SU
of thy sacred gifts, 0 Lorò: grant, we beseech thee. 
\\'e n1ay always obey thy cOß1mandments. rrhro'. 

slher xiii. 
 things, 0 Lord, IN. "l'Olllnt
Lte tua, Do- 
 are at thy disposal: mlne, unlversa sunt po. 
and no one can resist thy sitlL: et non eJt qui possit 
will: for thoH madest 'resistcre 7Joluntati tuæ: 
all things: heaven and tu ellirnfecisti omnia, cæ. 
earth, and whatever is hUll et lérra111, et universa, 
d \vithin the tjUte cæli ambitu continen. 
compass of the heavens: tur: Donzinus unit'erso- 
thou art the Lord of aJ I. rum tll es. 
j)s. Blessed are the unde- Ps. Beati immaculati in 
filed in the wav: \vho via.: qui (.iJubulú.nt in lege 
- walk iR the law of the Domini. 
Lord. V. Glory. V. Glol'ia. 
COLLEC f. FamiliaJ1l.-.-Preserve thy family, 0 
ord, \ve beseech thee, by thy constant mercy; 
that, under thy protection, it IDa}' be freed from all 
ad\'ersÍty; and, by the practice of good works, con- 
tinue devoted to thy naJl1e. ']'hro.. 
EPISTLE. Epltes. vi. 10. 17.-- Bretllren: Be ye 
strengthened in the Lord, and. in the might of his 
power. Put on the armonr of God, that you may 
be able to stand against the deceits of the devil. For 
ur ",,'res\ling is not against flesh and blood: but 
against principalities and po\vers, against the rulers 
of the \\'or1d of this darkness, against the spirit of 
wickedness in the high places. 'fherefore take unto 
you the armour of God, that you may be able to 
resist in the evil day, and to stand in all things per- 
fect. Stand theretore helVing your loins 
irt about 
\,"ith truth, and having on the breast-plate of justice, 
and your feet shod \\'ith the preparation of the 

gospel of peace: in all things taking the shield of 
faith, wherewith you ma}' be able to extinguish aU 
the fiery darts of the Inost \vicked one. And take 
unto you the helnlet of salvation, and the sword of 
the spirit, which is the \\'ord of God. 
GRAD. Ps. Ixxxix..--'l'hOIJ, 0 Lord, hast been 
our refuge throughout all gent"rations. JT. Before 
the mountains were Inade, or the earth, or world 
,vere formed: thou art God for ever and ever. Al1eJ. 
V. \Vhen Israel \\'ent V. In exitu Israel de 
ant of Egypt, the house Eg.1JP 0, dOlI/,US Jacob de 
of Jacob from a harba. populo bUl'baro. A.lleluia. 
rous people. Alleluia. 
<15oØpcl. 1\Iutt. xviii. 2
. 35. --- At t!wt time; 
Jesus spoke to his disci pIes this parable 
 The king- 
dom of heaven is likened to a king who would take 
an account of his servants. And when he had begU[l 
to take the account, one \jra
 brought to him that 
owed him ten thousand talents. And as he had not 
\\'herewith to pay it, his lord commanded that he 
should be sold, and his Vvife and children, and an 
that he had, and payn1ent to he n1ade. But that 
servant falling down, besought hilu, saying: Have 
patience with me, and 1 will pay thee ail. And 
the lord of that servant being moved with pity, let 
hi In go and forgave hirn the debt. But "'hen that 
servant \vas gone out, he found one of hIs fello\v.. 
servants that owed him an hundred pence; and lav- 
ing hold of himt he throttled him, saying; Pay what 
thou owest. And his fello\\'-servant falling dovvn, 
besought him, saying: Ilave patience \\Tith me, and 
1 will pay t}u'e all. And he would not; but went 
and cast him into prison, tit, he paid the debt. Now 
his fel \ovv servants seeing what was done, were very 
n1uch grieved, and they canle and tolrl their lord 
all that was done. rrhen his lord caned hinl, and 
said to hirn: 'fhou '.vicked servant, 1 forgave theoe all 

the debt, because thou besoughtest me: shouldst 
not thou then have had compassion also on thy 
fello\v.servant, even as I had,compassion on thee? 
And his lord, being angry ù<:-livtred hin} to the 
torturers, until he paid all the debt. So 
 Iso shall 
ß1Y heavenly Father do to you, if you forgive not 
e'iery one hi
 brother fron1 your hearts. CREDO. 
OFFERT. Job i...--'1'here \"as in the land ofHus 
3 man called Job; a simgle and upright man, fearing 
God: ..1nd Satan asked to tempt hinl; ana po"yer 
,,,as given him by the Lord over his possessions, and 
over his flesh: and he destroyed a il his sn bstance
and his sons; and he \vounded his flesh \\ ith a 
grievous ulcer. ! 
SECRE'-r. l\1erciful1y rec
ive, 0 I.4ord, these 
offerings, by v
'hich thou art pleased to be appeased, 
and restore us to salvation by thy powerful good. 
ncss. 'rhro'. 
COl\Ii\1. Ps. cxviii.--.1Iy sonl hath 100ked to be 
saverl by thee, and hath reli
d on thy ,vord: when 
,"7ilt thou judge those 'who persecute me? 'rhe 
vdcked ones have long persecuted me, he} p me, 0 
Lo rd my (;O(}. 
l. IlillJ!ortuZilatis .---I-Iaving received the 
food of immortality, \ve beseech thee, 0 Lord, 
th3t \\ hat \ve have tak.en \vi th our olol1ths, \ve 111ay 
Jeceive \vith pure sou1s. '-l'hro'. 

ROIT. Ps. 'cxxix. 

S I-Iouldst thon observe 
iniquities, 0 Lord! 
Lord, \vho shall stand it? 
For with thee there is pro- 
pitiation, 0 God of Is- 
r;Lel. 1)
. t'rom the deep 

SI i'!2 i ()l)
'1'ZS, DUJìll1l0! Dvn1tne, 
q'llis sustinebit? Quia 
lljJud i
 propiliatio est" 
Dc,71.'; L'wllel. 
Ps. De prqflllldis cia- 

I cried to thee, 0 Lord, l111l"ci ad te, Domine, ])0.. 
l"ord hear IllY voice. V" 1Jline e,xCludi t'uCel/lllltJam. 
Glory. \T. GllJ1'ia. 
 Deus refugium.-O God, our re. 
e and strength, fountain of an goodness, merci.. 
fully give ear to the fervent prayers of thy church. 
and h rant , that \\'hat \ve ask \vith faith, \ve may 
t:ffectnaUy obtain. Thro'. 
'rLE. Plcilip. i. h. I J. ..... Brethren ; We 
are confident of this very thing, that he, ,,,ho hath 
begun a good "york in you, will perfect it unto the 
day of Christ Jeitus. As it is n1eet for me to think 
this for you an: for that 1 have you in my heart; 
and that in n1Y bandA, and in the defence and 
confirolation of the gospel, you all are partakers of 
D1Y joy. liar God is my witnes
, hovv I long after 
you all in the bo\\'e\s of Jesus Christ. And this I 
pray, that) our charity o1ay more and more abound 
in kno\\'ledge, and in an understanding; that you 
may approve the better thing
, that you may be 

incere and \yithout offence unto the day of Christ. 
llled with the fruit of justice, through Jesus Christ, 
unto the glory and praise of God. 
GRAD. Ps. cxxxii.-Beho\d hov! good and 
pleasant it is for brethren to live together in peace. 
fT. It is like the s\\'eet perfulne, which, from the 
11ead, came <.lo\vn all over the beard of Aaron. Al- 
leluia, Alleluia. 
fT. Let those \V ho fear '7. Qui timcnt Domi. 
the Lord, put their trust num spcrent in eo: (lc{ju.. 
in hi 111: he is thei r he] p tor ct protcctor torum, est. 
and protector. Al1eluia. Alleluia. 
<lBoøpel. l\fatt. xxii. IS. Z I.-,At tlllLt time: 
The Ph3f1sees going, consulted among themselve
1\0\\" to ensnare Jesus in his speech. And they sent 
to him their disciples, .with the H erodians, s
l\Iaster, we kno\v ,that thou art a true speaker, and 

teach est the way of God in truth, neither ca.'est thou 
for any man; for thou clost not regard the person 0 f 
men. 'l'ell us therefore \vhat <<.lost thou think: Is it 
lawful to give tribute to Cæsar, or not? But Jesus 
knowing their wickedness, said: \Vhy do you 
telnpt me, ye hypocrites? She\v llle the coin of 
the tribute. And they offered hinl a penny. But 
Jesus saith to thelTI: Whose image and superscrip- 
tion is this? They say to him Cæsar's. 'l'hen he 
saith to them: Render therefore to Cæsar the things 
that are Cæsal"s; and to God, the things that are 
God's. CREDO. 
"ER'1'. Estltel xiv.-...Remember ßle, 0 Lord. 
who art above all power; and put a proper speech 
in my mouth, that my \vords lnay be pleasing w hea 
I come before the prince. 
SECRET. Grant, 0 merciful God, that this sa- 
crifice of salvation nlay constantly both free uS from 
our sins, and protect us fron1 all adversity. Thro'. 
Il\i. P.ç. xv. --.. I cried out, because thou' 
11earedst me, 0 God. bend now thine ear, and hear 
In y \vords. 
IJ\I. Sumpsinlus. --- Having received, 0 
l.lord, the sacred mysteries, we humbly beseech thee. 
that \vhat thou hast ordered us to do in remembrance 
of thee, nlay be a hel p to our weakness. 1'h ro 1l. 


XXIII. SUNDAY liftcr PENrrECOSrl"'. 

 Should thpre be but 23 Sundays after Pentecost, 
the l\lass (}f the 24th is said to day, and this on the 
preceding Saturday, (if it be neithel
 a double or 
semi-double) in 'lX/tich case, it is said on some va- 
cant day before it. 
IN'rROIT. Jer. xxix. 
T HE Lord saith: I en- DICIT Dominus: Ego 
teltain thoughts of cogito cogitationes 

peace, not of affliction: pacis, et non l!,f!lirlionis: 
you shall call on me, and in"Corubiti.ç me, et e{;o ex'. 
I \vili hear you: and lludÙIJ/l 
'os: et redllCQJlt 
bring back you r captive captivitatelll vestra1lJ de 
people from all places. Cllnctis loeis. 
PJi. 'Thou, 0 Lord, hast Ps. Benedi.risti D(}mine. 
blessed thy land: thou terrant lUllU': llverlisti 
hast brought back the captivitatem Jacob. 
captive children of Jacob. V. Gloria. 
V. Glory. 
COLLECT Absolve..-. Pardon, 0 I
orrl, we be.. 
seech thee, the sins of thy people: that \ve may be 
delivered by thy goodness from the guilt we have 
contracted by our own weakness. Thro 9 . 
/lÏlip. iii. 11.21. iv. I. 3.-Brelllrfn: 
Be fQlloYlcrs of 111e, and observe them \vho '''
c11k SO 
as you have our model. For many walk, of whom 
I have tolr! you often (and now tel I YOll \veeping) 
that they are eilemies of the cross of Christ; whose 
end is destruction, whose God is their belly, nnd 
whose glory is their shame: \vho mind earthly 
things, But our conversation is in heaven; fron1 
\vhence also \ve look for the S
wiol1r, OUf l.Jord 
Jesus Christ, \vho \vill reform the body of OUf 10\\"- 
ness, Il\ade like to the body of his glory, according 
to the operation whereby also he is ablc to subdue 
all thin
s unto himself. (Chap. iv.) ï'herefore, my 
,lear1}' beloved brethren, and most desired, my joy, 
anclrny crown: so stand fast in the Lord, my dearly 
beloved. I beg of Evodia, and I beseech Syntyche, 
to be of one mind in the Lord. And I entreat thee 
also IllY sincere companion, help those women that 
have laboured \\'ith me in the gosppl, v;ith ClelTIPnt 
and the rest of nlY fellow labourers, whose nan1es 
are in the book of life. 
GRA D. Ps. xliii.- Thou hast delivereJ us, 0 
Lord, froln those \\7ho af-Hict
d us: and thou hast 
put to shame those who hated us. r'. In tht:e. 0 God, 

will we glory all the day: and praise thy name fo' 
ever. Alleluia, .A.lIel uia. 
V. From the deep I V. Ps. cxxix. De pro. 
cried unto thee, 0 Lord: fundis clamavi ad te, Do. 
Lord, hear my prayer. 'mine: ]Jominf, e,rauài, 
Allel uia. 'Vocem 11leanl. .Alleluia. 
GBoøpel. l.Jatt. ix. J 8. 26. - At tlud time: 
As Jesus was speaking to the multitude: Behold a 
certain ruler came up, and adored him, saying:. 
Lord, my is even no\v dead; but come 
lay thy hand upon her, and she shall live. And Je. 
sus rising up foìlo'wed hin1, with his disciples. And 
behold a woman who was troubled \vith an issue of 
blood Ì\velve years, canle behind him, and touched 
the hem of his garment. lior she said \vithin her- 
self: If I shall to'.lch only his garrnent, I sh
ll be 
healed. But Jesus turnin'g and seeing her, said: Be 
of good héart, daughter, thy faith hath 111ílde thee 
whole. And the woman was nlade "Thole froIn 
that hour. An,l \\'hen Jesus Vias COlne into the 
llouse of the ruler, and saw the minstrels and the 
multitude making a rout, he said: Give place: for 
the girl is not dead, but sleepeth. And they laugh- 
ed him to scorn. Anù \vhen the n1ultitnde "vas put 
forth, he went in and took her by the hand. And 
the n1aid arose. And the fame hereof went abroad 
into a11 that country. CREDO. 
s. cxxix. - Iirom the deep h:lve I 
cried out to thee, 0 l,ord; Lord, hear mv prayer: 
from the ùeeo have I cried out to thee, () Lord. 
SECRE f. \Ve offer thee. 0 T
ord. this s
of praise, as a repeat
rl token of our hOrnage; that 
thou mayesl acco[nplish in us what thou hast already 
glanted beyond our deserts. '1'h1'o'. 
I. ßlark xi.-\-erily I say to yOll, what. 
ever you ask in prayer, beli(
\'e that you shall receive 
it, and it shaH be granted you. 
P. .CO)ì
I. QU<<iUl1IUS, - \V e be
eech thee, 0 

A lmignty God, that thou \\'ouldst not leave exp?seù 
to the dangers of this life, those ",-horn thou hast JOY- 
{u11y made partakers of this divine food. rrhro'. 

 .As I !Jcre cannot be hss than 23, 1lOr more than 2 g 
Sundays after Pentecost, it is to be observed, t Iw( 
the ]\Iass '!f"the 24th is aln
lIS said on that Sunday 
"lDhich immediately precedes Ad\'ent. If//en there. 
.fore it happens that tl/ere are aYl.l/ inler7.'Clllng 
Sundays betv. een the '23d and the last, tlte,l n- 
troit, (;radual, Offertory, and Conlo1union, ar
en.tì'o/lt tlte '23d, and the 'rest qlllte 1\Ias!;ji'olll 
the Sundays 'wl,telt lL'ere omitted {!Ita' Epiphanv : 
fir Üu;[anrc, if but one Sunday, the ßlass is of the 
6th after Epiphany; if lu.:(\, of the 5th and 6th; if .. 
three, of the 4th, 5 th, and 6th; and if four, of 
the 3d, 4th, 5th, and 6th, 
XXI\T. Or last SUND.:-\ Y a(ie1' PEN,!'ECOS1'. 
.AIl (/S OI
 tile t",renty.. third Sunday, c,r.cept 
COLLEC f. E,rrita.-Stir up, we beseech thee" 
o T.JorJ, the hearts of the faithful; that) becomin
D10re zealous in the performance of good \\10rk5
they nlay receive frool thy goodness mOle effectual 
remedies for their disorders. 'rhro.. 
EPISTLE. Co/us i. 9. 14,.--J
rcihr('n: 'Ve cease 
not to pray t()f yon. an(l to bpg that you may 
be filled \,,'ith the kno\vledge of his wilt, in an wis. 
dom, and spirih131 understanding: that you nlay 
\"alk v;orthy of God. in al1 things pleasing: being 
fruitfu 1 in c\"ery good \\'ork, and increasing in the 
kno\Yledge of God: stren
thened ,vith an n1ight
according to the pO\\7
r of his glory, in aU patience 
d long.sufTerin
 \\'ith joy. Giving thanks to God 
the Father. who hath made us v;orthy to be par... 
takers of the lot of t.he saints in light: \vho hath 
de1ivered us from the po\ver of darKne

, and hath 
translatcd Wi into the kingdonl of the Son of his love. 

In whom \ve have rede[nption through his blood, 
the remission of sins. 
<1BoØpcl. jJIlltt. xxjv. 15. 35.-At that time: 
Jeslls said to his disciple,f): \Vhen you shall see the 
abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by 
Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place: he 
that reaJeth, let him understand. Then they that 
are in J l1Jea. let them flee to the mountains; and 
he that is on the house-top let him not come down 
to take any thing out of his house: and he that is in 
the field, let him not go back to take his coat. And 
wo to them that are with child" and give suck in 
those .è.ayse But pray that your flight be not in 
· the wItHer, or on the Sabbath. For there shaH be 
then great tribulation, such as hath not been from 
the beginning of the world until now. neither shall 
be.' A 11ft unless those days had been shortened, nQ 
flesh could be saved: but for tbe sake of the elect, 
those days shall be shortened. rrhen if any lTI:-tß 
shall say to you: La here is Christ, or there, do 
:10t believe him. For there shall arise false Christs þ 
anù false prophets, aud shaH she\v great signs and 
\vonders, iOHOlnl1ch as to deceive (if possible) evel1 
the elect. Behold I h:lve told it you bc>fore hand. 
If therefore they sh111 say to you 
 Behold he is 
in the desart; go ye not out: Behold he is in the 
closets; believe it not. For as the'lightningcometh 
out of the east, and app
areth even unto the vr
st; so 
shall also tht cOIning of the Son of 
(an he. \" here. 

oevec the body shall be, there shall the eagles ah.o - 
be gathered together. And inHl1ediately after the 
tribulatiop of those days, the snn shaH be darkened. 
and the nlOOll shall not give her light, and the stars 
t;ha\ 1 Ütll froill heaven, and the po\\'ers of the he3yenS 
shall be moved: and there shall 
lppear the sign of 
the Son of Man in heaven: and then shall all tribes 
of the earth mourn 
 and they ih
ll see the SOil Qf 

VIGIl.. 01 AN A:rOSTtE. 45 

Ian coming in tne clouds of beaven with much 
po\ver and majesty. And he shall send his ange1s 
\vith a trumpet, anò a great voice; and they shall 
gather together his elect t(orn the four winds, from 
the farthest parts of the heavens to the utmost 
Dounds of them. And from the fig-tree learn a pa. 
rable: ,,-hen the branch thereof is no\v tender, and 
the leaves no\v COine forth, you know the foIumn1er 
is nigh. So you abo, when you shall s
e those 
things know ye that it is nigh even at the doors. 
Alncn, I say to you, that this generation shaH not 
pass, ti) 1 these things be done. Heaven and 
5hall pass, but n1Y \vords shaH not pass. CREDO. 
SECRE1'. l\lerciful\y receive, () Lord, the 
prayers and offerings of thy people: turn our hearts 
10 thee; that being freed from earthly ('oncupis- 
cence, we may desire heavenly pleasures. rrhro'. 
I., we beseech thee. 
o Lord, that \'\'hatever vice ou I' sou Is are subject to, 
may be cured by the virtue of the sacratncnt \ve have 
received. Thro'. 

S I NCE the Church of Christ, under theimmediate direc.. 
tionof the Holy Ghost, has instituted festivals in honour 
of the Apostles, Nlartyrs, Confessors, &c. &c. whot either 
by their preaching-their miracles-the shedding of their 
b1ood, or the punty of their lives, have borne ampJe tt
timony to the truth of our holy religion, let us regard 
them as our Å1]u.rtors, fro In whom the pUciÚltJ inhcrita1lce 
iff.ÚtfJ. h as descended to us: let us thank God on their 
Icveral anniversaries, for having ßlade us members of his 

ntt hol)', catholic a1zd apostolic ChUTch: and whilst we suhmit 
our reason and und
rstanding to the sublime mysteries j/Ze 
teaches, let us bend our stubborn wills to the practice of 
tbe heavenly precepts 5he iucu1cates. 
l\IASS vn tlte \TIGIL (!l UJI, APOS'rLE. 
INTH.Ol r. 1),. li.-l an1 like a fruitful olire in 
Q q 2 

46() v rGIL OF AN APOSTLE.' 
the house of the Lcwd: I have placed my hopes in 
the mercy of nlY God: I \\'ill look for thy name 
because it is good in the sight of thy saints. 
Ps. \V hy t10st thou glory in mischief; \vho art 
po\verful in \vickedness? V. Glory. 
<:OLLECT. ])a quæslll12us.....G rant, we beseech 
thee, 0 AlnÜghty God, that the venerable solemnity 
of thy blessed A postle N. which we are no\v prepar- 
ing to celebrate, nu\y increase our devotion and 
advance our salvation. rrhro'. 
:' LESSON. Er;cle$. xliv. and xlv...... r rhe blessing of 
the Lord is on the head of the righteous man. 
'l'herefore did the Lord give him an inheritance, and 
assign hitn a part a010ng the twelve tribes; and he 
found grace in the sight of all flesh. And he made 
him great to the terror of his ðnemies, and by his 
'\vordi he tamed nlonsters. tIe rendered hinl glori. 
ous in the presence of kings, and gave hinl his con1- 
rnandnlents in the sight of his people, and she\ved 
:him his glory. For his faith and meekness he sanc- 
tified hinl, and maùe choice of him aOlong aU Hesh: 
and publicly gave hiln his precepts, and the law of 
life and discipline, and highly exalted him. I-Ie 
sett1ed with him an eternal covenant, and encom. 
passed hinl with the girdle of righteousness: and the 
Lord hath put on hinl a crown of glorye 
. GRAU. Ps. xxi. - The righteous n
al1 shaH 
flourish like the palm
tree: he shall thrive like the 
Cedar of Lib1.uUS in the house of tbe Lord. V. To 
declare thy mercies in the n10rning, and the fuI. 
filling of thy pron1Íse by night, 
<lBoøprl. Jùhn xv. 12, 16. ..--- At that time: 
JfSUS said to IllS di.sciples: 'I'his is my commandment. 
that yon love one another, as I have loved you. 
Greater love than this no man hath, that a nìan lay 
ào\vn his life for his friends. You are my friends" 
if yon do the things that I comu1and you. 1 v...ïll 
110t now call you s(:[vants; for the strvant kno\veth 

}.IAS5 I. STATU IT, &c. .. 461 
Jlot \\''hat his lord doth. But 1 h:l\'C caned yon 
friends: because all things \vhatsoerer I ha\'e heard 
of nlY Vather, I hê'lVe luade kno\\'n to vou. .Y ou have 
not chosen me: but I harc <-hosen you; and have 
3rrointed YOJ that you should go, and shaH td bring 
to(th fruit; and your fruit should reoJain; that 
,vhatsocver YOll ask of the Father in my name, he 
may give it )'ou. 
OFFER'I'. PI. viii.- Thon h'1st cro\vned him 
\vith glory nnù honour, and hast placed him over 
the \vorks of thy hands, 0 Lord. 
SECREl'. \Vhibt \\'ith respect for the Apost.,. 
1ic dignity, ""e offer these sacred fnystcrie
, grant, 
, e beseech thee, 0 Lord, (by the intercession of 
b1essed N. thy 
Apostle, \vhose triumphs \ve are 
preparing to celebrate) that thy people may ever 
pray to thee, and obtain their desires. 'ïhro'. 
I. Ps. xx,-Great is his glory in pcin
saved by thee, 0 Lorll; thou wilt crown hin1 \vilh 

lory and great honour. 
P. CO:\I
I. Salll,ti. -.. Being appeased, 0 Lord, 
by the prayers of thy holy Apostle N. grant us for. 

i\'eness, and a remedy against all future relapses 

IA.SS I. Statuit, qf a 
L'\RrrYH (lud BP. 
rrROrl'. E<:clcs. xiv. 

IIE Lord se
tted with S 'r A 1'lllT ei Dominus 
hiLl) a covenant of tesÌi.i111entum paci'3, et 
peace, and ll1ade hin} a principeln fecit eurß: 
 that he n1Í
ht ut sit illi Sacerdotii dig- 
have the honour of Priest. nitas in æternUln. ).J:;. 
1\00\1 for e\'er. Ps. 0 cxxxi. 
lenlento DonJÌ- 
Lord, retnenlber David, ne, l)avid, ct omnis mall. 
and an his n1eekne
s. su
f. Glory. V. Glory- 
Q (13 

COI.JI...JECT. Infir'l1litatem. -.- I-Iave regard
Almighty God, 
o OUf weakness; and, as VoTe sink 
under the weight of our doings, let the 
intercession of .blessed N. thy 
Iartyr and Hs'\hop. 
be a protection to us. '[hro'. 
EPIS'rLE. James i. 12. 18. ..
- Dcar(lJ Lcloreci: 
sed is the 111an that endureth temptation; fi.')r 
\vhen he hath been proved, he shall receive the 
crown of life, which God hath pron1Ïsed to thcln 
that love hiol. Let no man, when he is tempted, 
say that he is ten1pted of God. For God is not a 
tempter of evils, and he temptet11 no nlan. But 
every man is tempted by his o\vn concupiscence. 
being dra\vn away and allured. Then \Ivhen concu- 
piscence hath conceived, it bringcth forth sin. But 
sin, when it is compìeted, begetteth death. Do not 
err therefore, n1Y ciearest brethren Every best gift. 
3nd every perfect gift, is from above, coming down 
from the Father of lights, \\ ith vdlom there is no 
change, nor shadow of a1t,,"ration. 1;01' or his own 
wiU hath he begotten us hy the 'A 1 ord of truth, that 
,,'e might be SOine bf'ginning to his creatuH,'S. 
GRAD. Ps ixxxvi1i.---I have fcund ])(tt'id my 
servant: \vith my holy oil have I anointed him 
my hand shaH help bin1: and n1Y arm shall strengthen 
him. fT. 'rhe enerny 
hd.ll not prpvail again'\t hiIn: 
nor the son ofiniql1ity hurt hln1. Alleluia, Alleluia. 
V. Ps. cix. 'l't u es sacc'rdo,-: ill ætt rnUJJi SeCU71dilll 
ol'dillcJ/l .1'.IelcIiÙ;edeclt. ,ALlcluia, Aile/it ill. II. I J'hou 
an a priest fer ever according to the onler of 

Ie1chisedech .Al1eluia, Al1duia. 
Ajèer Septl1ag. instead ç( Alleluia and \'. is said 
'rRA c'r. Ps. xx.---l)csidtl'iulll Ull iJliæ 
jllS, f'l'ihuista 
Ei: et 't'oluntale llibiorUln eju:;, nOlljra.udasti eUl/l, 
'1'hou hast given hiln his soul's desire; and hast 
not rejected the reql1ést of his lips. V POI' thou 
hast prevented him \\'ith the blessings of s\\'eetness. 
V,. 'fhOl1 hast 
et 011 his head a crown of jc\\'cls.. 

<Jl5oØpcl. Luke xiv. 26. 33. -.elt that time: 
Ju,us Hzid to hi.
 disciples: ) f anyone COOle to n1e, 

nd hate not his father, and mother, and \vife, and 
children, and brethren, and sisters, yea.. ,lnd his o\\'n 
]ife also, he cannot be In)' Ji
cjp)e.. And \\'hosúever 
tlolh not carry his cros:-, and come after n1e, cannot 
be mv discip1e. For which of you having a Inlnd to 
build a to\vcr, doth not fìlst sit do\vn nnd reckon the 
charges that are necessary, \\'hether he have ,,,,'here- 
\yithal to finish it: lest after he hath laid the founda- 
tion, and is not 
lb)e to finish it, all that 
ee it begin 
to ß10ck him, saying: 'fhis nlan began to bui1d, 
and \\ as not able to finish. Or what king about to 
go a
d make \var against another king, dath not 
sit down and think ,vhether he be ab1c \vìth ten 
thousand, to m
ct him that ,vith twenty thousand 
cooleth out against him. Or e1se \vhilst the other is 
yet a- far off, sending an elnbassy, he desireth con. 
ditions of peace. So like\\';se everyone of you that 
doth not renounce all that he possesseth, cannot be 
D1Y disciple. 
OFFER'f. l>s. ]xxxviii..--l\ly truth and my mercy 
:ire \\'ith biln: and in my name shall his po\ver be 
SECRE'T. 1\lerciful1y receive, 0 I...ord, the 
offerings d
dicated to thee by the merits of blessed 
N. thy l\lart} rand llishop, and grant they Inay be a 
continual support to us. TIHO
Il\I. Ps. lxxxviii.---Once f have sworn by my 
"ory nume: his posterity shall remain for ever, and 
eat is like the sun in my 
uHl as tl
e moon 
pf'rfecl for 
ver, anel a faithful \\"itness in heaven. 
p. COi\I l\1. l

ítl'll.- Being f(-'d \Vith the partici. 
pation of th} sacred gifts, \ve hest'ech thee, 0 Lord 
C)\H ,qod, th,at \\'
 ß1é:1}' ft.d th
 t ffi( acy th(>reof by 
the InterCess!on ot blt'ss( d N t"'y 
lartyr and Bishop, 
\\1 hose feast \\ e (ckbra
.(. 1"hro\ 

( 4 6 4 ) 

IASS II. Sacerdote3 J)ei, of lite same. 
JNTROll'. Dan. iii. 
O Ye prief\ts 'of God, S Acerdotes Dei bene- 
bless the Lord: 0 dicite Donlinuln: 
ye saints and hun1ble of sancti et hl1miles corde 
heart, praise God. Ps. laudate Deulll. rs. He.. 
o all )'e \vorks of the nedicite omniaopera 00" 
Lord, bless the I
ord, 1l1ini l)onlino, 1audate et 
praise hin1, and extol superexaltaté cunl in sæ- 
hiln for ever. IT. Glory. cula. rr. Gloria. 
COLLEC'r. Deus, qui 'llos.---O God, \vho, by 
tl,c yearly so\en1nit}' of blessed N thy :rvlartyr and 
Bishop, rejoicest the hearts of thy faithful; merci. 
fully grant that we \vho cerebrate his nlartyrdon1, 
Dlay enjoy his protection. '1'111'0'. 
EPIsrrLE. 2 CV1'. i. 3. 7. -..- 13rctln'cn: Blessed 
be the God and Fath
r of our Lord J
sus Christ, the 
Father of merç.ies, and the God of aU corn fort, \\'ho 
coolforteth us in all our tribulation; that \\'e may 
also be able to comfort thenl "7ho are in distress, by 
the exhortation \vhere\\'ith \\'e also a re exhorted by 
God. J."or 3S the sufferings of Christ abouDd in us, 
so also bv Christ doth our Cooltort abound. Now 
\ve be in tribu1atioTl, it i
 for your exhorta. 
tion anù salvation: or whether \ve be cOn;fcJfled, it 
is (or your consolation: or \V het her \\'e be ex. 
horted, it is for your exhortation and salvation, 
which \\'ork 
th the enduring of the saine sufferings 
,,'hieh \ve also suffer. 'rhat our hopes for you lnay 
be steadfast: knov\:ing that as yon fire panakprs of 
the sufferings, so shall you be also of the consola.. 
tion: in Christ Jesus our I..Iord. 
GRf\D. l J s. viii.....-Thou hast cro'Yn
d him \\'Ïth 
glory and honour. V. And set hin1 over the w0rks 
of thy hands, 0 Lord. .L\lleluia, 
\Ileluia. V. Hie 
tst saccrdos, l}lläll c(}rolla
'it J)VJÌlillll
. ...1//cluiu. 

fT. This is the priest \VhOnl the Lord hath cro\\'ned. 
,Ajie1' Septuag. instead lif A Hel uia llnd ,r. is saie! 
'rRAC'l'. Ps.cxi.-l
'Ï1' qui timet Domillum; 
in mane/atis tjus cupit nimìs, 
'c .-..-Bless<:d is 
he man 
that feareth the Lord, anù de\ighteth in 1115 conl- 
nts. V. IIis seed shall be mighty upon 
earth; the generation of the just shall be blessed. 
JT. Glory and \vealth SIll/I! be in his house; and his 
justicç remaineth for t::ver and ever. 
<15oØpcI+ :Alatt. xvi. 24. 27,-.-At tliat time: 
Jesus said to his disciples 
 If any man ",ill come 
after rot', let him deny himself, and take up his 
'S and follow ßle. 1-;'0.' he \vill save his life, 
shaH lose it: and he that shaH lose his life for my 
sake, shall find it. lior ,,-hat cloth it profit a manJÞ 
if he gain the \vho1e \vorld, and suffer the loss ot 
oul? Or 'what f'xchange shall a ITlan give for 
l1Ïs sou I? For the Son of l\Ian shall COOle in the 

lory of the Father \vith his angels: and then \\7ill 
he render to every man according to his \yorks. 
OFFER1.'. Ps. Ixxxviii.-1 have found David, my 
,;ervant: with my holy oil have I anointed hitn. 
For my hand shall hc! p him, and my arm shaH 
strengthen hinl. 
SECRET. 8anctify, 0 Lord, the offerings con- 
serrated to tl"1ee : and, being appeased thereby, mer. 
ci fu 11 y look l1 pon llS, by the intercession of blessed 
N. thy 
lart}'r and B:shop. 1'hro'. 
1. l's. xx....rrhou, 0 Lord, hast set upon 
his head a crown of precious stones. 
Il\1. Hæc no
Iay this communion, 0 
?rrl, cleanse us fron) sin, anò, by the interces
of blessed N. thy 11. and Bishop, make us efiectual. 
'y pal"takers of this heavenly reoledy. 

( 4 6 6 ) 

IASS Ill. In virtute, of a l\1ARTYR not a 
INTROIT. Ps. xx. 
TlJE just man, 0 I N virtute tua, Do- 
Lord, shall rejoice mine, ]ætabitnr ju
in thy might: and be tus: et super salutare 
transported \vith joy, tuum eXl11tabit vehemen- 
that thou hast saved him: ter: deswerium animæ 
thou didst grant him his ejus'tribuisti ei. 
soul's desire. Ps. For Ps. Qlloniam præve- 
thou hast pr
vented hiln nisti eu m in benedictioni- 
in the blessings of thy bus dulceòinis: posuisti 
sweetness: thou hast set in capite ejus coronalu 
on his head a crown of de lapide pretioso. 
precious stones. V.Glory. JT. Gloria. 
COLLECT. Præsta.-Grant, \ve beseech thee. 
o Almighty God, that \ve, who celebrate the festi. 
val of blessed N. thy l\lartyr, nlay, by his interces- 
sion, be strengthened in the love of thy name. 
LESSON. JVisd. x. 10. 14.---'fhe IJord led the 
just nlan through the right ways, and shewed him 
the kingdom of Go.d, and gave him the knowledge 
of the holy things, maòe him honourable in his 
labours, and accomplished his labours. In the de- 
ceit of them that over-reached him, she stood by 
biln, and olade hilU honourable. She kept him 
safe from his encnlÍes, and she defended hiln from 
seducers, and gave him a strong conHict, that he 
might overcome, and kno\v that wisdom is mightier 
than all. She forsook not the just \-\'hen he was sol(', 
but delivered him from sinners: she \Vent down 
with hÌ1n into the pit, and in bands she left hiln not, 
till she brought him the sceptre of the kingdom, and 
power against those that opt>ressed hiT11: 
H1d shevved 
them to-be liars, that had al:Luscd hitl1, and gave 
him eternal glory. 

GRA D. Ps. cxi.--..Ble!;
ed is the man that fears 
tbe Lord
 \vho tak
s pleasure in his commandOlents. 
V. His cbildren shaH be po\verful npon earth: the 
generation of the just shaH be blessed. Alleluia. 
Allel. V. PosuÙìti Domine in capite 
jllS corOnal1i de 
lapide pretÙJsù. Alleluia. fT. Thou hast placed on 
his head, 0 Lord, a crown of jewels, Alleluia. 
.Ajler Septl1ag. instead C!f Al1eluia llna V. is .8tÛd 
1'RAC r r. Desiderium, p. 462. 
<1DoØpcI. Jl[att. x. 
4. 4Z.-At thut time: 
Jesus said tv Ids di
ciples: Do not think that I canle 
to send peace upon earth: I can1e not to send peace, 
but the sYlord. For I can1e to set a man at variance 
against his tather, and the daughter against her mo- 
ther, and the against her mother-in. 
la\v. And a nlan's enelnies shall be they of his 
o\vn household. He that lo\'eth father or mother 
more than me, is not worthy of me: and he that 
loveth son or daughter more than me, is not vvorthy 
of me. ,\nd he that taketh not up his cross, and 
followeth me, is not \\'orthy of me. I-Ie that findeth 
l1is life, shall lose it: and he that shall lose his life 
for me, shaH find it. He that n::ceiveth you, fe- 
ceiveth me: anò he that receiveth me) receiveth him 
that sent me. lIe that receiveth a prophet in the 
name of a prophet, shall receive the l'eward of a 
prophet; and he that receiveth a j llst man in the 
name of a just man, shall receive the reward of a 
just man. And whosoever shaH give to drink to one 
of these little ones a cup of <.:o1cl water only in the 
name of a disciple, amen, I say to you) he shall 
not lose his reward. 
OFFERT. PS, viii.-_. r rholl hast cro\vned hi!}1, 
o Lorn, \vith glory and honour, and placed him 
OVf>f the \\'orks of thy hands. 
SECRErr. I{ecei
e, 0 Lord, \ve beseech thet-, 
onr offerings and prayers: purify us by these hca.. 
ven1y mysteries, and luercifully hßar us. 1'hro'. 

468 lv1ASS IV,. LÆTAnITUR, 
fl\f. Jlatt. xiv
-..--Let hinl that is \villing t
corne after me, deny himself, take up his cross, and 
follow me. 
P. (,O
l:\i. Ða quæsumlts.---Grant, \ve bes
thee, 0 Lord "our God, that as ",'e rejoice on the 
feasts of thy saints in this life, so \ve 111ay enjoy their 
sight for ever in that \vhich is to come. rrluo\ 

!\iASS IV. Lætabitur, of tile same. 
IN'I'ROrr. 1-):;. Ixiii. 
'"fI-IE just man shall L Ætabitl1r justus in 
rejoice and hope in l)oI11ino, et spera. 
the T
ord: and all the bit in eo: et laudabun- 
oug in heart, 
hall tur olnnes recti corde. 
} praise. l}s. Ilear, IJ s . Exaudi, Deus, ora. 
o God, filY petition, tionem meam, CUOl de- 
when I pray: deliver my precor: a timore inimi
soul fronl the fear of the eripe anin1anl mea tn. 
enen1V. IT. Glory. 'T. Gloria. 
ECT. Præsta.-Grant, \ve beseech thee., 
o At I11ighty God, that by the intercession of blessed 
. thy 
Iartyr, we may be delivered from aU 
temporal adversities, and our heart" be cleansed 
fronl all evil thoughts. Thro\ 
J .... l > I -.' I ' ( L' ' [ " ., ... De I 

 S .I D. 2 Ull. 11. 8. 10. Ill. '0. ,% ....-- ar !I 
Lclol'ed: Be n1indf111 that the Lord Jesus Christ i9 
risen agai n from the dead, of the seed of Oa\"Í,I, ac- 
cor(ling to the gospel. \Vherein 1 labour even unto 
b.luds, as an evil doer. but the ,vord of God i" 
not bound. ï'herefore I endure all thil
gS for the 
sake of the elect, that they also nlay obtain the sat- 
véltion, \vhich is in Christ JeS118
 \vith heavenly glory. 
(CIJfap. iji.) But thou hast fully m3de kno.wvn my 
doctrine, n1anner of li:e, purpos p , faith, long-suffer. 
tngs, love, patience, perseclltiôBs, atHictions; such 
as came upon 111e at l\ntioch, at IconiulTI, and at 
Lj'stra: "hat p::rsecutioG
 I e
1\-!ured, and out of 

0' A },fARTYR !'lOT A BISHOP. 46, 
thenl an the Lord delivered me. And all that \vill 
live godly in Jesus Christ, shall suffer persecution.. 
GRAD. 1)1. xxxvi.-\Vhell the just man f:ïlleth. 
he shall not be bruised: for the Lord 811 pports hin1 
with his hand. V'. A.l1 the day he she\vs compassion. 
and l
nds: and his seed shall be blessed. AHelllia. 
'T. Qui sc:qUitUT me, ''ILOn lI111bulat in te1lebris styl 
llu/;cbit lumen vitti ætel'ì1æ. .Alleluia. JT. lIe that fol. 
loweth me, \valketh not in darknes
, but shall enjoy 
the liO'ht of everlasting life. Alleluia. 
AJte;? Sept
lag. 'instead q( l\lleluia and V. is s/ud 
'l'RACrI', Beatus, p. 465. 
pel+ 1Jlatt. X. 26. 33.----.Al that time: 
llS said to lti.
 disciples: Nothing is covered that 
shall not be revealed, nor hid, that shall not be 
kno\vn. That \vhich I tell you in the dark, speak 
ye in the light; anrl that \"hich you hear in the ear, 
preach ye upon the house tops. And fear ye not 
them that kill the body, and are not able to kill the 
sou 1:- but rathf'r fear hill1 that can destroy both son I 
and body into hell. Are not 1\\-0 sparro\vs sold for 
a fiuthing: and not one of them shaH fall to thp 
ground without your Father. But the very hairs of 
your head are all nunlbercd. Fear not therefore: 
better are you than many sparro",'s. }
very one 
therefore that shaH confess me before men, I ,,,ill 
also confc'ss hinl before l11Y Father \vho is in heaven. 
'. l's. x.-rrhou hast set on his head, 0 
I.ßord, a cro\\'n of precious stones: he ask.ed of thee 
life, and thou didst grant him it. Alleluia. 
SECRE'l'. l\Iay our devotion, 0 Lord, be ac.. 
crptablc in thy sight. and Inay his intercession 011 
\vho=,e fcs
l1 "'e pay it, Inake it available to ou.r 
salvation. rrhro'. 
,r. Let hirn ,vho servelh me, follo\v nlC; 
and \vhere I alll, there also shall n1Y senrants be. 
1. llifecli,---Being fed by the partiripJ.... 

tion of thy sacred gifts, we beseech thee, 0 Lord our 
God, that we may feel the efficacy thereot
 by tiu=- 
intercession of blessed N. thy Martyr, whose feast 
we celebrate.. Thro'. 

l\iASS V. Protexisti, C!f ,a MARTY R In 
INTROIT. PS, lxii. 
TIIOU hast protected P Rotexisti me, Deus. 
me, () God, from a conventu n1alig- 
the assembly of the wick. nantium, Alleluia: a 
ed, Alleluia: from the multitudine operantiuo1 
multitude of those who inif1uitatem. ABel. Al1el. 
work iniquity. Alleluia. .Ps. Exaudi, Deus" ora- 
Allel. Ps. Hear me, 0 tionem mean}, Cllm de- 
my God, when I pray: precor: a timore inimici 
deliver my soul from the eripe animall1 meam. 
fear of the enemy. V. Gloria. 
JT. Glory. 
COLLECT. Infirmitatcm. --- Of a IVI. llnd Bp. 
I-Iave regard, 0 Almighty God, to our weakness, 
and, as we sink under the weight of onr rloings, let 
the glorious intercession of blesse
 N. thy 
and Bishop, be a protection to us. Thro'. 
Anotllcr. Deus, qui.---O God, who by the yearly 
solemnity of blessed N. thy l\lartyr and Bishop, re- 
joicest the hearts of thy faithful, n1ercifully grant 
that \ve, who celebrate his martyrdom, ffi(1tY enjoy 
his protection. 'rhro'. 
COLLEC'r. Præsta.-.. Of a Martyr not a Bp. 
Grant, we beseech thee, () .Almighty Go{l, that 
we who celebrate the festival of b1essed N. thy 
l\fartyr, may by his intercession, be strengthened in 
the 10ve of thy name. 'rhro'. 
A II 0 tIter. P'J'æsta quæsumus.-...Grant, we beseech 
t11ee, 0 AlnìÏghty God, that by the interce
sion of 
1tlessed N. thy l\lartyr
 we may be delivered fro.n 

an temporal adversities, and our hearts be cleansed 
I frOIl} al
 evil thoughts. Thra'.. _ 
.I..IESSON. JVisd. V.I. 5. - The Just shall 
I with great constancy against those that 

ve afHic
them, and taken a\vay their labours. I hese seeing 
it sh311 be troubled \vith terrible fear, and shaH be 
anlazed at the suddenness of their unexpected sal. 
vation, saying \\,ithin themselves, repenting and 
groaning for anguish of spirit: These are they whonl. 
we had some time in derision, and for a parable of 
reproach. \Ve fools esteen1ed their lives Inadness
and their end without honour. Behold how they 
are !1umbered al1l0ng th
 chilòren of G d, and their 
Jot IS among the saints. 
Instead (if tlte jòrcgoing l,esson, the EPISrrLE, 
2 Tim. ii. p. 46
. i.:; occasionally 'read. 
A lleluia, Alleluia. JT. "fhe heavens, 0 Lord. 
shall declare thy \vonders, and thy truth also in the 

ssenlbly of the saints. Alleluia
 V. PosuistiDvmine, 

upcr caput tjus COr01tll'1ll, de lapide p1'etioso. ,Alleluia. 
V. 'fholl hast set upon his head, 0 Lord, a crown 
of jewels. Alleluia. 
<1BoØp.el. Joltn xv. I. 7.-.-At tllat tim
: Jesus 
.wÛd to JÚ.ç disciples: I am the true vine; and my 
.ather is the husbandman. Every branch in n1e, 
that bealcth not fruit, he \vill take away: and every 
one that beareth fruit he win purge it, that it nlay 
bring forth more fruit. Now you are clean by rea. 
son of the word which I have spoken to yon. Abide 
in Ole, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear 
fruit of itself, unless it abide in the vine, so neither 
can you, uliless YOll abirie in rne. I aln the vine; 
you the branchfs: he that abideth in me, and 
hinl, the same beareth much fruit: for váthout me 
you can do nothing. I f anyone abide not in nle, 
he shall be cast forth as a branch, and shaH wither, 
anù they sha1l gather hinl up, and cast hinl into the 
R r a 

fire, and he burneth. If you abide in me, anù my 
word abide in you, you shall ask ,vhatever you will, 
and it shall be done unta you. 
o FliER 1'
 Ps. lxxxviii.--. The heavens shall declare 
thy \vonders, 0 Lord, and thy truth in the assembly 
of the saints. Alleluia, Alleluia. 
.SECRET. Of a 
IarlJr and a Bp.-l\fercifuHy re- 
cClve, 0 Lord, th
 offerings dedicated to thee by 
the tnerits of blessed N. thy Martyr anrl Bishop, and 
grant they may bea continual Sl1 pport to us. 'I'hro.. 
Anotltel'. Sanctify, Ol..ord, the offerings conse- 
crated to thee: and, being appeased thereby, mer. 
cifully look upon us by thè intercession of blessed N. 
Iartyr and Bishop. Thro.. 
lartyr not a ßp.-Receive, 0 
Lord, \ye beseech thee, our offerings and prayers: 
purify us by those heavenly mysteries, and mercifully 
hear us. rrhro'. 
Allotlte,.. 1\lay our devotion, 0 Lord, be accept- 

ble in thy sight; and may his intercession, on 
\vhose festival we pay it, make it available to our 
sa! vation. Thro.. 
COl\fl\f. l
s. lxiii.--- The just man shaH rejoice 
in the Lord, and hope in him: and all the upright 
of heart shall receive praise. Alle.luia. Allelu
f. Refecti.---Of a l\lartyr and Bishop. 
Being fed by the participation of thy sacred gifts, we 
beseech thee, 0 LOld our God, that we n1ay feel 
the efficacy thereof by the interceiSion of blessed I'l. 
thy l\fartyr and Bishop. Thro.. 
Anotller. Hæc nos Connllunio. --. 1\fay this COOl- 
mnnion, 0 Lord. cleanse \IS from sin, and by the 
intercession of blessed N. thy l\Iartyr and Bishop. 
l1lake us effectually partakers of this heavenly re- 
Inedy. Thro'. 
1l\1. Da, quæs'lt1nus,.--Oj a l\lartyr not 11 Ep. 
Grant, we beseech thee, 0 Lord OUI God, that 

tfASS VI. STATUIT TVI, &c. 473 
3S \ve rejoice on the fe
sts of thy s
ints in thi
so '\"e may {.onjoy theu sight for ever In that \vlllch IS 
to conle. Throe' 
.Another. l
ift'cti.-Being fed by the participation 
of thy 
acreù gifts, \ve beseech thee, () Lord ou r 
God, that \ve may feel the efficacy thpreo
 by the 
intercession of bles
ed N. thy I\[artyr. Thro'. 
1\IA,SS VI. Sancti tui, o/
IN'rROrr. P.I}
llY saints, 0 Lord, S4

crr[ tui, Donline. 
shall bless thee; <In'd bcnedicent te; glo.. 
pu blish the glory of thy rian1 regni tui dicent_ 
kingdoul. Alleluia, Allel. Alleluia, Alleluia. 
l J s. 1 will extol thee, 0 PSI Exaltabo te, Deus. 
God, my king; and bIes;; meus rex; et benedicanl 
thy nan1e for ever. nomini tuo in sæc111um 
V. Glorr. sæculi. IT. Gloria. 
COLl...ECT. Bealorum.-..fl/ 1\Iartyrs a.nd Bps. 
"r e beseech thee, 0 l#ord, that the sol
nlnity of the 
blessed 1\Iartyrs and Bishops N. and N. may be a 
protection to us, and their venera!Jle prayers recom. 
mend us to thy Inercy. Thra'. 
COLLEC1'. l)eus, qui. ..-.-. Of 1\iartyrs only. 
o God, by whose favour \ve celebrate the festival 
of thy holy 
lartyrs i\. and N. grant we may enjoy 
their fello\vs 1 1Ín in eternal bliss. 'Throw_ 
EPlsrrLE. i I Peter i. 3- 7.-Blessed be the God 
and Fath
r of our l...ord Jesus Christ, \\lho according 
to his great mercy hath regenerated us unto a lively 
hope, hy the resurrection of Jesus Chriit trom the 
cÌt'ad, unto an inh
ritance uncorruptible and unde- 
fileù, and that cannot fade, reservt'd in hea\'en for 
} au, \vho by the po\\'er of God are kept by faith 
\]l1to salvation read)' to be revealed in the last time. 
\Vhert:in }'OU shaH 
reatly rejoIce, if no\\" you must 
be for a little time nlade sorrowful in divt'rs tempta. 
tl0nS; that the trial of you 1 faith, (muçh more pre. 
B. r 

CLOl1S t11an gold \vhich is tried bv the fire) may be 
found unto praise, and glory, and honour, at the ap- 
pearing of Jesus Christ onf Lord. 
Alleluia, Alleluia. V. Thy saints, 0 Lord, shaH 
flourish like the lily: and as the s\veet perfume of 
balsam shall they be before thee. Alleluia. V. 
pretiosa in cOl2spect'lt Domini 'lllOrS sanctorU1Jl ejuJ. 
Alleluia. Alleluia. ,v;. Precious in the sight of God 
is the death of his saints. Alleluia. 
l+ Jolin xv. 5. J L-At that time: Jeslls 
said to his disciples: I am the vine, yon the branches: 
ne that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bear- 
eth much fruit: for without me you can do nothin
if anyone abide not in llle, he shaH be cast forth ás 
a branch, and shall wither, and they shall gather him 
tIp, and cast him into the fire, and he bl1rneth. If 
you abide in me, and my word abide in you, you 
shall ask whatever you wi11, and it sh31l be done un. 
to you. In this is my Father glorified; that you bring 
forth very much fruit, and beCOTh1è my disciples. 
As the Father hath loved me, I also have loved you. 
Abide in my love. If you keep my conlmandments, 
you shall abide in my love; as 1 also have kept Iny 
Father's commandments, and do abide in his love. 
These things have I spoken to you, that my joy may 
be in you, and your joy may be filled. 
o Fli'ERT. j->s. xxxi.-Rejoice in the Lord, and 
be transported with joy, 0 ye just: and glory in lliu/, 
all ye upright of heart. Alleluia, Alleluia. 
Iart}'rs Cl,/J,d Bishops -Attend, 0 
Lord, to our earnest prayers, which we put up in 
menlory of thy saints: and since we trust not in our 
own righteol1sness, may we be helped by the nlerits 
of those, \vho were 
ven-pleasing to thee. Thro'.. 
SECRErr. OJ" Martyrs not Bps.-We bring thee, 
o Lord, the offerings of our devotions; and may 
they be acceptable to thee in honour of thy saints, 
and available to our salvation. Thro'. 

MASS VII. INTRET, &c. 475 
I'f. l
s. xxxii,----Rejoice in the Lord, 0 ye 
just, Alleluia: praise becometh the upright. Allel. 
Il\'T. QU(fSUmUS ---Qll\Iartyrs and Bps.--- 
Being fil1ed \vith thy saving n1ysterie
, \\-e 
thee, 0 Lord, that we n}ay be helped by theIr Jnter- 
sion, \vhose festival \ve celebrate. rrhro'. 
P. C01\I
I. Præ,
ta nobis.---Q{ ?\Iartyrs flot ßp
Grant, we beseech thee, 0 liard, by the intercession 
of thy holy 
lartyrs N. 3nd N. that 'Nhat we have 
taken \vith our mouths, we Inay receive with a pure 
soul. rrhro'. 

IASS VII. Intret, t?f l\IANY l\IAR'rYRS. 
IN'fRO rr. Ps, lxxviii. 
L E'f the groans of ] NrfRET in conspectu 
those who are in . tuo, DonÜne, gemi.. 
fetters, ascend to th
e, 0 tus cOlnpeditorum: red... 
Lord: render to ou r de vicinis nostris septll- 
neighbours sevenfold in pluln in sinu eorUß1: 
their bosom: avenge the vin{lica ianguinem sanc- 
blood of thy "aints which torunl tuorum, qui effu. 
hath been spilt. sus est. 
l>s. 0 God, the Gen- Ps. Deus, venerunt 
tiles have entered thine Gentes in hæreditateln 
inheritance; they have tuam: poilllerunt telll- 
poll utcd thy holy tern- plum sanctum !taBU: po.. 
pie; and made Jerusa- suerunt Jerusalem in po- 
lem a store-house for ap- Dlorum custodiam. 
pIes. 1/. Glory. V. Gloria. 
COLLEC1\ Bflzlorunl.-vVe beseech thee, 0 
liard, that the solemnity of thy blessed 
Iarlyrs and 
Bishops N. and N. may be a protecuon to us, and 
their venerable prayers reconlmend us to thy IDPFCY. 
'1'11(0' . 
LESSON. 1Jïsd. iii. 8.---- The souls of thejust are 
in the hand of God, and the torment of death shall 
110t touch then1. In the sight of the ull\vise they 
5ttmed to die; and theu dep
rture \vas taken for 

,416 MASS VII. INTRET, &c. 
misery; and their going away from us/for"utter de. 
struction: but they are in peace. And though in 
the sight of ll1en they suffer torments, their hope is 
full of imll1ortality. Afflicted in few things, in nla. 
ny they shan be well rewarded; because God tried 
them, and found them \vorthy of himself. As gold 
in the fu rnace he hath proved thenl, and as a victim 
of a holocaust he hath received them, and'in time 
there shall be respect had to theIne The just shall 
shine, and fun to and fro, like sparks among the 
reeds. 'l'hey shall judge nations, and rule over peo- 
ple, and their Lord shall reign for ever. 
GRAD. Exvd. xv.-God is 
lorious in his saints, 
wonderful in his !\Iajesty, and miraculous in his 
\vorks. V. 'l'hy fight hand, 0 Lorò, hath gloriously 
displayed its strength; thy fight hand hath defeated 
thy enemies. Alleluia, Alleluia. \T. Cvrpora sanc. 
to/'Ulll, in pace sepulta sunt j et nomina e01'UJ)l vivent 
in genc'ralione et generationfm. Alleluia. V. 'rhe 
bodies of the saints are buried in peace; and their 
J1amcs shall live for ever and ever. Alleluia. 
A(ter Septuag. instcad of A llel uia and V. is said 
AC'r. Ps. cxxv.-Qui seminant in lllcTymis, in 
rultatione rnetent. ,!'hey who sow in tears, shall 
reap in joy. Ir. 'rhey went on ,veeping, and cast 
their seed. }7. But at th
ir return they shall come 
vvith joy, bearing the fruit of their labours. 
\lBoøpel. Luke xxi. 9. 19.-At tllat time: Jesu,ç 

aid to his dir.;cipfcs: \Vhen you shaH hear of warS 

u}(l seditions, be not terrIfied; these things must 
first con1C to pass, but the end is not yet presently. 
rrhen he said to them: Nation shan rise against na- 
tion, and kingdom against kingdom. A nel there 
shaH be great earthqu3.kes in divers places, and pesti. 
lences, and famines, and terrors from heaven, and 
there shaH be great signs. But betore all these things 
they will lay their hands on you: and persec
te YOl
"chveriJ1g you up to the synagogues and into pn- 


ons, dragging you before kings and govcrnor
my name's sake. And it shall happen unto you for a 
timony. Lay it up therc-'tore in your heart
, not 
to meditate before how you shall anS
'Ner. For I 
\vill give you a mouth anti wisdom, whi<:h all your 
adversaries shaH Dot be able to resist or gainsay. 
I And you shall be betrayed by your parents, and bre- 
thren, and kinslnen, and friends: and son1e of you 
they will put to death. And you shall be hated by 
all men tor my name's sake: but a hair of yout' 
head shall not perish. In} our patience y{)U 
possrss your souls. 
OFFER T. Es. IX\'.-...God is ,,'onderfu 1 in hii 
saints: the God of Israel himself \vill give po\yer and 
strength to his people: ble3sed be Goo. Alleluia. 
SECRE'l'. Attend, 0 Lord, to our earUE:st pray- 
ers, \vhich \\'e put up in memory of thy saints; and 
since \ve trust not in our o\vn righteousne
s, may \\'c 
be helped by the nlcrits of those, who were V\"ell- 
pleasing to thee. 'fIIfo.' 
I. IVisd. iii...... Though they suffered tor- 
ments in the sight of men, God only tried them; 
like gold in the furnace he proved thenl, and like an 
}lolocaust he accepted them. 

). CO
ll\l. QUa?sumus.....Being filled \vith thy 
savIng mysteries, 'Ne beEeech thee, 0 Lord, that \"c 
may be hc1 ped by their intercession, vihose festivali 
\ve celebrate. 1'hro.. 


l\IASS'TJIT. Sapientiam, qj'the same. 
INTRO!'!'. ECI.:lcs. xliv. 
LET nations relate the SApientiam _ sanctorum 
\visdolu of the saints; narrent popu Ii; et 
and the Church publish laudes eOHln1 nuntietEc- 
their praises. 'l'heirnames clesia. Non1Ìna eorum 
shaH \iv
 tor ever. l)s. viveut in sæculunl sæculi. 
Rejoice in the Lord, ye 1 J s. Exultate j\Jsti ia 

478 !1'ASS VIII. $APIENTIAM, &c. 
just: His praise becom- Don1Ïno: rectos decet 
eth the righteous. collaudatio. 
V. Glory. _ V. Gloria. 
COI..LEC r [. Dells, qui nos.-O God, by whose 
favour Vle celebrate the festival of thy holy Martyrs 
N. and N. f?rant that we may enjoy their fellowship 
in eternal blIss. Thro
LESSON. TJ"isd. v.-The just shall1ive for ever- 
more, and their re\vard is \vith th
 Lord, and the 
care of them with the 
Iost High. 'rherefore shall 
they receive a kingdom of glory, and a crown of 
beauty at the hand of the Lord: for with his right 
'hand he wilt cover them, and with his holy arm will 
be defend them. IIis zeal will take its armour, and he 
will arm the creature for the revenge of his enemies. 
I-Ie will put on justice as a breast-plate, and \villlake 
equity for an invincièle shield. 
GRADUAL. Ps. cxxxiii.-Our soul, like a spar- 
ro\v" hath escaped the hunter's 
nare. IT. 'fhe snare 
is broke, and we are at liberty: our help is in the 
Dame of the Lord, who made heaven and earth. 
Allel. Allel. V. Ps. Ixvii.-Justi epulentur et e.:rul. 
tent in conJpectu Dei, ct delectentu1' in lætitia. A lie l. 

 Let the just feast anti rejoice in the presence of 
God; and be delighted in gladness. Alleluia. 
er Septuag. instead ql Allel uia and V. is said 
'-rR.t\C'f, Qui scminant, p. 476. 

(lØp.eI. Luke vi. 17. z3--At that time
going_ down fron1 the ll1ountain, stood in a plain 
place, and the con1p
ny of his disciples, and a very 
great multitude of people from all J udea and Jeru- 
salem, and the 
ea coast both of'-ryre and Sidon, who 
were conle to hear hiln, and to be healed of their 
diseases. And they that "'ere trou bled with unclean 

pirits, were cured. And aU the multitude sought 
to touch hill1, for virtue \vent of him, and healed all. 
- And he, lifting up his eyes on his disciples, said 


.lë. 479 
Blessed are the poor; for yours is the kingdom of 
God. Blessed are ye that hunger now 
 for you 
shall be filled. Blessed are ye that weep now; for 
you shaH laugh. Blessed shall you be when men 
t>hall hate you, and when they shan separate from 
you, aUf} shall reproach you, and cast out your name 
as evil, for the Son of l\lan 9 s sake. Be glad in that 
day, and rejoice: for behold, your re\vard is great 
in heaven. 
OFFERT. Ps. cx1viii.-The saints shall rejoice 
in glory: they shaH be joyful on their couches: the 
praises of God shall be in their mouths. Alleluia. 
SECRET. '\T e bring thee, 0 Lord, the offerings 
of our devotion; and Inay they be acceptable to 
thee in honøur of thy saints, and, by thy mercy, 
available to our salvation. 'rhra. 
I. Luke xii.-But I say to you, my friends; 
fear not those Vv'ho persecute yot-l. 
1. J'ræsta..--.Grant, \ve beseech thee, 
o Lord, by the intercession of thy holy l\Iartyrs N. 
I and N. {hat ",hat we have taken \vith our mouths. 
\ve may receive with a pure soul. rrhro'. 

1 \SS IX. Salus autem, if the same. 
I N'fROIT. Ps. lx
T IlE sah'ation of the S Alus autem justorl1m 
just is from the a Domino: et pro- 
l,ord: and he is their tector eorurn est in tern- 
protector in the tiole of pore tribulationis. Ps. 
distress. j)s En1ulate not Noli æmulari in malig- 
the doers (;f evil; nor nantibl1s; neque zelave- 
envy them that work ini.. ris facientes iniquitateJn. 
quity J-. Glory. ,r. Gloria. 
LECT. Deus, C)'lli.-O God, Vi 1 ho, by the 
yearly so1enl1lÌty of thy holy l\Iartyrs N. and N. com. 
fortest us thy people; mercifully grant, that, as ,,'e 
joice at their nlerits, \ve ma}' likewise be encou- 
raged by their exanlples. Thro'. 

480 MASS IX. SAL US A UTEM, &c. 
EPISTLE. Ecb. x. 3 2 . 38..--Bl'ethren: Call to 
nlind the former days, \vherein, being ill unlinated. 
you endured a great fight of atHictiol1s. And on the 
one hand indeed, by reproaches and tribulations 
were nlade a gazing-stock; and on the other, be- 
come companions of them that were used in su
sort. For you both had compassion' on them that 
,"'ere in bands, and took with joy the being stripped 
of you r o\vn gooòs, kno\ving that you have a better 
and. a lasting StJ bstance. Do not therefore lose your 
confiùence, \vhich hath a great re\\Tard. For patience 
is necessary to you; that doing the ,viII of God, you 
may receive the prolnise. }.'or yet a little anù a ve.. 
TV little \
'hile, and he that is to COOle, win come, and 
will not delay. But l-ny just man liveth by f
GRA.D. Ps. xxxiii.-'rhe just cried out, and the 
ord heard them, and de1ivered them from tribula. 
tions. IT. "[he Lord is near to those who are afflict- 
ed in spirit; and he win save the humhle of heart. 
Allell1ia, Alleluia. V. 1.è 'J/ul1'iY'l'um candidatus [all. 
dat c:rercitus, Domine, .i111ell.lia. Jr. The white-robed 
arn1Y of Nlartyrs praise thee, 0 Lord. Alleluia. 
.AJlt:r Septuag. instead l!f l\lleluia llnd V. is said 
rrRACrr, Qui seminant, P.47 6 . 
Iatt. xxiv. 3. 14. - At tllat time: 
As Jesus \\'as sitting on mount 01ivet, the discip1es 
canle to him privately, saying: 'reH us when these 
things shall be? and ,,,hat shall be the signs of thy 
coming, and of the consuo1mation of the ,,,orld? 
And Jes
ls alls\yering said to them: "rake heed that 
no n1
n seduce you: for many \"iH come in my 
name, f,aying: I am Christ: and they \\'ill seduce 
Il1any. l\nd you 
ha\l hear of wars, and rumours of 
\"ars. See that ye be not troubled. For these things 
Ulust corne to pass, but the end is not conle. For 
nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against 
kino-dam; and there 
hail be pestilence, and famine. 
_ad ð earthq uakes in places 
 ßQ\V all these are the be.. 

ginning of sorrows. 'fhen shall they deliver you up 
to bf' 

tHi('ted, and shall put yOll to death: and you 
shal1 be hated bv all nations for fir name's sake. 
A nd then shall many be scandaliz{-d; and shall be- 
tray one another: and shall hate one another. And 
many fabe prophets shall risp, and seduce rnan}'. 
And because iniquity hath abounded, the charity of 
Juan)' shall gro\v co1d. Hut he that shall persevere 
to the 
nd shall be saved. 
OFFER'f. JJTisd. iii.u-The sallis of the just are in 
the hands of God; and the tonnents of mal ice shall 
not touch them. To the eyes of the foolish they 
set.'med to die; but they ê-re in peace AHe1t1ia. 
SECRE 1'. Be appeased, 0 Lortl, \ve heseech 
thee, by the offerings we have made; and defend us 
from a11 dangprs, by the intercession of thy holy 
1\Ltrtvrs N. and N. Thro'. 
I. 'Vhat I say to you in the dark, sp
you in the light, saith the fJord: aOfl what is ,vhis. 
pert:'d you in the ear, preach 
'OlJ on the house-tops. 
J}. C< fì\I:\1. lIlcc 1w.....-
Iay this C0I11Il1110tOn, 0 
Lord, purify llS froln !-oint and, bv the interces
ion of 
thy holy J\lartyrs N. and N. Inake us partakers ef 
the joys of heaven. l'hro' a 
. . 

1\T ASS X. If Statt!it, l!f a CO"NFESSO Rand BP.. 
 Xc1usivc of those degrees of Confessors who have gIo- 
-Â rified Jesus Christ, as well by their sufferings for 
religion, as by the purity of their lives, (such as B1JllOPJ, 
Pricjts, DoctOfJ of the Church. /t.IOlllu and JobtarÙj), the! e 
'V'ere also others, of various fCltlar conditions, who passed 
through life without being 
lttached to th(" things oÌ the 
,vorld. Despising \,,.hate,,er is transitory, they dediC"
t d. 
thclnselves to God; 6nd Inortifying their bodies by a ri- 
gorous peIJ.ance, obtained 50 ahsolute a conquest over their 
own will, as toO suffer a kind of ßlartvròom, Let us there- 
fore beseech God on their several fC$ti\'als, that he \vould 
 us to foHow thf'ir example. 

4Bz l..fASS X.. ST Å TUfT, 
INrROIT, as in 
.yass I. p. 46 r. 
COLLEC'r. Du, quæsumus.. -Grant, "'e be5
thee, 0 Almighty God, that the venerable a;o1eln. 
. nit)' of bles

d N. thy Confessor and Bishop, may 
imþrove our dt'\'otion, and strengthen in us the hopes 
of salvation. Thro 9 . 
LESSON. Eccle3. xliv. and xlv---Beho1d a great 
priest, \\,ho in his time pleased God, aud was found 
just: and in the tilDe of wrath becan1e an atone. 
ment. 'rhere \vt're n..'ne found like him ill observe 
ing the la\v of the l\Iost I-ligh. ï'herefore, by all 
oath, did the IJord make him great anlongst his pee. 
.pIe. He gav
 him th
 blessing of all nations, aud 
hed his covenant on his head. lIe acknow. 
ed him in his blessings: he stored up his rnercy 
for hinl: and he found favour ìn the eyes of the Lord. 
(Chap. xlv.) lIe exalted hi Ot in the sight of kings: 
and gave him a crown of glory. He nlade \\'ith him 
an elernal Co\'enant: and bestowed ()n him a great 
priesthood: and render
d him bl
ssed in glory. rro 
perforn1, the priestly offict', to sing praises to the 
name of God; and to offtr hirn precious incense 
for an odour of s\\. eetness. 
GRAD. Eccles. xhv.....Behold a gre3t prelate, 
wIlo in his da)'s pleased God. V. 1 here \\ as none 
found like him in keeping the ta\\' of the I\1ost f-ligh. 
A1\eluia, Alleluia. \r. 1ù es sacerdv,ç in ætcrUUl/l 
JecunduJlI ordill('m. 3[t:/chi:;edech. Jlllt-1uiu. V. 'fhou 
art a priest t(..)r eVt::f, according to the order of 
. chisedech. Alleluia. 
,Afia- Sepi uag. Ùlstead if A l1eluia and V. is said 
rrH&t\C'r, Bcatus, p.465. 
<1DoØp.cI. J1["tt. xxv. 14, 23.--....At iI/at time: 
Jesus spok
 this parable to his disciples: A man going 
into a far country, called his servants, and delivert-d 
to them his goods. And to one he gave five talents, 
anò to dnother t\\-'(\, and to 3not
H'r one, to everyone 
;a.crl)rding to m5 vropcr 
biJity. and in1U1esialdy he 

D BISHOP. 483 
took his journey. And he that ba? r
ceived the five 
talents \\'ent his way and traded \vllh the-same, and 
gained other five. And in like manner he that had 
received the two, gained other t\\TO. But he that 
had received the otie) going his ''\lay digged into the 
earth, and hid hiS'lord's money. But after a lon
time the lord of thoi)e servants ca(n
, and reckoned 
\vith theo1. And he that had received the five ta. 
lents coming, brought other five talents
I...or<l, thou didst deliver to IDe five talents, behold 
1 have gained other five over and above. His lord 
said to him: "'ell done good dnd faithful servant, 
because thou hast been failhful over a fc\\' things, I 
will place thee over many things: enter thou into 
the joy of thy lord. And he also that had received 
the t\VO talents came and said: Lord, thou de-H. 
verec.{st t"
O talent!! to me: behold 1 have gained 
other t\'fO. Ilis lord said to him: \r ell done gOQ
and faithful servant. because thou hast been t1Ìthful 
over a fe\\ things, I v;111 place thee ov
r many things: 
enter thou into the joy of thy lord. 
OFFER'f. Ps. 8g...-1 have found David, my, sere 
Yant; with my holy oil have 1 anointed hi(n 
hand ,hall hdp him, and my arm 5hz-It strengtheu 
SECRET. l\Iay thy saints, 0 Lord, W
thee, cause joy to aU thy peop.1e: that wtüle \ve 
celebrate lh

r merits, \ve may experience then pa. 
tronage. 'fhro.. 
J. Luke xii.-.. ï'hi9 is the faithful and pru. 
dent servant, whom the Lord placcc..1 o",'er his family, 
to give them in due season their measure of wheat. 
P. CO::\l
l. j}ræstll.---Grant, \\'C beseech t}\et;.. 0 
Almighty God, that \vhilc \ve return th
e thanks 
for what we have parta\...en of, \\'e may, by the in. 
tercessioll of blessed N. thy Confessor and llistlop, 
receive sttiU greater fa\'Qurs. Thro.. 

s s 

( 484- 
1tIASS XI. Sacer,1oles tui, of llie same. 
IN')'HOrr. Ps. cxxxi. 
I E'r thy priests put on SAcer<lotes tui,Domine, 
..J justice, and thy saints induantur justitianl, 
ft:'joice, 0 Lord. }.'or the et s
i tui exultent. 
sake of David tllY ser- Propter David serVUffi 
vaut, turn not a\vay the t\1urn, non avt.:rtas faciclll 
face of thine anoinl
d.. Christi tlli. 
Ps. H..enlenlber })avid, 0 lJ s . 
Iemento, Donline. 
LorJ, and all his meek. David" et onlnis mausue.. 
ness. V. Glory. tudinis ejus. V. GJf)fla. 
CO LI"EC1'. Exaudi ---l-l ear, 0 Lord, \ve be- 
seech thee, the prayers \ve offer on this solemnity 
of blessed N. thy Confessor and Bishop; and by his 
intercession, V\ ho \vorthily served thee, deliver us 
fron1 aU our sins. rrhro\ 
EPIS'rLE. IIeb. vii. 23, 27.-...Bl'ethl'cn: TItCre 
,yerefvrmel'iy many high priests successively; because 
by reason of death they ,,-ere liot suffertd to conti- 
nue. But Jesus, for that he continueth for ever, hath 
an everlasting priesthood. \Vhereby he is able also 
to save tor tver then} that come to God by him; ale 
\vays living to make intercession for us. For it ',"'as 
fittiag that \ve should have such a high priest, holy, 
innocent, undefiled, separated from sinner
, and 
made higher than the heavens; \\'ho needeth not 
daily (as the ot!lt;r priest
) to offer sacrifices first for 
þis ovn1 sins, and thf"n for the p
ople's; for this Je. 
sus ou r Lorð did once in offering- hi rnselt: 
GRAD. l>s. cxxx.---1 wi II clothe her priests \vith 
salvation.. and ht'r saints shall rejoice exceedingly. 
IT. There \rill I she\v the power or David: I have 
pïeparôl a lamp for my anointed one. Alleluia þ 
Alleluia. V. Jurat'it JJ01Jlill11
, et nUll pæ1litcbit eZl'lll: 
Tu eJ sacerdos ill æltï'I/71'm secundum ol'dint'111 1\lt:lclii.. 
5etlech. Alleluia. IT. 'rhe Lord hath s\\'orn, and 
\\'ill not repent: thou art a priest for ever according 
lo the order of l\lçlchisedech. .\ lleluia- 

.. firl" Septl1ag. instead oj' A lIet uia unci V. is suid 
.. rrRAC'I', Beatus, P.465 
<I5otSpe + IlIatl. xxiv. 42. 47...-.At t!tat time: 
Jesu.s said to his (/ujciplc
: \" ateh ye therefore, because 
ye know not the hOllr your LQrd will conlC. But 
this kno\\y yet th
lt if the gooû Juan of the house 
kne"' at \\,hrtt hour the thiet \vould COOle, he \"Jould 
rtain'y \vdtch, and \\'ould not suffer his house to 
be bro
e open. \Vheretore be ye also ready, because 
at what hour vou kno\v not, the Son of man \vill 
come. \Vho 'thinkest thou is a faithful and wise 
servant, Vvh001 his lord has appointt:d over his fami. 
ly, to glve theln 111eat in 
eason ? · Blessed is that 
HJ \\'hOn1 \vhen his lord shall come, he shall 
fintj so doing. Amen, I say to you, he shall place 
hin1 over all his 
oods t. 
ly truth and nlY mercy are \vith hinl, 
and In my nan1e, his povver 
haH be exalted. 
SECHE'r. l\Iay the annual solclnnity, \ve beseech 
thee, 0 Lord, of holy N. th) Conte!:)sor anJ Bishop, 
render us acccptabte to thy mercy; that, by this sa... 
crifice of propitiation, he nlay both receive a happy 
re\\'ard, and obtain for us the gifts of th}' n1ercy. 
rrhro' _ 
O:\Il\/I. · Blessed, &c.. as abovt,Jì'Ollt '*' to t. 
P. CO)!:\I. Vt-us Jilfelizull.-O God, the rc\\'ard. 
er of t:Üthtul souls, gr
illt that \ve nlay obtain for. 
s by the pra) ers of blc.:sseù N. thy Confessor 
and Bishop, \\'hose venerable feast we ceh:brate. 

1\-IA,SS X II. In Inedio, f!/ DOCTORS. 
ccle$. xv. 
- E openpd his mouth 1 N Incdio Ecclcsiæ ape. 
Þ in the midst of the ruit os ejus, et in}- 
(....hurch, aUfl the LorJ plevit cu:n L)on1ÌnlB spi. 
filleù hil11 \\'ith the spirit ritu sapientiæ et iotel. 
S S'3 

486 !-JASS 
of \visùom: he clad him leðns: stolam g10riæ in. 
with a robe of glory. duit eum. 
Ps. It is good to praise the Ps. Bonum est confiteri 
Lord, and slng to thy DonÜno, et psallere no- 
name, 0 thou the l\lost ß1ini tl10, Altissime I 
h! J;: Glory. 
COLLECT. Deus, fjzÛ..-.O God, ,,'ho didst give 
blessed N. to thy people for a minister of eternal sale 
yation: grant, we beseech thee, that he who was 
the instructer of our life here on earth, may become 
our intercessor in beaven. 1'hro'. 
LESSON. 2 Tim. iv. 2, 8. ..111ost dearl!} beloved: 
I charge thee before God and Jesus Christ, who shall 
judge the living and the dead, by his coming, and 
his kingdom: preach the \vord; be instant in sea. 
son, out of season; reprove
 entreat, rebuke, in all 
patience and doctrine. For there shall be a tin}e, 
when they will not endure sound doctrine: but ac- 
cording to their o"'n desires they win heap to them- 
selves teachers, having itching ears. And \vill in- 
deed turn away their hearing from the truth, but 
will be turned into fàhles. But be thou vigilant, 
labour in all things, do the ,,'ork of an evangelist, 
fulfil thy ministry. Be sober. For I am even now 
ready to be sacrificed; and the time of ß1Y disso- 
] utian is at hand. I have fought a good fight, I 
have finished my course, I have kept the faith. .l\s 
to the rest, there is laid up for me a cro\vn of jus- 
'hich the Lord, the just judge, \vill render to 
me in that day: and not only to nle, but to them 
also who love his conling. 
G RA D. Ps xxxvi.- rhe mouth of the just shall 
utter wisdom: and his tongue speak jl1dgn1ent. V. 
'fhe law of God is in hi
 heart: and his feet shall 
not be moved. Alleluia, l'\l1eluia. V. .Amavit C1l1ß 
Ðflminv:;, et or'l'llivit fum; stolalll gloriæ indllit cum. 
'V. '!'he Lord loved hinl, and adorne{l him, and hath 
cloathed him with a robe of glory. _ . 

eptuag'. 'instead oj' Al1e'uta ana V. I.S said 
'rRAC'r. Beatus, P.4 6 5. 
<DOøpcl. 1\Iatt. v. J 3. 19, - At t"at time: 
Jes1ls said to ILis di.
ciples: You are the salt ot the 
earth. But if the salt lose its savour, wherewith 
shall it be salted? It is good for nothing any more 
but to be cast Otlt, and to be trodden on by men. 
You are the light of the world. A city seated on a 
nlountain cannot be hid. Neither do men light a. 
candle and put i
 under a bUihel, but upon a canlile. 
, stick, that it may shine to all that are in the hOllse4 
So let your light shine before men, thnt they may 
see your good work
, and glorÏfy your Father who is 
I in heaven. Do not think that J am cOlne to destroy 
the la\v, or the prophets. I an1 not come to (lestroy, 
but to fulfil. li or , :unen I say to you, till heaverl 
and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shaH not pass of 
the la\v till an be fulfilled. He therefore that shall 
break one of the least of these comluandtnents J and 
shall so teach men, shaH be the least in the kingdom 
of heaven. Bu t he that shall do and teach, he shall 
be called great in the kingdon1 of heaven. 
()FFER'l'. l>s. xc.--'1'he just man shaH flourish 
li\...e the paln1.tre
: he shaH thrive like the cedar of 
Li ban us. 
SECRET. Let the pious prayers of thy holy sere 
vant N. never be wanting to us, () Lord: that they 
may Inake onf offerings acceptable to thee, and al. 
\vays obtain for us. thy pardon. "fhro'. 
I. Luke xii.-î'his is the faithful and pru- 
dent servant, \\'ho01 the Lord pla(;ed over his t
to give then1 their lI\paSUre of \vheat in due season. 
P. (
1. Ut /lubis.....Let blessed N. 0 L"'fll, 
t\\y Confessor and great Doctor, becorne our advo- 
cate, .that this thy huly sacrifice may l>focure our 
s,\lvauon. 'fino'. 

[ 4 88 ] 

\SS XlII.. Os justi, C!fa CONFESSOR not a UP 
IN'fR()Irr. 1>s. xxxvi. 
r r I - 1E mouth of the O S justi nleditabitur 
just n1
H1 sbaH utt
r sapientiam, et lin. 
wisdorl1, and his tongue glla ejus loquetur judici- 
spcakj\1dgmcht; the hi\V urn: lex 1Jei e.1l1s in cor.. 
of his God is in his heart. dE. ipsil1s. Ps. Noli æmu- 
Ps.Emulate not the\vie
- lari in rna1ignantibus: 
ed, nor envy those \vho neq ue 7.elaverÍs facientes 
,,'ark iniquity. V. Glory. iniquitatem. JT. Glory. 
COLLEC'r. Deus f)ui.-O God, who cOlnfortest 
us by the yearly so\t>mnity of blessed N. thy Confes. 
sor; o1ercifully grant, that while \ve célebrate his 
festival, 'we may imitate his actions. 'fhro'. 
LESSON. Eecl. xxxi 8, I I.-Blessed is the n1an 
that is found \\'ithout blemish; and that hath not 
gone afler gold, nor put his trust in money nor in 
treasures. \Yho is he, ar.d we 'wiH praise hin1,. for 
he hath done "1onderful things in his 1if
. \Vho..hath 
been tried thereby, and olade perfect, he shall have 
glory everlasting. lIe that could have transgressed
and hath nol transgressed: and eouid do <:vil things, 
dnd hath not clone them. 'rherefore are his goods 
established in the Lord, and all the church of the 
saints shaH declare his alIns. 
G RA D. l
s. xci.
 The just n1an sha 11 Bou rish 
like the palm tree: he shall thrive like the cedar of 
Li ban LS in the hOllse of the Lord. V. 'fn pu bl ish 
thy' mercy in the mornin
, and thy truth .by night: , 
AllellJÏa, Alleluia. V. Bnl(lls ' qui suj]t:rt ten/a. 
CJil, qllonil1?il cum prOhl1tlls jlh!ïit, flccipiel_curUllaJJt 
t.'iltt:. Alietuia. TT. Blessed is the Inan that suffers 
. telnptdtion; tor ,,,hen he ha
 been tried, he shall 
It'ct'ive a frown of life. AlIel,uia. 
,Ajler Septuag. inf;tcaLÌ qf'.r\.llel uia and V. is said 
'fRAC'I', Bt'ldus, p. 465. 
. <1DoøpeI. /,'llke xii. 3
, 4..;. - .At lliat time: 
uiú tv ,l,"s ...:l;;âples: J our loins be giït, and 

tL\SS XIV. JUSTUS UT PALMA, &c. 4 8 1 
lamps burning in your hands, and be you yourselves 
like to men \'rho wait tor their lord, \vhen he shall 
rl'tllrn froln the wedding; that when he cometh. 

llld knock
th, they Inay open to him immediately. 
Blessed are tho
e servants, \\'hom the Lord, \vhen he 
com(:th, shall find \\'atclung Amen, 1 say to you
that he \vill gird hin15elf, and IHake them sit down 
to n1eut, and passing \\'il1 o1inistt:r U oto them. And 
if he 
hal1 come in the seconrl \\'atch, or come in the 
third walch, and find them so, blessed are those ser- 
vants. ßut this kno\v yP, that if the householder did 
kno\v at \vhat hour the thief \vou\d come, he would 
surety \vatch, and wou td not suffer his hOllse to be 
broke open. Be} ûU then also ready: for at what 
hour you think not, the Son of man will C001e. 
()FfElt1.'OH,\-. 1 J :;. Ixxxviii.-ñIy truth and my 
n1ercy are \vith hiln: and in nlY name shall his 
r be e
al teò. 
SECRE1'. \Ve offer thee, 0 Lord, in honour of 
thy saints, a sacrifice at praise. by \vhich we hope to 
be delivered fro In an pr
sent and future evil
. '1'hro'. 
IUNION. 1\Ialt. xxiv.-lliessed is the ser- 
vant \VhOll1 the LorJ, \\'hen he conleth, shall find 
. Amen, 1 say to you, he shall s
l hinl 
over aU he hath. ' 
.P. t
1. R{fecti.-Being refreshed, 0 Lord, 
\\llth thIS heavenly Ineat and drink, we huo1bly be.. 
seech thee, that we [nay be assi8t
d by his prayers, 
011 WhOSé tt:é.\st \ve have received tbese sacred mystc- 
s. '1'hro'. 

l\IASS XIV. Justus ut palma, 0/" tIlt:' :;lilllC, 
IN1'ROIT. Ps. xci. 
 ju,;t shaH flourish J US1'US ut palma fIo.. 
like the pahn-tree : rcbit: sil:ut celrus 
he shall thrive like the Libani mu\tiplicabitur: 
cçdar of Li ban us: being plantatus in dOlno D

planted in the house of runu, in atriis domus 
the Lord, in the courts Dci nostr;. 
of the house ot our God. Ps. Bonum est confi- 
Ps. It is good to praise teri Doolino: et psal. 
the Lord, and to sing to lere nonlini tu
thy name, 0 thou the sime! 
1\10st I-ligh! V. Glory. V. Gloria. 
COLLECT. .l"ldesto.-Attend, 0 Lord, to the 
humble prayers we present to thee on the solemnity 
of b1essed N. thy Confe
sor; that we, who have no 
confidence in our own righteousness, may be helped 
by his prayers, \\'ho was so pleasing to thee. Thro
EPiSTLE. I Cor. iv. 9, 14.-Brethren: \Ve are 
made a spectacle to the ,vorld, and to angels and to 
men. \Ve are fools for Christ's sake, but you are 
wise in Christ; \ve are \veak, but you are strong: 
you are honourable, but we \vithout honour. Even 
unto this hour we both hunger, and thirst, and are 
naked p and are buffeted, and have no fixed abode, 
and we labour working with our own hands: we 
are reviled, and we bless: \ve are persecuted, and 
we suffer it. \Ve are blasphemed, and we entreat: 
We are made as the refuse of this world, the offscour. 
ing of all, even until now- I ,vrite not these thing
to confound you; but 1 admonish you as my dear- 
est children, In Christ Jesus Ollr Lord. 
GRAD. 1>.r. xxxvi.....'l'he Illouth of the just man 
shall utter wisdom, and his tongue shall speak judg. 
mente The taw of God is in his heart, and his feet 
shall not be 1110ved. Alleluia, Ai1eluia. V. Beatus 
vir qui timet Dvmin1.l111.; ill Inandutis ejztS cupit nimis. 
A lie l. I r . Blessed is the man that fears the Lord; 
he delights in his COlllmandments. Alleluia. 
.Ajèer Septuag. instead qj. Alleluia and V. is said 
'l'RAC'r, BcatuJ, P.4'5. 
<1Doøpel. Luke xii. 32, 34.-Attllat time: 
Jesus said to his disciples: Fear not little flock, for 
it hath pleased your 17ather to give you a kingdQm. 

AfjSS xv. os JUST I, OF ABBOTS. 49 1 
Sel1 what yon possess anù give alms. l\Iake to your- 
selves bags, which grow not old, a treasure in hea- 
ven \vhich failcth not: where no thief appeareth, 
nor n10th corrupteth. For wh
rc your treasure is. 
there \vill your heart be also. 
OFFERTORY. Ps. xx,...'rhejust, 0 Lord, shall 
exutt in thy po\\'er, and r
joice exceedingly that thou 
hast saved him: thou hast granted him his soul's desire. 
SECRET. Grant, \'t'e beseech thee, 0 ,,
God, th
t our humble offerings may be acceptable 
to thee, for the honour of thy saints, and purify us 
both in body and olind. '-rhro'. 
I:\I. lLlatt. xix.-Amen, I say to you, that 
you \vho have forsaken ,aU things, and follo\ved me, 
shaH receive an hundred- fold, and obt
itl eternal life. 
P. CO 
Il\1. Qullsumlls....- ,\
 e beseech thee, 0 
Almighty God, that, by the intercession of thy holy 
Confessor N. the heavenly food \ve have received 
may defend us from all adversity. Thro'. 

S X\T, · Os justi, (!f ABB()TS. 
IN'I'R()rr, (is in tile XIII. 
Iass, P.488. 
COLLEC1'. IJlft'1'ccssio.-
lay the intercession, 
o LÐrd, of the B. .A bbot 
. recommend us to thpe; 
that what we cannot hope for through our O\VIl me- 
rits, we may obtain by hii prayers, Thro'. 
LESS()N. Eccles. xlv. I, 6.-TltiJ s
int \-vas be. 
loved of God and lllcn: whose nlernory is in bene. 
diction. lIe 111ade him like the saints in gtory, and 
magnified hiln in the fear of his enemies. And \\'ith 
his words he made prçdigies to ceasp. lIe glorified 
hiln iu the sight of kings, anù gave hiln command. 
ments in the sight of his peoplp, and she\vcd hi.!1 
his glory. lIe sanctified hilu in his faith and nreck- 
ness, anù chose him out of all flesh. For he heard 
him and his voice, clnd brought hio1 into a cloud. 
And he gavf' him commandlnents bcfo;e his facf:, 
and a la\v of life and in4)truction. 

49 2 
GRAD. Ps xx.-Lord, thou hast prevented him 
with thy sweet blessings: thou hast set on his head a 
crown of je\vels. V. !-Ie asked I ife of thee, and thou 
hast granted him length of days, for ever and ever. 
Alleluia, Alleluia. V. Justus el palmajlvrflJlt: sicut 
cedru,r; Libani ?n!iltiplicllbitur. ' .Alleluia. V. 1'hc 
lSt shall flourish like the paln1-tree: he shall thrive 
l1ke the cedar of Libanus. Alleil1ia. 
e'l' Septu(lg. instead (!f .A,l1eluia and 'T. is said 
'l'RACT, Belltus, p. 465' 
pcl+ 11Iott. xix. '27' 29 - .At tluLl tilllt: 
Peter sltid to Jesus: Behold we have left all things, 
21,d ha,,'e follo"'ed thee: what therefore shall we 
ha\'c? And Jesus said to them: A men, I say to 
you, that you who have follo\\'ed me in the rege. 
neratian, \\7hen the Son of !\1an shall sit on the seat 
of his nlajesty, you a.lso shall sit on t\1velve seats, 
judging the tv;elve tribes of Israel. And everyone 
that llath left house, or br
n, or sist
rs, or fa- 
ther, or mother, or ,vife, or children, or land, for 
J11Y naole's sake, s'
\al1 receive an hundred faid, and 
shall posse
s live everta
OFFER'!,. J)s xx.---.'rhol1 hast granted him, 0 
I..,ord, hie; soul's des
re, nnL1 hast not disappointed 
11im of \vhat he a!"ked. 'rhou\ha
t set on his head a 
cro\\'n of jc\vels. 
SECRE1\ l\lay blessed N. the Abbot intercede 
for 1.1S, 0 l..,ord, that the offerings \\'C h
\\'e laid on 
thy a1taT
: Olav avail us unto salvation. 'I'hro'. 

I. Luke xii.---1'his is the flithfl1 and pru- 
dent sCf\'ant, whom the Lord placed over his fanlily, 
to give theln their meagn re of wheat in dlie season. 
P. CO:\f!\l. Protrgat.-----N[ay the receiving of 
this sacranlent, and the intercession of blessed N. 
the A bbot, protect us, 0 Lord; that \ve Jnay both 
opy after the virtnps of his life, and e
perience the 
help o( his intercfssion. 'rhro'. 

[ 493 J 

I\IAS5 XYI. Loqnebar, çf (t 'Tirgio and 
'V HA TEVE,R objections human policy may urge 
against the stale of virginity, it is nevertheless per- 
fectI y agreeable to the christian system. An incarnate 
Cod recommends it by word and example :-5t. Paul be. 
stows the greatest encomiums on it i-and in every age, 
those who preserved their virginity were always esteemed 
the noblest portion of the flòck of Christ. On the festivals 
therefore of these ilIu
trious spouses of the Son of God, let 
us beseech him to grant the grace of perseverance to an 
such as by vow have voluntarily consecrated themselves to 
his service in that perfect state, as well as for that PUJ ity of 
soul, which is fjjelltiafty necessary tor It:try Ollt, since 
without it, no one can fee God. 
INTROIT. J'I. cxviii. 
I Spake of thy la\v in L Oquebar de testimo- 
the presence of kings, niis tuis in conspec.. 
and \vas not ashan1cù. I tu regum, et non confnn- 
meditated on thy COffi- debar: et meditabar in 
manJnlents, whiéh I Jov- 
an,datis tuis quæ dil
cd e\.ceedingl)'. Ps. Bles. fun1lS. 
sed are the undefiled :n l>s. Beati 1nlnlaculati 
the \yay, who \v
\k in the in via, qui atnbulant in 
Jaw of the Lord. Jege Do:nini. 
JT. Glory. r. G1oria. 
COLLECT. Deus, qui.-O God, \vho an10ngst 
other miracles of thy po\vcr, hast besto,^'cò the 
cro\vn of martyrdom even on the weaker sex:. nler- 
cifully grant that ,ve, who solenlnize the fesÜ"al of 

ed N. thy Virgin and 
1artyr, tnay, by fanaw.. 
log her example, ('orne to thee. 'l'hro\ 
cc/rs. li. I. 8.-1 \V1\1 give g'ory t,o 
thee, 0 Lord. mr king, and I \vil1 prai
e thpp, 0 
Çod, my Sa\'iour. I ,yilt give glory to thy nanle": 
for thou hast been a hel per and protector to me, 
and hast pre
erved my body from destruction, fronl 
the snare of an unjust tongue, and fran1 the lip" of 
'I' t 

thenl th
t forge lies, and in the sight of then1 that 
stood by, than hast been my he1per. And thou 
bast deliveretl me, according to the n1ultitude of the 
Inercy of thy name, from the roaring lions, that 
were ready to (Ievour lne. Out of the hands of then1. 
that sought nlY Ii fe, and from the gates of atilictions. 
which compassed me about: froln the oppressioll 
of the Haole that surrounded me, and in the midst 
of the fire I \'\'as not bu rnt. Fran1 the depth of the 
belly of hell, and from an unclean tongue, and fronl 
lying words, from an unjl1st king, and from a slall- 
derous tongue: 01y soul shall praise the Lord even 
to death, because thou succourest those that trust in 
thee, and del ive(est them fron1 the h
nds of the 
Gentiles, 0 Lord our God. 
GRAD. Ps. xliv.---rrhou 1
vest rightcol1
ancl hatest iniquity. Jr. 1'herefore hath God thy 
God, anointed lh
e with the oil of gladness. .AJle- 
luia, Alleluia. V. Addltccntur Regi TTirbiltCS post 
calll: p,'o.rimæ 
ill,Ç affi>rentur fibi in (atitia. AII,e,tuia. 
I: Virgins shal r be brought in he.. retinuc to th 
king: her relations shall be presented to thee \\ ith 
joy. A1Ieluia. 
rl(r Septuag. instead C!f Alleluia and \r. is said 
rrRAC l'. 1)$. xliv. - Veni SpU'itSlt Cltri:ili, ar. 
eipc corOllrllll, lJuam liói IJulllÎnlls præparllrJil in æler. 
'tUUIl: l)ro CL!ius lllliOre sllllguinem tuum fur/isti. 
("orne, spouc;p of Christ, receive the cro\vn ".hich 
the liord hath prepared for thee for ever: for whose 
tqve thou d!dst slH
d thy blood. V. Thou lovedst 
nghtcousnes'", and hatedst iniq uity: therefore hath 
God, thy God, anointe,l thee with the oil of glad. 
ness in a more excellent l11anner than thy compani. 
ons. V. In th}' conleliness and beauty go on \\'ith 
prosperity, anJ rpign. 
<IBoøpcl. Jff1tt. xxv. I. 13' -..-.At that time: 
Jt:SllS $PO/ìC to llib Jisciples / his purllblc: '}'he kin

IAR.TYIl. 495 
ðom of heaven is like to ten virgins, \\,ho taking their 
lamp') went out to meet the bridegroom and the 
bride. And five of lheln were foolish, and five wise. 
Rut the five foolish, having taken their lamps, 
did not take oil vvith theln: but the \vise took oil in 
their vessels with the lamps. And the bridegrooln 
tarrying, they an slun1bered and slept. Anu at Inid. 
night there \vas a cry n13de: Behold the bride- 
groom cOIneth, go ye forth to n1eet hinl. 'l'hen all 
those virgins arose and trin1med their 131T1ps. And 
the foolish said to the wlse: Give us of YOllr oil, for 
our laInps are gone out. The wise ans\vercd, saying: 
Lest perhaps there be not enough for us nnd for you. 

o you rather to them that gell,and buy for yourselves. 
Now whilst they went to buy, the bridegroom caIne: 
and they that \vere ready, \Vent in \vith him to the 
marrié1ge, and the door was shut. But at last came 
also the other virgins, saying: LorJ, Lord, open 
to us. But he ans\\'ered, saying: .\Inen, I say to 
you, I know you not. \Vatch ye, therefore, because 
you kno\v not the day nor the hour. 
OFFERrr. Ps. xliv.- Virgins shaH he brougl1t in 
ber retinue to the king: her relations shall be pre- 

ented to thee \vith joy and gladness: they shaH be 
Introduced into the temple to the Lord the King, 
SECRE1\ R ecdve, 0 Lord, the offerings \\'e 
bring on th
 so!enlnity of B. N. thy V. and 1\1. by 
","hose intercession we hope to be delivered. Thro'. 
Il\I. Ps. cxviii. - Let the proud be con- 
founded for unjustly persecuting me: but I \vill keep 
thy commandments and thy ordinances, that I my- 
self nJay not be confounded. 
I::\I. Auxiliclllur.-"ßlay tht m} steries we 
:have received, 0 Lord, be a help to us, and, by 
the intercession of blessed N. thy Virgin and l\1artyr, 
<:ause us to enjoy her continual prùtection. 'I'hro'. 

T t

.( 49 6 ] 

1\IASS XVI r. 
re expectaverunt, if tlte same. 
INTROrl'. l)s. cxviii. 
S INNERS lave lain l\ / I E expectaverunt 
in \vait for J11C to peccatores, ut per- 
destroy ole: but I have dcrcnt me: testinlonia. 
studied thy law, 0 [,ord. tua, Domine, intellexi. 
I have seen the end of Omnis consumrnationis 
all perfection; but thy vidi finem: latum l"nan- 
Jaw hath no end. Ps. datum tuum ll1111is. 
Blessed are the uIHlefiled I's. ßeati Îlnmaculati 
in the way, \vho walk in in via, qui an1bulant in 
the law of the Lord. lege Domine. 
V. Glory. \'. Gloria. 
COLl"ECT. Indulgentiam,-Let bles5eu N. thy 
Virgin and !\iartyr, 0 Lord, sue for our pardon: 
who by the purity of her life, anò the profession of 
thy \'irtuc, ,vas always pleasing to thee. 'rhro
I.øESSON. Eccles. Ii. 13, 17.---0 Lord, 111Y GodJÞ 
thou hast exalted my dwelling-place upon the eanb
and I have prayed for death to pass a\vay. I called 
upon the Lord the father OfOlY Lord, that he \voul(l 
not leave n1e in the day of IllY trouble, and in th
ti Ole of the proud, without hel p. 1 \vill praise thy- 
nan1e continually, and \\Till praise it w,ith thanksgÏ\'- 
ing, and my prayer \vas heard. And thou hast 
saved me from de
trllction, and hast delivered nie 
from the evil tin1e. 'fherefore ""ill I give thanks, 
and praise thee, 0 Lord our God. 
(;RADUAL.. P.'ì. xiv..--God \viIl'assist her \vitb 
his favourable countenance: God is in the luidst of 
hér, she shall not be D1ovèd. JT. A s\vifl.flo\vin
rivtr, rejoiceth the city of God: the l\1ost l-]igh 
bath sanctifitd his tabernacle. Alleluia. V. 11lfC 
est fil'/,5o sapicl1.r:, et una de 17UlilO'O pru,1enlil.lm. Al- 
telu,ÙI. V.. 'fhis is a wise Virgin, and one of the 
nlpl1ber of the prudtut. Alleluia. 

Y VV. AND MM. 497 
 Cl" Septl1a
. instcad of l\lleluia and V. is saicl 
'fRACT, Veni, p. 494. 
C!50t1pCI, JIlltt. xiii. as ill p. 501. 
OFFER'i'. Ps. xliv..--Grace is 
pread on thy Iii"''', 
therefore hath (
oj bles
ed thee for ever. 
Ierciful1y receive, 0 Lord, the of. 
ferings consecrated to thee, and by the merits of 
blessed N. thy Virgin and l\lartyr, grant they may 
be to 11
 a continual support. 'fhro'. 
.. CO
I\r., J 1 s. cxviii.n_-1 have done what is just 
and right, Ol../ord, let not the proud calumniate 
me: I'have walked uprig;1t in the ways of thy com- 
luandn1ents: I have hated ever)' evil \vay. 
P. CO:\l:\l. ]J;'v;'lli lIlultcris.----ßèing plentifully 
fed \vith thy divine gifts, \\'e beseech thee, 0 Lord 
our God, that by partaking of thenl thro' the inter- 
cession of bles
ed l
. thy Virgin anlll\Iart)'r, "'e n1ay 
obtain eternal life. rrhIO'. 

IA:::;S X\Tl11. ff Loql1ebar, oj'man!J VV" and l\1i\I. 
.J.lll {/,'; ill lite X \TI. 
Iass, p. 4Y 3, e.rcept 
C<JLLEC'r. Da nubis. ---. Grant, \ve beseech 
the(J þ 0 l.Jord our God, that \vith a constant clevo- 
tì'1Jl, \\7e 11.11)' celcbrate the- victoric
 of thy holy 
in5 aud i\lartyrs N. and 
. that though we can- 
nnt solemnize them as we ought, \'Ve may seek their 


11 dl1
.ï:ity.. 'fino.. 
 I L..
. I Cvr. Vii. as lit p. soo. 
SECRI.::'r. l",ook dO\I'.rn, we beseech thee, 0 
I...ord, on the offerings laid on thy altar on this feast 
of thy holy \Tirgins and 
lartyrs N. and N. that as 
thqll hast bf'sto\\'eu g10ry on them by the sacrcJ 
o thou mayest grant us pardon. '1"l1ro'.o" 
.I\I. j)rli,sta Iluúi.).-Grant lI
, \ve beseech 
d1PC't 0 Lor.1, by the interccssion of thy 'Tirgi'1S 
, to receive with a 
)l1re lì1ind \vhat \\-'e 
t'cf'i\'c \Vlth our n1ouths. 'rhro
rr t 3 

( 49 8 ] 

1\I.ASS XIX. Dilexisti, of a Virgin ou.l!}. 
IN r rROIT. T 1 
.Ls. X iv. 
THOU hast loved jus.. D llexisti j l1stitiam et 
tice and hated iniqui-. odisti iniquitatel11: 
ty: therefore hath God, propterea unxi t te Deus. 
thy God, anointed thee Deus tuus, oleo lætitiæ 
vlith the oil of gladness, præ consortibus tuis. 
above thy feHo
's. Ps. Ps. Eructavit cor 

ly heart hath uttered a meum verbum bonum: 
good \\70r<l: I refer my dico ego opera mea 
\\'orks to the King. JT. Regi. 
Glory. V. Gloria. 
COLLECT. E,Clllldi.-....Give ear to ns, 0 God 
our Saviour. that as ,ve celebrate with joy the so. 
lelnÏty of blessed N. thy Virgin, so we may in1- 
prove in the affection of piety. rfhro" 
EPIS'fLE. 2 Cùl". x. 15. xi, I. 2. ..-- ,B1'etltren
Let him that glorieth, g10ry in the Lord: for not 
he that commendeth hinlself, is approved: but he 
whom God commendeth. (Chap. xi.) Would to 
God you could bear \vith sorne little of my folly: 
but do bear with me. For I aln jealous of you with 
the jealousy of God. 'For I have espoused you to 
one husband, that I may present YOll as a chaste 
in to Christ. 
GRAD. Ps. xliv......ln thy comeliness and beauty. 
go on, proceed prosperously and reign. V. For 
thy truth. mf'ckness, and righteon
ness, shall t
right hand al90 lead thee on wonderfully. Alleluia. 
Alleluia. V. Adducen,fur Rcgi Virgines post eam r 
limæ ejus If.Oèrentur tibi in lætttia. AlleliÛa. 
V. Virgins shaH be brought in her retinue to the 
I\.ing: her relations shall be presented to thee with 
joy. AHclnia. 
er ScptuaO'. instead of AHeluia and V. is soid 
;rRAC'r. xliv.--'ludi, filiu, et'l.'ide, el i

r!ì1Za tLUrf11l tUlim : quia COllClI/Ûl'it Rt.I' sjJccltm t Ull'Jn. 
IIear, 0 daughtt'r, see, and be attentive; for the 
King is taken \\'ith thy beauty. V. i\1I the rich of 
the people shaH conte with entreaties before thee: 
the daughters of kings shaH honour thee. V. Virgins 
shaH be brought in her retinue to the King; her re.. 
lations shall be present
d to thee. V. '[hey shall be 
intrøduced \\'ith joy and gladness: they shall be ill.. 
troduced into the temple of the King. 
<If5oØpcl, llIatt. xxv. {J,ç in p. 494. 
OFFBu'r. Ps. xlv. -.- 'I'he daughters of kings 
11onolH thee: the q neen was on thy right hand in a 
)'obe of gold, with a variety of other ornaments. 
SECHErr. l\Iay the offerings, 0 Lorò, of thy 
<levout people, be acceptable to thee in honour of 
thy saints: by ,\,hose o1erits they have experienced 
l1elp in their alHictions. 'rlHo
1. lUaU. xxv.-The five wise virgins took 
()ìl in their vessels with their lanlps: anù at miònight 
there \vas a cry made: Beho1d! the brillt.groom 

ometh: gO} C ou t and nleet Christ the l
P. COl\ll\I. Sfltiasti.-'l'hol1 hast fed, 0 Lord, 
toy fanÚly \vith these sacred oblations: ever there- 
fore comfort us \vith her intercession, \vhose feast 
,ve celebrate. Thro

ßIASS XX. Vultum tuum, oft/lc same. 
INTHOIT. Ps. xliv. 
A LL t11e rich shall V Ultnnl tuum depre- 
come before thee cabuntur OInn
\vith entreati
s: virgins divites plebis: adducen. 

l)all be brought in her tur Regi virgines post 
fetinueto the king: her eam
 plOXJDlæ ejus af. 
relations Ghall be pre. tercntu r tibi in lætitia et 

entt:d to thep in joy and exultatione. 
adnt"5<). 1) J. ?'ly heart 1)s. Eructavit cor me. 

hath uttered a good \\Tont: lun Vt'rbUITI bonum: dic:o 
ß1Y works I rt.f
r to the eg t ) opera n1ea Regi. 
King. 1/. Glory. llr. Gloria. 
.t'(ludi. .....- Gi\'e ear to us, 0 God 
Ollr Saviùur, that as we ct>\ebrate with joy the so- 
lelllnity of ble:;sed N. thy Virgi n, so \-\'c rnay im.. 
prove in the affection of piety. rrhro'. 
EPIS'rLE. I CV1'. vii. 25. 34-..-.1
,.et"rcll; Con- 
cerning virgins, 1 have no como}andment of the 
I.lord: but I give' counsel, as having obtained mercy 
of the LorJ, to he faithful. I think therefore that 
this is good for the present necessity, tor a 111,U} so 
to be. ' Art thou bound t() a wife? seek l1f't to be 
loosed. Art thon loosed troln a wife? seek not a 
wife. But if thou take a W Ltc, thou hast not siÚned. 
.And if a virgin marry, she hath not sinned: never- 
, such shaH have tribulation of the fIt-'sh. But 
I spare you. 'l'his therpfore I say, bn-thn:n : the 
tlo1e is short: it remaineth. that they also ,vho have 
\\'iVèS, be as if they had Hone; and they that \veep, 
as tho

h they \\1t'pt not; and they that rejoice, as if 
they rejoiced not; and they that buy, as though 
they po::-,s,<;sed not; and they that use this \\'orld, as 
if they USt'O it not: for the fashion of this \vortd pas... 
seth away. But 1 \\ ould have you to be \vithoul 50- 
 l-Ie that is \vithout a \vifp, is solicitous for 
the things that belong to the l.
or{l, hO"\f he may 
please God. But he that is \vith a \vifp, is so1icitous 
for the things of the world, ho\v he n}ay please his 
wife: and he is divided. And the nnrnarried \,,"oman 
and the virgi.n thinketh on the thinf,:s of the [,ord: 
that she may he holy both in body and spirit. in 
Christ Jesus onr Lord. 
GRAD. 1).'). xliv. -w. 'fhe King is ta

en with tby 
beauty, for he is the I.lC)rd thy (
od. r'. {-lear, 0 
òal1ghtei, f':ce an,l be attentive. Al
ell1ia, Alleiuia. 
V. lIæc cst virgo SapÙ)ll.ç, f't 'll'J/(l, de Ull m.:ro prllden- 
thou. .Alleluia. V. l."his is a "rise virgin, 
nd one 
of the nnnlber of the prudent. Alleluia, 


JlCr Septuag. inslcad oj' Alleluia allJ V. is said 
'fRAC'I', ,Audijilia, p. 4
<15oøpel. 1\Illtt. xiii. 44. 52. -.At illat time: 
Jeslls spake to !tis disciples tltis - parable: The 
kingdom of ht'aven is like unto a treasure hidden in 
a fi
ld. Which a ll1an having found, hid it, and for 
jov thereof gaeth, and selleth all that he hath, and 
bl;ycth that field, Again the kingdoln of heaven is 
like to a merchant good pearls. \Vho when 
he had found one pearl of great price, \vent his \vay, 
and sold all that he had, and bought it. Again th
kingdom of heaven is like to a net cast into the sea
and gathering togeth
r all kinds of fishcs. \Vhich, 
when it was filled, they drew out, and sitting by 
the shore, they chose out the good into vessels, but 
the bad they cast forth. So shaH it be at the end of 
the ,,'orl(l. The angels shall go out, and shall see 
parate the v..-icked fron1 among the just. And shaH 
cast theln into the furnace of fire; there shall be 
\veeping and gnashing of tetth. !-lave ye understood 
these things? 'I'hey say to him 
 Yes. He said un... 
to thenl: 'rher
fore every scribe instructed in the 
kingdom of heaven, is like to a man \\"ho is a 
holdtr, \vho bringeth forlh out of his treasure 
ue\v things and old. 
(JFJ::ER1'. 1>s. xliv.- \7irgins shall be brought in 
her retinue to the King; her relations shall be pre. 
sented to thee with joy and gladness: they shall be 
introòuced into the temple to the Lord the King. 
BECRE'I". l\Iay the offerings, 0 Lord, ot thy 
devout l1cople be acceptable to t}1
t. in honour of 
thy saints; by \\'hose n1erits they 
:ave cxp
help in their ;dHictions. 'lluo'. ' 

1. :IIatt. xiii.-'fhe kingdom of heaven is 
like a 111erchant seekIng good pe;u-Is: and having 
fouod one of gre,lt \'alue, he gave aU he had, and 
l1Uri.:hased it. 

5 02 tf ASS x x r. COG NO V r, 
P. CO'f
l. SatÙ.l.,li. - Thou hast fed, 0 Lord. 
thy family \vith these sacred oblations: ever, there.. 
fore, comfort us \vith her intercession. \vhose fcast 
\\'e celebrate. Tiuo' . 

-\SS XXI. Cogno\rÍ, of I-IOL Y \\YOi\IEN. 
T HE Church has decreed honours, not only to those: 
,,,ho have sanctified the married state by the exercise _ 
of the virtues of a profound humility, unweared patience, 
.and purity of heart, but alfo to otbers, who after an ir- 
regular course of life, becalne so highly inflamed with the 
lo,.-e of God, as to be rendercd ahnost equal to virginsl 
Let u& then beg of Him, thro' the intercession of these 
Saints, that he would grant us the grace ot a sincere com- 
punction for our past transgfcssions, accolnpanied by such 
an ardent chaxity as covereth a multitude Qf sins. 
IN1"ROIT. Ps. cxviii. 
I knew, 0 Lord, that C ognovi Domine quia 
thy judgments are æqultas judicia tU3j 
just: thy truths have et in veritate tlla hUlni. 
humbled me 
 Pierce any liasti me; Confige ti- 
flesh \\.ith thy fear; thy more tuo carnes meas: 
commandments have a mandatis tuis timui. 
made me tremble. l
s. Ps. ßeati immaculati 
Blessed are the undefiled in via: qui ambulant in 
in the ,vay: who \\alk lege DOfi1inÎ. 
in the la\v of the Lord, iT" Gloria. 
V. Glory. 
COLLEC'f. E.raudi.-Give ear to 1151, 0 God 
aviour that a
 \\We celebrate ,,,ith joy the so- 
len1nit}' of blessed 1\. so we nlay improve in the af. 
fection of true piety. 'rhea'. 
. P,'ov. xxix. 10. 31.-'\?ho shall find 
a valiant \\"0. lan? t he price of her is as Q} things 
brought from afar off, anJ from the uttermost 
coasts. 'fhe heart of her husband trusteth in her. 
and he shall have no need of spoils.. She will render 

ood and not evil, an the days of her life. She 
hath sought \\"001 anJ Aax, and hath \\"ronght by the 
counsel of her hands. She is like the mercbant's 
ship, she bringeth her bread from afar. And she 
hath risen in the night, and given Frey to her hou
hold, and victuals to her maidens. She hath con. 
sidered a field, and bought it: ,vith the fruit of her 
hands sh
 hath planted a vineyard. She hath girded 
ber loins \\.ith strength, and hath strengthened her 
arm. She hath tasted and seen that her traffic is 
J!ood: her lalnp shall not be put out 1\1 the night. 
She hath put out her hand to 
trong things, and her 
fingers have taken hotd of the 5pindle. She hath 
opened her hand to the needy, and stretched out her 
nands to the poor. She sbaH not fear for her house 
in the cold of 5nO\\, for all her dome
ttcs 3re cloath. 
ed \vith double garnlents. She hath Inade for her- 
self cloathing of tapestry; fine linen and purple is 
her covering. Her husband lS honourable in the 
gates, ,,,here he sitteth a010ng the senators of the 
land. She made fine linen and sold it, and de- 
livered a girdle to the Chananite. Strength and bean- 
ty are her cloathing, and she shaH langh in the lat- 
ter day. She hath opened her mouth to \visdoOl, 
and the la\w,; of clemency is on her tongue. She hath 
looked ,,'en to the paths of her honse, and hath not 
eaten her bread idle. ller chi\òren rose up, and 
caned her b1essed 
 her husband, and he praised 
rany daughters hath gathered together riches: 
thou haSlt surpassed them an. Favour is deceitful, 
and beautv is vain: the \voman that ieareth the 
Lord, she 
haH be praised. Give her of the fruit of 
her hands, and let her ,,'orks praise I1t:r in the g
GRAD. l>s. ).\iv. - C;race is spread on thy lips: 
therefore hath GOil blessed thee for ever, J. For 
thy truth, meekne
s, and r;ghteonsness, shan thy 
right ban<llead thee on ,\'on.<ltIfully, Allel. Allel. 

04 AN
V. Specie tua et pulchritudine tua ]J'I'osptre 
proccde, et 7'f'gna. Alleluia. Jr. In thy comeliness 
and beauty go on, proceed prosperously, and reign. 
After Ser t -lag. instead qf Alleluia and V. is .said thc 
rrRACrr, l"'
ni, p. 494. 
ptl, l.Iatt. xiii. a3 in p. 501. 
, OFFElrr. Ps. xliv.-Grace is spread on thy lips, 
tnerefore hath God blessed thee for ever and ever. 
SECRET. May the offering
, 0 Lord, of thv 
de\ront people, be acceptable to thee in honour of 
thy saints: by whose merits they have experienced 
hel p in their affiiction
, Thro'. 
I. Ps. xliv......rrhou lovedst righteousn<-
and hatecht iniquity: therefore hath God, thy God, 
anointPd thee \\7ith the oil of gladness in a nlore ex... 
cellent manner than thy companions. 
P. COl\11VL Satiasti.....-rrholl hast fed, 0 l
thy family ,vith these sacred oblations: ever there- 
fore comfort llS \vith her intercession whose feast \\'e 
celebrate. rrhro'. 

ç{ a CI-IURCII. 
INTROIT. Gen. xxviii. 
rr"IIIS place is awful! TErribilis pst locus istel 

 it is the hOllse of hie Dornns })ei est, 
God, the ga
e of hea- et porta cæ!i: et voca.. 
ven: and it shall be ('all. bitur aula Dei. 
ed the palace of God. Ps. Quarn diJpct3 ta. 
Ps. How lovely are thy bernacula tua, Dornin
tabernacles, 0 Lord of virtlltum! Concl1pi
I-Jasts! "1\iy soul pineth deficit anin\a nH'<\ in atria 
after the courts of the Domini. 
IJord. fT. Glory. V. Gloria. 
COLLEC1'. Deu. fï , Qui 1lobis.-O. God, \vho re. 

newest every year the day of the consecration of this 
thy holy temple, and bringest us ahvays in health to 
the celebrating th
sc sacred mysteries: hear the 
prayers ot thy people, and grant that \vhosoever 
shall come hither to ash.. any blessing of thee, may 
rejoice in obtaining all his requests. 'I'hro'. 
LESSON. Rev. xxi. 2. 5. - I'll. tluJ,.;e days: I 
John sa\v the holy city, the new Jerusalem coming 
do\vn out of heaven trom God, prepared as a bride 
adorneò for her husband. And I heard a great voice 
froln the throne, saying: Behold the tabernacle of 
God with nlen, and he wiU d\vel1,\vith them. And 
they shaH be his people: and God himself with 
them shaH be their Go(L And God shall wipe 
3\Vay all tears frorn their eyes: and death sha1J be 
no more, nor mourning, nor crying, nor sorrow shall 
be any more, for the former things are pas5ed away. 
And he that sat on the throne said: Beho!d I 
make all things nevI. 
CHAD. jJ s . cxxxvi.-rrhis place "'as made by 
God, a mystery above aU value: it is \vithout re- 
proof. }/. 0 God, on \\Thom choirs of angeis at- 
tend, hear the prayers of thy servants. Alleluia, 
Alleluia. r. Adarabo (Id templulll sallctum tuum:. 
et cOllfitt:bor n01lliui tuo. Alleluia. IT. I wi II adore 
thee In thy holy t
mpie, anti I will praise thy na01C. 
.A Ileluia. 
After Septnag. Ì1ut.:ad flf A1teluia and V. is said 
'I'RACT, l1.11t confidant, p. 1 S9. 
<130 ß'p C(. Luke xix. r. 10.--- At tlnd time: 
Jesus entering in, he v:alked thro" Jericho 
behold there \\'as a rnan nanled Zacheu
, who \V
the chief of the publicans, and h
 'was rich. Aud 
he sought to see J f'SUS, ,,'ho he \vas,alld he could not 
for the'crowd, because he \\'as low of stature. .i\nd 
running before he c1inlbed up into a sycanlore-tree 
that he Ini
ht see him: for he ,vas to pass that ,vay. 

506 ANNIVERSAR.Y tfl\C;S OF THE, &c. 
And when Jesus "vas come to the place, 100kin
he saw him, and said to him: Zacheus make haste 
and come down: for this day I must abide in thy 
house. And he maùe ha
te and came down. and 
received him with joy. And when all sa\v it, they 
murn1ured, saying: that he \-vas gone to be a guest 
\\,ith a man that was a sinner. But Zacheus stand- 
ing said to the Lord: l
ehúldt Lord, the half of my 
goods I give to the poor; and if I have wronged 
any man of any thing, I restore him four-fold, Je- 
sus said to him: ï'his day is salvation come to this 
house; because he also is a son of Abraham. For 
the Son of man is conle to seek and to save that 
which was lost. CREDO. 
OFFER'r. I Cliron. xxix.-Lord God, in the 
simp1icity of my heart have I joyfully offered all 
these things: and 1 have seen with great joy thy 
people, \vhich are here present. 0 God of Israel. 
preserve them for ever in this disposition. A Ilel uia. 
, SECRET. Grant, we beseech thee, 0 Lord, 
our petition, -that \\1hi1st \ve offer thee these our 
vows, we may, by thy help, obtain an eternal 
reward. Thro'. 
I. ltlatt. xxi.-
fy house sha.ll be cal1ed 
the house of prayer, saith the IJord: in it 'Nhosoever 
asketh receiveth 
 and h
 \\'ho seeketh, findcth; and 
the door shaH be opened to him that knocketh. 
flVI. ]Jeus, qui de 'l,'lri.ç.-O God, who, 
out of livinr and choice stones, preparest to thy ma.. 
jesty an ternal abode, help thy people at their 
prayers; that as thy Church ig corporal1y, so it 111ay 
be spiritually increased. 'J'hro'. . 

<< ' /" 

.. - ') t

[ 5 0 7 ] 
V01'IVE l\I.A.SSES oj' the ß. V. 


fl AIl" IJoly l\lother. S ALVE, San eta Parens, 
\\'ho didst bring 
nixa puerpera Re. 
forth theKing\vho reigns gem, qui cælum terram- 
over heaven and earth que regit in sæcula sæ. 
for evern1ore. l
s.. 1\1 y cu lortlln. 
}leart hath uttered good Th. Eructavit cor meum 
tidings: ,I address my verbum bonum: dico 
works to the I
ing. ego opera mea Regi. 
Tí. Glory. _ V. Gloria. 
('OLLEC'"f. Concede nasi-Grant, 0 Lord, we 
beseech thte, that we thy servants may enjoy con. 
stant health of body and mind, and by the g1orious 
intercession of blessed 
Iary, ever a Virgin, be de. 
livered from all temporal afflictions, and come to 
those joys that are ctt'rnal. rrhro'. 
LESSON. Eccles. xxiv. 14, I 6..... From the begin. 
ning, and before the \vorld, \vas I created, and unto 
the \\'orld to come I 
hall not cease to be, and in the 
holy d\vellin
 place have I ministered before him. 
.And so was I established in Sion, and in the holy 
city like\vise 1 rested, and my po\ver \vas in Jerusa. 
lem. And I took root in an honourable people. 
and in the portion of my God his inheritance" and 
IUY abode is in the full asselubly of saints. 
GRAD. 'I'hou art blessed, and \\1orthy of our 
respects, 0 l\Jary, the \Tirgin, who, wrthout prejudice 
to thy virginity, didst become the mother of the 
Savionr. IT. () \Tirgin..mother of God I he whom 
the whole world cannot contain, becarne n1an, and 
,vas shut up in thy \",'omb. Alleluia, Alleluia. V. 
Irirgo Jes!ieflul'uit: virgo Dtum. et IWJJlÏnem. gelluil: 
pacem, Deus reddidit, ill, se recol&cilians, ima, luuullis. 
, U U 2 

.AJleluia. fT. A sucker of Jesse hath budded: a 'Tir.. 
gin hath brought forth hin1, who is God and man; 
God hath restored peace by reconciling io his oer. 
son the highes" things with the lowest. AHell1ia.' 
After Septl1 ag, instead qf A llel uia and V. is said 
rr, Gaude, P 5 J o. 
<1Doøpel. Luke xi. 27. 28. - At tlult time: 
lVllilst Jesus spolce to tile 111ultiturie: .i\ certain \voman 
fronI the cro\\'d lifting up her voice said to him: 
Blessed is the womb that bore thee, artd the paps 
that gave thee suck: but he said; Y ea rathe
, bles- 
d are they who hear the \vord of God and keep it. 

<lBoøprl. Joltnxix. 25- 27.---At tlwt time: 
There stood by the cross of Jesus, his mother, and 
his mother's sister, I\Iary of Cleophas, and l\lary 
l\:lagdalen. \Vhen Jesus therefore had seen his mo- 
ther aud the disciple standing, \vhom he loved, he 
said to his mother: 'Voman, behold thy son. After 
that: he saith to the disciple: Behold thy mother. 
And froIn that hour the disciple took her to his 
ow n home. 
Thou art truly happy, 0 sacred Virgin 
'lary, and 
most worthy of praise: for out of thee arose the 
Sun of righteousness, Christ our God. 
]}lessed art thou, 0 Virgin 
lary, wh<> didst bear 
the Creator f all things: thou didst bring forth hinl, 
\vho made thee, 
nd ren1ainest:a for ever. 
AIlel \J ia. 
I-Iaill\1ary, full of grace; the I..Jord is with thee: 
blessed art thou amongst women: and blessed is the 
fruit of thy \VOfilb. 
SECn.Err.. I\lay, 0 Lord, by tby own mercy, and 
thQ intercession of blessed l\lary, eve.r a Virgin, this 

oh1ation procure us p(>ac
 and happiness both in 
 life, and in that Y;hlci. is to come. rrhro'. 
I. ßI

sed is the \voolb of 
lan', the Vir. 
gin \vhich bore the 
on of the ctproal Father. 
P. COì\I
I. Sumptis.-Ilaving received, 0 Lord, 
\"hat is to advance aUf salvation; grant \ve may al- 
ways be protected b} the patronage of blessed i\lary, 
ever a "irgin, in \\ hose honour "'C have offered 
this sacrifice to thy 
Jajpsty. Thro'. 

 JVllcn II Votive .'lass (!I' the ß. V. is .
aid 011. Sa. 
tvrday, lilc II. COLLECT, &c. are as below. . '1ïl
JII. eill,cr Ecclt:siæ, 01' Deus omnium, p. So. 
] L COLLECT. Deu,ç, qui cordl1.-0 (;od, \\'ho 
by the light ot the IToly G ho
t, hast instructed the 
'hearts of the f
tithflll: gr
nl, that by the direction of 
the san1e Holy Spirit, \ve may relish \vhat is. right, 
and ai\vays enjoy his consolation "fhro';; 
II. SECRErr. Sanctify, 0 Lord, the offerings 
\ve have made; and cleanse our hearts by the fire of 
the Holy Ghost. 'l'hro'. 
II. P. rOM
1. Sllllcti Spiril'llJ,-
Iay the _ pour. 
ing forth ot thy Holy Sptrit, 0 Lord, cleanse our 
hearts, and make theln ÜÜthfnl by his iny. ard de\v 
falling on them. 'Thro'. .' 

From AD\r'EN1.' to CIIRlsrr
Introit, Offertory, and Communion, as OJl, the I\T. 
Sunday cj' 
-\lh cot, p. 68. Collect, Secret alld 
P. Conlnl. are tile II. Collect, &c. Oil tI,C first Sun- 
y, p, 50, &c. Lesson and Gospel as on tI,e 
Annunciation, tlte 25th of 
xxiii.-Lift up your gates, 0 ye 
, and be ye litted up, () ye 
ternal g
l<:S, au j 
thc i\.ing of glory shall entt1r. JT. \Vho sh,:ll go up 
to th
 1110unt:Ún of the Lord, or who 8hall dwell ill 
 holy place? He whose hau,-1s are innocent, ônd 
whose heart i
\lIeluia, Alle
uia.. . IT. llail 
U u 3 

Slð 1!AS
:\far}', (ull of grace, tne Lord is with thee: blessed 
art thou amongst \\>'omen. Alleluia. 

lNTROrr. Vultunl tuum. p. 499. 
Collect, Secret, and P. Comma as on the CIRCU
CISION, pp.88, 89. EphstIe, Titus iii. and Gospel. 
Luke ii. as in p. 75. 
GRAD. Ps. xliv.-'fhou art beautiful anlong the 
. OTIS of men: grace is spread on thy lips. V. 
mouth hath uttered good tidings: I address my 
werks to the ,King; my tongue is as the pen of a 
scribe that writeth swiftly. Al1el. ABeL V. After 
child. birth thou remainedst still a pure Virgin; 0 
}'Iother of God intercede for us. Alleluia. 
4fter Septuag. in,
teadql Alleluia and V. is said 
'rRACT. Guude, J.llüriu, JTirgo, Cllllctas llæreses 
Mia intertmisti. RejoIce, 0 Virgin 
lary, thou 
alone hast destroyed a11 heresies. V. 'Vho didst be. 
lieve the words of Gabriel the archangel. V. \Vhilst 
a Virgin, thou didst bring forth him that was God 
and man; and after child-birth didst renlain a pure 
Virgin. v. 0 
lother of Goò, intercede for us. 
OFFERrr. Thou art truly happy, as p. 508. 
rM. Blessed is .the womb of i\Iary the Vir. 
gin, which bore the Son of the eternal Father. 

MASS for the DEA,D. 
o t. tlte Da!J (if Decease 01- BurjaJ. 
IN'rROIT. Ps. 1 xiv. 
G RANT them eternal R Equiem æternam 
rest, () fJord; and dona eis, Domine; 
let perpetual light sþine e
 lux perpetua Iuceat 
00 them. Pi. A hymn elS. 
becomelh thee, 0 Lord, P.r. Te decet hymnus
in Sion j ar1d a vow shall Deus, in Sion; et tibi 

'-lASSES FOn. TJlF. DEAD. 51 t 
be ptl1d thee in ]erusa. reddct\1r votnm in Jerll- 
len1: bear my prayer: sa\en1: exaudi oraliC?- 
aU fl
sh snan come to nero meam 
 ad te anU11S 
thee. caro veniet. 
Grant th('>1l1. &c. to PJ. Requiem, &c. usq. ad Ps. 
CO I l..ECT. I)eu
, cui.-O Gort, Vv hose pro- 
perty it is ah.\'ays to have nlercy and to spare, we 
hun1bly present our prayers to thee in behalf of the 
soul of thy servant N. \\"hich thou hast thi
called out of the world; beseeching thee not to de. 
liver it into the hands of the enenlY, nor to forget it 
for ever; but comn1and it to be received bj the holy 
angels, and to be carried into paradise; that as it 
believed and hoped in thee, it may be delivered 
fronl the pains of hen, 
nd inherit ev
r!élsting life. 
EPlSrrLE. I TheIs. iv. 12. 17.....B1e.tllre1l.: \'Te 
\vill not have you ignorant concernin
 thenlthat are 
asleep, that you be not sorro\vfu1, even as others 
\vho have no hope. For if \ye believe that Jesus died 
and rose again, even so thenl \\'ho have slept through 
, \
'ill God bring \\'ith him. For this \ve say uo- 
to YOli in the \vord of the Lord, that \ve \"ho are alive, 
who remain unto the coming of the Lord, shall not 
nt them \vho have slept. For the Lord hinlself 
shaH conle àov;n from heaven \vith con1mand- 
ment: and with the voice of an archangel, and witb 
the trun1pet of God: and the dead \\ ho are in 
Christ, sha\ I rise first. Then \ve 'who are alive, \\,ho 
eft, shall be taken up together \\ ith them in the 
c\ouds to lneet Cbrist, ioto the air, and so shall \"e 
be al\\'ays ,,"ith the Lord. \Vherefore comfort )'C 
one another with these \yords. 
GRADUAL. llequielll ælt,1"nwn dona eis, Dvmille, 
et IUl' prrpetut.llucctJt eis. \7. .Ps. cxi. I/
 lIlt (writ, 
tttTUa crit justu
: ub lluditionc mala '1W'
 i imcbit.- 

rant th.em eternal rest, 0 Lord, and let perpetual 
light shiue OU thcln. )-". 'file memory Qf the 

rjgh teous man shall remain for ever; he shal1l1ot 
feó r a bad report. 
'I'HAC'l'. ...:l.bsoh;e, Domine, animas omniumfide- 
IÙlln de{ullctorlll/lllb ()wn; vinculo delictoruln. V. Et 
gratia" tua illis 'Jurcurente, Jllereantur evadere judi. 
C:lU7Il, ultiollis. V. Et luris æternæ beatitudine peifrui. 
-I{e1ease, 0 Lord, the souls of all the faithful de- 
parted fron1 the bonds of their sins. 1/. -And by the 

tssistance of thy grace may they escape the sentence 
of cOnden111ation. IT. And enjoy the bliss of et


THE day of \\"rath, that 
dreadfu L day 
Shall the \\7hole world in 
ashes tay, 
As David and the Sy bils 
Whãt horror ,vill invade 
the nlind, 
\Vhen the strict J nelge, 
who \\"ould b
Shall have fe\v venial 
fau Its to find! 
The last loud trumpefs 
wond'rous sound 

lust thro' the rending 
tombf; rebound, 
And wake the nations 
under ground. 
N atu re and death shall 
\vith surprise 
Behold the palé offender 
rise ! 
A nJ vie
v the Judge \vith 
-conSCiOUS eyes. 

DIES iræ, dies ilIa 
Solvet sæ
lum in favil1a: 

Teste David cum Sj'bi11a. 

Quantns tremor est fu.. 
Quando Judex est ven. 
tu rus, 
Cuncta stricte discuSSQ- 
rus ! 
Tuba mirum spargens 
sonum sepulchra regionum. 
Coget omnes ai1te throe 
1\lors stl1pebit, et natu- 
Cum resurget creatura, 

canti responsur

Then shall with universal Liber sCr!ptl1S profere. 
dread tur, 
The sacred mystic book In quo totum continetur, 
be read, . 
'1'0 try the thing and the Unòe nlundus judicetur. 
The Judge ac;cends his Judex ergo cum sedebit,. 
awful throne, 
lIe makes each secret sin Quidquid latet, appare- 
be known, · bit: 
And all with shame con- Nil inu1tum remanebit. 
fess their own. 
o then I what int'rest 
shall [ make, 
To save my last impor_ 
tant stake, 
'V hen the most just have 
cause to quake? 
Thon n1ighty formidable 
King I 
Thon mer-cy's unexhaust- 
ed spring I 
Some comfortable pity 
Forget not what my ran- Recordare Jesu pie, 
som cost, 
Nor let my dear. bought 
soul be lost, [tost. 
In storms of guilty terrOl' 
Thou, who for Ine ãidst 
feet such pain, 
\Vhose precious ..blood 
the cross did stain: 
Let not those agonies be 
Thou, ,",horn avenging 
pow'rs obey, 
Cancel my debt (too Donum fac remissiollis 
great to pay) 

Quid sum miser, tunc 
Quem patronum rogatu- 
Cum vix justus sit secu- 
Rex tremendæ majesta- 
Qui salvandos salvas 
Salva me fons pietati3. 

Quod sum causa tuæ 
Ne me perdas ilIa die. 
Quærens n1e, sedisti las. 
Redemisti., crucem pas. 
Tantl1s labor non '-sit 
J uste J UdéX u!tionis, 

Before the sad accounÜng Ante diem rationis. 
Surrounded with aillaz.. Ingenlisco tanquam Ie. 
ing fears; - us : 
'Vhose load ß1Y soul Culpa rubet vultus meus: 
vdth anguish bears; 
I sigh, 1 \veep: accept Supplicanti parce, Deus. 
tny tears. 
'j'hou, who 
'ast mov'd Qui l\lariam absolvisti, 
fary's grie4 
And by absolving of the Et latronem exaudisti. 
IIast given Ine hope, now 
gi ve rei ief. 
Reject not my unworthy 
Preserve me from the 
dangerous snare, 
Which death and gaping 
hell prepare. 
Give nlY exalted soul a Inter oves locum præsta, 
Among the chosen right- Et ab hæùis n1e sequcs- 
hand race, tra, 
The 8011S of God, and Statuens in parte dextra. 
beirs of grace. 
From that insatiate abyss, Confutatis maleòictis. 
\Vhere flames 
devour, Flan1mis acribus addictis, 
and serpp.nts hiss, 
Promote me to thy seat of Voca me CUln benedictis. 
bl iss. 
Prostrate, my contrite Oro supplex et acc1inis" 
heart I renù, 
1\ly God, my Father, and 
my friend! [end. 
Do not forsake me in my 
\Vell may they curse 
their second birth, 


fihj quoque spem de- 
disti. . 
Preces meæ non sunt 
digne : 
Sed tu bonus fac be- 
Ne perenni cremer jgne. 

 contritum quasi ci- 
Gere curanl mei finis. 
Lacrymosa dies ilIa! 

"Tho rise 
Thou great Creator of 
ID3n kind, 
uilty man compass.. Pie .Jesu 
omine, dona 
sian find. Amen. CIS requiem. Anlen. 
<1BoøpeL.. Joluz xi. 21. 28. - At iltat time: 

Iartha said to Jesus: I.Jord, if thou hadst been 
here, my brother had not dietl. But now all)o I 
know that \vhatsoever thou ,,,ilt ask ofGod J God 
will aive it thee. Jesus saith to her: 
shall h rise again. !\Iarlha saith to hin): I know that 
he shaH rise again in the resurrection at the last day. 
Jesus said to her: I aID the resurrection and the life; 
he tl1é.\t be1ieveth in me, although he be dead, shaH 
live. And everyone that liveth, and believeth in 
nle, shaH not die for ever. Believ
gt thou this? 
She .saith to hill1 ; Yea, Lord, I have believed that 
thou art Christ the Son of the living God, \vho art 
come into this \\'or1d. 
I.Jord Jesus Christ, Domine Jes1J Christe, 
King of Glory, deliver Rex gloriæ, libera ani. 
1e souls of all the faith. mas omnÍl1n1 fidelium 
fnl dep31 tell from the defl1nctorl1ffi de f)ænis 
 of hell, and frorn inferni, et de profundo 
the deep pit. Deliver laCl1: libera eos de are 
them fronl the lion',ç leoni
, ne absorbeat eas 
tnouth, 1est hell 
\va1l0\\T tartar us, ne cadant in ob. 
them, lest they t
\H into scurum; sed signifer sane. 
ss: and let the tus 
1ichael, repræsentet 

tand:ud.. bedrer, St. 
li- eas in lucem S:1nctam. 
chael, bring th
tn into · Quam oHm 4
thy holy hght
 · \Vhich promisisti, et semini ejns. 
thou proffi\sedst of 01<1 JT. lIostias et preces ti bi, 
to A brahanl and his pas- Don1ine, )andis offeri- 
terit\'. V. \\.e offer thee, n1US: tu suc;cipe pro ani. 

) Lor(l, a sacrifice of Mabus il1
s. q1JarUm ho 

to a surviving Qua resurget ex favilla 
J udicandus h0010 rens. 
Huic ergo parce Deus: 

praise and prayers; ac- die luemoriam filcimus: 
ept thenl i'tl behal f of fac cas, Domine, de 
the souls \ve comrnemo.. D10rte transire ad vi- 
Tate this rla": and let tam. .. Quam olim, &c. 
then1 pass fron1 death to usq. ad V. 
life. *'\Vhich, &c. to V. 
SECRErr. Iiave luercy, 0 Lord, we beseec11 
thee, on the soul of thy servant N. for which we 
offer this victim of praise, humbly beseeching thy 
y, that by this propitiatory sacrifice he [or she] 
may arrive at eternal rest Thro'. 
Let eternal light shine I
l1x æterna ll1ceat eis. 
on them, 0 Lord, .with Domine, *' CUITI sanctis 
thy saints for ever: for tuis in aternum: quia 
thou art lIlercifl11. V. pius eSt V. Requiem 
Grant thenl, 0 Lord, æ.lernam dona eis, Do- 
eternal rest: and let per- nline: et lux perpetua 
petual light shine on luceat eis. * CunI sane.. 
them. *\Vith to 17. tis, &c. usq, ad (i. 
p, CO
1. l:>ræsla.-Grant, we beseech thee, 
o Ahnighty God, that the sonl of thy servant, 
'hich this day hath departed this life, being purified 
and freed from sin by this sacrifice, nlay obtain both 
f orgiveness and eternal rest. '[hro'. 
On tllC 3d, 7th, or 30th day o.fter decease, the u/wle 
of tlle,{ol'f:l!.oillg 
Iass is said, 
COLLEC1'. Q,llæsllmlls. - Admit, we beseech 
thee, 0 Lord, the soul of thy servant N. (the third, 
seventh, or thirtieth day) of \\'hose decease \ve con1- 
memorate, into the fcl10wship of thy saints, and rea 
fresh it v.:ith the perpetua1 ùew of thy mercy. 'rhro'. 
SECRE r. I\Iercifu11v look down, 0 Lord, \\'e 
beseech thee, on the offerings we make for the 
soul of thy servaot N. that being purified by these 
l1eavenly 111ysteries t it may find rti)t in thy mf'rcy. 


P. CO}'l!\1 Suscipe.-Receille, 0 Lord, our pray- 
ers in bf>ha\f of the soul of thy serv:tnt N. that if any 
stains of the corruptions of thl
 world stìÌl stick to 
it, they n1ay be \va
hed away by thy forgiving 
melCY. '1'hro' " 
 jor the DEAD. 
All as on the da'!J of the decease or burial, p. 5 (" 
CT. Dells indulgentiarllm.-O God, the 
Lord of tnercy, give to the soul [souls] of thy ser- 
vant [servants] whose anniversary we com meamorate,. 
a place of comfort, a happy rest, antl the light of 
glory. '[,hro'. ..,. 
LESSON. 2 l1Iach. xu. 43. 46. - In tllOsC da}/s; 
] l1das the valiant commander having made a gather- 
, he sent twelve thousand dra
hmas of silver to 
Jerusalem, for 
acriEce to be for the 
it1s of 
the dead; thinking well and religiously concerning 
the resurrecÜon. (For if he had not hoped that 
they that were slain shou id ri!)e again, it would 
nave seelned superfluous and vain to pray for the 
dead.) And b
cause he considered that they who 
had fal1en asleep with godiiness, had great grrtce laid 
up for them. It is thetefore a \vhalesome and h,)ly 
thQ11ght to pray for the dead, that they may be Ico.>ed 
froln sins. 
pcI. Jolin vi. 37- 49.--- At fllat time: 
Jôu,r; said tv the multitude if the Jell's: All that th e 
Father (Tiveth me; shall come to me; and him tha t 
cometh!") to me, I will not cast out. Because I cam
down from heaven, not to cia my own win, but the 
v.'ill of hin1 that sent me.. Now this is the \vill of 
the Father who s-:-n! me; that of all that he hath 
given Ole, 1 should lose nothing, but should raÏie it 
up a
ain in the 1a<;t day. An.i this is th
 will of my 
Father that sent n1e; that everyone who seeth 
the SOD, and belie\eth in him, may have life ever- 
, and 1 shaH railOt:' hiln up i>> the l?
\ daf. 

5 1 8 MASSES FOn. THE DiAD. 
SECHE'r. . Favollrably hear, 0 Lord, OHr hum- 
'LIe prél)'ers in beh
lf of the sou] [souls] of thy ser- 
vnnt [serrllnts.] the anniversary of \vhose death i
this day; for \vhom \"e offer up this sacrifice of 
vraise: that thou rnayest vouchsafe to admit it 
[them] to the fellowship of thy saints. If 
p- CO
I. ]Jræsta. .....Grant, ,ye beseech thee, 0 
Lord, that the soul [50lll
J of thy servant [serrnnts] 
the anniversary of \vhose death \ve commemorate>> 
being purified by this sacrifice, n1ay obtain both 
pardon and eternal rest. 'rhro'. 

7'lle (;O
Il\10N l\IASS for tIle DEAD. 
.All as on tlte clu!I c:l Decease, e:t'cept. 
COLIJECrr. I)eus, qui, for Bishops or Priests. 
O God, by v
'hose favour thy servants were 
raised to the. dignity of Bishops [ or Priests] 
and thus honoured '\1ith the A postolical functions: 
grant, \ye beseech thee, that they may be adnlitted 
to the C'terna\ ft::llov
ship of thy Apostles hi hea.. 
ven. 'rhro\ 
For Brethren, Fl iClhis, und Benefilctors. 
Deus JTcniæ. 0 God, the author of mercy, and 
Jover of the salvation of nlan kind; \\'e address thy 
' in behalf of our brethre.n, relations and 
, \\ ho are departed this life, that by the 
sion of blessed l\lary, e\'er a... 'Tirgin, and of aU 
thy saints, thol1 woù1dst recei\'e them into the enjoy- 
ment of eternal happiness. 'fhro'. 
jl 1 0r all th Faith fu 1 depaTted. 
Fidclium.-O GOll, the Creator and Redeemer of 
a1f the faithful, give to the souls of thy servants de- 
pàrted the relnission of their sins: that, through the 
help of piou:; supplicati<?l1s! 
hey may ?btain the 
parnon thev have al\\'ays deSired. \Vho lIvest. 
ON. Rev. xÌ\'. 13,-In those duys: I hearJ 
a, voice froin heavc;), saying to me: Blesstd are the 
 who die iù the !'ord. f.rom henceforth no,)", 

saith the Spirit, that they may rest froln their la. 
bours: for their \\'orks tollow them. 
(þoØpcl. John vi. 51. 55.-." At tllat time: 
Jeslls saul to the lUllltit ude ql tIle JCll'S: I an
living bread \vhich caine down fcoln heaven. If any 
man eat of this bread, he iìhall live for ever: and the 
bread that I will gIve. is 01Y flesh for the life of the 
wor:d. The Jews therefore strove among then1- 
selves, saying: flow can this man gÍ\'e us his flesh to 
eat? Then Jesus said to them: Amen, alnen I say 
unto you: Except you eat the flesh of the 
on of 
1\Ian, and drink his blood, you shall not have life 
in you. He that eateth n1Y Hesh, and drinketh Iny 
blood, hath everlasting life: and I \vill raise hinl up 
in the last dare 
SECRErr, jvr Bishops or Priests. 
Accept, 0 Lord, \ve beseech thee, the sacrifice 
\\'e offer for the souls of thy servants, Bishops [or 
Pricsts] that those \vhorn in this hte thou' didst ho- 
nour \vith the espiscopal [or priestly] dignity, thou 
mayest join to the tellt>\vship of thy saiuts in the 
kiliJ;donl of heaven. "1'hro'. 
lòr Brethren, Friends and ßeneC1ctors. 
o God, \vhose 111crcy is infinite, graciously hear 
the prayers \\'hich we thy hUo1bte scrvaut
 offer thee: 
and grant to thp souls of our Brethr
n, Friends, and 
Benetactors, on whom thou didst be
to\V the grace 
to confess thy name, the pardon of all their sins by 
these mysteries of our salvation. 1'hro'. 
l;'vr aU the r'aith{u( depa1'lcd. 
Look do\vn favollfdbly, we beseech thee, 0 fJord, 
on the sacrifire \ve ofFer for lhe souls of thy servants: 
that a
 thou \vast pleased to be!;to\\' on thenl the 
n1eril of Christian faith, thou \\'ouldst also graHt the III 
the rc\\-ard thereot
1'. CO
1. Prv:;il. For Bishops, 
Grant, \\ e beseecb thee, 0 Lord, by thy merciful 

 FOR THE DtAf). 
ncy, which ,ve have implored on behalf of the 
sauIs of thy servants, Bishops [01' Priests] that by 
thy mercy they may eternally enjoy thy presence, in 
\\7hom they have hoped and believed. r-rhro'. 
Fut' Grethn,n, I
'riends, and Benefactors. Præsta. 
rant, \\'e besetch thee, 0 Almif!hty and merci... 
(:lful God, that the souls of our Brethren, Friends. 
ëlDd Benefactors, for whom \ve have offered this 
sacriíice to thy l\lajesty, being, by virtue of these 
mysteries, plrrified from aU sin, may, through thy 
I11ercy, rective the blessing of perpetual light/fhro'. 
For All the, Faithful departaJ. Aniûulblls.-Grant, 
,ve beseech thee, 0 Lord, that our hunlble prayers 
in beha1f of the souls of thy servants, both men and 
\\'omen, may be profitable to them: so that thou 
mayest deJi"er them from all their sins, and make 
them partakers of the ft'denlptiou thou hast pur- 
chased for them. '\Vho livest. 
COLLECT, &c. (01' a deceased Father or l\Jother. 
COLLEC'l'. Ö God, \\,ho hast commanded us 
t:) honollr our Father and l\Iotner 
 olercifully sh
pity to th
 souls [01' soul] of my Father [or] my 

Iother, and forgive him [01' her1 thtir [or his 01' 
her) sins: and grant that I may see them [or hiIl1 or 
]ler] in the joys of eternal life. Thro'.. 
SECRE1'. Receive, 0 Lord, the sacrifice I offer 
frr the souls [01' snnl] of my Father, [01. of] nlY 

Iother: grant them [or him or her] eternal joys in 
the lanrt oft'1e living; and associate me \vith then! 
[or him or her] in the bliss of thy saints. 'rhro'. 
I. May the participation of the
e hea- 
venly n1yst e ries. 0 Lord. I beseech th
e, obtain 
}'tst and light for the souls [or soul] of my Father 
[or of] my !\!oth<.-r: and may thy grQ.ce crown n
".jth them [or him or her] for ever. rhro'Q 


5 2 '1 

([be n:>roper of 
A s the primitive Christians \vere accustomed to meet 
every year on the aJlflivlrjary of the j\1artJrs in the 
churches or chapels usually erected to their memory in the 
saIne place where the whole, or some sacred. remain: of 
their bodies had been buried, and 
-5 their tombs served 
for an alt,lr, so it has ever since been the custom to put tßc 
relicJ of some Saint in, or btneath altar jlontJ. The MAIS 
was not offered to the MA R T Y R, but to the GOD of M A R- 
T Y R S, to whom alone sacrifice is due, to thank him as 
weU for the strength and courage wherewith he had åni- 
Jnated them, as for that state of bliss to which he has 
admitted them. Such was the origin of the fe
tivals of the 
lJ7lcn tllis Vigil.fltlls in Advent, tllr- II. Collect is if' 
Advent, CLTul tIle 11[. of St. Saturninus. JVhen it 
jàl!s Oil Saturday, tlld II. is Concede, p. 507, "and 
the IIr. is Eecl. p. 50, or Deus omnium, ib. zeith 
their 'respective Secrets llnd P. Comms. 
'1ï,C abovementioned Prayers are 1Iiso said on every 
Vigil (c.l'C
pt those qfChristln;ls, Easter, and \V hit- 
su nda y, 'li.;ltic/
 IWI'e onlg one Collect) llnd U
cdlOélaves, lL'hen tile l\lass oj' the Octave is .said, 
direclio1ls to the cvnll'arg (J1'e not givt'n. 
IN'rROI1\ l1Itltt. iv.-l'he Lord saw near the 
sea of Galilee hvo brethren, Peter and Andrew, and 
he called theIn, saying: Follow ou', and 1 \vill nlake 
you fishers of men. 1)5. xviii. '{'he heavens publish 
the glory of God: 3n(1 the finnalncnt declareth the 
,,'ork of his hand
. V. Glory. 
OLLEC' 1'. (lllæ:ìumlls. - \V e b
seech thee, 0 
Alnlighty God, that .thy blessed Apostle Anùre\'
\\'hose festival \ve are preparing to celebrate, may 
inlplore thy a
S!stdn(e in our behalf. that being dis. 
charged frOIn the guilt of our crinles, ,ye n1ay lik.e.. 
\,,-isp be frf->cd fron1 all danc:ers. Thro'. 
COLLEC1'. Vells qlli.':'-<Jj'St- SA'rURNINUS'a 
R J 

522 29t71 1\OVEMREn. 
o God, by whose favour we celebrate the glory 
of blessed Saturninus, thy l\Iartyr, grant that we 
may be assisted by his merits. 'rluo'. 
LESSON, as on the Vigil of an Apostle, p. 460. 
s. cxxxviii.-Thy friends, 0 God, are 
exceeding honourablr, exceeding n1ighty is their 
po\ver. V. I will set about to number them: but 
their number will be found more than the sands of 
the sea. 
<iBoøpeI. John i. 35. 51. - At tllat time: 
John was standing with two of his disciples: and 
Jooking upon Jesus as he was walkin
, he saith: 
Behold the Lamb of God. And the two disciples 
hcard hin1 speak, and they follo\ved Jesus. And 
Jesus turning, and seeing them follo\ving him, saith 
to theft': \Vhat seek you? They said to him: 
Ilabbi, (\\'hich is; to say, being interpreted, l\Jaster,) 
\vhere d\velleth thou? tIe 
aith to them: Come 
and see. They came and saw ",here he abode, 
and they 
taid \vith him that day; now it \vas about 
the tenth hour. And Andrew the brother of Simon 
Peter was one of the two ,vho had heard of John. 
and fûllo\ved him. He first findeth his brother 
Simon, and saith to him: \Ve have found the 
]\]ESSIAS, v"hich is, being interpreted, the CHRIST. 
j\nd he brought him to Jesus. And Jesus looking 
upon him, !aid: Thou art Simon, the Son of Jona. 
thou shalt be caned Cephas, \vhich i
})eter. On the fol1o\\'ing day he would go fonh 
into Galilee, and he findeth Philip. And Jesus 
saith to him: Follo\v Ine. Novv Philip ,vas of 
Bcthsaida, the city of Andrew and Pettr.. Philip 
t1ndcth Nathanael, and saith to hin..}: ,Ve have 
found him of whom l\Ioses in the 13\\', and the pro. 
}Jhets did \vrite, Jesus the son of Joseph of Na.
reth. And Nathanael saith to him: Can any thing 
of good come froo1 Nazareth? Philip saith to him: 

olne and see. Jesus sa\v Nathanael coming to 

29th NOVE\fEER. .5 2 3 
him, and he saith to him: ßeholJ 
n Israelite in.. 
deed, in whom there is no guile. Nathanael saith 
to hiID: \\'hl>nce kno\\'est thou me? Jesus answer- 
c:d and said: n
fore that Philip called thee, \vhcn 
thou \vast under the fig-tree, I sa\'
' thee. Natha- 
nael answered him, and said: Rabbi, thou an the 
Son of Goel, thou art the king of IsraeL Jesus an.. 
sv;creJ, and said to him: ßecaus
 I s:lid unto thee, I 
ta\v thee u